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^PtAM- — 



imtmmmmmilL/-\ /-, f" » 


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1854-55. ^^ 













The Proprietors of the Edinburgh and Leith Post-Office 
Directory have again the honour of submitting to the Public 
another Yolume of the PubHcation, being the Forty-ninth ; 
and they avail themselves of the renewed opportunity of 
expressing their grateful thanks for the kind support and 
patronage they continue to receive. 

General Post-Office, Edinburgh, 
26th May 1854. 


of Edinb 

e City 







Quarters, 424 



from one 






Admiral and Bailie Courts of Leitli, 

Advertisements of Insurance Companies, 

(Following p. 428.) 
Advertisements, Miscellaneous, 
Assessed Taxes, 
Bank Directory, 

Bailie and Sequestration Court for th 
Burgh Ten-merk Court, 
Calendar, 1854-55, . , 

Calendar, Counting-house, . 


Carriers, with their Quarters, 
Carriers ; Judex to their Names and 
Conveyance Directory, 
County Directory, 

Index to places in the County 

County Meetings, 

County Police, 

Court of Chancery, . 

Court of Justiciary, . 

Court of Police, 

Court of Session, 

Customs, Port of Leith, 

Days, Table shewing the number of, 

month to another, 
Excise Office, 

Ferry Steam-boat Passages, 
General Directory 
Hackney-coach Regulations, 
Hackney-coach Fares, 
Her Majesty's Chief Officers of State 
High Water at Leith, 1854-55 
Holidays at Banks and Public Office 
Interest Tables, 
Insurance Companies. See Insurance Directory i 
Justice of Peace Small Debt Court, . . 323 

Justice of Peice Court, Dalkeith, . . 323 

Law Directory. .... 316 
Magistrates and Council of Edinburgh, . 355 
Magistrates and Council of Leith, . . 356 

Mail-coach Routes from Edinburgh, . 416 

Markets, Weekly, in Scotland, . . 425 

Medical Institutions, . . . 360 

Members of Parliament for Scotland, . 353 

Messengers-at-arms, . . . 325 

Military Establishment, . . . 356 

Names Ton Late fir Insertion, . . xl 

Newspapers in Scotland, . . . 426 

Newspapers publislicd in London, . . 426 

Newspapers published in Dublin, . . 428 

Packet Vessels from Leith and Granton, . 419 
Parliamentary Directory, . . 349 

Parochial Board of the City, . . 357 

Parochial Board of Canongate, . . 357 

Parochial Board of St Cuthbert's, . . 358 

Parochial Board of South Leith, . . 358 

Peers of Scotland, .... 351 
Peers of Scotland, Representative . . 353 

Police Station Houses, . . . 377 

Post-Office (General), Edinburgh, . . 369 

Adhesive Stamps and Envelopes, . 369 

Adhesive Stamps to Foreign Countries, 373 

Arrival and Despatch of MaUs, . 387 

Ditto Foreign Mai's . . . 377 

Articles which may not be sent by Post, 360 






Post-Office continued : — 

Books Inland, Regulations for, , 370 

Bojks sent at reduced rates to certain 

Colonies, .... 374 
Delivery of Letters in Edinburgh, . 388 

Despatcbes, .... 387 

Foreign and Colonial Letters and News- 
papers, General Regulations, . 372 

Foreign and Colonial Mails, Times of 

Despatch and Arrival in Edinburgh, 377 

Illegal Conveyance of Letters, . . 369 

Inland Postage and General Regulations, 369 

Letters not to be delivered back, . 369 

Letters not to be sealed with wax when 

seat to warm climates, . . 373 

Money Order Office, Regulations, &c. 389 

Newspapers, and Supplements to, . 370 

Newspapers in the Channel Islands and 

^ Isle of Man, . . . .371 
Newspapers and Periodicals charged for 

Irregularities, . . . 374 
Newspapers and Prices Current to the 

Colonies and F^oreign Countries, . 373 
Non-commissioned Officers', Seamen's, and 

Soldiers' Letters, serving Abroad, . 376 

— Officers of General Post-Office, . 357 

Overcharges, Delays, &c., . . 369 

— — Periodical Publications to and from 

France, &c., .... 374 

Petitions to Parliament, . . 369 

Persons exempt from Sbip Letter Postage, 372 

Post Towns in Scotland, 

- Post Towns in England and Wales, 

- Post Towns in Ireland, 

- Prices Current, and Commercial Lists, 

- Prices Current to Foreign Countries, 

- Printed Books Forv.arded under certain 


- Printed Votes and Proceedings in Parlia 

ment, .... 

- Do. do. do. to the Colonies, &c., 

- Rates of Book Postage, 

- Rates of Postage on Inland Letters, 

- Rates of Postage on Letters and News- 

papers to the Colonies and Foreign 
Countries, .... 

- Receiving-houses in Edinburgh and Leith, 388 

- Re-directed Letters, . . . 369 

- Re-directed Letters to and from France 


- Re-directed Letters — Officers, Soldiers, 

and Seamen, 

- Re-directed Letters — Foreign, Colonial, 

and Sbip, .... 

- Re -directed Newspapers to and from 

France, &c., .... 

- Registered Letters, 

- Registered Letters — Foreign, Colonial, 

and Ship, .... 

- Ship Letters, .... 

- Stamped Publications, not being News- 

papers, .... 

- Do. do. do. to places Abroad, 

- Unpaid Letters to Places abroad, 

- Weight of Foreign Letters, 

- Writing or Marks >m Newspapers, 
!atory Note, .... 














Pkofessions axd Trades Directory, . 276 
Public Offices, . • • .355 

Public Offices, with the Hours of Attendance, 358 
Rates for Carters, . . . .435 

Rates for Chimney-sweepers, . . 436 

Rates of Porterage, .... 434 
Revenue, Inland — Edinburgh, . . 356 

Road Court, 321 

Salaries, Table for Calculation of, . . vn 

Session-Clerks' Offices, . . . 359 

Session-Clerks' Offices, Leith, . . 359 

Sheriffs of the Counties, . . .320 

Sheriff Court. . . . .320 

Sheriff SmaU Debt Court, . . .320 

Solicitors, ..... 316 
Stage Coaches from Edinburgh, . . 422 

Stamp and Legacy Duties, 

Steamers from Leith and Granton, . 

Steamers from Glasgow, 

Steamers from other Ports in Scotland, 

Steamers from principal Ports in England, 

Steamers from principal Ports in Ireland, 

Steamers on the Perries, 

Street Directory, . 

Streets, Squares, &c.. List of. 

Terms in Scotland and England 

Town Council, Committees of. 

University of Edinburgh, 

Weekly Markets in Scotland, 

Writers, .... 

Writers to the Signet, 



XX vm 




Artificial Limbs and Bandages, J. Henry, 29 

West Register street, . . . liii 

Artists' and Mechanics' Tools, T. Russell, 6 

and 7 Hunter square, . . . Li 

Bullion Dealer, Goldsmith, Lapidary, and 

Jeweller, Wm. Mortimer, 18 North bridge lvi 
Card, John Lough, 19 William street, . lii 

Carvers, Gilders, &c., Ciceri & Pini, 81 Leith 

street . . . . . li 

Chemist, G. Macdonald, 7 Duke Street . lviii 
Clothing — Ready-made and Second-hand : — 

Pat. Conway & Co., 4 St Mary's wynd, . Lvi 

James Doherty, 2 St Mary's wynd, . liv 

James M'lver, 25 St Mary's wynd . LV 

Coals, George Baigrie, St Leonard's, . lv 

Thomas Baigrie, Scotland street station, iv 

Charles Brown, St Leonard's, . . lv 

Coltness (Wishaw) . . . xlv 

Thos. Dixon & Son, 1 St Leonard street, lv 

Edmonstone Coal and Fire-brick Works, 

St Leonard's Depot, . . . lv 

J. Kinlay, 1 N. B. Railway station, . lv 

Sloan & Stoddart, Leith Walk, , lvi 

Dressing-Case and Fancy Work-box manu- 
facturers, Wilson and Co., 71 George street xlvii 
Dyers and Scourers, F. & W. Cooper Hay, 1 
Heriot pi., Leith walk, and 11 Fred. st. . liv 

; P. & R. Hay, 5 South St 

David street, .... liv 

Dyer, H. Wortham, 1 Queen street, and 50 

London street, .... liv 
Education :-- 

Francalanza's Gymnasium, under Music 

Hall, ..... liii 
Scottish Institution for Young Ladies, 9 

Moray place, .... XLiv 
United Industrial School, 56 High street, xlii 
Edinburgh Collegiate Institution, M. OUen- 
• dorff, 7 Great King street . . L 

Southern District Academy, Mr Sibbald, 

23 St Patrick square . . . l 

Mr Adam's School, 27 St James' square . l 

Engineering, Practical and Consulting, Robert 
Thornton, 60 North bridge, . . lii 

English, Scottish, and Australian Chartered 

Bank ..... 

Engraver and Lithographer, Philip B. Watt, 
Equitable Loan Company, George Edge, 4 

Milne square .... 

Firewood Factory, foot of Leith walk, 
Fishing-tackle Makers, Bird-stuffers, &c., 

Wilson & Co., 34 Princes street, . 
Household Furnishings, J. Charles, 20 Brough- 

ton street, .... 

Lapidary, Gavin Young, Blanfield row, near 

Cauonmills, .... 

London Newspapers and Periodicals, H. 

Robinson, 11 Greenside street, 

Newspapers, J. Sutherland & Co., 12 




Calton street, .... lii 

Malt Liquors, Henry Bird, . . LViii 

Money Loan Office, Robert Wilson, 39 South 

bridge, ..... liii 
Money to Lend, W. C. f'oole, 35 South bridge, nv 
National Security Savings Bank, Head of 

Mound, ..... XLVi 
Optician, Thomas Dunn, 50 Hanover street, xlvii 
Plumbers and Brassfounders, Hume & Mel- 
ville, 1 Register place, . . . li 
Railway Carriers, Pickford & Co. , . . xlviii 
Sail-cloth and Patent Cordage Store, W. Cal- 

der, 21 and 22 Commercial place, Leith, lvii 

Shipping Company, London, Leith, Edinburgh, 

and Glasgow, 9 Waterloo place, and Upper 

Drawbridge, Leith, . . . xlix 

Steam Navigation Company, The General, 21 

Waterloo place. .... xlviii 
Surgeon-Dentist, W. F. Vernon, 80 Princes st, l 
Typefoiinders, James Marr & Co,, 27 and 29 

New street, . . . .lii 

Umbrella Manufacturer, John Smith, 78 

Princes street .... xliv 
Venetian Blinds, G. Laing, 70 Potterrow, . liii 
Waste Paper Purchased, G. Adcock, 50 High 

street, ..... liii 
Whips, G. & J. Leggat, 4 Brown square, . lih 
Wire-work, Smith & Son, 219 High Street xliv 


Showing, by the Dominical Letter, the Day of the Month and Week in 
any Year of the Nineteenth Century. 

Dominical Letters for the Years 
1800 to 1899 inclusive. 

D. C. B. A. G. 

1800|1801,1802 1S03 |I804jl805 

18061807' 1808 1809 181o'l811 

I I I ■ _i_ 

J1812 1813 1814 18151 1816 

18171818 18191 

11824 1825 1826,1827 

18281829 1830 1831 

1836 1837 1838 1839 

[1840 184ri842 1843 1844 
18451846 18471 |1848 1849il850 

1800 TO 1899 INCLUSIVE. 

18511 jl852 1853 1854 1655 
1856 1837 1858 1859, |1860 1861 

1862 1863| 1 1864 1865 1866 1867 
|1868 1869 1870 1871 1 |l872 

1873 1874 1875j 11876 1877 1878 

I I I • ' i_ 

18791 11880 1881 1882 18831 

1884^1885|1886,1887| J1888 1889 
1890,18911 118921893 1894 1805 

1896 1897 189818991 


1 Fr 

2 Sa 

4! M 

5 Tu 

6 W 

7 Th 

8 Fr 

9 Sa 

I s 
n: M 

12 Tu 

13 w 

14 Th 

15 Fr 

16 Sa 
17, j S 

18 M 
19; Tu 

20 W 

21 Th 

22 Fr 

23 Sa 
24 ! S 

25 M 
;26 Tu 
i27| W 
i28 Th 

29 Fr 

30 Sa 
I S 


11 Th 
2: Fr 
3 Sa 

51 M 
6l Tu 
7; AV 
8, Th 
9' Fr 
10 Sa 


il2' M 
113 Tu 

il4 W 
115 Th 
16: Fr 
171 Sa 
18' I S 
[19 M 
l20 Tu 


22 Th 
23' Fr 

24 1 Sa 

f25: I S 

20 M 

27, Tu 

28 "W 

29 Th 

30 Fr 
31, Sa 

1 W 

2 Th 
3, Fr 
4' Sa 

6l M 
7| Tu 
8] W 
9 Th 
10 Fr 
111 Sa 


13' M 

14| Tu 
15j W 
16 Th 
171 Fr 
18! Sa 

20 M 

21 Tu 
22' W 
23' Th 
24; Fr 
25, Sa 


27 [ M 
28 1 Tu 
29| W 
30j Th 
31 Fr 

II Tu 

2 W 
3, Th 

4: Fr 
5, Sa 

7 M 

8; Tu 

9, W 

lOi Th 

11 Fr 

12! Sa 

13 S 

U\ M 

15, Tu 

16j AV 

171 Th 

18' Fr 

19, Sa 

2o: I s 

21 i M 
22 1 Tu 
23 W 
24' Th 
251 Fr 
26] Sa 
27! S 

28 M 

29 Tu 

30 W 

31 Th 

li M 
2 Tu 

4 Th 

5 Fr 

6 Sa 

8 M 

9! Tu 
10: W 

111 Th 
I2I Fr 

is; Sa 

I 8 

151 M 

16: Tu 

17 \V 

18 Th 

19! Fr 
;o Sa 





31' W 

JANU-\EY, . 







E. F. 






Explanation'. — Tn the Left-hand Table are the years of the Century, and above each is the Dominical 
Letter corresponding with that Year. Then, opposite to the Month, at the foot of the Ripht-hand Table, 
will be found a corresponding Letter, over wjiich are jilaced the Days of the Month and Week for that Month 
(distinguisMng the Sundays by a different t\-pe). Each Blank Space in the Left-hand Table shows the 
year following to be Leap Year ; and as every Leap Year has two Dominical Letters, the Letter above the 
Blank Space must be used for January and February iii everj' Leap Year, and for the other months, use th© 
Letters belonging to the respective Years. 

By transposing the Dominical Letters, this Calendar would answer for any Century. 


Bank Holidays are marked * 

JcxE 1854. 

September 1854. 

December 1854. 

March 1855. 


. . 4 11 18 25 


. . . 3 10 17 24 


. 3 10 17 24 31 


. . . 4 11 18 25 


. . 5 12 19 26 


. . . 4 11 18 25 


. 4 11 18*25 


. . . 5 12 19 26 


. . e 1.3*20 27 


. . . 5 12 19 26 


. 5 12 19 26 


. . . 6 13 20 27 

Wed. . 

. . 7 14 21*28 


. . . 6 13 20 27 


. 6 13 20 27 


. . . 7 14 21 28 

Thur. . 

. 1 8 15 22 29 


. . . 7 14 21 28 


. 7 14 21 28 


. . 1 8 15 22 :i9 

Frid. . 

. 2 9 16 23 30 

Frid. . 

. . 1 8 15 22 29 


. 1 8 15 22 29 


. . 2 9 16 23 30 

Sat. . . 

. 3 10 17 24 

Sat. . 

. . 2 9 16 23 30 

Sat. . 

. i: 9 16 23 30 

Sat. . 

. . 3 10 17 21 31 


ULT 1854. 

October 1854. 

January 1855. 

April 1855. 


. 2 9 16 23 80 


. 1 8 15 22 29 


. . 7 14 21 28 


. . 1 8 15 22 29 


. 3 10 17 24 31 


. 2 9 16 23 30 

Mon. . 

. *1 8 15 22 29 


■..29 16 23 30 

Tues. . 

. 4 11 18 25 


. 3 10 17 24 31 


. 2 9 16 23*30 


. . 3 10 17 24 

Wed. . 

. 5 12 19 26 


. 4 11 18 25 


. 3 10 17 24 31 


. . 4 11 18 25 

Thur. . 

. 6 13 20 27 


. 5 12 19 26 


. 4 11 18 25 


. . 5 12 19 26 

Frid. . 

. 7 14 21 28 


. 6 13 20 27 


. 5 12 19 26 


. . *0 13 20 27 

Sat. . . 

1 8 15 22 29 

Sat. . 

. 7 14 21 28 

Sat. . 

. G 13 20 27 

Sat. . 

. . 7 14 21 28 


GCST 1854. 

November 1854. 

February 1855. 

Mat 1855. 

Sun. . . 

. . 6 13 20 27 

Sun. . 

. . *5 12 19 26 


. . 4 11 18 25 


. . . C 13 20 27 


. . 7 14 21 28 


. . . 6 13 20 27 


. 5 12 19 26 


. . . 7 14 21 28 

Tues. . 

. 1 8 15 22 29 


. . . 7 14 21 28 


. . . 6 13 20 27 


. . 1 8 15 22*29 

Wed. . 

. 2 9 16 23 30 


. 1 8 15 22 29 


. . 7 14 21 28 


. . 2 9 16 23 30 

Thur. . 

. 3 10 17 24 31 


. 2 9 16 23 30 


. 1 8 15 22 


. . 3 10 17*24 31 

Frid. . 

. 4 11 18 25 


. 3 10 17 24 


. 2 9 16 23 


. . 4 11 18 25 

Sat. . . 

. 5 12 19 26 

Sat. . 

. 4 11 18 25 

Sat. . 

. 3*10 17 24 

Sat. . 

. . 5 12 19 26 


Queen's Accession, June 20 

Queen's Coronation, June 28 

Gunpowder Plot,.... Nov. 5 

Christmas Day, Dec. 25 

New Year's Day, Jan. 1 

Martyrdom of King Charles I Jan. SO 

Queen's Marriage, Feb. 10 

Good Friday, Apiil 6 

The Queen's Birthday, May 24 

Restoration of King Charles II May 29 


Candlemas Feb. 2 

Wliitsunday, May 15 

Lammas, Aug. 1 

^Martinmas, Nov. 11 

Lady Day, March 25 

Midsummer, June 24 

Michaelmas Day, Sipt. 29 

Christmas, Dec. 25 

When a Scotch Term falls on Sunday, the following Monday is considered the Term-Day. 
sometimes erroneously supposed to fall on tlie 2d August. 

Lammas is 

CALCULATION OF SALARIES, &c., from £1 to £150 per annum. 

£ s. 

1 1 
1 8 
I 5 
1 6 
1 8 
1 10 
1 11 
1 13 


If the sum be Guineas, not Pounds, for each Guinea add a penny to each month, or a farthing to each week. 

CALENDAR FOR 1854-55. 

JUNE 1854. 


Second Quarter 4 40 m. I Last Quarter 

Full Moon 10 1130 a. New Moon ... 

D. n. M. 
17 2 14 4.. 
25 2 a. 



Wliitsun. or Pentecost 
Boniface Ep 

11 St Barna .the Apostle 
Trinity Sunday 

St K\\ianil'".'.'.'.'\.'..'.. 
1st Sun. after Trinity. 

20 Tra. King Edv.ard. 
* Queen's Ace. 1837. ... 
.5. en. Can. 1h. 8m. a.. 

21 — L.Day 
24 Midsummer Day.... 
St John Baptist born... 
2d Sun. after Trinity.. 

*Coron. of Queen, 1838 
St Peter the Apostle.^.. 




n. M. 

n. M. 

3 38 

8 42 

3 38 

8 44 

3 37 

8 45 

3 36 

8 46 

3 35 

8 47 

3 34 

8 48 

3 33 

8 50 

3 32 

8 52 

3 31 

8 53 

3 30 

8 54 

3 30 

8 54 

3 29 

8 55 

3 29 

8 56 

3 29 

8 57 

3 28 

8 58 

3 28 

8 58 

3 28 

8 59 

3 28 


3 28 


3 28 


3 28 


3 28 


3 29 

9 1 

3 29 

9 1 

3 29 

9 1 

3 30 

9 1 

3 31 

9 1 

3 31 

9 1 

3 32 


3 32 



22° 3' 24" 
22 11 24 
22 19 1 
22 2G 15 
22 33 4 
22 39 31 
22 45 33 
22 51 12 

22 56 26 

23 1 16 
23 5 42 
23 9 44 
23 13 21 
23 16 34 
23 19 22 
23 21 4fi 
23 23 45 
23 25 19 
23 26 28 
23 27 13 
23 27 33 
23 27 28 
23 26 58 
23 26 4 
23 24 45 
23 23 
23 20 52 
23 18 18 
23 15 20 
23 11 58 

of Time. 
Clock aft. 
& bef.Sun, 









1 7 


n. M. 
8m 3 
9 18 

10 38 

11 58 
la 20 
2 43 

4 10 

5 43 

7 21 

8 58 

10 23 

11 25 

Om 5 

4a 48 
5 34 

G 18 

7 2 

7 46 

8 32 

9 20 

10 13 

11 10 


1 19 

2 25 

3 28 

4 27 

5 20 

6 8 

6 54 

7 38 

8 21 

9 5 
9 50 

10 37 

11 25 


H. M. 














8 36 

10 8 

11 35 
Oa 59 

2 20 

3 38 

4 57 

6 16 

7 30 

8 40 

9 40 
10 24 

10 55 

11 18 
11 34 
11 46 



U. M. 

5 40 

6 29 

7 22 

8 27 

9 38 

10 39 

11 32 


1 29 

2 13 

3 2 

3 54 

4 46 

5 41 

6 40 

7 45 

8 50 

9 57 

10 53 

11 48 



1 43 

2 22 

2 58 

3 33 

4 7 

4 45 

5 20 


n. M. 

6 2 

6 55 

7 53 
9 2 

10 10 

11 6 
11 50 


1 3 

1 52 

2 38 

3 28 

4 18 

5 U 

6 10 

7 11 

8 20 

9 26 

10 24 

11 2S 


1 21 

2 2 

2 40 

3 16 

3 50 

4 25 

5 3 
5 41 

JULY 1854. 


Second Quarter 3 52 a. 

Full Moon 10 G 25 ii. 

Last Quarter., 
New Moon 

17 25 M. 
25 3 16 H. 


Visita. of B. V. Marv. 
3d Sun. after Trinity.. 

Dog Days begin 

St Mattin translated... 

Thomas a Beckct 

ith Sun. after Trinity.. 

St sVitiiin traiisi. 862. 
5th Sun. after Trinity. 

20 St Margaret "v 

Court of Session rises. 

St Magdalene 

6tt Sun. after Trinity. 
23 Sun en.liBofih Om m. 
St James Ap. mart. 43 
St Anne 

Tlh Sun. after Trinity.. 




H. M. 

H. M. 

3 33 


3 34 

8 59 

3 35 

8 59 

3 36 

8 58 

3 37 

8 57 

3 38 

8 56 

3 39 

8 55 

3 41 

8 55 

3 42 

8 54 

3 43 

8 53 

3 45 

8 51 

3 46 

8 50 

3 47 

8 49 

3 48 

8 48 

3 50 

8 47 

3 52 

8 46 

3 58 

8 45 

3 55 

8 43 

3 56 

8 42 

3 58 

8 40 

3 59 

8 39 

4 1 

8 37 

4 2 

8 36 

4 4 

8 34 

4 6 

8 32 

4 7 

8 31 

4 9 

8 29 

4 11 

8 27 

4 13 

8 25 

4 14 

8 24 

4 16 

8 22 


23° 8' 11" 
23 4 
22 59 25 
22 54 25 
22 49 2 
22 43 15 
22 37 4 
22 30 30 
22 23 32 
22 16 12 
22 8 28 
22 22 
21 51 53 
21 43 1 
21 33 47 
21 24 12 
21 14 14 
21 3 54 
20 53 14 
20 42 12 
20 30 40 
20 19 5 
20 7 1 
19 54 36 
19 41 52 
19 28 48 
19 15 24 
19 1 41 
18 47 40 
18 33 20 
18 18 41 


of Time. 


bef. Sun. 




H. M. 

9m 43 
Oa 21 

10 31 

10 50 

11 4 
11 14 
11 23 
11 31 
11 41 
11 53 

Cm 7 

10 8 

11 28 

ia 59 
5 41 

6 25 

7 10 

7 59 

8 53 

9 52 
10 56 


6 19 

7 3 

7 48 

8 34 

9 22 

10 12 

11 2 
11 53 

Oa 42 


H. M. 

11a 56 

Om 3 











9 13 
10 40 
Oa 2 

1 25 

2 45 

4 3 

5 20 

6 32 

7 35 

8 24 

8 59 

9 24 
9 41 
9 54 

10 4 

10 12 

10 20 

10 29 



H. M. 

6 3 

6 50 

7 45 

8 43 

9 46 

10 45 

11 42 


1 8 

2 3 

2 55 

3 48 

4 36 

5 27 

6 18 

7 11 

8 5 

9 4 

10 9 

11 7 


1 25 

2 7 

2 45 

3 20 

3 51 

4 25 


5 37 

6 19 


H. M. 

6 28 

7 15 

8 12 

9 14 

10 17 

11 16 


1 35 

2 30 

3 22 

4 11 

5 2 

5 53 

6 45 

7 35 

8 35 

9 38 

10 36 

11 41 


1 2 

1 45 

2 25 

3 2 

3 35 

4 7 

4 42 

5 17 

5 56 

6 40 

CALENDAR FOR 1854-55. 


AUGUST 1854. 









































































Second Quarter ... 1 
Full Moon 8 

H. M. 
10 28 a. 
1 17 a. 


Last Quarter 15 1 DO a. 

New Moon 23 6 A. 

D. n. M. 
Second Quarter.... 31 6 7 m. 


Lammas Day 

G Transfiguration 

6P. Al. Er.Alb.l). 1844 
Sih Sun. after Trinity. 
Name of iTesus 

St Lawrence 

Dog Days end 

Grouse & Ptar. sli. beg. 
Slh Sun. after Trinity.. 
13 Lammas Day, 0. S. 
Assump. of B. V. Mary 

Duch. ofKen'tb. 178G... 

2Q BlackCock shoot, beg. 
lOt/i Sua. after Trinity 

Sun era. Vir. Oft. 30 m. a 
St Bartholomew Ap 

Prince Albert b. iiH. 
llth Sun. after Trinity 

St Augustine 

St John Baptist beh. ... 




H. M. 

H. M. 

4 18 

8 20 

4 20 

8 18 

i 22 

8 16 

4 24 

8 14 

4 26 

8 12 

4 27 

8 9 

i 29 

8 7 

4 31 

8 5 

4 33 

8 3 

4 35 

8 1 

4 38 

7 58 

4 40 

7 56 

4 42 

7 54 

4 43 

7 51 

4 45 

7 49 

4 47 

7 47 

4 50 

7 44 

4 52 

7 42 

4 53 

7 39 

4 55 

7 37 

4 57 

7 35 

4 59 

7 33 

5 1 

7 30 

5 3 

7 27 

5 5 

7 25 

5 7 

7 23 

5 9 

7 20 

5 11 

7 18 

5 13 

7 15 

5 15 

7 13 

5 16 

7 10 



18° 3' 45" 

17 48 31 


17 11 

1 6 

44 45 
28 7 
11 13 
54 4 
36 39 

1 5 
42 56 
24 34 

5 57 

47 6 

28 3 

8 46 
49 17 

29 35 

9 42 
49 36 
29 20 

8 52 

48 14, 
27 26 

6 27 

45 19 
24 2 

2 36 
41 1 

of Time. 

bef. Sun. 





u. M. 
Oa 52 

2 19 

3 52 

5 24 

6 46 

7 48 

8 27 
8 51 

9 58 

10 12 

10 29 

10 57 

11 34 


1 29 

2 43 

4 1 

5 19 

6 37 

7 56 
9 16 

10 39 
Oa 5 
1 36 

3 6 


H. M. 

5a 53 

6 42 

7 37 

8 37 

9 41 

10 47 

11 51 

1 47 

8 7 

8 58 

9 48 

10 38 

11 26 
Oa 12 

6 27 


H. M. 

10a 40 

10 52 

11 9 
11 44 

0?n 35 
1 50 
3 24 

5 3 

6 40 

8 12 

9 40 
11 5 

Oa 28 


8 2 
8 12 
8 20 
8 29 
8 36 
8 46 

8 59 

9 15 
9 40 



H. M. 

7 2 

7 56 

8 56 

10 10 

11 22 

1 1 

1 59 

2 51 

3 35 

4 20 

5 4 

5 46 

6 28 

7 15 

8 7 

9 12 

10 27 

11 43 


1 7 

1 51 

2 26 

2 59 

3 30 

4 1 

4 32 

5 7 

5 43 

6 27 

7 17 


H. M. 

7 27 

8 25 

9 34 

10 46 

11 56 


1 30 

2 25 

3 13 

3 59 

4 42 

5 24 

6 8 

6 53 

7 44 

8 39 

9 50 
11 4 


1 29 

2 8 

2 43 

3 15 

3 44 

4 16 

4 50 

5 23 

6 4 

6 51 

7 49 







































































Full Moon.... 
Last Quarter . 

. 6 9 18 a. I 

.14 6 30m. 

New Moon 

Second Quarter 

.22 8 3 m. 
,29 38 a. 


Partridge sh. begins.... 
1 St GUes, A c: 

12tt Sun. after Trinity 
2Lon. bur. 166G,O.S. 

Enurchus Bp 

B. Virgin Mary born.. 

IZth Sun. after Trinity 

Fis. n. of T-weedclo 

14 Holycross 

17 Lambert 

lUhSun. after Trinity 

St Matthew Apostle .... 

23 Autumn com 

Sun en. Lib. 9/j. 12m. M. 
\hlh Sun. after Trinity 
23 Day & JVight equal 
St Cyprian 

St Micluiel (ball A ngels 
29 Michaelmas Day . 



H. M. 

5 18 
5 20 
5 22 
5 24 
5 26 
5 28 
5 30 
5 32 
5 34 
5 36 
5 38 
5 40 
5 42 
5 44 
5 46 
5 48 
5 50 
5 52 
5 54 
5 56 
5 57 

5 59 

6 J 
6 3 

6 5 
6 7 
6 9 
6 11 
6 13 
6 15 


H. M. 

7 8 
7 5 
7 2 
6 57 
6 54 
6 51 
6 48 
6 46 
6 44 
6 41 
6 38 
6 36 
6 34 
6 31 
6 28 
6 26 
6 23 
6 20 
6 17 
6 15 
6 12 
6 9 
6 7 
6 4 
6 1 
5 59 
5 66 
5 53 
5 51 

No. & So. 
8° 19' 18" 
7 57 27 
35 28 
13 23 
51 10 
28 50 

6 24 

43 52 
21 15 

58 32 

35 43 

12 50 
49 52 
26 50 

3 44 
40 35 
17 22 
54 7 
30 48 

7 28. 

44 6 
N. 20 42 
s. 2 43 

26 9 
49 35 

13 1 

36 26 

59 51 
23 15 
46 37 

of Time. 

aft. Sun. 


1 2 



H. M. 

4a 29 

5 38 

6 25 

6 54 

7 14 

7 27 

7 36 

7 44 

7 54 

8 4 
8 16 
8 33 

8 55 

9 28 

10 14 

11 15 


8 26 

9 52 
11 23 


2 22 

3 34 

4 25 


H. M. 

7a 27 

8 30 

9 34 

10 35 

11 32 




10 52 

11 36 
1 3 

1 48 

2 36 

3 27 

4 22 

5 21 

6 22 

7 24 

10a 21 
11 24 

2 26 
4 5 

5 39 

7 10 

8 38 

10 3 

11 28 
Oa 51 
2 9 



6 55 

7 5 

7 20 

7 42 

8 17 

9 11 
10 26 



H. M. 

8 19 

9 47 
11 17 


1 51 

2 37 

3 14 

3 55 

4 34 

5 9 

5 48 

6 29 

7 18 

8 20 

9 44 
U 9 


1 26 

1 59 

2 31 


3 33 

4 5 

4 40 

5 15 

5 58 

6 56 


H. M. 

9 2 

10 35 

11 55 


1 27 

2 15 

2 58 

3 36 

4 14 

4 54 

5 29 

6 8 

6 53 

7 46 
9 1 

10 32 

11 49 


1 6 

1 42 

2 15 

2 46 

3 IG 

3 47 

4 20 


5 37 

6 24 

7 31 

8 55 

CALENDAR FOR 1854-55. 

OCTOBER 1854. 

Full Moon 6 7 37 m. 

Last Quarter U 1 43 h. 


New Moor. 21 9 25 a. 

Second Quarter 28 7 4 a. 



leth San. after Trinity 
Pheasant shoot, begins. 
1 Eemigius, Bp 

Faith,'v. & ii!!'.'.'.!!]!!! 

\ithSun. after Trinity 
St Denys, Bp 

Michaelmas Day, O.S. 

K. Ed. conf. ti'ansl 

15 Ttceed net fish, doses 
18th Sun. after Trinity 


St Luke the Evangelist. 

iiihSun. after Trinity. 
S. en. Scorp. 5h 14 m m. 

St Crispin M 

St Simon and St Jucle. 
20th Sun . after Trinity. 

Hallow Eve 




H. M. 

H. M. 

6 17 

5 49 

6 19 

5 46 

6 21 

5 43 

6 23 

5 41 

6 25 

5 38 

6 27 

5 36 

6 29 

5 33 

6 31 

5 31 

6 33 

5 28 

6 35 

5 25 

6 37 

5 23 

6 39 

5 20 

6 41 

5 17 

6 43 

5 15 

6 46 

5 12 

6 48 

5 10 

6 50 

5 8 

6 52 

5 5 

6 54 

5 2 

6 56 


6 58 

4 58 


4 55 

7 2 

4 52 

7 4 

4 50 

7 6 

4 48 

7 9 

4 45 

7 n 

4 43 

7 13 

4 41 

7 16 

4 38 

7 18 

4 36 

7 20 

4 34 

3° 9' 57 
3 33 16 

3 56 31 

4 19 44 

4 42 54 

5 6 
5 29 3 

5 52 1 

6 14 54 

6 37 43 

7 23 
7 23 4 

7 45 36 

8 8 2 
8 30 21 

8 52 33 

9 14 37 
9 36 34 
9 58 22 

10 20 1 

10 41 32 

11 2 53 
11 24 4 

11 45 4 

12 5 54 
12 26 33 

12 46 59 

13 7 14 
13 27 17 

13 47 6 

14 6 42 


of Time. 


after Sun. 

10' 17' 

10 36 

10 54 

11 13 
11 31 

11 49 

12 6 
12 23 
12 39 

12 55 

13 11 
13 26 
13 40 

13 54 

14 8 
14 21 
14 33 
14 44 

14 56 

15 6 
15 16 
15 25 
15 33 
15 41 
15 48 
15 54 


16 5 

16 9 

16 12 

16 15 



4a 59 
5 19 

8 4 
8 59 

10 6 

11 21 

2 1 

10 35 

Oa 8 


H. M. 

8a 24 
9 20 

10 14 

11 4 
11 51 


1 25 

2 12 

3 1 

3 51 

4 42 

5 34 

6 24 

7 13 

8 1 

8 46 

9 30 
10 14 

10 57 

11 42 
Oa 30 
1 20 


H. M. 

11a 58 


3 9 

4 41 

6 9 

7 36 
9 1 

10 25 

11 48 
la 5 

2 11 

3 2 




8 13 

9 42 
11 13 




n. M. 

9 43 
11 19 


1 34 

2 14 

2 49 

3 26 

4 1 

4 36 

5 12 

5 52 

6 41 

7 39 
9 2 

10 31 

11 45 


1 25 

1 56 

2 29 

3 2 

3 37 

4 14 

4 59 

5 49 

6 50 

8 6 

9 42 
11 5 


H. M. 

10 33 

11 55 


1 U 

1 55 

2 34 

3 7 

3 44 

4 19 
i 54 

5 33 

6 15 

7 6 

8 21 

9 51 
11 11 

1 7 

1 40 

2 12 

2 45 

3 18 

3 57 

4 37 

5 22 

6 18 

7 25 

8 53 

10 26 

11 35 


D. H. 51. 

Full Moon 4 9 1a. 

Last Quarter...,. 12 10 9 a. 


New Moon 20 10 2 m. 

Second Quarter 27 2 40 h. 



All Saints; Hallowmas 
All Souls 

nst Sun. after Trinity 

St Leonard 

Ticeed rod fish, closes.. 

Prince of wdus 6.1841 

Martinm . — St Mart. . . . 
22rf Sun. after Trinity. 
14InnerH.Co. ofSess. 
sit. L. 0. meet on 1st 

Hugh, Bp. of Lincoln. 

23(f Sun. after Trinity. 

22 St Cecilia 

Prin. Rovalb. 1840.... 
S. en Sagit. 2h lO^m a. 
Martinmas, O.S 

23 St Clement 

St Catherine 

mh Sun. after Trinity 

30 St Andrew Ap... 
Andermas , 



H. M. 

7 22 
7 24 
7 26 
7 28 
7 30 
7 32 
7 34 
7 36 
7 38 
7 40 
7 42 
7 44 
7 46 
7 49 
7 51 
7 53 
7 55 

7 67 

8 2 
8 4 
8 6 
8 8 
8 10 
8 11 
8 13 
8 15 
8 17 
8 19 
8 21 


H. M. 

4 32 
4 30 
4 28 
4 26 
4 24 
4 22 
4 20 
4 18 
4 16 
4 14 
4 12 
4 10 
4 8 

3 59 
3 58 
3 56 
3 55 
3 53 
3 52 
3 50 
3 49 
3 48 
3 47 
3 45 
3 44 
3 43 



14026' 5' 

14 45 13 

15 4 7 
15 22 46 
15 41 10 

15 59 19 

16 17 11 
16 34 47 

16 52 7 

17 9 9 
17 25 54 
17 42 20 

17 58 29 

18 14 18 
18 29 49 
18 45 

18 59 51 

19 14 22 
19 28 32 
19 42 21 

19 55 49 

20 8 54 
20 21 37 
20 33 58 
20 45 56 

20 57 30 

21 8 40 
21 19 27 
21 29 49 
21 39 47 

of Time. 

after Sun. 


16' 16" 

16 18 

16 18 

16 17 

16 16 

16 14 

16 11 

16 7 

16 2 

15 56 

15 50 

15 43 

15 34 

15 25 

15 15 

15 5 

14 53 

14 41 

14 27 

14 13 

13 58 

13 42 

13 26 

13 8 

12 50 

12 32 

12 12 

11 52 

11 31 

11 9 


n. M. 

4a 2 

7 49 
9 1 

10 18 

11 36 

2 15 

3 37 

5 1 

6 31 

8 6 

9 41 
11 11 

Go 22 

1 7 


H. M. 

9a 45 

10 31 

11 17 

dm 3 


3 24 

4 16 

5 5 

5 53 

6 39 

7 23 

8 6 

8 49 

9 33 

10 19 

11 8 
Oa 2 
1 1 

2 4 

3 9 

4 12 

5 11 

6 6 

6 56 

7 43 

8 28 

9 13 


H. M. 

2m 19 
3 46 

5 11 

6 36 

8 1 

9 25 

10 46 

11 58 

8 58 
10 33 

Om 3 

1 32 

2 56 


H. M. 

1 11 

1 49 

2 27 

2 59 

3 35 

4 9 

4 46 

5 26 

6 10 

7 6 

8 13 

9 37 

10 48 

11 44 


1 21 

1 58 

2 37 

3 16 

4 1 

4 50 

5 45 

6 49 

8 3 

9 23 

10 33 

11 33 


H. M. 



1 31 

2 9 

2 44 

3 17 

3 51 

4 26 

5 4 

5 46 

6 36 

7 38 

8 55 

10 17 

11 17 


1 2 

1 39 

2 17 

2 57 

3 38 

4 24 

5 16 

6 16 

7 23 

8 41 

10 2 

11 5 
11 58 

CALENDAR FOR 1854-55. 












3. H. M. 

I 1 34 a. 

6 llA. 



*rew Moo 
Second Q 


D. H. M. 
19 9 47a 

Last Quarter 






of Time. 
Clock aft. 
& h. Sun. 



at leith. 1 


H. M. 

8 22 
8 24 
8 26 
8 27 
8 29 
8 30 
8 31 
8 32 
8 33 
8 35 
8 36 
8 37 
8 38 
8 39 
8 40 
8 41 
8 42 
8 43 
8 44 
8 45 
8 45 
8 46 
8 46 
8 47 
8 47 
8 47 
8 47 
8 47 
8 47 
8 47 
8 47 


H. M. 

3 42 
3 41 
3 40 
3 39 
3 39 
3 38 
3 38 
3 37 
3 37 
3 37 
3 36 
3 36 
3 36 
3 36 
3 36 
3 36 
3 36 
3 36 
3 36 
3 37 
3 37 
3 38 
3 38 
3 39 
3 39 
3 40 
3 41 
3 42 
3 43 
3 44 
3 45 


210 49' 20" 

21 58 28 

22 7 10 
22 15 27 
22 23 17 
22 30 42 
22 37 40 
22 44 12 
22 50 17 

22 55 55 

23 1 6 
23 5 50 
23 10 6 
23 13 55 
23 17 15 
23 20 8 
23 22 33 
23 24 30 
23 25 58 
23 26 58 
23 27 30 
23 27 34 
23 27 9 
23 26 16 
23 24 55 
23 23 5 
23 20 47 
23 18 1 
23 14 47 
23 11 5 
23 6 55 



H. M. 

2a 35 

2 47 

3 1 
3 22 

3 53 

4 37 

5 35 

6 45 


9 16 

10 35 

11 52 


2 31 

3 57 
5 28 

7 4 

8 40 

10 2 

11 36 
11 58 

Oa 12 


1 8 
1 27 


H. M. 

9a 58 

10 45 

11 34 


1 16 

2 8 

2 58 

3 47 

4 33 

5 17 


6 42 

7 24 

8 7 

8 54 

9 45 

10 42 

11 44 
Oa 49 

1 56 

2 59 

3 58 

4 51 

5 41 

6 27 

7 12 

7 57 

8 43 

9 30 
10 19 


H. M. 


5 42 

7 5 

8 27 

9 43 

10 47 

11 34 
Oa 6 


1 4 
1 12 
1 19 
1 26 
1 36 

1 49 

2 9 

2 41 

3 37 

4 58 

6 32 

8 11 

9 46 
11 17 


2 7 

3 29 

4 52 
6 13 


H M. 


1 25 

2 4 

2 43 

3 17 

3 52 

4 29 

5 6 

5 50 

6 36 

7 26 

8 31 

9 42 

10 41 

11 38 


1 33 

2 20 

3 7 

3 55 

4 48 

5 42 

6 38 

7 37 

8 43 

9 50 

10 51 

11 50 


H. M. 


1 4 

1 46 

2 24 


3 34 

4 11 

4 47 

5 28 

6 12 

7 1 
7 59 
9 8 

10 14 

11 11 

1 8 

1 55 

2 43 

3 30 

4 20 

5 14 

6 9 

7 6 

8 9 

9 16 

10 21 

11 20 











10' 47" 
10 24 
10 1 
9 37 
9 12 
8 47 
8 21 
7 55 
7 29 
7 1 
6 34 
6 6 
5 38 
5 9 
4 40 
4 11 
3 41 
3 11 
2 42 
2 12 
1 42 
I 12 
aft. 11 
bef. 19 


1 18 

1 48 

2 17 

2 46 

3 15 





























Concep. of B.V. M. ... 

•2d Sunday in Advent.. 

10 Grouse, BlcKkCock,& 

Ptarmigan sh. ends . 

St Lucy 

3d Sunday in Advent.. 

23 Ct. of Session rises 

<S e/iCapr. 2h. 59m. ii. 
22W. com.-Shortest d. 
ith Sunday in Advent.. 

St Stephen the mar 

Holy Innocents' Day.. 

30 ' Sa 

31 j S 

31 St Sylvester 



y 186 









Full Moon 

........ ] 

D. n. 1 
3 8 1 
1 1 


9 51. 

3 a. 




New Mo( 
Second (J 


uarter .. 

D. H. 51. 

18 8 37m 

25 1 39m 





of Time. 


bef. Sun. 



n. M. 
8 47 
8 47 
8 47 
8 46 
8 46 
8 45 
8 45 
8 44 
8 44 
8 43 
8 42 
8 41 
8 40 
8 39 
8 38 
8 37 
8 36 
8 35 
8 33 
8 31 
8 30 
8 29 
8 27 
8 25 
8 24 
8 22 
8 20 
8 18 
8 16 
8 15 
8 13 


H. M. 

3 47 
3 48 
3 49 
3 50 
3 51 
3 52 
3 53 
3 55 
3 56 

3 58 

4 2 
4 4 
4 5 
4 7 
4 9 
4 11 
4 13 
4 15 
4 17 
4 19 
4 21 
4 23 
4 25 
4 28 
4 30 
4 32 
4 34 
4 36 
4 39 
4 41 


23° 2' 17" 
22 57 12 
22 51 40 
22 45 40 
22 39 13 
22 32 19 
22 24 59 
22 17 12 
22 8 59 
22 20 
21 51 15 
21 41 45 
21 31 49 
21 21 28 
21 10 43 
20 59 33 
20 48 
20 36 2 
20 23 41 
20 10 57 
19 57 50 
19 44 21 
19 30 30 
19 16 17 
19 1 44 
18 46 49 
18 31 34 
18 15 59 
18 4 
17 43 50 
17 27 17 



H. M. 

la 53 

2 32 

3 25 

4 33 

5 46 

7 3 

8 21 

9 36 
10 53 


1 32 

2 57 
4 28 

6 3 

7 32 

8 43 

9 30 
9 58 

10 15 
10 27 
10 36 
10 45 

10 54 

11 2 
11 15 
11 31 
11 55 


1 18 

2 22 


H. M. 

11a 10 



1 42 

2 29 

3 14 

3 57 

4 33 

5 19 

6 1 

6 44 

7 32 

8 24 

9 22 

10 25 

11 31 

1 41 

2 39 

3 32 

4 21 

5 8 

5 54 

6 40 

7 27 

8 16 

9 6 
9 58 

10 49 

11 39 


H. M. 

7m 30 

8 38 

9 31 
10 9 
10 34 

10 51 

11 3 
11 12 
11 20 
11 27 
11 35 
11 42 
11 53 

Oa 10 


1 15 

2 22 

3 53 
5 35 

7 15 

8 52 
10 23 
U 50 

2 39 

4 1 

5 20 

6 32 

7 29 

8 11 


II. M. 

1 8 

1 50 

2 31 

3 7 

3 43 

4 16 

4 51 

5 28 

6 6 

6 47 

7 33 

8 31 

9 37 

10 43 

11 52 


1 16 

2 9 

3 1 

3 51 

4 38 

5 26 

6 15 

7 4 

7 55 

8 52 

9 59 
11 13 

1 39 


U. 51. 

1 29 

2 10 

2 48 

3 24 


4 33 

5 11 

5 47 

6 27 

7 11 
7 59 
9 3 

10 9 

11 17 


1 43 

2 35 

3 24 

4 12 

5 2 

5 50 

6 39 

7 28 

8 23 

9 25 

10 36 

11 50 


1 16 

2 2 


























3' 44" 
4 12 

4 40 

5 7 

5 34 

6 1 
6 27 

6 53 

7 18 

7 43 

8 7 
8 30 

8 53 

9 16 
9 37 
9 58 

10 19 
10 38 

10 57 

11 16 
11 33 

11 50 

12 5 
12 21 
12 35 

12 48 

13 1 
13 13 
13 23 
13 34 
13 43 
































IstSun. after Epiphany 

N. Year's Day, O.S 

2d Sun. after Epiphany 
13 St Hilary Bp 

Court of Session meets 


20 St Fahlan 

Sun en. Aq.lA. 36^m. A. 
3d Sun. after Epiphany 
21 St Agnes V 

22 St Vincent SI 

Conversion of St Paul.. 

ith Sun. afterEpiphany 

30 i Tu 

31 1 W 

*K. Char. L mart. 1649 


CALENDAR FOR 1854^65. 





Full Moon 

Last Quarter.. 

D. H, M. MOON'S PHASES. d. n. m. 

. 2 3 41 M. I New Moon 16 6 48 a. 

.10 3 m. I Second Quarter 23 5 34 a. 



Fish. N. of Ttoeed open 
1 Par. & Pkca. sh. ends 

1 St Bridget 

Sepltiayesima Simdaij. 

2 Purification, or> 
Candlemas j( 

3 Blasius, Bp 

5 St Agatha, V 

*Queen married, 1840. 
iSexagesiina Sunday.... 

Candlemas, O.S 

14 St Valentine, Ep.... 

Quinqaofiesima, or) 

Shrove Sunday. ...$ 

S.en.Pisces,ih 14jmM. 

Ash Wednesday 

St Matthias the Apos. 
Quadragesima — \st 
Sunday in Lent 


H. 31. 

8 11 

8 9 
8 7 
8 5 

8 1 
7 58 
7 56 
7 54 
7 52 
7 50 
7 47 
7 45 
7 42 
7 40 
7 37 

7 33 
7 30 
7 23 
7 26 
7 23 
7 21 
7 18 
7 16 
7 13 
7 11 


H. M. 

4 43 
4 45 
4 47 
4 49 

4 51 

4 53 
4 55 

4 57 


5 2 
5 4 
5 6 
5 9 
5 11 

5 12 
5 14 
5 17 
5 19 

5 21 
5 24 
5 26 
5 28 
5 31 
5 33 
5 34 
5 36 
5 39 
5 41 


I701O' 26" 
16 53 17 
16 35 50 
16 18 6 

16 5 

15 41 47 
15 23 13 
15 4 24 
14 45 19 
14 26 
14 6 25 
13 46 37 
13 26 35 
13 6 20 
12 45 52 
12 25 12 
12 4 20 

11 43 16 

II 22 1 
11 36 
10 39 
10 17 15 
9 55 20 
9 33 17 
9 11 5 
8 48 44 
8 26 16 
8 3 41 

of Time. 

bef. Sun. 

13' 51" 

13 59 

14 6 
14 12 

14 17 

14 21 

14 25 

14 28 

14 30 

14 31 

14 31 

14 31 

14 30 

14 28 

14 26 

14 22 

14 19 

14 14 

13 56 

13 48 

13 40 

13 32 

13 22 

13 12 

13 2 

12 51 



n. M. 
3a 36 
4 51 

6 8 

7 25 

8 41 

9 59 
11 17 

2 6 

8 18 
8 32 

8 52 

9 1 
9 8 
9 20 
9 35 
9 55 

10 26 

11 10 
Oa 10 
1 20 

H. jr. 

1 12 

1 55 

2 37 

3 18 

3 59 

4 41 

5 26 

6 14 

7 7 

8 6 

9 9 

10 14 

11 18 
Oa 19 
1 15 

2 58 

3 46 

4 33 

5 21 

6 11 

7 1 

7 53 

8 44 

9 35 
10 23 

n. It. 
8m 40 

8 50 

9 11 
9 21 

9 29 



10 12 

10 30 

11 2 
11 53 

la 13 

2 51 

4 32 

6 13 

7 51 

9 23 

10 52 


1 46 

3 9 

4 24 

5 26 

6 12 
6 45 


II. M. 

=2 21 
"2 57 

3 29 


4 31 

5 3 

6 35 
6 12 

6 54 

7 39 

8 42 

9 59 
11 25 


1 8 

2 2 

2 52 

3 35 

4 19 

5 1 

5 42 

6 25 

7 8 
7 69 
9 8 

10 33 

11 58 


H. M. 

2 30 

3 14 

3 44 

4 14 

4 47 

5 19 

5 53 

6 34 

7 15 

8 8 

9 16 

10 43 


1 37 

2 26 

3 13 

3 57 

4 39 

5 23 

6 i 
G 45 

7 31 

8 30 

9 51 

11 17 

MARCH 1855. 

Full Moon 

Last Quarter., 

D. H. M. MOON'S PHASES. d. n. m. 

.. 3 10 8 A. I New Moon 18 4 45 ir. 

.11 1 59 A. I Second Quarter.. ..25 11 25 m. 


St David, Ahp. d. 544.. 
Chad. Bp 

2d Sunday in Lent 

Zd Sundayin Lent 

St Gregory, M 

In.H. ofC.ofSes.rises 

is Pr. Louisa 6. 1848.. 
St Patrick 

Mid Len t Sunday 

20 Lords Ordinary of 
Court of Session rise 

S. en. Aries, ih Imu. 

21 Day and night equal 
21 St Benedict, Ahp... 
21 Spring commences. 

6th Sunday in Lent 

25 Annun Lady Day 




H. M. 

H. M. 

7 9 

5 43 

7 6 

5 45 

7 3 

5 47 


5 50 

6 58 

5 52 

6 56 

5 54 

6 53 

5 56 

6 50 

5 58 

6 48 


6 45 

6 2 

6 42 

6 4 

6 40 

6 6 

6 37 

6 9 

6 35 

6 11 

6 32 

6 13 

6 29 

6 15 

6 27 

6 17 

6 24 

6 19 

6 21 

6 21 

6 19 

6 23 

6 17 

6 25 

6 13 

6 27 

6 11 

6 29 

6 8 

6 31 

6 5 

6 33 

6 3 

6 35 

6 1 

6 37 

5 58 

6 39 

5 55 

6 41 

5 53 

6 43 

5 50 

6 46 

So. & No. 
7°40' 59" 
7 18 11 
6 55 16 
6 32 15 
6 9 9 
5 45 58 
5 22 42 
4 59 22 
4 35 58 
4 12 30 
3 48 59 
3 25 25 
3 1 49 
2 38 10 
2 14 30 
1 50 48 
1 27 6 
1 3 22 
39 39 
s. 15 56 
N. 7 47 
31 28 

55 9 

1 18 47 

1 42 23 

2 5 57 
2 29 28 

2 52 56 

3 16 20 

3 39 41 

4 2 57 

of Time. 

hef. Snn. 


12' 39" 

12 27 

12 15 

12 2 

11 48 

11 34 

11 20 

11 5 

10 50 

10 34 

10 18 


n. M. 
2a 36 

10 20 

11 50 

2 49 


8 22 

9 1 
9 56 

11 3 
Oa 19 

1 38 

2 57 
4 15 

11a 10 
11 54 

10 58 

11 52 

8 18 

9 5 
9 50 

10 33 

11 15 


H. M. 

7ni 6 

8 18 

8 33 

8 59 

9 40 
10 45 

Oa 14 

1 53 

3 33 

5 12 

6 47 

8 19 

9 51 
11 21 

Cm 47 
2 10 


n. M. 

1 21 

2 2 

2 36 

3 7 

3 33 

4 3 

4 34 

5 6 

5 41 

6 19 

7 8 

8 9 

9 36 
11 14 


1 48 

2 33 

3 13 

3 53 

4 30 

5 9 

5 48 

6 30 

7 20 

8 26 

9 56 
11 26 


1 31 


H. M. 

1 43 

2 19 

2 53 

3 21 

3 49 

4 18 

4 49 

5 23 

5 59 

6 43 

7 35 

8 50 

10 28 

11 56 


1 25 

2 10 

2 54 

3 32 

4 12 

4 49 

5 28 

6 8 

6 54 

7 48 

9 9 
10 43 


1 13 

1 49 

CALENDAR FOR 1854-55. 


































































Full Moon 

Last Quarter.. 

D. H. M. 

2 2 28a. 
9 9 36 a. 


New Moon 

Second Quarter 

D. H. M. 

. IG 3 5a. 
. 24 5 57m. 


Pa!m Sunday 

Richard Bp 

St Ambrose 

* Good Friday 

Easter Sunday 

Easter Monday 

Easter Tuesday 

Loto Sunday , 

St Donan [meets 

Conv. of K. Burghs.... 

Alphege, Atp , 

Sun «n.Tauj". 4/i.l3mA 

2d Sun. after Easter .. 
St George 

St Mark Evang 

25 Ds. Glo-sier b. 1776 
25 Prs. Alice 6» 1843.. 

3d Sun. after Easter... 



H. M. 

5 47 
5 45 
5 42 
5 39 
5 37 
5 35 
5 32 
5 29 
5 27 
5 24 
5 21 
5 18 
5 10 
5 13 
5 11 

4 59 
4 57 
4 55 
4 52 
4 49 
4 47 
4 45 
4 42 
4 39 
4 37 
4 35 


H. M. 

6 47 
6 49 
6 51 
G 53 
6 55 
6 57 

6 59 

7 1 

of Time. 
J Clock bef, 
DecUnationJ& aft. Sun. 









7 21 

7 23 

7 25 

7 27 

7 29 

7 31 

7 33 

7 35 

7 37 

7 39 

7 41 

7 43 

7 45 


4° 26' 

4 49 15 
12 17 
35 13 
58 3 
20 48 
43 25 

5 57 
28 21 
50 37 
12 46 
34 47 
5G 39 
18 22 
39 57 

1 21 

22 38 

43 41 

4 35 
25 18 

45 49 

6 9 

23 17 

46 13 

5 5G 
25 26 

44 42 
3 45 

22 34 
41 9 














H. M. 

5a 32 
6 51 

8 12 

9 37 
11 5 

Cm 38 


6 20 

6 54 

7 43 

8 46 

10 1 

11 18 
Oa 37 
1 54 

3 13 

4 31 

5 51 

9 41 

10 32 

11 21 
Oa 9 


1 48 

10 33 

11 16 

5m 56 

6 2 

6 8 

6 17 

6 25 

6 39 


7 35 

8 33 

9 52 
11 27 

la 3 

2 41 

4 15 

5 47 

7 18 

8 49 

10 17 

11 45 

Im 3 
2 6 



H. M. 

2 4 

2 34 

3 5 

3 32 

4 i 

4 37 

5 14 

5 58 

6 51 


9 34 
11 9 


1 27 

3 24 

4 2 

4 40 

5 18 

6 3 

6 52 

7 55 
9 20 

10 40 

11 47 


1 26 

n. M. 
2 20 

2 50 

3 17 

3 49 

4 20 
i 56 

5 33 

6 24 

7 22 

8 45 

10 27 

11 47 


1 4 

1 48 

2 29 

3 5 

3 43 

4 20 


5 40 

6 25 

7 18 

8 35 

10 2 

11 15 


1 9 
1 42 

MAY 1855. 

D. H. M. 

FuUMoon' 2 4 3m. 

Last Quarter 9 3 2 m. 


New Moon 16 

Second Quarter 24 

2 13 M. 


D. H. ST. 

Full Moon 31 2 48 a 


St Philip & St James. .. 
1 Pr. Arthur b. 1850... 

1 Beltane 

3 Inven. of the Cross., 


ith Sun. after Easter . 
6 St John a. Fo7'i. Lot. 



H. M. 

4 33 
4 31 
4 28 
4 26 
4 24 
4 21 
4 19 
4 17 
4 15 
4 13 
4 11 

Rogation Sunday.. 
Whitsunday Term.. 

Ascen. Day — ffoly Thr. 
17 Gen. Assembly meets 

StDunstan, Abp 

Sun. after Ascension... 
S. en. Gem. ih 18m a.. 
Court of Session sits.... 
25 Prs. Helena b. 1846 
* Q. Victoria b. 1819... 
27 Whitsun. Term,O.S. 

St Augustine Abp 

Whitsunday— Pentecost 
27 Venerable Bede.. 
*K. Ch. II. restored. 

3 58 
3 56 
3 54 
3 53 
3 51 
3 50 
3 48 
3 47 
3 46 
3 45 
3 43 
3 42 
3 41 
3 39 


H. M. 

7 47 
7 49 
7 52 
7 54 
7 56 
7 57 

7 59 

8 1 
8 3 
8 5 
8 7 
8 9 
8 11 
8 13 
8 15 
8 16 
8 18 
8 20 
8 22 
8 24 
8 25 
8 27 
8 28 
8 30 
8 32 
8 34 
8 35 
8 37 
8 38 
8 39 
8 41 


14° 59' 29" 
15' 117 35 
15 35 25 

10 20 
27 23 
44 10 

16 54 

32 51 
48 30 

3 51 
18 55 

33 40 
48 6 

2 13 
16 1 
29 29 

42 37 
55 26 

7 53 
20 1 
31 47 

43 12 

54 16 

4 58 
15 18 
25 16 

34 52 

44 6 
52 57 


of Time. 


aft. Sun. 




8 44 

10 16 

11 48 

\m 5 

8 58 

10 16 

11 34 
Oa 52 
2 9 

0«i 2 

6 44 

7 37 

8 26 

9 14 
10 1 

10 49 

11 38 
Oa 29 

6 23 

7 5 

7 46 

8 27 

9 9 
9 53 

10 41 

11 34 


H. M. 


4 33 

4 45 

5 3 

5 34 

6 26 

7 39 
9 9 

10 45 
Oa 21 

10 43 

11 53 



H. M. 

1 57 

2 30 

3 3 

3 38 

4 15 

4 59' 

5 48 

6 50 

8 7 

9 34 

10 50 

11 48 


1 42 

2 25 

3 3 

3 40 

4 17 

4 56 

5 41 

6 30 

7 26 

8 30 

9 43 

10 42 

11 39 


1 18 
1 59 


H. M. 

2 11 

2 47 

3 19 

4 5 

4 37 

5 22 

6 19 

7 26 
3 49 

10 16 

11 23 


1 19 

2 2 

2 44 

3 21 

3 58 

4 37 

5 18 

6 3 

6 56 

7 57 
9 5 

10 16 

11 12 



1 39 

2 20 






Note. — For two per cent 

take the 

half of four per cent ; for two and a half per 

cent, take the half of five 1 

per cent; 

for three 


cent, take three-quarters 

af four per cent; and for three and a half per 

cent, i 

take off one-eighth from four per 


1 Day. 




4J per cent. 

5 per cent. 

5 Days. 

4 per cent. 












£ s. d. 


£ s. d. 



£ s. d. 



























































































































1 1 















2 2 















2 8 










2 5 


2 8 



10 11 








2 Days. 1 

6 Days. 1 




















































2 ; 

















































































1 3 













1 1 


2 7 











1 2 


1 4 



3 3 











4 11 

6 5 



13 1 








3 Days. 1 

7 Days. 1 
































































































e 5 






































1 6 











1 5 


1 7 














1 10 




3 10 











7 4 


8 2 



15 4 





4 Days. 1 

8 Days. 1 













































































































































1 1 


1 9 










1 11 


2 2 



3 6 











2 5 


2 8 



4 4 










9 10 


10 11 



17 6 









9 Days. 

4 per cent. 


per cent. 


per cent. 

30 Days. 

4 per cent. 

4J per cent. 

5 per 



£ s. d. 



s. d. 



s. d. f. 


£ s. d. f. 

£ i. d. 


£ s. 

d. f. 
















1 3 






2 1 



2 3 









3 3 





1 1 


3 3 



4 3 






1 3 


4 2 



5 3 








5 2 


6 3 





2 1 


6 1 


7 3 





2 2 





8 3 






2 3 


7 3 



9 3 






5 3 


13 3 

1 5 



7 2 






8 3 


1 11 2 

2 2 



5 2 






11 3 


2 7 2 

2 11 



3 1 




1 1 


1 2 3 


3 3 1 

3 8 



1 1 


1 11 


2 2 


2 5 2 


6 6 3 

7 4 



2 2 


3 11 


4 5 


4 11 


13 1 3 

14 9 



5 1 


4 11 

5 6 


6 1 3 


16 5 1 

18 5 



6 2 


19 8 



2 2 



4 7 3 


3 5 9 

3 13 11 


4 2 

2 1 

10 Days. 1 




1 Jlonth. 1 


















2 1 







1 1 











1 2 











1 3 


4 3 








2 1 


5 3 








2 2 


6 1 








2 3 










3 1 










6 2 



1 6 








9 3 



2 3 








1 1 


2 8 





1 1 

1 2 


1 4 1 


3 4 

3 9 




2 2 


2 5 


2 8 3 


6 8 

7 6 




4 4 


4 11 

5 5 3 


13 4 





5 5 


6 1 


6 10 


16 8 

18 9 

1 10 1 


1 1 11 


4 7 



7 4 3 


3 6 8 

3 15 

4 3 


20 Days. 1 




1 Year. 1 

9 2 







1 1 











1 3 


2 4 3 

2 8 







2 2 



3 7 







3 1 



4 6 






3 3 


4 9 2 

5 4 







4 2 


5 7 

6 3 







5 1 


6 4 3 

7 2 







5 3 


7 2 1 

8 1 








6 2 











1 1 






1 3 


1 5 


1 7 2 



1 7 

1 10 


1 9 

1 11 


2 2 1 


1 12 

1 16 



2 2 


2 5 


2 8 3 



2 5 

2 10 


4 4 


4 11 

5 5 3 



4 10 



8 9 

9 10 


10 11 2 






10 11 


2 3 


13 8 1 



11 5 

12 10 


2 3 10 


9 3 



U 9 2 






Showing tlie number 

of Days in one MontTi, to the s 

ame Day in 

any other I 



.Ian. Feb. M»r. ApriL 

May. June. July 

Auff. Sept. 


t.- N07. 


120 151 181 

212 1 243 


3 1 304 1 


334 1 36 

' 1 "■'1 ""1 

5| 28 1 59 1 

89 120 150 

181 1 212 


2| 273 



306 1 33 

61 92 122 

153 1 184 


t| 245 


275 1 306 1 334 | 365 | 

30 61 91 

122 1 153 


3| 214 


245 1 276 1 304 | 335 | 

365 31 61 

92 1 123 


5| 184 


334 365 30 

61 1 92 


2| 153 



184 21 

304 335 365 

31 1 62 


2 1 123 


153 184 1 212 1 243 

273 304 334 

365 1 31 


1 92 


122 153 1 181 1 212 

242 273 303 

334 1 365 


)| 61| 



92 123 1 151 1 182 

212 243 273 

304 1 335 1 


1 31 1 



61 92 1 120 1 151 

181 212 242 

273 1 304 1 


1 365 1 

! Decemlber 

31 1 62 1 90 1 121 

151 1 182 212 

243 1 274 1 


1 335 1 






Note. — The 13th and 14th Vict. c. 97, imposes a duty according to the number of words in deeds, 
by a general rule applicable to all deeds ■where progressive duty is not expressly charged. 
For the progressive duty on a deed when none is expressly charged under the instrument, 
reference must be made to the head " Progressive Duty." 

Admission as a Burgess, or into any Corporation 
or Company in any Burgh in Scotland, in lieu 
of the duties of £1 and £3 fomierly pa3'able, 5s. 
Admissions of other descriptions various ; as to 
which see the schedule annexed to 55 Geo. III., 
c. 184. See also License, below. 
Admission to act as Advocate, £50 ; as Writer to 
the Signet, Sohcitor, Agent, Attorney, or Pro- 
curator in any court, £25 ; to act as Agent in 
Supreme Courts without indenture (in addition 
to the said £25), £60 ; do. in Inferior Courts 
without indenture (in addition to the said £25), 
£30 ; to act as Notary-Public, £20 ; to be fel- 
low of College of Physicians, £25 ; or license 
by do. to practise physic, £15 ; to degree of 
Doctor of Medicine, £10 ; to ecclesiastical bene- 
fice, £2. 
Affidavits. — For every sheet or piece of paper, 
parchment, or vellum, on which the same shall 
be written or printed, 2s. 6d. Affidavits autho- 
rised to be made before Justices of Peace are 
Agreement, or minute or memorandum of agree- 
ment, without a clause of registration (not 
charged othenvise than under the head agi-ee- 
ment in the schedule to the Act 55 Geo. III., 
c. 184, nor expressly exempted from duty), 
where the matter is of the value of £20 or up- 
wards, whether the same is evidence of a con- 
tract, or obUgatory upon the parties from its 
being a written instrument, together with every 
schedule, receipt, &c., endorsed or annexed, 
2s. 6d. Progressive duty on words, 2s. 6d. 
Note. — The agreement, if liable to one duty of 
2s. 6d., may be stamped if brought to the Com- 
missioners at London, or their office at Edin- 
bm'gh, or lodged with the distributors of stamps 
in the country, within fomteen days after being 
made. If after, at Loudon or Edinburgh, on a 
penalty of £10. 7 and 8 Vic, c. 21, § 5. 
Amount not exceeding £50 

Above £50 and not above £100 
... 100 ... 200 

... 200 ... 500 

. . 500 and upwards 
Atpisenticeship Indentures. 
If the premium be under £30 
£30 and under £50 
50 ... 100 

lOa ... 200 

200 ... 300 

300 ... 400 

400 ... 500 

500 ... 600 

600 ... 800 

800 ... 1000 

1 000 or upwards 
If no premium, 2s. 6d. 



















Indentures of clerks or apprentices to writers to 
the signet, solicitors, or agents in the Su- 
preme Courts of Scotland, £60 ; Inferior 
Courts, £30. See DUPLICATE or Counter- 

Exem. — Indentures of apprentices for sea- ser- 
vice and poor children. 

Award or Decreet- Arbitral 
Bills and Promissory Notes 

£1 15 

Not exceeding two months after date, 


or sixty days after sight. 


£ S. 


£ 8 d. 

For£2&notabove£5,5s. 1 


Ab. 5, 5s, ... 20 ... 1 



20 ... 30 ... 2 

2 6 

30 ... 50 ... 2 


3 6 

50 ... 100 ... 3 


4 6 

100 ... 200 ... 4 



200 ... 300 ... 5 


300 ... 500 ... 6 

8 6 

500 .. 1000 ... 8 


12 6 

1000 ... 2000 ... 12 



2000 ... 3000 ... 15 


3000 1 5 

1 10 

s. d. 








... 10 

... 15 

Drawing singly same as inland bills. 
When in sete, then for every biU of each 

set not exceeding £100 

Above £100 and not above 200 

200 ... 500 

500 ... 1000 

1000 ... 2000 

2000 ... 3000 


The duty on an inland bill, draft or order for the 
payment of any sum of money at stated periods, 
if made payable to the beai-er, or to order, or if 
delivered to the payee, or some person on his or 
her behalf, where the total amount thereby 
made payable is specified therein, or can be 
ascertained therefrom, is the same as on a bill 
payable to bearer or order on demand for a sum 
equal to such total amount. 

N.B. — Promissory notes for £100 or imder ai'e 
not to be drawn payable to the Nearer on de- 
mand, except bankers' re-issuable notes, which 
require a different stamp. 
See Drafts. 

Bills of Lading 6d. 



Bonds and other Securities. 
Bond (personal) giveu for any certain sum 
of money not exceeding s. cl. 

£50 1 3 
Exceeding £50 and not exceeding 100 2 G 
100 ... 150 3 9 

150 ... 200 5 

200 ... 250 6 3 

250 ... 300 7 6 

And Tvhere the same shall exceed £300, then 
for every £100, and also for any fractional 
part of £100,— 2s. Gd. 
Bond as secm-ityfor«iOvi?eA' to he thereafter lent, 
advanced, or paid, or ivMch may become due 
upon account-ctirrent, together with any sum 
already advanced or due, or without, as the 
case may be, — 
Where the money secured or to be ultimately 
recoverable shall ie limited not to exceed a 
given sum, — The same duty as on a bond for 
such sum. 
"Where uncertain, and icithout any limit, — The 
same as on a bond for a sum equal to the 
amount of the penalty. 
Where there is no penalty, the bond shall be 
available for such an amount only as the ad 
valorem stamps will cover. 
Personal Bond given as a security for the 
transfer or retransfer of any share in any of the 
Government or Parliamentary Stocks or Funds, 
or of the Banks of England 01- Ireland, or of the 
East India Company, or of any other company 
or corporation, — The same ad valorem duty as 
on a bond for a sum of money equal to the 
value of the stock or fund secured, according to 
the average price at the date of the bond, or on 
either of the ten days preceding ; or the latest 
day preceding on which there shall have been a 
kno^vn sale. 
Personal Bond given as a security for the 
payment of any sum of money, or for the 
transfer or retransfer of stock secured also by a 
wadset, or other instrament paying duty as a 
wadset, or for the performance of covenants 
contained in such instrament, or for both those 
purposes, provided such other instrument hear 
even date with, and be referred to in such 
bond — 
Where the sum of money or the value of the stock 
secured shall not exceed £800, — The same ad 
valorem duty as on a mortgage or wadset for 
securing the like amount or value. 
Exceeding £800,— £1. 

Personal or Heritable Bond given as an 
additional or further security for the pajinent 
of any sum of money, or for the transfer or 
retransfer of any share in any of these stocks 
previously secured by a bond or other security 
therein referred to, which has paid the proper 
ad valorem duty on bonds at the date thereof, — 
Where the sum or the value of the stock shall not 
exceed £1400, — The same ad valorem duty as 
on a bond or mortgage for securing the like 
sum or value. 
Where said sum shall exceed £1400, — £1, 15s. 
Bond — Transfer or Assignment disposition or 
assignation of any such bond as aforesaid, and 
which has paid the proper ad valorem duty on 
bonds — 

Where the principal money or stock secured by the 
bond shall not exceed in whole 1400, — The 
same duty as on a bond for the total amount or 

And in every other case such transfer, assign- 
ment, disposition, or assignation shall be 
chargeable with the duty of £1, 15s. 

Personal or Heritable Bond given as the 
only or principal security for the payment of 
any annuity upon the original creation and 
sale thereof, — The same ad valorem duty as on 
a convej'ance upon sale in consideration of the 
sum or value given or agreed for the purchase. 
— See Duties on Conveyances. 

Personal Bond given as a collateral or 
auxiliary security for the payment of any 
annuity upon the original creation and sale, 
where granted or conveyed or secured by any 
other deed or instrument, paying the ad valorem 
duty on conveyances upon the sale of any 
property — 

AVhere such o.d valorem duty shall not exceed 203. 
such bond shall be chargeable with a stamp duty 
of equal amount therewith. 

And where such exceeds 20s., — £1 . 

Personal or Heritable Bond given as a security 
for the payment of any annuity (except upon 
the original creation and sale), or of any sum 
or sums of money at stated periods (not being 
interest nor rent upon a lease), for any definite 
and certain term, so that the total amount to be 
paid can be previously ascertained, — The same 
ad valorem duty as on a bond of the like nature 
for the payment of a sum of money equal to 
such total amount. 
Personal or Heritable Bond given as a security 
for the payment of any annuity (except as 
aforesaid), or of any money at stated periods 
{not being interest nor rent upon lease), for 
the term of life or any other indefinite period, 
so that the whole cannot be previously ascer- 
tained, — 

Where the annuity or sum secured shall not exceed 
£50 per annum, — £1. 

Exceeding £50 and not exceeding £100 per 
annum, — £2. 

And where exceeding £100 per annum, then for 
every £100, and also for any fractional part of 
£100 per annum,- £2. 

But where there shall be both a personal and 
heritable bond in separate deeds of the same 
date for securing any such annuity, &c., and 
the ad valorem duty above charged amounts to 
£2 or upwards, the heritable bond only to be 
charged with the ad valorem duty, and the 
personal bond to be chai'ged only with a duty 
of £1. 

Bond of any kind or description given for any 
other purpose than as aforesaid, — The duty 
chargeable by any act in force at passing 13tli 
and 14th Vict. c. 97. 

But no such bond shall be charged with any 
greater amount of stamp duty than the ad 
valorem duty before charged upon a bond given 
for the payment of a definite and certain sixm 
of money of the same amount as the penalty of 
such bond. 

Bond of Relief to a cautioner or sm-ety, — £1, 15s. 

Bond for the due execution of an office, and to 



accoiuit for money received by virtue of such 
oflBce, — £1, 15s. 
Bond given for, or iu respect of, duties of customs 
or excise, or for preventing frauds or evasions 
tliereof, or for any other matter relating thereto 
— relanding of plate — registering of British 
vessels, — 5s. 
Hekitable or Personal Bond, of any kind 
whatever, not otherwise charged nor expressly 
exempted from all stamp duty, — £1, 15s. 
Note. — The above provision, that the duty shall 
not exceed the ad valorem duty on a sum the 
same amount as the penalty in the bond, applies 
to the four preceding entries. 
Charier, Disposition, or Contract (after 4th 
August, 1853), containing the first original 
constitution of feu and ground annual rent rights 
in Scotland (not being a lease or tack for j'ears), 
in consideration of any annual sum payable in 
perpetuity, or for any indefinite period, whether 
fee farm or other rent, feu-duty, ground annual, 
or otIienA'ise : 
Where the annual sum thereby made pay- s, d. 

able shall not exceed 20s 2 6 

Exceeding 20s., and not exceeding £12 : 
then for eveiy 20s., and any fractional 

part of 20s 2 6 

Exceeding £12, and not exceeding £2-t : 
then for 40s., and for any fractional 

part of 40s 5 

Exceeding £24 : then for eveiy £4, and 

for every fractional part of £4 10 

Charter of resignation, confirmation, novodamus, 
upon apprising, or decreet of adjudication or 
sale, of heritable subjects holdeu of a subject 
superior, — 5s. 
Progressive duty of 5s. 

Charter-party 5s. 

Composition- DEED with Creditors £1, 15s. 


Con^'EYANCE, whether gi'ant, disposition, assign- 
ment, transfer, renunciation, or of any other 
kind whatsoever, upon tlie sale of any lands, 
tenements, rents, annuities, or other property, 
heritable or movable, or of any right, title, 
interest, or claim in, to, out of, or upon any 
such, that is, for the principal or only deed, 
instrument, or writing whereby the lands or 
other things sold are granted, assigned, trans- 
ferred, renounced, or otherwise conveyed to or 
vested in the purchaser, or any other person, by 
his direction — 
Where the purchase or consideration money ex- 
pressed shall not exceed 

£25 £0 2 6 

Exceeding £25 not exc. 50 5 

50 ... 75 7 6 

75 ... 100 10 

100 ... 125 12 G 

125 ... 150 15 

150 ... 175 17 6 

175 ... 200 10 

200 ... 225 12 6 

225 ... 250 15 

250 ... 275 17 6 

275 ... 300 1 10 

300 ... 350 1 15 

350 ... 400 2 

400 ... 450 2 5 

Exceeding £450 not exc. £500 £2 10 

500 ... 550 2 15 

550 ... 600 3 

And where the purchase or consideration money 
shall exceed £600, then for every £100, anil 
also for any fractional part of £100, — 10s. 

It is directed that the purchase money or consi- 
deration shall be truly expressed awA set forth in 
ivords at length in or upon every deed or in- 
strument of conveyance ; and where such con- 
sideration shall consist, either wholly or in part, 
of any stock or security, the value thereof re- 
spectivel}', to be ascertained as after mentioned, 
shall also be truly set forth, as aforesaid, in or 
upon every such deed or instrument ; and such 
value shall be deemed to be the purchase or con- 
sideration money, or part thereof, as the case 
may be, in respect whereof the ad valorem duty 
shall be cliarged. 

And where the consideration, or any part of the 
consideration, shall be stock in the public funds, 
or any government debenture or stock of the 
banks of England or Ireland, or any debenture 
or stock of any corporation, company, society, 
or persons or person, payable only at the icilL 
of the debtor, the duty shall be calculated (tak- 
ing the same respectively, whether constituting 
the whole or a part only of such consideration) 
according to the average selling price thereof 
respectively, on the day, or on either of tlie ten 
daj's preceding the date of the deed or instru- 
ment of conveyance, or if no sale shall have 
taken place within such ten days, then accord- 
ing to the average selling price thereof on the 
day of the last preceding sale ; and if such con- 
sideration, or part thereof, shall be a mortgage, 
bond, or debenture, the amount whereof shall 
be recoverable by the holder, or any other secu- 
rity whatsoever, whether payable in money 
or otherwise, such calculation shall be made 
according to the sum due thereon for both prin- 
cipal and interest. 

In any case where property shall be sold and 
conveyed iu consideration of any rent charge or J 
annuity, or any annual or periodical payment \ 
to be made permanently or for any indefinite 
period, so that the total amount of the money 
to be paid for such property cannot be previ- 
ously ascertained, which rent charge, annuity, 
or other payment, shall be made subject to re- 
demption or purchase upon terms and condi- 
tions specified in the deed or instrument, where- 
by the property sold shall be conveyed to, or 
vested in, the purchaser, or any person by his 
direction, the money or the consideration men- 
tioned in the said deed or instrxunent as that on 
payment or transfer, delivery or satisfaction, 
of which the said rent charge, annuity, or other 
payment shall be redeemed or purchased, or 
repurchased, or shall cease to be payable, shall 
be deemed to be the purchase-money or consi- 
deration, on the sale of the said property so sold 
and conveyed, and in respect of which last- 
mentioned purchase-money or consideration, 
the ad valorem duty shall be chargeable ; and 
•where any such last-mentioned consideration 
shall consist wholly, or in part, of any stock or 
security mentioned in the Act 13 and 14 Yict. 
c. 97, the value thereof shall be ascertained as 



in such Act is in that behalf provided ; and 
where any such annuity, rent charge, or other 
payment aforesaid shall be made, subject to 
redemption or purchase, or repurchase or dis- 
continuance, upon payment or satisfaction of 
any money or value to be ascertained or calcu- 
lated in manner provided in the said deed or 
instrument, the amount of such money or value 
shall, for the purpose of charging the said ad 
valorem duty, be ascertained or calculated, as 
in such deed or instrument shall be so provided. 
16 and 17 Vict. c. 59, § 11. 

Copies of Extracts from the public register, or 
from books of any court of record, 2s. 6d. And 
where the same shall contain more than 600 
words,' any less quantity of words over and 
above the first 600 words, or above any second, 
third, or other full quantity of 600 words, a 
further duty of 2s. 6d. 

Copy attested of any agreement or deed for the 
security or use of a person not being a party 
or taking benefit under it, — Is. 

Progressive duty' for every 720 words, — Is. 

Copy attested of a will, testament, or codicil, or 
of a confirmation of a testament, testamentary 
or dative, — same duty as above. 

Copyright of Designs, certificate of, — £5. 

Covenant. — Any deed containing a covenant for 
the payment or repayment of any sum, or for 
the transfer or retransfer of stock, in any case 
where a mortgage, if made for the like purpose, 
would be chargeable under this schedule with 
any ad valorem duty exceeding in amount 
£1, 15s. ; or for the payment of any annuity, 
or any sums at stated periods, in any case where 
a bond for the like purpose would be chai'geable 
with any such duty, — the same ad valorem 
duty 33 on a bond respectively for the like pur- 

When it is an additional security to a properly 
stamped bond referred to in it, the ad valorem 
duty here charged not payable. 
Exemption. — Any covenant contained in a deed 
chargeable under Mortgages of Settle- 

Debentures, or Certificate for receiving back 
duties of Customs or Excise on goods exported 
after the 10th October 1853. 

AVhere the di-awback to be received shall not ex- 
ceed £10, .... Is. Od. 

Where the same shall exceed £10, and 
not exceed £50, ... 2s. 6d. 

And where the same shall exceed £50, 5s. Od. 
(16 and 17 Vict. c. 59.) 

Deed not othei-wise charged, — £1, 15s. 

Deputation of a Gamekeeper, — £1, 15s. 

Disentail, instrument of, — £1, 15s. 

Draft or Order, after 10th October 1853, for 
the payment of any sum of money to the bearer, 
or to order, on demand, — Id. 

And the following instruments shall be deemed 
and taken to be drafts or orders for the payment 
of money within the intent and meaning of this 
Act, and of any Act or Acts relating to the stamp 
duties on bills of exchange, drafts, or orders, 
and shall be chargeable accordingly with the 
stamp duties imposed by this Act, or any such 
Act or Acts, viz. : — 

All documents or writings usually termed letters 

of credit, or whereby any person to whom any 
such document or writing is, or is intended to 
be, delivered or sent, shall be entitled, or be in- 
tended to be entitled, to have credit with, or in 
account with, or to draw upou any other per- 
son for or to receive from such other person any 
sum of monej' therein mentioned. 
Exemptions from the Duties on Drafts or Or- 
ders. — All drafts or orders for the payment 
of money to the bearer on demand, drawn upon 
any banker or bankers now by law exempted 
from stamp duty. All letters of credit, whe- 
tlier in sets or not, sent by persons in the 
United Kingdom to persons abroad, authoris- 
ing drafts on the United Kingdom. (16 and 
17 Vict. c. 59.) 
N.B. — Tiiese drafts or orders on bankers to be ex- 
empted, must be issued within fifteen miles of 
the place where tiie banker carries on his busi- 
ness — the place of issuing must be triUy speci- 
fied in them, and they must be dated on or 
before the day on which they are issued, and 
not direct the payment to be made by a bill or 
note. The place of issue is where the drawer 
parts with the possession of the draft, such as 
the place where posted. If an unstamped draft 
is issued within fifteen miles of the banker, as 
above, it may circulate any distance from the 
place of issue without affecting its validity. 
The penny draft stamp will validate drafts 
drawn beyond fifteen miles of the banker's place 
of business. 

Note. — The duty on drafts or orders may be im- 
pressed on the paper, or an adhesive stamp may 
be affixed. Where an adhesive stamp is used, 
the maker of the draft is required to cancel the 
stamp by writing on it his name or initials. 
Penalty for omission, — £10. Penalty for re- 
moving adhesive stamps, or using them a se- 
cond time, or doing any act to defraud of duty, 
£20. (16 and 17 Vict. c. 59, s. 3, 4, and 5.) 
Duplicate or Counterpart of any deed or in- 
strument, of any description whatever, charge- 
able with any stamp duty, under any Act or 
Acts in force — 
Where such stamp duty (exclusive of progressive 
duty) shall not amount to the sum of 5s., the 
same duty as chargeable on the orighial deed or 
instrument, including the progressive duty there- 
on (if any). 
And where the same (exclusive as aforesaid) 

amounts to the sum.of 53. or upwards, — 5s. 
And where in the latter case any such deed or ie- 
strument, together with any schedule, receipt, 
or other matter put or indorsed thereon or an- 
nexed thereto, contains 2160 words or upwards, 
for every entire quantity of 1080 words con- 
tained therem above the first 1080 words, the 
progressive duty of 2s. 6d. 
In such latter case the duplicate or counteipart 
(excepting counterparts of leases not signed 
Dy the lessor, 16 and 17 Vict. c. 69), is not 
available unless stamped with a pai-ticular 
stamp for denoting the payment of the full 
stamp duty on the origin^ deed or instrument, 
which shall be impressed upon such, on the 
same being produced, together with the original 
deed or instrument, and on the whole being 
duly executed and stamped in aU other respects. 



Duplicates to have denoting stamp impressed, 
are received by the Sohcitor of lulaud Revenue, 
Edinburgh. See afterwards. 
Insurance Policies. 

Where the sum insured shall not exceed £500j 
Then for every £50, and any fractional part of 

£50, £0 6 

Where it shall exceed £500, and shall 

not exceed £1000, 
Then for every £100, and any fractional 

part of £100, .... 010 

Where it shall exceed £1000, 
Then for every £1000, and any frac- 
tional part of £1000, . . 10 
(IG and 17 Vict. c. 59.) 


Duty on each policy 1 

Besides 3s. per cent, per annum on every insur- 
ance made or renewed. 
Exemptions.— PahYic hospitals ; also agricultural 
produce, farming stock, and implements of hus- 
bandry, provided the insurance shall be effected 
by a separate and distinct policy. 

Policy of insurance upon any voyage whatever, 
for every £100, or fractional part of £100, 
charged according to the rates of premium on 
the sums insm'ed, viz. : — 

a. d. 

Not exceeding 10s. percent 3 

Exc. 10s. and not exceeding 20s 6 

20s. ... 30s 1 

30s. ... 40s 2 

40s. ... 50s 3 

Exceeding 50s. percent 4 

But if the separate interests of two or more dis- 
tinct persons shall be insured by one policy or 
instrament, then the said respective duties, as 
the case may require, shall be charged thereon, 
in respect of each and every fractional part of 
£100, as well as in respect of every full sum of 
£100, which shall be tliereby insured upon any 
separate and distinct interest. 
Policy of insurance, for every £100, or fractional 
part of £100, insured for any certain term or 
period of time : 

s. d. 

Not exceeding six calendar months 2 6 

Exceeding six calendar months 4 

Policy of mutual insurance upon any voyage 
whatever, and not for a period of time, for 
every £100, or fractional part of £100, 
thereby insured to any person or persons 2 6 


Lease or tack of any lands, &c., granted in con- 
sideration of a sum of money by way of pre- 
mium or g7-assum, tcithout any yearly rent^ or 
with any yearly rent under £20, — the same 
duty as for a conveyance on the sale of lands 
for a sum of money of same amount — (See Con- 
veyance) — except leases and tacks for a life or 
lives not exceeding three, or for a term of years, 
determinable with a life or lives not exceeding 
three, by whomsoever granted, and leases for a 
term absolute not exceeding twenty-one years, 

granted by ecclesiastical corporations, where 
the duties would, under the Act, amount to £1, 
15s, or upwards. 

Lease or tack of any lands or heritable subjects 
at a yearly rent loitlwut any sum of money by 
way oi premium or grassum — 

Where the yearly rent shall not 

exceed £5 £0 6 

£5 and not exceeding 10 10 

10 ... 15 16 

15 ... 20 2 

20 ... 25 2 C 

25 .... 50 5 

60 ... 75 7 G 

75 .. 100 10 

And where the same sum exceeds £100,- then for 
every £50 and fractional part of £50, — 5s. 

Granted in consideration of a sum by way ot pre- 
mium or grassum, and also of a yearly rent 
amountinq to £20, or upwarcls, — both the ad 
valorem duties payable for a grassum only and 
for a lease in consideration of a rent only of the 
same amount, except the leases before excepted. 

Lease or tack of any mine or minerals or other 
property of a like nature, either with or without 
any other lands or heritable subjects, where any 
p)ortion of the produce shall he reserved to be 
paid in money or kind — 

K it be stipulated that the value shall amount at 
least to a given sum per annum, or it he limited 
not to exceed a given sum, to be specified, then 
the ad valorem duty shall be charged in respect 
of the highest of such sums. 

And where any yearly sum is reserved in addition 
to or together with such produce, relative to the 
yearly amount or value of which there is no 
such stipulation or limitation, the ad valorem 
duty shall be clxarged in respect of such yearly 

And where both a certain yearly sum and also 
such produce relative to the yearly amount or 
value of which there shall be such stipulation 
or limitation is reserved, the ad valorem duty 
shall be charged on the aggregate of such yearly 
sum, and also of the highest yearly amount or 
value of such produce. 

N.B. — Where a grassum or rent is in grain, it is 
to be charged according to the stipulated rate 
of conversion, and if none be stipidated, ac- 
cording to the fiars on an average of seven 
years. Where there are separate grassums or 
rents payable to separate pro indiviso proprie- 
tors in the same deed, the stamp is on the 
cumido amount. 

Lease or tack, of any kind, not otherwise charged, 
— £1, 15s. 

Assignment or siurrender of a lease or tack upon 
any other occasion than a sale or mortgage, — 
A duty equal to the ad valorem duty with 
which a similar lease or tack would be charge- 
able under 13 and 14 Vict., c. 97; but w^herea 
similar lease would be chargeable under said 
Act with any stamp duty amounting to £1, 15s. 
or upwards, such assignment or surrender shall 
be chargeable with a duty of £1, 15s. 

And no stamp duty, except the ad valorem duty, 
shall be chargeable for any lease expressed to be 
gi-anted in consideration of tlie surrender of an 
existing lease and also of a sum of money. 



Letter or Power of Attornet, or Commis- 
sion OR Factory £1 10 

Letter of Attorney for Sale or Transfer 
of Stock 10 


Annual license to bankers issuing notes, £30. 
Appraisers, £2. Pawnbrokers, £7, 10s. Ad- 
mitted and practising attorneys, &c., if resident 
in city or county of Edinburgh, and in posses- 
sion of office lliree years or upwards, £9 ; if 
not so long, £1, 10s. If resident elsewhere, 
and admitted for three yeare or upwards, £6 ; 
if not so long, £3. To dealers in gold and sil- 
ver plate, above 2 oz. gold or 30 oz. silver, 
£5, los. Do. under do., £2, Gs. 

MoRTGAaES, Heritable Bonds, &c. 

Wadset, and heritable bond, disposition, assigna- 
tion, or tack in security affecting property 
heritable or moveable ; also infeftmeut of an- 
nual rent, but without any personal bond or 
obligation therein contained for payment of the 
money secured ; also letter of reversion or back 
bond, for qualifying absolute conveyance of any 
property, and also any deed whereby a real 
burden shall be created on lands or heritable 
subjects, as a seciurity for any definite and cer- 
tain sum of money not exceeding s. d. 
£50 1 3 
Exc. 50 and not exceeding £100 2 6 
100 ... 150 3 9 
150 ... 200 5 
200 ... 250 6 3 
250 ... 300 7 6 

And where the same exceeds £300, for every £100, 
and fractional part of £100, — 2s. 6d. 

Where the deed is made as a security for the re- 
payment of money to he tliereafter lent, ad- 
vanced, or paid, or which may become due 
upon an account current, together with any 
sum already advanced or due, or without, other 
than any sums to be advanced for the msmance 
of any property comprised in such secmity 
against damage by fire, or for the insurance of 
any life or lives, or for the renewal of any grant 
or lease upon the dropping of any life or lives, 
pursuant to any agreement in any deed where- 
by any estate or interest held upon such life or 
lives is granted, assigned, or assured, or where- 
by any annuity is granted or secured for such 
life or lives. 

If the total amount of the money secured or to be 
ultimately recoverable is limited not to exceed 
a given sum, — The same duty as on a wadset 
for such limited sum. 

And if the total amount is uncertain and without 
any limit, then the same shall be available as a 
security or charge for such an amount only as 
the ad valorem duty denoted by the stamp will 

And where the same is made as a security for the 
transfer or retransfer of any share in any of the 
government or parliamentaiy stocks or funds, 
or of the Bank of England, or of Ireland, 
or of the East India, or of the South Sea 
Company, or of any other company or cor- 
poration, in consideration of stock or money 
advanced or lent at the time, or previously due 
and owing, or foreborne to be paid, being pay- 
able, — The same duty as on a mortgage tor a 

sum equal to the value of the stock or fund se- 
cm-ed according to the average price at tlic date 
of the mortgage, or on either of the ten days 
preceding, or on the latest day preceding on 
which there lias been a known sale. 

And where the same respectively shall be made, 
as a security for the payment of a sum of money, 
and also for the transfer or retransfer of a share 
in any of the said stocks or funds, the said ad 
valorem duty sliall be charged in respect of 

And in case the same respectively shall be made, 
as a security for the payment or transfer, to dif- 
ferent persons, of separate and distinct siuns or 
shares, — The ad valorem duty shall be charged 
for each separate and distinct sum or share 
therein specified and secured, and not upon the 
aggregate amoimt. 

And Avhere any such deed or instrument shall be 
made respectively as a security for the payment 
of any annuity, or any sum by way of repay- 
ment, or in satisfaction or discharge, or in re- 
demption of any sum lent, advanced, or paid, 
as or for, or in the nature of a loan intended to 
be repaid, dischai'ged, or redeemed, in manner 
aforesaid, — The same duty as on a mortage or 
wadset for the sum of money so lent, advanced, 
or paid. 

Transfer, disposition, or assignation of any wad- 
set or other such security, &c. — 

Where no Jjirther sum or stock shall be added to 
the principal already secured, if such principal 
shall not exceed in the whole £liOO, — the same 
duty as on a wadset, &c., for the total amount 
or value of such principal. 

And if such principal shall exceed in value in the 
whole the sum of £1400. — £1, 15s. 

And where any further sum or stock shall be 
added to the principal akeady secured, — the 
same duty as on a wadset, Sec, for such further 
money or stock only. 

And in every other case not expressly provided 
for, — £1, 15s. 

Such instrament is not chargeable with furtlier 
duty (^except progressive duty) by containing 
any further or additional secmity for the pay- 
ment, transfer, retransfer of such money, stock, 
interest, or dividends, or any new covenant, 
proviso, or other matter whatever in relation to 
such money or stock, interest or dividends. 

Any deed made for the further assurance only of 
any property already constituted a security, by 
a deed which has paid the ad valorem duty — 

Also any deed made as an additional or further 
security for any sum, &c., already so secured — 

AVhere the total amount or value akeady secured 
does not exceed £1400, — the same duty as on 
a wadset for the amount. 

And in any other case, — £1, los. 

If any further sum be added to the principal, 
the deed is chargeable only (exclusive of pro- 
gressive duty) with the ad valorem duty on 
wadsets. Sec, in respect of such further sum. 

Reconveyance, surrender, discharge, or renimci- 
ation of any wadset, or other such security, or 
of the benefit thereof, or of the money or stock 
secm'ed — 

Where the total amount of the principal shall not 
exceed £1400, — the same duty as on a wadset 



for the amount. And in any other case, — 
£1, 15s. 

Newspapers. — Any newspaper printed on one 
sheet not exceeding 2295 in. in superficies, — Id. 

A supplement printed on one sheet, and with the 
newspaper not exceeding 2295 inches in the 
whole, is free of duty. 

Any other supplement not exceeding 1148 inches, 
— |d. 

Any two supplements, each printed on one sheet, 
and together not exceeding 2295 in., each, — i-d. 

The superficies is one side of the paper, and "ex- 
clusive of the margin. 

NoTAPviAL Act, any -N^hatsoever, — 5s. And for 
every sheet or piece of paper, parchment, or 
vellum on which the same shall be written, — 5s. 

P.A.TENT, Letters. 
Letters for Inventions. 

On petition for grant of letters patent £5 
On certificate of record of notice to 

proceed 5 

On warrant of law-oflBcers for letters 

patent 5 

On the sealing of letters patent 5 

On specification 5 

On the letters patent, or a duplicate 
thereof before the expiration of the 

third year 50 

On the letters patent, or a duplicate 
thereof before the expiration of the 

seventh year 100 

On certificate of record of notice of 

objections 2 

On certificate of every search and in- 
spection 10 

On certificate of entry of assignment 

or license 

On certificate of assignment or license 

On application for disclaimer 5 

On caveat against disclaimer 2 

On office copies of documents, for every 

ninety words 2 

(16 Vict. c. 5). 

Patent Medicine. 

Price not exceeding Is., l|d. ; not ex. 2s. 6d., 
3d. ; not ex. is., 6d. ; not ex. 10s.. Is. ; not 
ex. 2Gs., 2s. 

Plate. — Gold, per oz. 17s. Silver, Is. 6d. 

Exemptions. — Watch-cases, rmgs, &c. 

Precept of Clare Constat 5s. 

Progressive Duty 5s. 

Progressr'e Dutt on Words. 

Where any deed or instrument of any description 
whatever chargeable with any stamp duty, 
together Mith any schedule, receipt, or other 
matter put or endorsed or annexed, contains 
2160 words, or upwards, then for every entire 
quantity of 1080 words contained therein, over 
and above the first 1080 words, there shall be 
chai'ged the further progressive duty follow- 
ing, i.e.— 

Where such deed or instrument shall be charge- 
able with any ad valorem stamp-duty not 
exceeding in the whole 10s., — a further pro- 
gressive duty equal to the amount of such ad 
valorem duty. 

And in every other case (except where any other 
progressive duty is expressly charged thereon), 
— a further progressive duty of 10s. 



But progressive duty is not chargeable on a deed 
on which such duty was not imposed before 
the Act of 1850. (13 & 14 Vict. c. 97). 

Protests.— On bill or note for any sum s. d. 

less than ... £20 2 

£20 and less than £100 3 

100 ... 500 5 

500 or upwards lo 

Protest of any other kind,— 5s. 
And for every additional sheet,— 5s. 

Proxy to vote in joint-stock company whose 
shares are transferable 2s. Gd. 

Receipts for money amounting to £2 or upwards, 
— ]d. 

The following provisions as to what shall be 
deemed a receipt, and the exemptions from re- 
ceipt duty by 55 Geo. III. c. 184, are still in 

Any note, memorandum, or writing whatever, 
given upon the payment of money, whether 
signed or not, shall be a receipt if it shall 
import or signify that any sum of money, 
debt, or demand, or any part thereof amounting 
to £2 or upwards, has been paid or settled; 
and like documents given upon payment by 
bills, drafts, promissory notes, or oilier securi- 
ties for money, are also receipts. 

Entries made bj' persons receiving money in pass 
books kept by the person paying the money, are 
receipts ; and receipts given for 40s., or up- 
wards, whether for a purchase at a sale by auc- 
tion or other ready money dealing, or the pay- 
ment of wages, must be stamped. 

Among the exemptions from receipt duty are — 

Receipts written on promissory notes., bills, 
drafts, or orders for the payment of money, 
duly stamped. 

Letters by the general post acknoicledying the 
safe arrival of any bills of exchange, pro- 
missory notes, or other securities for money. 
This will of course include acknowledgment by 
the general post of post-office orders, and drafts 
or orders now used instead of letters of credit ; 
but, according to tiie views of the Board of In- 
land Revenue, the letters must not go beyond 
the acknowledgment of the safe amval of bill, 
&c. If bills, &c., are said to be received in 
payment of a particular account or debt, or the 
amount placed to the credit of the remitter, if, 
in short, the appropriation is mentioned, the 
letters will not be exempted. Where advice is 
given by letter to a person that money has been 
paid to his credit, a letter in return acknow- 
ledging the receipt of the letter, is not charge- 
able as a receipt, but any intimation that the 
money has been received is liable. 

Receipts written on any bond, mortgage, or 
other security, or any conveyance, deed, or 
instrument whatever, duly stamped, acknow- 
ledging the receipt of the consideration money 
therein expressed, or the receipt of any prin- 
cipal money, interest, or annuity thereby se- 

Note. — Stamps may be impressed or affixed. 
Where adhesive stamps are affixed, the granter 
is required to cancel the stamps by writing his 
name or initials on them. Penalty for omission, 
— £10. Penalty for removing adhesive stamps, 
or using them a second time, or doing any 


XX]] 1 

i fraudulent act to defraud of duty,— £20. (16 
aadl7 Vict. c. 59, §3, 4, and5.) 

Resignation. — Principal or original instrament 
of resignation, or service, or cognition of heirs, 
or charter, or sasine of any houses, lands, or 
other heritable subjects holding burgage; also 
instrument of resignation of lands, &c. not held 
burgage,— 5s. Progressive duty,— 5s. 

Sasine.— Instrument of sasine given on any 
charter, precept of dare constat, or precept 
liom Chancery, or on any wadset, heritable 
bond, disposition, apprising, adjudication of 
any heritable subjects not of burgage tenure, — 
5s. Progressive duty, — 5s. 

Schedule or Inventory of heritage or mov- 
ables, or containing the terms of any proposed 
sale, lease, &c., or regulations for the cultiva- 
tion and management of any farm, Sec. sepa- 
rate from and referred to in lease, bond, deed, 
agreement, &c., chargeable with any stamp- 
duty not exceeding 10s. — the same duty as 
shall be chargeable on such lease, bond, agree- 
ment, &c., and where referred to in such, 
chargeable with a duty exceeding 10s., — lOs. 
Progressive duty, — lOs. 

Scrip Certificate, after -tth August 1853, that 
is to say, any document denoting or intended to 
denote the right or title of the holder tliereof, 
or any person to any share or shares in any 
joint-stock or other company, or proposed or 
intended company, or any certilicate declaring 
or entitling the holder thereof, or any person, to 

' be or become the proprietor of any share or 
shares of or in any such company, where such 
certificate, or the right or title to such share or 
shares shall be, or be intended to be, transfer- 
able by the delivery of sucli certificate, or other- 
wise than by deed or instrument in writing, — 
Id. (16 and 17 Vict. c. 63). 

Settlement. — Any deed or instrument, whether 
voluntary or gratuitous, or upon any considera- 
tion other tlian a bona, fide pecuniary con- 
sideration, whereby any dejinite and certain 
principal sum or sums of money, or any dejinite 
and certain shai-es in any stocks or funds, shall 
be settled or agreed to be settled upon or for 
the benefit of any person or persons, either in 
possession or reversion, either absolutely, or for 
life or other partial interest, or in any other 
manner whatsoever, — if such sum or sums, or 
the value of such share or shares, together, shall 
not exceed in the whole £100, — 5s. 

And if the same sliall exceed £100, then for every 
£100, and fractional part of £100,— 5s. 

All such deeds which contain any settlement of 
lands or other property, or any other thing 
besides the settlement of such money or stock, 
.shall be chargeable with such further duty as 
any separate deed containing such settlement of 
lands or other property, or other thing, would 
have been chargeable with, exclusive of the pro- 
gi'essive duty. 

And where there is more than one such deed 
chargeable vi-ith any such duty exceeding 
£1, los., one of them only shall be charged 
■witli the ad valorem duty ; and also where any 
settlement shall be made in pursuance of any 
previous articles chargeable with and which 
shall have paid any such duty exceeding £1, 15s., 

it is not chargeable with the ad ludorein duty ; 
and the deeds not chargeable with the ad va- 
lorem duty shall be charged with the duty to 
which they are liable under any more general 
description in the stamp schedules ; and on the 
whole being produced, duly executed and 
stamped, the latter shall also be stamped with 
a particular stamp for denoting the payment of 
the said ad valorem duty. 

Exemption from this ad valorem dntn. — WilN, 
testaments, and testamentary instrument'^, and 
dispositions mortis causa. 

Writ of Acknowledgment by any person iti- 
feft of lands in Scotland, in favour of the heir 
or disponee, of a creditor fully vested in riglii 
of an heritable security constituted by infeft- 
ment,— 10s. (16 and 17 Vict. c. 63, § 6.) 

Inventory Duty. 

The duty is imposed on the inventory of the i>er- 
sonal estate and effects of deceased persons, re- 
quired to be recorded in the Commissary Courts 
according to the rates in the following table, 
and is regulated by the amount of such estate 
in Scotland. The same rates of duty are pay- 
able on probates and letters of administration in 
respect of tlie personal property situated in 
England and Ireland. 




Amount of Deceased's 


Amount of Deceased's 


Personal Estate. 

Personal Estate. 











( 100 



f 60 






























































90 1 









^ , 







150 ' 





• 6,000 






















270 I 






300 1 






330 1 






























600 '< 















675 ; 

L 40,000 




easing progressively to £1,00 



The inventory-duty is paid on the whole personal 
property in Scotland, and probate and adminis- 
tration duty on the whole personal property 
situated in England and Ireland, without de- 
duction of debts ; but the Act 5 and 6 Vict. c. 
79, § 23, provides for a return being given 
on proof of the constitution and payment of 
the debts. This repayment must be claimed 
within three years ; but the time will be pro- 
longed on application to the Board of Inland 
Revenue. If there be any omission in the in- 



ventory iuferring payment of furtlier duty, an 
additional inventory of such is required to be 
exhibited, by 48 Geo. Ill, c. 149, § 38 ; and 
§40 provides that the same shall also specify the 
amount or value of the estate and effects of the 
same person comprised in the former inventory. 
By 16 and 17 Vict. c. 59, § 8, such additional 
inventory shall be chargeable only with such 
amount of stamp duty as, together with the 
stamp duty charged upon the former duly 
stamped inventory of the estate and effects of 
the same deceased person, shall make up the 
full amount of stamp duty, in respect of the 
total amount of all the estate and effects of 
the deceased specified in the said additional and 
any such former inventory. If the estate be 
over-estimated, or something improperly in- 
cluded, in the inventory, an inventory on a 
stamp corresponding to the value must be ex- 
hibited, and the original stamp will be allowed 
on affidavit as a spoiled stamp. 


On Legacies, Residues, §-c. 

To Children or their descendants, or lineal """^ i"' "• 

ancestors, £10 

Brother or sister, or descendant, . 3 
Uncle or aunt, or their descendants, 5 

Grand uncle or aunt, or their descendants, 6 
All other relations or strangers, . 10 
The husband or wife of tlie deceased is not 
chargeable with duty. If the legatee's hus- 
band or wife is of nearer consanguinity than 
the legatee, duty is payable according to such 
nearer relationship. (16 and 17 Vict. c. 51, 


This duty is payable for every legacy out of the 
personal or moveable estate, or out of or charged 
upon the real or heritable estate of the deceased, 
or out of any moneys to arise by tlie sale, mort- 
gage, or other disposition of the deceased's real 
or herhable estate, or any part thereof: Also 
for the clear residue (^after deducting debts, 
funeral expenses, legacies, and other charges 
fii-st payable thereout) of the personal or move- 
able estate, whether the title to sucli residue 
shall accrue by virtue of any testamentaiy dis- 
position, or upon a partial or total intestacy : 
And also for the clear residue of the moneys to 
arise from the sale, mortgage, or other disposi- 
tion of any real or heritable estate, directed to 
be sold, mortgaged, or otherwise disposed of by 
any will or testamentary instrument. 

Annuities are valued for legacy duty according to 
tables annexed to the Succession Duty Act. 

Duty is not exigible on legacies or residues under 

£20 ; but if a legatee take two or more legacif 
under any testament, which shall togetlicr br 
of the amount of £20, each shall be charge 1 
with duty, though each or either may be separ- 
ately under that amount. 

N.B. — Priutt'd forms and regulations regarding all 
the succession-duties will be obtained gratis, on 
application at the Inland Revenue Office, Edin- 
burgh ; and at the offices of the distributors of 
stamps m tlie country. 

Succession Duty.— The duty commences on tlie 
death of persons dying after the 19th May 1853, 
and seems to be imposed on all property, both 
heritable and moveable, passing by death, not 
liable to the duty on legacies and successions to 
personal estate upon intestacy — the duty im- 
posed by the Legacy Duty Acts. The duty on 
heritable ])roperty is charged on the annual 
value, after allowance of the necessary out- 
gomgs (§ 22), as an annuity for the life of the 
successor (§ 21), which is to be valued by tables 
annexed to the act. 

Personal Property is liable to duty according 
to the value of the succession ; and money 
charged on heritage — heritable securities — is 
chargeable as personalty (§1.) 

Rates of Succession Duty. 

Lineal issue or lineal ancestor of the predecessor, 
— £1 per cent. 

Brothers and sisters of the predecessor and their 
descendants, — £3 per cent. 

Brothers and sisters of the father or mother of the 
predecessor and then- descendants, — £5 per cent. 

Brothers and sisters of a grandfather or grand- 
mother of the predecessor and their descendants, 
— £6 per cent. 

Any other person, — £10 per cent. 

The husband or wife of the predecessor is not 
chargeable with duty (§ 18), and if the suc- 
cessor's husband or wife shall be of nearer con- 
sanguinity than the successor, duty is payable 
according to such nearer relationship (§ 11.) 

The following are also exemptions from the suc- 
cession duty : — 

1. Successions from the same predecessor, passing 
on any death, not amounting in principal value 
to £100 (§ 18). 2. Any succession of less value 
than £20 in the whole (ib.) 3. Legacies and 
personal property charged Avith legacy duty, iu 
respect of the same acquisition (ib.) 

Note. — The collection of the succession duty -svill 
form a branch of the legacy-duty business of the 
Inland Revenue. Fonns of the accounts may 
be obtained at the Legacy Duty Office, Edin- 
burgh, and at the offices of the distributors of 
stamps in the country. 


Parties who may purchase stajnps (except receipt 
stamps, labels for medicines, newspapers, and 
postage stamps) at London, Edinburgh, or 
Dublin, under the value of £10 each, but to the 
value of £30 or upwards in the whole, are 
allowed discount at the rate of 30s. per cent. — 
12 and 13 Vict. c. 80 : and any person who 
pitrchases at the stamp offices of London, Edin- 

burgh, or Dublin, stamps for receipts to the 
amount of £5 or upwards, or of any aistribntor 
or sub-distributor not within ten miles fi-om 
said respective offices, to the amount of £1 or 
upwards, shall receive an allowance at the rate 
of £7, 10s. percent. — no allowance for a fraction 
of a pound.— 13 and 14 Vict. c. 97, § 18. 




The solicitors office, No. 5 in tlic Inland Picvenue 
Office, is open for the allowance of spoiled 
stamps every Tuesday and Thursday, from 
twelve noon to 2 p.m. The distributors of 
stamps at the following places also receive 
spoiled stamps for allowance : Aberdeen, Ayr, 
Banff, Cupar-Fife, Dumfries, Dundee, Elgin, 
Glasgow, Greenock, Inverness, and Perth. 

A supply of forms of affidavits is kept by the 
solicitor and the above distributors, and 
claimants may attend at the solicitor's office, and 
have the affidavits filled up and taken ; or they 
may get copies of the forms, and take the oath 
before a Justice of the Peace,and afterwards lodge 
the affidavits and the stamps with any of the 
above officers. If the claim be admitted, a 
ticket is issued, stating that application is to be 
made for the new stamps after Thursday se'en- 
night, and within six weeks from the date of the 
ticket. If not made within that time the claim 
will be forfeited. 

The stamps, if belonging to parties resident in 
Edinburgh, or within ten miles thereof, must be 
presented for allowance within six months after 
being signed in the case of executed instruments, 
and six months after being spoiled in the case of 
unexecuted instruments. If beyond that dis- 
tance, six months in the former, and twelve 
months iii the latter case. 

Bills or notes delivered to payees, or negotiated or 
issued in any way, and bills accepted or ten- 
dered for acceptance, cannot be exchanged, 
imless a new bill be produced, in all respects 
the same, excepting the correction of the error. 

As to the exchange of sea policies of insurance, 
see 54: Geo. III. cap. 133. 

Unsigned instruments are allowed, if inadvertently 
spoiled. Signed, if void in law from the 
beginning ; from error or mistake, unfit for the 
purpose originally intended ; from death or 
reiiisal to sign, of any person whose signature 
is necessary ; from the want of the signature of 
some material and necessary party ; from refusal 
to act under, or from non-acceptance — they 
shall be unfit for or fail of the purpose intended ; 
or if the transaction be carried through by 
another instrument duly stamped. — See .53 Geo. 
III. cap. 108. In the case of transfers of stock 
signed by the seller alone, and other instruments 
if by one party, new deeds require to be pro- 
duced to the proper officer of stamps, who, as to 
transfers, is instructed to certify in what parti- 
culars they diff^er from those spoiled. 

Stamps of a different description may be obtained 
for any stamp spoiled if it be of the value of £G 
or upwards. Application for this purpose to 
the commissioners of Inland Revenue should be 
lodged with the affidavit. The commissioners, " 
by 3d and 4th Will. IV. cap. 97, sec. 19, may, 
if in their discretion they think fit, refund, in 
money, the amount of spoiled stamps. They are 
also authorized to repay the amount of stamps 
for which the possessor has no immediate use, 
if applied for within three months after being 
purchased. In both cases is deducted the per 
centage allowed by law on the purchase of 


Beyond Ticelve Months.— Iha duty, or deficiency 
of duty, shall be due and payable to her Majesty, 
and also the penalty of £10. The deed will only 
be stamped on payment of the whole or (as the 
case may be) the deficiency of the stamp duty 
remaining payable on it, over and above such 
duty, a penalty of £10; and if the whole 
amount of said duty or deficiency shall exceed 
£10, then, in addition to said duty and penalty, 
there shall be paid, by way of additional 
penalty, interest on the duty or deficiency at the 
rate of 5 per cent, from the date or first signing 
of the deed ; but such interest shall not exceed 
the amount of the said duty or deficiency of duty. 

Within Ticelve Months.— U the deed shall be 
brought to the Commissioners of Inland Reve- 
nue within twelve months after the first signing 
or executing, in order to be stamped, it may be 
stamped without payment of the penalty, or on 
payment only of a portion thereof, provided it 
shall be proved to the satisfaction of the Com- 
missioners that the deed was not duly stamped 
previously to being signed, by reason of acci- 
dent, mistake, inadvertency, or urgent necessity, 
and without any wilful design to evade or delay 
the payment of duty.— 13 and 14 Vict. c. 97, 
sect. 12. 

Abroad. — If the deed shall be executed by any 
party abroad, it may be stamped without any 
penalty, if brought to be so within two calendar 
months from the time of being received in the 
kingdom, upon proof of the facts to the satis- 
faction of the Commissioners. — 13 and 14 Vict 
c. 97, § 13. 

N.B. — Instruments are received at the Solicitor's 
Office, Inland Revenue, Waterloo Place, Edin- 
burgh, and transmitted to London to be stamped, 
if within sixty days of the first date, on pay- 
ment of the duty ; if beyond that date, on 
payment of the duty and penalty. Parties, on 
applying, will be furnished with a Schedule, and 
after being filled up, it is to be presented, along 
with the instrument, at the Solicitor's Office, No. 
5, Inland Revenue, between 10 and 12 o'clock, 
on Mondays and Wednesdays only. The amount 
of duty wished to be impressed on the. instrument 
is to be inserted by the appUcant before being 
presented at the Solicitor's Office ; and after- 
wards he pays it, and the penalty, if any, to 
the Cashier, No. 3, Lobby. The instrument 
will be returned through the Warehouse-keeper, 
No. 2, Lobby, and it must be called for after 
eight days, and within twenty-one days from 
the date of its being lodged. 




The opinion of the Commissioners of Inland 
Eevenue as to the duty to which a deed, whether 
previously stamped or otherwise, is chargeable, 
may be obtained on the deed being presented at 
their ofiice (London) and a fee of 10s. paid. 
Tiie duty or insufHcient duty -which tiie Com- 
missioners may assess, and the penalty, if any, 
being paid, they shall stamp the deed with tlie 
duly so paid, and thereupon, and also in the 
case of tlie deed being previously sufficiently 
stamped, shall also impress the deed with a 
particulai" stamp to be provided for tlie purpose. 
The deed shall then be received in evidence not- 
withstanding imy objection to it as insufficiently 
.stamped. The provision does not apply to 
bonds or mortgages for unlimited amounts, nor 
instruments after being signed, prohibited from 
being stamped. The opinion of tiie Commis- 
sioners may be appealed against to the Court of 
Exchequer at Westminster, on the stamp duties 
assessed being paid, and 40s. for costs being 
deposited. (13 and 1-i Vict. c. 07, § 14 and 15). . 
Tlie Commissioners may also adjudge on deeds \ 
not liable to any stamp duty ; and if any duty i 
is assessed the party mav appeal. (IC aud 17 
Vict. c. 50, § 13). 

N.B. — Instruments are received for adjudication at 
the Solicitor's Office, Inland Revenue, Edin- 
burgh, on the same conditions as to duty and 
penalty as instruments to be stamped merely 
(see above). The mode of proceeding is as 
follows : — The sum of leu shillinris fur the 
adjudication stamp is first to be paid to tiie 
Ciishier, No. 3, Lobby. Tlien tiie schedule (the 
duty to be impressed of course not being inserted 
in tlie scliedule), the instrument after exLcution, 
and a full copy (written on foolscap paper) of 
it, are to be left at tlie Solicitor's Otiice, No. 5, 
on Mondays and Wednesdays, between 10 and 
12 o'clock 0/^?^. Bet\vcen 10 and 12 o'clock on 
the Thursday following, a party, who can give 
explanation, must call on the chief clerk of the 
Solicitor's Department, No. 6 ; aud he should be 
prepared to pay the proper duty, and i)eiialty, if 
any, to the Cashier, No. 3, Lobby. 

It is desired that there may be appended to tlie 
copy of tlie instrument, a table giving tlie sab- 
stance (particularly dates and sums), of its 
clauses and provisions, and a reference to the 
page of the copy on which each commences. 


Duplicates or counterparts of instniments requiring 
to be impressed with the denoting stamp to ren- 
der them valid, may be lodged at the Solicitor's 
Office, No. 5, Inland Revenue, Edinbm-gh, be- 
tween 10 and 12 o'clock on Mondays and Wed- 
nesdays only. A transmission of them is made 
once a-week to the Head Office. The principal 

instrument, as well ;ls the duplicate, must be 
lodged, and both must appear to be properly 
stamped, otherwise they will not be transmitted. 
Mem. — The revenue takes no risk of loss or in- 
jury connected with the custody or carriage of 
the instruments received and trausmitted to be 


Armokial Bearings. £ s. 

rer.=ons using armorial bearings, and 
keeuing a carriage taxed at the rate 

of £3, 10s 2 12 

Not keeping such cai'riage 13 


Carriage with four wheels, di-awn by two 
or more horses or mules 3 10 

Do. drawn by one horse or mule 2 

Carriage with four wheels, each of less 
diameter than thirty inches, and drawn 
by two or more ponies or mules not 
exceeding thirteen hands in height.... 1 1.') 

Do. drawn by one such pony or mule.... 1 

Carriage with less than four wheels, 
drawn by two or more horses or mules 2 

Do. drawn by one horse or mule 15 

Do. drawn by one pony or mule not ex- 
ceeding thirteen hands in height 10 

Carriages kept solely for being let to hire, 
one-half the above duties respectively. 
Carriage with four wheels, used by a 
common carrier chiefly for the car- 
riage of goods 2 6 8 

Do. with less than four wheels 16 8 

Exemptions. — Licensed hackney aud stage car- 
riages. Carriage kept for being let to hire with 
a horse or horses by a person licensed to let 
horses for hire. Waggon, van, or cart used 
solely in trade or husbandry, on which the 
name, surname, and place of abode of the owner 
is legibly painted, and which on no occasion i- 
used for any purpose of pleasure, except for 
conveying the owner or his family to or from 

Dogs. — For every dog XO 12 

JIaximum charge for any number of 

hounds 39 12 



Do. of greyhounds 9 

Exemptions. — Any dog kept wholly for the care 
of sheep or cattle, if not a greyhound, hound, 
pointer, setting dog, spaniel, lurcher, or terrier ; 
also dogs under six months old. 

Game Certificates. 

Upon every person who shall use auy dog, gun, 
net, or other engine, for the purpose of taking 
or killing any game whatever, or shall take or 
kill, or assist in so doing, any game by virtue 
of auj' appointment duly registered as game- 
keeper : £ s. d. 

If such person shall be servant to any 
person charged with duty in respect of 
such servant 17 6 

And if such person shall not be a ser- 
vant as above 4 10 

For every other person using any dog or 
killing game, &c 4 10 

Any person giving at present a right to kill hares 
in Scotland, may do so himself, or by any per- 
son permitted by writing under his hand, upon 
his own land, without payment of the annual 
duty for a Game Certificate. 

Hairpovvder, persons using £1 3 6 


Race-horses, each 3 17 

Horses exceeding the height of thirteen 
hands, for riding or drawing carriages, 
each 110 

If one only used, by a farmer or a bailifl^, 
shepherd, herdsman, clergyman, phy- 
sician, surgeon, or apothecary 10 6 

If not used for riding or drawing car- 
riages, but kept for trade 10 6 

Pony or mule, not exceeding thirteen 
hands, for riding or drawing any car- 
riage 10 6 

If not used for riding or drawing any 

caniago 5 3 

Exemptions. — Horses used solely for the purposes 
of husbandry or by market-gardeners in their 
business, and mares kept solely for breeding. 

Any horse used truly for the purpose of husbandry, 
or of drawing any carriage not chargeable with 
duty, or of carrying burdens in the course of 
the owner's trade or occupation, and which may 
be ridden to or from the place where the load 
or burden is to be taken up or deposited, or for 
procuring medical assistance. 

Horses used in drawing licensed stage carriages. 

Horses kept solely to be let for hire by licensed 

Horses kept solely for drawing licensed hackney 

Horses kept for sale by assessed horse dealers, and 
not otherwise used. 

Persons keeping horses or mules bond fide for the 
purpose of husbandry, and .occasionally using 
tiiem for drawing burdens, not chargeable with 
♦Jio duty of 10s, Gd for more than two of such 

horses or mules kept on any one farm, or any 
one parish or place, provided such horses or 
mules are not employed in any purpose of trade, 
or in drawing for hire, or in drawing any car- 
riage chargeable with duty. 
Farm-horses or mules occasionally used for draw- 
ing burdens, or let for drawing, for hire or pro- 
fit, if not used for drawing any carriage charge- 
able with duty. 
Horsedealers.— Every person exercising the 

business £13 IS 

Exemptions. — Persons who sell only horses bred 
by themselves, or kept as ftirming-stock at least 
three months. 
House Duty. 

On each inhabited dwelling-house of the annual 
value of £20 or upwards, occupied as a farm 
house by a tenant or fann-servant, or in which 
articles are exposed for sale, a duty of 6d. per 
pound ; all others, — 9d. 
Male Servants. 

For each male servant, eighteen years or upwards, 
in the capacity of maitre d'hotel, house-steward, 
master of the horse, groom of the chamber, 
valet de chambre, butler, under-butler, clerk of 
the kitchen, confectioner, cook, house-porter, 
footman, running-footman, coachman, groom, 
postilion, stable-boy, or helper in the stables 
of the master, gardener, park-keeper, game- 
keeper, Inmtsman, or whipper-in £1 1 

Under eighteen years 10 G 

Under-gardener , 10 C 

Under-gamekeeper 10 6 

N.B. — The above duties are payable for every 
male employed as above, and not being a servant 
to his employer, if the employer shaU otherwise 
be chargeable with the foregoing duties on a ser- 
vant or carriage, or for more than one horse. 
Tavern-waiters above eighteen years 

of age £1 1 

Under eighteen 10 

Exemptions. — Any male servant under the age of 
twenty-one, being the son or grandson of the 
employer, and a member of his household. 
JIale servant employed by any licensed victualler 
to carry out liquor to customers, although 
occasionally required to wait on guests, pro- 
vided one only is kept. 
Male servant employed as an hostler or helper in 

the stables of any licensed innkeeper. 
Male servant employed as groom or stable-boy by 
any livery stable-keeper, horse dealer, or person 
licensed to let horses for hire, or to keep and use 
any stage or hackney carriage ; also male 
servant employed by such licensed person to 
drive any licensed st/ige or hackney carriage, or 
carriage and hoise let to hire for less than 
twenty-eight days. 
Male servant employed by stable-keeper for taking 
care and training a race-horse. 





Aebet, foot of Canoiigate 

Abbey hill. Spring Gardens to 

Abbey hill house, Norton place 
Abbey mount, Abbey hill 
Abercom place, Jock's lodge 
Abercromby place, foot Duke st. 
Adam square, South bridge 
Adam street, Roxbui-gh place 
*Adelphi place, Links 
*Admiralty street, Couper street 
Advocates' close, 357 High street 
Ainslie place, Great Stuart street 
Aird's close, 1-35 Grassmarket 
Aitchison's close, 58 West port 
Albany street, foot of Duke street 
* Albany street, North Fort street 
Albany Cottage, York laue 
Albert place, India place 
Albyn place, west end of Queen st. 
Alder bank, Jock's lodge 
Alison's close, 34 Cowgate 
Alison's place, foot of Leith walk 
Alison's Square, Potterrow 
Allan street, Stockbridge 
Allan's close, 269 High street 
Allan's close, 79 Grassmarket 
Allan's court, 269 High street 
*Allanfield, Queensferry road 
Alva St., Charlotte pi. to Wm. st. 
Amphion cottage, Trinity 
Amphion place, N. B. Canongate 
Anchor close, 243 High street 
Anchorfield, Newhaven 
Anderson's place, foot Leith walk 
Anderson's close, 14 Cowgate 
Annandale st., head of Leith v>'alk 
Ann street, St Bernard's 
Annfield, Newhaven 
Antigua street, Union place 
Archer's hall, Buccleuch street 
Archibald place, Lauriston 
Argyle square. North College st. 
Argyle place, Meadows 
Arniston place, Newington 
Arthur street and places, Pleasanee 
Arthur lodge, Dalkeith road 
Ashley buildings, entry from 15 

High street 
"Assembly st. east end Bernard st. 
Athelstane cottage. Ferry road 
AthoU crescent, bv Maitland street 

AthoU place, Atholl crescent 

Bailie Fyfe's close, 101 High street 
Bailie's court, 50 Cowgate 
Baiufield, Fountaiobridge 

Baird's close, 135 West port 
Bakehouse clorjc, 1 iG Cauongate | 
Baker's place, n. w. Circus place 
Ballantyne's close, 7 Grassmarket ' 
*Baltic street, ea^t cud Bernard st. 
Bangholm, Queensferry road 
Bangholm bower, near Trinity 
Bauk street, Lawnmarket 
Bank street, North, Mound place 
*Bank street, Bernard street 
"■'Bank pi. and ho., Queensferry rd. 

*Barm close, 15 Coalhill 
Baron Grant's close, 15 High st. 
Barony street, foot of Broughton st. 
Barringer's close, 91 High street 
■"Bathfield, near Leith fort 
"■'Bath street, James' place 
Baxter's close, 469 La-mimarket 
Baxter's place, head of Leith walk 
Beattie's close, 84 Grassmarket 
Beaumont place, head of Pleasanee 
Beaumont cottage, do. 
Beaver hall, Canonmills 
Bedford street, top of Dean street 
Beggrie's entry, 69 St Leonard st. 
Belleville, Dalkeith road 
Belle-vue crescent, Mansfield place 
Bellevue terrace, E. Claremont st. 
Bellevue cottage, Trinity 
Bellevue cottage. Ferry road 
Bellfield, Trmity 
Bell's close, 272 Canongate 
*Bell's court, 25 Constitution st. 
Bell's entry, 17 St Leonard street 
Bell's Mills, near Sunbury 
Bell's ■wyTid, 146 High street 
■^Bernard st., Baltic st. to Shore 
"Binnie's close, 36 Giles' street 
Bishop's close, 129 High street 
Blaeket place, Minto street 
Blackfriars' wynd, 96 High street, 

and 236 Cowgate 
Blackford, Canaan 
Blair's close, CastlehUl 
Blah' street, from Hunter square 

Blanfield house, Broughton road 
Blanfield row, Canonmills 
Bleek cottage, Granton road 
Blenheim place, Baxter place 
Bloom row, Canaan 
BIyth's close, 517 Castlehill 
Boghall, Boroughmuirhead 
Bennington park, Bonnington 
Bennington road, Claremont cres. 

to Newhaven 
Bonnington bank, Queensferry rd. 
Bonnington brae, Bonnington 
Bonnington place, Bonnington 
■^'Bonnington bank, Bonnington rd. 
^Bonnington row, w. end Yardhds. 
Bonnington lodge. Ferry road 
Bonnington mount, do. 
Borough loch. Archers' hall 
Boroughmuirhead, Bruntsfield pi. 
Borthwick's close, 190 High street 
Boswell's court, 392 Castlehill 
Boswell road, Granton road 
Botanic gardens, Inverleith row 
Bow bridge, Boroughmuirhead 
"Bowerhall, Bonnington road 
■^Bowie's close, 27 Queen street 
■^"Bowling-green street 
Boyd's entry, St Mary's wynd 
Braid, Boroughmuirhead 
Brand place, Abbey hill 
Brandfield place, Fountainbridge 
Brandon street, Henderson row- 
Bread street, Port-Hopetoun 
*Brickfield, Eestalrig road 
'^Brickwork close, 104 Kirkgate 
Bridge place, Bonnington bridge 
^Bridge street, Upper Dra'vrbridge 
Brighton street, Lothian street 
Bristo port, Candlemaker row 
Bristo street. Chapel street 
"Broad ■wynd, Shore 
Brodie's close, 304 Lawnmarket 
Bro-nn's close, 79 Canongate 
Bro^wn's close, 385 La-wnmarket 
Brown's court-, 125 Canongate 
Brown's court, 396 Castlehill 
Bro^wn's court, 27 Crosscausey 
Brown's entry, foot of Leith walk 
Brown's place, Vennel 
■^BroinTi's place. Junction road 
Brown street, 134 Pleasanee 
Brown street lane, Brcwn street 



Brown's square, Argyle square 
Bronghton markets, Broughton st. 
Broughtou street, Catharine street 
Broughton place, Broughton street 
Broughton lane, 33 Broughton st. 
Broughton park house, Claremont 

street, east 
Broughton hall, Claremont cres. 
Broughton point, Powderhall 
Brunswick street. Hillside cres. 
Brunswick street, Clarence street 
*Brunton's close, 70 Tolbooth wd. 
Brunton place, G. London road 
Bruntsfield ho., Bruntsfield links 
Bruntsfield links, Wright's houses 
Bruntsfield place, Bruntsfield links 
Buccleuch place, George square 
Buccleuch pend, St Patrick square 
Buccleuch street, Buccleuch place 
Buchanan's court, 300 Lawumarket 
Buchanan's close, 283 Cowgate 
Buckstane, Boroughmuirhead 
Bull's close, 181 High street 
Bull's close, 307 Cowgate 
Bull's close, 106 Canongate 
'■"Burgess cl., Shore and Water lane 
'^Burns' sti'eet, Lochend road 
Burnet's close, 156 High street 
Byer's close, 373 High street 

■•'Cable wynd, 51 Giles' street 
Caldwell lane, St Ann's yards 
Callender h. and entry, 67 Canong. 
Calton street, Leith street 
Caltonhill, from Calton street 
Calton place, Calton street, south 
Calton, low, from Leith wynd 
Cameron house, Dalkeith road 
Campbell's close, 87 Canongate 
Campbell's cl., east, 137 Cowgate 
Campbell's cl., west, 109 Cowgate 
Campbell's entry, 145 Cowgate 
Canaan, Grange 1. to Morningside 
Canal basin, Port-Hopetoun 
Canal street, below N. bridge, west 
Candlemaker row, Cowgate head 
Canning place, Causeyside 
*Cannon st., east side Leith Fort 
Canongate, Abbey to Netherbow 
Canongate, north back of^ Water- 
gate to Low Calton 
Canoiigate, south back of, Cowgate 
Canonmills, no. of Bellevue cres. 
Canon street, CanonmiUs 
Cant's close, 108 High street 
Carfrae's entry, 112 Canongate 
Cargillfield, Trinity 
Carlton street, St Bernard's 
Carlton TeiTace, Regent terrace 
Carnegie street, 160 Pleasance 
Carrubber's close, 135 High street 
Carmbber's court, Carrubber's cl. 
Cassell's place, foot Leith walk 
Oastlebank, King's stables 
'Vastle bank, Merchiston 
Castlebarns, Port-Hopetoun 
Castlehill, Lawnmarket to Castle 
Castle terrace, St Cuthbert's glebe 
Castle street, 117 Princes, street to 

Queen street 
Castle wynd, 46 Grassmarket 
Catharine bank, Bonnington road 
Catharine street, Leith street 
Catholic chapel lane, Broughton st. 
Causeyside, Summerhall 
Chalmers' close, 81 High street 

Chance Lot, Queensferry road 
Chapel court, foot Trunk close 
Chapel street, west Nicolson street 
Cliapel wynd, 51 West port 
*Chapel lane, 18 Quality street 
Charles street, George square 
Charlotte square, George st, west 
Chavlottest., south, Princesst.west 
Charlotte place, Queensferry st. 
■^''Charlotte street, foot of Kirkgate 
*Charlotte lane, 58 Charlotte st. 
Cherry bank, Bonnington road 
Chessel's court, 240 Canongate 
Cheyne street, Stockbridge 
Christian bank. Trinity pier 
Christie's entry, 75 St Leonard st. 
Church hill, Morningside 
Church lane, Heriot row 
Church street. Spring Gardens, 

India place 
Circus Royal, foot Howe street 
Cii'cus place, east Royal circus 
Circus place, west Royal circus 
*Citadel, so. side of new Wet Dock 
"Citadel st., Citadel to Couper st. 
Claremont st., east Claremont cres. 
Claremont cres., Broughton road 
Claremont St., w. Saxe-Coburg pi. 
Claremont place, Clarence street 
Clarence street, Brunswick street 
Clarendon crescent. Dean bridge 
*Claremont cottage, Claremont pk. 
^Claremont park, e.side Leith links 
Clarkeville, Grange road 
Clearburn, by Prestonfield 
Clerk street, St Patrick square 
Clerk's mUls, CanonmiUs 
Clermistone house, Corstorphine 
Clifton lodge, Boswell rd.. Trinity 
Clifton Bank, Grange Road 
Clyde street, north St Andrew st. 
*Coalhill, Tolbooth wynd, to She- 
riff brae 
Coates place, west of Manor place 
Coates, east, Melville street 
Coates, south, by Maitland street 
Coates, west, by Maitland street 
Coates crescent, by Shandwick pi. 
Coates hall, west Maitland street 
*Coatfield lane, 14 Kirkgate 
*Coburg st.,&c., n. end Bridge st. 
Clock Mill, King's park 
Cockburn Ibank, Bonnington place 
College, South Bridge 
College street, north, Adam sq. 
College street, south, Nicolson st. 
College street, west, from Horse 

wynd to Potterrow 
College wynd, north College street 

and 205 Cowgate 
Coltbridge, Corstorphine road 
Coltbridge road, Whitehouse toll 
Comely gardens. Abbey hill 
Comely bank, Stockbridge 
Comely green, Norton place, east 
Commercial bank el., 142 High st. 
Commercial court, 247 Cowgate 
^Commercial place, north end 

Sandport street 
'■'Constitution court, 33 Constitu- 
tion street 
■^Constitution street, Bernard st. 
Conn's close, 162 Cowgate 
Cooper's entry, 130 Canongate 
Corunna place, Bonnington road 
Coull's close, 315 Canongate 

■*(;ouper street, Coburg street 
Cowan's close, 43 Crosscausey 
Cowan's close, 95 Cowgate 
Cowan's close, 28 Tolbooth wynd 
Cowgate, Grassm. to St Mary's w. 
Cowie's close, 107 Grassmarket 
Covenant close, 162 High .street 
Craig's close, 265 High street 
Craigend, north back of Canongate 
Craighouse, Boroughmuirhead 
Craigie terrace, Dalkeith road 
Craigentinny house, Restalrig 
Craigleith cottage. Comely bank 
Craigleith quarry, Comely bank 
Craigside place, foot of Salisbury st. 
Craigside, foot of Salisbury street 
Crawford's close, 8 Grassmarket 
^Crawley court, 112 Kirkgate 
*Cromwell street, Coburg street 
Crichton street, George square 
Croft-an-righ, Abbey hill 
Crooked-dykes, 62 east Crosscausey 
Crosscausey, Chapel street 
Cro^wn street, foot of Leith walk 
Cumberland street, Duncan street 

to St Vincent street 
Cumming's close, 52 Canongate 
Currie's close, 94 Grassmarket 
Currie's court, 82 Abbey hill 

Dalkeith road, St Leonard street 
Dairy lane. Hay weights 
Dairy mills, by Coltbridge 
Dalrymple place, Carnegie street 
Danube street, St Bernard's 
■"'Darling's brae, 24 Giles' street 

and 28 Yardheads 
Darlings' buildings, Saunders' st. 
Darnaway street, Heriot row, west 
Darnley villa, Canaan lane 
Davie street, w. Richmond street 
Dean, by Water of Leith 
Dean-bank, Saxe-Coburg place 
Deanbank house, Saxe-Coburg pi. 
Dean park, by Bell's mills 
Dean street, Stockbridge 
Dean terrace, Stockbridge' 
Dean lodge, Saxe-Coburg place 
Deanhaugh street, Stockbridge 
Denholm Green, Trinity 
Deuchar street, Morningside 
Dewar close, 100 West bow 
Dewar close, 102 Grassmarket 
Dewar place, Tobago street 
Dick's place. Grange 
Dick's close, 195 Cowgate 
Dickson's close, 222 Cowgate and 

118 High street 
■^Dock gates, east end Wet Docks 
*Dock street, north end Bridge st. 
^Dock place. Commercial place 
Douglas court, Leith wynd 
Douglas lodge, Merchiston Park 
Douue Terrace, Gloucester place 
Downie place, Port-Hopetoun 
Drum, Easter road 
Drumdryan, Lochrin 
Drumdryan lane, Lochrin 
Drummond place, foot Dublin st. 
Drummond street, south Bridge to 

Drummond court, 6 Drummond st. 
Drumsheugh, MeWlle place 
Dublin street, foot of Duke street 
Duke street, York place 
*Duke street^ foot of Leith walk 



Dumbie-dykes, s. back Canongate 
Dunbar street, Earl Grey street 
Dunbar's close, 413 Lawumarket 
Dunbar's close, 137 Canongate 
Duncan street, Newiugton 
Duncan street, Drummond place 
Duncan's close, 35 Canongate 
Duncan house, Newington 
*Duncau's place. Links 
Dundas street, Abercrombie place 
Dunlop's court, 36 Grassmarket 
Dunlop's close, 45 Grassmarket 

*Eastfield, SeafielJ baths 

Easter road, Norton place to Leith 

Earl Grey street, Home street 
Echo bank, Grayfield toll 
Eden, Morningside 
EdgehiU, Dean park 
Edmonstine close, 112 West bow 
Egypt, Morningside 
*Elbe Street, north end of links 
Elder Street, James' square 
Elizafiold, Bennington 
*Ellen street, Albany street to 

London row 
Elm row, Leopold place 
Elphinstone court, south Gray's cl. 
Emiston, Bosewell road 
Erskine pi., Maitland st., east end 
Esplin's close, 39 Grassmarket 
Eton terrace, Dean bridge 
Exchange, Royal, 291 High street 
E\Te place, Brandon street 

Factory close, 33 Crosscausey 
Fairnington place, Stockbridge 
Falcon hall, Morningside 
Farquhai-son place,west Preston st. 
Perry road, east and west of In- 

ver leith row 
Fettes row. Royal crescent 
Fife place, Leith walk 
Fillyside, Leith 
Fingal place. Meadows 
Finlayson's close, 164 Canongate 
Fisher's close, 312 Lawnmarket 
Fisher's entry, 131 Cowgate 
Fishmarket, Canal street 
*Fishmarket, Riddle's close 
*Fleshmarket, 48 Tolbooth wynd 
Fleshmarket, Fleslimarket close 
Fleshmarket close, 199 High st. 
Forbes place, Beaumont place 
Forres street, Albyn place 
Forester's Wynd, 98 Cowgate 
Forrest road, Bristo port 
Forsyth's close, 57 Canongate 
*Fort street, north toll-bar, Hill- 

*Fort street, south, Queensferry 

Forth street, Broughton street 
Forthfield cottage, Trinity 
Foulis' close, north, 229 High st. 
Fountain close, 28 High street 
Fountainbridge, Mainpoint 
Fountain court, 81 Fountainbridge 
*Fox lane, Bath street 
*Foxe's lane, 71 St Andrew street 

and 63 Tolbooth 
Francis place, west Preston street 
Frederic street, 89 Princes street 

to Queen street 
*Frithtield, near the Baths 

FuUerton's close, 6 Abbey hill 

Gabriel's road, w. Register street 
Galloway's entry, 58 Canongate 
Galloway's close, 425 High street 
Gardner's crescent, Tobago street 
Gayfield square, Leith walk 
Gayfield street, east Broughton 
Gayfield place, Gayfield square 
Geddes's close, 223 Canongate 
General's entry, 58 Bristo street 

and 77 PotteiTow 
Gentle's close, 122 Canongate 
George place, Leith walk 
George square, Charles street 
George street, St Andrew square 

to Charlotte square 
*George street, west from the Fort 
Georgefield, Triuitj- 
George IV. bridge, Melbourne pi. 
Gibb s close, 250 Canongate 
Gibb's entry, 104 Nicolson street 
Gibraltar house, St Leonard's hill 
Gifford park, 72 Hope park end 
Gilchrist's lane, Grecnside row 
'^Giles' street, 102 Kirkgate 
Gillespie's Hospital, Wright's 

houses toll 
Gillespie street, Gilmour place 
Gilmour place, Lochrin 
Gilmour street, Paul's work 
Gilmour street, Simon square 
Gilmour's close, 99 Grassmarket ! 
Gladstone close, 20 Grassmarket i 
*Glover street, middle of Duke st. 
* Golf-house, Duke street 
Glanville pilace. Baker's pilace 
Glenfinlas street, Charlotte square 
Glenorchy place, Greenside row 
Gloucester place, India street 
Golden Acres, Inverleith row 
Gothic house. Trinity 
Gothic villa, foot of York road 
Goshen, Canaan 
Graham street, Lauriston 
Grange, Tollfield, Grange toll 
Grange, Causeyside 
Grange bridge, Boroughmuirhead 
Grange court, 68 Causeyside 
Grange loan, Causeyside 
Grange place, Causeyside 
Grange villa, 78 Causeyside 
Granton pier, Granton 
Grant's close, 85 West bow 
Grant's close, little, 5 Nether bow 
Grassmarket, West bow to Vennel 
Grayfield and Grayfield toll, Dal- 
keith road 
Gray street, south, upper Gray st. 
Gray street, upper, Salisbury pi. 
Gray's court, 95 Nicolson street 
Gray's close, north, 125 High st. 
Gray's close, south, 56 High street 

and 244 Cowgate 
Grecian cottage. Trinity 
Greenhill bank, Boroughmuirhead 
Greenhill, Bruntsfield links 
Greenhill garden, Bruntsfield links 
Greenside place, Greenside street 
Greenside street, Calton street 
Greenside lane, Baxter's place 
Greenside row, Nottingham place 
Greenside House, Hillside ores. 
Greig's close, 8 Abbey 
Greyfriars' pi. GeorM IV. bridge 
Grindlav's close, 97 West bow 

Grove street, Morrison street 
Grove place. Grove street 
Grove cottage, Grove street 
Grove house, 116 Fountainbridge 
Grove road. Grove street 
Gullan's close, 264 Canongate 

Haddington court, south back of 

Haddington's entry, 80 Canongate 
Haddington place, Annandale st. 
Haddon's court, 112 Nicolson st. 
Hailes' street, Gilmour pi. ic. ch. 
Halkerston's ^vynd, 163 High st. 
Hall's court, 230 Cowgate 
*Ham})urg place, Albany place 
Hamilton place, Mayfield loau 
Hamilton place. High riggs 
Hamilton place, Glanville place 
Hamilton's close, little, 67 Grassm. 
Hamilton's close, 61 Grassmarket 
Hamilton's court, 1.33 Fountainb. 
Hamilton's entry, 36 Bristo street 
Hamilton's Folly, 29 St Leonard st. 
Hammerman's close, 55 Cowgate 
Hanover street, 77 Princes streit 

to Queen street 
Hard well close, 193 Pleasanca 
Hart street. Forth street to 

Broughton place ■ 
Hastie's close, north College street 

and 225 Cowgate 
Hatter's court, 154 Pleasance 
Haugh street, Stockbridge 
'"Hawkfield, Restalrig road 
■"Hawkhill, near Lochend 
Hawthorn-bank, by Lynedoek \<\. 
Hawthorn-ville, Whalebrae 
Hay Lodge, Trinity 
Hay Weights, by west Maitland .=!r. 
Hay's court, Mainpoint 
Hay's street, Nicolson square 
Haymarket, Dairy lane 
Hebron bank, Canaan 
Helen cottage and pi., Morningsidi' 
Helen place, Leith mount 
Henderson's row, foot Pitt street 
Henry place, Henry street 
Henry street, St Leonard's 
Hercles street, foot Carnegie .'^t. 
Hermitage place, Stockbridge 
Hermitage, Lochend road 
Hermitage (upper), Restalrig road 
^Hermitage hill, Restalrig road 
*Hermitage park, Lochend road 
■^Hermitage place. Links 
Heron's court, 184 Cowgate 
Heriot bridge, Grassmarket 
Heriot court, Leith walk 
Heriot hill, by Canonmills 
Heriot's hospital, Lauristou 
Heriot mount, Carnegie street 
Heriot place, Lauriston 
Heriot cottage, Brandon street 
Heriot row, Abercromby place 
Heriot buildings, opposite C'r- 

chardfield place, Leith walk 
High riggs, Mainpoint to Tollcror-s 
High street, Castlehill to Nether- 

High School wynd, 387 Cowgate 
High School close, 387 Canongate 
High School yards. Surgeon square 
Hill place, Nicolson street 
Hill square. Hill place 
Hill street. Thistle st. to Youug st. 



Hillside crescent, great London rd. 
Hillhotisefield, s. Queensferry road 
Hodge's court, Blackfriars' wynd 
Holyrood street, Hercles street 
Holyrood liouse. Abbey 
Holly lodge, Trinity 
Holyrood street, south back Canon- 
Home street, Leven street 
Home's close, 28i Canongate 
Hope street, Princes street to 

Charlotte square 
Hope crescent, Annandale street 
Hope street, Cassels' place 
Hope street terrace. Junction 

Hope's court, 45 Higli street 
Hope park, back of Meadows 
Hope park end, Buccleucli street 
Horse wynd, foot of Canongate 
Horse wynd, 179 Cowgate to Col- 
lege street, west 
*Horse wynd, 73 Giles" street 
Howard place, Warriston crescent 
Mowe street, Heriot row 
/Hume's close, 101 Cowgate 
' Hunter's close, 129 Grassmarket 
Hunter square. South Bridge and 

High street 
Huntly street, Canonmills 
Hyndford's close, 50 High street 

India street, west Heriot row 
India place. Circus place 
*Industry lane, north Fort street 
Infirmary street, South bridge 
Inglis court, 17 West port 
Ingliston street, Adam street 
Innes's court, 93 Pleasance 
Inverforth, Laverock bank, Trinity 
Inverleithfield, Queensferry road 
Inverleith house, by Stockbridge 
Inverleith place, head of Inver- 
leith row 
Inverleith terrace, Inverleith row 
Ironside court, Monteith's close 
Ironside place, 69 Abbey hill 
Ivy lodge. Trinity 

Jack's closes, 225 and 233 Canong. 
Jackson's close, 209 High street 
Jamaica street, Howe street 
^Jamaica street, Ferry road 
James' court, 501 Lawnmarket 
*James lane, Bath street 
•^James' place, south end Bath 

Jamieson's close, 63 Grassmarket 
*Janefield place, Easter road 
Jessfield, Bonningtou road 
Jew's close, 44 Causeyside 
Jock's lodge, Musselburgh road 
John's place, 19 St Leonard street 
*John's lane, Charlotte street 
*John's place, west side Links 
Johnston's close, 332 Lawnmarket 
Johnstone's place, Raeburn place 
*Johnstone's street, Coburg street 
Jollie's close, 595 Castlehill 
Jordan place, Momingside 
Jordan bank, Momingside 
*Junction street. Great, south, 


Kay's court, 76 Crosscausey 
Keu" street, Graham street 

*Kemp's close, 15 Giles' street 
Kerr street, Glanville place 
Killiebrae, 26 West port 
Kincaid's court, 159 Cov,-gate 
King street, Little, James' street 
King street. Great, Drummond 

place to Royal circus 
*King's street, Yardlieads 
King's park. Abbey 
King's place, Leith walk 
King's stables, south back of Castle 
Kinloch's close, 149 High street 
Kinloeh's close, 259 Canongate 
Kinniburgh's close, 15 Grassm. 
Kirkbraehead house, west of 

Princes street 
*Kirkgate, Leith walk to Tolbooth 

Kitchin's court, 176 Cowgate 
Kyle place, Norton place 

Lady Lawson's wynd, Lauristou 
Ladyfield place, Tobago street 
Lady Stair's close, 447 Lawnmark. 
Lady wynd, 25 West port 
Lamb's close, 84 Crosscausey 
Lamond's close, 23 Grassmarket 
*Lapicide place, back of Leith Fort 
Larchfield villa, Easter road 
Larkfield, Queensferry road 
Laverock bank, Trinity 
Lauder park, 58 Causeyside 
Lauristou, Teviot row to ToUcross 
Lauriston terrace, Lauriston lane 
Lauristou lane, Lauriston 
Lauriston place, Lauriston 
Lauriston street, Lauriston to 

Lawnmarket, 381 High street to 

Law's court, 127 Nicolson street 
*Lawrie's close, 11 Yardheads 
*Laurie street, 53 Constitution 

Leather court, Boyd's entry 
Leggat's land, Stockbridge 
*Leith fort road, Leith to New- 
*Leith saw mills, west of Sheriflf- 

Leith street, Waterloo place to 

Calton street 
Leith street terrace. East Register 

Leith Walk, Elm row to Leith 
Leith wynd, head of Canongate 
Leith mount, Queensferry road 
Leopold place. Great London road 
Leslie place, Deanhaugh street 
Leven street, Lochrln 
Lilliput, Trinity 

Lindsay place, George IV. bi-idge 
*Links, east side of Leith 
*Links place, south-west corner of 

Livingston's close, 18 Crosscausey 
Lixmount, Trinity 
*Little Carron, Glassworks 
Lochend farm, near Restalrig 
Locbend's closes, 107 and 115 Ca- 
Lochrin, Home street 
Logan's close, 287 Canongate 
Logan's court, 83 north back of 

Logie-green, CanoamilLs 

London road. Great, head of Leith 

*Londcn row, Albany street 
London street, Drummond place 
Long close, 26 Pleasance 
Lord Russel place. East Scicnnes 

Lothian road. Princes street to 

Lothian street, College street 
Lovers' lane, Leith walk 
Lutton place, south Clerk street 
Lynedoch place, Melville place 
Lyon's close, 215 High street 

M'Connochie's close, 44 Cowgate 
M'Dowal street, foot of Leith wy. 
M'Kenzie place, west India place 
M'Laren place, Leith wynd 
Macneil's place, Leith walk 
*Madeira place, Madeira street 
*Madeira street, west end of 

Prince Regent street 
Magdalene Asylum, 181 Canongate 
Mainpoint, head of west port 
Maitland street, west end of Princes 

Maitland street, west from Atholl 

place to Haymarket 
Maitland street, Newhaven 
Maitland place, Newhaven 
Malloch's close, 73 Canongate 
Malta green, St Bernard's row 
Malta terrace, St Bernard's row 
Manor pi. , west of Goates crescent 
Mansfield place, London street 
Mansion house road. Grange 
Manual's court, Crosscausey 
Marine villa, Leith links 
Marionville, Restalrig road 
Market street, Fleshmarket to 

Market street, Low, above Green 

Market place, Brunswick street 
Mary King's close, foot of Allan's 

Marshall's close, 3 Grassmarket 
Mary's place, Raeburn place 
Mary cottage. Trinity 
Maryfield, Easter road 
Mayfield, Trinity 
Mayfield loan, Dalkeith road 
Meadowbank, Parson's green 
Meadow lodge. Meadows 
Meadow pi., so. side of Meadows 
Megget's court, 54 Abbey hill 
Meggetland, Boroughmuirhead 
Melbourne place, La^^Timarket 
Melville place, opposite Charlotte 

Melville crescent, Melville street 
Melville street, Charlotte place to 

Manor place 
Merchant street, Candlemaker row 
Merchiston house, Fountainbridge 
Merchiston lodge, Boroughmuir- 
Merchiston bank, Boroughmuirh. 
Merchiston park, Boroughmuirh. 
Merchiston castle, Boroughmuirh. 
Merchant maiden hospital, Lau- 
riston lane 
*Merilees' close, 33 Yardheads 
*Meetinghouse green, 56 Giles' st. 
Mtuse lane, south St Andrew st. 



*Meuse lane, 25 Constitution street 
Middleby street, Newington 
Middlefield, George's place 
Middleton's entry, 32 Eristo st. 
Miller's close, 171 Canongate 
Mill bank, Canaan 
Millbui-n, Morningside 
Miln's close, 212 Canongate 
Miln's court, 517 Lawnmarket 
Milu's square, 173 High street 
Mino park, St Leonard street 
Mint, bottom of so. Gray's close I 
Minto sti-eet, Newington | 

*Mitcliell street, 120 Constitution i 

Model buildings, Piliig street 
Moffat's close, 29 Netiierbow j 

Monro place, Jock's lodge I 

Montagu street, Clerk street 
Montpellier, Bruntsfield place 
Monteith's close, 61 High street 
Montgomery street. Elm row 
Moray place, west Heriot row 
Moray street, Pilrig street 
'*Morayfield, opposite Hawkfield 
Morden, Spring garden, Abbey 
Morrison's close, 117 High street 
Morrison street, Tobago street 
Moriison place, Jock's lodge 
Morningside, Borouglimuirhead 
Morocco close, 275 Canongate 
'■'Morton street, Duke street 
*Morton entry, 24 Kirkgate 
Morton, Boroughmuirhead 
Mound, Princes st. to Bank street | 
Mound place, head of Mound 
Mount Pleasant, Morningside 
Munro's close, 119 Canongate 
Murdoch's close, 70 High street I 
Murray street, 52 east Crosscausey I 
Murray's close, 177 Pleasance ] 
Murrayfield, Coltbridge I 

Myreside, Boroughmuirhead ' 

Nelson street and place, Aber- ! 

cromby place 
Netherbow, head of Canongate 
New High School, Regent terrace 
New lane, Annfield, Newhaven 
New bank. Trinity 
New street, Canongate 
NewLngton house, Blacket place 
Newington, Liberton road 
Newport street, Castlebams 
Nieolson square, Nicolson street 
Nicolson street, CoUege street to 

St Patrick square 
Niddry street, High street to Cow- 
Niddry street, south, 253 Cowgate 
Northfield, Bennington road 
North bridge, High st. to Piinces 

Northumberland street, Nelson 

street to Howe street 
Northumberland place, east Nor- 
thumberland street 
Norton place, east end of Regent 

Nottingham place, Calton street 

Oakfield court, 108 Pleasance 

Oakleigh villa, Wardie 

Old Assembly close, 170 High 

street and 158 Cowgate 
*^01d Chiuxh wf., Sandport street 

Old Fishmarket close, 19G High 

street and 144 Cowgate 
Old Fleshmarket close, 333 Canon- 

*u1d Fleshmarket, 75 St Andrew 

Old Gibbet toll, Dalkeith road 
Old Mealmarket, 122 Cowgate 
Old Playhouse close, 196 Canong. 
Old Post-office close, 253 High st. 
Old Stamp-Office close, 221 High 

*Okl Sugar-house close, 84 St 

Andrew street 
Orchardfield, Leith walk 
Orchardfield street, Mainpoint 
Orchardfield place, Tobago street 
Orphan's iiospital. Dean 
Osborne Cottage, Ferry road, W. 

J. Row 
Osburn Cottage, Trinity 
Oxford terrace. Dean bridge 

Palmer's buildings, 17 west Nicol- 
son street 
Panmure's close, 129 Canongate 
Panmure house, 129 Canongate 
Park place. Park street 
Park street, Bristo street 
Parkside street, St Leonard's 
Parliament sq., St Giles' church 
Parson's green, road to Piershill 
Paterson's close, 441 Lawnmarket 
Paterson's court, Old Broughton 
Paterson's close, 108 Pleasance 
'"■Pattison street, 31 Elbe street 
Patriot-hall, Hamilton place, j 

Paul street, Simon square 
I Paul's work, foot of Leith wynd 
j Peter's close, 187 Cowgate 
I Perth street, Henderson row 
Physic gardens, below N. bridge 
Picavdy place, York place 
! PiershiU. barracks, Jock's lodge 
■**Pillans' place, north to Seafield 

I Pilrig place, Pilrig street 
j Pilrig street, Leith walk 
Pipe's close, 619 Castlehill 
I Pu'niefield, Leith walk 
I Pii-rie's close, 246 Canongate 
1 Pitt street, Dundas street to toll 
I -'Pitt street, HUlhousefield 
Plainstones close, 78 Grassmarket 
I Plainstone close, 232 Canongate 
I Playhouse close, 200 Canongate 
I Pleasance, St Mary's wynd to St 
I Leonard's 
; Plowlands, Morningside 
j Pollock's close, 28 Cowgate 
I Ponton street, Fountainbridge 
! *Poplar lane, north side. Links 
■ Port-Hamilton, Canal basin 
j Port-Hopetoun, south-east of Lo- 
i thian road 
i Portland place, Lauriston 
^Portland place, Prince Regent 

*Portland terrace, Portland place 
Potterrow, west College street 
Powburn, near Grange toll 
Powderhall, Bonnington road 
Preston street, Causeyside to St 

Leonard street 
Prestonfield, near Graytield toll 

Primrose bank. Trinity 
•Primrose street, west end of 

■'Prince Regent street, west end of 

Couper street 
Piliaces street, Waterloo place to 

Hope street 
*Prospect bank, Restalrig road 

* Quality court, 25 Constitution st. 
*Qnality street, Charlotte street 

* Quality lane, 15 Quality street 
Quarry closes, 18, 26 Crosscausey 
(,iuarry holes, Easter ro. to Leith 
Queen street, York place 
*Queen street, 69 Shore 
Queen's place, Nottingham place 
Queen's place, foot of Leith w?lk 
Queensferry street, west end of 

Princes street 

Queensferry road, fiom Bonning- 
ton road to Windlestrawlee 

^Queensferry road, Couper street 
to Bonnington 

Rae's close, 281 Canongate 
Kaeburn place, Stockbridge 
Raimesfield, Ferry road, E.J. Row 
Ramsay gardens, Castlehill 
Ramsay lane, Castlehill 
Ramsay close, 41 Canong.ate 
Ramsay jilace, Bonnington road 
Randolph crescent. Great Stuarc 

Randolph cliff, Randolph crescent 
Rankeillor street. Clerk street 
Rankeillor place, St Leonard st. 
Ratcliffe place. Grange toll 
RatclifFe terrace, Causeyside 
Rattray's close, 11 5 Cowgate 
Redbraes, Broughton road 
'Redhall, Bonnington 
Regent Bridge, Waterloo place 
Regent road, Calton hiU 
Regent arch. Low calton 
Regent terrace. Regent road 
■^Regent street, west end of Couper 

Register place, west Register st. 
Register street, east, Leith street 

to James' square 
Register street, west. Princes st. 

to St Andrew square 
Register house, east end of Princes 

Reid's close, 80 Canongate 
Reid's court, 95 Canongate 
Reikie's court, 65 NicoTson street 
Restalrig, by Piershill barracks 
Richmond cottage, Wardie 
Richmond cottage, W. J. Row 
Richmond lodge. Trinity 
Richmond lodge, York road 
Richmond viUa, Ferry road. W. J. 

Richmond villa, Wardie 
Richmond street, east, south Rich- 
mond street to Salisbury street 
Richmond street, west, Nicolson 

street to east Richmond street 
Richmond street, north, Adam 

street to south Richmond street 
Richmond street, south, north 
[ Richmond street to Pleasance 
j Richmond lane, Richmond place 

to north Richmond street 



Richmond courts 23 Richmond 

Richmond place, Roxburgh place 

to West Richmond street 
Richmond pend, 19 Richmond pi. 
Riddle's close, 322 Lawnmarket 
*Riddle's close, 74 St Andrew st. 
Riddle's entry, 35 New street 
Riego street, Tollcross 
Rill bank, Hope park 
Ritchie place, foot Carnegie street 
Robb's court, Castlebams 
Robb's entry, St John's hill 
Robertson's close, 263 Cowgate 
Rockville close, 388 Castlehill 
Romily place, Tobago street 
Ronaldson's build. , Smith's place 
■*Ronaldson's wharf. Upper draw- 
Rosebank, Broughton road 
Rosebank, Mayfield loan 
Rosebank, G-ardnor's crescent 
Rose court, 13 George street 
Rose cottage, Trinity 
Rose villa. Trinity 
Rose park, Trinity 
Rosehall, Dalkeith road 
Rose street. South St David street 

to south Charlotte street 
Rosemount house, Morrison street 
Rosemount, Tobago street 
^"'Rosemount, Hermitage hill 
Roxburgh place, Drummond st. 
Roxburgh street, Drummond st. 
Roxburgh ter. e. Drummond st. 
Roxburgh's close, 341 High street 
Rowley's close, 38 Abbey hill 
Royal crescent, Pettes row 
Royal Exchange, 2h1 High street 
Royal terrace, Blenheim place to 

Carlton place 
Roy's court, 82 Hope-park-end 
Rutland st., west end Princes st. 
Rutland place, Lothian road 
Rutland square, Rutland street • 

St Andrew square, east end George 

St Andrew street, north, St And- 
rew square 
St Andrew street, south, Princes 

*St Andi-ew street, 131 Kirkgate 
St Andrew's lane, north St Andrew 

St Ann's yards, Holyrood palace 
St Anthony place, Port-Hopetoun 
*St Anthony street, 91 Kirkgate 
*St Anthony court, St Anthony 

*St Anthony lane, St Anthony st. 
St Bernard's crescent, Stockbridge 
St Bernard's place, Saunders st. 
St Bernard's row, Johnston place 
*St Bernard's street. Shore 
St Catherine's villa, Grange road 
St Colme street, Albyn place 
St Cuthbert's entry, 167 Westport 
St Cuthbert's st., west Maitland st. 
St David street, so.. Princes st. 
St David street, north. Queen st. 
St Giles' villa. Grange road 
St James' square, east Register st. 
St James' street, St James' square 
St James' pi. north St James' st. 
*St J ames' place, Links 

St John's close, 188 Canongate 

St John's hill, Pleasance 

*St John's lane, 40 Charlotte st. 

St John's street, Canongate 

St Leonard .street and hill, head of 

St Leonard's cot., St Leonard lane 
St Leonard lane, St Leonard street 
St Margaret's station, Jock's lodge 
St Mark's place, Bennington 
St Mary's wynd, head of Canong. 
*St Ninian's la., back Old Church 
St Patrick square, St Patrick st. 
St Patrick street, Nicolson street 
St Roque, Canaan 
St Stephen street, Clarence street 
St Vincent street, foot of Howe st. 
^Salamander st.. Little Carron 
Salisbury green, Dalkeith road 
Salisbury place, opposite SaHsb.rd. 
Salisbury road, Arniston place 
Salisbury square, foot of Brown st. 
Salisbury street, Pleasance 
Salt backet, back of Leith street 
Sandilands' close, 71 High street 
*Sandport street. Commercial pi. 
Saunders' Street, Kerr street 
Saxe-Coburg place, west Clare- 

mont street 
Sciennes, Hope-park-end 
Sciennes place, from Sciennes 
Scott's close. High riggs 
Scott's close, 123 Cowgate 
Scotland street, Drummond place 
"'Sea Cot., n.-e. corner Seafield 
-Seafield baths, Seafield 
''Seafield house, east end of Links 
Seaforth cottage. Trinity 
*Seaside house, Eastfield 
*Seagrove, Pirniefield 
Sea Cliff villa. Trinity 
Seaton's close, 365 Canongate 
Sellar's close, 369 Lawnmarket 
Semple street. Canal basin 
Semple's close, 599 Castlehill 
Shakspeare sq., back of Theatre 
Sii and wick place, w., e. Princes st. 
*Sheepliead wynd, 67 Giles' street 
Shepherd's court, Leith wynd 
''Sheriff brae, Coalhill to King st. 
Shoemakers' close, 315 Canongate 
'•■'Shore, Ferryboat stairs to Upper 

Shrub hill, Shrub place 
Shrub place, Leith walk 
Sibbald place, St Patrick square 
*Silverfield, Bennington road 
Silvermills, Fettes row 
Sime's court, Caltonhill 
Simon square, Gibb's enti-y 
Simpson's court, Potterrow 
Skinner's close, 613 Castlehill 
Skinner's close, 66 High street 
Slater's court, 140 Canongate 
*Smeaton*s cl., 20 St Andrew st. 
Smith's place, Leith walk 
Smith's close, west, 121 Grassm. 
Smith's close, east, 125 Grassm. 
Society, Brown's square 
Society close, 15 Nether bow 
Somerset house and cot., Mary pi. 
South bridge. North bridge to 

Nicolson street 
Southern cemetery. Grange road 
Spence's place, Castlebarns 
*Spence's place, Bennington road 

Spittal street. Bread street 
Spring gardens. Abbey hill 
Spring gardens, Church street 
Springfield, Leith walk 
Springfield villa, Mansionhouse rd. 
Stafford street, Shandwick j>lace 
*Stanfield lodge, lionniugton road 
Star bank. Trinity 
Stead's place, Leith walk 
Stevenlaw's close, 134 High street 
Steel's place, Morningside 
Stevenson's close, 153 West piort 
Stewart's close, 90 Canongate 
Stewart's street, Jock's lodge 
Stewartfield, Bennington toll 
Stockbridge, n. w. of New town 
Stouefield, Canaan 
*Storie's alley, 122 Kirkgate 
Strathie's close, 86 Canongate 
Strichen's close, 104 High street 
Stuart street. Great, Moray place 

to Randolph crescent 
Stuartfield, Jock's lodge 

* Sugarhouse close, Coburg street 
'■" Summerfield, Restalrig road 
Summerfield house, Restalrig road 
Summerhall, Hope-pai'k-end 
Summer place, Howard place 
Sunbury distillery, Water of Leith 
Simnyside villa. Trinity 
Surgeon square, &c., foot of Infir- 
mary street 

* Swanfield, opposite Silverfield 
Swan's close, 31 Grassmarket 
Swinton row. Elder street 
Sydneyfield, Granton road 
Sydney place, Canaan 

Sylvan place. Meadows 
Sylvanbank, Mansionhouse - road. 

Taufield house, Canonmills 
Tanner's close, 123 West ]Dort 
Tap hall, Qeensferry road 
Tamiet street, Drumdryan 
Temple's close, 145 Grassmarket 
Tennis court, 86 Abbey hill 
Terrace, Leith street 
Teviot row, Bristo street 
Thistle street, north St David st. 

to Hill street 
Thomas street, St Cuthbert street 
Thomson's close, 40 Canongate 
Thomson's court, 54 Grassmarket 
Thomson's close, 13 Abbey strand 
" Thomson's place, Duke street 
Thomybank, Fountainbridge 

* Timber bush, Bernard street to 

Tipperlinn, Boroughmuirhead 
Tobago place, Tobago street 
Tobago street, Castlebarns 
Tod's close, 587 Castlehill 
Toddrick's wynd, SO High street 
Tolbooth wynd, 165 Canongate 
"Tolbooth wynd, upper drawbr. 
Tollcross, foot of Lauriston 
Torphichen street, av. Maitland st. 
'■'Tower street. Shore 
'■Trafalgar lane, Hillhousefield 
Trinity, foot of Inverleith row 
Trinity crescent. Chain pier 
Trinity, south-west of Newhaven 
Trunk close, 55 High street 
Tweeddale court, 16 Nether bov.- 
Union place, head of Leith v.alk 



Union street, Union place 

* Union street, foot of Leith walk. 
Valentine's entry, 72 Canongate 
Valleyfiekl, Wright's houses 
■*Vanburgh place, so.-e. side Links ; 
*Vaults, 25 St Andrew street i 
Veitch pi. and sq., Stockbridge 
Vennel, Heriot place j 
Victoria place, foot of Carnegie st. 
Victoria street and terrace, Mel- 
bourne place 

Viewbank, Trinity 
Viewfield, Trinity 
Viewforth, Bruntsfield links 
*Viewfortli cottage, Etstalrig road 
View[jark, Bruntsfield links 
View Ville House, Granton roatl 
View Ville Cottage, Ferry road 

* Vinegar Close, 35 Giles' street 
Walker street, Coates crescent 
Wallace plaoe, Tobago street 
Wallace's close, 28 Causeyside 
War drop's court, 459 Lawnmarket 
Wardie crescent, Granton road 
Wardie, Queensferry road 
WardieBumhouse, Windlestra wlee 
Wardie, Granton 
Warrendcr's park. Links 
Warrender lodge. Meadows 
Warrender crescent, Howard place 
Warriston place, Warriston cres. 
Warriston. east Queensferry road 
Warriston's close, 323 High street 
Watergate, foot cf Canongate 

*Waterlane, foot of Kirkgate 
*Water's close, 64 Shore 
Water of Leith, Dean 
Waterloo place. Princes sti-eet to 

Regent road 
■'Waterloo buildings, Bernard st. 
*Watson'8 place. Primrose street 
Watson's hospital. Meadows 
Watson's (J.) institution, Dean 
Watson's close, 122 Canongate 
Weaver's close, 65 West port 
Weir's close, 208 Canongate 
*Weir's close, 40 Kirkgate 
Well close, Leith wynd 
Well close, 86 West port 
*Wellington place. Links 
Wellington street, Great, Queens- 
ferry road 
Wellwood lodge. Bruntsfield place 
Wemyss place, Albyn place 
West bow, Castlehill to 

West port, Grassraarket to Main- 
Wester close, 177 West port 
Westerhall, Meadows 
Whale brae, Nowhaven 
Wharton lane, and Wharton place, 

Whitebank, Morniugside 
White horse, or Boyd's close, 274 

White's court, Warriston's close 
Whitehouse, Boroughmnirhead 

Whitefield place and house, foot of 

Leith walk 
Wight's place, 95 Causeyside 
William street, Stafford street to 

Manor place 
Williamfield, Bonnington road 
Willow brae, Jock's lodge 
Willowgrove, Lady Lawson's wynd 
Wilson's court, 134 Canongate 
Windlestrawlee, Queensferry road 
Windmill street, George square 
Windsor street, Leopold |)lace 
Windsor villa, Coltbridge road 
Woodbine cottage. Trinity 
Woodburn, Canaan 
WoodviUe, Canaan 
Wood's court, 13 West Kicol.MHi 

World's-end cluse, 10 Nethcrliow 
Wright's houses. Leven street 
Wright's close, 87 Cowgate 
Writer's court, 315 High stre'.t 

*Yardheads, St Anthony's laiiv to 

north end King street 
York buildings. Trinity 

ork Ian " ' ' 


e, -fc 

York lane, York place to Albany 

York lodge, York road 

York place, Queen street to 

Picardy place 
York road. Trinity 
Young street, north Charl"tt'^ 




Abercorn, South QueensfeiTy 
Abercom Place, Portobello 
Acornlodge, Musselburgh 
Adam's Row, Dalkeith 
Addiston, Hermiston 
Adelphi Place, Portobello 
Adiston, Ratho 
Adniston, Tranent 
Aikendean, Fushiebridge 
Airfield, Dalkeith 
Albert Cottage, Lasswade 
Alderston Mains, Mid-Calder 
Almondbank, Cramond 
Almondhill, Kirkliston 
Alnwickhill, Liberton 
Aminondell, Broxburn 
Amosendean, Penicuiok 
Anceretlaw, Penicuick 
Ancralaw, ]?enicuick 
Annfield, Tranent and Dalkeith 
Annsmill, Penicuick 
Aimville, Kirknewton 
Argyle Villa, Portobello. 
Ashley, Ratho 
Auehineorth, Penicuick 
Auehindinny, Penicuick 
Auld Cathie, Kirkliston 

Baberton, Currie 

Baberton Mains, Hermiston 

Back o' the Rig, Currie 

Backhill, Musselburgh 

Backsidelee, Liberton 

Baillyfield, Portobello 

Balgreen, Slateford 

Balleny, Balemo 

Ballingall Lodge, Murraylield 

Bank, Penicuick 

Bankfoot House, Prestonpans 

Bankhead, Dalkeith, Balemo, 
Uphall, and Tranent 

Bank House, Liberton, Port'i- 
bello, and Prestonpans 

Bank Mill, Penicuick and Balerno 

Banks, South Queensferry 

Bankton, Prestonpans 

Barbauchlaw, Musselburgh 

Barley Dean, Lasswade 

Barnton, Cramond 

Basket Hall, Musselburgh 

Bath House, Portobello 

Bavelaw (East), Balemo 

Beachside House, Musselburgh 

Beechwood, Corstorphine 

Beeslurk, Penicuick 

Beggar's Bush, Musselburgh 

Bellfield, Musselburgh and Porto- 

Bellfield House, Dalkeith 

Bellham, Ford 

BeUmount, Corstorphine 

BeUslaw, Dalkeith 

Bell's Mill, Winchburgh 

Bellsquarry, Mid-Calder 

Bellwood, Penicuick 

Bellybught, Dalkeith 

Belstane, Kirknewi.oii 

Bevelaw, Balemo 

Bilston, Roslin 

Bilston Brae, Loanhead 

Biuny, Uphall 

i Birchfield, Currie 

Bird's Mill, Kirkliston 

j Birsley, Tranent 

! Blackcoat, Dalkeith 

Black-craigs, Uphall 

i Blackshill, Kii-kliston 

Blackside, Ford 

Blaircochran, Penicuick 

Blawweary, Currie 

BUnkbonny, Currie, Dalkeith, 
Musselburgh, and Blackball 

Bloom, Livingston, Mid-Calder 

Bloomy Hall, Musselburgh 

Blucher Hall, Musselburgh 

Boathouse, Kirkliston 

Bog HaU, Roslin 

Boggs, Tranent 

Boggs Mill, Slateford 

Bonaliy, Colinton 

Bonnington, Ratho 

Bonnyrigg. Lasswade 

Bootland Hill, Kirknewton 

Bowbridge, B. Muirhead 

Bow o' Beer, Kirknewton 

Braefoot, Corstorphine 

Braehead, Cramond 

Braehead Mains, Cramond 

Brae Hill, Kirkliston 

Braidwood, Dalkeith 

Brewer Bush, Lasswade 

Briary Cottage, Ford 

Bridge-end, Musselbiu'gh, Peni- 
cuick, Dalkeith, Liberton, 
and Portobello 

Briggs, Kirkliston 

Broadwood, Penicuick 

Broadlaw, tlphall 

Broadlea Cottage, Portobello 

Broadwood, Penicuick 

Broadyetts, Uphall 

Brokenbridge, Liberton 

Brook, Balemo 

Broomfield, Blackball 

Broomliill, Ford, Lasswade, Lib- 
erton, and Penicuick 

Broomhouse, Corstorphine and 

Broom Park, Cramond 

Broomie-knowes, Lasswade 

Broomrigg, Tranent 

Broomj'-knowe, Lasswade 

Brotchrig, Lasswade 

Broxburn, Uphall 

Brucefield, Mid-Calder 

Brunstane House, Penicuick and 

Brunstone Cottage, Musselburgh 

Brunstone Mill, Musselburgh 

Bryan's Colliery, Dalkeith 

Buckstane, B. Muirhead 

Burdiehonse, Liberton 

Burghloe, Loauhead 

Bumbrae, Kirknewton 

Burnhall, Kirkliston 

Burnhead, Liberton & Lasswade 

Burnhouse, Kirknewton and Por- 

Burnside, Kirkliston and Ford 

Burnwyude, Ratho 

Burton Cottage, Portobello 

Bush, Penicuick & Musselburgh 

Bush (Easter), Roslin and Milton 

Buteland, Balerno 

Buteland Hill, Kirknewton 

Butlerfield, Lasswade 

Buxley, Tranent 

Buxton, Colinton 

Byredoor Park, Kirknewton 

Byresloan, Ford 

Caibney, Musselburgh 
Caimtowers, Liberton 
Cairns Castle Inn, Kirknewton 
Cakemuk, Ford 
Calderwood, Lasswade 
Caldwells, Ford 
Caledonia, Colinton 
Callerstane, Hermiston 
Cameron Bank, Liberton 
C^mpend, Dalkeith 
Campie House, Musselburgh 
Capelaw, Penicuick 
Car berry, Musselburgh 
Carlaverock, Tranent 
Carlourie, Kirkliston 
Carmelliill, Kirkliston 
Caroline Cottage, Portobello 
Carrington, Rose well 
Carthall, Gilmerton and Liberttm 
Castlelaw, Penicuick 
Castlesteads, Dalkeith 
Catharine Cottage, Portobello 
Catharine Lodge, Musselburgh 
Cauldcots, Liberton 
Cauldshoulders, Penicuick 
Chamber's Cottage, Musselburgh 
Causewayend, Kirknewton 
Chesterhall, Ford and Tranent 
Civility, Ford 
Clay barns, Dalkeith 
Cleek-him-in, Peniciiick 
Clermiston, Corstorphine 
Clermiston, North Blackball 
Clifton, Kirkliston 
Clifton HaU, Kirkliston and Ratho 
Clouthouses, Tranent 
Coats, Penicuick 
Coekbum, Currie 
Cockenzie, Prestonpans 
Cocklaw, Currie 
Cockle Mill, Cramond 
Cock-me-laue, Colinton 
CockmiiLr Inn, Penicuick 
Cockpen Manse, Lasswade 
Colinton Mains and Mill, Colint-on 
Comiston, Colinton 



Contentibus, Mid-Calder 
Corbiehill, Cramond 
Cornbauk, Peuicuick 
Corntowu, Penicuick 
Corslet, Currie 
Corston, Kirknewton 
Corstorpbine Hill and House, 

Costerton, Ford 
Cottage Lane, Muiselburgb 
Cousland, Dalkeitk 
Cousland Park, Tranent 
Cowden, Tranent and Dalkeith 
Cowpits, Musselburgh 
Coxeydean, Kirkiiuwtou 
Craigbrae, Ku-klistou 
Craig Crook, Blackball 
Craigend, Kirkliston 
Craigentarie, Currie 
CraigbaU, Musselburgh 
Craigie, Kirkliston 
Craigie Hall, Cramond 
Craiglockhart, Slateford 
Craigmillar, Libertii'U 
Craigo'er, Liberton 
Craigpark, llatho 
Craigs, Cramond and Libeiion 
Craigton, Wincbburgh 
Cranston, Ford 
Cresswell, Peiiieuiok 
Crew, Blackhall 
Crichton, Ford 
Cricbtondean, Ford 
Crofts, Dalkeith 
Cromilands, Kirkliston 
Crossgate Hall, Dalkeith 
Crossgreen, Upball 
Crosshouse, Traaeut aud Penicuick 
Cucking, Penicuick 
Cultons, Hermiscou 
Cummingfield, Loanhead 
Curldubs, Upball 
Currie Hill, Balerno 
Curriemuirend, Colinton 
Cuttle, Prestonpans 

Dalhousie Castle, Lasswade 

Dabnaboy, Ratho 

Dalmeny, South Queensierry 

Dalmore MUls, Penicuick 

Dalrymple Loan, Musselburgh 

Dambrae, Musselburgh 

Damhead, Slateford and Loanhead 

Danderhall, Dalkeith 

Darcy, Dalkeith 

Davidson's Mains. Blackball 

Dean Park, Balerno 

Dechmont, Upball 

Denshouses, Penicuick 

Dewarton, Ford 

Dodridge, Ford 

Dolland's Cottage, Musselburgh 

Dolpbinston, Tranent 

Dovecot, Musselburgh 

Dove Hill, Upball 

Dowie's Mill, Cramond Bridge 

Dreghorn, Colinton 

Drum, Liberton 

Drumfortb, Upball 

Drummore, Musselburgh 

Dmmpark, Liberton 

Dryden, Roslin 

Drydenbank, Loanhead 

Drylaw, Cramund 

Dubbead, Kii'kDewton 

Duddingston, Portobello 

Dumbi-ydon, Slateford 

Duncliffe, Murrayfield 

Duudas Castle, South Queensferry 

Dunedin, Murrayfield 

Dun Esk, Lasswade 

Duntervie, 'Wincbburgh 

East Bakgour, Upball 

East Binny, Upball 

East Broadlaw, U]^hall 

East Bush, Musselburgh 

Easter Bush, Ro.-liu and Peuicuick 

Easter Mains, Kirkliston and Up- 

Easter Newton, Kirkuewtou 

East Camps, Kirknewton 

East Craigie, Cramond 

Easter Cowden, Dalkeith 

East Craigs, Corstorpliine 

Eastfield, Portobello, Kirkliston, 
Musselburgh, and Penicuick 

East Haugh, Kirkne\rtou 

East Houses, Dalkeith 

East Mains, Upball and Trauent 

East Mill, Currie 

East Villa, Portobello 

East Side, Penicuick 

Ecclesmachan, Upball 

Eckford Cottage, Lasswade 

Edgefield, Loanhead 

Edgebead, Ford and Liberton 

Edmonstone, Dalkeith 

Eldin, Lasswade 

Elginhaugh, Dalkeith 

EUieston, Kirkliston 

Elm Row and Bank, Lasswade 

Elmfield, Dalkeith 

Elpbinston, Tranent 

Engine Cottage, Loanhead 

Enterkins Gate, Colinton 

East Bank, Dalkeith and Mussel- 

Eskdale Cottage, Lasswade 

Eskgrove, Musselburgh and Lass- 

Esk Hill, Roslin and Musselburgh 

Esk Mills, Penicuick and Dalkeith 

Esk (North), Musselburgh 

Esk Parkj Musselburgh 

Esk Side, Musselbiu-gh 

Estherville, Corstorpbine 

Fair Afar, Cramond 
Fairfield, Dalkeith 
Fairfield Cottage, Portobello 
Faimeyhill, Liberton 
Fairneyside, Liberton 
Faimeyside Lodge, Creenend 
Faimyflat, Slateford 
Fairnylaw, Colinton 
Falhills, Penicuick 
Falla, Black sbiels 
Fallside, Tranent 
FamehoU, Penicuick 
Felton-green, Musselburgh 
FiUiside, Leith 
Firbank, Lasswade 
Firhill Cottage, Colinton 
Firth, Roslin 
Fisherrow. Musselburgh 
Fishers' Tryst, Peuicuick 
Fivehouses, Liberton 
Five-stanks, Upball 
Flowerfield, Loanhead 
Fordel, Ford 
Forkneuk, Uphall 

Forresthall, Slateford 
Forth Cottage, Fisherrow 
Foulstruther, Tranent 
Fountainhall, Tranent 
Four-mile-hill, Corstoriihlne 
Foxball, Kirkliston 
France (Little), Liberton 
Franktield, Loanhead 
Freelands, Ratho 
Friarton, Penicuick 
Frith, Roslin 
Fuffet, Dalkeith _ 
FuUerton, Penicuick 
Fullfurd, Milton Bridge 

Gallowshall, Dalkeith 
Gardner's Hall, Ford 
Gateside, Kirkliston 
Gil:)raltar, Dalkeith 
Gibson Lodge, Corstorpbine 
Gibnerton, Liberton 
Gladsmuir, Tranent 
Glebeside House, Dalkeith 
Glencorse, Milton Bridge 
Glendevon, Kirkliston 
Glen Esk, Loanhead 
Glen Kevock, Loanhead 
Glen Nurseries and Cottage, Mus- 
Glenpark, Currie 
Goatbrae, Lasswade 
Gogar (Upper), Hermiston 
Gogar (Nether) Mains and House 

Gogar Mount, Ratho 
Gogarston, Ratho 
Golf-hall, Corstorpbine 
Goodtrees, Currie 
Gordon Castle, ^Musselbui-gh 
Gorebridge, Fushiebridge 
Gorgie, Slateford 
Gorton, Lasswade 

Gortonlee, Lasswade 

Goshen, Musselburgh 

Goukshill, Dalkeith 

Gourlaw, Lasswade 

Gowaxdiill, Currie 

Gracemount, Liberton 

Gray Brae, Penicuick 

Gray's MHl, Slateford 

Greenbank, Lassv.^ade 

Greenbum, Kirknewton 

Green Cottage, Musselburgh 

Greendykes, Tranent and Uphall 

Greenend, Liberton 

Greenfield Lodge, Lasswade 

Green HaU, Musselburgh 

Greenhead, Tranent 

Greenlaw, Penicuick 

Greenpark, Liberton 

Greigs' HaU, Liberton 

Greybrae, Penicuick 

Greykuowe, Penicuick 

Grottle, Cramond 

Grove End, Lasswade 

Gutters, Currie 

Habershaw, Penicuick 
Haggs, Ratho 
Hailes, Slateford 
Halkerston Cottage, Inveresk 
Hall of Broxburn, UphaU 
Hallcross House, Musselburgh 
Halls, Penicuick 
Hallj'ards, Kirkliston 
Hamilton Lodge, Portobello 



Hangingside, Uphall 

Kevock, Lasswade 

Longford, West Calder 

Hanley, Corstorphine 

Kilburn, Penicuick 

Longlaw, Dalkeith 

Hardeugreen, Dalkeith 

Killrigg, Loanhead 

Long Niddrie, Tranent 

Harelaw, Tranent 

Kilpunt, Kirkliston 

Loug.stone, Slateford 

Harmony House, Balerno 

Kinellan, Murrayfield 

Longthorne, Dalktitli 

Harpersbrae, Penieaick 

Kings, Kirkliston 

Look-about-ye, Kirkliston 

Harviston, Fushiebridge 

King's Knowes, Slateford 

Loretto, Musselburgh 

Hatton, Kirknewton 

King's Law, Tranent 

Lothian Burn, Loanhead 

Hatton Mains, Eatho 

Kingside, Penicuick 

Loughfaugh, Ford 

Haugli (Newlistou), Kirkliston 

Kingston Grange, Liberton 

Loupilees, Kirkliston 

Haugh-liead, Ford, Balemo, and 

Kinleith and K. Mill, Currie 

Ludgate Lodge, Ratho 


Kippielaw, Penicuick 

Luilen Houses, Penicuick 

Hawthorn Brae, Duddingston 

Kirkbrae, Liberton 

Lugton, Dalkeith 

Hawtliorn Cottage, Slateford 

Kirkettle, Roslin 

Luisfield, Duddingston 

Hawtliornden, Lasswade 

Kirkhill, Penicuick and Uphall 

Lyden, Kirknewton 

Hay's Craigs, Uphall 

Kirkhill Cottage, Uphall 

Lymphoy, Currie 

Hazelbank, Mnrra^iiold 

Kirkland, Penicuick 

Heddlefaulds, Kirkliston 

Kirkland Lodge, Hermiston 

Magazine, Ford 

Herekies Loan, Musselburgh 

Kirkpark, Musselburgh 

Magdalen Foundry, Musselburgh 

Hillend, Uphall and Kirknewton 

Kirkton, Penicuick 

Magdalen Lodge, Musselburgh 

Billhead, Musselburgh and Lass- 

Kirkton Lodge, Mun-ayiield 

Maitland Brae, Bridge, and Bower, 


Kittlepurse, Penicuick 


Hillhouse, Kirknewton 

Knightridge, Uphall 

Makemerry, Tranent 

Hillside, Lasswade 

Malcolmston, Currie 

Hilltown, Dalkeith 

Laflis Houses 

Mallenj^, Balerno 

Hillwood, Ratho 

Lampockwells, Tranent 

Malleny Grove, Balerno 

Hillwood Cottage, Katho 

Langside, Dalkeith 

Mallsford, Dalkeith 

Hilton Cottage, Lasswade 

Lankinsdub, Winchburgh 

Malta, Ku-kliston 

Hodges, Tranent 

Larch Grove, Balemo 

Manor House, Musselburgh 

Holemill, Colinton 

Latch, Kirknewton 

Mansfield, Dalkeith and Currie 

Holkgate, Broxburn 

Lairrel Bank, Lasswade 

Marchbank, Balerno 

Holms, Uphall and Musselburgh 

Laurencelaw Cottage, Milton Br. 

Marchfield, Blackball 

Holycoat, Lasswade 

Laurie's Den, Penicuick 

March Hill, Penicuick 

Honeyhole, Lasswade 

Lauriston, Cramond 

Marchwell, Penicuick 

Honeybrae, Penicuick 

Laverock Hall, Liberton 

Margaret Grove, Cramond 

Hopefield, Lasswade 

Lavrockdale, Colinton 

Marine Cottage, Portobello 

Hopetown Woodend, Winchburgh 

Law, Uphall 

Marrfield Mills, Penicuick 

House of Hill, Blackball 

Lawfield, Dalkeith 

Marybank, Penicuick 

House o' Muir, Tranent and Mil- 

Lawhead, Penicuick and Kirk- 

Maryfield, Tranent, Penicuick, 

ton Bridge 


and Portobello 

Houston and H. Mill, Uphall 

Lawi-ence Law Cottage, Penicuick 

Marylands, Ratho 

Howdenshall, Liberton 

Lead Burndean, Penicuick 

Masterton, Dalkeith 

Howgate, Roslin and Penicuick 

Leadburn, Penicuick 

Mauricewood, Milton Bridge 

Humble, Kii-kliston, Kirknewton, 

Learielaws, Broxburn 

Mavisbank, Loanhead 

and Upper Keith 

Lecrielaw, Dalkeith & Kirkliston 

Mavisbush, Lasswade 

Hunter's Tryst, Colinton 

Leith Head, Currie 

Maybank, Penicuick and Loanliead 

Hyvot's Mill, Libertoa 

Lenney Park, Corstorphine 

Mayfield, Dalkeith 

Lennieport, Corstorphine 

Mayfield Cottage, Loanhead 

Inch, Liberton 

Lenny, Kirkliston 

Mayfield Folly, Liberton 

Inglis Green, Slateford 

Lenny Moor, Cramond and Kirk- 

Mayshade, Loanhead 

Ingliston, Kirkliston and Eatho 


Meadowbank House, Kirknewton 

Innerwick Lodge, Murrayfield 

Leven Hall, Musselburgh 

Meadowfield, Corstoi-phiue 

Inveresk, Musselburgh 

Lexmouth, Blackball, Corstor- 

Meadowhead, Libertoa 

Inveresk House and Lodge, Mus- 


Meadow House, Corstorphine 


Liberton Bank, Liberton 

Meado-mnill, Tranent 

Inverey House, Portobello 

Lighthill Cottage, Loanhead 

Meadowsjiot, Dalkeith 

IronmUl, Dalkeith 

LiUyburn, Penicuick 

Meggetland, Slateford 

Limefield Mains, Mid-Calder 

Melville Castle, Lasswade 

Jack's House, Kii-kliston 

Linden Lodge, Loanhead 

Middlemills, Lasswade 

Jane Cottage, Musselburgh 

Lingerwood, Dalkeith 

Middle Norton, Ratho and Kirk- 

Jaw, Ratho and Hermiston 

Linkfield, Musselburgh 


Jesgfield, Portobello 

Linkhouse, Prestonpans 

Middleton, UphaU 

John's Bum, Balerno 

Linnburn, Kirknewton 

Midfield, Lasswade and Mussel- 

Joppa, Portobello 

Linnsmill, Kirkliston 


Joytield Place, Colinton 

Listonshiells, Kirknev.'ton 

MUch-hall, Penicuick 

Juniper Green, Colinton 

Little France, Liberton 

Milk-houses, Uphall 

Little Vantage, Kirknewton 

Millburn Tower, Hermiston 

Kaijies Cottage, Liberton 

Loanhead, Ford, Kirkliston 

Millerhill, Dalkeith 

Kaims, Kirknewton 

Loaninghill, Uphall 

Millhill, Musselburgh 

Kates Mill, Slateford 

Loanstane, Penicuick 

MHlrig, Kii'kliston and Kirknew- 

Keith House, Upper Keith 

Lochend, Kirkliston 


Kellerstain House, Hermiston 

Lochend Cottage, Musselburgh 

Milnholm House, Musselburgh 

Kellerstane, Ratho 

Loganbank, Penicuick 

Milton, Milton Bridge, Kirkliston, 

Kerkettle, Roslin 

Logan house. Penicuick 

and Tranent 

Kersemill, Penicuick 

Loganlee, Milton Bridge 

Mirryfield, Tranent 

Kerse Hill Toll, Hermiston 

Logie Heriot, Ford 

Moat, Roslin 



Moffat Place, Dalkeith 

Moldart Cottage, Currie 

Monktou, Musselburgh 

Monktonhall, Musselburgh 

Montrose Stables, Lasswa-Je 

Moor Park, Musselburgh 

Mordun, Libertou 

Morrison's Haven, Prestonpaus 

Morton, Liberton 

Morton Cottage, Portobello 

Moi-tonhall, Liberton 

MossenJ, Uphall 

Mosshouses, Peniculck 

Mossie Mill, Colinton 

Mount Charles, Portobello and 

Mount Chassie, Lasswadc 

Mount Earl, Roslin 

Mount Esk, Lasswadc 

Mouuthooly, Winchburgh 

Mount Lodge, Portobello 

Mount Lothian, Penicuick 

Mount Pleasant, Portobello 

Mount Vernon, Liberton 

Muirbank, Balerno 

Muirburn, Kirkliston 

Muirend, Kirkliston 

Muirhouse, Blackball and Liber- 

JIuii-park. Tranent 

Muldron, Whitburn 

Murray Hill, Lasswadc 

Murrays, Ford 

Muttonhole, Cramond and Ford 

Myles, Tranent 

Myres, Kiiklistoa 

Nellfield, Kirkliston 
Nether Deckmount, Uphall 
Nether Houses, Lasswade 
Nether Lenny, Cramond 
Nether Liberton, Liberton 
Nettlebill, Uphall 
Neville Cottage, Liberton 
Nevin"s Knowe, Roslin 
Newbattle, Dalkeith 
Newbigging, Musselburgh, Uphall, 

and Lasswade 
Newbridge, Kirkliston 
New Craighall, Musselbiu-gh 
Newfarm, Dalkeith 
Newfield, Bonnyrigg, Lasswade 
New Hailes, Musselliurgh 
Newhall, Penicuick 
Newhouse, Ratho 
Newhouses, Kirkliston 
Newland, Kirkliston 
Newlandburn, Ford 
Newlandridge, Ford 
Newliston, Kirkliston 
Newmains, Kirkliston 
Newmills, Balerno and Dalkeith 
New Milton, Roslin 
New Pentland, Loanhead 
Newton Mains, Ratho 
New Eoad, Dalkeith 
New Saughton, Cramond 
Newstead, Penicuick 
Newton, Dalkeith, Musselburgh. 

Winchburgh, and So. Ferry 
Ne^vton (Easter), Kirknewton 
Newton Grange, Dalkeith 
Niddrie (Long), Tranent 
Niddry, Libert-on and Wincli 

Niddry House, Prestonpaus 

Niddry Station, Musselburgh 
Nine-mile Burn, Penicuick 
Nivelle Cottage, Liberton 
North Clermiston, Blackball 
North Esk Mill, Dalkeith 
Northfield, Portobello and Pres- 

North Cxyle, Corstorphine 
Norton, Ratho 

Oakleak, Penicuick 

Oakmount, Lasswade 

Oatlands, Ford 

Oatbridge, Uphall 

Oatsley, Roslin 

Old Liston, Kirkliston 

Old Saughton, Corstorphine and 

Olive-bank, Musselburgh 

Onthank, Penicuick 

Orchardfield, Kirknewton 

Ormiston, Kirknewton 

Ormiston, Tranent 

Ormiston Hall, Tranent 

Outerston, Fushie Bridge 

Oxenford, Foi'd 

Oxgangs, Colinton 

Over (rogar, Hermiston 

Overshieil, Kirknewton 

Ovortoun, Kirkliston and Kirk- 

Palmyra Cottage, Portobello 

Pap Inn, Penicuick 

Paradykes, Loanhead 

Parduvine, Dalkeith 

Parkburn, Liberton 

Parkend, Dalkeith 

Parkend Cottage, Musselburgh 

and So. Ferry 

Parkhouse, Portobello 

Parknook, Liberton 

Parson's Pool, Lasswade 

Pathhead, Ford and Kirknewton 

Patie's Hill, Penicuick 

Pavilion House, Prestonpaus 

Peaseflat, Dalkeith 

Peaston, Tranent 

Peffer Mill, Liberton 

Peggyslee, Penicuick 

Peggy's MiU, Cramond 

Pelton House, Cramond 

Pembroke Lodge, Murrayfield 

Pencaitland, Tranent 

Pendreigh, Lasswade 

Penston, Tranent 

Pentecox, Liberton 

Pentland, Roslin and Loanhead 

Pentland Pathhead, Loanhead 

Pick, Penicuick 

Pilmuir, Balerno 

Pimlers Acre, Musselburgh 

Pinkhill, Corstorphine 

Pinkie Hill and Mains, Mussel- 

Pimie Hall 

Plaintree-shade, Penicuick 

Plewlands, Boro. Muu-head 

Plover Hall, Roslin and Preston 

Polton, Lasswade 
Pomothom, Penicuick 
Port Buchan, Broxburn 
Port Seaton, Prestonpans 
Post Buchan, Uphall 

Powflats, Broxburn 
Preston, Ford and Prestonpans 
Preston, Prestonpans 
Preston Cottage, Prestonpans 
Preston Orange, Prestonpans 
Preston Hall, Ford and Lasswade 
Prestonholm, Lasswade 
Preston Lodge, Corstorphine 
Priest Inch, Winchburgh 
Priest Mill, Kirkliston 
Primrosehill & Place, Musselburgh 
Prospectbank, Lasswade 
Providence Hall, Musselburgh 
Pumpherston, Mid-Calder 
Punclieonlaw, Kirklist<jn 
Pyethall, Uphall 

QuARRVUEAD, Lasswadc 

Ramsay Lodp.e, Portobello 

Ramslacks, Carrie 

Ransfield, Ratho 

Ravelrig, Balerno 

Kavelstone, Blackball 

Ravenshaugh, Musselburgh 

Ravensnook, Penicuick 

Raw Camp, Kirknewton 

lledcoal, Tranent 

Redhall, Slateford 

Redheughs, Corstorphine and Las.s- 

Reid, Ford 
Remote, Ford 
Reservoir, Penicuick 
Ruvelslike, Penicuick 
liiccarton, Hermiston 
Richmond Lodge, Portobello 
Riggenhead, Tranent 
Roads, Penicuick 
Roddenlaw, Ratho 
Rosebank, Roslin, Portjbello, and 

Roseberry, Fushiebridge 
Roseburn, Murrayfield 
Rosefield, Portobello 
Rosefield Avenue, Portobello 
Rose Hall, Musselbui-gh 
Rosehill, Penicuick 
Rose Lodge, Portobello 
Rosemaius, Ford 
Rosemay, Penicuick 
Rosemount, Penicuick, Portobello, 

Prestonpans, k Musselburgli 
Rose Park, Trinity 
Roseview, Penicuick 
Rose Villa, Portobello 
Rosewell, Lasswade 
Rosewell Dean, Lasswade 
Roslin Lee, Roslin 
Rumble Bank, Currie 
Ryal, Uphall 

Salton, Tranent 

Sandydean, Lasswade 

Saughinside, Ford 

Saughland Ford 

Saughton Hall and Mains, Slate- 

Saughton House, Cramond 

Sea Beach House and Cottage, 

Sea Mill, Musselburgh and Pres- 

Selms, Kirknewton 

Seton, Tranent 

Seton, South Mains, Prestonpans 



Sbawfair, Dalkeith 

Shaw's Hospital, Prestonpans 

Sbeepfield, Musselburgh 

Sheriffhall, Dalkeith 

Shotthead, Currie 

Shrewsbury Cottage, Lasswade 

Shrubmount, Portobello 

SighthiU, Hermiston and Slateford 

Silverbum, Penicuick 

SUver Knowes, Cramond 

Skeltymuir, Lasswade 

Skillnowe, Penicuick 

Slat«barns, KirkHstoa 

Slockendrouth, Slateford 

Smeaton, Dalkeith 

Smeaton Park, Inveresk 

Souterhole, Cramond 

South Bush, Musselburgh 

Soutbfield, Liberton, Portobello, 
Tranent, and Cramond 

South Gyle, Corstoi-phine 

South -house, Liberton 

South Melville, Lasswade 

South side. Ford 

Spafield Mills, Lasswade 

Spittal, Penicuick 

Spittleton, Kirknewton 

Springbank, Lasswade 

Springfield, Lasswade and Peni- 

Springfield Works, Loanhead 

Spring Garden, Musselburgh 

Spyfield, Colinton 

Spylaw k Sp . Bank, Colinton 

Squaretown, Dalkeith 

Standingstone, Kirkliston 

Stank ards, Uphall 

St Ann's, Lasswade 

St Ann's Cottage, Colinton 

St Catherine's, Liberton 

St Clement's Wells, Musselburgh 

St Germain's, Tranent 

St Leonard's MiUs. Lasswade 

Steell's Hospital, Tranent 

Stelknow, Penicuick 

Stenhouse, Liberton 

Stenhouse MiUs, Corstorphine and 

Stewartfield, Broxburn 

Stewart HUl, Kirknewton 

StiUknowe, Penicuick 

Stobs, Fushiebridge 

Stonedykehead, Liberton 

Stoneyport, Slateford 

Stoniebank and HUl, Jlusselburgh 

Stonyhill, Musselburgh 

Stonyrig, Kirknewton 

Straiton, Liberton 

Straton Place, Portohello 

Strawberry Bank, Dalkeith 

Summerfield House, Dalkeith 

Summer Side, Dalkeith 

Sunnyside, Kirknewton 

Swanston, Colinton 

Sweethope, Musselburgh 
Swine Burn, Wiuchburgh 
Sycamore Bank, Lasswade 
Sycamore Grove, Musselburgh 

Tarphin, Colinton 

Templehall, Kirknewton and Peni- 

Templehouse, Balerno 

Thomiebank, Dalkeith 

Thomycrook, Dalkeith 

Three-mile-town, Winchbur^n 

Threep-muir, Currie 

TodhiUs, Dalkeith 

Tor, Murrayfield 

Torphin. Colinton 

Tottly, Winchburgh 

Townhead, Balerno and Loanhead 

Tower Mains, Liberton 

Trabrown, Tranent 

Trafalgar Lodge, Musselburgh 

Tryste Street, Loanhead 

Tumdykes, Ford 

Tumhouse, Kirkliston and Cra- 

Tuxphin, Colinton 

Tusenlum, Musselburgh 

TynebaJik, Ford 

Tyneholm, Tranent 

TjTie Lodge, Ford 

Upper Frith, Penicuick 
Upper Gogar, Ratho 
Upper Liberton, Liberton 
Upper Spylaw, Slateford 

Valleyfield, Penicuick 
Vaughanside, Ford and Penicuick 
Venerfair, Ford and Penicuick 
View-bank, Lasswade 
Viewfield, Lasswade 
Viewpark, Lasswade 
Vogrie, Ford 

Wadixgbcrn, Lasswade 
Walltord Lodge, Prestonpans 
Walltower, Penicuick 
Wallyford, Musselburgh 
Walston, Penicuick 
Waltham Lodge, Murrayfield 
Wanton Walls, Musselburgh 
Waterstone, Uphall 
Wathome, Dalkeith 
Waulk Mm, Mvsselburgh 
Weddingbum, Lasswade 
Wellington Place, Musselburgh 
Wellington Villa, Portobello 
West Bangour, UphaU 
West Bank, Tranent and Porto 

West Beadlaw, Uphall 
West Binny, Uphall 
West Bonington, Ratho 
West Briggs, Kirkliston 

West Broadlaw, Uphall 

Westbrook, Balerno 

West Bush, Musselburgh 

West Colinton, Colinton 

West Craigs, Corstorphine 

Westedge, Liberton 

Wester Bonington, Ratho 

Wester Hailes, Slateford 

Westfarm, Winchburgh 

Westfield, Cramond 

Westfield Cottage, Portobello and 

Westholmes, Musselburgh 

West Houses, Dalkeith 

West Mains, Musselburgh and 

West Mills, Colinton, Mussel- 
burgh, and Lasswade 

West Muir, Kirkliston 

West Pans, Musselburiih 

West Pilton, Blackball' 

West Side, Penicuick 

West Wood. West Calder 

Wheatfield, Portobello 

Wheatlands, Kirkliston 

Whelpside, Balerno 

Whim, Penicuick 

Whinnyhaugh, Penicuick 

Whinny-row Cottage, Lasswade 

Whippylaw, Ford 

White Bogs, Lasswade 

Whiteburgh, Ford 

White Craig, Miisselburgh 

Whitehill, Lasswade and Kirk- 

Whitehill Colliery, Lasswade 

Whitehouse, Musselburgh 

Whitelaw, Currie 

Whitemoss, Ku-knewton 

Wilkieston, Ratho 

Williamfield House, Portohello 

Wilson's Park, Portobello 

Windford, Uphall 

Windj'goul, Tranent 

Winton, Tranent 

Wisp, Liberton 

Woodbank, Dalkeith 

Woodbine, Corstorphine 

Woodbine Cottage, Lasswade 

Woodburn, Dalkeith 

Woodcote, Blackshiels 

Woodend, Winchburgh 

Woodfield, Colinton 

Woodhall, Colinton, Tranent, and 

Woodhead, Ford 

Woodhouselee, Roslin 

Woodland Cottage, Portohello 

Woodrow, Ormiston 

Woodside, Colinton 

Woodville, Colinton & Murrayfield 

Woobnet, Dalkeith 

Wright's Mill, Juniper Green 

Wynsford, Uphall 

[ ^^^ ] 


Amazon Life Assurance Co. and Sick Benefit 

Society, 37 George st. — J. Faulds, agent 
A}i;oun, Robert, W.S., 3 Fettes row 
Ballingall, A. furniture dealer, 48 Howe st. 
Bell, John, general agent, 19 N.-West Circus 

Burr, ]\Irs John, 14 Heriot place 
Burrell, Mrs, ladies' nurse, 7 Carnegie street 
Colledge, William, surgeon, Maryfield, Easter 

Douglas, James, of Cavers, 34 Moray place 
Dunn, John H. 10 Buccleuch place 
Dunn, W. silk merchant, 10 Nicolson street 
Fauld^, ]\Irs, 37 George street 
Gralloway, Robt. bookbinder, 4 Clyde street 
Goidd, Mrs, shawl darner, 160 Canongate 
Ivison, M. W. engineer and patent agent, 160 


I Jamieson, John, printers' furniture and brass 
rule maker, engraver on wood, and stereo- 
typer, 43 East Crosscausey — house, 9 
Crichton street 

Mathison, Walter, spirit mercht., 92 High st. 

Moir, David, smith and ironmonger, 41 Ko. 

Munro, Donald, jobbing mason, Chalmers' cl. 

Scott, Henry, ship-broker, 35 Bernard st. 

Steadman, Aiidrew, provision merchant, 3 
Quality lane 

Telfer, John T. manufacturing goldsmith and 
jeweller, 26 George street 

Trotter, Robt. trimming warehouse, 15 Green- 
side street 

Walker, M. & Co. 78 Rose street 

Whitton, R. H. auctioneer and appraiser, 13 
London street 


Queen Street Hall Richard B. Sanderson. 






Abbott, Francis, Secretary to the General 

Post-Office for Scotland, 25 Moray place 
Abercrombie, Misses, 33 Moray place 
Aberdeen, Leith, & Clyde Steam-Shipping 
Co.'s Offices, Granton pier, Dock gates, 
Leith, and 6 South St Andrew street, Edin- 
burgh — G. Mathieson, agent 
Aberdeen, Moray Firth, Inverness, Caithness, 
Orkney, and Shetland Steam-Shipping Co.'s 
Offices, Granton pier. Dock gates, Leith, 
and 6 South St Andrew street, Edinburgh 
— G. Mathieson, agent 
Abernethy, Scott, watchmaker, 90 Kirkgate 
Abernethy, Mrs, midwife, 9 Jamaica street 
Abernethy, ]\Iiss, 110 Lauriston place 
Academy, "Royal Scottish, of Painting, Sculp- 
ture, and Architectm-e, Royal Institution — 
D. 0. Hill, secretary 
Academy, Edinburgh, Henderson row 
Academy, Southern, Park place house 
AcqurofF, John, hair-dresser, 20 Rose street 
Adair, John, tailor, 227 High street 
Adam & Kirk, W.S., 9 South Charlotte st. 
Adam & M'Gregor, wool merchants, 5 Baiik 

street, Leith 
Adam, Alex., teacher, 27 St James' squai-e. — 

See Adv. — ^house, 14 Dundas street 
Adam, Alex. F., W.S., 19 Claremont crescent 
Adam, Geo. {Sasine OJJice), 6 St Vincent st. 
Adam, Henry, wine & spirit merchant, 8 

Young street — house, 6 
Adam, James, S.S.C, 19 Claremont crescent 
Adam, James, victual dealer, 80 Pleasance 
Adam, James, advocate, 36 Castle street 
Adam, John, baker, 17 Tolbooth -wynd, Leith 


Adam, John, draftsman & engraver on wood, 

1 Windsor street 
Adam, John, lodgings, 18 Brunsmck street 
Adam, Patrick (Sang & A.), 9 Brandon st. 
Adam, Robert, wright, 56 Lothian street 
Adam, Robert, city accountant. City Cham- 
bers — house, 18 Gardner's crescent 
Adam, Steph. wool-merchant, 3 Bonning. pi. 
Adam, Mrs, 11 Grove street 
Adam, Mrs, 53 Queen street 
Adam, Mrs, 9 Bonnington place 
Adam, Miss Louisa, 13 South Castle street 
Adams & Co. wine-merchants, 14 South St 

Andrew street and 5 Meuse lane 
Adams, Alex, bootmaker, 35 Bridge st. Leith 
Adams, Alex. Maxwell, M.D. 16 Argyle sq. 
Adams, Aw. {A & Co.), 13 Duke street 
Adams, George C, S.S.C. 10 Duncan street, 

Drummond place 
Adams, Gilbert, bootmaker, 61 Nicolson st. 
Adams, James, coffee-room, 219 High street 
Adams, John, S.S.C. Drumsheugh cottage 
Adams, John, jun. S.S.C. 9 Danube street 
Adams, Nat. chimney sweep, 59 Thistle st. 
Adams, Rob. smith and ironmonger, 4 Rut- 
land place — house, 28 Torphichen street 
Adams, W. D , M.D. and Surgeon, 16 Argyle 

square and 53 Nicolson street 
Adams, Mrs M. ladies' nurse, 1 Mound place 
Adams, Mrs, lodgings, 52 Broughton street 
Adamson, David M., S.S.C. 16 Nelson street 
Adamson, George, contractor, 35 Leith st. 
Adamson, Henry, plasterer, 32 Arthur st. 
Adamson, James, manager, Johnstone & Hun- 
ter's printing office, 12 Beaumont place 





Adamson, Thomas C. tea-dealer, record office 

for servants, 4 South St Andrew street 
Adamson, W. M. cooper and fish-curer, 51 

Giles' street — house, 5 Cable wynd, Leith 
Adamson, Mrs John, 30 Kirkgate, Leith 
A<lcock, Gilbert, paper warehouse, 50 High st. 

ho. 35 South bridge 
Addis, Rev. Thomas, Morningside place 
Addis, Mrs William, 6 Grove street 
Addison, Alexander, baker, 124 Kirkgate 
Addison, Andrew, lodgings, 55 Princes street 
Addison, llev. Berkeley, 19 Great Stuart st. 
Addison, Jas., spirit dealer, 57 North bridge 
Adie, Alex, and Son, opticians, 50 Princes st. 
Adie, Alexander, optician, Canaan Cottage 
Adie, John, optician, 50 Northumberland st. 
Adie, William, spirit dealer, 7 Dock pi. Leith 
Adie, Mrs Robert, 11 Duncan street 
Adjutant-Generai/s Office, 3 Hope street 
AiivERTi.SER Publishing; Office, 13 Hanover 

street — Printing-Office, 91 Rose street 
Advocates' Library, Parliament square 
Advocate, Lord, 15 Great Stoart street 
Advocates' Widows' Fund, 5 S.E. Circus 

place — John Cay, collector 
Affleck, Archibald, fleshir, 9 Home street 
Affleck, George, hosier, glover, and laceman, 

39 Queen street 
Affleck, James, grocer, lOCauseyside — house, 

11. Canning place 
Affleck, John, wright, 38 Brunswick street 
Affleck, Robert, grocer, wine & spirit dealer, 

26 St Leonard street 
Affleck, Miss, 10 Blenheim place 
Agnew, Mrs George, 1 Rankeilior street 
Agnew, Lady, 24 Moray place 
Agriculturist Fire, Life, Cattle and 
Hail Insurance Co. 9 South St Andrew 
street — F. M'Minn, superintendent 
Agricultural Improvement Office, 7 

Pitt street 
Agricultural Labourers' Dwellings As- 
sociation, 51 George street— Patrick Moli- 
son, acting secretary and accountant 
Aikman, Andrew & Co. law printers, 11 

Hanover street — house, 82 Princes street 
Aikman, Aw. corn dealer, 12 Queensferry st. 
Aikman, Arch. & Co. merchants, 1 Victoria 

Aikman, Archibald {A. A. Sf Co.), 94 Lauris 

ton place 
Aikman, A. and D., wholesale leather mer- 
chants, 5 and 38 Niddry street 
Aikman, Colin C. com. & wine merchant, 
36 Mitchell street, Leith— ho. 3 George pi. 
Aikman, George, engraver and printer, 29 

North bridge — house, 5 Roxburgh terrace 
Aikman, Rev. J. Logan, 4 Bellevue terrace 
Aikman, John & Son, painters, paper-hangers, 

and glaziers, 8 Queensferry street 
Aikman, John, S.S.C. 48 Frederick street 
Aikman, Matthew, flesher, 6 Middle market 
— house, 9 Graham street 

Aikman, William, wholesale atationer, 30 
Victoria strett — house, 2 

Aikman, Mrs James, 3 George place 

Aikman, Mrs James, 5-b St Patrick square 

Aikman, Mrs, 11 Charles street 

Aikman, Miss, 11 Charles street 

Aimers, Samuel, tailor, 38 Rankeilior st. 

Ainslie, Daniel, 48 Moray place / 

Ainslie, David, 54 Queen street 

Ainslie, James, cod merchant, 34 Sheriff 
brae — house, 2 Old Bridge end 

Ainslie, John, furniture dealer, 258 Cowgate 

Ainslie, Jolm, farmer, Ilillend 

Ainslie, Robert, W.S. and attorney in Exche- 
quer, 1 4 Abercromby place 

Ainslie, \Vm. (of Gardner^ Ainslie) 44 Howe 

Ainslie, Mrs, 5 Wharton place 

Aird, Thomas, 3 Saunders St., Stockbri'lge 

Aird, Misses, Spring valley, Morningside 

Aire, Miss, 6 Springfield 

Airmet, Jas. earthenw. dealer, 96 Pleasance 

Airtb, Mrs, Hope street, Leith walk 

Aitchison and Sons, confectioners to her Ma- 
jesty, 77 Queen street 

Aitchison, Christopher, painter, glazier, and 
paper-hanger, 22 Nelson street 

Aitchison, David, draper, 22 Kirkgate — ho. 
9 Glover utreet, Leith 

Aitchison, Francis, 6 Broughton place 

Aitchison, George, baker, 1 Wemyss place 

Aitchison, Geo. spirit merch. 163 High st. 

Aitchison, Geo. grocer and spirit dealer, 35 j 
Richmond place 

Aitchison, James, draper, 18 N.-West Circus 
place — house, 1 5 Brunswick street 

Aitchison, John, grocer, 49 Cowgate 

Aitchison, John & Co. brewers, 48 South back 
of Canongate 

Aitchison, John, tailor and clothier, 18 North 

Aitchison, John, wholesale spirit merchant, 
44, 45, and 46 Shore 

Aitchison, Tho. shoemaker, 31 Richmond pi. 

Aitchison, Mrs, 15 St John street 

Aitchison, Mrs, 13 East Adam st. 

Aitchison, Mrs Major, 67 Great King street 

Aitchison, Mrs Isabella, biker, Granton 

Aitchison, Miss, 68 Gforge street 

Aitken and Campbell, wine merchants, 11 St 
James' square— house, 22 Broughton place 

Aitken, Alex. & Co. smiths, ironmongers, and 
tinsmiths, 19 Hanover street 

Aitken. Alex, seal and gentral engraver and_ 
lithographer, 3 St Andrew street. 

Aitken, Alex, iron merchant, 5 Sylvan place 

Aitken, A. {Marshall (S( A.), 19 Buccleucti 

Aitken, Alex, coal agent, 9 Port- Hamilton 

Aitken & Co. firewootl factory, 69 Fountaia 

Aitken & Co. English coal merchants, Junc- 
tion bridge wharf, Leith 





Aitken, A. C. sharebroker, 20 St Andrew sq. 
Aitken, Andw, (/. A. S)- Co.), 6 Mansfield place 
Aiiken, Andw. (A. G. S,- Co.), 4 Vanburgh pi. 
Aitken, David, flesher, 20 Home street 
Aitken, Gray, & Co. corn factors and com- 
mission merchants, 27 Quality street 
Aitken, James & Co. wholesale tea and coffee 

dealers, 2 Blenheim pi. — ho. Maryfield Ho. 
Aitken, James, farrier, 14 Potterrow 
Aitken, James, chemist and druggist, 44 

Broughton street — ho. 12 Fettes row 
Aitken, James, solicitor. County buildings, 

— house, 45 St Cuthbert street 
Aitken, James {J. A §• Co.), Maryfield house 
Aitken, James, collector of aunuity assessment, 

12 Royal Exchange — house, 5 North St 

James' street 
Aitken, John, veter. surgeon, 42 Buccleuch st. 
Aitken, John, wholesale tea and coffee mercht. 

7 1 Adam square — house, 6 West Newington 
Aitken, John, teetotal coffee-house, 104 

Hi}^h street 
Aitken, John, painter & glazier, 3 Union pi. 
Aiiken, John, upholsterer, cabinetmaker, car- 
ver and gilder, house agent, and appraiser, 

39 Frederick street 
Aitken, Robert, tea and coffee dealer, 1 West 

College street — house, 2 Buccleuch place 
Aiiken, Robt. gardener, Jock's Lodge 
Aitken, Ttiomas (London i.^ Edin. Shipping 

Co.), 8 London r<»w, Leith 
Aitken, Walter, baker, 117 Nicolson street 
Aitken, William, 56 Bridge street, Leith 
Aitken, Wm. grocer, 14 Tolboothwynd, Leith 
Aitken, William, accountant, 7 Tollcross 
Aitken, W. grocer, 19 St Andrew st. Leith 
Aitken, Wm. chemist and druggist, 3 Pitt 

street and 44 Broughton street — house, 12 

Fettes row 
Aitken, Mrs Janet, grocer, 44 Home street 
Aitken, Mrs W. midwife, 7 Leith street 
Aitken, Mrs, Craigside place 
Aiken, Mrs, ladies' nurse, 3 Jamaica street 
Aitken, Mrs, 16 Keir street 
Aitkenhead, Adam.flesher, 13 E. Richmond st. 
Aitkin, Miss, 12 Brandon street 
Albion Cloth Warehouse, John Dick & Co., 

Assembly Rooms, George street — agents for 

Bicknell & Moore, London 
Albion Insurance Office of London, 14 

Royal Exchange — Andrew Muir, agent 
Albion Loan Co. 23 Rose street 
Airier, Wm. 13 Salisbury street 
Alder, William, jun., commission agent, 60 

New buildings. North bridge — house, 13 

Salisbury street 
Alexander & Co. silk dyers, 76 Clerk street 
Alexander, Andw. baker, 58 East Crosscausey 
Alexander, Charles, tailor and clothier, 105 

Nicolson street 
Alexander, Charles, nursery and seedsman, 

32 W. Register st house, 15 Nelson st. 

j Alexander, Frederick, commission agent, 60 

New Buildings, North Bridge — bo. Cumin 
place. Grange 
Alexander, George, Wright, 156 Causey side 
Alexander, H D., M.D. surg , 46 Canongate 
Alexander, Jas. T. surgeon and accoucheur, 

3 Randolph place 
Alexander, James, 43 Lauriston place 
Alexander, Jas. {Rich. A. and Son}, 22 Cla- 
rence street 
Alexander, James, nursery and seedsman, 

Leith Walk Nursery 
Alexander, Rev. John, 4 St Vincent street 
Alexander, Jn. grocer & spirit mercht. Newh. 
Alexander, John, flesher, 163 Fountainbridge 
Alexander, Jn. (T. Sf J. Alex.) 108 Lauriston 

Alexander, John, tailor and clothier, 2 Can- 
ning place 
Alexander, Jn. builder, 10 Gilmour place 
Alexander, Lewis, wine and spirit mercht. and 

manuf. of liquors, &c. Union st. lane 
Alexander, Richard & Son, wine merchants to 

the Qieen, 24 Frederick street 
Alexander, Richard, draper, hosier, and shirt 

maker, 467 Lawnmarket 
Alexander, Richard, 16 St Vincent street 
Alexander, Robt., butcher & poulterer, 42 So. 
Clerk St. — house, Eraser lodge, Newington 
Alexander, Thos. & John, surgeons, 5 Grass- 
Alexander, Tho. & Son, coopers, 71 St 

Andrew street, Leith 
Alexander, T. B. {A. ^ Son), 71 St Andrew 

street, Leith 
Alexander, Thomas, surg. 45 Lauriston place 
Alexander, Thomas, comm. agent, 93 Giles' 

street, Leith 
Alexander, Thomas, comm. agent, 2 Laurie 

street, Leith 
Alexander, Wm., W.S. commissary clerk of 
Edinburgh, Commissary Ofiice, Parliament 
square — Chambers, 10 N. St David st. — ho. 
/ 4 George sq. 
Alexander, W. {Cockburn ^ Co.) 11 Windsor 

Alexander, Wm. dyer, 3 East Mayfield loan 
Alexander, Wm. 21 Comely Bank 
Alexander, Wm., J. P. officer, 12 Charles st. 
Alexander, Mrs James, grocer and spirit dealer, 
79 Kirkgate — house, 52 Charlotte st. Leith 
Alexander, Mrs & Co. outfitting and baby 

linen warehouse, 53 George street 
Alexander, Mrs, grocer, 24 Home street 
Alexander, Mrs, lady's nurse, 8 Hamilton pi. 
Alexander, Miss, 7 Nicolson square 
Alison and Cowan, corn merchants, 29 Consti- 
tution street, Leith 
Alison, A. 8 Prince Regent street, N. Leith 
Alison, Jn. (^A. S{ Cowan), 9 Hermitage place, 

Alison, Dr W. P. professor of the practice 

of medicine, 44 Heriot row 
Alison, Mrs, 1 9 Upper Gray street 





Allan & Gavin, wine merchants, 25 Sheriff 
brae, Leith 

Allan, Alexander & Co. bankers, 40 Princes 

Allan and Dunlop, stockbrokers, 4 St Andrew 

Allan, Alex, millwright, Mayfield loan 

Allan, Alex, advocate, 5 Hillside crescent 

Allan, Alex, goods manager, E. P. & Duodee 
Railway — house, 3 Scotland street 

Allan, Alex, cabinetmaker, upholsterer, and 
licensed appraiser, 1 Shandwick place, and 
Castle terrace 

Allan, Geo. {Ballantine and A.), 12 Nelson 

Allan, Geo. {Com. Bank), 34 Danube street 

Allan, George, baker, 4 Shrub place 

Allan, Geo. 44 Cumberland street 

Allan, .lames, tailor, 86 South bridge 

Allan, James, 20 Barony street 

Allan, James & Co., cabinetmakers and up- 
holsterers, 53 Earl Gray street 

Allan, J. G. (A. ^' Gavin), 6 Leopold place 

Allan, John, cabinetmaker, 18 Dundas street 

Allan, John, 87 George street 

Allan, John, 29 Frederick street 

Allan, John R. spirit dealer, 435 Lawnmarket 
— ho. Wardrop's court, Lawnmarket 

Allan, Robert, eharebroker, 29 York place 

Allan, Thomas & Co. printers and publishers 
of the Caledonian Mercury, and general prin- 
ters, 265 High street 

Allan, Thos. C. {iicoit &; A.), 9 Brunton place 

Allan, Thomas, manure contractor, 1 1 Pillans' 

Allan, W. {Customs), Hillbousefield 

Allan, Wm., S.S.C. Moray street 

Allan, Mrs Ann, dressmaker, 68 Nicolson st. 

Allan, Mrs Wm. coal merchant, 12 Port- 
Hamilton — house, 6 Newport street 

Allan, Mrs, French staymaker, 87 George st. 

Allan, Mrs, gardener, Lover's lane, Leith wa. 

Allan, Miss Joanna, 11 Brandon street 

Allan Miss, 17 Norton place 

Allardice and Sclanders, upholsterers and cabi- 
netmakers to the Queen, 12 George st. 

Allardice, Thomas, 21 Howard place 

Allen, Alfred {Inland Revenue)^ 68 Cumber- 
land street 

Alliance Assurance Co. 32 India street — 
CM. Bars tow, agent 

Alliance British and Foreign Life and Fire 
Assurance Co. 95 George street — David 
JMaclagan, manager 

Alliance Marine Assurance Co. 15 Bernard 
street — John Warrack & Co., agents 

Allison, Alex, asphalter, 44 Whitfield place — 
house, 189 Rose street 

Allison, James, shipmr. 37 Couper st. Leith 

Allison, John & Son, house agents and feu 
collectors, 24 Middle Arthur place 

Alloa and Leith Steam Packet Co.'s Office, 
Konaldson's Wharf I 

Allshorn, G. E. surgeon and homoeopathic 

chemist, 69 George street — ho. 52 Hanover 

Alston, Gleo. clothier and hatter, 40 Hanover st. 

— house, 12 AthoU place 
Alston, Hugh, 21 Parkside street 
Alston, John, tea dealer, wine merchant, and 

grocer, 50 Tolbooih wynd, Leith 
Alston, Mrs, 8 Nicolson square 
Alves, Charles George, Lieutenant- Colonel, 

H.E.LC.S. 26 Broughton place 
Alves, Henry Scott, 9 Royal terrace 
Alves, Miss E. 17 Uaeburn place 
Alves, Miss, 6 Scotland street 
Anchor Assurance Co. 3 Mitchell street — 

James Cochrane, agent 
Ancrum, J. W. cork manufacturer, 142 Rose 

Anderson & Patterson, upholsterers and house 

agents, 10 Queensferry street 
Andersons and Wood, merchants, 14 St An- 
thony street 
Anderson's Royal Fancy Bazaar, 47 North 

Anderson, Alex, cabinetmaker, 33 Brunswick 

Anderson, Alex. 12 Hill square 
Anderson, Alex. 27 South Clerk street 
Anderson, Alex. Graham, 10 S. St James' st. 
Anderson, Andrew, M.D. 40 Minto street 
Anderson, Archibald, 14 Bruntsfield place 
Anderson, Campbell, gardener, FiUyside gar- 
Anderson, Charles, M.D.,F.R.C.S. 40 QuaUty 

Anderson, C. W. (R. A. ^ Co. ), 1 Laverock 

I Anderson, Charles, S.S.C. 41 Heriot row 
Anderson, D. of Moredun, banker, 98 George 

Anderson, David, spirit merchant, 25 Citadel 
Anderson, David, farrier, Hamilton's entry 
Anderson, DaviJ, hairdresser, 119 Nicolson 

Anderson, D. baker, 13 Hamilton pL — ho. 1 

Riego St. 
Anderson, David {A.d: Wood), 15London row 
Anderson, D. S. laboratory, 247 Canongate 
Anderson, Duncan, Keeper of Chapel Royal, 

Ironside place 
Anderson, Duncan, gardener, W. Norton pi. 
Anderson, Ed. bazaar, 6 & 7 Greenside st. 
Anderson, Francis, 34 Charlotte square 
Anderson, Geo., Rosebank, Mayfield loan 
Anderson, George, teacher, 8 Heriot place 
Anderson, George, grocer & victual-dealer, 

4 Amphion place 

Anderson, Geo. shipmr. 38 Bridge st. Leith 
Anderson, George S., writer, 28 Carnegie st. 
Anderson, Hart, collector of West Kirk poor- 
rates, 1 Rutland street 
Anderson, Hugh, agent for Falkirk Iron Co. 

5 Aleadow place 





Anderson, Isaac, S.S.C. 41 York pi. — house, 

14 Mary field 
Anderson, James, solicitor-at-law, 5 Hill sq. 
Anderson, James (of Customs), 4 View place, 

Glover street, Leith 
Anderson, James, musician, 17 Canning pi. 
Anderson, James, bookbinder, 68 Nicolson st. 
Anderson, J. upholsterer, 28 Candlemaker 

Anderson, James, plasterer, Lothian road — 

house, 23 Downie place 
Anderson, James C, Lauder road. Grange 
Anderson, James, jun. draper, 345 High st. 

— ho. 13 Brandon Street 
Anderson, James, supervisor of Inland Re- 
venue, 7 London row 
Anderson, James, weaver. Water of Leith 
Anderson, James, civil engineer and architect, 

1 4 Clarence street 
Anderson, James, tailor and clothier, 33 

Richmond place 
Anderson, James T. 3 Gloucester place 
Anderson, James, printer, I Clerk street 
Anderson, James, 3 Portland place 
Anderson, John and Francis, W.S., 50 Castle 

Anderson, John, agent, Stonefield cottage, 

Anderson, John (T. A. Mathieson §• Co.), 

— ho. Borougbmuirhead, Morningside 
Anderson, John, bookbinder & stationer, 233 

High street 
Anderson, John, grocer and victual dealer, 23 

Bristo street 
Anderson, John, Cafe Royal, 1 Register pi. 
Anderson, John, boot and shoemaker, 9 

Young street 
Anderson, .John, 31 St Bernard's crescent 
Anderson, John, W.S. 32 Moray place 
Anderson, John, lodgings, 11 Drummond st. 
Anderson, John, trowser-maker, 4i North 

bridge — bouse, 8 Beaumont place 
Anderson, John, jun. bootmaker, 21 South 

bridge — house 5 Windmill street 
Anderson, John, Holland lodge, S. Gray st. 
Anderson, Jn. (R.GrieveSf Co.), 28 Saxe-co- 

burg place 
Anderson, John, purveyor offish to the Queen 

for Scotland, 106 George street — ho. 108 
Anderson, John, dairy, 39 Constitution st. 
Anderson, John G., Viewfield, Trinity 
Anderson, Letham, writer, 62 Cumberland st. 
Anderson, Lewis, ironmonger, 32 Bridge 

street, Leith 
Anderson, Matthew, railway contractor, 9 

Trinity crescent 
Anderson, Michael, law printer, 7 George 

street — house, Wardie house 
Anderson, Patrick, 2 W. Claremont street 
Anderson, Peter, W.S. 29 Howe street 
Anderson, Peter, tailor, 21 Lothian street 
Anderson, Peter (^Shore Dues), 11 Portland 

place, Leith 

Anderson, Robt. teacher of natural history and 

physical science, 7 Gayfield square 
Anderson, Robert, S.S.C. 1 Dundas street 
Anderson, Robert (^National Bank), 6 West 

Preston street 
Anderson, Robert, pianoforte seller and tuner, 

10 Dean street 
Anderson, Robert, printer, 160 High street — 

house, 98 Grange place 
Anderson, Robert & Co. metal merchants, 6 

Timber Bush, Leith 
Anderson, Robert, 6 Ingliston street 
Anderson, Robert, gardener, Merchiston 
Anderson, R. and R. candlemakers, 93 Giles' 

street — ho. 2 Cassels' place, Leith 
Anderson, Robert (^Normal Institution)^ Castle 

terrace — house, 48 London street 
Anderson, R. 0. (G.P.O.), 4 Great King 

Anderson, Thos. secretary Nat. Batik of Scot- 
land, 41 St Andrew square 
Anderson, Thos. Scott, W.S. 1 Atholl place 
Anderson, W. spirit dealer, 33 Elbe street 
Anderson, Wm. corn merchant, 5 Archibald 

Anderson, Wra. perfumer, 2 East Register st. 
Anderson, Wm. Marchmont, herald, lyon elk. 

depute. Register ho. — house, 13 Union st. 
Anderson, Wm. 21 Broughton street 
Anderson, William, corn-dealer, 165 West pt. 
Anderson, Wm. flesher, 18 Middle market 
Anderson, W. and J. ironmongers, 22 Nicol- 
son street 
Anderson, William, town clerk, 107 Consti- 
tution street, Leith 
Anderson, William, merchant, 38 Constitu- 
tion street — ho. 1 Salisbury road 
Anderson, Wm. baker and confectioner, 12 

South College street 
Anderson, Wm. trunk & portmanteau maker, 

1 Charles st. 
Anderson, William, slater, 227 High street 
Anderson, Wm. merchant. Hermitage place 
Anderson, Wm. carter. Junction road, Leith 
Anderson, Wm. {Betl Sf Co.), 7 Brown st. 
Anderson, Mrs C. ladies' nurse, 23 Howe st. 
Anderson, Mrs Charles, 8 London street 
Anderson, Mrs C. 10 Blackett place 
Anderson, Mrs, 7 George square 
Anderson, Mrs Helen, 3 Hope street 
Anderson, Mrs Jas. 30 Rutland square 
Anderson, Mrs Jane, grocer, 38 Home street 
Anderson, Mrs John, 20 St Cuthbert street 
Anderson, Mrs John, 12 Gayfield square 
Anderson, Mrs, lodgings, 22 Albany street 
Anderson, Mrs Margaret, 5 Cheyne street 
Anderson, Mrs Michael, 20 Howe street 
Anderson, Mrs Wm. 2 London street 
Anderson, Mrs M. 10 Duncan street 
Anderson, Mrs, 28 Rutland square 
Anderson, Mrs, 2 Queen street 
Anderson, Mrs, 20 Coates crescent 
Anderson, Mrs, sick nurse, 1 St Bernard's pL 





Anderson, Mrs, lodgings, 39 Dublin street 

Anderson, Mrs, ealing-house, 20 Rose street 

Anderson, Miss Agnes, 29 Clarence street 

Anderson, Miss B. dressmaker, 16 Greenside 

Anderson, Miss Margaret S. 6 Windmill st. 

Anderson, Miss Mary, dressmkr. 44 India pi. 

Anderson, Miss, sen. of Winlerfield, 24 In- 
verleith row 

Anderson, Miss, 46 Gilmore place 

Anderson, Miss, 8 Lynedoch place 

Anderson, Miss, ladies' seminary, 16 AthoU 

Anderson, Miss, 23 Howe street 

Anderson, Miss, dressmaker, 74 Constitu- 
tion street, Leith 

Anderson, i\Iiss, Rosebank, Mayfield loan 

Anderson, Miss, 5 Howe street 

Anderson, Misses, 10 Maryfield 

Anderson, Misses, 1 Blacket place 

Anderson, IVIisses, 5 Great King street 

Anderson, Misses, dressmakers, 35 West Ni- 
colson street 

Andrew, James, M.D., F.R.C.P.E. 15 Queen 

Andrew, Mrs, 3 Mary place 

Andrews, Wm. accountant, 20 Coburg street 

Angelica, Mademoiselle, teacher of dancing, 
1 Albyn place 

Angus, David R. bookseller, stationer, and 
news-agent, 9 Bread street 

Angus, James H. agent, J 5 Buccleucb street 

Angus, J. plumber and gasfitter, 5 Charles st. 

Angus, Robert, woollen and linen draper, 68 
and 69 Tolbooth wynd — house, 2 Welling- 
ton place, Leith 

Angus, Thomas, flesher, 164 Rose street — 
house, 116 

Angus, Wm., agent, I Market street — house, 
1 Lothian road 

Angus, Mrs C. 10 Dublin street 

Angus, Miss Jessie, dressmaker, 47 India pi. 

Annan, James, plasterer, 8 Bread st. — house, 
1 Alva street 

Annuity Assessment OfBce, 12 Royal Ex- 

Anstruther, James, 42 Moray place 

Antiquarian Society, 24 George street 

Anton, James, agent, 2 ToUcross 

Arbuckle, Joseph, cutler and bandage maker, 
48 Nicolson street 

Arbuthnot, Sir Robert Keith, Bart. 16 Char- 
lotte square 

jArcher & Mann, solicitors, 21 Beinard street, 

I Leith 

Archer, James, portrait painter, 21 York pi. 

j^.rcher, John, fruit merchant, 2 Duke street, 

Archer, Robt. 1 Summerfield, Leith 

Archer, Mrs W. 3 Middle Arthur place 

Archibald, C. baker & confectioner, 1 Archi- 
bald place 

Archibald, David, farrier, 166 Rose street 

Archibald, David, tailor, 77 Rose street 
Archibald, George, 10 St Patrick square 
Archibald, George, keeper. County Hall 
Archibald, Jas. surgeon, 89 Wester Newington 
Archibald, Jn. victual dealer, 3 Greenside pi. 
Archibald, John, hatter, 92 High street 
Archibald, John, baker, 29 Pitt street 
Archibald, William Power, hotel-keeper, 87 

Princes street 
Archibald, Miss, 2 South-west Circus place 
Archibald, Misses, 30 Pdtt street 
Architectural Institute of Scoiland, 51 

George street ,| 

Arcus, Mrs John, lodgings, 3 Stafford street 
Argus Life Insurance Co. 38 Frederick street 

— Scott, Rymer, and Scott, agents 
Arkley, Patrick, advocate, 29 Great King st. 
Arkley, Miss Elizabeth, furniture sempstress, 

26 Pleasance 
Arkley, Miss, 18 Cassells' place 
Armet, Wm. & Son, tailors, 8 Shakspeare sq. 
Armitage, Alex. B. accountant, 40 Albany st. 
Armitage, Mrs Samuel, 40 Albany street 
Armour, Harry, priuter, 54 South bridge—* 

house, 18 Buccleucb place 
Armstrong, Thomas, cashier, Bank of Scot- 

land — house, ditto 
Armstrong, William, joiner and cabinetmaker, 

2 Nottingham terrace 
Armstrong, Miss Margaret, dressmaker, 2 St 

James' place 
Arnaud, Major, Middlefield house, Leith 

Arniston Colliery Office, St Leonard's De- 
pot — John Wotherspoon, agent, 17 Parkside 

Arnold, James, baker, 25 Home street 
Arnot, Rev. David, D.D. 38 George square 
Arnot, Henry, Abbey mount 
Arnot, Mrs Andrew, 2 W. Newington place 
Arnot, Misses, Bellevue cottage. Trinity 
Arnott & Malcolm, W.S. 2 Forth street 
Arnott, .Tames, W.S. 5 Wemyss place 
Arnott, James Rich, dispensing chtniist, 82 

Howe street — house, 30 
Arnott, James, baker, 44 Buccleucb street 
Arnott, John, W.S. 1 St Vincent street 
Arnott, Mrs, 1 St Vincent street 
Arnott, Mrs, 30 Howe street 
Arnott, Missjteacher of drawing, French and 

music, 30 Howe street 
Arthur, Andrew, pastor of Bristo st. Baptist 

Church, 15 Buccleucb pi. 
Arthur & Son, clothiers, IQ So. St David st. 
Arthur, Chas. secretary to the Edinburgh & 

Leith Gas Co. 33 Howe street 
Arthur, Geo. Wellington place 
Arthur, John, house agent, 4 Roxburgh terrace 
Arthur, John, railway contractor, 11 St 

James' place 
Arthur, Richard, S.S.C. 16 Royal Exchange — 

house, Viewfield, Merchiston 
Arthur, Wm. 4 Rankeillor street 





Arthur, Miss, 2 Wellington place 

Akts, Royal Scottish Society of — James Tod, 

secretary, 55 Great King street 
Arts, The Royal Association for Promotion 
of Fine — J. A. Bell, 69 York place, sec- 
Arts, Royal lustitution for the Encourage- 
ment of Fine — Institution, Mound 
Ashenheim, Jacob, jeweller, silversmith, and 

watchmaker, 25 Castle street 
Ashworth, Mrs, 33 Gaytield square 
Assay, Goldsmiths' Office, 98 South bridge 
Assembly Rooms, 54 George street 
Association for the Revival of Sacred Music, 

St Cecilia Hall, Randolph place 
Asylum, Foreign and Domestic Life Assurance, 
35 Frederick street — H. Fraser, W.S. agent. 
— See Adv. 
Asylum, Magdalene, 181 Canongate — J. S. 

Ogilvy, treasurer 
Asylum for Industrious Blind, 58 Nicolson 

street — Thos. Wallace, manager 
Asylum for the Female Blind, 38 Nicolson 

street — Miss Bathgate, matron 
Atkinson, Isaac, 17 Minto street 
Atkinson, Jas. Charles, master. Royal Navy, 

2 Madeira street 
Atkinson, John Balfour, 8 Royal terrace 
Atkinson, J. T., General Fost- Office, Otchdrd- 

field, Leith Walk 
Atkinson, R. coach-hirer, 8 N.-W. Circus pi. 
Atlas Fire & Life Assurance Co.'s office — 
John Campbell, 8 Scotland St., W. White, 
12 Frederick st., H. Tod, 5 York place, 
G. F. Chiene, 7 George street, agents 
Auchie, Alex, upholst. auctioneer, appraiser, 
and undertaker, 25 George street — house, 
4 Argyle square 
Auchie, Alex. jun. Grange road 
Aucbineloss, John, smith, North Rose st. lane 

—house, 24 Gardner's crescent 
Auditor's Chambers, 16 Royal Exchange 
Aue, Dr C. E. teacher of German, 43 Northum- 

berlnd street 
Auld, Hugh, 40 Drummond place 
Auld, James, bootmaker, 897 Lawnmarket 
Auld, John, W. S. 10 Duke street 
Auld, John, shoemaker, 13 Heriot's buildings 
Auld, John, bootmaker, 5 Elm row 
Auld, Wm. shoemaker, 513 Lawnmarket — 

house, 20 Meadow place 
Austin, John, mason, St Bernard's row 
Austin, IVIrs Elizabeth, 8 Mary place 
Austin, Miss, 1 Walker street 
Ayer, James, tailor, 10 Catharine street 
Aytoun, James, advocate, 39 Heriot row 
Aytouii, Wm. Edmondstoune, advocate, pro- 
fessor of rhetoric and belles lettres, sheriflf 
of Orkney, 16 Great Stuart street 
Aytoun, Mrs, 28 Inverleith row 
Aytoun, Mrs M. C. W. of Purin, 19 Coates 

Aytoun, Miss, 39 Heriot row 

Bawdon, Isaac, mail-guard, 13 Calton hill 

Baprg, Mrs, 46 Nicolson street 

Bagg-iley, W. H. &Co. commission merchants, 
50 George street 

Baggot, Richard, 11 Leopold place 

Baigrie, George, coal merchant, Echo bank 

Baijiri*, Thos. coal merchant, Scotland Street 
Station. — See Adv. 

Baildon, H. C. chemist and druggist, 73 Princes 

Baildon, Wm. druggist, 10 Torphichen street 

Bailey, Joseph, Abana villa, Lauder road 

Bailey, John, boot & shoemaker, 78 Princes st. 

Bailey, John, 1 Gardner's crescent 

Bailey, Wm. jun. commission agent and 
merchant, 25 Greenside place 

Bailey, W. 28 Danube street 

Baillie & Palmer, coach-lace manufacturers, 
Mint close 

Baillie, Charles, advocate, sheriff of Stirling- 
shire, 14 Randolph crescent 

Baillie, George (late of the Bengal establish- 
ment), H.E.I.C.S. 3 Atholl crescent 

Baillie, J. M. (Moncreif Sj- B.), 14 Walker st. 

Baillie, James W., W.S. agent for Western 
Life Assurance Company, and Law Fire 
Assurance Company, 14 Walker street 

Baillie, John, Grange road 

Baillie, P. spirit dealer, 14 Hanover street 

Baillie, Robt. G. of Culterallers, 14 Walker 

Baillie, Robert, clothier, 3 Melbourne place — 
ho. 3 Spittal street 

Baillie, Thomas, S.S.C. 4 Baxter's place 

Baillie, Thos. & Nicol, provision mercht. Vic- 
toria street 

Baillie, Walter (^Warrick and B.), 18 Buc- 
cleuch place 

Baillie, William, of Falahill, W.S. 31 Regent 

Baillie, Wm. 5 Inverleith terrace 

Baillie, Wm. R. (^Mackenzie and B.), 3 Nor- 
thumberland street 

Baillie, W. boot & shoemaker, 25 Thistle st. 

Baillie, Zerub, 5 Brown's place 

Baillie, Mrs Barb, midwife, 2 Roxburgh st. 

BailHe, Mrs, sick-nurse, 7 Wright's houses 

Baillie, Mrs, 7 Lynedoch place 

Bain, Alex. B. spirit merchant, 4 Cable wynd 

Bain, Arthur, printer, 5 North bank street 

Bain, D. G. 32 Alva street 

Bain, Daniel, boot and shoemaker, 8 North 

Bain, Donald, grocer, wine and spirit mercht. 
66 Briato street 

Bain, D. accountant, cham. E. Broughton pi. 

Bain, James, 1 Charles street 

Bain, John, boot and shoemaker, 69 Shore 

Bain, J. spirit merchant, 167 Canongate — 
house, 179 

Bain, Thos. cabinetmaker & upholr. Coates 
place — house, 26 Bread street 

Bain, William, lodgings, 8 Kerr street 





Bain, Mrs, 9 Trinity crescent 

Bain, Mrs Marion, 29 Clarence street 

Bain, Mrs, brok. & str-hat mak. 157 Cowgate 

Bain, Miss, crimper and gofferer, 16 Calton 

Baird, A., tea dealer and grocer, 34 Home 8t. 
Baird, Captain Andrew, 18 Grove street 
Baird, James, fruiterer, 18 Stockbridge market 
Baird, JohnW., W.S, 4 Drummond place 
Baird, John, skinner and wool dealer. Silver 

Baird, Joseph, merchant, 14i Royal Exchange 

— house, 28 Minto street 
Baird, William {G.P.-O.), Rose cottage, 

Hewitt place 
Baird, Wm. plasterer, Coates place 
Baird, Mrs Nicol, 11 Annandale street 
Baird, Mrs W. G. 20 Drummond place 
Baird, Mrs, of Camelon, 4 S.-W, Circus pi. 
Baird, Miss, 23 Broughton place 
Bairnsfaiher, Mrs, 16 Howard place 
Baker, Geo. Rainbow tavern. North bridge 
Bald, Robert, mining engineer, 33 Albany 

Bald, Mrs, sick-nurse, 27 William street 
Balderston, Mrs, 23 Melville street 
Baldwin, Mrs B. M. 2 Claremont place 
Balfour & Co., wine merchants, 14 George 

Balfour, Alexander, teacher, Bell's school, Gt. 

Junction street, Leith — house, Northfield 
Balfour, Andrew, 3 St John's hill 
Balfour, Andrew, 20 Elder street 
Balfour, Geo. C. advocate, 3 Darnaway street 
Balfour, J. H., M.D. professor of medicine 

and botany, 2 Bellevue crescent 
Balfour, Jas. of Pilrig, W.S. 9 Picardy pi. — 

house, Pilrig house 
Balfour, James, jun. W.S. Waterloo place — 

house, Bonnington brae 
Balfour, J. & J. M., W.S. 9 Picardy place 
Balfour, .James, 12 Maitland street 
Balfour, John M., W.S. 9 Picardy place- 
house, Pilrig house 
Balfour, John & Co. corn factors, 133 Con- 
stitution street — house, 10 Waterloo place 
Balfour, Robert, accountant, secretary of City 
of Glasgow Life Assurance Co. 17 Clare- 
mont crescent 
Balfour, Thos. A. G., M.D., 3 St John's Hill 
Balfour, Thos. flax mercht. 118 High street 
Balfour, Rev. Wm. 3 St John's hill 
Balfour, Mrs Wm. Salisbury Green cottage 
Balfour, ]Mrs Melville, 19 Warriston crescent 
Balfour, Mrs, 10 Waterloo place 
Balfour, Mrs, 2 Moray place 
Balfour, Misses, 20 Elder street 
Ballantine & Allan, house- painters, glass- 

stainers, and japanners, 42 George street 
Ballantine, James {B. Sf Allan), Warrender 

Ballantine, John, farmer, Upper Braid 
Ballantine, J. saddler, 8 Lothian road 

Ballantyne, James, baker, 42 Clerk street 
Ballantyne, Rev. James, 12 Rankeillor street 
Ballantyne, .J. stationer and bookseller, 49 

Bernard street — house, 5 Summerfield 
Ballantyne, James, merchant, 31 Clerk street 
Ballantyne, J. A., printer and stereotyper, 

Paul's Work — ho. 6 Lauriston Lane 
Ballantyne, John, historical and portrait 

painter, A.R.S.A. 6 Abercromby place 
Ballantyne, Robert M. {T. Constable d; Co.), 

2 Windsor street 
Ballantyne, Wm. late of Customs, 11 Van- 
burgh place, Leith 
Ballantyne, Mrs A. 2 Windsor street 
Ballantyne, Mrs Wm. 13 Gay field square 
Ballantyne, Misses, dressmakers, 55 India pi. 
Balleny, John, Bainfield, Queensferry road, 

Balleny, W. superintendent of the Edinburgh 

Cemetery, 3 Warriston crescent 
Balleny, Miss, 57 Albany street 
Balleny, Miss, corset maker, 6 Bristo street 
Balmain, James, 4 East Adam street 
Balmain, Michael, accountant {Clydesdale 

Bank), 19 Pitt street 
Balmain, Miss, dressmaker, 219 High street 
Balmain, Misses, milliners, &c. 21 Charloite 

street, Leith 
Balmer, ]\Irs, ladies' nurse, 13 Hill place 
Bank of Scotland, Bank siieet — Branch, 

36 Constitution street, Leith Tho. Jones, 

Banks, Alex. jun. bookbinder and stationer, 

29 North Bridge 
Banks, Geo. boot and shoe manufacturer, 7 

Union place 
Banks, Henry, merchant tailor, 22 Duke 

Banks, John, die & stamp cutter, 59 S. Bridge 
Banks, Peter S., S.S.C. 67 Great King street 
Banks, Robert, grocer, 59 Pleasance, and 6 

India place 
Banks, Wm. engraver, printer, and litho- 
grapher, 26 Waterloo place — house, 13 St 

James' square 
Banks, Wm. grocer and wine merchant, I 

Pitt Street 
Banks, Miss Elizabeth, 2 Elm row ] 

Banks, Misses, 9 Hamilton place, Newington j 
Bannatyne Club — David Laing, secretary. 

Signet Library 
Bannatyne, Peter {National Bank), 3 South 

Fort street, Leith 
Banner & Co. tea and coffee merchants, 4 

Victoria terrace 
Bannerman, Jas., D.D. professor of divinity. 

New College, 7 Clarendon crescent 
Bannerman, Mrs, 2 Romily place 
Bannerman, Mrs, midwife and sicknurse, 39 

India place 
Bannerman, Miss, embroiderer, 4 North St 

James' street 
Baptie, David, musical copyist, 98 Rosest. 





Baptie, John, carpenter and house agent, 30 

Earl Grey street 
Baptie, Mrs, 15 Gardner's crescent 
Barber, Mrs H. spirit dealer, 6 Carrubber's 

Barbour, G. F., The Grange house 
Barbour, Mrs Geo. 17 Gardner's crescent 
Barclay, Davidson, basket maker, toy and 

fancy warehouse, 71 North Hanover street 
Barclay, Geo, commission agent, 9 Gardner's 

Barclay, Geo. {^Berry, Henderson^ d: Co), 1 

Carleton terrace 
Barclay, John, merchant, 5 Leven street 
Barclay, Major P. 14 Coates crescent 
Barclay, William C. painter and gilder, 2 

Roxburgh place — h<». 13 Drummond street 
Barclay, Mrs A. D. 5 Cassell's place 
Barclay, Miss, 7 Carlton terrace 
Barker, Barnard, clothes broker, 139 Cowgate 
Barker and Forbes, tailors and clothiers, 31 

South bridge 
Barker, Patrick, furn. dealer, 172 Cowgate 
Barker, Thos. inspector of letter-carriers, 5-b 

St Patrick square 
Barker, Miss, matron, Stewart's hospital 
Barland, John Watling, chemist and druggist, 

21 Home street 
Barlas, James, secretary, Scottish Union In- 
surance Co. 47 George street 
Barlas, Robert, land valuator, 34 Gilmore pi. 
Barlow, John, veterinary surgeon, assistant 

professor Veterinary College, 8 Clyde street 
Barlovv^, John, 1 Pilrig street 
Barlow, Mrs, 15 Stafford street 
Barnes, Misses, Madeira place, Canaan lane 
Barnetson, Alex. (Lieut. H. P.), 3 Clarence 

Barnett, John, watchmaker and jeweller, 128 

Nicolson street 
Barr, Wm. victual & spirit dealer, 30 Cowgate 
Barrie, Andrew, clock and watchmaker (/a/e 

Whitelaw Sf B.), 3 S. St Andrew street 
Barron, John, accountant and depute clerk of 

teinds, 45 Queen street 
Barron, Mrs, 9 Mansfield place 
Barrowman, A. Duncan, janitor. University 
Barrowman, Mrs, 19 St Patrick square 
Barry, Jn. H., British hotel, wine merchant, 

70 Queen street, and Granton hotel, Gran- 
ton Pier 
Barry, Colonel, R. E. 4 Windsor street 
Barstow, Charles M. accountant, 32 India st. 
Bartholomew, George, engraver, 20 Hadding- 
ton place 
Bartholomew, John, engraver, 13 Union st. 
Bartholomew & Law {late Metcalf ^ Co.)^ 

milliners and dressmakers, 29 Queen street 
Barton, John, 6 Saunders street 
Barton, Robt. Bangholm bower. Trinity 
Barton, Miss, lodgings, 9 South-east Circus pi. 
Bartram, James, bootmaker, 114 Nicolson st. 
Barty, Margaret, 30 Hamilton place 

Baths, Public, 12 Nicolson square — David 

Little, manager 
Baxter, C. and^E., W.S. 32 Castle street 
Baxter, Chas. (C. Sf E. Baxter), 3 Brandon 

Baxter, Edmund ( C §• -E. Baxter), 3 Bran- 
don street 
Baxter, John, 5 Lutton place 
Baxter, John, 3 East Broughton place 
Baxter, Peter, S.S.C., 51 N. Hanover street 
Baxter, Wm. flesher, 15 East Adam street 
Baxter, M. & E. victual dealers,241Canongate 
Baxter, Mrs M. lodgings, 52 Bristo street 
Baxter, Mrs William, 8 Albany street, Leith 
Baxter, Miss, matron. Royal Infirmary 
Baxter, Miss, dressmaker, 32 Frederick street 
Baxter, Misses, 22 Scotland street 
Bayley, Isaac, S.S.C. {M'Ritchie, B., ^ Hen- 
derson^, 13 Regent terrace 
Bayne, Charles, fruiterer, 87 Princes street 
Bayne, Christopher, boot and shoe maker, G4 

Leith street 
Bayne, James, S.S.C. 99 George street 
Bayne, Jas. spirit dealer, 7 Hanover street 
Bayne, John {Boyd ^ B.), 29 Rose street 
Bayne, Menzies, painter, glazier, and paper- 
hanger, 27 Elder st. — ho. 65 Pleasance 
Bayne, Mrs, 15 Dublin street 
Bayne, Miss Lihas, 7 Rankeillor street 
Beadie, J. C. merchant, 36 Sheriff'brae, Leith 
Beaton, A. dyer and renovator, 3 Nelson st. 
Beaton, Dun. grocer and spirit mer. 6 Cowgate 
Beaton, Hugh, coal mercht. 8 Fountainbridge 
Beatson, David, mercht. Madeira st. Leith 
Beatson, David (session-clerk for the city), 

City Chambers 
Beatson, James {Council Record Department), 

23 Clerk !^t. 
Beatson, Robt. writer, Ferneyhill, by Libert. 
Beatson, William, grocer andprovi^ion dealer, 

134 Nicolson street 
Beatson, Mrs, matron, Edin. poor's house 
Beattie, Adam, builder, 100 Laurifton jdace 
Beattie, Adam, millmaster, 2 Huntly street 
Beattie, Alexander, Star hotel, 36 Princes st. 
Beattie, George ( W. B. ^- Sons), 5 Lothian 

Beattie, J. M. I Leslie place 
Beattie, John, auctioneer, 50 Nicolson street 
Beattie, John, tobacco manufr. 11 Cowgate- 

head — house 10 Graham street 
Beattie, Peter, inspector of poor, 163 Canon- 
gate — house 6 Comely green place 
Beattie, Wm. and Sons, builders and wood 
merchants, 23 Bread street, and 15 Foun- 
tain bridge 
Beattie, Wm. ( W. B. Sr Sons), 122 Lauriston 

Beattie, Mrs, 58 Queen street 
Beattie, Miss Jane, teacher of drawing, IQ 

London street 
Beck, Miss Jemima, 3 Stafford street 
Beda, A. W. agent^ 54 Constitution street , 





Bee, David, victual dealer, 190 Cowgate 
Beenie, Mrs Andrew, 2 Druminond street 

Beenie, John, baker, 3 St Aniliony place 
Begbie & Lee, heraldic and ornamental en- 
gravers & printers, 75 Princes street 

Begbie, Alex, shoemaker, 138 Nicolson street 

Begbie, James, plasterer, 191 Canongate 

Begbie, James, M.D. physician, 3 Charlotte 

Begbie, James Warburton, M.D. 21 Alva st. 
Begbie, Major Thomas Stirlin^% 42 Casde st. 

Begbie, John, dairyman, 191 High street 

Begbie, Peter and Co. smiths and iron- 
mongers, 29 E. Rose street lane 

B gbie, Peter, coal merchant, 31 Constitution 
street, Leith — house, 105 

Begbie, Robt. {B. ^- Lee), 12 Antigua street 

Begbie, W. & Co. lapidaries, 9 Leith street 

Begbie, W. M. teacher, 6 X. E. Circus place 

Begbie, Wm. stoneware dealer, 28 Sandport 
street — house, 16 

Begbie, Miss, 36 Alva street 

Beilby, Geo. Thos., M.D. surgeon. Falcon 
cottage, Morning^ide 

Beitb, Donald {Murray 8f Beith), 50 Castle 

Belford, Colin G. 5 Dundas street 

Belfrage, William, writer, 49 Queen street — 
house, Windlestrawlee 

Belfrage, W. hosier, glover, shirt and stock 
maker, 75 George street — house, 73 

Bell & Bradfute, booksellers, 12 Bank street 

Bell, Rannie, and Co. wine merchants, 62 
Constitution street, Leith 

Bell & Dodds, shoemakers, 12 Victoria st. 

Bell & McLean, W.S. 5 Hill street 

Bell & Co. boot and shoe makers, 33 South 

Bell, Alex. Melville, prof, of elocution and 
vocal physiology, for the removal of stam- 
mering, &c. 13 South Charlotte street 

Bell, Alex. M., W.S. East Morningside ho. 

Bell, Alex, ironmonger, 98 Princes st. — 
house, 28 Torphichen street 

Bell, Archibald, advocate, 81 Great King st. 

Bell, Andrew B. advocate, 20 Great King si. 

Bell, Archibald, bookbinder, 40 East Rose 
lane — house, 17 Rose street 

Bull, Benj. surg. F.R.C.S. 8 Shandwick pi. 

Bell, Benj. R. advocate, sheriff of Elgin and 
Nairnshire, 6 Shandwick place 

Bell, Dr Charles, physician and accoucheur, 36 
India street 

Bell, Dandeson C, H.E.L C.S. 7 Darnaway st. 

Bell, G. Graham, advocate, 43 Melville st. 

Bell, G. Hamilton, F.R.C.S. 13 Charlotte sq. 

Bell, Geo., M.D., 4 AihoU place 

Bell, George, cabinetmaker, 8 St James' sq. 

Bell, Geo. jeweller and silversmith, 44 North 
bridge — house, 44 Rankeillor street 

Pell, Geo. wine merchant, 1 Queen's place, 
Leith walk 

Bell, James, clock and machine maker, 7 

Richmond place 
Bell, James & Son, bell hangers and Venetian 

window blind makers, 16 S. St Andrew st. 
Bell, J. A. architect, 69 York place 
Bell, James & Co. wine merchants and corn 

factors, 50 Bernard street, Leith 
Bell, J. Montgomerie, advocate, and sheriff 

of KincardiiieHhire, 4 Forres street 
Bell, James, S.S.C. 25 York place, agent for 

the Commercial Credit Mutual Assurance 

Society, and the Law, Property, Fire and 

Life Assurance 
Bell, .John B. writing-master, and teacher of 

arithmetic and book-keeping, 36 George 

street — house, Liuder road 
Bell, John, writer, 10 Craigside place 
Bell, John Beatson, of Glenfarg, W.S. 20 

Great King street 
Bell, John {Thos. B. Campbell 6f Co.), 8 

Picardy place 
Bell, John, tailor and clothier, 27 S. Hanover 

Bell, J. & W. cork manufacturers, 115 

Bell, Lindesay, 3 St Bernard's row 
Bell, Oswald, Major E.I.C.S., Greenhill gar- 
Bell, Peter, 11 Gilmour place 
Bell, P. smith and ironmonger, 9 North-west 

Circus place 
Bell, Robert, advocate, and sheriff of Ber- 
wickshire, 15 Great Stuart street 
Bell, Robert C. engraver, 3 Summerhall pi. 
Bell, Robert F. & Son, corn factors and general 

commission agents, 5 Union place 
Bell, Robt. architect and land surveyor, 25 St 

Patrick square 
Bell, Thomas, smith, Broughton market — ho. 

7 Union street 
Bell, Walter (Stewart S,- B.), 3 Wallace place 
Bell, Walter, bootmaker, 16 Lothian street 
Bell, William H. assistant clerk of Session, 10 

West Maitland street 
Bell, Wm., S.S.C. and notary- public, 19 

Elder street 
Bell, W. sacking manufacturer, 89 West bow 
Bell, William, stock and share broker,2 North 

St David street 
Bell, Mrs Adam, Larkfield, Trinity 
Bell, Mrs Carlyle, 66 Northumberland st. 
Bell, Mrs Charles R. 20 Pitt street 
Bell, Mrs Robert, 30 Royal circus 
Bell, Mrs, 22 Forth street 
Bell, Mrs, 4 Atholl place 
Bell, Mrs, 6 Dean terrace 
Bell, Miss, 2 Barony street 
Bell, Miss Jane, dressmaker, 10 Calton hill 
Bell, Miss, milliner, 340 Lawnmarket 
Benevolent and Stranger's Friend Society, 

84 High street — Robt. Anderson, treasurer 
Benhar Colliery Office, Haymarket station — 

C. Brown, agent 





Bettholme, Hon. Lord, 76 Great King street 

Bennet, Alex., W.S. 16 Howe street— ho. 18 

Bennet, Archibald, sec. Bunk of Scotland^ 
Caroline cottage 

Bennet, Charles, cabinetmaker and uphol- 
sterer, 33 Frederick street 

Bennet, Forrest, woollen draper, hosier, and 
hatter, 96 Kirkgate, Leith 

Bennet, J. jun. clerk, Helen place, Leith 

Bennet, James, corn-factor, 13 Bernard street 
— house, 5 Hope street 

Bennet, Lieut. Lindsay, 11 W. Richmond st. 

Bennet, Mrs John, sen. waggoner, 31 Queen 
street, Leith 

Bennet, Ann and Maria, embroiderers, 138 

Bennet, Mrs, 6 Upper Dean terrace 

Bennet, Miss, 22 Scotland street 

Bennett, Dr, prof, ot Institute of medicine & 
consulting physic. F.R.C.P. 1 Gleniinlas st. 

Bernard, Tlios. and J as. distilkrs, Leith Dis- 
tillery, 9 Yardheads 

Bernard, Thos. and Jas. brewers, 71 North 
back ot Canongate 

Bernard, Thomas {T. ^ J. Bernard), 17 Leo- 
pold place 

Bernardes, Robert, boatbuilder, Newhaven 

Berry, Henderson, and Co. corn-factors and 
merchants, 127 Constitution street 

Berry, David, builder, 9 Society 

Berry, James, saddler, 13 Bread street 

Berry, Ja^. saddler, 11 Constitution st. 

Berry, Lawrence, plasterer, 3 Greenside row 

Berry, Walter, 4 Hermitage place. Links 

Berry, Mrs, 36 Cumberland street 

Berry, Mrs, of Tayfield, 13 Claremont cresct. 

Berry, Miss, 2 Loudon street 

Bertram, D. F. bookseller, 117 Nicolson st. 

Bertram, Geo. {W. 4- G. B.), 14 Upper Gray 

Bertram, Jas. engineer and millwright, An- 
derson's place 

Bertram, Jus. Glass, & Co. periodical venders 
and news agents, 27 Hanover street 

Bertram, John A. and Co. wine merchants, 
26 Quality street, Leith 

Bcriram, John Archibald, 16 Leopold place 

Bertram, Wm. & Geo. millwrights and en- 
gineers, 14 East Sciennes street 

Bertram, Wm. {W. ^- G. B.), 3 Sciennes pi. 

Bertram, Mrs, Middlefield house 

Bertram, Mrs, Canaan grove 

Bertram, Miss, of Kerswell, 21 Rutland sq. 

Berwick, A. & Co. brewers, Wilson's court, 
134 Canongate 

Berwick, David, 23 Howard place 

Berwick, John B. 50 Albany street 

Berwick, Mrs William, SO Albany street 

Best, Miss, 12 Leopold place 

Bethune, Johrt, writer, 9 Mackenzie place 

Bethune, Mrs, 36 Moray place 

Betts, James, 27 East Claremont street 

Beveridge, James, 1 Wardie 

Beveridge, J. Pringle, account. 14 Duke st. 
Beveridge, John, practitioner for synovial dis- 
eases, "26 London street 
Beveridge, P. S. (^S*. §- F. S. B.), 38 Bernard 

Beveridge, Robert, baker, 54 London street 
Beveridge, S. (S. ^ P. S. B.), 3 John's pi. 
Beveridge, S. & P. S. solicitors and notaries 

public, 38 Bernard street, Leith 
Beveridge, Thomas, D.C.S. 14 Duke street 
Beveridge, Thos. Knox, W.S. assistant clerk 

of session, 98 Lauriston place 
Beveridge, Mrs Matia, spirit dealer, Bonning- 

ton bridge 
Bews, J. M. writer, 30 Rutland square 
Biggar, John, cabinetmaker and undertaker, 72 

Clerk street — houne, 45 Montagu street 
Biggar, Benjamin, merchant, 7 Timber bush 
Biggar, M'^alter, 15 Claremont crescent 
Bill-Chamber, Register house 
Billet-Maste ii's Office, Police office, Leith 
Billing, William N., HomcEopathic chemist, 

19 Castle street 
Binnie, Alex, spirit dealer, 48 Grassmarket 
Binnie, John, baker, Murrayfield 
Binny, Graham, W.S. 9 Hart street 
Bird, Hen. grocer & spirit mer. 2 Leggat's 

land — house, 3 Johnston place 
Bird, Henry, gro. & spirit mtrch. Castle barns 
Bird, Thomas (/. Sr A. Reid ^ Co.), 26 and 27 

South bridge 
Bird, Mrs, 7 India street 
Birkmyre, Rev. John, D.D. 4 Comely bank 
Birrel, Wm. cabinetmaker, 347 Cowgate 
Birrel, William, messenger. Union Bank^ 5 

St James' square 
Birrel, Mrs Catharine, 15 Buccleuch street 
Bishop, J. boot & shoemaker, 71 Broughton 

Bishop, J. B. engraver, 19 Union st. 
Bishop, Jas. coal merchant, 10 Port-Hopetoun 
Bishop, John, merchant, 1 West Nicolson 

Bishop, John, seedsman, 49 Kirkgate, Leith 
Bishop, J. victual dealer, 53 Hanover street 
Bishop, William, flesher, 2 Bristo street — 

house, 56 Lothian street 
Bishop, Mrs, 46 Great King street 
Bishop, Mrs, Tipperlinn 
Bishop, Mrs, 17 Albany street, Leith 
Bishop, Mrs, 26 Elder street 
Bisset, Archibald, draper, 43 Home street 
Bisset, George, smith and bell-hanger, 161 

Rose street 
Bisset, James, builder, 20 Nelson street 
Bisset, Mrs Thomson, 13 Tolbooth wynd, 

Bisset, Miss Margaret, dressmaker, 6 East 

Broughton place 
Black, Adam and Chas. booksellers, 6 North 

Black, Adam {Adam 8; Charles 5.), 38 Drum- 

mond place 





Black, Adam, teacher of English and elocution, 
27 Buccltuch place. 

Black, Alex, architect, surveyor, and super- 
intendent of works for Heriot's Hospital, 
12 Royal Exchange — ho. 19 Lauriston st. 

Black, Alex, professor of exegetical theology, 
F. C. College, 16 Claremont crescent 

Black, Andrew, brushmaker, 30 St Andrew sq. 
— house, 15 Clyde street 

Black, Chas. {A. ^ C. Black), 23 Scotland st. 

Black, D. M. & H., W.S. 21 St Andrew sq. 

Black, David, tobacconist, 27 Princes street 
and 70 Leitb st. — ho. 13 Rankeillor st. 

Black, David, shoemaker, Hillhousefield 

Black, David Martin, 21 St Andrew square 

Black, G & J. Caw, messengers-at-arins anJ 
sheriff-officers, 30 St James' square 

Black, Geo. (B. Sf Caw), 30 St James' sq. 

Black, Henry, solicitor, 21 St Andrew square 

Black, Hugh, 2 Model buildings 

Black, James Tait (/4. §• C. Black), 10 Lon 
don street 

Black, James, smith and machine maker, 
Richmond court — house, 80 Potterrow 

Black, James, 30 Saxe-coburg place 

Black, John & Son, tailors, clothiers, and out- 
fitters, 15 Commercial place — ho. 19 

Black, John, paper-ruler, 132 High street 

Black, John E. baker, Morningside 

Black, John, mail-guard, 22 Broughton st. 

Black, John, 19 India street 

Black, John, advocate, 41 Northumberland st. 

Black, John (Cay ^- Black), 12 Castle street 

Black, Jn. letter-carrier, Corunna place 

Black, Peter, joiner, Hillhousefield 

Black, Thomas, coal merchant, 3 1 Cumberland 

Black, W., merchant and commission agent, 
37 Charlotte st., Leith — ho., Williamfield, 
Bonnington road 

Black, William, 7 Union street 

Black, William, tea, wine, and spirit mer- 
chant, 1 Norton place — ho. 3 

Black, Mrs M. Whitebank, Canaan 

Black, Mrs W. 19 Canongate 

Black, Mrs, 4 Great King street 

Black, Mrs, 15 Buccleuch street 

Black, Miss A. lodgings, 13 Pitt street 

Black, Miss Isabella, 21 Montagu street 

Black & Callender, JVIisses, boarding school, 
21 Forth street 

Black and Logan, dressm. 83 Great King st. 

Blackadder, Jas. 34 Abercromby place 

Black Braes Colliery office, 16 So. St Andrew 

Blackburn, Andrew, banker, 9 St Andrew sq. 

Blackburn, Robert B. advocate, 9 Great 
Stuart street 

Blackburn, Samuel, portrait-painter, 29 Drum- 
mond place 

Blackball and Fox, grocers, 211 Canongate 

Blackball & Scott, comb manufacturers, 21 
New street and 22 North bridge 

Blackball, Mrs James, 22 Upper Gray st. 
Blackball, Miss, 17 Greenside street 
Blackie, Alex. 16 Gayfield square 
Blackie, Andrew, grocer and spirit dealer, 46 

High street 
Blackie and Son, publishers and booksellers, 

5 South College street 
Blackie, George V. gardener, Summerfield, 

Blackie, John Stuart, professor of Greek, 43 

Castle street 
Blackie, John R. watchmaker, 36 Bridge st. 

Blackie, John, grocer, tea, wine, and spirit 

merch., 207 Cowgate — ho. 138 Nicolson st. 
Blackie, Robt. head porter. Royal Infirmary 
Blackie, Thos. macer (C. of Scs.), 13 London 

Blackwell, J. C. accountant and agent, 26 St 

James equare 
Blackwell and Munro, wholesale fruit and 

spice merchants, 13 ileuse lane 
Blackwell, R , Somerville cottage, Leith walk 
Blackwell, Thos. (-B. ^ Mmiro), 46 Albany st. 
Blackwood, Alexander, shipmaster, 3 Fort 

street, Leith 
Blackwood, Jas., W.S. stock & share broker, 

19 St Andrew square 
Blackwood, John {JV. B. ^ Sons), 3 Ran- 
dolph crescent 
Blackwood, T. and J. silk mercers, 43 Geo. st. 
Blackwood, Thomas {T. Sf J. Blackwood), 

43 George street 
Blackwood, Captain W. 5 Coates crescent 
Blackwood, William and Sons, publishers, 

booksellers, and printers, 45 George street 
Blackwood, Wm. (T. 4- J. Blackwood), 5 

Clarendon crescent 
Blackwood, Mrs Robert, 5 Archibald place 
Blackwood, Miss, 39 Melville street 
Blackwood, Miss, 1 Darn away street 
Bladworth, J. Sheffield and Birmingham ware- 
houseman, 52 Lothian street — lio. 5 Preston 

Bladworth, Richd. wholesale ironmonger and 

hardware merchant, 3 Melbourne place 
Bladworth, Mrs William, 4 Ladyfield place 
Blaik, David, engraver, 34 Xorth bridge 
Blaikie, G. F. consulting engineer, 17 Union 

Blaikie, James & Son, iron founders, Canon- 
gate foundry, Tolbooth wynd 
Blaikie, James {Jan. B. and Sons), 1 St John 

Blaikie, Jas. jun. {Jas. B. §• Sons), I St John 

Blaikie, Thomas (J. G. Thomson and Co.), 

29 St Andrew street, Leith 
Blaikie & Douglas, engineers and millwrights, 

32 Bath street, Leith 
Blaikie, Rev. W. G. 25 Pilrig street 
Blaikie, Mrs, 10 Rankeillor street 
Blaikie, Mrs Margt. 7 Windsor street 





Blair and Kennedy, drysalters, 40 Leith 

Blair, Charles, clothier & breeches maker, 

377 High street 
Blair, C. {Herdman ^- 5.) 20 An nandale street 
Blair, Hugh (^Hunter, B., and Cowan), IS 

Randolph crescent 
Blair, James, tea dealer, 3 Fountainbridge 
Blair, John, & Co. brewers and maltsters, 23 

N. B. of Canongate 
Blair, John, W.S. 10 Ann street 
Blair, John, engineer, 19 London row, Leith 
Blair, Robert, Italian wareh. & confectioner, 

37 George street — house 50 
Blair, Thomas, spirit dealer, 54 Regent arch 
Blair, Mrs, of Avonton, 30 Charlotte square 
Blair, Mrs F. 1 Walker street 
Blair, Mrs Henry, Bonnington mills 
Blair, Mrs J. C. 15 Fettes row 
Blair, Miss Charlotte, 43 Albany street 
Blair, Miss J. Hunter, 8 Torphichen street 
Blair, Miss, grocer, 19 Greenside row 
Blake, John, London pianoforte agent, 133 

Princes street 
Blake, Misses Rachel and Anne, teachers of 

pianoforte and singing, 133 Princes street 
Blauc, Victor, importer of ladies' French 

boots and shoes, 69 George street 
Blane, William, grocer, 149 Fountain bridge 
BlanshardjGeo. {Raimes, Blanshard, 8( Co.), 

15 Smith's place 
Blanshard, Thos. (Raimes, Blanshard, &; Co.), 

17 Smith's place 
Blanshard, Miss, 17 Smith's place 
Bltakly, William A. boot and shoemaker, 38 

Tolbooth wynd, Leith 
Blenkinsopp, George T. Leaton, of Hoppy- 

land castle, Durham, 88 Abbey hill 
Bloxom, T. P. commission agent, 2 Morning- 
side place 
Blind Asylum, 38 and 58 Nicolson street 
Blind, School for the, 2 Gayfield square — E. 

Sutherland, Esq. treasurer 
Blumenreich, John, missionary, 2 Greyfriars' 

Blyth, Benj. Hall, engineer, 124 Geo. street 

— house, 26 Minto street 
Blyth, David, painter, 4 East James street 
Blyth, Chas. A. artist, 39 South bridge 
Blyth, Edward L.I. civil engineer, 124 George 

street — ho. 9 Bruntsfield place 
Blyth, John, bootmaker, 367 High street 
Blyth, Robert, superintendent of streets and 

buildings {Police Office) — house, 2 Buc- 

cleuch place 
Blyth, Sydney, hardware merchant, 39 South 

Blyth, W. victual dealer, 56 Broughton street 
Blyth, Mrs, 9 Bruntsfield place 
Blyth, Mrs, lodgings, 1 Gabriel's road 
Boag, J. & P. wool merchants, 14 Quality 

street, Leith 
Boag, J. R. grocer, 25 N, Richmond street 

Boak, Alexander, tanner and currier, 25 West 

port — house, 4 Lauriston lane 
Boak, Wm. tanner, currier, & leather japan- 
ner,59 West port — house, 37 Gilmour place 
Boe, David, fruiterer, 20 Hanover street 
Boggie, Dr John, 16 Broughton place 
Bogie, James, smith. East Thistle street lane 
Bogie, Wm., M.D., H.E.I.C.S., 3 South 

Blacket place 
Bogie, Miss, lace cleaner, 22 Rose street 
Bogle, Andrew, W.S. 21 St Andrew square 
Bogle, Rev. Wm. teacher, Dr Bell's school, 

Greenside — house, 9 Brand place 
Bogle, Mrs Colonel, 19 Albany street 
Bogue, Miss, 1 Crown street 
Bolton and Co. ship-chandlers, painters, and 

paper-hangers, 16 and 17 Commercial pi. 
Bolton, David (^Bolton and Co.), 14 Commer- 
cial place 
Bonar, Rev. Andrew R. 3 St John street 
Bonar, James {Tawse and B.), 15 York pi. 
Bonar, Thomson {Bank of Scotland), 96 Lau- 
riston place 
Bonar, William, Warriston house 
Bonar, Mrs, 15 Ann street 
Bonar, Mrs .Tames, 15 York place 
Bonar, Mrs Thomson, 27 Charlotte square 
Bonar, Misses, 27 Scotland street 
Bone, Hugh, M.D. inspector-general of hos- 
pitals, 44 Castle street 
Bones, Richd. Anchorfield, Newhaven 
Bonnington Chemical Company, Bonnington 
Bonnar and Carfrae, painters, 29 Castle street 
Bonnar, David, tailor, 2 Crichton street 
Bonnar, Thomas (of Bonnar and Carfrae), 

18 Dundas street 
Bonnar, Thomas, engraver, 59 York place 
Boog, Rogers, & Co., saddlers and harness- 
makers (/a^e Maxton, Boog, 8j- Co.), 80 
Princes street 
BooiT, John, saddler, {B. ^- Rogers), 4 Hope 

Boog, Robert, S.S.C 1 Annandale street 
Boog, Thomas, cutler and surgical instrument 

maker, 105 High street 
Boog, William, saddler, 9 St Bernard's row 
Boog, Miss, 1 Annandale street 
Bookbinders' Benefit. Society — H. Hume, 

preses. 41 North Richmond street 
Bookless, Mrs George, 8 Young street 
Booth, Mrs Helen, 22 Warriston crescent 
Bootland, Joseph, billiard rooms, 3 West 

Register street 
Boreham, James, lodgings, 25 Cumberland st. 
Borland, William, agent and house-factor, 6 

North St Andrew street. — See Adv. 
Borrowman, John, lodgs. 71 Cumberland st. 
Borrowman and ftlitchell, wine and spirit mer- 
chants, 57 Niddry street 
Borrowman, Wm. victual dealer, 84 St Mary's 

wynd— house, 30 St John's hill 
Borthwick, Dawson, & Co., stationers and 
envelope manufacturers, 3 Hunter square 





Borthwick, Adam, Bhoem. 5 HenJerson row 
Borthwick, Archibald, accouuiant, 5 North 

St David street — ho. 18 Regent terrace 
Borthwick, David, chimney-sweep, 3 Green- 
side place 
Borihwick, J. ( W. and J. B.), 6 Fountain br. 
Borthwick, Ja. (W. and J. B.), 14 Lauriston 

Borthwick, Jaa. manager of the N. British 

Insurance Co. 14 Claremont crescent 
Borthwick, James, chimney-sweep, 9 Green- 
side place 
Borthwick, Thomas, accountant, 28 Butland 

Borthwick, W. and J. engineers and mill- 
wrights, Mainpoint Foundry 
Borthwick, Walter, victual and spirit dealer, 

51 Fountainhridge 
Borthwick, Wm. ( IF. ^- J. B.), 3 Hamilton 

place. High riggs 
Borthwick, Mrs, of Crookston, 1 1 Atholl ores. 
Borthwick, Mrs, lodgings, 4 Great Stuart 

Borthwick, Miss, 29 Lauriston lodge 
Boswall, Mrs, of Blackadder, 27 St Andrew sq. 
Boswell, Alex, brush, trunk, portmanteau, and 

bellows maker, -iO Nicolson street 
Boswell, Alex, brush, trunk, portmanteau, 
and bellows manufacturer, 8 South Hanover 
street — house, 10 
Botanic Gardens, Inverleith row 
Bouch, Thomas, civil enttineer, chambers, 78 

George street — house, 31 Nelson street 
Bouchard, J. {^Register House), Spring gard. 
Boucher, John, 3 Rutland square 
Bourgois, Benoit, tavern, 8 Middle market 
Bow, Robt. H., C.P2. 7 South Gray street 
Bow and Swan, bakers, 6 N. College street 
Bow, Mrs Dr, 7 South Gray street 
Bow, Miss, 2 Gillespie ctreet 
Bowack, Nicol, bookseller, stationer, and 

news-agent, 46 Leith street 
Eowe, Mrs Thomas, 4 Hermitage hill, Leith 
Bo we, Mrs William, 10 Wellington pi. Leith 
Bower, John, prov. dealer, 204 Canongate 
Bower, Mrs M. 1 Rankeillor street 
Bowie, Andrew F. 25 Parkside street 
Bowie, George, 39 Dublin st. 
Bowie, Henry, 56 Cumberland street 
Bowie, John, W.S., United Guarantee Life 

Assurance Company, 13 Forth street 
Bowie, Robert, 39 Dublin st. 
Bowie, William (^Government Emigration 
Office — Eiist India, Colonial, and General 
Agency), 17 South St David street — house, 
28 Regent terrace 
Bowie, Mrs, lodgings, 13 St James' square 
Bowie, Misses, children's dress maker, 68 

Leith street 
Bowlby, Mrs Capt. 7 Hamilton pi. Newington 
Bowman, John, linen draper, 1 Church st. 
Boyak, Benjamin, boot and shoe maker, 17 
Hill place 

Boyack, James, grocer, 2 Richmond pend 
Boyce, Mrs, John, spirit dealer, 13 Coastitu- 

tion street, Leith 
Boyce, Mrs, 20 Great Stuart street 
Boyd, Bayne, & Co. fruiterers, 41 Princes st. 
Boyd, And. millwright, 118 Fountainbiidge 
Boyd, David, H.E.I. CS. 26 Drummond 

Boyd, G. W. & Co. printers, 13 North 

Bank street 
Boyd, J. (B., Bayne, S^ Co.), 4 East Broughton 

Boyd, James, LL.D. (^High Sch.), 43 George 

Boyd, James, cabinetmaker, 14 Scotland st. 
Boyd, John, upholsterer & undertaker, 2 York 

Boyd, .John, jun. 1 Drummond place 
Boyd, Jn. {Oliver Sf B.), 32 Melville street 
Boyd, J. L. Albany cottage, Hope terrace 
Boyd, Robert, 15 Buccleuch place 
Boyd, Samuel, mercht. tailor, 5S Shore, Leith 
Boyd, Thos. E., Carlton lodge, Murrayfield 
Boyd, Thos. J. {Oliver ^ B.), 11 Regent ter. 
Boyd, Thomson {Oliver §• B.), 14 Royal ter. 
Boyd, Mrs Andrew, cook, 19 Jamaica street 
Boyd, Mrs John, 14 Royal terrace 
Boyd, Miss, 27 South Clerk street 
Boy Ian, P. tailor & clothier, 15 St Mary's wd. 
Boyle and Mann, engravers, printers, and li- 
thographers, 142 High street 
Boyle, Archibald T. advocate, 1 1 Stafford st. 
Boyle, John, accountant, valuator, and auc- 
tioneer, 4 Bank street 
Boyle, Mrs Edward, midwife, 42 London st. 
Boyle, Janet, straw hat maker, 10 Heriot 

Boyle, Rev. Joseph, South Fort street 
Boyle, Mrs, staymaker, 21 Bank street 
Boyne, Alex, grocer, 17 Sandport street 
Boyne, James, hatter, 13 Commercial pi. Leith 
Bradbrook, Richard, grocer, Newhaven 
Bradshaw, John, stationer, 8 St Patrick sq. 
Bragg, Alexander G. West Liliiput cottage 
Braid, Alex, grocer and victual dealer, 5 W. 

Adam street 
Braid, Andrew, coal merchaat,21 St Andrew 

Braid, Francis, joiner and undertaker, East 
Cumber, lane — house, 15 Brunswick street 
Braid, Archibald, 4 Rankeillor street 
Braid, Wm victual-dealer, 6 Arthur street 
Braid, Mrs, 36 Hanover street 
Braidwood, James, bookseller, 26 George street 
Braidwood, Jas. wholes. & ret. tea & cof. deal, 
and grocer, 1 Sandport street, Leith — ho. 11 
Bennington place 
Braidwood, William, 9 Earl Grey street 
Braidwood, Misses, 6 Comely Green place 
Brand, Andw. music teacher, 1 Paterson's co. 
Brand, Wm,, W S. sec. Union Bk. 5 Nor- 
thumberland street 
Brander, James, bootmaker, 39 Queen street 





Brash, Alex, grocer, 24 Yardheads, Leith 
Brash, David, wine and spirit raercht. 12 Coal- 

hilJ, Leith — house, 32 Giles' street 
Brash, Peter, 3 Eastfield, Leith 
Brash, Thomas, boot and shoemaker, 10 West 

Nicolson street — house, 33 Richmond place 
Brash, Wm. grocer & spt.-dealer, 257 Canongt. 
Brash, jMrs, 5 Brandfield place 
Brashe, Miss, dressmaker, 3 Young street 
Brebner, Alex, builder, Hillhousefield 
Bremner and Wilks, ham shop, 9 Hanover st. 
Bremner, Andrevf, 14 Comely bank 
Bremner, Charles, W.S. 3 Ramsay gardens 
Bremner, Mrs, 3 Castle street 
Bremner, AV. {Scott and Ori), 5 Lauriston 

Brenton,Wm. perfumer, Arthur st. Leith wk. 
Bridgps, Jas., W.S. 10 Hanover street — ho. 

Belfield, Musselburgh 
Bridges, J. M. surg.-dentist, 27 Dundas st. 
Bridges, Sirs, 1 Bowling Green street 
Bridges, Mrs, 27 Dundas street 
Bridgeford, D. T. writer, 28 Torphichen st. 
Briers, William, baker, 25 Thistle street 
Brigstocke, George A. importer of wines and 

coram, agent, 4 St Andrew square — ho. 2S 

Bath street, Portobello 
Briggs, David, R,N. 6 Duke street 
Brims, Andw. bootmaker, 61 Broughton st. 
Bringloe, Francis John, W.S. 11 Walker st. 
Bringloe, Hugh S. depute-clerk of Session, 11 

Walker street 
Britannia Life Assur. Co — Hugh Ross, 

W.S. agent, 48 India street. — See Adv. 
British Copper Office, 11 Dock place — Chas. 

Philp & Co. agents 
British Empire Mutual Fire and Life As- 
surance Co. 7 Elder s;. — John Robertson, 

junr. S.S.C. agent. 
British Guarantee Association — Ralph E. 

Scott, acct. manager, 127 Princes st. — See 

British Hotel, 70 Queen street, John Barry 
British League of Juvenile Abstainers — office. 

East Assembly laue, 53 Rose street — G. 

Ford, clerk 
British Linen Company's Bank (Thos. Cor- 

rie, Esq. manager), 38 St Andrew square — 

Branch, 48 Bernard street, Leith 
Erittie, William, 10 East Adam street 
Broadfoot, John and Son, gen. agents and 

ship brokers, 16 Assembly strtet, Leith 
r Broadfoot, Jno. St Anthony pi. .Junction road 
I Brockie, James, tailor and clothier, 369 High 

Brockie, William, baker, 18 Grcenside street 
Brockie, Miss, 51 Frederick street 
Brodie and Kennedy, W.S. 59 Northumb. st. 
Brodie, Alex. 20 Northumberland street 
Brodie, Alex, goldsmith, 2 Trinity crescent 
Brodie, Geo. advocate, 20 Northumberland st. 
Broilie, James & H. painters, &c. 19 Green- 
side place —ho. 16 Gretnslde place 

Brodie, John C, W. S. {Gibson- Craigs, Dal- 

ziel, iSf Brodie), 26 Moray place 
Brodie, John, W.S. 1 Melville crescent 
Brodie, Wm. sculptor. Dean bridge — ho. 

6 Spring gardens, Stockbridge 
Brodie, Wm. J. 51 Broughton street 
Brodie, Mrs Colonel, 63 Northumberland 

Brodie, Miss, 10 Hart street 
Brodie, Miss, 4 Duncan street 
Brodie, Miss, 28 StaflPord street 
Brody, C. M. East Claremont street 
Brolochan, A., 4 Brown's place 
Brooks, Abrm. spirit merchant, 37 Rose st 

ho. 3 Young street 
Brooks, Ann, dressmaker, 3 Young street 
Brooks, Misses, 41 Great King street 
Broomfield, John, baker, 71 Pleasance 
Brotchie, Rob. & Co. merchants, 8 & 9 Mit- 
chell street, Leith 
Brotherston, Wm. weigher, St Leonard's depot 
Brough, Wm. grocer and spirit dealer, 1 Mor- 
rison street — bouse, 2 
Brougham, Mrs, 51 George square 
Broughton, Mrs Major, 21 Inverleith row 
Broun, Archd. advocate, 4 Melville street 
Broun, Lady, 7 Torphichen street 
Brouneau, Mon., Teacher of French, 61 

Queen street 
Brouneau, Madame, Teacher of Dancing, 61 

Queen Street 
Browns & Pearson, accountants, 128 George 

Brown & Wardrop, architects, 19 St Andrew 

Brown, A. bookseller and binder, 13 South 

College street 
Brown, Adam, 82 Rose street 
Brown, Alex, solicitor and N.P. 12 Royal 

Exchange — bo. 13 Bank street 
Brown, Alex, groctr, wine and spirit raercht. 

10 Pitt street — house, 19 
Brown, Alex., bootmaker, 10 South St James* 

Brown, Alex, painter and glazier, 10 West 

Richmond street 
Brown, Alex, grocer, 3 Fyfe place — ho. I 

Pilrig place 
Brown, Alex, spirit dealer, Newhaven 
Brown, Alex, baker, 51 Canontiate 
Brown, Alex. 42 Cumberland street 
Brown, Alex. 10 Elm row 
Brown, Rev. Alex. W. 6 Henderson row 
Brown, Andrew, tailor, 33 Thistle street 
Brown, Dr Andrew, surgeon, 8 Stafford st. 
Brown, A. B. picture frame-maker, E. Thistle 

street lane 
Brown, Rev. Archd. 75 Adam square 
Brown, Chas. clock and watch maker, 4 Bristo 

street — house, 10 Salisbury street 
Brown, Chas. coal merchant, St Leonard's 

Station, and No. 3 Haymarket — House, St 

Leonard's depot.— See Adv. 






Brown, Charles, painter, glazier, &c 

Lothian street 
Brown, Rev. Chas. John, 39 George square 
Brown, Charles, wrii^ht, 24 Wright's houses 
Brown, David, water officer, 24. St James' sq. 
Brown, David, writer, 72 Northumberland st. 
Brown, David {T. k Co.), 51 North bridge 
Brown, David, grocer, &c. 29 Clerk street 
Brown, Rev. David, St Bernard's, Raeburn 

Brown, D. N., chemist and druggist, I St 

John street 
BrowQ, Geo. timber merch. 26 Horse wynd — 

house, 30 
Brown, George, baker, 7 Rose street 
Brown, George {Brown and Wilson, GlaS' 

gow), 20 Howard place 
Brown, George, writer, 17 Cheyne street 
BrowD, George, baker, 5 Huntly street 
Brown, George, bootmaker, 60 Queen street 
Brown, Gordon, 34. Buccleuch place 
Brown, Hugh, crystal & Staffordshire ware- 
house, 5 Low ^Market street 
Brown, Hugh, bookseller, 20 Heriot buildings 
Brown, Hugh, tanner, currier, and leather 

merchant, Gullan's close, 2(j4 Canongate 
Brown, J. M'Kerrell, 34. Ann street 
Brown, James, smith, 139 Fountainbridge 
Brown, James, draper, 16 Tolbooth wynd — 

house, 2 Wellington place 
Brown, James, 4 Charlotte square 
Brown, James A. 4 Charlotte square 
Brown, James, cut-glass raanufaciurer, and 

dealer in china and stoneware, 43 London 

Brown, James, spirit merchant, 16 St Andrew 

street, Leith 
Brown, James, of Currie, architect, 12 Albany 

Brown, James, teacher of English, &c. 1 

Nicolson square 
Brown, John F. teacher, 7 Upper Gray st. 
Brown, John, teacher, 3 High Albany street 
Brown, John (J. B. §- Co.), 25 George street 
Brown, John, 25 India Street 
Brown, John, S.S.C. 4 Duke street 
Brown, John, W.S. County rooms — house, 2 

Gayfield place 
Brown, John, fish salesman and commission 

agent, 1 9 Niddry street 
Brown, John, grocer and wine merchant, 136 

Nicolson street 
Brown, John, shoemaker, 123 Nicolson st. 
Brown, John C. landscape painter, Viewforth 

cottage, Leith 
Brown, John, Robin Hood hotel, 1 Gabriel's 

Brown, John Crombie, 4 W. Pnston street 
Brown, Rev. John, D.D. Arthur lodge 
Brown, John, grocer and spirit dealer, 16 St 

Anthony place — ho. 18 D.)wnie place 
Brown, John, i\LD., F.R.C.P. 23 Rutland st. 
Brown, John, tobacconist, 144 Princes street 

Brown, John and Co. bootmakers to her Ma- 
jesty for Scotland, 34 Princes street 
Brown, John, joiner & undertaker, 18 Pot- 

terrow — house, 23 
Brown, John, butcher, 7 Shrub place 
Brown, John, 18 Downie place 
Brown, Joseph, 6 Upper Gray street 
Brown, Lieut.-Col. Laurence, 29 Cumber, st. 
Brown, Matthew, cabinetmaker, 31 St Leon- 
ard street. 
Brown, Richard, 5 George place 
Brown, Robert, linen mannt. Water of Leith 
Brown, Robert, coal-mercht. Railway, St 

Leonard's — house, 59 St Leonard street 
Brown, Robert, of Firth, 29 Geor<£e square 
Brown, Robert, architect, 24 Fettes row 
Brown, Robt. grocer and wine merchant, 1 

Duke street, Leith 
Brown, Robert, accountant and house agent, 

5 Picardy place 
Brown, Robt. house painter, 14 Bedford st. 
Brown, Robert, brassfounder, 63 No. bridge 

— house, 23 Sciennes street 
Brown, Robert, land valuator, 39S Castlehill 
Brown, R. draper, 37 London street 
Brown, Robert ( Union Bank of Scotland), 

31 Morrison street 
Brown, Stuart, 12 Henderson row 
Brown, Capt. T., Mayfield cottage, Newington 
Brown, Rev. Thomas, 8 Comely bank 
Brown, Thomas, wright. Poplar lane 
Brown, Thomas, clothier and draper, 35 

George IV. bridge 
Brown, Thomas, writer, 30 Alva street 
Brown, Thomas J. 18 Clarence street 
Brown, Thomas, engraver, 4 Roxburgh place 
Brown, Thomas, architect and house agent, 

4 St James' square 
Brown, Thos. artist, and teacher of drawing, 

29 Frederick street 
Brown, Thomas, commercial traveller, 6 Hill 

Brown, Thomas, Edinr. Gas Co. 17 New st. 
Brown, Thomas, 14 Pitt street 
Brown, 'W dXler (^Scottish Equitable Lift Assu- 
rance Society), 45 Montagu street 
Brown, William, smith. Brown's place, Leith 
Brown, Wm. A. hairdresser, 5 Bridge street 
Brown, W. hosier & draper, 76 Nicolson st. 
Brown, W. provision dealer, 138 Rose street 
Brown, Rev. Dr Wm. Janefield, Duddingston 
Brown, Wm. fruiterer, 5 So. Hanover street 
Brown, William, smith and beam maker, 26 

Brown, Wm. surgeon, F.R.CS. 25 Dublin st. 
Brown, Wm. shipmaster, 17 Albany st. Leith i 
Brown, W. hosier, glover, and shirt merchant, 

43 Leith street — ho. 7 Annandale street 
Brown, William, R.N., 8 Hailes street 
Brown, Mrs, cook, 8 Market street 
Brown, Mrs Abram, 8 Malta terrace 
Brown, ]Mrs Dr, 32 Dundas street 
Brown, Mrs D. 31 Clerk street 



Brg 57 

Bruce, George G. ( Gen. P.-O.), 5 Broughton 

Bruce, Geo. {Bruce and Kerr), 6 Baltic St. 
Bruce, Henry, 7 Montagu street 
Bruce, Hugh, advocate, 39 Aloray place 
Bruce, James, baker, 23 Earl Grey street 
Bruce, James, 21 Carnegie street 
Bruce, James, 4 Comely green place 
Bruce, Rev. Dr John, 24. Saxe Coburg place 
Bruce, John, W'.S. 22 York place 
Bruce, John, 26 Royal terrace 
Bruce, John, 2 William street 
Bruce, John, warehouse, Orchardfield 
Bruce, 0. Tyndal, of Falkland, 81 Princes 

Bruce, Peter, writer, 29 Raeburn place 
Bruce, Ralph, Lieut. -Col. 39 Moray place 
Bruce, Robt. bricklayer and furnace builder. 

23 Union place 
Bruce, Rob. Glasgow temperance hotel and 

lodgings, 35 Leith street 
Bruce, Robert, M.D. 42 York place 
Bruce, W. 46 Constitution street 
Bruce, Rev. Wm. 3 Upper Gilmour place 
Bruce, Mrs George, 22 St Patrick square 
Bruce, Mrs James, 1 Salisbury place 
Bruce, Mrs Thomas, 16 Ainslie place 
Bruce, Mrs, of Langlee, 2 Glenfinlas street 
Bruce, Mrs Wra. leather merchant, & Union 

Bruce, Mrs William, 42 York place 
Bruce, Mrs, 2 Randolph place 
Bruce, Mrs, sen. of Symbister, 25 Hadding- 
ton place 
Bruce, Mrs, tavern and lodgings, 20 Flesh- 
market close 
Bruce, Mrs, of Powfoulis, 22 York place 
Bruce, Mrs, 1 James' place 
Bruce, Miss, 39 Moray place 
Bruce, Miss, 3 Hiliside crescent 
Bruce, Misses, dressmakers, 69 Broughton 

Bruce, Misses, 16 Scotland street 
Brumby, Miss, dressmaker, 48 Lothian street 
BruntOD, Adam, upholsterer, 27 Howe street 
Brunton, Alex, cooper, 43 Abbey hill 
Bruntoii, James, tailor, 7 Drummond street 
Brunton, J. tailor and clothier, 95 Princes 

Brunton, Wm. and Co. cloth merchants and 
warehousemen, 13 Nicolson sq. — house, 40 
George square 
Bryce, A. H, 40 Albany street 
Bryce, David, architect, 131 George street 
Bryce, David, junior, architect, 29 Frederick 

Bryce, James, gunmaker and rifle manufacr., 
5 West Register street — house 15 Drum- 
mond street 
Bryce, Rev. James, D.D. Leven bank, "White- 
house gardens 
Bryce, John, wine merchant and grocer, 1 7 
North- west Circus place 

Brown, Mrs Elizabeth, Spring gardens 
Brown, Mrs Hanna, 7 Brandon street 
Brown, Mrs Janet, 4 Hill place 
Brown, Mrs J. furniture glazer, 60 India 

Brown, Mrs James, 20 Dublin street 
Brown, Mrs Osburn, 23 India street 
Brown, Mrs P. midwife and ladies' nurse, 9 

Brown street 
Brown, Mrs, 25 St James' square 
Brown, Mrs Robert, 23 x4.nn street 
Brown, Sirs Dr, 20 Howard place 
Brown, Mrs Wm. 45 Minto street 
Brown, Mrs, Tower Park cottage. Trinity 
Brown, Mrs, 24 Clerk Street 
Brown, Mrs G. B. 6 Upper Gray street 
Brown, Mrs, baker, 495 Lawnmarket 
Brown, Mrs, provision dealer, 2 Causeyside 
Brown, Miss Agnes, Wellwood lodge 
Brown, Miss Anne, Viewfield lodge, Green- 
hill gardens 
Brown, Miss Elizabeth, boot and shoemaker, 

18 South College street 
Brown, M. silk and worsted shop, 5 Frederick 

Brown, Miss Marion, 3 Meadow place 
Brown, Miss S. Wortland, teacher of music 

and singing, 5 Picardy place 
Brown, Miss, of Newton, 21 Stafford street 
Brown, Miss Euphemia, dressmaker, 10 Cal- 

ton hill 
Brown^ Miss, 15 Gardner's crescent 
iBrown, Miss, dressmaker, 9 Charlotte place 
Brown, Miss, 8 Albany street 
Brown, Miss, dressmaker, 27 William street 
iBrown, Miss, 3 Jamaica street. North Leith 
iBrown, Miss, 6 West Claremont street 
jBrown, Misses, 8 "Wharton place 
IBrowne, Major, late H.M. I6th Infantry, 14 

St Bernard's crescent 
iBrowne, Mrs, 26 Scotland street 
Browne, Miss, 2 West Circus place 
'Browne, Miss, 3 Forres street 
iBrownlee, Alex, stabler, 20 Grassmarket 
■Brownlee, James & Co. provision merchants, 

14 Kirkgate 
Bruce & Cunningham, civil engineers and 

land surveyors, 21 Castle street 
Bruce & Kerr, corn merchants, 106 Constitu- 
tion street, Leith 
Bruce, Alex, jewel-case and pocket-book ma- 
nufacturer, 10 South Hanover street 
Bruce, Alexander, writer, 4 Thistle court — 

house, 22 Abercromby place 
Bruce, Charles, S.S.C. 68 Great King street 
Bruce, Daniel, carver, gilder, picture- liner, 
restorer, and looking-glass manufacturer, 
12 Greenside place— house, 28 Gay field 
Bruce, Daniel, 09 Broughton street 
Bruce, David, flesher, it Middle market 
Biuce, Donald, agent, 5 Alison square 
Liiuce, George, of Langlee, 2 Glenfinlas st. 






Bryce, John, wine merchant and grocer, 135 
Princes street — house, 2 Charlotte street 

Bryce, Robert, 18 Lothian street 

Bryce, Thomas, gun and pistol maker, 4 
Calton street 

Bryce, Wm. architect, 19 Dundas street 

Bryce, William IM. synod officer, Established 
Church, 388 Castle hill 

Bryce, Mrs William, Sylvan bank, Mansion- 
house road 

Bryce, Mrs, 23 Walker street 

Bryden, Adam (J. B. and Sons), 14 Frede- 
rick street 

Bryden, James, 12 Beaumont place 

Bryden, James, builder, 8 SummerliaU 

Bryden, John & Sons, bell-hangers, Venetian 
and spring- roller blind makers, 65 George 
St. and 112 Buchanan st. GlasiJ;ow 

Bryden, John M. (J. B. and Sons), 40 Fre- 
derick street 

Bryden, John ( W. B. and Son), I Howe st. 

Bryden, Thomas, smith, 76 Causeyside 

Bryden, Wm. & Son, bell-hangers, Venetian 
and roller blind manufacturers, 55 George 
street and 7 Royal bank place, Glasgow 

Bryden, Mrs, gardener, Morayfield, Leith 

Bryden, Mrs Wm. I Howe street 

Bryden, Miss, 5 Howe street 

Brydon, J. general merchant, 190 Canongate 
— house, Croft-an-righ cottage 

Brydon, J. jun. paper, rag, and cotton- waste 
merchant, 20 New street 

Brydon, James, flesher, 86 Kirkgate 

Brydon, James, woollen and linen draper, 25 

Brydon, Mrs Dr, 11 Charles street 

Brydon, Miss, 6 Pitt street 

Brydone, J. printer, publisher, and bookseller, 
17 Hiinover street — ho 27 Dundas street 

Brydone, James, fancy stationer, &c., 29 
Princes street 

Bryson, A. (/?. B. d- Sons), 4 Inverleith ter. 

Bryson, .Tames, optician, 24 Princes street 

Bryson, Rob. and Sons, chronometer, watch, 
and clock makers in ordinary to the Queen, 
66 Princes street 

Bryson, R. [R. B. and Soiis), 65 Princes st. 

Bryson, Mrs, Trinity villa 

Buchan, Mat. and Co. rectifiers, wine and 
spirit merchants, 32 Bernard street 

Buchan (if/. B. Sf Co.), 3 Queen's place, 
Leith Walk 

Buchan, Thos. clerk, 9 Glover street, Leith 

Buchan, Thomas, Cherry bank 

Buchan, William, cork-saw factor, 15 Con- 
stitution street 

Buchan, Mrs Dr, 15 Argyle square 

Buchan, Mrs Hannah, coach-hirer, 6 Char- 
lotte place 

Buchan, Mrs, greengrocer, 5 DubJin street 

Buchanan, Rev. A., St Thomas' manse, Leith 

Buchanan, David {Mercunj Office), 27 Rae- 
burn place 

Buchanan, Edward G. general agent. Bell's 
court, Quality lane 

Buchanan, James, S.S.C. 21 George street- 
house, 83 Causeyside 

Buchanan, Jas. leather merch. 1 Old Bridge- 

Buchanan, James, D.D. professor of divi- 
nity, 51 Lauriston place 

Buchanan, James, 49 Moray place 

Buchanan, James, teetotal coffee-house and 
commercial lodgings, 114 High street 

Buchanan, Wm. advocate, 33 Drummond pi. 

Buchanan, Wm. H. accountant, 33 Drum- 
mond place 

Buchanan, W. M,, M.D., E.LC.S. 3 Carlton 

Buchanan, William, 8 Roxburgh terrace 

Buclianan, Mrs, 11 Forth street 

Buclianan, Mrs John, Black Bull Fftn, 1 Sa- 
lamander street, Leith 

Buchanan, Miss Jane, grocer, 4 Saunder's st. 

Buchanan, Miss, 1 West Maitland street 

Bucher, Signor, professor of singing, 2 Great 
Stuart street 

Bucher, ]\Irs, 38 York place 

Buckle, George, bootmaker, 10 N. St David st. 

Buckle, John, Wharton house, Wharton lane 

Buckmaster, T. & Co. tailors and array clo- 
thiers, 135 George street 

Budge, W. cartwright, 18 Johnston street, 

Budge, Mrs David, 146 Princes Street 

Budge, Mrs, 56 India street 

Bulk, Jas. house carpenter, 2 West Broughton 

Buist, Robert, flesher, 2 North Melville place 

Buist, Mrs, 4 North Melville place 

Buncle, A. potatoe dealer, 32 St Patrick sq. 

Burden, George, teetotal coffeehouse, 129 
High street 

Burge, Wm. hat and cap manufac. 10 North 
bridge — house, 8 Nicolson square 

Burgess, Alex, mail- guard, 5 Terrace, Leith st. 

Burgess, Geo. bootmaker, 47 South bridge — 
house 13 Brown street 

Burgess, Jas. merchant, 4 Park street 

Burgess, Jas. jun. merchant, 63 New Build- 
ings — house, 11 Trinity crescent 

Burgess, .Jn. wood and ivory turner, 153 High 

Burgess, Mrs I., lodgings, 35 Lothian street 

Burke & Grant, upholsterers and undertakers, 
and house agents, 1 Abercromby place 

Burke, John and Son, upholsterers and cabi- 
netmakers, 13 Queen street 

Burke, J. (J. B. and Son), 62 Hanover street 

Burn, Archd. plumber, 79 George street 

Burn, James, W.S. 51 Great King street 

Burn, Geo. and Son, provision merchants, 182 
High street 

Burn, Andrew {G. B. 4" Son), 9 Brown street 

Burn, Geo. ( G. B. i Son), 7 Wharton place 

Burn, John, M.D. 7 Teviot row 





Burn, Captain John, R.N. 4 Tobago street 

Burn, Peter, 1 London street 

Burn, Mrs, North Merchiston house 

Burn, Miss, 43 Gilmore place 

Burn, Misses, dressmakers, 79 George street 

Burness, James, S.S.C. 11 Drummond place 

Burness, Wm. printer to her Majesty, 1 N. 

St Andrew St. — house, 11 Drummond pi. 
Burnet, Alex, cabinetmaker, ^53 Cowgate 
Burnet, Andw. agent ( Win. Younger Sf Co.), 

6 Maryfield 
Burnet, Jn. spirit dealer, 56 W. Richmond st. 
Burnet, John, Caledonian hotel, 1 Castle st. 
Burnet, Mrs H. lodgings, 39 Constitution st. 
Burnet, Elizabeth, lodgings, 118 Princes st. 
Burnet and Barclay, hat manufacturers, 173 

High street 
Burnett, G. advocate, 8 Walker street 
Burnett, George, tailor, 182 Rose street 
Burnett, George, head-master. Young street 

school — house, 23 Downie place 
Burnett, Geo. baker, 160 Fountainbridge 
Burnett, James H., VV.S. notary public, soli- 
citor to the Treasury, 4 Moray place 
Burnett, James, japanner, 34 Toddrick's wyd. 
Burnett, Thos. tailor & cloth. 35 W. Registerst. 

— house, 10 North St David street 
Burnett, Mrs, of Kemnay, 8 Walker street 
Burnley, William T. 24 Ainslie place 
Burns, David, 30 Rankeillor street 
Burns, Edmond, clothier, tailor, and shirt- 
maker, 13 Bank street 
Burns, George, Eagle hotel, 1 Catharine st. 
Burns, George, grocer and spirit dealer, 5 

Summer place 
Burns, John, 5 Salisbury place 
Burns, John (Inland Revenue), 4 Comely 

green crescent 
Burns, M., Lord Belhaven's coal agent, office 

40 Lothian road 
Burns, P. coal merchant, 42 Lothian road 
Burns, Robt. victual dealer, 50 Grassmarket 
Burns, Thomas, W.S. 3 Hope Park square 
Burns, Mrs M. 11 Melville place 
Burns, Mrs William, 3 Comely green cresct. 
Burns, Mrs, 71 Broughton street 
Burns, Miss, 4 Arniston place 
Burns, Miss Jane, 10 Arniston place 
Burnside, John, 2 Crichton street 
Burnside, Mrs, 35 Scotland street 
Burnside, Miss, 12 Lynedoch place 
Burrill, Mrs, ladies' nurse, 4 W. Richmond st. 
Burt, Dr, F.R.C.P. 88 George street 
Burt, Rob. & Co. mattress makers, 28 Pleasance 
Burtt, Geo. E. agent, 5 Clerk street 
Burt, Mrs, 108 George street 
Burt, Miss, 8 AthoU place 
Burton, Emanuel, cabinetmaker. Quarry close, 

Burton, James, wright. Circus lane — house, 

19 Dundas street 
Burton, J. H. advocate, 25 Ann street 
Burton, Mungo, artist, 19 Dundas street 

Burton, Mrs, 2 Teviot row 
Bush by. Miss, 13 Torphichen street 
Butchard, C. T. (G.P.-O.), 1 Broughton pi. 
Butement, Mrs W. lodgings, 2 Sandport st. 
Butt, Albert F. tavern-keeper, 6 Rose street 
Butt, James & Co. ham-curers, 36 Frederick 

Butter, Miss, Pitlochrie, 28 Alva street 
Butters, Lawrence, seal engraver to the Queen, 

41 George street — house, I Fingal place 
Butti, L. G. and Sons, carvers, gilders, and 

dealers in curiosities, 1 and 2 Ronaldson's 

buildings — ho. 2 Spring6eld, Leith walk 
Butti, .J. A. carver, gilder, and looking-glass 

manufacturer, 14 S. Hanover street — ho. 

15 St James' square 
Butler, D., New Greyfriars' school, Vennel 
Butler, Robert, spt. dealer, 36 College wynd 

— ho. 19 Hercles street 
Byres, Robert, 13 South Charlotte street 
Byres, Thomas, baker, 167 Rose street 
Byrn, Mrs, 18 Walker street 
Byrne, Mrs, French stay maker, 17 Bank st. 

Cadell, Lieut.-Col. Geo., E.LC.S. 13 Ran- 
dolph crescent 
Cadell, John, of Tranent, advocate, 20 Picardy 

Caddell, Mrs, 15 Atholl crescent 
Cadell, Miss Harriet B. 3 Torphichen street 
Cadenhead, A. F. writer, 22 Raeburn place 
Cafe, D. S. cupper {Royal Infirmary)^ and 

medical galvanist, 16 Elder street 
Cafe Royal Tavern, West Register place 
Caird, F. G. agent, 27 Hanover street— ho. 

22 Gayfield square 
Caird, John, surg. F.R.C.S.E. 21 St Patrick 

Caird, Margaret, fishmonger^ 1 Fishmarket 
Cairnie, John {Potts, C. ^^ Ray), 17 St Pa- 
trick square 
Cairns, Geo., S.S.C. and solicitor-at-law, 23 
George IV. bridge— ho. Springbank, Green- 
hill gardens 
Cairns, John, gardener, Gilmore park 
Cairns, John B., W.S. 26 Dublin street 
Cairns, John, writer, 26 Dublin street 
Cairns, Thomas, baker and confectioner, 50 

and 53 Home street 
Cairns, Mrs, Ayrshire needle-work, muslin 

and lace printer, &c. 77 Princes street 
Caithness, Earl of, 17 Rutland square 
Calder, Adam, 17 West Preston street 
Calder, Alex., Belfield house. Trinity 
Calder, Alex. (Alliance B. %■ F. Assurance 

Co.), 20 Rankeillor street 
Calder, Alex. {National Insurance Co.), 20 

Rankeillor street 
Calder, Alexander, smith, 116 Rose street 
Calder, David, grocer, wine and spirit mercht. 

112 Canongate 
Calder, R. seed merchant and commission 
agent, 14 Elm row 





Calder, Robert, coal agent, 180 Rose street 
Calder, Thomas, tailor, 333 High street 
Calder & Tait, smiths and ironmongers, 2 

Albany street and St Andrew lane 
Calder, Thomas (C. S^- Tait), 23 Dublin st. 
Calder, Wm. sailmaker, cordage, sailcloth, &c. 

store, 21 and 22 Commercial place— house, 

Rose Mount, Madeira street, North Leith 

— See Adv. 
Calder, Wra, Travellers hotel, 9 and 10 

Market street 
Calder, William, cattle dealer, 19 Archibald 

Calder, Mrs Jas. cowfeeder, 103 Fountain br. 
Calder, Mrs, ladies' nurse, 37 India place 
Calder, Mrs, lodgings, 56 Cumberland street 
Calderhead, Wm. confectioner, 48 Home st. 
Calderwood, R. waggoner, 18 Duke st. Leith 
Calder wood, Wra. corn merchant, 18 Buc- 

cleuch place 
Caldwell Brothers, wholesale stationers and 

publishers, 15 and 1? AVaterloo place — ho. 

II Henderson row 
Caldwell & Co. button and trimming merchts. 

313 High street 
Caldwell,"Charle8, 7 London street 
Caldwell, Geo. flesher, 20 New market, Leith 
Caldwell, David, smith and farrier, Bangholm 
Caldwell, T. builder, 11 Henderson row 
Caldwell, Misses, milliners and dressm. 76 

Kirkgate, Leith 
Caledonian Fire and Life Assurance Office, 

1 9 Georgestreet, and 9 Bernard street, Leith. 

— See Adv. 
Caledonian Loan Co — Andw. Rutherford, 

manager, 7 Royal Exchange — house, 87 

Caledonian Mercury Office, 265 High street 
Caledonian Railway Tavern, Lothian road. 
Caledonian United Serv. Club, 14 Queen st. 
Caledonian Youths' Friendly Society, 122 

Nicolson street 
Callam, Alex, writer, 5 Richmond pend 
Callam, George and Co. braziers to Her IMa- 

jesty, smiths and ironmongers, 13 Green- 

Slop TllftOG 

Callam, Geo. ( G. C. ^^ Co.), 2 Baxter's place 

Callam, John B. 3 Spittal street 

Callam, Thos, gasfitter, brazier, and tinplate 

■worker, 56 Shore— ho. 21 Charlotte street, 

Callender, David, boot and shoemaker, 19 

Bank street 
Calleuder, Dd. tanner, St Anthony lane, Leith 

— house, Lochend road 
Callender, Henry, accountant, 32 St Andrew 

square — ho. 1 1 Forres st. 
Callender, Mrs, 8 Annandale street 
Callender, Miss, 27 Gray street 
Calton Hill Brewery, 26 N. Back Canongate 
Calvert, F. B., A.M. professor of elocution, 

25 York place 
Calvert, John R., W.S. 4. Rutland square 

Calvin New Translations Society — acting 
and editorial secretary, Robert Pitcairn, 
F.S.A., 9 Northumberland street 

Camden Society — T. G. Stevenson, agent, 87 
Princes street 

Camerne, Mrs Colonel, 17 Dundas street 

Cameron, Violard,& Co. French corset makers, 
milliners, & dressmakers, 124 Georgestreet 

Cameron and Co. paper makers and wholesale 
stationers. Stead's place 

Cameron, Alex. Customs, 6 Bank place 

Cameron, Rev. Andrew (Editor of Christian 
Treasury), 39 George square. 

Cameron, Andw. drysalter, 47 Regent arch — 
house, 14 Calton hill 

Cameron, D. spirit dealer, 142 Canongate 

Cameron, Daniel, librarian Mechanics^ Sub- 
scription Library, 8 James' court 

Cameron, Donald, wholesale stationer, 23 Blair 

Cameron, H. teacher, 13 Antigua street 

Cameron, James M. (J', i^ J. M. C.) 28 Ber- 
nard street 

Cameron, Jas. provision merchant, 6 Riddel's 
close, Leith 

Cameron, James, bookbinder and stationer, 
6 Clerk street 

Cameron, James, City and Dean of Guild offi- 
cer, 2 Church street 

Cameron, James, spirit dealer, 32 St Andrew 
street, Leith 

Cameron, .James, warehouseman, 21 Kirkgate, 

Cameron, J. and P. general carriers, contrac- 
tors, and railway agents, forward goods to 
most parts of Scotland, England, and Ire- 
land, agents for the Scottish Central Rail- 
way, Scottish Midland, Dundee, Perth, and 
Aberdeen Junction and Aberdeen Railways. 
Office, 39 George IV. bridge. 

Cameron, J. & Son, brush and curled hair 
manufacturers, Craig's close, 265 High st. 

Cameron, Jn. 33 Alva street 

Cameron, John, 35 Scotland street 

Cameron, John, tea, wine, and spirit dealer, 
14 Rose street 

Cameron, John, vintner, 12 Fleshmarket cl. 

Cameron, John, shipmaster, 72 Kirkgate 

Cameron, John, 19 Graham street 

Cameron, John, grocer and spirit dealer, 3 
Alison place 

Cameron, -John R. 36 Hanover street 

Cameron, P. (J. <|- P. C), 9 George square 

Cameron, Peter, tailor, 24 Cumberland street 

Cameron, R. painter & glazier, 214 Canongate 

Cameron, Robert, picture-frame maker, N. St 
Andrew street lane 

Cameron, Robert, cowfeeder, 19 South back 
of Canongate 

Cameron, Simon, confectioner, 305 High st. 

Cameron, Thomas & J. M., Bath street Rope- 
work, Leith 

Cameron, Thomas, jun. 28 Bernard street 



Cam 61 

Campbell, J. M. (Stein and Campbell), 49 

Northumberland street 
Campbell, John, grocer, 24 St Andrew street, 

Leith — house, 59 Constitution street 
Campbell, John, painter and glazier, 28 St 

Patrick square — ho. 4 Sibbald place 
Campbell, John, 4 Alva street 
Campbell, Captain John, Blackford lodge, 

Whitehouse loan 
Campbell, John, W.S. 8 Scotland street 
Campbell, John Archd., C.S., NP. Coramiss. 

for Eng. and Irish affidavits, 2 Albyn place 
Campbell, John, M.D. 8 Great Stuart street 
Campbell, John, stabler, W. Northumberland 

street lane 
Campbell, John, grocer and spirit dealer, 15 

Carnegie street 
Campbell, John, cowfeeder, 18 Rose street 
Campbell, Joseph, glazier, 65 Kirkgate 
Campbell, Neil Colquhoun, advoc. 42 Nor- 
thumberland street 
Campbell, Robert, ironmonger, 19 Home st. 
Campbell, Robert, spirit dealer, 14 Cromwell 

street, Leith 
Campbell, Simon (C. §• Smith), 26 York pi. 
Campbell, Thos. E. & Co. metal merchants, 

milled lead and lead pipe manuf. 8 Picardy 

place and 117 Constitution street, Leith 
Campbell, Thomas, 12 George square 
Campbell, Thos. letter- carriei-, 48 Potterrow 
Campbell, Thomas, grocer, tea, wine, and 

spirit merchant, 8 Dublin street — house, 6 

Hart street 
Campbell, Thomas, flesher, 31 Thistle St.— 

house, 4 Queensferry st. 
Campbell, William, W.S. 6 Rutland square 
Campbell, Lady, of Abreuchill, 6 Howard pi. 
Campbell, William (G. P.-O.), 1 St John's 

Campbell, Mrs Alexander, spirit dealer, 2 

Richmond lane 
Campbell, Mrs Archibald, 3 Duncan street 
Campbell, Mrs Geo. boarding school, 1 1 Belle- 

vue crescent 
Campbell, Mrs Jane, 9 Inverleith row 
Campbell, Mrs Dr John, 13 Lynedoch pi. 
Campbell, Mrs Major, 11 Saxe Coburg place 
Campbell, Mrs William, 114 Ljiuriston pi. 
Campbell, JNIrs, of Southhall, 68 Northum- 
berland street 
Campbell, Mrs, 60 North Castle street 
Campbell, Mrs, cook, 90 Rose street 
Campbell, Mrs, sick-nurse, 57 Cumberland st. 
Campbell, Mrs, lodgings, 10 Heriot place 
Campbell, Mrs, 3 Howard place 
Campbell, Mrs, patent French staymaker, 3 

Hill street 
Campbell, Mrs, of Possil, 12 Abercromby pi. 
Campbell, Mrs, sick nurse, 5 Crichton street 
Campbell, Miss Amelia, of New field, 121 

Princes street 
Campbell, Miss, 30 StaflFord street 
Campbell, Miss Helen, 50 George street 

Cameron, Thomas, cabinetmaker, Charlotte 

lane — ho. 39 Thistle street 
Cameron, W. teacher of music, 1 St John st. 
Cameron, Wm. Hodges, Secretary to tlieEdin. 

Uater Company, 123 Princes street 
Cameron, William, merchant, 37 Dundas st. 
Cameron, William, tea, wine, and spirit mer- 
chant, 9 East Richmond street 
Cameron, Mrs C. ladies' nurse, 6 Bristo street 
Cameron, Mrs, French staymaker, 37 Dundas 

Cameron, Mrs, 20 Cumberland street 
Cameron, Mrs, lodgings, 1 1 Calton street 
Cameron, Miss, 23 Archibald place 
Cameron, Miss, 1 Thomas street 
Cameron, Miss, 44 Castle street 
Cameron, Miss, 8 Atholl place 
Cameron, Misses, dressmakers, 29 Fredrick st. 
Campbell and Trail, W.S. 7 Melville street 
Campbell and Smith, S.S.C. 26 York place 
Campbell & Henderson, glass dealers, glaziers, 
and horticultural builders, 51 N. Hanover 
Campbell & Co. lace merchants, 63 George st. 
Campbell, Messrs A. and A., W.S. 22 Dublin 

Campbell, Alexander, 6 Charlotte square 
Campbell, Archd. 4 Great King st. 
Campbell, Arch. & Co. brewers, 145 Cowgate 
Campbell, Archd. post horse and coach hirer. 

East Rose street lane 
Campbell, Archd. saddler, Lothian road 
Campbell, Arthur, W.S. {A. ^ A. Campbell), 

8 Drummond place 
Campbell, Arthur,jun. W.S. (A. and A. Camp- 
bell), 12 India stre<^t 
Campbell, A. C. 2 Darjing's buildings. Stock- 
Campbell, C. glass merchant, 1 Gayfield place 
Campbell, Charles, of Combie, 1 4 Grove st. 
Campbell, C. W. 11 Howard place 
Campbell, Dick,& Son, shoemak. Morningside 
Campbell, Donald, wine and spirit merchant, 

521 Lawnmarket 
Campbell, Douglas, 42 Ann street 
Campbell, Dun. provision merchant, 87 Con- 
stitution street — house, 2 Smith's place 
Campbell, Geo. & Co. stationers and printers, 

40 Leith street 
Campbell, Geo. cowfeeder, 13 Buccleuch st. 
Campbell, Geo. booksr. stationer, and news- 
agent, 12 Howe street 
Campbell, James, advocate, 37 Dublin street 
Campbell, James, draper, 7 Dublin street 
Campbell, Rev. James R. 15 Annandale st. 
Campbell, James (Assist. Comm. Gen,), 3 

Middleby street, Newington 
Campbell, James, 30 Rutland square 
Campbell, James, Hill street lane, north 
Campbell, James, city recorder, 30 Candle- 
maker row 
Campbell, Mrs J. G. hotel keeper and com- 
mercial inn, 41 Shore 





Campbell, Miss Isabella, 1 Manor place 

Campbell, Miss M. dressmaker, 47 India pi. 

Campbell, Miss Mary Duneaves, 10 Manor pi. 

Campbell, Miss, 42 Great King street 

Campbell, Miss, of Dalziell park, 117 Princes 

Campbell, Miss, of Lochnell, Holyrood house 

Campbell, Miss, of Succoth, 7 Gloucester pi. 

Campbell, Miss, 35 Heriot row 

Canch, Mjs, 23 London street 

Candlish, R. S., D.D. 4 So. Charlotte st. 

Candlish, Wm. lodgings, 8 Annfield, Newhv. 

Cankwell, R. & Sons, boot and shoe makers, 
2 Victoria street 

Cannan, David, D.D. 38 Danube street 

Cannon, Alexander, printer and publisher, 46 
Hanover street — ho. 1 1 South St Andrew st. 

Cannon, Alexander, Temperance hotel and 
coflPee-house, 11 South St Andrew street 

Canongate Clerk's Office, Canongate Court- 
room — William Fraser, jun. W.S. clerk 

Cappie, James, M.D. 9 Roxburgh street 

Caravanna, Mrs, 33 Dublin street 

Carfrae, Alexander, bank messenger, Clyde 
street lane 

Carfrae, David, preserver of birds and animals 
to the university, 36 Rose street 

Carfrae, Robert, house painter, 1 Erskine pi. 

Carfrae, Thos. land-surveyor, 1 Erskine place 

Carfrae, Wm. saddler, 7 Queen sferry street — 
house, 3 Wallace place 

Carfrae, Mrs & Son, bird-stuffers and fishing- 
tackle makersj 3 Frederick street 

Carfrae, Miss Jane, 1 1 Middleby street 

Cargill, James, teacher, 1 Corunna place 

Carlier, Mrs, 30 Haddington place 

Carlyle, Wm. canine repository, Lothian road 

Garment, John, S.S.C. {Patrick, M'Ewen, ^■ 
C), 15 London street 

Cai-michael, Archibald, spirit merchant, 280 

Carmichael, James {Register House)^ 44 South 

Carmichael, James, poulterer, 5 and 6 Poultry 
market and 106 George street — house, 34 
North bridge 

Carmichael, J. {High School)^ 16 London st. 

Carmichael, Mitchell ( Property and Income 
Tax), 1 Summerhall place 

Carmichael, L. pharmaceutical chemist, 13 
Calton street — house, 4 Calton Hill 

Carmichael, Robt. flesh er, 75 Northumber- 
land street — house, 44 Howe street 

Carmichael, Thomas, smith, 5 St Andrew st. 

Carmichael, Walter, architect, teacher of archi- 
tectural drawing {late James Ruthveri), 44 
South Bridge 

Carmichael, William, A.C.S. 4 Hope street 

Carmichael, Wm. S. surgeon and accoucheur, 
22 Northumberland street 

Carmichad, Wm. flasher, 3, 4, & 5 Broughton 

Carmichael, Mrs Robt. poulterer, 60 Queen 

street — house, 62 
Carmichael, Mrs, 36 Inverleith row 
Carmichael, Mrs, 22 Northumberland street 
Carmichael, Mrs, lodgings, 23 Maitland st. 
Carmichael, Misses, teachers, 23 Maitland st. 
Carnishelie, James, figure and mould maker, 

11 Greenside place 
Carnduff, John, tailor and clothier, 9 Leith 

street — house, 13 James square 
Carnegie, James, jun. W.S. 16 Windsor street 
Carnegie, J. mercantile agent, 100 Lauriston 

Carnegie, James, lodgings, 55 Princes street 
Carnegy, James, Laverock bank house, New- 
Carnegy, Rob., M.D. 19 Drummond place 
Carnie, Jas. sen. fisherman, Newhaven 
Carnie, Chas. merchant, 16 Clarendon cresc. 
Caron, J. French teacher, 136 George street 
Carpenter, M. boarding-house, 7 Buccleuchpl. 
Carphin, George, 16 East Adam street 
Carphin, George ( Commercial Bank), 8 Salis- 
bury road 
Carphin, Mrs, 8 Salisbury road 
Carr, Michael, tailor & clothier, 1 Blenheim 

Carr, Mrs, straw-hat maker, 2 St Vincent st. 
Carr, Misses, milliners and dressmakers, 1 

Blenheim place 
Carr, Misses E. and C, French staymakers, 

14 Greenside street 
Carrick, James, smith and ironmonger, 156 

Rose street — house, 4 Queensferry street 
Carrick, William {Inland Revenue)^ 14 West 

Preston street 
Carrick, Mrs, 32 Broughton place 
Carron Co.'s warehouse, Wet docks — John 

Machattie, agent, Leith 
Carron Co., Liverpool and Leith traders- 
John Machattie, agent, Leith 
Carruthers, Miss, of Holraains, 3 Frederick st. 
Carse, David, coach builder, Orchardfield 
Carse, J. & Son, patent axletree manufactory, 

18 Greenside row 
Carse, Thos. {J. C. Sr Son), 31 Gayfield sq. 
Carse, Thomas {H. M. Customs, Leith), 17 

Albany street, Leith 
Carson, Miss, 82 Lauriston place 
Carstairs and Robertson, wine and commission 

merchants. Trinity vaults, 99 Giles' street, 

CarstairSjA. engraver & chasser, 2 Shakspeare 

Carstairs, D. gardener. Lovers' lane, Leith wk. 
Carstairs, George {James Nasmyth 6f Co.)., 13 

St James' square 
Carstairs, James, gardener, Restalrig 
Carstairs, James, comb maker, 30 Leith walk 
Carstairs, Matthew, plumber and gasfitter, 71 

Northumberland street — house, 23 Howe st. 
Carstairs, Mrs, fruiterer, 106 George street — 

nursery, Wariston lodge— ho. 59 Castle st. 





Carstairs, Mrs Dr, Rose bank, Bonnington 

Carter, Frederick Hayne, accountant, 16 

Queen street, agent for the United Service 

and General Life Assurance and Guarantee 

Association — liouse, 12 Carleton street 

Carter, Josepli, tobacco manufacturer, 116 

High street — house, 129 High street 
Carter, Nicholas, wine merchant, 44 Hanover 

Carter, Mrs John, tea, wine, and spirit mer- 
chant, 202 Pleasance 
Carter, Mrs Nicol, grocer, and spirit mer- 
chant, 237 Canongate — house, 45 New st. 
Carter, Mrs, 13 Annandale street 
Carter, Mrs, 46 South Clerk street 
Carter, Mrs, 1.5 Dean terrace 
Carus, Miss Jane, 46 Queen street 
Caskey, William, grocer and "spirit dealer, 16 

College wynd 
Cassels, Alex., W.S. 20 London street 
Cassels, John G. {^Edin. and Leith Brewery')^ 

200 Canongate — house, 44 Rankeillor st. 
Cassels, Walter Gibson, Blackford house 
Cassie, James, dyer, 13 Baker's place 
Castle, James, working jeweller, 21 Leith st. 
Castle, John, accountant, 21 Leith street — 

house, 13 Broughton place 
Cathcart, James, Fergus&on, & Co. wine mer- 
chants, 84 St Andrew street, Leith 
Cathcart, Jas. (^Cathcart, Fergusson^ §■ Co.), 

12 Carlton terrace 
Cathcart, R. A., W.S. 1 George street 
Cathcart, Mrs, 17 Great King street 
Cathels, Misses, dressmrs. 67 Cumberland st. 
Cathie, N., tailor and clothier,219 High street 
Cathie, Thos. flesher, 19 William street 
Cattanach, Wm. (Sunbury distillery). Haw- 
thorn bank 
Cattanach, Wm. jun. wine and spirit mercht. 

102 Nicolson street — house, 12 Minto st. 
Gaunter, Robert, 31 Saxe Coburg place 
Cavage, Colonel, Bellville, Newington 
Cavaye, Robt. Northfield place, Jock's lodge 
Caw, John {Black and C), 25 St James' sq. 
Caw, John B. 1 Hill square 
Caw, Miss, 7 Grove street 
Cawthorn, Mrs E. 2 Melville street 
Cay and Black, advertising and newspaper 

agents, 45 George street 
Cay & Johnston, furnishing ironmongers and 
railway coach lamp manufacturers, 7 Green- 
side place 
Cay, John, jun., W.S. 5 S.-E. Circus place 
Cay, John, advocate, sheriff and commissary 

of Linlithgowshire, 5 S.-E. Circus place 
Cay, Mrs John, 14 Barony street 
Cay, Miss Jane, 6 Great Stuart street 
Celtic Society of Ireland — T. G. Stevenson, 

87 Princes street, agent 
Cess OfBce, County o; City, 57 North bridge 
Chad wick, Colin, grocer and spirit dealer, 14 

Citadel, Leith 
Chadwick, Mrs James, grocer, 6 Shrub place 

Chalmers' Territorial Church and Schoolt; 

Manse, Rev. James H. Wilson, 137 Foun- 

Chalmers and Chisholme, vinegar makers, and 

wine and spirit merchants, 39 Potterrow 
Chalmers, C. S. (of D. Robeitaon Sf Soil), 8 

Elbe street, Leith 
Chalmers, Charles, Castle bank, Eorough- 

Chalmers, David, M.D. 47 Lauriston place 
Chalmers, George, saddler, 65 Clerk street 
Chalmers, J. (C ^ Chisholme), 3 Lothian 

Chalmers, James K. 1 Sylvan place 
Chalmers, James, spirit dealer, 14 WestMait- 

land street 
Chalmers, James, spirit dealer, 7 Fox lane 
Chalmers, James, shoemaker, 27 India street 
Chalmers, James, spirit mercht. 75 Shore 
Chalmers, John, spirit merchant, 8 St Andrew 

street and 114 Kirkgate, Leith 
Chalmers, John, shoemaker, 26 Calton hill 
Chalmers, John, surveyor of buildings, 30 

St James' square 
Chalmers, John, coal merchant, 11 PortHope- 

toun — house, 1G9 Fountainbridge 
Chalmers, John Inglis, 27 Inverleith row 
Chalmers, Richard, grocer, 8 Fife place 
Chalmers, William & Co. spirit dealers, 2 

Shrub place 
Chalmers, Wm. tailor, 9 Barony street 
Chalmers, Mrs M., 38 Cumberland street 
Chalmers, Mrs James, lodgings, 22 India 

Chalmers, Mrs, ladies' nurse, 84 Gt. King st. 
Chalmers, Mrs, 1 Sylvan place 
Chalmers, Mrs Thos. 20 Barony street 
Chalmers, Mrs, 5 Norton place 
Chalmers, Miss A., Craigleith house^ 
Chalmers, Miss MarioUj 33 Dublin street 
Chalmers, Miss, Churchhill, Morningside 
Chalmers, Miss, 58 India street 
Chamber of Commerce & Manufactures, 10 

Hunter square— J. F. MacfarJane and W. 

Law, honorary secretaries 
Chambers, W. ( IF. <|- R. C), 13 Manor place 
Chambers, W. and R. publishers, 339 High 

Chamney, Thos. & Co. boot and shoemakers, 

16 Bristo street 
Chancellor, George, W.S. {Macallan §• C, 

Agents for the Liverpool and London Fire 

and Life Insurance Co.), 26 Rutland sq.^ — 

ho. 34 George sq. 
Chancellor, Mrs, sen. of Shieldhill, 34 George 

Chancery OfBce, Register house — director, 

Archd. M'Neill, W.S. 8 Hill street— house, 

73 Great King street 
Chaplin, Thos. Robertson, accountant, II 

Gloucester place 
Chapman, David, card manufacturer, 32 

Bernard street, Leith 





Chapman, Edward, M.D., Hawkfield house 
Chapman, John, M.D. Hawkfield ho. Leitb 
Chapman, John, junr. surgeon, Hawkfield ho. 
Chapman, John, joiner, 208 Canongate 
Chapman, Thos. auctioneer and appraiser, 

5 Melbourne Place — ho. 10 St Patrick sq. 
Chapman, IMrs Henry, Leith mount, Leith 
CiiAniTv Workhouse, Forrest road 
Charity Woikhouse, Canongate, Tolbooth 

CuARiTY Workhouse, West Kirk, Lothian rd. 
Charles. C. furniture dealer, 60 Broughton st, 
Charles, George, flesher, 5G Fountainbridge 
Charles, George, agent, 15 St Anthony place 
Charles, James, cowfeedtr, 6 Elder street 
Charles, James, furnishing ironmonger, 20 

Broughton street. — See Adv. 
Charles, John, 42 Inverleith row 
Charles, Wra. flesher, 8 Middle market — 

house, 3 Buccleuch street 
Charteris, Miss, 33 Bridge street, Leith 
Chatham, Jn. cheesera. & grocer, 326 Lawn- 
market — house, 23 Archibald place 
Chatto, Mifs, 21 Pitt street 
Chaumont, Louis F. teacher of French, 44 

Castle street 
Clieape, Douglas, Lixmount, Trinity 
Cheape, Mrs, of Rossie, 31 George square 
Chedburn, George, lodgings, 53 Frederick st. 
Chedburu, George, bootmaker, 88 Princes st. 
Chedburng, basket and brush warehouse, 88 

Princes street 
Chesney, David, saw maker and retailer, 

Mary King's close 
Chessar, Mrs Wm. lodgings, 10 Castle street 
Cheyne, Charles, surgeon, 3 Hamilton place, 

Cheyne, Henry (^Gordon, Stuart, and C), 

6 Koyal ttrrace 

Cheyne, Misses, Rosebank, Whitehouse loan 
Chicken, William, wine and spirit dealer, 14 

Market street 
Chiene, Glo. T. accountant, 7 George street — 

— Lous?, 9 Howard place 
Chiene, Pat. 24 Abercromby place 
Child, W. K. & Co. china and cut glass 

store, 97 George street 
Child, W. K. merchant, 1 Baxter's place 
Child, Mrs, 8 Hart street 
Chilton, Wm. lodgings, 7 No.-W. Circus pi. 
Chirniide, Matthew, tailor and clothier, 25 

North bridge 
Chisholm, Archd. smith, 24 Kirkgate, Leith 
Chisholm, David (iV. B. Insurance Office), 33 

Montagu street 
Chisholm, John Knox, dentist, 33 Queen st. 
Chisholm, Robert {Mackay §- C), 25 East 

Claremont street 
Chisholm, Robt. cowfeeder, 22 Charles street 
Chisholm, Robt. clothier, 25 Thistle street 
Chisholm, Wm. leather mercht. 15 Blair st. 
Chisholm, Miss, French staymaker, 16George 


Chisholm, Mrs, straw-hat manufacturer and 
furrier, 18 North bridge 
j Chisholme, Robert, 15 Bruntsfield place 
I Christiansen, J. & Co. shipbrokcrs and com- 
mission merchants, 2 Dock place — housp, 
I 43 Bridge street 

j Christie, Alex, old bookseller, 97 Nicolson st. 
j Christie, Alex, wine, spirit, and malt liquor 
mercht. 23 George st. — house, 67 Hanover 
I street 

i Christie, Alexander, historical and portrait 
j painter, 20 Forth street 

Christie, Alexander, spirit dealer, 3 Dock 

Christie, Alex, lodgings, 30 Cumberland st. 

Christie, Alex, of Hawkhiil, Leith 

Christie, George, lodgings, 5 Howe street 

Christie, Captain James, 8 Duncan street 

Christie, Hendry, tobacco and snuff manufr. 
45 South bridge 

Christie, James, grocer and wine merchant, 
30 High street 

Christie, James, shoemaker, 22 Thistle street 

Christie, John C, W.S. 20 Forth street 

Christie, John & Son, breeches makers, hosiers, 
and glovers, 16 George street 

Christie, John {of A. C/o/g Sf Co.), Lauder 
road. Grange 

Christie, John, 10 Hanover street 

Christie, John, 6 St John street 

Christie, Joseph, superintend, east division, 
Edinburgh Poor's House 

Christie & Alexander, black cloth and silk 
merchants, and general and family m.^urn- 
ing outfitters, the national mourning ware- 
house, 82, 83, and 84 South bridge 

Christie, Peter, engraver, printer, and litho- 
grapher, 5 Drummond street 

Christie, Robert, manager, Scottish Equitable 
Life Assurance Society — house. Juniper 
green, Colinton 

Christie, Robert, grocer and wine merchant, 
53 Hanover street 

Christie, Robert, junior (secretary Northern 
Assurance Company), 16 Bonnington pi. 

Chribtie, Robert L. working jeweller and 
watchmaker, 18 and 20 Bank street, and 19 
Tolbooth wynd, Leith 

Christie, Samuel and William, slaters, 45 
Constitution street 

Christie, Captain T., R.N., 16 Hope street 

Christie, Wm. cabinetmaker, Victoria terrace 

Christie, William, 22 Scotland street 

Christie, William {J. C. 4- Son), 16 BJacket 

Christie, W. L. 27 Hamilton place. Stock - 

Christie, Mrs David, 20 Forth street 

Christie, Mrs John, 25 St James' square 

Christie, Mrs, 2 Darnaway street 

Christie, Mrs, 14 Pitt street 

Christie, Mrs, 9 Duncan street 

Christie, Miss, 30 Howard place 





Christison, Dr, professor of materia medica, 
and consulting physician, 40 Moray place 

Christison, John, advocate, sheriff of Ayrshire, 
3 Great Stuart street 

Chrystal, C. shoemaker, 28 Haddington pi. 

Chrystal, Robert, tobacconist, 185 High street 
— house, 72 Broughton street 

Chrystal, Miss, teach, of drawing, 72 Brough- 
ton street 

Chrystie, Misses, 30 Dublin street 

Church of England Life and Fire Assu- 
rance Institution, 55 Great King street. 
— See Adv. 

Church (Established) of Scotland Schemes 
Office, 22 Queen street 

Chyne, IVIrs, 50 Rankeillor street 

Ciceri and Pini, carvers, gilders, and looking- 
glass manufacturers, 81 Leith street — house, 
11 Calton street. — See Adv. 

Circus Place School, 4 N.-E. Circus place, and 

2 Royal circus — A. Musgrave, rector 
City Chamberlain's Office, 10 Royal Exch. 
City Chambers, 10 Royal Exchange 

City Clerk's Office, 10 Royal Exchange 
City of Edin. Paving Board, 39 George st. 
City of Glasgow Life Assurance Co. 21 St 
Andrew sq. — Rob. Balfour, sec. — See Adv. 
City of Glasgow Bank — Alex. Stronach.mana- 
ger, 12 Hanover street — sub-offices, 60 
Grassmarket, and 8 Hunter Square — Chas. 
Hay, sub-manager 
City Poor-Rates office, 57 North Bridge 
City Procurator-Fiscars office, 10 Royal Ex- 
Clapperton, Jas. {Wishart 8^- C.),Williamfield 
Clapperton, James, 15 West Preston street 
Clapperton, John & Co. wholesale and retail 

woollen drapers, 371 High street 
Clapperton, John (J. C. §- Co.), 14. Great King 

Clapperton, J. china merchant, 48 Dundas st. 
Clapperton, M. J. grocer, 31 Upper Gray st. 
Clapperton, Thos. {J. C. §- Co.), 12 Teviotrow 
Clapperton, Mrs Alex. 14 Great King street 
Clapperton, Mrs James, Williamfield 
Clark & Crawford, grocers and wine merchts. 

3 Rutland place 

Clark, Adam, Wool Pack inn, 14 Bristo street 
Clark, Alex. (Falkirk Iron Co.) 6 Wharton 

Clark, Alex, provision store, 79 Broughton st. 
Clark, Alex, clerk, 52 Broughton street 
Clark, Andrew R. advocate, 64 Northumber- 
land street 
Clark, Chas., S.S.C 51 Castle street 
Clark, David, inspector of weights, 124 Pleas. 
Clark, Fran. Wm. aiivocate, 35 London street 
Clark, G. & A. grocers and wine merchants, 

1 Elm row — house, 17 Forth street 
Clark, George, plumber, 23 Rose street 
Clark, James, spirit dealer, 4 Shakspeare sq. — 

house, 2 
Clark, John, 6 Teviot row 

Clark, John, Venetian-blind manufacturer, 

Gayfield sq. and Lothian Road 
Clark, Rev. John, 9 St John street 
Clark, Robert, wholesale tea dealer^ 36 Drum- 

mond place 
Clark, R. and Co, merchants, 31 Hanover st. 
Clark, R. & R. printers, 42 Hanover street 
Clark, Robert (R. ^- R. C), 33 East Clare- 

mont St. 
Clark, Robt. engraver & lithographer, 8 So. 

St Andrew st. — houpe, 26 Dublin street 
Clark, Robert, writer, 24 Pleasance 
Clark, T. & T. law-booksellers and publish- 
ers, 38 George street 
Clark, Thos., D.D. 7 Queen street 
Clark, Thomas {T. Sf T. C), 4 Hart stre 
Clark, Thomas, waiter, 19 Fettes row 
Clark, Wm. house-agent, 22 Carnegie st. 
Clark, Mrs John, 11 Keir street 
Clark, Mrs John, hotel and tavern, Pier pi. 

Clark, Mrs, sick-nurse, 12 Carnegie street 
Clark, Mrs, milliner and dressmaker, 40 

George street 
Clark, Miss, 30 Royal circus 
Clark, Misses Eliza and Jane, 78 George st. 
Clarke, Ralph, Meadow lodge. Meadow walk 
Clarke, Wm. Echo Bank 
Clarkson, Eben., M.D., E.I.C.S. 18 Brough- 

ton place 
Clarksou, William, builder, 7 Spittal street 
Clarkson, Mrs, 34 London street 
Clason, James H. 10 Buccleuch place 
Clason, Rev. Patrick, D.D. 22 Gtorge sq. 
Clay, John, smith. Circus lane 
Clazy, Geo. city missionary, 18 Meadow pi, 
Cleghorn, George, china and cut gla.'s ware- 
house, 12 St Andrew square 
Cleghorn, John, Clydesdale inn, 2G Grass- 
Cleghorn, Thos. advocate, 26 Queen street 
Cleghorn, Wm. spirit dealer, Tyne Castle 
Cleghorn, William, teacher, 5 Buccleuch st. 
Cleghorn, Mrs, Stonefield, Canaan 
Cleghorn, IMiss, 40 Castle street 
Cleghorn, Miss Jane, Berlin and fancy ware- 
house, 6Q George street 
Cleland, Mrs Wm. 7 Malta terrace 
Cleland, Mrs, 13 Annandale street 
Clement, George, grocer and spirit dealer, 42 

North Richnaond street 
Clement, Miss Ann, dressmaker, 42 North 

Richmond street 
Clephane, Mrs, 15 Buccleuch street 
Clepbane, Mrs Joseph, lodgings, 6 Howe st. 
Clerihew, Peter, lodgings, 3 Albany street 
Clerk, John, coal office, E. & G. Railway 

Station, Haymarket 
Cleugh, John C. {Mackay, Cunningham , §• 

Co.)., 9 Newington place 
Cleugh, Miss Eliza, 3 Rutland square 
Clinkscales, Robert, linen-draper, 168 High 
street — house, 24 St Patrick square 





Clunes, Jas. {Mercury Office), 33 Parkside st. 
Clunas, Alex, coal merchant, 7 Lauriston st. 
Clydesdale Banking Co. Royal Exchange — 

James Greenhill, manager 
Clydesdale Dairy Co. 24 Howe street — James 

Christie, dairyman 
Coates, Thomas, recorder Calton burying 

grounds, 17 Calton hill 
Cobban, Mrs, 25 Raeburn place 
Cobbold, Charles, Broughton park 
Cobbold,Thos. Spence, M.D. 25 Archibald pi. 
Cobham, M. prof, of music, &c. 38 India st. 
Cochrane, Andrew, 14 Brandon street 
Cochrane, Paterson, & Co. corn factors and 

general com. agents, 20 Constitution street 
Cochrane, Henry, assistant superintendent, 

Dairy Cemetery 
Cochrane, Henry, Railway inn, Haymarket 
Cochrane, James & Co. gas-meter makers, 

Greenside lane 
Cochrane, Robt. & John, coach builders, 36 

Bread street 
Cochrane, .James, 2 Janefield place, Leith 
Cochrane, Jn. mast and block maker, 29 Com- 
mercial pi. — ho. 13 Cromwell st. Leith 
Cochrane, John, tin-plate worker and gas- 
fitter, 77 Kirkgate 
Cochrane, John, china merchant, 27 West 

Preston street 
Cochrane, Jn., M.D. surgeon and apothecary, 

503 Lawnmarket — ho. 17 Argyle square 
Cochrane, Robert, corn dealer, 30 Earl Grey st. 
Cochrane, Robt. H. grocer, 2 High street 
Cochrane, Thomas, shawl manufacturer, 15 

Nicolson street 
Cochrane, Wm. G. {^Cochrane and Paterson), 

2 James' place, Leith 
Cochrane, Wm. tailor and clothier, 115 Kirk- 

gate, Leith 
Cochrane, Mrs, 35 York place 
Cochrane, Mrs, 5 Randolph place 
Cockburn and Co. wine raerchts. 7 Duke st. 

Cockburn, Alexander, 16 Alva street 
Cockburn, Alex, cowfeeder, 208 Canongate 
Cockburn, Alex, surgeon R.N. 9 Union street 
Cockburn, A. goldbmith and jeweller, 3 Fre- 
derick street 
Cockburn, C hosier, glover, and shirt maker, 

96 Princes st. — house, 13 Bank street 
Cockbiirn, James, fruit merchant, 2 JBristo 

place — bouse, 3 Chapel st. 
Cockburn, James, hairdresser, 45 Clerk st. 
Cockburn, J. H. West India merchant, 1 Baltic 

Cockburn, J., and Campbell, wine merchants, 

32 St Andrew square 
Cockburn, John ( C. ^- Campbell), 5 Doune ter. 
Cockburn, John, keeper. Royal Society , Royal 

Cockburn, John, tea, wine, and spirit mer- 
chant, 21 South Castle street 
Cockburn, P. cowfeeder, 25 Arthur street 

Cockburn, Peter, cowfeeder, 18 Duke street, 
Leith, and 107 Kirkgate 

Cockburn, Robt. coal merchant, 19 Dundas st. 

Cockburn, Robert, coffee-room, 51 Tolbooth 
wynd, Leith 

Cockburn, R. L. baker, 27 Dean street 

Cockburn, Mrs C. cap maker, 13 Bank street 

Cockburn, Mrs, 2 Manor place 

Cockburn, Mrs, French staymaker, 2 Buc- 
cleuch street 

Cockburn, Miss Agnes, 1 1 Dublin street 

Cockburn, Misses, 4 Castle street 

Cockson, Mrs, India shawl and lace darner, 
22 Society 

Coghiil, J. pay-sergeant & storekeeper. Royal 
Mid- Lothian Yeo. Cavalry, 15 St James' sq. 

Colcleuch, Mrs, 23 St James' square 

Coleman, Abraham, surgeon-dentist and 
chemist, 18 Frederick street — house, 13 

Colden, John and Son, wrights and under- 
takers, Morrison street, Tobago street 

Coldstream, Dr John, F.R.C.P. 51 York place 

Coldstream, Mrs, 1 Hermitage place, Leith 

Cold well, James, smith, Mary place 

Collector's office, Canongate poor-rates, 163 

Collector's oflSce, West Kirk poor-rates, 1 
Rutland street 

Collector's office. Police & Prison Assess- 
ments, Police chambers. High street 

Collector's office, Police Assessment, 110 
Constitution street, Leith 

Collector's oflBce, S. Leith poor rate and 
road money, 59 Constitution street 

Collegiate Institution, 7 Great King street. 
— See Adv. 

Collie, D. R. & Son, printers and publishers, 
19 St David street — ho. 51 Hopepark end 

Collie, D. of Commercial Bank, 7 So. Char- 
lotte street 

Collier, G. baker, 23 Tolbooth wynd, Leith 

Collier, John, tailor, 14 Heriot pi. Lauriston 

Collier, William ( Witness Office), 2 West 
Nicolson street 

Collins, E. & Son, joiners, upholsterers, and 
cabinet-makers, 110 Rose street — house, 26 
Frederick street 

Colonial Life Assurance Co. 5 George street. 
— See Adv. 

Colquhoun, John C. advocate, 10 Melville st. 

Colquhoun, James, M.D., H.E.I.C.S.24War- 
riston crescent 

Colquhoun, Ludovic, advocate, 18 George 

Colquhoun, Peter, grocer, 70 Cumberland st. 

Colquhoun, Miss, 27 Stafford street 

Colthered, John, dairy, 16 Cumberland street 

Colston & Son, printers, &c. 80 Rose street- 
house, 33 Parkside street 

Colston, Mrs James, 38 Rankeillor street 

Coltness Colliery Oflfice, Chas. Brown, agent,] 
Lothian road 

Colville, Mrs, 100 Lauriston place 





Colville, Misses, 7 Rankeillor street 
Colvin, George {Dryburgh Sf Co.), 12 Beau- 
mont place 
Comb, James, coal merchant, 4 Semple street 
Comb, Robert, upholsterer, 6 Hanover street 
Comb, Robt. shoemaker, 22 Dundas street 
Combe, Charles T. ( Combe, Ree S^- Co.), 36 York 

Combe, George, 45 Melville street 
Combe, J. S., M.D., F.R.C.S.E. 36 York 

Combe, Matthew, tailor, 34 North bridge 
Combe, Ree & Co. corn factors and merchants, 

19 Constitution street 
Combe, Misses, 7 Morrison street 
Commercial Bank of Scotland, 14 George St., 

and 24 Constitution street, Leith 
Commercial Credit Mutual Assurance Soc. 

25 York place 
Commissary Office, Exchequer Chambers, 

Parliament sq. — W. Alexander, W.S. 

clerk — T. Inglis, depute 
Common, Robert, waiter, 4 Hill place 
Common, Wm. candlemaker, 8 Union place and 

Megget's court — house, 13 Union place 
Compositors' Society — Wm. G. Souter, 

15 Richmond place, clerk 
Compton, Mrs, Grange loan 
Comrie, Alex. 18 Rankeillor street 
Conacherj J. & P. organ-builders, 3 Downie 

Conacher, John, auctioneer and appraiser, 22 

and 100 Victoria street 
Condamine & Drummond, wine merchants, 

4 Duke street, Leith 
Condamine & Co. vfine merchants, 4 Duke 

street, Leith 
Condamine, R. de la, 28 Brougbton place 
Congleton, Thos. wine & spirit mercht. 6 Han- 
over street and 355 High street — ho. 369 
Connell, James, of Lonning head, 38 Inver- 

leith row 
Connell, William, coach and harness maker, 

6 Richmond place 
Connell, Mrs, 1 So. James street 
Conning, Alex. jun. flesher, 18 Raeburn place 
Connolly, Archd. cattle-dealer, Belfrage lane 
Connolly, James S. printer, 9 Montagu street 
Connolly, Miss Margaret, dressmaker, 5© 

Buccleuch street 
Conochie, John, letter-carrier, 10 Middle 

Arthur place 
Conochie, Wm. letter-carrier, 10 Arthur st. 
Consistorial Clerk's Office, Parlislment 

Constable, J. & M. shawl, crape, and dress 

cleaners, 56 Lothian street 
Constable, Thomas, printer to her Majesty, 

11 Thistle St.— ho. Selville, Portobello 
Constable, Thomas and Co. publishers, 31 

St Andrew Square 
Consul, American, John Broadfoot, 16 As- 
sembly street 

Consul, Belgian, John M. Mitchell, 2 Dock 
place, Leith 

Consul, Brazilian, H. Denovan, 10 Dock 

Consul, Danish, Wm. Marshall, 26 Consti- 
tution street, Leith 

Consul, French, for all Scotland, Jules 
P'leury, 17 Heriot row 

Consul, Hanseatic Vice, A. Robinow, 25 
Constitution street, Leith 

Consul, Oldenburg, Henry Denovan, 10 
Dock gates 

Consul, Mecklenburg, Henry Denovan, 10 
Dock gates 

Consul, Netherlands & Hanover, Alexander 
Paterson, 9 Bernard street, Leith 

Consul, Portuguese, Wm. Muir, 42 Quality- 
street, Leith 

Consul, Prussian, J. G. Thomson, 18 
S. St Andrew street, and 27 St Andrew 
street, Leith 

Consul, Russ-ian, David Thom, 28 Constitu- 
tion street, Leith 

Consul, Spanish, James Gordon, 2 Coatfield 

Consul, Swedish and Norwegian, T. Hut- 
chinson, Railway buildings. Citadel 

Conway, Patrick, clothier, 4 St Mary's wynd. 
— See Adv. 

Conway, Mrs, 53 Lothian street 

Cook, Alex. Shank, advocate, 35 Gt. King st. 

Cook, Alex, carter, Albany st. cottage, Leith 

Cook, John {W. 8f J. C. ), 1 1 Great King st. 

Cook, Robt. shipmaster, Claremont Park, 

Cook, Thos. hatter, 3 Tolbooth wynd 

Cook, W. & J., W.S. 32 Abercromby place 

Cook, Walter, 25 Drummond place 

Cook, Misses, 9 West Preston street 

Cooke, James, teacher of music, 40 Gt.Kingst. 

Coombs, Rev. J. A. 34 Great King street 

Cooper, Alex, carver and gilder, 21 Baltic st. 

Cooper, A. haircutter & perfr., 19 Downie pi. 

Cooper, Charles, 30 St James' square 

Cooper, David, accountant, 5 Greenside row 

Cooper, Edw. A. printer, 31 Cumberland st. 

Cooper, Jas. boot and shoem. 3 High terrace 

Cooper, Robert, lodgings, 35 Scotland street 

Cooper, Thos. & Co. buiton factors, agents, 
&c. 1 & 2 So. bridge, & 2 No. bridge 

Cooper, Thomas (C. Sf Co.), 15 Blacket pi. 

Cooper, Thomas, silversmith, 2 Swinton row 
— house, 20 Barony street 

Cooper, Wm. teacher of writing, arithmetic, 
and book-keeping, 10 George street 

Cooper, Wm. cowfeeder, 3 Sheriff brae 

Cooper, Mrs Wm. hotel and tavern keeper, 
23 Fleshmarket close 

Cooper, Miss Hannah, Lord Russell place 

Copland, Geo. clothier, 37 Frederick street 

Copland, R. T. tailor & clothier, 20 George 

Copland, Mrs Francis, midwife, 88 Abbey hill 





Corbett, Wm. surgeon-dentist,53 Frederick st. 

Corbett, Mrs Jane, lodgings, 14 Cumberland I 

street j 

Cormack, D. & Son, smiths and ironmongers, ' 

1 Terrace, Leith st, & Shakspeare square 
Cormack and M'AIillan, W.S. 33 York place 
Cormack, D. {D. C. 4" Son), Comely Green 

Cormack, David, S.S.C. and accountant, and 
agent for the Law Life Assurance Suciety 
of London, 33 York place. — See Adv. 
Cormack, Hugh, bookseller and stationer, 48 
George street — house, 21 Leopold place [ 
Cormack, James (Z). C.6{Soii),'l\ St James'" sq. ; 
Cormack, James, spirit dealer, 10 Shore | 

Cormack, Jolin, butcher, 10 Elder street — I 
house, 25 Clyde street 1 

Cormack, Wm. 22 Inverleith row | 

Cormack, Mrs, 106 Lauriston place 
Cormack, JMiss, straw-hat maker and mil- 
liners, 13 Xorth bridge 
Corner, J. wood engraver, 14 Beaumont 

Corner, Jas. & Co. {late A. Machryde), hair- 
dresser & perfumer to the Queen, 67 George 
Corner, John, tailor & clothier, 60 Princes 

Corner, ]\Iiss JIary, lady body-belt and stay- 
maker, 161 Rose Street 
Cornet, Mrs, lodgings, 12 Cumberland street 
Corns, Wm. & Co. stationers, envelope manu- 
facturers, and bookbinders, 26 Waterloo 
place — house, 7 Little King street 
Cornwall, Dr, F.R.C.S.6 West Circus place 
Cornwall, James, 6 Bellevue terrace 
Corrie, Thomas, 25 Melville street 
Corstorphine, Peter, boot and shoemaker, 

M'Niel place, Leith walk 
Cosens, John, W.S. 15 Broughton place 
Cosens, Peter, advocate, 15 Broughton place 
Cossar, G. (^Bank of Scotland) , 4 Frederick 

Cossar, James, flesher, 113 Causeyside 
Cottam, Richd. tailor, 6 Infirmary street 
Cottingham, Joseph {Office of Inland Reve- 

7iue), Elizafield, Bonniugton 
Cotton, George & Son, tobacconists to the 

royal household, 23 Princes street 
Cotton, George, S.S.C. 40 York place 
Cotton, George ( G. C. and Son), 71 Bristo st. 
Cotton, George, tobacco manufacturer, 231 

High street 
Cotton, James, 231 High street — house, 10 

Buccleuch place 
Cotton, John, snuff manufacturer, 35 Princes 

street, and 68 Bristo street 
Cotton, Wm. (G. C. Sf Son), 3 Blacket pi. 
Coubrough, John, grocer and spirit merchant, 

19 Greenside street 
Council Chambers, 10 Royal Exchange 
Council Chambers, Leith, 107 Constitution 

County Fire Office, 8 Gloucester place- 
Webster & Kenny, and Fred. H. Carter, 
16 Queen street, agents 
County Police Office, County hall, Edin- 
burgh, and Bathfield cottage, Leith 
County Prison Board, 39 George street 
Couper, Andrew, brewer, 1 1 St Anthony st. 

Couper, J. ( Wm. C. 8f So7i), I London street 
Couper, Robert, dairy, 5 Duncan street 
Couper, Wm. H. writer, 4 Pitt street, Leith 
Couper, Wm. & Son, bootmakers, 6 St An- 
drew square 
Couper, Miss, dressmaker, 6 Leopold place 
Couper, Misses, dress and strawbonnet makers, 

7 Barony street 
Couper, J. & A. dressmakers, 30 Rose street 
Coupland, John, bookbinder, 56 High street 
Courant Publishing Office, 188 High street 

— printing office, 190 
Court, John, S.S.C. 21 George square 
Cousin, David, architect and city superinten- 
dent. City chambers — ho. Greenhill gardens 
Cousin, Geo. surveyor and valuator of build- 
ings, 12 Royal Exchange — house, Greenhill, 
Bruntsfield Links 
Cousin, James, cabinetmaker, 101 Hope park 
Cousin, John, builder, 56 Cumberland st. 
Couston, D. provision merchant, 33 Sheriff 

brae, Leith 
Coutie, Wm. boot and shoemaker, 309 High st. J 
Coutts, Alex, spirit dealer, 44 Broughton st. ^ 
Coutts, Charles, spirit dealer, 10 Gibb's entry 
Coventry, Andrew, advocate, 29 JMoray place 
Coventry, Rev. George, of Shan well, 33 Mel- 
ville street 
Coventry, Mrs Dr, 28 Moray place 
Cow, W., Laverock bank cottage, Trinity 
Cowan & Co. paper makers, stationers, and 

vellum binders, 17 Princes street 
Cowan & Strachan, silk mercers, &c. 15 

Princes street 
Cowan, Alex. 30 Royal terrace 
Cowan, A. D. 1 Lower Gilmour place 
Cowan, Charles, ironmonger, 136 High st. 

— house, 8 Gilmour place 
Cowan, David {Hunter, Blair, and C), 17 

Moray place - 
Cowan, Geo., M.D. surgeon, 30 Clerk street 
Cowan, Geo. razor paste and furniture oil 

manufacturer, 1 S.-W. Circus place 
Cowan, James (Coivan Sf Co.)., 17 Princes st. 

— house, 33 Royal terrace 
Cowan, James, M.D. surgeon, 14 Rankeillor st 
Cowan, Dr James, surgeon R.N. 23 Nelson 

Cowan, James G. {Grindlay, C. and Co.., Leith), 

24 Drummond place 
Cowan, James, gardener, 1 Abbey 
Cowan, John, portrait painter, 2 Marshall's 

Cowan, Lord, 4 Ainslie place 
Cowan, Robert, W.S. 9 Carlton terrace 





Cowan, William^ brassfounder and gas meter 

maker, 60 Buccleuch street — ho. 1 West 

Maitland street 
Cowan, Wm. 3 Comely greeu place 
Cowan, Wm. 2 Montpelier 
Cowan, Mrs, 7 Hill place 
Cowan, Mrs, 9 Carlton terrace 
Cowey, Mrs Wm. 3 Gayfield place 
Cowie, Alexander, 27 Gilmore place 
Cowie, R. A. portrait and historical painter, 

68 George street 
Cowieson, David & Peter, printsellers, sta- 
tioners, and general warehousemen, 50 

Nicolson street 
Cownie & Son, clothier, 27 Lothian street — 

house, 41 Lothian street 
Cownie, William, jun. 13 Rankeillor street 
Cowper, Wm. writer, 29 Alva street 
Cowper, Mrs, corsetmaker, 34 Castle street 
Cowper, Misses, day and boarding school, 22 

Gardner's crescent 
Coxe, James, 9 Atholl crescent 
Cox, Robert, W.S. 25 Rutland street 
Cox, Wm. envelope maker & black borderer, 

2 Greenside place 
Coxson, James, grocer, 100 Abbey hill, and 

6 Baxter's place 
Grabble, John & Co., merchts.. Great Junction 

road, Leith 
Grabble, John (J. C. 8)- Co.), 27 Pilrig street 
Crabbie, R. S. wine and spirit merchant, 59 

Yardheads — house, 1 Smith's place 
Crabbie,Mrs Janet, linen and woollen draper, 

42 North bridge — house, 37 North bridge 
Crager, Philip, 3 East Preston street 
Craig, Christie, and Co. hat manufacturers, 

23 Potterrow 
Craig and Rose, oil merchants and drysalters, 

Anderson's place 
Craig, Alex, and Co. clothiers and hatters to 

the Queen, 103 & 104 South bridge 
Craig, Alex. 6 Carlton street 
Craig, And. & Wm. lock and hinge makers, 

Rae's close, Canongate 
Craig, Archibald ( Crazp-s Brothers), 1 1 Blacket 

Craig, David, baker, 6 Norton place 
Craig, David Jamieson, 38 Dublin street 
Craig, D. Register House, 15 Brandon street 
Craig, Henry, Wardie crescent 
Craig, Jas. T. Gibson, W.S. 24 York place 
Craig, James, tea, wine, and spirit merchant, 

40 Broughton st. — house, 64 
Craig, James, grocer, wine merchant,' and 

spirit dealer, 40 Clerk street 
Craig, James, manager Sunhury Distillery, 

20 Great Stuart street 
Craig, James, shoemaker, 385 Lawnmarket 
Craig, John, clothier, 3 Leith street terrace — 

house, 24 Greenside place 
Craig, John, provision merchant, 8 Catharine 

street — house, 10 
Craig, Jn. (^Advertiser office), 23 Lauriston st. 

Craig, Thomas, baker and victual dealer, 42 

Broughton street — house, 72 
Craig, Mrs Jas. midwife, 10 Middle Arthur p]. 
Craig, Mrs Janet, spirit dealer, 1 St Leo- 
nard's hill 
Craig, Mrs J. 8 Grove street 
Craig, Mvi, ladies' nurse, 51 India place 
Craig, Miss, 6 West Claremont street 
Craig, Misses, stockmakers, 80 Princes street 
Craigs Brothers, wholesale and retail woollen 

drapers and hatters, 107 South bridge 
Craigie, Dr Dav. physician, 19 Montagu st. 
Craigie, Forbes (G.P.-O.), 8 Roxburgh ter. 
Craigie, George, lodgings, 9 Wemyss place 
Craigie, George (G. P.- O.), 56 India street 
Craigie, Henry, W.S , Falcon hall 
Craigie, Jas. straw bonnet manufacturer, .ji.> 

South bridjie — ho. 24 Buccleuch place 
Craigie, P. Edraonstone, Colonel, C.B. 47 

Melville street 
Craigie, Wm. S. tailor & clothier, 4 Buccleuch 

Craigie, Mrs, of Dumbarnie, 17 Rutland street 
Craik, David, writer, 11 Duncan street 
Cramond, Miss Jane, 85 Great King street 
Cranston, Robt. temper, hotel, 43 Princes st, 
Cranston, Miss Elizabeth, 48 Castle street 
Craufurd, James, solicitor-general, 18 Char- 
lotte square 
Craven, Wm. lace merchant, 121 Princes st. 
Craw, Henry, coach -hirer, 20 Charles street 
Crawford, David, press & machine maker, 3"2 

St Patrick sq. 
Crawford, David, S.S.C., master extraordinary 
in High Court of Chancery, 2 N.-E. Circus 
Crawford, David, millraaster, Bennington 

Crawford, Rev. Dr, 13 Great King street 
Crawford, Rev. David, assist, treas. and sec. 
U. P. Church, 5 Queen street — house, 
37 London street 
Crawford, George, baker, 106 Rose street 
Crawford, G. W. writer, Summerbank, Bel- 
le vue 
Crawford, Jas. jun. W.S., master extraordi- 
nary in Chancery, and commissioner Courts 
of Queen's Bench, Common Pleas, and 
Exchequer, 12 Duke street 
Crawford, James, warehouseman, 50 South 

Cravvford, James, slater, 24 Kirkgate 
Crawford, James, agent, 1 and 2 Greenmarket 
Crawford, James, boot and shoe maker, 1 St 

Bernard's place 
Crawford, Jas. coal merchant and agent, 14 
Port-Hopetoun — house, 166 Fountainbridge 
Crawford, John, Balquhatstone Colliery, 14 

Port Hopetoun, and 118 Princes street 
Crawford, John, 4 Pitt stret^t, Bennington 
Crawford, John, tailor and clothier, 2 Mait- 
land street, Newhaven 
Crawford, M. (Canal Co.'s office), 1 Port-Hopn. 





Crawford, NimmOj leather- cutter, 25 East 

Crawford, R. & D., S.S.C and N.P. 2 North 

East Circus place 
Crawford, Thos. baker^ 68 Kirkgate 
Crawford, Walter {Miller ^- Crcnvford,) 61 

Clerk street 
Crawford, Wm., M.D. surgeon, 29 Broughton 

Crawford, Wm. port, painter, 46 Gt. King st. 
Crawford, W^m. baker, 31 Shore 
Crawford, Mrs A. F. 5 Randolph clifF 
Crawford, Mrs, 2 Melville street 
Crawford, Mrs Catharine, lodgings, 8 Hopest. 
Crawford, Mrs, barm brewer, Haddon's court 
Crawford, Misses, 1 7 Archibald place 
Crawfurd, John, 59 Constitution street 
Crawfurd, Major, 22 Royal circus 
Crawfurd, Wm. of Cartsburn, 5 Bellevue cr. 
Crawfurd, Miss, embroiderer, 26 India place 
Crease and Taylor, brewers, Drumdryan 
Crease, W. & Sons, manufacturers & whole- 
sale haberdashers, 4.21 Lawnmarket 
Crease, Wm. (C 4" Sons), 2 Bruntsfield pi. 
Crease, Jlrs, 2 Bruntsfield place 
Cree, David, commission agent, 3 Smith's pi. 
Cree, James, merchant, 7 Brunton place 
Cree, Mrs Wm. 8 Smith's place 
Creigh, T. R. Gibraltar house 
Crerar, P. & Co. shooting establishment, 357 

Advocates' close 
Crerar, Mrs, spirit merchant, 106 Nicolson st. 
Crewdson, Isaac, commercial traveller, 9 

Blenheim place 
Crichton, Alex, housekr. Custora-ho. Leith 
Crichton, Alex. (G.P.-O.), 31 West Norton 

Crichton, Andrew, LL.D. 33 St Bernard's 

Crichton, David, carpenter and cabinetmaker, 

3 ToUcross and Wharton lane 
Crichton, G. & M. gold and silver smiths and 

watch makers, 55 North bridge 
Crichton, George, 1 1 Viewforth 
Crichton, Hew, S.S.C. 13 Nelson street 
Crichton, Hew H., W.S. 13 Nelson street 
Crichton, J. A. advocate, 13 Nelson street 
Crichton, M. H. 8 Sciennes 
Crichton, W. silv. plate manufr. 63 No. bridge 
Crichton, W. 3 West Newington 
Crichton, Mrs Colonel, 9 Clarence street 
Crichton, Mrs, 12 Danube street 
Crighton, Hugh Ford, artist, 40 Great King 

Crighton, James, grocer, tea & wine merchant, 

1 Kerr street — house, 6 Spring gardens 
Crighton, Mrs James, 2 Carlton street 
Croal, James, Merchiston park 
Croal, Geo. music teacher, 17 London street 
Croal, Robt. (Couraitt Office), 15 South Col- 
lege street 
Croall, J. and W. coach and harness makers, 

York lane 

Croall, John & Son, job and postmasters, 

Royal Caledonian Bazaar, 9 & 10 Leith walk, 

Dublin street and Young street lanes 
Croall, John, coach builder and coach proprie- 
tor, 4 Princes street, and Caledonian 

Bazaar, 10 Leith Walk, Middlefield 
Croall, Peter, coach builder, 61 Princes street 

— house, 10 North St Andrew street 
Croall, William, jun. and Co. coach builders, 

1 7 Greenside place 
Croall, W. {J. 8f W. C), 21 Broughton street 
Crocket, John, 14 Canongate 
Croil, Alexander, Leslie bank, Whitehouse 
Croket, Miss, 10 Lynedoch place 
Crole, David, 3 Ramsay gardens 
Croley & Co. staymakers, 23 Duke street 
Croley, William, pharmaceutical chemist and 

druggist, I Downie place 
Croll, David, cabinetmaker, 242 Cowgate 
Croll, David, jun. cabinetmaker, 291 Cowgate 
Crombie, Alexander, of Thornton, 1 1 Moray 

Crombie, Andrew, & Son, dyers, 19 Brown 

square, and Water of Leith 
Crombie, George D. 2 Alva street 
Crombie, James, carter, 1 Spence place 
Crombie, John, 19 Brown sq. — ho. 90 Lauris- 

ton place 
Crombie, Miss, 90 Laiiriston place 
Crooks, Geo. merchant and agent, 44 Quality 

(J room. Rev. David M. 1 Upper Gilmore 

place aj 

Croom, Mrs, 3 Argyle square " 

Cropper, William, painter, &c. 7 India street 

— house, 25 
Crosbie, George, 19 Walker street 
Crosbie, James, spirit merchant, 40 West 

Richmond street 
Cross & Carruthers, jewellers, and dealers in 

articles of vertu, 61 Hanover street 
Cross, James, spirit merchant, 87 Kirkgate 
Crossan, A. bootmaker, 107 Rose street 
Crouch, William, watchmaker, jeweller, and 

parcel conveyance office, agent for the Kent 

Mutual Assurance Society^ 40 North bridge 

— house, 11 Lutton pi. 
Crow, Wm. tailor, 105 South bridge 
Crowe, James, tailor and clothier, 2 North 

Crowe, Robert B. rector Rev. Dr Andrew 

Thomson's school, 10 Queensferry street 

— house, 1 Grove street 
CllOw^f Agent's Office, Parliament square 

—John Clerk Brodie, W.S. Agent 
Ckown Hotel, 10, 11, and 12 Princes street 
Crown Life Assurance Office — E. Logan, 

W.S. 141 George street, and Patrick 

M<»rison, accountant, 2 Scotland st. agents 
Crudelins, C.W. (Swaine 6fCo.), Jessfieldho. 
Cruickshank & Ronaldson, cabinetmakers, 

upholsterers and undertakers, 1 M' Neil's 






Cruickshank & Veitch, cabinetmakers and 
upholsterers and house agents, 107 George 
street and 38 St Cuthbert street 
Cruickshank, Alex. & Sons, shirt makers, 

hosiers, and glovers, 57 George street 
Cruickshank, Alexander (J. C. &,- Sons), 49 

Lauriston place 
Cruickshank, Alex, fort-major, Edinburgh 

Cruickshank, Edward, 1 6 Comely bank 
Cruickshank, Jas. surgeon, 12 Dublin street 
Cruickshank, William, gardener, Annfield 

cottage, Newhaven 
Cruickshank, Sirs, lodgings, Anchorfield, 

Cruickshank, Mrs John, 3 Wallace place 
Cruickshank, Mrs Thomas, tobacco manufac- 
turer, 63 Broughton street 
Cruickshanks, Miss, 7 Stafford street 
Cruickshank, Miss, ti Duncan st. Newington 
Cuddie, Miss Clementine, Millburn lodge 
Cvilbertson, James, writer, 27 Elder street 
CuUen, Rev. G. D. 28 Royal ten-ace 
CuUen, John, W.S. 34 York place 
Cullen, Thomas, surveyor of taxes, 6 Water- 
loo place 
Cullen, Mrs, 30 Pitt street 
Cullen, Mrs, 14 Inverleith row 
Cullen, Mrs James, 2 Lynedoch place 
Cullens, Alexander, 22 Pitt street 
Cumine, Captain George (late E.I.C.S.), 14 

Clarendon crescent 
Cumine, Miss, 20 Ann street 
Cumming, James, LL.D., H.M. Inspector of 

Schools, 20 Pilrig street 
Cumming, James, wine and spirit merchant, 

3 Heriot bridge 
Cumming, J. commercial traveller, 6 Fyfe 

Cumming, Thos. wood merchant and packing- 
box maker. Market street 
Cumming, William, M.D., F.R.C.P.E, 42 

Queen street 
Cumming, Mrs Dr, 1 Rankeillor street 
Cumming, Hon. Mrs Leslie, 44 Queen street 
Cumming, Mrs, midwife, 38 Brunswick st. 
Cumming, Mrs, lodgings, 4 Maitland street 
Cumming, Miss, 31 Minto street 
Cummings, John, turner, 81 High street 
Cummins, Mrs John, 112 Lauriston place 
Cundell, Joseph, agent, British Linen Co, 

48 Bernard street, Leith 
Cuningham & Co. wine merchants, 17 Clyde 

street and 5Q Great King street 
Cuningham, Alex, secretary, Northern Light- 
houses, 84 George street — ho. 17 Coates 
Cuningham, Andrew, grocer, 36 Couper 

street, Leith 
Cuningham, And. jun. wright, 58 Tolbooth 

Cuningham, W. A. 86 Great King street 
Cuningham, Miss, 86 Great King street 

Cuninghame, John, of Duloch, 23 Moray pi. 

Cuninghame, Miss J. 3 Raeburn place 

Cunning, William, smith and ironmonger, 38 
Queen street — house, 9 S.-E. Circus place 

Cunningham & Marshall, wine merchants, 99 
George street 

Cunningham, Eraser, & Co. nurserymen and 
florists, Comely bank 

Cunningham, Alex, grocer, 15 Earl Grey st. 

Cunningham, Alexander, 10 Fettes row 

Cunningham, Alexander J. shoemaker, 20 
Dean street 

Cunningham, B. & E. milliners and straw- 
hat makers, 3 Admira'ty street 

Cunningham, G. civil engineer and land sur- 
veyor, 21 Castle street 

Cunningham, Geo. Godfrey, 2 Hillside cres. 

Cunningham, Jas., W.S. 50 Queen street 

Cunningham, James C. {J.&;J. C), 88 Lau- 
riston place 

Cunningham, James, wright, 32 Elbe street 

Cunningham, John and James, seed, linseed 
cake, and artificial manure merchts. 102 
West bow 

Cunningham, John, 1 Hailes street 

Cunningham, John (Signet Libry.), 2 Atholl 

Cunningham, John S. (J. 4' J- C.), 13 
Rutland square 

Cunningham, John Sinclair, banker, 14 
George street 

Cunningham, Thomas, hat manufacturer, 61 
North Bridge 

Cunningham, William, D.D. professor of 
theology in New College, 17 Salisbury road 

Cunningham, Wm. cashier Scottish Union 
Lnsurance Co. 3 1 Princes street 

Cunningham, Wm. agent, 15 Albany st. Leith 

Cunningham, Mrs, 39 Montagu street 

Cunningham, Mrs James, china warehouse, 19 
Howe street 

Cunningham, Mrs Patrick, 31 Princes street 

Cunningham, Mrs, of South Lodge, 75 Queen 

Cunningham, Mrs, Bonnington 

Cunningham, Mrs, 3 Grove place 

Cunninghame, Mrs, 17 Blacket place 

Cunningham, Miss, 47 Castle street 

Cunyngham, Henry L. Dick, Salisbury green 

Cunyngham, Sir W. H. Dick, Bart. Preston- 

Cupples, George, 25 Gilmore place 

Curie, Jas. (Younger and Curie), 6 Cheyne 

Curll, William, 15 Henderson row 

Curll, Mrs, 15 Henderson row 

Currer and Dickson, grocers and wine mer- 
chants, 7 Antigua street 

Currer, Adam, grocer and wine merchant, 79 
Queen street' — house, 34 Castle street 

Currer, Sirs, 9 Antigua street 

Currie & Lamb, bookbinders and stationers, 
10 Hunter square 





Currie and Co. wholesale confectioners, 28 

Victoria street 
Currie, Alex, advocate, sheriflf of BanflPshire, 

43 Heriot row 
Currie, Adam, shipmaster, 45 Tolbooth wjnd, 

Currie, David (C. ^V Lainh), 3 Blair st. 
Currie, Francis, spirit dealer, 1 Downie pi. 
Currie, James, shoemaker, 9 Leith st. terrace 
Currie, Rev. James, rector, Normal Institu- 
tion, Castle terrace 
Currie, John, furniture dealer, 44 Blaii st- 
Currie, John, f:;ardener and florist, Rosehall 
Currie, Pet. {Caatoms), 28 Bernard st. Leith 
Currie, Peter, teacher of English, geography, 

&c., 1 Thistle street — ho. 13 GiytieUl sq. 
Currie, Thomas, spirit merchant, 5 Shak- 

speare square 
Currie, William, 102 Causeyside 
Currie, Wm. cork manufacturer, llSKirkgate 
Currie, Mrs, spirit dealer. Echo bank 
Curriehill, Lord, 5 Ilandolph crescent 
CuRiiiERs' Club House, 20 Cowgate 
Curror & Stewart, S.S.C. 53 Castle street 
Curror, Adam, farmer, Myreside 
Curror, David (Curror ts Stexart), 16 Grove 

Curror, John, farmer, Comiston 
Curry, Miss, matron, George Watson's hospl. 
Cushnie, Alex, glover and gaiter maker, 5Q 

Leith street 
Cushnie, William, Malta green cottage 
Cusine, James, 23 Bernard street, Leith 
Custom House, Commercial place, Leith 
Cuthbert, Alex, lace and muslin merchant, 11 

and 13 North bridge — ho. 12 Union street 
Cuthbertson, A. victual dealer, 8 St Anthony 

Cuthbertson, Andrew Gray, merchant, 1 

King's place — house, 1 Kaeburn place 
Cuthbertson, James, spirit dealer, 4 Regent 

street, Leith' 
Cuthbertson, Wm. superintendent Ed. Wes- 
tern Cemetery, Dean 
Cuthbertson, Wm. F. bookseller and stationer, 

1 7 South bridge 
Cuthbertson, Wm., W.S. (SJiepherd, Grant, 

^' C), 6 Albany street 
Cuthbertson, Mrs, 25 Pitt street 
Cuthbertson, Miss, 21 Dean terrace 
Cuthill, Alex, livery stables, 51 Rose street 

Dahl, Abram, 12 Bonnington place, Leith 

Dale, R. P. artist, 24 Clerk street 

Dale, Thomas, shoe warehouse, 30 Jamaica st. 

Dalgety, Charles, coal-fitter and general mer- 
chant, 30 Coatfield lane 

Dalgleish, David, flesher and poulterer, 15 
Bread street 

Dalgleish, D. and Son, clothiers and outfitters, 
5 Drummond street 

Dalgleish & Son, cork manufacturers, 118 
High street 

I Dalgleish and Forrest, auctioneers and furni- 
j ture dealers, 4 St Andrew square 
I Dalgleish & Grierson, coal mercbants, 3 North 
I British and Caledonian Railway 
I Dalgleish, James, coacli-hirer, 73 Causeyside 
1 Dalgleish, James, W.S. 14 Rutland square 
Dalgleish, Jn. Ladies' Institution, 1 Park pi. 
Daltfleish, John, tailor, 25 Thistle street 
Dalgleish, John, wright, 42 Pleasance — house, 

8 Roxburgh terrace 
Dalgleish, Mark, British Linen Co. Bank 
Dalgleish, Robert, flesher, 93 Fountain bridge 
Dalgleish, Robert, Holyrood glass-works. 

South back of Canongate 
Dalgleish, William, letter-carrier, 15 Catharine 

Dalkeith Colliery Office, St Leonard's depot 

— George Baigrie, agent. — See Adv. 
Dall, Pat. R.N. superint. of harbour and docks, 

Customhouse — house, 1 Scotland street 
Dall, Thomas, accountant, 5 York place 
Dall, Wm. & Co. china & glass merchants, 4 

Hanover street — house, 17 Keir street 
Dallas, Mrs, 5 Maitland street 
Dalmahoy & Wood, W.S. 12 Hill street 
Dalmahoy, Pat. (D. ^- Wood), 69 Queen st, 
Dalrymple, Jn. tea and coffee merchant, 2 

Princes street — house, 3 Gayfield place 
Dalrymple, Hew, 7 Hailes street 
Dalrymple, J. rope and sail maker, 5 Dock 

street — house, 5 N. Junction street 
Dalrymple, William, S.S.C. 1! Pitt street 
Dalrymple, Wm., W.S. 11 Pitt street — house, 

45 St Cuthbert street 
Dalrymple, Miss, 77 George street 
Dalzell, Mrs, 2 Hamilton place, Newington 
Dalziel, Miss, fishmonger, 35 Frederick st. 
Dalziel, George (Gibson- Craigs, D. Sf Brodie), 

]0 Regent terrace 
Dalziel, Rev. George, Magdalene Asylum, 

181 Canongate 
Dalziel, Wm. engraver and printer, 4 East St 

James' street 
Dalziel, Mrs, Magdalene Asyl. 181 Canongate 
Dalziel, Mrs William, 3 Morton street 
Dalziel, Miss, 10 Stafford street 
Dalziel, Miss Jane C. 5 Saxe Coburg place 
Daniel, Wm. S., W.S. 3 Summer place 
Danks,W.& Co. china and crystal merchants, 

40 South bridge 
Danks & Swan, glass, china, and rag mer- 
chants, 32 Cowgate 
Danks, John, 39 St Leonard street 
Darg, Miss, dressmaker, 15 Dublin street 
Darling, A. 10 Buccleuch street 
Darling, George, clothier and outfitter, 93 

South bridge 
Darling, John, grocer, 5 Rose street 
Darling, Robert, carter and farmer. Bank 

cottage, Leith 
Darling, Rob. boot andshoem. 4 Summer pi. 
Darling, Wm. wine merchant and grocer, 47 

Nicolson St. — ho. 19 West Nicolson st. 





Darling, Wm. stay manufacturer and general 

merchant, 94 So. bridge — ho. 5 Park st. 
Darling, William, spirit dealer, 32 Heriot's 

Darling, William, spirit merchant, 45 Ber- 
nard street, Leith 
Darling, Mrs R. lodgings, 3 ]\Iaitland place, 

Darling, Mrs, 7 Saxe-Coburg place 
Darling, Miss, millinery, stay, and baby-linen 

warehouse, 15 South bridge 
Darling, Miss, milliner and dressmaker, 5 

Gray's court, Nicolson street 
Darling, Misses, and M'Laren, milliners and 

dressmakers, 20 George street 
Darling, Miss, 17 Pitt street 
Darlington, Daniel, upholsterer, 34 North 

Castle street — house, Lauder road, Grange 
Darlington, Henry, upholsterer, 5 Frederick 

Dauglish, John, 7 Fingal place, Meadows 
Davidson & Syme, W.S. 22 Castle street 
Davidson & M'Gregor, provision and corn 

merchants, 9 Giles' street 
Davidson, Ai, gravel dep. 28 Duke st. Leith 
Davidson, Alex, hairdresser, 1 St Leonard st. 
Davidson, Rev. Alex., Catharine bank 
Davidson, Arch, advocate, Sheriff of Aber- 
deenshire, 24 Rutland square 
Davidson, Charles, house agent, 6 Abbey hill 
Davidson, Chas. 6 Shrub place, Leith walk 
Davidson, David, corn merchant, 2 Queen's 

Davidson, Donald, shoemaker, 50 Frederick 

Davidson, Eben. ship and insurance broker 

and commission merchant. Wet Docks, Leith 

— house, 11 Cassell's place 
Davidson, George, secretary to Directors of 

Assembly rooms, 54 George street 
Davidson, Rev. George R. 17 Greenside pi. 
Davidson, Henry, 6 Athol crescent 
]3avidson, H. secretary and superintendent 

Edinburgh Southern Cemetery, Grange 
Davidson, H. M. 5 Duke street 
Davidson, James, hair dresser, 64 Abbey hill 
Davidson, James, optician, 39 South bridge 
Davidson, James, 2 Grange place 
Davidson, James, grocer and spirit dealer, 2 

South Richmond street 
Davidson, John, A.M. teach, of mathematics, 

2 Smith's place 
Davidson, John, & Co. salt and colour manu- 
facturers, 24 Sheriff brae 
Davidson, John & Co. shipbrokers and agents, 

24 Sheriff brae 
Davidson, John, S.S.C. & N.P. 17 Elm row 
Davidson, John, house-painter, 46 George 

Davidson, Jonathan & Co. steelyard makers, 

Barony street — ho. 21 Leith street 
Davidson, Laur. (Z). ^ Syme), 7 Rutland sq. 
Davidson, Rev. Peter, 1 1 Dean street 

Davidson, P. M. 2 Christian bank 
Davidson, R. D. merchant, 9 Smith's place 
Davidson, Robert, advocate, 28 York place 
Davidson, Robert, E.LC.S. 14 Ann street 
Davidson, Robert, pianoforte tuner, 21 South 

Castle street 
Davidson, Robert, spirit merchant, 3 North 

Newington place 
Davidson, Samuel, spirit dealer, 5 Hope st. 
Davidson, Thos. auctioneer and appraiser, 

7 West Lauriston place 
Davidson, Walter, cabinetmaker, 57 Frederick 

street — house, 59 
Davidson, Wm. coffee and spice merchant, 18 

Greenside place — house, 17 Elm row 
Davidson, Wm. furnishing ironmonger, 120 

High street — house, 14 London street 
Davidson, William, bootmaker, 10 Rose st. 
Davidson, Mrs Barbara, 8 Saxe-Coburg place 
Davidson, Mrs C. Forbes, 10 Walker street 
Davidson, Mrs David, 28 Gayfield square 
Davidson, Mrs Ann, ladies' nurse, 2 Green- 
side place 
Davidson, Mrs Jane, lodgings, 7 Forth st. 
Davidson, Mrs Janet, lodgings, 21 Leith st. 
Davidson, Mrs John, 2 Hailes street 
Davidson, Mrs, lodgings, 68 George street 
Davidson, JMrs, ladies' nurse, 42 Home street 
Davidson, Miss Margaret, 1 1 Forres street 
Davidson, Miss, dressmaker, &c. 1 South 

Charlotte street 
Davidson, Miss, 21 Montagu street 
Davidson, Misses, 58 North Castle street 
Davie, Duncan, chimney sweep, 63 Brough- 

ton street 
Davies, Thos. civil engineer and architect, 14 

South St Andrew street 
Davis, E. H. soda water manufacturer, 36 

Blair street 
Davis, Philip, 72 Great King street 
Davis, William, 51 Hope park end 
Davis, Wm. H. spirit dealer, 1 Montagu st. 
Davis, Mrs Ann, ladies* nurse, 24 Bristo st. 
Davison, John, tailor, 6 Ro.xburgh place 
Davison, Samuel Dobson {H, and Co.), 24 

Charlotte street, Leith 
Dawson, Rev. Joseph B., Wesleyan chapel, 

Duke street, Leith 
Dawson, Thomas, 6 York place 
Dawoon, Wm. colour and varnish, and prus- 

siate of potash manufacturer, 20 Elbe st. 

and 4 Commercial place — house, 5 James' 

place, Leith 
Dawson, William, 63 Y^ork place 
Dawson, William {Borthwick, D, Jj Co.)., 8 

Henry street 
Dawson, William, prussiate of potash and 

ultramarine manufacturer. Salamander st. 
Day, John, sub-inspector of poor, 52 Kirkgate 
Day, coffee-house and commercial lodgings, 

52 Kirkgate 
Dea, George, grocer and spirit dealer, 57 

H'ch street 





Deaf and Dumb Institution, Henderson row 
— Charles Rhind, principal 

Deaf & Dumb place of worship^ 58 Bruns- 
wick street 

Dean Bank Institution — Miss Janet M'Vean, 

Dean of Faculty of Advocates — John Inglis, 
30 Abercromby place 

Dean of Guild's Offic, 10 Royal Excharp;e 

Dean, John (Sasine Office), 2 Lauriston tcr. 

Dean, John, bricklayer and furnace builder, 
6 Spittal street 

Deans, John Wm. tea dealer, 47 North Hano- 
ver street — house, 51 

Deans, Robert, draper, 8 South St David st. 

Deans, Wm. merchant, Pirniefield 

Dearness, Donald, 2 Kerr street 

Deas, Lord, 5 Heriot row 

Deas, Joseph, coal merchant and agent, 51 
Brunswick street 

Deas, Thomas, tailor, 90 Rose street 

Deas, Mrs, 51 Brunswick street 

Deas, Mrs Colonel, 3 Pitt street 

De Fivas, Victor, 53 George street 

D'Egville, Made, teacher of dancing, 50 Fre- 
derick street 

De Flandre^ M. teacher of French, 32 Duu- 
das street 

Dempster, Geo. spirit dealer, 5 Annfield, New- 

Dempster, Mrs, ladies' nurse, 1 Leslie place 

Dempster, Miss, 112 Lauriston place 

Denkam, Ad. coal mercht. 4 Orchardfield pi. 

Denham, George, baker, 5 Davie street 

Denham, G. H. seed merchant, Hope parii- 
end house 

Denham, James, assistant clerk of Session, 3 
Lauriston lane 

Denholm, James, currier, 3 Simon square 

Denholm, James, boot-tree and last maker, 
Gilmore street, Paul's work 

Denholm, Jn. chimney-sweep, 19 Seraple st. 

Denholm, William, smith, Morningside 

Denholm, WiUiam, cart-wright, Mary place 

Denness, Mrs William, victual dealer, 13 
St Andrew street, Leith 

Dennistoun, Jas. of Dennlstoun, 119 George st. 

Dennistoun, Mrs, ] 4 Royal circus 

Denovan, Henry & Co. com.-merchts. ship and 
insurance brokers^ 10 Dock gates, Leith 

Depository Free Church publication scheme, 
Johnstone & Hunter, books. 15 Princes st. 

Deseret, Phineas, writer, 4 Eastfield 

Destitute Sick Society, William Whyte, 
13 George street, treasurer; John M'CuUoch 
(British Linen Co.), sub-treasurer 

Deuchar, John, of Morningside 

Deuchar, Lieut. Pat., R.N. 2 Henderson row 

Deuchar, Robt. solicitor, 2 Nicolson square 

Deuchar, Mrs Alex. 2 Henderson row 

Deuchar, Misses, ladies' sem. 2 Wharton pi. 

Deuchar^ Miss Elizabeth R. teacher of draw- 
ing, 2 Wharton place 

Devaux, Alfred, prof, of music, 7 India street 
Devin, Peter, miniature painter, 3 Rutland sq. 
Devlin, Thomas, spirit dealer. Pier place, 

Dewar & Co. tea, wine, and spirit merchants, 

1 Kirkgate — ho. 2 Charlotte street, Leith 
Dewar, Alex, boot maker, 2 Riddle's close 
Dewar, Andw. shoemaker, 14 South College 

street— house, 9 Brighton street 
Dewar, Archibald, 41 Bristo street 
Dewar, Eb. clerk, Leith distillery, Bonnington 

bank, Leith 
Dewar, Hugh Bruce (Duncan &j i>.), 22 An- 

nandale street 
Dewar, John, lodgings, 8 Forres street 
Dewar, John, advocate, 52 Great King street 
Dewar, John, bootmaker, 3 Hanover street — 

bouse, 12 South St David street 
Dewar, John (A^ Bank), 37 W. Register st. 
Dewar, John, spirit merchant, 8 Greeuside 

Dewar, Peter, fruiterer, 4 Howe street 
Dewar, P. spirit merclit. 34 Candlemaker row 
Dewar, Wm. grocer, 31 William street 
Dewar, Wm. teacher of dancing, 59 South br. 
Dewar, Mrs, sen. of Vogrie, 35 Melville street 
Dewar, Mrs, millin. & dressm. 47 Hanover st. 
Dewar, Mrs, 7 Brighton street ' 

Dewar, Mrs H. M. 1 Eyre place I 

Dewar, Mrs John, 82 Rose street ' 

Dewar, Miss Isabella, teacher, 10 West Pres- 
ton street 
Dibtlin, Henry Edward, teacher of the harp, 

piano, and organ, 4 South Frederick street 

• — house, Elizabeth cottage, Jordan burn 
Dick, A. M. wine and brandy merchant, 8 

Iluntly street — house, 6 
Dick, A. carver & gilder, 92 Princes street 
Dickj Abercromby Robert, advocate, 1 Char- 
lotte square 
Dick, Charles, brewer, 263 Cowgate 
Dick, James, tailor & clothier, 27 Hanover st. 

— house, 40 Princes street 
Dick, James, Maryfield 
Dick, James, clerk, 21 Couper st. 
Dick, John, spirit dealer, 11 Dock st. 
Dick, John, plumber, 59 Albany street — house,- 

58 Broughton street 
Dick, John, plumber, 133 Rose st.— ho. 165 
Dick, John, spirit dealer, 4 Church lane 
Dick, John, 27 Drummond place 
Dick, Capt. John, late 42d, 31 Dublin street 
Dick, R., Bonnington mount 
Dick, Robert, woollen draper, 100 So. Bridge 

— house, 16 Keir street 
Dick, Thomas, engraver, 8 Elder St. 
Dick, Thomas, tailor, Silvermills 
Dick, Thomas, cowfeeder, 9 Bedford street 
Dick, Wm. veter. surgeon to the Queen, and 

professor of veterinary medicine. Veterinary 

College, Clyde street 
Dick, Wm. grocer & spirit dealer, 17 Dean st. 
Dick, Wm. 40 Princes street 





Dick, Mrs, 31 Minto street 

Dick, Miss Ann, straw-bonnet maker, 47 

Earl Grey street 
Dick, Misses H. & J. milliners, straw-hat 
makers, and muslin printers; 55 George st. 

Dick, Miss Jane, grocer, 14 So. Richmond st. 
Dick, Miss Janet, 18 Dundas street 

Dick, Miss M. dressmaker, 5 Picardy place 

Dick, Miss, 13 Gayfield square 

Dick, Miss, 3 Great King street 

Dick, Misses, dressmakers, 35 Hanover st. 

Dick, Misses, dressmakers, 43 Broughton st. 

Dickie, H. D. manager Caledonian Insurance 
Co. 3 Ann street 

Dickie, W. wig maker, hair-cutter, and per- 
fumer, 69 Nicolson street 

Dickie, Mrs, ladies' nurse, 50 Brunswick st. 

Dickie, Miss, 14 Dean terrace 

Dickinson, George, clothier, 14 Drummond st. 

Dickins, Mrs, straw bonnet manufactory, 47 
Clerk street 

Dickman, John, chronometer, watch, clock, and 
nautical instrument maker, 4 Charlotte pi. 

Dickson and Steuart, W.S. 17 India street 

Dickson, A. grocer, 3 Elder street — house, 5 
Grange place 

Dickson, Alex, advocate, 23 Royal circus 

Dickson, Arch. W. surgeon, 13 Northum. st, 

Dickson, Arthur, 2 Hill square 

Dickson, A. J., S.S.C. 59 Queen street — ho. 1 
Claremont place 

Dickson, David, of Kilbucho and Hartreej 
advocate, 23 Royal circus 

Dickson, Dd. (J. D. & Co. wholesale stationers)^ 
16 George square 

Dickson, George, S.S.C. 4 Great King street 

Dickson, George, advocate, 3 Royal circus 

Dickson, George, 19 Bernard street 

Dickson, George H. 13 Lutton place 

Dickson, G.(J. Veitch Sf Co.) 19 Bernard street 

Dickson, Henry, coppersmith & brazier, 4 
Queen's place, Greenside row 

Dickson, Henry G., W.S. 3 Dundas street — 
house, 7 Fettes row 

Dickson, Henry G. jun. 22 Fettes row 

Dickson, Jas. Jobson {Home and D.}, 15 
Hill street 

Dickson, James, merchant, 48 George square 

Dickson, James, Holyrood Glass Works — ho. 
Chessels' court 

Dickson, James, tea, wine, and spirit mercht. 
12 Tolbooth wynd, Leith — ho. 2 Benning- 
ton place 

Dickson, James & Co. wholesale stationers, 10 
South St Andrew street 

Dickson, Jas., shipmaster, 5 Admiralty street 

Dickson, James and Sons, seedsmen, nursery- 
men, and florists, 32 Hanover street- 
nurseries, Inverleith and Broughton park 

Dickson, Jn. & Son, gunmakers, 63 Princes st. 

Dickson, John, bookseller and stationer, 29 
Nicolson street 

Dickson, Jn. sen.(j: D. §• Son)2^ Scotland st. 

Dickson, Jn. jun. (J.ZJ.^-iSon) 17 St James' sq. 
Dickson, John, merchant, Geneva cottage, 

Whitehouse gardens 
Dickson, John, wright, 12 Duke street, Leith 

— house, 47 Quality street 
Dickson, Rich, architect, 3 Glover street 
Dickson, Rich. junr. (D. J. Thomson ^ Co.). 

3 Janefield place 
Dickson, Robt. letter-carrier, 12 Queen's place 
Dickson, Robert and Co. wine and spirit mer- 
chants, 1 Brunswick street — house, 19 
Dickson, Robert, flesher, 4 Richmond lane 
Dickson, R. & E,. architects, J 1 Broughton pi. 
Dickson, Robert, grocer and spirit mercht. 23 

West Nicolson street 
Dickson, Robert, architect, 1 1 Broughton pi. 
Dickson, Robt. 12 Atholl place 
Dickson, Thomas, candlemaker, 9 Semple st. 
Dickson, Thomas, coach- hirer, 2 Scotland st. 
Dickson, Thomas Goldie ( Watson and D.), 

accountant, 3 Royal circus 
Dickson, Walter, W.S. 3 Royal circus 
Dickson, W. Gillespie, advocate, 7 Fettes row 
Dickson, William (J. D. <h Co. wholesale 

stationers), 20 George square 
Dickson, Wm. accountant, 4 Brandon street 
Dickson, William, secretary Edinburgh Life 

Assurance Co. 22 George street 
Dickson, Wm. grocer & spirit dealer, 12 Cowg. 
Dickson, William, grocer, 23 Jamaica street 
Dickson, W. ( Currer and D.), 9 Antigua st. 
Dickson, W. writing-master and teacher of 

arithmetic and book-keeping, 44 Howe st. 
Dickson, W. cowfeeder, 68 Potterrow 
Dickson, Mrs A. P. boarding and day school, 

10 Northumberland street 
Dickson, Mrs Archd. 39 East Claremont st. 
Dickson, Mrs David, spirit dealer, 26 Queeu 

street, Leith 
Dickson, Mrs Dr, 13 Clarendon crescent 
Dickson, Mrs J. W. 25 London street 
Dickson, Mrs Margaret, 10 Annandale street 
Dickson, Mrs Margaret, 16 Frederick street 
Dickson, Mrs Margaret, 10 Annandale street 
Dickson, MrsR., of Alton, 11 Brunswick st 
Dickson, Mrs Thomas, 6 Shrub place 
Dickson, Mrs, 43 East Claremont street 
Dickson, Mrs, 3 Chapel street 
Dickson, Mrs, 28 London street 
Dickson, Mrs, midwife, 46 Home street 
Dickson, Misses H. and J. dressmakers, 28 

Charles street 
Dickson, Miss Isabella, grocer, 6 Ponton st. 
Dickson, Miss, dressmaker, 7 Coates place 
Dickson, Miss E. Berlin warehouse, 29 Ber- 
nard street, Leith 
Dickson, Miss, 4 Albany street, Leith 
Dicksons & Co. nursery, seedsmen and florists, 

1 Waterloo place — nurseries, Leith walk, 

Pilrig street, and Redbraes 
Diey, Alex, coach hirer. Regent terrace lane 
Dingwall, Arthur, advocate, 3 Rutland square 
Dingwall, R., teacher, 1 6 Comely bank 





Dingwall, Mrs Ann, 32 Rutland square 

Dingwall, Mrs Jan. cowfeeder, 146 Canonj^ate 

Dirom, W. house- carpenter and undertaker, 
4 Northumberland place 

Dirom, Miss, dressmaker, 4 Northumber. pi. 

Disher, John, brewer, 200 Canongate 

Disher, Robt. brewer (£". j^- L. Brewing Co.) 
— house, Greenhill gardens 

Disher, Robert, spirit merchant, 62 Cumber- 
land street 

Dishington, T. {T. D. <Sf Co.), 2 Welling, pi. 

Dishington, Thomas, and Co. corn factors and 
gen. coram, agents, 32 Constitution street 

Dispensary & Humane Society, Leith Mill 

Dispensary, Royal Public, 21 West Rich- 
mond street 

Dispensary, Homoeopathic, .5 St James' sq. 

Dispensary, New Town, 17 Thistle street 

Dixon, John, baker, 2 Union street 

Dixon, John", 3 West Arthur place 

Dixon, Thos. & Son, coal merchants, 1 St Leo- 
nard street. — See Adv. 

Dixon, W. & J. butchers & poulterers, 2 Howe 
street and 1 Cumberland street 

Dixson, Robt. baker, 3 Shakspeare square 

Dixson, Miss, dressmaker, 36 George street 

Dobbie, Thomas, conservator of the Scott 
monument, 7 Sciennes court 

Dobie, George, painter and glazier, 48 Han- 
over street 

Dobie, James, surgeon- dentist, 21 St Andrew 

Dobie, John, wright, 3 Richmond place 

Dobie, William, muslin, lace, ribbon, and 
bonnet warehouse, 44 Leith street 

Dobson & Co. wrights and undertakeis, 23 
West Preston street 

Dobson, David, auctioneer and appraiser, 24 
West Preston street 

Dobson, Geo. (Customs), 2 Auburn place. 
North Fort street 

Dobson, Rob. jun. (Hughson^ D.) Melbourne 
house. Grange 

Dobson, Miss Alison, 8 Buccleuch place 

Docherty, Jas. clothier, 2 St Mary's wynd. — 
See Adv. 

Dodds, Alex. 40 St Leonard street 

Dodds, Andrew, slater, 129 High street — slate- 
yard. Wet docks, Leith 

Dodds, .Tames, 21 Warriston crescent 

Dodds, Mrs J. D. lodgings, 3 Downie place 

Dodds, Mrs Rachel, lodgings, 1 Broughton pi. 

Dods, J. & R. cabinetmakers, 63 Cowgate 

Dods, John, 5 Deanhaugh street 

Dods, William, gardener. Old Botanic cottage 

Dods, Wm. gardener, Restalrig 

Dods, Mrs Margaret, 12 Junction st. Leith 

Dods, Mrs George, 8 Ann street 

Dods, Mrs, 13 N.-W. Circus place 

Dods, Mrs Marcus, 2 So. Charlotte street 

Dodson, John, of Littledale, 1 5 Clarendon 
crescent > 

Doig, Alex, grocer and spirit dealer, 6 Romilly 

Doig, Alex, spirit dealer, 34 Shore 
Doig, Charles, writer, Seafield house, Leith 
Doig, James, smith and gasfitter, 19 Bristo st. 
Doig, John, H.E.LC.S. Retired List, 17 War- 
riston crescent 
Doig, R. wine and spirit dealer, 1 Hunter sq. 

— house, I Fleshmarket close 
Don, John, packing-box maker, 87 Constitu- 
tion street 
Donald, Henry E. writer, 22 William street 
Donald, John, wine and spirit merchant, 50 

Hanover street 
Donald, W. silk dyer and scourer, 34 Fre- 
derick street and 24 Veitch's square — house 
8 Hamilton place 
Donald, Mrs Alex. 21 AthoU crescent 
Donaldson, A. & Sons, globe makers, printers' 
joiners, & brass rule cutters, 7 So. Niddry st, 
Donaldson & Son, prov. dealers, 14 Heriot pi. 
Donaldson, Alex, bootmaker, 45 Princes street 
Donaldson, Archibald, plasterer, 3 Davie street 
Donaldson, Andrew, causeway-layer and con- 
tractor, 142 High street 
Donaldson, Colin, clerk, II N. College street 
Donaldson, David, baker, 2 Canongate 
Donaldson, George, grocer, tea, wine, and 

spirit merchant, 1 Mackenzie place 
Donaldson, George, writer, 1 West Richmond 

Donaldson, George, ho. carpenter, 1 Elder st. 
Donaldson, H. spirit mercht. 127 Grassmarket 
Donaldson's Hospital — treasurer's office, 32 
I Abercromby place 

I Donaldson, James, spirit mercht. 27 West pt. 
I Donaldson, John, advocate, prof, in the Uni- 
I versity — house, Marchfield 
I Donaldson, .John, 16 Church street 
I Donaldson, John, lodgings, 4 Infirmary street 
1 Donaldson, John G. spirit dealer, 42 Potterrovr 
i Donaldson, Jn. port, paint. 2 E. Broughton pi. 
j Donaldson, J. dealer in prints and pictures^ 
I 10 Terrace, Leith street ■ 

! Donaldson, John, 12 Gardner's crescent * 

: Donaldson, Peter, spirit dealer, 37 Sandport st. 
j Donaldson, William, tailor and Highland 
! costume maker, &c. 55 George street 
Donaldson, Wm. 12 Terrace, Leith street 
Donaldson, Wm. trim, warebo. 46 So. bridge 
! — house, 9 Montagu street 
i Donaldson, Wm. tobacco pipe manufacturer, 
; 14 Morton street 

; Donaldson, Wm. spirit dealer, 19 Elbe street 
j Donaldson, Mrs J. lodgings, 10 Wellington 

Donaldson, Mrs, 29 Buccleuch place 
Donaldson, Mrs, 26 Walker street 
! Donaldaon, Mrs, ladies' nurse, 9 Jamaica st. 
I Donaldson, Mrs, 22 Melville street 
Donaldson, Mrs, 51 Buccleuch street 
Donlevy, James, teacher. Holy Cross School, 
1 12 Canonp-ate 



Dores & Laidlaw, fleshers, 23 and 24 Middle 

Dott, Aitken, carver, gilder, and frame maker, 

16 South St David street 
Dougal), David, 3 East Register street , 

Dougall, Robert, lodgings, 39 Albany street 
Dougall, James, teacher, 1 Gillespie street 
Doughtic, Alex, slater & glazier, 48 George st. 
Doughty, Alex, slater & glazier, 47 Potterrow 
Douglas and Baird, grocers, oilmen, and wine 

merchants, purveyors of spirits to her Ma- 
jesty, 89 George street 
Douglas, Dr A. H. 62 Northumberland street 
Douglas, Arch.(Ge/i.i».-0^'ce),l 7 Gilmore pi. 
Douglas, Arehd. agent Western Bank of Scot- 
land, 30 Grassmarket— ho. Blackford villa 
Douglas, Andrew, Venetian-blind maker and 

joiner, 22 Greenside place 
Douglas, Chris., W.S., chambers, 22 Young 

street — ho. 17 Drummond place 
Douglas, Chris. {Melville 4- JJoug'as), 9 N. St 

David street 
Douglas, David, W.S. 23 Great King street 
Douglas, D. (D. and Baird), 49 S. Clerk st. 
Douglas, F.Brown, advocate, 21 Moray place 
Douglas, George, 5 South College street 
Douglas, Jas. dentist, 32 St Andrew square 
Douglas, James, 4 Wemyss place 
Douglas, James, 10 Eankeillor street 
Douglas, James, portrait painter, 9 Hill sq. 
Douglas, Jame?, gardener. South bank 
Douglas, J. waggoner, 15 Constitution street 
Douglas, Jas. tailor & clothier, 67 Castle st. 
Douglas, James, 15 Richmond place 
Douglas, James (Crease, H. S^- £).), 2 West 

Lauriston place 
Douglas, James, victual dealer, 2 Castle Barns 
Douglas, James, teacher of English, 48 India st. 
Douglas, J. T., general agent (Merchants' and 

T/adesmen's Life Assurance Office), 1 N. 

St David street — ho. Mercbiston park 
Douglas, James, lathsplitter, 10 Lothian road 
Douglas, James, baker, 15 Soutb St Andrew st. 
Douglas, John, spirit mercht. 186 Canongate 
Douglas, John, spirit dealer, 40 Giles' street 
Douglas, John B., W.S. 13 Drummond place 
Douglas, John David, searcher of Public 

Registers, JO North St David st house, 

Inverleith field, Granton road 
Douglas, John, shipmaster, 4 Portland terrace 
Douglas, Peter, 100 Pleasance 
Douglas, Robert, grocer and spirit merchant, 

172 Fountainbridge 
Douglas, Robert H., Douglas' hotel 
Douglas, Sholto, shoemaker, Orchardfield pi. 

Leith walk 
Douglas, Thomas, victual dealer, Newhaven 
Douglas, Thos. H., florist, Mercbiston park 
Douglas, Thos. flesher, 89 St Andrew st. Leith 
Douglas, W. C. 9 Charlotte place 
Douglas, W. ( Com. Bank), 2 George place 
Douglas, William, P.S.A., 4 Wemyss place 
Douglas, Wm. engraver, 2 Grey friars' place 

Dovj 77 

! Douglas, M. & J. milliners and widows' cap 
j makers, 24 Hanover street 
' Douglas, W. S., common agent and accoun- 
tant, 2 Greyfriars' place 
Douglas, iMrs, hotel keeper, 34. and 35 St 

Andrew square 
Douglas, Mrs Charlotte, 13 Hart street 
Douglas, Mrs John, tobacconist, 13 Sandportst. 
Douglas, Mrs. Thos. G. 34 Rose street 
Douglas, MrsEliz., lodgings, 25 St James' sq. 
Douglas, Mrs M. victual dealer, 7 Riego street 
Douglas, Mrs Richard, 23 Lauriston street 
Douglas, Mrs,- 5 Moray place 
Douglas, Miss A. R. miniature painter, 13 

Hart street 
Douglas, Miss, 9 Nelson street 
Douglas, Miss, 13 Maitland street 
Douglas, Miss, 1 Oxford terrace. Dean 
Douglas's Hotel, 34 and 35 St Andrew square 
Douglas's School, 9 Great King street — house 

48 India street 
Doull, David and Co. British wine manuf. and 

confectioners, 71 Potterrow, and 74 Princes 

Doull, David (D. D. S,~Co.), 16 Rankeillor st. 
Dove, David, S.S.C. Arnistoa pi., Newington 
Dove, James, smith, engine-pump maker, and 

coach-timber bender, Greenside lane 
Dove, Patrick Edward, 6 Torphichen street 
Dow, Alexander, wine and spirit dealer, 7 St 

Andrew street 
Dow, James, varnish maker, 49 Thistle street 
Dow, James, seal engraver, CO North bridge 
Dow, William, cork sole manufacturer, 2 St 

Mary's wynd — house, 115 Canongate 
Dow, William, cabinetmaker, 24 India street 
Dow, Mrs Wm. innkeeper, 23 Sandport st. 
Dow, Mrs Ann, 121 Rose street 
Dow, Miss Jane, 69 Broughton street 
Dow, Isabella, tobacconist, 52 Home street 
Dow, Misses, commercial boarding house, 57 

North bridge 
Dow, Miss, seminary, 31 York place 
Dowell, Alex. (D. & Z.), 18 George street 
Dowells & Lyon, auctioneers and valuators, 

18 George street 
Dowell, Jas. {D. & Z.), Dick pi. Grange 
Dowie, Charles, pawnbroker, 1 Milne's court 
Dowie, James, grocer and spirit dealer, 54 

Dowie, Peter, commission agent, 17 Quality 

Dowie, Thos. (L.L.E.and G. Shipping Co.), 

Mayfleld house, Leith 
Dowie, Wm. contractor, Canonmills cottage 
Down, John, boot and shoe maker, 1 2 Rose st. 
Downie & Laird, nursery and seedsmen, 17 

Frederick street — nursery, AVest Coates 
Downie, Alex-, official searcher of records in 

General Register House — ho. 4 Wharton pi. 
Downie, Charles, teacher, 6 Salisbury street 
Downie, Jas. shoemaker, 4 West Richmond st. 
Downie, John, grocer, 9 Elbe street 





Downie, John, spirit dealer, 28 C lyde street 
Downie, J. (D. §• Laird), West Coates nursery 
Downie, John Macleay, accountant ( Cowan Sf 

Co.), 12 Upper Gray street 
Downie, Mrs C. lodgings, 1 S. Charlotte st. 
Downs and Lethem, wholesale grocers and 

general merchants, 11 Timber bush 
Downs, John (Z). and Lethem), 9 Vanburgh 

place, Leith 
Drechsler, Louis, teacher of sin^ng, 1 1 6 George 

Drevar, Miss, dressmaker, 25 Frederick street 
Drew, Thomas, wine merchant and grocer, 

1 Tobago street — ho. 127 Fountainbridge 
Drew, Miss, toy dealer, 99 Princes street 
Drover, D. teller National Bank, 25 Qua- 
lity street 
Drover, Miss, 13 Stafford street 
Drummond, A. victual dealer, 163 Causeyside 
Drummond, B. M. marine artist, 5 Regent 

Drummond, Chas. bookseller, printer, and 

bookbinder, 133 Kirkgate — ho. 5 Albany 

street, Leith 
Drummond, Rev. D. T. K. Montpelier cottage 
Drummond, George & Son, house and hor- 
ticultural builders, 4> Henderson row 
Drummond, Geo. spirit dealer, 15 Canongate 
Drummond, Henry Home, of Blair-Drura- 

mond, 110 Princes street 
Drummond, James, lodgings, 118 Princes st. 
Drummond, James, artist, 26 Dundas street 
Drummond, John, clerk, Shore Dues office, 

9 London row 
Drummond, Peter, tailor and clothier, 11 

Calton street 
Drummond, Thos. builder, 16 St Vincent 

Drummond, Wra. porter, Holyrood house 
Drummond, Wm. tailor, 13 Tolbooth wynd, 

Drummond, William, mason, 22 Fettes row 
Drummond, W., CM., 102 Fountainbridge 
Drummond & Laing, wholesale stationers, 34 

Drummond, Mrs, midwife, 56 Bridge street 
Drummond, Misses, 26 Dundas street 
Drybrough & Co. brewers, 67 North back of 

Drybrougb, G. grocer & spirit dealer, New- 
Drybrough, J., Windsor Villa, Coltbridge Road 
Drybrough^ N. & Sop, coopers, 39 Mitchell 

Drybrough, T. {D. and Co.), 7 Manor place 
Drybrough, Mrs, Windsor Villa, Coltbridge 

Drybrough, Mrs A. 45 Inverleith row 
Dryburgh, Mrs, 12 James' place, Leith 
Dryden, Gavin, & Co. comraiss. agents, 33 

Bernard street 
Dryden, James, grocer, 36 Jamaica street 
Dryden, James, builder^ 5 Saunders street 

Dryden, John, spirit dealer, Anchorfield 

Dryden, Mrs, 49 Charlotte street, Leith 

Dryden, Miss, 11 Cheyne street 

Drysdale, Capt. 12 Fettes row 

Drysdale, Andw. {Munros Sf Z>.), 23 St James' 

Drysdale, Andrew, Sunbury distillery 
Drysdale, David, wine merchant and grocer, 

2 Nicolson street — house, 5 Minto street 
Drysdale, James, spirit dealer, 3 Dock street 
Drysdale, Geo. H. victual dealer, 154 and 209 

Drysdale, James, merchant and commission 

agent, 2 Drummond street 
Drysdale, John, baker, 1 Crosscausey 
Drysdale, Joseph, S.S.C. & acct. 16 Royal 

Exchange — house, 18 Gardner's crescent 
Drysdale, Peter H. baker, 32 Fountainbridge 
Drysdale, Robt. Janitor's lodge, Moray house 
Drysdale, Wm., D.CS. 3 Hart st. 
Drysdale, Mrs A. spirit dealer, 1 W. Preston 

Drysdale, Mrs Janet, spirit dealer, Salamander 

Drysdale, Miss, dressmaker, 41 George street 
Drysdale, Miss, 9 Hope street 
Dubuc, Dr, prof, of French, 121 George st. 
Ducat, Mrs, 68 Great King street 
Dudgeon, Alexander, 22 Ann street 
Dudgeon, Alexander, baker 51 Thistle street 
Dudgeon, John & Co. merchants, 17 Consti- 
tution street 
Dudgeon, Colonel Peter, 10 Carlton street 
Dudgeon, William, 22 Royal terrace j 

Dudgeon, Mrs Wm. 10 Cassells' place m 

DufF, Alex, advocate, 60 Northumberland st. J 
Duff, Alex, wine and spirit merchant, 17 Fre- 
derick street — house, 69 Rose street 
Duff, Ale?;, spirit merchant, 1 70 Canongate 
Duff, Donald, accountant {E. and G. Bank), 

22 India street 
Duff, Rev. Henry, Summerfield house, Leith 
Duff, John, spirit dealer, 33 Couper street 
Duff, Thomas (Agent N. B. Railway Co. 

Leith), house, George street. North Leith. 
Duff, Mrs, Sycamore bank, Duddingston | 
Duff, jMrs M. milliner, 7 Shakspeare square : 
Duff, Mrs, 17 St Patrick square 
Duff, Eliz., French corsetmaker, 26 George 

DufEn, Mrs Richard, 12 Stafford street 
Duffus, P. boot and shoemaker, 38 Howe st. 
Duffy, John, shoemaker, 28 High street 
Duffy, Philip, broker, 305 Cowgate 
Dufrayer, Mrs Alfred, 28 Rutland street 
Dugdale, Jos. mail-guard, 6 South St James' 

Duge;an, J. P. leather merchant, 23 Elder st 
Du Gue, Monsieur, French teacher, G5 York 

Duke of Buccleuch Coal Store, foot of Con- j 

stitution street 
Dumbreck, Thomas, 7 Howard place I 





Dumbreck, William, M. D., F.R.C.S. 49 

Albany street 

Dumbarton Crown Glass and Bottle Ware- 
house, R. F. Bel], agent, 5 Union place 
Dun, Alex. Campbell, 18 Clareraont crescent 

Dun, Andrew, 19 St Patrick square 

Dun, Finlay, 41 Heriot row 

Dun, Robert, teacher, 12 Windmill street 

Dun, Thomas, flesher, 14 St Patrick square 

Dun, Miss M. baker, 130 Pleasance 

Dunbar, Alex. 1 Windsor street 

Dunbar, J. furnishing ironmonger, 38 Dundas 
street — house, 20 Pitt street 

Dunbar, Sir Wm., Bart, of Mochrum, advo- 
cate, 47 Keriot row 

Dunbar, Mrs Professor, 24 Howard place 

Dunbar, Mrs G. 2 Deanhaugh street 

Dunbar, Mrs, 5 West Circus place 

Duncan, Alex, and Sons, paper makers, 20 
South St Andrew st. 

Duncan, Alexander, Parson's green 

Duncan & Dewar, W.S. 6 Hill street 

Duncan and Gordon, com. merchants, 9 Ber- 
nard street 

Duncan and Miller, S.S.C. and N.P. 11 
Nelson street 

Duncan, Colin & Son, coal merchants and 
drysalters. Old Church wharf and Dock st. 
and Scotland street stations 

Duncan, Flockhart, & Co. chemists to the 
Queen, 52 North bridge, and 139 Princes st. 
— night bell, 54 Xorth bridge, and 2 Char- 
lotte street 

Duncan, Flockhart, & Powell, chemists and 
druggists, 18 Bernard street, Leith 

Duncan, Geo. (T. D. i- Co.), 4 Bruntsfield pi. 

Duncan, Henry, Comely gardens 

Duncan, Henry, spirit merchant, Morningside 

Duncan, Jas. & Co. merchants and brokers, 
9 Baltic street 

Duncan, James {D. S,- Dewa?-), 6 Hill street — 
house, 46 Queen street 

Duncan, James, 1 Assembly street, Leith 

Duncan, Jas., M.D., F.R.C.S.E. 12 Heriotrow 

Duncan, Dr James Matthews, F.R.C.P. 55 
Castle street 

Duncan, James, of Ceylon, 11 Clarence st. 

Duncan, Lieut-Col. John, E.LC.S. 19 Carl- 
ton terrace 

Duncan, John, 21 Fettes row 

Duncan, J. M. advocate, 36 Castle street 

Duncan, J. (A. D. S^-Son), 20 S. St Andrew st. 

Duncan, John, senior, 2 Heriot row 

Duncan, J. tobacco pipe manufac. 41 Whit- 
field place 

Duncan, Rev. John, LL.D. prof, of Oriental 
languages, New College, 29 Elder street 

Duncan, John, W.S., 27 Dundas street 

Duncan, John, 2 Madeira street 

Duncan, Rev. R. Dick, 8 Bruntsfield place 

Duncan, R. & G. ladies' bootmakers, 33 
George street — house, Westerhall Hall 
lodge, Meadow place 

Duncan, S. shipmaster, 7 Regent street, Leith 
Duncan, Brothers & Co. provision merchantP, 

12, 13, and 14 Charlotte street, Leith 
Duncan, Thos. & Co. bootmikers to the Queen 

and Prince Albert, 59 Princes street 
Duncan, Thos. brushmaker to the Queen, 

26 Greenside place — house, 24 
Duncan, Thomas, C7 Cumberland street 
Duncan, Thomas, saddler, 31 Fountainbridge 
Duncan, Wm. James, manager JSational Bank 

of Scotland, 18 Coates crescriit 
Duncan, William, S.S.C. 1 Heriotrow 
Duncan, William, jun. (Z). .5- Miller), 11 

Nelson street 
Duncan, Mrs, 78 Great King street 
Duncan, Mrs, of Parkhill, 34 Miuto street 
Duncan, Mrs Dr, 7 India street 
Duncan, Mrs Joseph, 38 Brunswick street 
Duncan, Mrs, ladies' nurse, 21 Jamaica street 
Duncan, Mrs, grocer, 3 Cumberland street 
Duncan, Mrs William, 4 Blacket place 
Duncan, Mrs, Belleville, King's park \ 

Duncan, Mrs, 4 Northumberland place 
Duncan, Mrs Thomas, 13 Comely Bank 
Duncan, Mrs, 3 Hamburg place 
! Duncan, Mrs, straw-hat and dressmaker, 30 
j Cumberland street 
j Duncan, Misses, 27 Howard place 
j Duncan, Miss Ann, 14 Archibald place 
Duncan, Miss Jane, 67 Great King street 
Duncan, Misses J. & R. straw-hat manufac- 
turers, 33 George street 
Duncanson, Thos. distiller, 11 West Sciennes 
Duncanson, Walter, shipmaster, 25 Bridge 

Dundas & Wilson, C.S. 16 St Andrew square 
Dundas, Alex, wright, E. Rose street lane 
Dundas, George, adv., sheriff of Selkirkshire, 

9 Charlotte square 
Dundas, Geo. accountant, 24 Broughton pi. 
Dundas, Rear-Admiral Henry, Craig R.07- 

ston, Granton pier 
Dundas, James, letter-carrier, 19 St James' st. 
Dundas, John, C.S. 25 St Andrew square 
Dundas, John F. civil engineer, 15 St Ber- 
nard's crescent 
Dundas, Wm. Pitt, deputy- clerk registrar of 

Scotland, General Register House 
Dundas, Sliss Hamilton, 8 St Bernard's cresc. 
Dundee, Perth, and London Shipping Co. 

2 Dock gates — D. Smith, agent 
Dunlop, Mrs Alan C. 31 Royal terrace 
Dunlop, Alex. Murray, advocate, M.P. 67 

Queen street 
Dunlop, Alex, of Clober, 45 Moray place 
Dunlop, Charles, cabinetmaker and house 

factor, 29 Brunswick st. and Circus lane 
Dunlop, C. & J. booksellers and binders, 14 

Greenside place 
Dunlop, G. & G., W.S. 53 Great King street 
Dunlop, George, & Co. merchants, 15 John's 

lane, Leith 
Dunlop, Henry, 30 Melville Street 





OuDlop, James U. agent and com. merchant, 
30 Coatfield lane, Leith — house, 5 St John's 
place, Leith 
Dunlop, Robt. J.sharebroker, 7 Henderson row 
Dunlop, Mrs Archd. 19 West Nicolson street 
Dunlop, Mrs Wm. 4 Gilraore place 
Dunlop, Mrs, 4 Salisbury place, Newington 
Dunlop, Mrs, 4 John's place, Leith 
Dunlop, ^Irs, 6 Pitt street 
Dunlop, iVIrs, 1 1 Wemyss place 
Dunlop, Miss, 6 South Charlotte street 
Dunlop, Misses, 2 Darnaway street 
Dunn, David, metal merchant and ironmonger, 

a Blair street 
Dunn, David, contractor, 20 Pleasance 
Dunn, George, missionary, 2 Deanhaugh st. 
Dunn, Jas. painter, glazier, &c. 4 Teviot row 
Dunn, John, hairdresser, 70 Kirkgate, Leith 
Dunn, Thomas, S.S.C. 78 George street — 

house, 2 Duncan street, Xewington 
Dunn, Thos. optician, mathematical & phi- 
losophical instrument maker, 50 Hanover 
street — house, 7 Buccleuch place. — See Adv. 
Dunn, Mrs John, 4 South Junction street 
Dunnett, Wm. classical teacher, 2 Drumraond 

Duns, James, slater, 161 Rose street 
Duns, Miss, milliner, 161 Rose street 
Dunse, Geo. china merchant, 70 Canongate 
Dunsmure, Alex. mer. 8 St John's pi. Leith 
Dunsmure, Major, 10 Coates crescent 
Dunsmure, James, 26 Castle street 
Dunsmure, J., M.D., F.R.C.S.E. 57 Queen 

Dunstone, Wm. clerk, 7 Spence's pi. Leith 
Durham, Jas. & Son, paperraakers, 7 George 

Durie, David, grocer, 72 Shore 
Durie, James, baker, 62 Tolbooth wynd, Leith 
Diirrner, Johannes, professor of music, 65 

Castle street 
Durward, Andrew, cabinetmaker, upholsterer, 

and undertaker, 7 Clerk street — house, 1 
Durward, Misses, 49 Buccleuch street 
Duthie, Walter, W.S. 6 Great King street 
Dyce, Archd. Brown, Colonel E.LC.S. 7 

Ainslie place 
Dycer, Charles, physician, 18 Pitt street 
Dyer, J. A. commercial agt. 5 Buccleuch pi. 
Dyer, Mrs A. Reid's court, Canongate 
Dyer, Miss, 2 Windmill street 
Dykes, Rob. C. & Co. bootmakers, 98 High st. 
Dymock & Paterson, solicitois-at-law, 56 

George street 
Dymock, James R. tea, wine, & brandy mer- 
chant, 16 Nicolson st. — house, 3 Arniston 
Dymock, Robert Lockbart, solicitor-at-law, 
and proc- fiscal for the city. City Chambers 
— house, 19 George square 
Dymock, IMrs W. M'Lean, 14 Broughton pi. 

Eadie, James, hairdresser, 26 Sandport st. 

j Eager, Mrs, teacher of music, 54 Frederick st. 
Eagle & Henderson, nurtery, teedsmen, and 
Horists to the Queen, nursery and seed ware- 
house, Leith walk 
Earwaker, John, Hampshire house and com- 
I mercial hotel, 108 Eose street 
Easson, Jamee, cork manufac. 23 Baltic st. 
I East India, Colonial, and General Agency — 
j Wm. Bowie, 17 South .St David street 
Easton, George, agent S. T. League, 54 
t South bridge 

\ Easton, James, cabinetmaker, 28 Greensidc st. 
! Easton, .James, tailor, 3 Greenside row 
i Easton, Mrs Isabella, 15 Norton place 
I Euston, Mrs Thomas, 33 Albany street 
Easton, j\Irs, laundress, 4 Norton place 
j Easton, Miss, 10 South St Jiitnes' street 
i Easton, Misses, dressmakers, 118 Princes st. 
Eaton, James, 8 Alva street 
1 Ebsworth, Jos. publisher and teacher of vocal 
I music, 4 Montgomery street 
Eckford, Walter, Trinity baths 
Eckford, Walter, skinner, Silvermills 
\ Eckford, Mrs, Trinity baths and lodgings 
; Economic Life Assurance Office — Henry 
I Maitland, agent, 9 Xorth St David street. 
I — See Adv. 

Edgar, James, porfrait-painter, 34 Cumber- 
I land street 

i Edgar, Robt. provision dealer, 23 Howe street 
Edgar, Robt. boot and shoem. 187 High street 
I Edgar, Mrs, 22 London street 
j Edge, George, manager Equitable Loan 
1 Co. of Scotland, 4 Montgomery street 
Edinbukgh Bible Society Committee Rooms 

& Depository, 6 York place 
Edinburgh Barm Company, Rose st. lane 
Edinburgh City Mission, 10 George street — 

Thomas Scott, treasurer 
Edinbukgh Clothing Society, 18 Bristo street 
Edinbukgh City Mission Office, 6 York place 

— Rev. James Trench, superintendent 
Edinburgh Eye Infirmary, 140 George street 
Edinburgh Funeral Establishment, 9 and 10 
Leith walk — John Croall & Son, proprietors 
Edinburgh Gas-Light Co. 25 Waterloo pi. 
Edinburgh, and 115 Constitution st. Leith 
Edinburgh & Glasgow Bank, 29 George st. 

— branch, 19 Charlotte street, Leith 
Edinburgh and Glasgow Union Canal Co.'s 

office, 1 Port- Hopetoun 
Edinburgh Guardian Office, 279 High street. 

Royal Exchange 
Edinburgh Institution for Languages, &c. 

8 Queen street 
Edinburgh Institution for the Education of 

Y'oung Ladies, 23 Charlotte square 
Edinburgh Ladies' Institution for Southern 

Districts, 1 Park place 
Edinburgh & Leith Gas-Light Company, 8 

George street, and 10 Baltic street, Leith 
Edinburgh & Leith Glass Co. 42 Salaman- 
der street, Leith 





Edinbubgh & Leith Brewery, 200 Canongate 
EjDiNRur.GH and Leith Loan Co. 16 Calton st. 
Edinc'jrgh, Leith, & Granton Railway sta- 
tion, Citadel, Leith 
Edinburgh Life Assurance Co.'s Office, 22 
Geo. St. — G. L. Finlay, manager. — See j.c/i;. 
Edinburgh Loan Co. pawnbrokers, 39 South 
bridge, & 1 South Niddry street — Robert 
Wilson, manager. — See Adv. 
Edinburgh News office, Writers court 
Edinburgh Normal School, Castle road 
Edinburgh Normal School, Moray house 
Edinburgh, Perth, and Dundee Railway Co. 

y Princes street — Henry Lees, secretary 
Edinburgh Poor's House, Forrest road 
Edinburgh ReligiousTractand Book Society's 

Depot, 13 South St Andrew street 
Edinburgh Ropery Co. 28 Bath street and 35 

Edinburgh School for the Blind, 2 Gayfield 

Edinburgh Sabbath-school Teachers' Union, 

2 Melbourne place 
Edinburgh Subscription Lib. 24 George st. 
Edinburgh Water Company, 123 Princes st. 

—Alex. Ramsay, manager 
Edington, Mrs G. lodgings, 4 Melville place 
Edington, Miss D. H. lodgings, 2 Rutland sq. 
Edmond, G. teacher, 24 King street, Leith 
Edmond, James, Newbank, Trinity 
Edmond, John, rope and sailmaker, C4 Shore 
Edmond, Mrs, 47 Cumberland street 
Edmonston & Douglas, English and foreign 

booksellers, 87 Princes street 
Edmonston, Alex. (£. und Douglas), 25 

Scotland street 
Edmonston Colliery office, St Leonard's and 
Sands, Leith — Andrew Gray, agent— See 
Edmondston, F. & Son, engravers and prin- 
ters, 60 North bridge — ho. 17 London st. 
Edmondston, Thomas & Son, iron-merchants 

and seedsmen, 110 West bow 
Edmondston, T.( T. E. 8f Son), 1 Wharton pi. 
Edmondstoune, Mrs, 5 Great Stuart street 
Edmonstoune, Mrs Thos. 3 Fingall place 
Edmonstoune, Miss, of Newton, 11 Manor pi. 
Edmunds, Edmund, professor of singing, 1 

Gloucester place 
Edward, Peter, victual dealer, 51 Yardheads 
Edward, John, 16 Scotland street 
Edwards, Wm. brassfounder, 60 Nicolson st. 
Elder, Alex, printer. Anchor close — house, 

49 North Richmond street 
Elder, Alex, grocer, wine and spirit merchant, 

40 North Hanover street 
Elder, Alex, general agent and merchant, im- 
porter of Bohemian glass, lava goods, &c., 
1 Broughton place 
Elder, George, grocer and spirit dealer, 2.5 

Dean street 
Elder, James, 5 Thistle street 
Elder, James, spirit dealer, 17 Buccleuch st. 

Elder, John {T. E. ^ Co.), 16 Pilrig street 
Elder, John, goldsmith, 156 High street 
Elder, John, W.S. 5 So. Charlotte st. — house, 

3 West Circus place 
Elder, John, messenger, Commercial Bank, 20 

Rose street 
Elder, Lewis, spirit dealer, Dean 
Elder, Thomas {T. E. ^- Co.), 1 Fife place 
Elder, Thomas & merchants, St An- 
thony court 
Elder, Thomas, farmer, Lennie mains 
Elder, Wm. victual dealer, 34 Tobago street 
Elder, Wm. writer, 10 Torphichen street 
Elder, Mrs, hotel, 9 South St David street 
Elder, Mrs, 19 Abercromby place 
Electric Telegraph Company's Office, 26 

Bernard street, Leith 
Elgin, W. & Son, booksellers, stationers, and 

library, 10 North St Andrew street 
Elgin, Wm. jun. 22 Scotland street 
Elgin, W. sen. {E. §- Son), 19 Norton place 
Elliot, John, York hotel 
Elliot, Robt. 65 Lauriston place 
Elliot, W. Scott, of ArkJeton, W.S. 32 Regent 

Elliot, Mrs H. 97 Causeyside 
Elliot, Miss, boarding school for young ladies, 

23 Windsor street 
Eliott, Miss Euphemiaof Stobs, 1 Torphichen 

Ellis, Adam G. (?F., A. G., and R. Ellis), -3 7 

Drummond place 
Ellis, John, house factor, 3 St Bernard's row 
Ellis, Robert ( W., A. G., and R. E.), 4 Royal 


Ellis, Thos., upholsterer, cabinetmaker, un- 

undertaker, and house agent, 21 and 23 

George IV. bridge 

i Ellis, W., A. G., & R., W.S. 4 Royal terrace 

Ellis, William, gentlemen's sick nurse, 19 

Jamaica street 
Ellis, Mary and Eliza, dressm. 82 Rose st. 
Elmslie, Airs Geo. stoneware house, 10 and II 

Charlotte place 
Elphiston Colliery office, 10 Elder street 
Emigration Office, 10 N. St Andrew street 
Emilie, Mrs Mary, superior, St Margt's convent 
English and Scottish Law Life Assurance 
and Loan Association — William Smith, man- 
ager, 120 Princes street. — See Adv. 
Episcopal Church Society Training Institu., 
16 St John St. — Rev. John Hunter, A.M. 
Equitable Fire Insurance Co., 65 Princes 
St. — Alexander Jamieson, secretary. — See 
Equitable Loan Co. of Scotland, 4 Milne 
sq. — sale room, 1 Hunter sq. — Geo. Edge, 
manager. — See Adv. 
Erith, Wm. John, commission agent, 4 North 

St David street 
Erskine, Alex, slater, 11 St Andrew st. Leith 
Erskine, James, printer, 49 Brunswick street 





Erskine, Jamee, glass and china merchant, 40 

Erskine, John, tailor, 6 Lothian street 
Erskine, Mrs, St Giles' villa. Grange road 
Erskine, Mrs, 21 India street 
Erskine, Misses, 13 Alva street 
Erskine, Miss, 112 Lauriston place 
Erskine, Miss Harriet, 9 Manor place 
Erskine, Miss, 6 Manor place 
Espie, Geo. & Jas. clothiers, 22 South bridge 
Espinasse, Fran9ois, French teacher, 1 Hill st. 
Espline, Mrs Charles, lodgings, Morniogside 
Essex Economic Fire Assurance Association, 
17 George street — J. G. Harrison, agent. — 
See Adv. 
EssoH, Geo. A. {Lindsay if E.), 10 Gt. King st. 
Esson, James, innkeeper, 4 Rose street 
EuDson, Mrs, tuscan and straw-bonnet ware- 
house, 30 Kirkgate 
Eunson, Miss, dressmaker, 23 Bernard st. 
European Lite Insurance and Annuity Office, 
10 North St Andrew street I 

Evans, Robert, tailor, 2 Kerr street j 

Evans, Mrs Owen, victualler, 34 Yardheads ! 
Evans, Wm. W. superintendent Experi- 
mental gardejis, Inverleith row I 
Evening Post and Scottish Record News- 
paper office, 30 Hanover street — printing- 
office, 82 Rose street 
Ewan, G. M. working jeweller, 12 Gardner's 

Ewan, Mrs Wm. 121 Princes street 
Ewart, John, joiner and cabinetmaker, Pitt 

street toll — house, 8 Cumberland street 
Ewart, Wm. cabinetmaker, 2 Drummond st. 
Ewart, Wra. cabinetmaker and organbuilder, 

132 High street 
Ewart, WiUiam, H.M. Customs, 15 Cannon st. 
Ewart, Mrs, 27 Nelson street 
Ewart, Miss, dressmakers, 33 Castle street 
Ewart, Misses, milliners, &c. 29 Richmond pi. 
Ewing, Benjamin, tailor, 30 Frederick street 
Ewing, George, 3 Chapel street 
Ewing, Henry, Sunbury distillery 

Fairbairn and Co. hosiers and drapers, 30 St 

Andrew square 
Fairbairn, Dr, surgeon, 53 George square 
Fairbairn, Rev. Jas. Sunnyslde villa. Trinity 
Fairbairn, Jas. house-gov. Geo. Heriot's ho«p. 
Fairbairn, James, engraver, 38 Charlotte sq. 
Fairbairn, John, 25 Warriston crescent 
Fairbairn, Wm. surveyor of buildings, 37 Fre- 
derick street 
Fairbairn, Mrs James, Lothian road 
Fairbairn, Miss Isabella, lodgings, 7 Forres st. 
Fairbairn, ]\Iiss, lodgings, 7t) George street 
Fairbairn, Miss, 2 West Newington place 
Fairfoul, Wra. 9 Hercles st. 

Fairgrieve, John, printer, 74 Rose st ho. 34 

Fairgrieve, Thos. chemist & druggist, 46 Clerk 

street — ho. 1 Sylvan place 
Fairgrieve, William, smith, 8 Dock street 
Fairgrieve, Miss ]\I. milliner, 99 Princes st. 
Fairley, George, spirit dealer, 62 Causeyside 
Fairley, James, grocer, 1 Gilmore place 
Fairley, James, wine merchant and grocer, 67 

Lauriston place 
Fairley, Jas. & Wm. umbrella makers, 35 

Nicolson street 
Fairley, John, flesher, 46 Broughton street 
Fairley, Mungo,coal merch. 20 Port- Hamilton 
Fairley, Elizabeth, wine and spirit merchant, 

18 Calton street 
Fairly, Thos. S. writer, 24 Gayfield square ; 
Faithfull, Rev. Valentine, 12 Gloucester pi. ^ 
Falconar, Miss, Falconhall, Morningside ■ ' 

Falconar, Miss, 2 Coates crescent 
Falconer, Dav. grocer and tea-dealer, 18 Home 

Falconer, Duncan, sheriff-officer, 3 Victoria st. 
Falconer, George, of Carlowrie, New Club, 

Princes street 
Falconer, Henry D. flesher, 82 Pieasance 
Falconer, James, writer, 8 Mary's place 
Falconer, John, glazier, 23 Thistle street 
Falconer, Joseph, shipping agent. Wet Docks 
Falconer, Thomas, tobacconist, 3 Bristo port 

and 361 High street 

Ewing, William, cooper, 55 Broughton street j Falconer, Mrs J. S. 23 Duke street 
Ewing, Mrs, French corsetm. 30 Frederick st. Falconer, Mrs, lodgings, Anchorfield 
Exchange, Royal, 291 High street Falkirk Iron Co. warehouse, 18 Picardy pi 

Exchange Coffee-room, 130 Constit. st. Leith | — H. Anderson, agent — ho. 5 Meadow pi. 
Exchange Stables, 125 Constitution st. Leith i Falkner, James P., S.S.C, 8 Bank street 
Exchequer Office, Parliament square 'Falkner, Misses, milliners and dressmakers. 

Experimental Gardens, Inverleith row j 65 Castle street 

Extractor's Office, Register house Falla, jMisses M. & J. milliners and straw-hat 

Experience Permanent Property Investment makers, 21 India street 

Society, 3 North St Andrew street — A. Pa 

terson, manager 
Eye Dispensary, 405 Lawnmarket 
Eyre, Thos. stocking manufact. 3 Kerr street 
Eyre, Misses, boarding-school, 8 Randolph cliff 

Fackney, Mrs James, lodgings, 25 Bridge st. 
Faed, John, R.S.A. portrait-painter, 51 North- 
umberland street 
Fair, Thomas, 17 Hope crescent 

Family Endowment and Annuity Office, 4 
St Andrew square — Robert Allan, agent 

Farmer, David, baker, 7 Calton street, and 
341 Canongate 

Farmer, John, baker, 8 Roxburgh place and 
130 High street 

Farmer, Wm. upholsterer, 57 Nicolson st. 

Farnie, Misses, 29 Howard place 

Farquhar, Alexander, spirit dealer, 55 Yard- 





Farquhar, Arthur, W.S. 21 Coates crescent 

Farquharson, Charles H. working jeweller 

and watchmaker, 26 Leith street — bouse. 

West Preston street 

Farquharson, David, confectioner, 30 Westp. 

Farquharson, Fran, confectioner, 71 Nicolson 

street and 215 Cowgate — ho. 81 Micokonst. 

Farquharson, Francis, of Finzean, 25 Nor- 

thumberland street 
Farquharson, J. C. (^National Bank), 9 Inver- 

leith place 
Farquharson, John, lodgings, 1 8 Duncan street 
Farquharson, Mrs General, 12 Gloucester pi. 
Farquharson, Mrs John, 1 Clerk street 
Farquharson, Mrs, 26 Elder street 
Farquharson, Mrs, 7 Broughton place 
Farquharson, Miss, 1 Coates crescent 
Farquharson, Miss A. 9 Inverleith place 
Farquharson, Misses E. & C. fancy trimming 

wareho., 9 Calton st. 
Farr, Richard S. 2 Windsor street 
Farr & Taylor, com. merchants, 18 Elm row 
Farrell, Robert, poulterer, l Hope street 
Farrie, Thomas & Robert, contractors, 24 

Mitchell street 
Faulds, J. R, accountant and general comm. 

agent, 80 George street 
Faulds, Mrs, 37 George street 
Fawcett, Rev. William, 56 Inverleith row 
Fazakerley, Henry, 74 Nicolson street 
Fearn, Miss, East Coates house 
Fearns, William, teacher, 14 Nicolson square 

— house, 7 1 Clerk street 
Fearns, Mrs Peter, 14 Arthur street 
Fegan, J. & Co. importers of French flowers, 
and feather manufacturer, 21 George street 
— house, 17 Duke street 
Feild, Eliza, teacher of drawing and music, 

23 Salisbury street 
Fell, Wm. Ed. Cotton, 2 Upper Gilmore pi. 
Fell, Mrs, 5 Portland place 
Female Servants' Home, 1 Charlotte place 
Female Shelter, Gilmore's close, 99 Grass- 
Fender, Mrs Thomas, 22 India street 
Fenton, Alexander & Co. wine and spirit mer- 
chants and grocers, 79 Shore 
Fenton, Edw. 04. i^.^ Co.), 11 Albany St. Leith 
Fenton, Mrs G., 1 East Newington place 
Fenwick, Andrew, cowfeeder, 4 Pitt street 
Fenwick, George, St Margaret's cottage, 

Ferenbacb, P., clockmaker and toy ware- 
house, 132 Princes st — ho. 3 Wallace place 
Fergus, Wm. woodmerch. Great Junction st. 
Ferguson, Sir Adam, 29 Albany street 
Ferguson and Stuart, W.S. 17 George street 
Ferguson, Alexander, purveyor of confec- 
tionary to the Queen, 1 Melbourne pi. 
Ferguson, Alex. jun. confectioner, 5 Archi- 
bald place 
Ferguson, Archibald, typefounder, 1 Salis- 
bury place 

Ferguson, Archibald, 22 St James' square 
Ferguson Brothers, typefounders, Callander 

house, 67 Canongate 
Ferguson, C. builder and paveraentmerchant, 

St Stephen st. — ho. 23 Fettes row lane 
Ferguson, Charles, slater, 22 Dundas street. — 

See Adv. 
Ferguson, Davidson, & Co. merchants, and 

agents for Peruvian guano importers, Junc- 
tion road, Leith 
Ferguson, Duncan, writer, 32 Dundas street 
Ferguson, Fergus, accountant, 209 High st. 
Ferguson, Geo. sheriff officer, 22 Society 
Ferguson, J. & Co. pawnbrokers, 312 Lawn- 
market — John Ferguson, manager 
Ferguson, James, boot and shoemaker, 6 

Buccleuch street 
Ferguson, James, agent, 2 Haddington place 
Ferguson, James L. D. writer, 32 Dundas 

Ferguson, J. & A. sugar-house, Leith 
Ferguson, J. H. grocer and spirit dealer, 6 

St James' square 
Ferguson, Lieut. -col. James, 6 Dundas st. 
Ferguson, John, W.S. 1 Regent terrace 
Ferguson, Joha, jun. broker, 27 St Mary's wd. 
Ferguson, John {S. &f F.), 61 Clerk street 
Ferguson, John & Son, marble and coloured 

paper makers, Carrubber's close, 134 High 

street — house, 3 Blair street 
Ferguson, Peter, chimney-sweep, 12 E. Cum- 
berland lane 
Ferguson, Feter, agent, 26 Grassmarket 
Ferguson, Rev. Robert {Free St David's), 12 

Atholl place 
Ferguson, R. D. G. of Isle, 3 Bellevue cresct. 
Ferguson, Robert, spirit dealer, 47 Kirkgate 
Ferguson, Robert, china and rag merchant,. 

18 Kirkgate, 8 Dock pi. and 30 Couper st. 
Ferguson, Thos. grocer and wine merchant, 2 

Market place — house, 8 Hamilton place 
Ferguson, Thos. & Co., china, glass, and stone 

warehouse, 11 Commercial pi. — ho. 43 

Bridge street 
Ferguson, Walter, drawing master, 36 George 

street — house, 9 Graham street 
Ferguson, William, 30 Royal circus 
Ferguson, Wm., flesher, 60 Charlotte street, 

Ferguson, Wm., W.S. 47 George street 
Ferguson, Wm. plumber and gasfitter, 112 

Nicolson street — house, 11 Lutton place 
Ferguson, Wm. merchant, 31 Drummond pi. 
Ferguson, William, bookseller, 7 Bank street 
Ferguson, Mrs Eneas, 106 Lauriston place 
Ferguson, Mrs Janet, smallware shop, 15 

Citadel street, Leith 
Ferguson, Mrs, 10 Gay field square 
Ferguson, Mrs J., Jordan bank, Morningside 
Ferguson, Mrs William, 34 London street 
Ferguson, Mrs, ladies' nurse, 49 India place 
Ferguson, Mrs, spirit dealer, 2 Bernard st. 
Ferguson, Mrs, 3 London row 





Ferguson, Miss Agnes, 1 Carlton street 

Ferguson, Miss Jane, 1 St James' square 

Ferguson, Miss, 1 St Col me street 

Ferguson, Misses, 1 Park street 

Fergusson, Geo. ( Cathcart, F. 4- Co.)^ 5 Atholl 

Fergusson, Henry D., W.S. 26 Rutland street 

Fergusson, Miss, 9 Coates crescent 

Fergusson, Miss, 14 Alva street 

Ferrae, Mrs, 11 Gray street 

Ferney, Mrs, Glover street 

Fernie, James, wright and undertaker, 22 
Greenside place — house, 17 Calton hill 

Ferrie, J. D. writer, Alison place 

Ferrie, IMrs, ladies' nurse, 43 Broughton st. 

Ferrier, Charles, grocer and spirit dealer, 10 
St Leonard street 

Ferrier, David, Bible depository, 17 Leith 
sti-eet — house, Mary cottage. Trinity 

Ferrier, James, teacher of drawing, 12 Queen 
street — house, 8 Keir street 

Ferrier, Thomas H., W.S , 89 George street 

Ferrier, Mrs James Crawford, Seafield lodge 

Ferrier, ^Irs, Seafield house 

Ferrier, Mrs, ladies' nurse, 10 Catherine st. 

Ferrier, Mrs, 44 Rankeillor street 

Ferrier, Miss D. Wallace, 10 Doune terrace 

Ferrier, Miss, 38 Albany street 

Fever Board — Wm. Whyte, treasurer, 13 
George street 

Fewtrell, J., chemist and druggist, 321 High st. 

Fiddes, William, spirit dealer, 4 Cowgatehead 

Field &AlIan, slaters, glaziers, & smoke curers, 
27 Fred, street, and Junction road, Leith 

Field, Rev. Edward B. 8 Northumberland st. 

Field, Mrs J. milliner and stamper, 7 North 
St David street 

Fielding, Misses, 8 Cumberland street 

Fife, Alex, ginger beer brewer, Hillhousefield 

Fife, Mrs, ladies' nurse. Union court, Rich- 
mond place 

Figg, James A. Ordnance storekeeper, Leith ft. 

Figge, JVIiss, 3 N. Charlotte street 

Filipowski Hershal, accountant, Osborne cot- 
tage, Wardie 

Finch, John, hosier and shirtmaker, 25 Had- 
dington place 

Finch, Mrs, 6 West Preston street 

Findlater, Mrs, Summerfield house, Leith 

Findlay, George, spirit dealer, Water of Leith 

Flndlay, -John Gardner, 16 Brandon street 

Findlay, William, grocer, 79 Rose street 

Findlay, ]Mrs, 00 George square 

Finlay, Charles, writer, 6 Great Stuart street 

Finlay, G. L. manager, Edinburgh Life Assu- 
rance Company, 17 Northumberland st. 

Finlay, George, coach-hirer, 12 Charles street 

Finlay, James, 5 Moray street 

Finlay, Jas. superintendent, Roscbank cem. 

Finlay, Jas. (^Lothians and F.), 60 George st. 

Finlay, John, bootmaker, 82 Princes street — 
house, 12 South St David street 

Finlay, Peter, water officer, 16 Heriot place 

Finlay, Peter, cooper, 3 Market street 
Finlay, Robert ( Wrig/it arid F.),21 Thistle st. 
Finlay, Thomas, builder, 43 India place 
Finlay, Thomas, baker, 4 Chapel street 
Finlay, Thos. meal dealer, 16 Scotland street 
Finlay, Walter, baker, 55 Clerk street 
Finlay, William, cabinetmaker, &c. 21 South 
St Andrew street, 270 and 272 Cowgate — 
house, 2 South St David street 
Finlay, Wm., M.D. Cherry bank, Newhaven 
Finlay, William, secretary, Scottish Equitable 

Assurance Co.., 17 Northumberland street 
Finlay, William, bank mes. Clyde street lane 
Finlay, Mrs Catharine, 52 Broughton street 
Finlay, Mies Mary, private boarding school, 

50 Minto street 
; Finlayson, Donald, confectioner, 62 So. bridge 
' — house, 16 Drummond street 
I Finlayson, Daniel, tailor, 73 Nicolson street 
Finlayson, Geo. painter, 32 Tolbooth wynd, 

Finlayson, John, 31 Broughton street 
Finlayson, Robert, shoemaker, 13 Brunswick 

Finlayson, R. grocer and spirit dealer, 31 

Water gate 
Finlayson, T. druggist & dentist, 33 Tolbooth 

wynd, Leith 
Finlayson, Rev. Thos. 35 St Bernard's cres. 
Finlayson, Wm. G. teacher. Trades' Maiden 

Hospital, 2 Lord Russell place 
Finlayson, Mrs VVra. 9 Queensferry street 
Finlayson, Mrs, dressmaker and embroiderer, 

74 George street 
Finnie, Jn. farmer, Swanston, Boroughmuirh. 
Finnic, John, brush manufacturer, 4t and 50 

Nicolson street 
Finnie, Miss Agnes, 29 Clarence street 

Firewood Factory, Cassells' place See Adv. 

Fish, Alex, agent, 2 Dock gates 
Fisher, Daniel, S.S.C. 17 York place 
Fisher, D. & J., W.S. 17 York place 
Fisher, Daniel, lodgings, 23 Lauriston street 
Fisher, J.R. china & glass merchant, 65 Hano- 
ver street 
Fisher, John, W.S. 17 York place 
Fisher, M. wine & spirit dealer^ 479 Lawnm. 
Fisher, Wm. bootmaker, 11 Catharine st. — ho. 

1 Windsor street 
Fisher, William, wine merchant and grocer, 17 

Home street — house, 16 
Fisher, Mrs, oil and colour shop, 43 Clerk st. 
Fisher, Mrs J. R. teacher of wax-fruit and 

flowers, 65 Hanover street 
Fishery, Board of British White Herring, 

Royal Institution, Mound 
Flanigan, Mich, pawnbroker, 142 Cowgate 
Fleming, Alex., W.S., 20 Lynedoch place 
Fleming, Archd. 15 Portland place 
Fleming, A. 3 High Albany street, Leith 
Fleming, A. B. & Co. printing-ink manufac- 
turers,, 43 Salamander street — house, 5 Mor- 
ton street, Leith 




8. J 

Fleming, Henry, tailor and clothier, Hill- 

Fleming, John, D.D. prof, of natural science 

New College, Sea Grove house, Leith 
Fleming, T. billiard- table maker, 17 South St 

James' street 
Fleming, Thomas, gardener. Dairy lane 
Fleming, Thos. spirit dealer, 6(j West port 
Fleming, Wm. 8 Royal crescent 
Fleming, Mrs Marg. cook, Deanhaugh house 
Fleming, Mrs Robert, 13 Minto street 
Fleming, Mrs Thomas, 34 Rankeillor street 
Fleming, Mrs, midwife, 2 Glanville place 
Fleming, Mrs J. grocer, Hillhousefield 
Fleming, Mrs, 34 Albany street 
Fleming, Misses M. & J. milliners and dress- 
makers, 7 Brighton street 
Fleming, Misses, ^6 Royal cresceut 
Flemington, James, waiter, 140 Rose street 
Fletcher and Hunter, watchmakers, 31 Frede- 
rick street 
Fletcher, Angus, of Dunans, advocate, 5 Ainslie 

Fletcher, Peter, globemaker and map mounter, 

21 Clyde street 
Fletcher, Mrs, 13 Union street 
Fletcher, Mrs, lodgings, 73 George street 
Fiett, James {Customs), 4 Hope terrace, Leith 
Flett, George, tailor and clothier, 18 Sandport 

street, Leith 
Flett, Wm. tea dealer, 4 Bank street — house, 

21 Albany street, Leith 
Flett, Mrs, ladies' nurse, 37 India place 
Fleury Jules, consul de France, 17 Heriot row 
Flint, Mrs, furrier, 25 North bridge 
Flint, Mrs James, provision dealer,? 1 Kirkgate 
Flockhart and Calder, live stock agents, 19 

Archibald place 
Flockhart, Henry, live stock agent, 11 Gard- 
ner's crescent 
Flockhart, W. (Duncan, F. ^ Co.'), Seaforth 

Cottage, Trinity 
Flyn, Miss, 3 Carlton street 
Fogo, Lieut.- Col. R.A. 3 Manor place 
Foggo, Mrs, lodgings, 11 Elder street 
Foot, Mrs Jean, fruiterer, 23 Green market 
Foote, John, fruiterer and coach hirer, 23 

Dundas street 
Foote, William, 13 Comely green place 
Forbes, Alex, bookbinder, 5 Milne's court 
Forbes & Barton, plumbers and gasfitters, 

1 Forrest road 
■Forbes, A. builder, &c. 3 W. Newington pi. 
Forbes, Arthur, W.S. 6 Rutland street 
Forbes, Charles, bookseller, 1 Alva street 
Forbes, Charles, Cannon park 
Forbes, David, glass, china, and lamp ware- 
house, 7 St Andrew square 
Forbes, Geo. wine merchant, 16 Howe street 

— house, 5 Carlton street 
Forbes, James D. professor of natural philo- 
sophy, 3 Park place 
Forbes, James, spirit dealer, 38 Jamaica street 

Forbes, Jas. {Dalgleish § Forrest),l6 St James' 

Forbes, James, coach-hirer, 24 Pitt street 
Forbes, Jno., LL.D. house governor and chap- 
lain, Donaldson's Hospital 
Forbes, J. H. 17 Ainslie place 
Forbes, Patrick, 8 Morrison street 
Forbes, Peter & Co. wine & brandy merchts. 

97 South bridge 
Forbes, Peter, 18 Ilart street 
Forbes, R. &D. spirit merchts. 99 High street 
Forbes, Walter, brassfounder and gasfitter, 

Swinton row — house, 17 St James' square 
Forbes, William, advocate, 4 Shandwick place 
Forbes, William, W.S. of Castleton, 19 Atholl 

Forbes, Mrs, lodgings, 18 Lothian street 
Forbes, Mrs, ladies' sick-nurse, 15 Jamaica st. 
Forbes, Mrs, 14 Trinity crescent 
Forbes, Miss Margt. Deanbank house 
Forbes, Miss, 1 1 Archibald place 
Ford, Geo. provision dealer, 145, 205, & 245 

High street, 509 Lawnmarket — house, 22 

St John street 
Ford, George, grocer, 59 High street 
Ford, James, wine and spirit mercht. 184 

High street and 15 Kirkgate, Leith — house, 

25 Haddington place 
Ford, Jas. {W. F. & Sons), 2 Anderson's pi. 
Ford, James, spirit dealer, 22 Cassells' place 
Ford, J. & E. drapers and hosiers, 202 

Ford, John, flint glass manufr. to the Queen, 
i Holyrood glass-works. So. back of Canon- 
gate, and 58 No. bridge — ho. 17 St John st. 
Ford, Joseph, mill master. Water of Leith . 
Ford, William, 34 Minto street 
Ford, William, sen. 4 Cassells' place 
Ford, Wm. & Sons, wholes, grocers, wine and 

spirit merchants, 102 Constitution st. 
Ford, Wm. jun. ( Wm. F.and Sons), 5Pilrig st. 
Ford, Miss, lodgings, 18 Leopold place 
Fordyce, G. Dingwall, advocate, 19 Rutland st. 
Fordyce, Wm. city missionary, 35 Home street 
Forfar, Robert, architect, 20 Pitt street 
Forgan, David, cabinetm Jker, Milne's close, 2 1 2 

Forgan, David, engineer, Middlefield house 
j Forgie, John, flesher, 3 IMiddle market 
Forgie, Robert, cattle agent, 106 Lauriston pi. 
I Forman, James, advocate, 54 Northumb. st. 
j Forman, John N., W.S. 8 Heriot row 
j Forman, Mrs, 15 Dundas street 
j Forman, Mrs, 5 West Maitland street 
Forrest, Alexander, smith, 1 10 Rose Street 
Forrest, Arthur, Picceiver- General Gtn. Poi/- 

office — house, 7 Torphichen street 
Forrest, David, 11 Cheyne street 
Forrest, David, accountant, 31 Howard place 
Forrest, Geo. bootmaker, 96 Nicolson street 
Forrest, Jas. gro. & spirit-deal. Water of Leith 
Forrest, J. R. (Bafgleish Sf F.)^ 54 Geo. sq. 
Forrest, John, 13 Graham street 





Forrest, John, grocer and spirit dealer, 115 

Forrest, Robt. {R. d; F.), S Gt. King st. 
Forrest, T. smith & ironm. 13 St Patrick sq. 
Forrest, William, engraver, 17 Archibald pi. 
Forrest, Wm. plasterer, 1 1 Bread street 
Forrest, Mrs Janet, grocer. 111 Causeyside 
Forrest, Mrs W. H. 8 St Vincent street 
Forrest, Sirs, spirit-dealer, 38 Abbey hill 
Forrest, Mrs, Cherry bank 
Forrest, Mrs James R. 31 Howard place 
Forrestal, John, manager for Reikie and Co. 

66 High street — house, 17 Duke street 
Forrester, Alexander, baker, 31 Frederick st. 
Forrester, David, Newington acad. 8 Arniston 

Forrester, John, W.S. 8 Drummond place 
Forrester, Wm. lithographer, letterpress prin- 
ter, and engraver, oQ Hanover street — 

house, 121 Princes street 
Forrester, Mrs Margt. grocer, 10 Horse wynd 
Forrester, ]Mrs, lodgings, 8 Jlackenzie place 
Forrester, Misses, teachers of pianoforte and 

singing, 56 Queen street 
Forrester, Miss M. 32 Minto street 
Forshaw, Henry, livery stable, Church lane 
Forsyth, Alex, boot and shoemaker, 4 North 

Melville place 
Forsyth, Arthur, road- surveyor, 72 Broughton 
Forsyth, D. & J. booksellers and publishers, 

7 Brighton st. — Samuel Money, agent 
Forsyth. Ebenezer, of Edin. News, 6 Hope 

park. Meadows 
Forsyth, Francis, cooper, 36 W^faitfield place. 

Leith walk 
Forsyth, Peter, letter-carrier, 16 Allan street 
Forsyth, Robert, 11 King's place 
Forsyth, Robert, tailor, 41 Bristo street 
Forsyth, Miss, millin. & dressm. 85 George st. 
Fortune, John, painter, 44 India street 
Fortune, Robert, slater. So. Junction street 
Fortune, Robert, bandage and artificial leg 

maker, 15 Young street 
Fortune, Miss Forbes, 22 London street 
Foster, Wm. W^. agent, 7 Leopold place 
Fotheringham, George ( Customs), 2 Couper 

Fotheringham, Frederick, 15 Abercromby pi. 
Fotheringham, James, baker, 8 Cannon st. 
Fotheringham, Mrs, 65 Crosscausey 
Fotheringham, Mrs, 12 Clarence street 
Foulis, Lady, 124 Princes street 
Foulis, Robert, M.D. 124 Princes street 
Foulis, Miss, 7 St Vincent street 
Fountain, James, wright, Hillhousefield 
Fowler, Alex, painter, paper-hanger, & glazier, 

12 Duncan street, Drummond place 
Fowler, Jas. tailor and clothier, 50 Thistle st. 
Fowler, John, boot and shoemaker 4 St Patrick 

Fowler, William, tailor and clothier, 66 Cum- 
berland street 
Fowler, Mrs Geo. 51 Broughton street 

Fowler, Miss M. dressmaker, 12 Duncan st. 
Fox, D. B. 213 Canongate 
Fox, M. & Co. coal merchts. 4 Canal basin 
Foyer, Jn. French satin hat raanuf. 10 South 

bridge — house, Mayfield loan 
Frame, Lockhart, bookbinder, 13 N.Bank st. 

— house, 3 Melbourne place 
Francalanza,T. teacher of fencing, 59 S. bridge, 

and Gymnasium, under Music ball, George 

street. — See Adv. 
Francks, B. foreign commission agent, and 

optician, 1 Elm row 
Francis, David, agent. Grange road 
Frankham, Wm. innkeeper, Duddingston 
Fraserand Anderson, clothiers to her Majesty, 

1 St Andrew square 
Fraser & Co. booksellers, agents for the Irish 

National .School Books, 45 North Hanover 

Fraser, Alexander, glazier and dealer in win- 
dow glass, 34 Blair street 
Fraser, Alex, wine & spt. merch. Albany lane 
Fraser, Alex. (A^eil Sf Co. Printers), Caoon- 

mills cottage 
Fraser, Alexander, 1 Forbes street 
Fraser, Alex. M. {F. 4" Anderson), 2 Clarence 

Fraser, Rev. Alexander C, professor of logic 

and metaphysics New College, Churchhill, 

Fraser, Alex, hairdresser, 59 Rose street 
Fraser, Alex. & Co. coal merchants, 6^ Port 

Fraser, Alex, builder, Spittal street — office, 65 

Xicolson street 
Fraser, Alexander, shoemaker, 51 Bristo st. 
Fraser, Andrew, tailor and Highland dress 

maker, 16 South bridge 
Fraser, A. G. 14 Henderson row 
Fraser, Charles, pawnbroker, 170 High st. 
Fraser, David, 21 Nelson street 
Fraser, Donald, 2 Shakspeare square 
Fraser,Donald,lateqr. -master, 20 Rankeillor St. 
Fraser, G. boot-tree and last maker, 10 Calton 
Fraser, Hugh, W.S. 35 Frederick street- 
house, 4 Dundas street 
Fraser, Rev. Hugh, 2 Grove street 
Fraser, James, Edinburgh and Leith carrier, 

15 Clyde street 
Fraser, James, house agent, 30 Nicolson st. ] 
Fraser, J. Mackay (of Regis. Ho.), Monro pi.- 1 
Fraser, John, confectioner, 6 N. St Andrew st. 
Fraser, John, soda water manufacturer, 103 

Rose street 
Fraser, John, coach hirer. Regent terrace lane 
Fraser, John, spirit dealer, 99 Causeyside 
Fraser, John, actuary, manager of the Life 

Association of Scotland^ 2 Hanover st. — ho. 

Churchhill house, Morningside 
Fraser, John C. accountant. Register house 
Fraser, J. C, accountant, 14 Warriston crest. 
Fraser, John, general agent for Scotland for 

Morison's vegt. med. 71 Princes street 




Fraser, John, 1 Scotland street 
Eraser, Murd. spirit dealer, 137 Fountainbr. 
JFraser, Patrick, advocate, 46 Northumd. st. 
Fraser, Patk. N. (^Neil ^ Co. printers)^ jCanon- 

mills cottage 
Fraser, P. S. 45 North Hanover street 
Fraser, Rev. R. W. Croft-an-righ house, 

Abbey hill 
Fraser, Robert, dairy, 176 Rose street 
Fraser, Robert, 6 Saunders' street 
Fraser, Robert, spirit dealer, 5 Laurie street 
Fraser, R. late of Newington, 18 Dublin st. 
Fraser, Simon, co6per, Lothian road, and 6 

Greenside place 
Fraser, William, coach-hirer, 1 Forres street 
Fraser, William, W.S. and master-extraordi- 
nary of Chancery, 54 Castle street 
Fraser, Wm. spirit dealer, Jock's lodge 
Fraser, Wm. jun., W.S. and town-clerk, Ca- 

nongate, 31 Princes st. — ho. 42 Melville st. 
Fraser, Wm. boot & shoemaker, 4 High market 

Fraser, William N., S.S.C, and Master Ex- 
traordinary of Chancery, 41 Albany street 
Fraser, William, assistant keeper of Register 

of Sasines, 1 1 Forres street 
Fraser, Wm. superintendent. Night Asylum, 

Old Fishmarket close 
Fraser, Mrs Agnes, spirit dealer, Canonmills 
Fraser, Mrs Alex. 6 Walker street 
Fraser, Mrs F. 23 Buccleuch street 
Fraser, Mrs F. spirit merchant, 3 Junction 

Fraser, Mrs J. R. 31 Nelson street 
Fraser, Mrs Jane, grocer and spirit merchant, 

22 South James' street 
Fraser, Mrs Robert, 7 St Anthony place 
Fraser, Mrs Wm. Canonmills cottage 
Fraser, Mrs Wm. 11 Portland place, Leith 
Fraser, Mrs, 11 Duncan street 
Fraser, Mrs, late of Fingask, 10 St Bernard's 

Fraser, Mrs Thomas, glass and china riveter, 

26 Ashley buildings, Netherbow 
Fraser, Miss Agnes, 23 Lauriston street 
Fraser, Miss Janet, 5 Great Stuart street 
Fraser, Miss, 3 Atholl place 
Fraser, Miss, 18 Leopold place 
Fraser, Misses, I Forres street 
Fraser, Misses, milliners, 2 Warriston place 
Frater, William, billiard rooms, 17 South St 

Andrew street 
Frater, Mrs, dairy, 20 Yardheads 
French, G. T. feather artificial-flower maker 

and silk dyer, 1 53 Rose street 
French, John, D.D. 1 Craigie terrace 
French, John, W.S. 6 Graham street 
French, John, grocer and spirit merchant, 27 

Bernard street — ho. 129 Constitution street 
Freer, George, 29 Inverleith row 
Friend, John, confectioner, 28 Lothian street 
Friend, Mrs Sophia, confectioner, 83 Brough- 

ton street 

Friendly Insurance Co. 40 Princes street 

Alexander Allan & Co. agents 
Friendly Societies, Registrar of, Thomas 

Cleghorn, advocate, 26 Queen street 
Frier, James, grocer, 27 Pleasance 
Frier, John, letter-carrier, 82 South Bridge 
Frier, Matthew, baker, 5 St Patrick street — 

house, 32 St Patrick square 
Frier, Robert, draper, 314 Lawnmarket — 

house, Ratcliffe place 
Frier, Mrs William, 10 Brighton street 
Froom, Jonathan, 17 Preston street 
Fruish, James, tailor, 1 Giles' street 
Fryer and Thomson, pianoforte and music- 
sellers, 7 South St Andrew street 
Fryer, Jn. J. {F. ^- Thomson), 33 London st. 
Fullarton, A. & Co. printers, stereotype found- 
ers, publishers, and booksellers. Stead's 
place — agency, 44 South bridge 
Fullarton, Allan, Rosemount, Leith 
Fullarton, Jn. A. (/^. ^ Co.), 6 Abercromby pi. 
Fullarton, Mrs Arch., Rosehall, Dalkeith road 
Fullarton, Miss, 21 Heriot row 
Fuller, John, 6 East Arthur place 
Fuller, Miss, 8 Great Stuart street 
Fullerton, Alder, & Co. gas meter manufacts., 

Abbey Mount works 
Fullerton, And. {F., Alder, and Co.), 3 Abbey 

Fullerton, Thomas, builder, Spittal street 
Fullerton, Miss, 9 Maitland street 
Fulton & Duff, . ham-curers and provision 

merchants, 96 West bow 
Fulton, Aw. saddler, cap and harness maker, 

86 George street — house, 14 Maitland st. 
Fulton, Francis, jun. commission merchant, 

19 Bernard street 
Fulton, Francis, 3 Hope street, Leith walk 
Fulton, Hugh, deputy harbour-master, Gran- 
ton pier 
Fulton, James, rector Edin, Normal School, 

Westerhall villa. Meadows 
Fulton, John, 4 Fife place 
Fulton, John, brewer, 80 Pleasance 
Furby, M. teacher of French, 1 6 S. Charlotte 

Fyall, Mrs Thos., Trafalgar lane, N. Leith 
Fyfe, Andrew, S.S.C. 15 Leopold place, agent 
for National Mercantile Life Assurance 
and Sun Fire OfBces 
Fyfe, Thomas N. (^Customs), Madeira place 
Fyfe, Mrs, 29 Saxe Coburg place 
Fyffe, Mrs, 7 Albany street 
FyfFe, Mrs Dr, 9 Warriston crescent 
FyfFe, Mrs, ladies' nurse, 2 Mackenzie place 

Gadois, Frangois, house painter, 15 Picardy 

place — house, 15 Leopold place 
Gaelic School Society, committee rooms and 

depository, 6 York place 
Gaff, William, superintendent, Canal works, 

15 St Anthony's place 
Gains, Wm. shipm. 5 N. Junction st. Leith 





Gairdner, John, M.D. and F.R.C.S. 52 North- 
umberland street 
Gairdner, Wm. T., M.D. and F.R.C.P. 52 

Northumberland street 
Gairns, John, writing-master, and teacher of 
arithmetic and book-keeping, 6 George st. 
Gairns, Mrs and Misses, dressmakers and 

milliners, 24 Castle street 
Galbraith, Colin, writer, 2 Melville street 
Galbraith, Christopher, wood merchant, Spit- 

tal street — house, 1 Lothian road 
Galbraith, Mrs, 30 Castle street 
Galbraith, Miss Mary, dressmaker, 26 Fred- 
erick street 
Gall and Inglis, booksellers and publishers, 

37 and 38 North bridge 
Gall, Jas. ( G. ^- Inglis), Myrtle bank, Trinity 
Gall, Jas. jun. sculptor, 20 Gayfield square 
Gallaway, Alex, shipmaster, 5 Coburg st. Leith 
Gallaway, William D., Bonnington mount 
Galletly, Alex. 1 1 Scotland street 
Galletly, John, S.S.C. 31 London street 
Galletly, Mrs William, 7 Salisbury street 
Galli, Chas. gallery of arts, 1 Blenheim place 
Gallie, George, cabinetmaker, 27 & 35 Kirk- 
Gallie, Laird, & Co. copper, iron, lead, and tin- 
plate merchants, 58 High street, and 96 
Constitution street 
Gallie, James B. 37 Minto street 
Gallie, Mrs, Duddingston 
Galloway, David, boot and shoemaker, 46 

Galloway, James, collector of poor-rates, pri- 
son-assessment, and road-money, 59 Con- 
stitution street 
Galloway, John, shipmaster, 20 Shore 
Galloway, Robert T. ( Cilyof Glasgow Bank), 

20 Pitt street 
Galloway, R. S. writer, 1 Salisbury square 
Galloway, Robert, bookbinder, John Knox's 

house, 41 High street 
Galloway, Wm. tailor and clothier, 3 Monta- 
gu street^ 
Galloway, William, 30 Rutland square 
Galloway, William, 10 Rankeillor street 
Galloway, William, tobacco manufacturer, 32 

Victoria street 
Galloway, William, china merchant, 57 Tol- 

booth wynd, Leith 
Galloway, Mrs Janet, lodgings, 1 BroMghton 

Galloway, Mrs, 10 Manor place 
Galloway, Misses, dressmakers, 59 Kirkgate 
Game Certificate Office, 57 North bridge 
Gammell, Captain James, of Ardiffery, 52 In- 

verleith row 
Garden, John, tea dealer, 10 Morningside 
Garden, James & Son, tailors, 150 High st. 
Gardiner, J. advocate, 6 Pitt street 
Gardiner, John, S.S.C. 27 York place 
Gardiner, William, tailor and clothier. Old 
Stamp Office close, 221 High street 

Gardner, Alex, grocer, wine and spirit dealer, 

259 High street — house, 7 Meadow place 
Gardner, Alex, tailor, &c. 187 High street — 

house, 5 Portland place 
Gardner, Alex, grocer, 6 Portland place 
Gardner, Alex, corn dealer, 13 New street 
Gardner, Andrew A. 27 ISIontagu street 
Gardner and Ainslie, pharmaceutical chemists, 

58 George street 
Gardner, George, dealer in tea and fruit, 12 

Lothian street 
Gardner, James, 13 Torphichen street 
Gardner, James, grocer, 225 High st. — house, 

7 Meadow place 
Gardner, Rev. James, M.D. and A.M. 9 Ar- 

gyle square 
Gardner, John, jun. 408 Castlehill 
Gardner, John, collector for charitable insti- 
tutions, 408 Castle hill 
Gardner, Thos. tea mercht. 64 Frederick st. J 
Gardner, Thos. leather mercht. 21 Giles' st. 
Gardner, W. P. {collector H. M.'s Customs), 

Primrose bank 
Gardner, W. C. Glasgow & Manchester ware- 
house, 140 Nicolson street — house, 10 Dun- 
can street, Newington 
Gardner, Mrs Jean, lodgings, 23 Downie place 
Gardner, Mrs Wm. 37 Constitution st. Leith 
Gardner, Mrs, 13 Ann street 
Gardner, Margaret & Isabella, milliners and 

dressmakers, 23 Downie place 
Gardner, Miss Eliz. 58 George square 
Gardner, Miss, 34 Wright's houses 
Gardner, Miss, 5 Scotland street 
Gardner, Misses, 95 Fountainbridge 
Gardner, Miss, millioer, 37 George street 
Gardner, Miss, 7 Meadow place 
Garland, J. Ormond, pawnbroker, 33 St An- 
drew street, Leith — house, 11 King's place 
Garrow, Geo. Commercial Bank of Scotland, 

Garvie, Andrew {A. Aikman S;Co.), 2 Keir 

Gavin, Hector, 37 Montagu street 
Gavin, John, mason, 40 Whitfield place 
Gavin, Peter ( G. ^- Son), 15 Gayfield square 
Gavin, Peter & Son, cordage & canvas manuf. 
and sail makers, 12 Commercial place, and : 
Bath street 
Gavin, Peter J. (^Dryden,G. 6; Co.), Jessfield 
Gavin, Robert, portrait-painter, 15 Gayfield 

Gavin, W. S. (P. G. ^ Son), Cherrybank, 

Whale brae 
Gavin, Wm. ( W. <^ C. G.), Williamfield 
Gavin, Wm. shipmaster, 6 Madeira street, 

Gavin, Wm. Allan (Allan ^- G.), 2 Bellevue 
terrace , 

Gavin, W. and C. general merchants, 11 Dockk 

place, Leith 
Gavine, John, mason, 39 Whitfield place 
Gay, Robt. fishmonger, 9 So. College street 





Gaylor, John, 2 Carlton street 

Gaylor, William, writer, 3 Duncan street, 

Drummond place 
Gazette Office, 13 North Bank street 
Geddes, Adam Gordon, 7 Henderson row 
G^ddes, James, confectioner, 122 Nicolson st. 
Geddes, John, mining engineer, 16 Shandwick 

Geddes, John, collector, Granton pier 
Geddes, Colonel John, 15 Salisbury road 
Geddes, Rod. spirit dealer, 141 Grassmarket 
Geddes, Lieut.-Col. Wm.,C.B. 52 George sq. 
Geikie, James S. ornamental hair manufac- 
turer and perfumer to the Queen, 35 North 

bridge — house, 6 Hope park 
Geikie, John, 10 Dublin street 
G^llatly, Jn. engraver & lithographic printer, 

26 Gtorge st. — ho. 14 Scotland street 
Gellatly, Robert, watch and clockmaker, 78 

Princes street 
Gemble, Mrs, 1 St Vincent street 
Gemmell, ^Irs, 19 St John street 
General Board of Prisons, 99 George street 
General Life and Fire Assurance Company, 

6 St Andrew sq — C. Spence, S.S.C. agent 
General Screw Steam Shipping Company, 

17 South St David st. — Wm. Bowie, agent 
General Trade Protection Offices, 25 St 

James' sq. — Wm. Hill, secretary 
Gentle, Jas., W.S. 35 Queen street — house, 36 
Gentle, John (G.P.-O.), 15 Parkside street 
Gentle, John, teacher, 10 Nicolson street 
Grentleman, James, merchant and shipowner, 

14 Elm row — house, 13 Smith's place 
Gentleman, Mrs, lodgings, 93 Princes street 
George, Mrs, 6 Alansfield place 
Georgiades, Sorties, photographer, 75 Princes 

street — bouse, 56 India street 
Ghimer, Lewis, artist, 140 Princes street 
Gianetti, Mrs, 37 Castle street 
Gibb, Alex, builder, 4 Nottingham place — 

house, 28 Greenside street 
Gibb, Alex, umbrella and parasol manufact. 

28 George street — house, 10 Duncan street 
Gibb, A.{T.G. and Son). 11 Buccleuch pi 
Gibb, George, boot and shoemaker, 10 Duke 

street, Leith 
Gibb, H. M., Royal Hotel, 53 Princes street 
Gibb, James, 4 Montgomery street 
Gibb, James, grocer and provision dealer, 2 

St Patrick street 
Gibb, John, mason, 9 Greenside place 
Gibb, John, tailor, 4 Infirmary street 
Gibb, Thos. (T. G. If Son), 4 Buccleuch pi. 
Gibb, Thos. & Son, commis. agents, 8 Drum- 
mond street 
Gibb, Thomas, builder, 39 Home street 
Gibb, William (Murray ^ Gibb), 41 York 

Gibb, Mrs Fulton, 13 Brown street 
Gibb, Miss, dressmaker, 44 India place 
Gibbon, Alex, of Johnston, 55 York place 
Gibbon, Mrs Alexander, 26 Pitt street 

Gibbs, Helenus, shoem., 2 South College st. 

Gibson-Craig, Dalziel, & Brodie, W.S. 
5 Thistle street 

Gibson & Hector, W.S. 1 Northumberland st. 

Gibson and Walker, corn merchants, Lochria 

Gibson, Adam, Roqueville, Whitehouse gar- 
dens, Morningside 

Gibson, Alex, builder, Low Broughton — 
house, Broughton park cottage 

Gibson, Alexander, 26 Buccleuch place 

Gibson, Andrew, farmer. Dean park 

Gibson, Arch, accountant, 10 Maitland st. 

Gibson, David L. silk mercer, 34 South bridge 

Gibson, Francis, 18 Leopold place 

Gibson, George and Co. merchants, 5 Wet 

Gibson, George (G. G. Sf Co.), 13 Hermitage 
place, Leith 

Gibson, Geo. civil engineer, 5 Deanhaugh st. 

Gibson, George, shawl cleaner and agent, 25 
Scotland street 

Gibson, Henry Gordon, W.S. (/. and H. G. 
Gibson), 38 Moray place 

Gibson, Hugh, teacher of music, 8 Downie pi. 

Gibson, Hugh C. plumber and lead merchant, 
&c. 22 Dock street — house, 7 Vanburgh pi. 

Gibson, James & Co. dyers and scourers, 90 
Nicolson St. 

Gibson, James, tobacconist, 149 Princes st. 

Gibson, John and Henry Gordon, W.S. 12 
Charlotte street 

Gibson, John, jun. W.S. (J. 8r H. G. Gibson), 
38 Moray place 

Gibson, John, W.S. 53 Inverleith row 

Gibson, John, Merchiston Castle Academy 

Gibson, John, tobacco manufacturer, 499 

Gibson, John, Tower park cottage. Trinity 

Gibson, Joseph, agent. West of England In- 
surance Co., 25 Gayfield square 

Gibson, Mungo C. 13 Hermitage place, Leith 

Gibson, P. C. surgeon, 6 Windsor street 

Gibson, Peter F. clerk, 13 E. Adam street 

Gibson, Robert and Thomas, bacon, cheese, 
and butter merchants, 99 Princes street 

Gibson, Thomas, dairy, 15 Gihnore street 

Gibson, William, 8 Inverleith row 

Gibson, Wm. corn merchant, 35 Lauriston pi. 

Gibson, William, draper, 1 Lothian street 

Gibson, Wm. painter and glazier, 8 Howe st. 

Gibson, W. F. {B. L. Co.'s Bank), agent for 
the Imp'tial Insurance Co, 24 Greenside pi. 

Gibson, William, Museum tavern, 42 Whit- 
field place 

Gibson, William Yule, agent, 1 Pitt street, 

Gibson, Mrs Agnes, 50 Cumberland street 

Gibson, Mrs Mitchell, 4 Queen's pi. Leith wk. 

Gibson, Mrs, 59 Frederick street 

Gibson, Mrs, 1 Scotland street 

Gibson, Mrs & Misses, boarding-school, Har- 
mony house, Morningside 





Gibson, Mrs, lodgings, 29 Bristo street 

Gibson, Mrs, 6 Annfield, Newhaven 

Gibson, Mrs, ladies' nurse, 73 Rose street 

Gibson, Mrs, 5 Buccleuch place 

Gibson, Miss, 8 AthoU place 

Giflfbrd, Adam, advocate, 21 Dublin street 

Gifford, Alexander, S.S.C. and N.P, 28 St 

Andrew square 
Gifford, James, merchant, 105 South bridge — 

house, 21 Dublin street 
Gifford, John {National Bank) ^ 2 Sylvan pi. 
Gilbert, Jas. & Son, tailors & habitmakers, 37 

North bridge 
Gilbert, James ( G. &^ Son), 2 Rankeillor pi. 
Gilbert, John, pawnbroker, 40 Tolbooth wynd, 

Leith — house, 6 London Row 
Gilbert, Peter, spirit dealer, 25 Cowgate 
Gilbert, Robert, grocer, 11 Yardbefid^, Leith 
Gilbert, William, tobacconist, 28 Xicolson st. 
Gilchrist, George, house painter and glazier, 

9 Kirkgate, Leith 

Gilchrist, James, carter, 17 Cable wynd 
Gilchrist, John, grocer, 52 Giles' street — ho. 

37 Cable wynd 
Gilchrist, John, agency oflBce, 28 India st. 
Gilchrist, J. (G.P.-O.), 24 Middle Arthur pi. 
Gilchrist, IMrs, 8 St Colme street 
Giles, Mrs James, 17 Scotland street 
Gilfillan, Henry {Customs), East Hermitage, 

Gilfillan, J. (G. &) Jackson), 104 Nicolson st. 
Gilfillan & Jackson, builders, Castle tt^rrace 
Gill, Thos. (Romanes ^ Paterson), 49 York 

Gillespie's Hospital, Wright's houses — Geo. 

Meikle, treas. 66 Grassmarket 
Gillespie & Cathcart, commis. agents, 8 and 

10 Timber bush 

Gillespie, Alex., M.D. 30 York place 
Gillespie, Alex, tinsmith, 21 Frederick street 
Gillespie, Alexander, gasfitter & smith, 62 

Broughton street 
Gillespie, Andrew & Co. merchants, 20 West 

Nicolson street — house, 11 Salisbury road, 

Gillespie Brothers, grain merchants, 14 West 

Maitland street 
Gillespie, Gordon J. wine & spirit merchant, 

14 and 15 Sandport street 
Gillespie, James, accountant, 8 Hamilton pi. 
Gillespie, James D., M.D. 30 York place 
Gillespie, John, W.S. 53 Northumberland 

Gillespie, John, 5 Lothian road 
Gillespie, John, grocer and wine merchant, 

40 Howe street 
Gillespie, John, M.D. 68 Constitution street 
Gillespie, INIichael, contractor and causeway- 
layer, 23 East Drumraond street 
Gillespie, P. Bridge place, Bonnington 
Gillespie, Thomas, gasfitter and smith, 

Broughton market 
Gillespie, Wm. 68 Constitution street 

Gillespie, William {Jas. Bell 8f Co.), 40 Al- 
bany street 
Gillespie, William, of Torbanehili, 7 North 

St David street 
Gillespie, Mrs, millinery and straw bonnet 

warehouse, 144 Princes street 
Gillespie, Mrs Alexander, umbrella maker, 58 

Charlotte street, Leith 
Gillies Brothers, silk mercers & drapers, 32 

George street 
Gillies, Robert {of G. Brothers), 30 Frederick 

Gillies, Rev. Francis, 17 Dean Terrace 
Gillies, Samuel & Son, tailors and clothiers, 

2 Young street 
Gillies, Mrs, 16 York place 
Gillis, Right Rev. Bishop, Greenhill 
Giilman, Mrs, 9 West Claremont street 
Gillon, David, sack, &c. manufacturer, 38 

Grassmarket — house, 10 Graham street 
Gillon, John & Co., preserved fresh provision 

manufacturers, 3 Mitchell street 
Gillon, James, spirit dealer, 205 Cowgate 
Gillon, John, jun. merchant, Hillhouse field 
Gillon, Wm. {Smail and Co.), 5 Fingal place 
Gilmore, Andrew {National Bank), 2 South 

Gray street 
Gilmore, Wm. ropemaker, 56 Grassmarket 
Gilmore, Mrs, 2 South Gray street 
Gilmour, Hugh, tea & coffee dealer and gro- 
cer, 13 Leith street 
Gilmour, James, cowfeeder, 49 Abbey hill 
Gilmour, Oliver, tanr. 49 South back Canong. 
Gilmour, Wm. currier, 49 South back Canong. 
Gilmour, Mrs Marg. lodgs. 3 Antigua street ■ 
Gilmo r, Mrs, lodgings, 84 Great King street' 
Gilmour, Mrs, Mary cottage. Trinity 
Gilroy, Robert, lodgings, 23 Downie place 
Gird wood, David, victual dealer, 9 Deanhaugh 

Girdwood, Robert ( W. G. ^- Son), 7 Belle- 

vue crescent 
Girdwood, Robert, wool broker and agent, 2 

Bank street 
Girdwood, R. G. ( W. G. S^ Son), 7 Bellevue 

Girdwood, Thos. surveyor & land valuator, 8 

Hill place 
Girdwood, Wm. and Son, woollen warehouse, 

2 Bank street — house, 7 Bellevue cres. 
Girdwood, Miss Mary, matron, Gillespie's 

Girle, George H. tanner & currier, 125 High 

street — house, 5 St John street 
Given, John, vintner, & parcel van oflBce, 10 

Bernard street, Leith 
Given, Robert, coach builder and coach hirer, 

1 Rutland place — ho. 14 Charlotte street 
Gladstone, Mrs, 4 Albany street, Leith 
Glas, Mrs Stirling, 2 Norton place 
Glasgow & Greenock Shipping Office, Dock 

Gates — D. Smith, agent 
Glasgow, John, victual dealer, 173 West port 





Glasgow, Wm. grocer and spirit dealer, 106 

West port 
Glass, E. printer, 44 South bridge 
Glass, Robert, merchant, Victoria terrace — 

house, 17 Buccleuch place 
Glass, Wm. painter & glazier, 7 East Adam 

Gleadhill, Benjamin, teacher of vocal music, 

13 Dalrymple place 
Glegg, Capt., E.T.C.S. 8 Carlton street 
Glegg, James (^Exchequer), Blackford 
Glejig, Robert (^Exchequer), Banner place, 

Glen, Alex, bagpipe maker, 30 St Andrew 

sq uare 
Glen, Alexander W. A. chemist and druggist, 

I Earl Grey street 

Glen, David, broker, 186 Cowgate 

Glen, Geo. bootmaker, 33 Hanover street — 
house, 8 Dundas street 

Glen, Geo. musical instru. maker, 26Kirkgate 

Glen, Rev. John, 28 Buccleuch place 

Glen, John, commission agent, 13 Bernard 
street — ho. 7 Smith's place 

Glen, R. & J. coal merchants, 7 Port-Hamilton 

Glen, Thos. and Sons, coal merchants, 5 Port- 
Hamilton — house, 12 Semple street 

Glen, Thomas, musical instrument maker, 2 
North Bank street 

Glen, Mrs Capt. 1 1 Teviot row 

Glen, Mrs, 71 Clerk street 

Glen, Mrs, 112 Lauriston place 

Glen, Mrs and Misses, milliners, dress and 
straw-hat makers, 26 Kirkgate, Leith 

Glen, Miss, 22 Rutland square 

Glendinning, Robt. coach proprietor, 54 Ber- 
nard street, Leith 

Glendinning, Miss Janet, 55 Cumberland 

Gloag, James, LL.D. teacher of mathematics, 

II Duncan street 

Gloag, Peter, writer, 6 Saunders' street 
Gloag, William E. advocate, 19 Queen street 
Globe Life and Fire Insurance Co. London. 

— See Adv. for Edinburgh agents 
Globe inn, 24 Sandport street, Leith 
Glover, Geo. surgeon, 23 Fettes row 
Glover, James, painter, and dealer in paper- 
hangings, 47 London st. — ho. 33 
Glover, Rev. Dr (of Greenside), 19 Howard 

Glover, Wm., W.S. sheriff clerk depute, 18 

Charlotte street — house, 1 Albany st. Leith 
Glover, Miss, Elizafield, Bonnington 
Goalen, David, R.N. 2 Darling's buildings 
Goalen, Thomas Wright, 8 Morton st. Leith 
Goalen, Rev. Waller M. Starbank house. 

Godby, Fred, {General Post- Office)— house, 

Spylaw bank, Slateford 
Goddard, Wm. M. merchant and agent, 56 

Giles' street, Leith — house, 6 John's place 
Goddard, Miss, 2 John's place, Leith 

Goguel, Wm. Fleming, cashier Scot. Equit' 

Life Assuraiice Society, 9 Salisbury place 
Goguel, Mrs, 9 Salisbury place 
Goldie, Archd. W., W.S. 8 York place 
Goldie, George, accountant, 2 West Newing- 

ton place 
Goldie, Geo. G. commission agent. West cot- 
tage, Wardie 
Goldie, John, 59 Cumberland street 
Goldie, Robert, shoemaker, Newhaven 
Goldie, William, W.S. 34 Melville street 
Goldie, Mrs, West cottage, Wardie 
Goldie, Miss, Seafield baths, Leith 
Goldsmiths' Hall, 98 South bridge 
Good, Mrs M. provision shop, 24 Raeburn pi. 
Goodall, John, advocate, 24 Nelson street 
Goodburn, Mrs, 1 St Vincent st. 
Goodlet, George, postmaster, 7 John's place, 

Goodlet, Wm. lace and sewed muslin ware- 
house, 36 Hanover street 
Goodlet, Miss, 7 John's place, Leith 
Goodsir, A. secretary, British LinenCo. 36 St 

Andrew square 
Goodsir, Geo. clothier, outfitter, &c., 24 South 

Goodsir, John, F.R.C.S.E. professor of ana- 
tomy in the University, 16 Dean terrace 
Goodsir, Misses, dressmakers, 1 1 Dundas st. 
Goodsman, Mrs R., Golf tavern, 27 Wright's 

Goody, Wm. hairdresser and perfumer, 1 

Forth street 
Goody, Mrs, dressmaker, 1 Forth street 
Goold, Rev. Wm. H., D.D. Rosemount ho. 
Goold, Mrs, Rosemount house 
Gordon, Alexander, teacher. Water of Leith 
Gordon, Alexander, builder, Buccleuch pi. — 

house, 41 Leith wynd 
Gordon, Alfred R., agent and ship insurance 

broker, 2 Coatfield lane 
Gordon, Capt. Chas. 20 Claremont crescent 
Gordon, Daniel, slater and chimney sweeper, 

1 Leggat's land, Stockbridge 
Gordon, David, M.D. surgeon 32 Buccleuch 

Gordon, Major Duncan, 16 Walker street 
Gordon, Ed. Strathearn, advocate, 2 Randolph 

Gordon, Francis W. L. 1 Clarendon crescent 
Gordon, Geo. contractor for Caledonian and 
E. & G. Rail ways — offices, 38 Candlemaker- 
row, 11 St James' place, and 7 Bernard 
Gordon, George, spirit dealer, 1 Maitland pi. 

Gordon, G, Maitland, 20 AthoU crescent 
Gordon, James F., W.S. 1 Nelson street 
Gordon, James, writer, 1 Lauriston terrace 
Gordon, James, 9 Newington place 
Gordon, James (7". Constable and Co.), 3 

Thistle court 
Gordon, James, sen. artist, 11 Brandon st. 





Gordon^ James, portrait painter, 37 Brough- 

ton place 
Gordon, James, Spanish consul and agent, 2 

Coatfield lane 
Gordon, James, jun. artist, 37 Broughton pi. 
Gordon, John Thomson, sberiflF of Midlothian, 

sheriff chambers, county buildings. High st. 

— house, 12 Royal circus 
Gordon, Sir John "Watson, R.A. President of 

the Royal Scottish Academy, and limner 

to the Queen in Scotland, 123 George st. 
Gordon, John, 21 East Claremont street 
Gordon, John, woollen draper, 33 North 

bridge — house, 7 Middleby street 
Gordon, Lt-Col. John, of Cluny, 4 St Andrew 

Gordon, J. chemist & druggist, 32 Bristo st. 
Gordon, Joseph ( G., Stuart^ and Chei/ne), 5 

Royal terrace 
Gordon, Richard, accountant, 45 Northumber- 
land street 
Gordon, Robert {Bank of Scotland), 29 War- 

riston crescent. 
Gordon, Robert, tobacco manufr. 5 Heriot 

bridge — house, 23 Gilmore place 
Gordon, Robert (^Muvro ^ Drysdale), 23 St 

James' square 
Gordon, Robert, painter and glazier, 32 Earl 

Grey street 
Gordon, Stuart, & Cheyne, W.S. 5 Royal ter. 
Gordon, Wm. builder, 5 Lothian road 
Gordon, Wm. spirit merchant, 39 Cowgate 
Gordon, Wm. tailor, 27 South bridge 
Gordon, Wm. spirit mercht. 3 South College 

Gordon, William, baker, 11 South Richmond 

Gordon, Mrs Catherine, midwife and ladies' 

nurse, 3 Carnegie street 
Gordon, Mrs Dr, 14 Northumberland street 
Gordon, Mrs G. 1 Tarvet st. Home st. 
Gordon, Mrs Harry, 2 Clarendon crescent 
Gordon, Mrs, 10 Eton terrace 
Gordon, Mrs, 31 Rutland square 
Gordon, Miss, milliner & dressmaker, 6 Castle 

Gordon, Miss, 12 Nelson street 
Gordon, Miss, 23 Inverleith row 
Gordon, Miss, 4 Hope street 
Gordon, Misses, 13 Rankeillor street 
Gordon, Miss, of Carleton, 16 Royal circus 
Gorhara, Alex, wholesale coflFee and spice mer- 
chant, 38 and 40 Earl Grey street 
Gorman, Nath. furniture dealer, 239 Cowgate 

— house, 1.3 Hill place 
Gorrie, Mrs Daniel, 18 Drummond street 
Gorwood, Richard, spirit dealer, 113 Rose st. 
Goskirk, Alex. & Son, brokers, 70 Cowgate 
Goudie, Gavin, builder, Leslie pi. — house, 32 

Dundas street 
Gough, Owen, in charge of Her Majesty's 

apartments in the Lord Chamberlain's 

department at Holyrood Palace 

Gould, John, 5 Upper Dean terrace 
Goulding, James, broker, 128 Cowgate 
Goulding, Wm. spirit dealer, 206 Cowgate 
Gourlay, James, gardener, Bruntsfield house 
Gourlay, Mrs, 3 Duncan street, Leith 
Gourlay, Mrs, 37 Inverleith row 
Govan, Alexander, 3 West Preston street 
Govan, John, W.S. 13 Walker street 
Government Emigration office, 17 South St 
David St. — Wm. Bowie, agent to Her Ma- 
jesty's Emigration Commissioners 
Governesses' Institution, 17 Elder street 
Gow, a. wine and spirit mercht. 23 Howe st. 
Gow, Donald, 1 India street 
Gow, Forbes, tailor, 429 High street 
Gow, James, paper ruler and bookbinder, 13 

Blair street 
Gow, Jas. dealer in metals, Easter road 
Gow, John, 14 Cumberland street 
Gow, Wm. turner & print-cutter, 63 George st. 
Gow, Mrs, lodgings, 42 Albany street 
Gowan, Alex. {Graham S^ Gowans), 32 Dun- 
das street 
Gowan, Chas. baker & confectioner, 4 Union 

place — house, 6 
Gowan, George ( G. P.- O.), 5 Pitt street 
Gowan, Mrs, 3 Pitt street 
Gowanlock, Robert ho^^ier and stay manufac- 
turer, 41 West Nicolson street 
Gowanlock, Walter, flesher, 43 West Nicol- 
son street 
Gowans, James, builder and contractor, 1 

Randolph cliff 
Gowans, Mrs Jane, merchant, 21 Brown sq. 
Gowans, Mrs Thomas, 2 Ratcliffe terrace 
Grady, John, messenger- at- arms and sheriflT- 

officer, 5 St James' square 
Graeme, Miss, 18 Heriot row 
Graham and Gowans, silk raer. 11 George st. 
Graham, A. cowfeeder & dairy, I Scotland st. 
Graham, Andrew, tea, wine, and spirit dealer, 

70 Bristo street 
Graham, Andrew, spirit dealer, 48 Yardheads 
Graham, David, spirit dealer, 5 Holyrood st. 
Graham, David {Storrar Sf Graham), 50 

Nicolson street 
Graham, George F. 31 Gilmore place 
Graham, George S. 4 East Broughton place 
Graham, George, printer and bookbinder, 31 

Nicolson street 
Graham, Gilbert, head master. Normal School, 

Moray House, 14 West Preston street 

Graham, Humphrey, W.S., chambers, 11 

Shandwick place — house, 14 Atholl crescent 

Graham, Jas. Gillespie, architect, 15 Castle st. 

Graham, James (G. and Gowans), 12 Antigua 

Graham, James, boot and shoemaker, 18 Ca- 
therine street 
Graham, James, hosier and shirtmaker, 179 

High street — house, 13 Blair street 
Graham, Colonel John, H.E.I.C.S., 7 Royal 





Graham, John, governor and treasurer of 

House of Refuge, 68 Canongate 
Graham, J. pianoforte-tuner, 17 Fettes row 
Graham, Jos. draper, 15 Union place 
Graham, Patrick, W.S. 14 Royal crescent 
Graham, Robert M. merchant, 14 Pitt street 
Graham, Robt. {Siinpson ^ G,), 1 1 India st. 
Graham, Robert, advocate, 18 Heriot row 
Graham, Robt. groctr, 16 West port 
Graham, Thomas, painter and glazier, 17 

Queensferry st. — ho. 29 Alva street 
Graham, T. corn mercht. 26 SheriflFbrae 
Graham, Thos. slater & glazier, 150 and 152 

Rose (street 
Graham, Walter, Merchiston lodge 
Graham, Rev. Wm. 2 Laverock bank, Trinity 
Graham, Dr Wm. teacher of elocution (iVawa/ 

and Mili. Acud.), private class-rooms, 78 

Queen street — house, 6 Ann street 
Graham, Wm. & Co. working jewellers, &c. 

139 George Street 
Graham, Wm. builder, Morningside 
Graham, Wm. hotel keeper, 8 Princes st. 
Graham, Mrs, 1 Leslie place 
Graham, Mrs, 13 Young street 
Graham, Mrs Dr William, Duncan street, 

— house, Newiiigton 
Graham, Mrs, 26 Stafford street 
Graham, JMrs, 9 Malta terrace 
Graham, Mrs, 10 Dublin street 
Graham, Mrs Wm. 76 Constitution street 
Graham, Miss Stirling, of Duntrune, 29 

Forth street 
Graham, Misses, Duddingston 
Graham, Jlisses, teacher of pianoforte, 5 Dun- 
das street 
Grahams, Barron, of Morphie, 30 George sq. 
Grahame, James, writer, 29 Ann street 
Grahame, John, advocate, 11 Rutland street 
Granger, Mrs, of Craigpark, 12 AthoU crest. 
Grandison, James, shoemaktr, 125 Pleasance 
Grandison, W. linen manufacturer, Binnie's 

Grandison, William, punch-cutter, St Ann's 

lodge, Croft-an-righ 
Grant and Gibson, lath-splitters. Spittle st. 
Grant & Ross, cabinetmakers and upholsterers, 

15 Greenside place 
Giant and Wallace, W.S. 30 Drummond pi. 
Grant, Adam, writer, 18 Brunswick street 
Giant, Alexander, macer, 3 West Newington 
Grant, Alex., dairy, 40 Whitfield place 
Grant, Alex, general agent, 14 Clyde street 
Grant, Archd. writer, Comely bank villas 
Grant, D. {M'Millan &f G.), 37 York place 
Grant, D. 14 Canning place 
Grant, D. agent for G. Virtue, publisher, 11 

Lothian street 
Grant, D. S. (R. Brotchie ^ Co.), Claremont 

cottage, Leith 
Grant, Daniel, tailor, 7 James's court 
Grant, Geo. lodgings, 11 No. Melville place 
Grant, George S. 9 Bristo place 

Grant, Rev. Dr James (i>t Mark's), 1 1 Nor- 
thumberland street 

Grant,Jas.D. tailor & clothier, 16 So. bridge — 
house, 3 Lauriston place 

Giant, J. S. druggist, 24 N. W. Circus pi. — 
ho. 6 Brunswick street 

Grant, James, superintendent of Leith police, 
18 Charlotte St. — hous*-, 28 Constitution st. 

Grant, James, 47 Great King street 

Grant, John, 35 Broughton place 

Graat, John, confectioner, 52 Shore — bouse, 
45 Tolbooth wyud, Leith 

Grant, John, spirit merchant, 1 Bridge street 

Grant, John, Royal Exchange Coffee house 

Grant, Capt. John, 47 Great King street 

Grant, Joseph, W.S. (G. 6f Wallace),30 Drum- 
mond place 

Grant, Lachlan, hotel keeper, 154 Rose street 

Grant, Maximilian, Morrison pi. Jock's Lodge 

Grant, Rev. Peter, 17 Brown square 

Grant, Robert, spirit dealer, 10 Greenside row 
— house, 1 East Gilchiist entry 

Grant, Robert & Son, booksellers, publishers, 
and stationers, and agents to the Society 
for Promoting Christian Knowledge, 54 
Princes street 

Grant, R. wine & spirit mer. 52 London st. 

Grant, Robert, sen. (R. G. ^ Sofi), Forth- 
field cottage, Trinity 

Grant, Robt. jun. {R. G. §• Son), 14 Scotland st. 

Grant, Thomas, printer and publisher, 21 
George street 

Grant, T. Macpherson {Shephard, Grant, Sf 
Cuthbeitson), 15 Moray place 

Grant, Thomas, actuary. Savings' Bank, 19 
Broughton place 

Grant, William, printer, Wright's houses, 
Bruntsfield links 

Grant, Wm. spirit merchant, 177 High st. 

Grant, William, writer, 35 Broughton place 

Grant, Dow. Lady M'Pherson, 15 Moray pi. 

Grant, Mrs Jane, 41 York place 

Grant, Mrs, 3 Maitland street 

Grant, Mrs, 24 Cumberland street 

Grant, Mrs Ann, Villa, Grove street 

Grant, Mrs, 16 Scotland street 

Grant, Miss, 24 St Patrick square 

Grant, Miss, 19 Broughton place 

Grant, Miss, 2 Eastfield, Leith 

Grant, INIiss Christina B. Bathfield cott. Leith 

Gravett, Jas. butcher, 52 N, Hanover street 

Gray, Alex. F. chemist and druggist, 5 Spring 

Gray, Alexander D. (Jale Wm. Milne and Co.) 
bootmaker, 100 George street — house, 33 
Dundas street 

Gray, Alex, furnishing ironmong. 3 St Patrick 

Gray, Alex, wright and undertaker, 9 Dock st. 

Gray, Alexander, dealer in old iron, 70 St 
Leonard street 

Gray, Alexander, 2 Filrig place 





Gray, Andrew, agent for John Wauchope, St 

Leonard's depot. — See Adv. 
Gray, Aw. grocer and spirit dealer, 27 Tobago 

Gray, Andrew, cork manufacturer, 72 Tol- 

booth wynd, Leith 
Gray, Andrew, coal agent, 169 Fountainbridge 
Gray, Arthur & Co. booksellers and station- 
ers, 4 Baker's place 
Gray, Chas. watch and clockmaker, 14 Bank st. 
Gray, Charles, 1 Hill square 
Gray, Daniel, house painter, 38 Howe street 
Gray, Eneas, doorkeeper Court of Session, 5 

Hay's court 
Gray, Geo. hatter, 136 Kirkgate 
Gray, James (G. P.-O.), 3 Montagu street 
Gray, .James, jun. (G. §* Son, bootmakers), 1 

Pilris; place 
Gray, James {of A. G. ^ Co.), 4 Morton st. 
Gray, James, 124 George street 
Gray, James, hosier, 6 Nelson street 
Gray, James & Son, bootmakers, 7 Catharine 

street — house, 1 Pilrig place 
Gray, James & Sons, ftirnishing ironmongers, 

and stove and grate makers to her Majesty, 

85 George street 
Gray, James & Son, wholesale wine and spirit 

merchants, 19 I.othian street 
Gray, James, 2 Hope park 
Gray, James, victual dealer, 71 Giles' st. Leith 
Gray, Jn. (of Gray S,' Son), 5 Gilmore place 
Gray, John, bookbinder and stationer, 3 East 

Assembly lane. Rose street — house, 11 

Hanover street 
Gray, John, grocer, 53 Broughton street 
Gray, .1. & J. proprietors and publishers of 

North Brit. Advertiser, 8 Melbourne place 
Gray, John, manager of the North British 

Advertiser, 11 Inverleith row 
Gray, John, ladies' shoe manufacturer and 

umbrella maker, 73 George st. — house, 37 
Gray, John, surgeon, 8 Annandale street 
Gray, John, manufacturer, 2 Craigie terrace 
Gray, .John, spirit dealer, 16 Leven street 
Gray, John W. saddler, 58 Grassmarket 
Gray, John, dairy, 10 North Melville place 
Gray, Matthew, victual dealer, 329 Canongate 
Gray, Matthew, smith and projecting letter- 
maker, Horse wynd 
Gray, Robert, oil and colour merchant, 9 

Carnegie street 
Gray, Robert, china mer. 21 W. Nicolson st. 
Gray, Robert, grocer and wine merchant, and 

tea and coffee dealer, 1 Argyle square 
Gray, Thomas, baker and confectioner, 2 

Bristo port 
Gray, Thomas, flesher, 8 East Register street 
Gray, Thomas, victual dealer, 286 Canongate 
Gray, Thomas, spirit dealer, 56 Kirkgate 
Gray, William, flfsher, 13 Romilly place 
Gray, William & Co. bone crushers. Sala- 
mander street, Leith 
Gray, Rev. W. H. 23 Minto street 

Gray, Wm. hosier and glover, 30 South bridge 

— house, 2 West Lauriston place 
Gray, Wm. & Son, saddlers, 18 Hanover st. 
Gray, William, Willow bank, Newhaven 
Gray, Wm. coal agent, 8 Roxburgh street 
Gray, William, hatter, 29 South bridge 
Gray, Wm. A. surgeon & druggist, 17 Bristo 

Gray, Wm. accountant, 32 Broughton place 
Gray, Dowager Lady, Warriston house 
Gray, Mrs George, 24 Clerk street 
Gray, Mrs James, 2 Regent terrace 
Gray, Mrs Robert, 2 West Lauriston place 
Gray, Mrs, 136 George street 
Gray, Mrs, lodgings, 27 Castle street 
Gray, Mrs, grocer and spirit dealer, 15 King 

street, Leith 
Gray, Mrs, Church lane, Morningside 
Gray, Mrs, midwife, 49 Kirkgate 
Gray, Miss, of Carse, 4 St Bernard's crescent 
Gray, Miss, 16 Archibald place 
Gray, Miss, 3 West Arthur place 
Gray, Misses, 30 Royal circus 
Gray, Miss Margaret, 23 Archibald place 
Great Britain and India and London Life 
Assurance Co. — John A. Macrae, W.S. 
agent, 14 Gloucester place 
Great Seal Office, Register house — Earl of 
Home, keeper ; John Gibson, jun. W.S. 
depute ; F. W. Gordon, substitute 
Greathead, Henry, turnery, toy, and fancy 

bazaar, 25 South bridge 
Greathead, Miss, straw-hat maker, 78 Nicol- 
son street 
Green, Charles, macer, 102 Causeyside 
Green, Charles, agent for the Patent Portland 

Cement, 25 Commercial place, Leith 
Green, George, wine and spirit merchant, 35 

Commercial pi. and 1 Admiralty st. Leith 
Green, .James M'Innes, deputy purveyor for 

military hospitals, 8 Annandale street 
Green, John M. teacher of writing, arithmetic, 

and book-keeping, 37 George street 
Green, Mrs, 26 Dundas street 
Greenaway, James, grocer and wine mer- 
chant, 33 Elder street 
Greenfield, James, grocer, 7 Canning place 
Greenfield, James, 9 East Claremoat street 
Greenhill, James, manager, Clydesdale Bank., 

10 George square 
Greenhill, John, stationer, 10 Bank street 
Greenlaw, .Jo!)n, Whitfield cottage, Leith walk 
Greenoak, Robert, bootmaker, 42 Leith street 

— house, 7 Bellevue terrace 
Greenslade, Mrs Williamina, milliner & straw- 
hat maker, 5 East Register street 
Gregg, John, Kirkbank villa, Morningside 
Gregor, D. Clunie {Colonial Assurance Office) 

— house, 7 George street 
Gregor, .John, writer, East Fowderhall 
Gregor, W. A. warehouseman, 10 Arniston pi. 
Gregorson, Mrs, 39 Inverleith row 
Gregory, John, advocate, Canaan lodge 





Gregory, William, professor of chemistry, 114 

Princes street 
Gregory, Miss, 22 Elder street 
Greig, Alexander, writer, 14 Leven street 
Greig, Andrew, 29 Gayfield square 
Greig, Andrew, Chain Pier inn, and office 

{Box), North Bridge 
Greig, Benjamin, 6 Pitt street 
Greig, D & J. printing press and steel plate 

manufacturers, smiths, and machine makers, 

Lothian road 
Greig, Daniel, boot maker, 36 Lothian street 
Greig, David, smith, 22 Buccleuch street 
Greig, David (Z>. J. S^ G), St Cuthbert's glebe 
Greig, George, W.S. 11 Queen street — house, 

9 Abercromby place 
Greig, George M. artist, and teacher of draw 

ing and painting, 10 South Charlotte street 
Greig, James, of Eccles, W.S. 9 Abercromby 

Greig, James, 14 Minto street 
Greig, James, china warehouse, 1 and 2 JjOW 

market street 
Greig, Jas. boot and shoe maker, 46 Bristo st. 
Greig, John, baker, 7 Tol booth wynd, Leith — 

house, 59 Constitution street 
Greig, John {Jas. Dickson and Sons), 134 

George street 
Greig, John & Son, booksellers and publishers, 

2 Melbourne place 
Greig, John Rutherford, of Lethangie, 12 Re- 
gent terrace 
Greig, John & Son, printers, 433 Lawnmarket 

— house, 15 Graham street 
Greig, John {D. ^ J. G.), 2 Lothian road 
Greig, John & Son, coach lace manuf.World's- 

end close 
Greig, John, shipmaster, 14 Albany st. Leith 
Greig, Peter M. {of Jas. Dickson and Sons), 

134 George street 
Greig, Robt. Vice-Pres. ( G.P.-O.), 6 Pilrig st. 
Greig, Wm. smith, 156 Rose street — ho. 166 
Greig, William, 10 AthoU place 
Greig, William, baker, 2 Jamaica street 
Greig, Mrs, 6 Brunswick street 
Greig, Mrs, of West Cambus, 134 George st. 
Greig, Mrs, 117 George street 
Greliche, A. hotel, lOO Princes street 
Gresham Life Assurance Society, 16 Dundas 

street — H. J. Rollo, W.S. agent 
Greville, Robert K., LL.D. 33 George square 
Grey & Son, veterinary surgeons to the Royal 

Cal. Hunt, 31 Pleasance, and 119 Rosest. 
Grey, Alexander ( G. Sf Son), 5 Roxburgh st. 
Grey, Alex. jun. (G. ^ Son), 31 Pleasance 
Grey, Rev. Dr Henry, 5 East Claremont st. 
Griener, Charles, German clock maker, 178 

Grierson, Andrew, W.S. 15 St Andrew square 
Grierson, John S. smith, Broughton market — 

house, 34 London street 
Grierson, Robt. jeweller & silversmith, 36 

Leith street — house, 38 Rankeillor street 

Grierson, Samuel, 20 Heriot place 
Grierson, Mrs Rohert, 11 Keir street 
Grierson, Miss E. 40 Broughton street 
Grieve and Oliver, hatters to the Queen, 19 

Princes street 
Grieve, Andrew (Henderson 4' Bissei), i 

Dewar place 
Grieve, David, joiner, 2 Keir street 
Grieve, Gideon, wine and spirit merchant, 87 

Rose street 
Grieve, James, ladies' and gentlemen's outfit- 
ting warehouse, 9 North bridge — house, 27 

Salisbury street 
Grieve, James, grocer and spirit dealer, 28 

Clerk street 
Grieve, James, plasterer, 40 St Cuthbert st. 

— house, 49 Thistle street 
Grieve, John, agent, Eastfield court 
Grieve, John {Nat. Bank), 28 Brunswick st. 
Grieve, John, tavern keeper, 3 Veal market 

stairs. North bridge 
Grieve, John, spirit dealer, 68 Thistle street 
Grieve, John, Preston Collieries and Bank 

Park Fire Clay Works — office. Low CaitoQ 
Grieve, John, letter-carrier, 177 Pleasance 
Grieve, Robt. spirit merchant, Bank street, 

Grieve, Robt. & Co. furniture printers, damask, 

moreen, carpet, paper hanging, and bedding 

warehouse, 83 George street 
Grieve, Robt. coach currier, patent leather & 

oil-cloth manufacturer, 599 Castle-hill — 

house, 10 Lauriston lane 
Grieve, R. S. {R. G. ^ Co.), Blacket place 
Grieve, Wm. wright, 23 Bernard street 
Grieve, Wm. carter. Upper Dean street 
Grieve, Wm. {lunes 4r G.), Biacket place 
Grieve, Mrs James, 22 Abercromby place 
Grieve, Mrs Dr, 26 Dundas street 
Grieve, Mrs, 17 London street 
Grieve, Mrs John, grocer, 115 Pleasance 
Grieve, Mrs W. 11 Bennington place 
Grieve, Miss, 25 Charlotte street, Leith 
Grieve, Miss Helen, 48 Lothian street 
Grieve, Miss Margaret, Newington cottage 
Grieve, Miss, teacher of music, 4 North St 

David street 
Grieve, Misses, dressmakers, 40 Frederick 

Griffith, James, accountant, 30 St James' 

Griffith, Mrs, 30 St James' square 
Griffin, Joseph, clothes commission agent, 21 

Blair street 
Grindlay, Cowan, & Co. corn-factors, 4 Ber- 
nard street, Leith 
Grindlay, John, tanner, 39 Gilmore place 
Grindlay, Thomas, 26 Royal circus 
Grindlay, Mrs, Grange loan 
Grindlay, Mrs, 26 Royal circus 
Grindlay, Mrs, lodgings, 7 Hill place 
Grinly, Miss, 2 Queen's place, Leith walk 
Grinton, Geo. draper, 2 Shimdwick place 





Grinton, James, silk mercer, 52 South bridge 

— Louse, 18 Nicolson street 
Grinton, Wm. draper, 39 Lothian street — ho. 

41 Lothian street 
Griveson, Mrs Ralph, dairy, 20 Heriot place 
Groat, Alex. G. advocate, 12 Hart street 
Grogan, William, 10 West Claremont street 
Grosart, William, 1 Morrison place, Piershill 
Grosset, James, wine and spirit merchant, 1 

Lauriston street 
Groucock, Copestake, Moore, and Co., lace 

manufacturers, 46 North Hanover street 
Grubb, J. S. music-seller, 1 Gayfield place 
Guardian Fire and Life Assurance Co. 74 

Queen street — James Wilkie, accountant, 

agent. — See Adv. 
Guild, Mrs, 31 Scotland street 
Guild, Mrs John, 12 Raeburn place 
Guillerez, A. F., F.E.I.S., teacher of French, 

139 George street 
Gulland & Gray, hosiers, glovers, shirt mer- 
chants, and ladies' outfitters, 23 South 

Hanover street 
Gulland, Andw. corn dealer, 20 Greenside 

street — ho. 21 Broughton street 
Gulland, Mrs Geo. baker and confectioner, 

158 High street 
Gulland, Mrs, 7 St John street 
Gundlach, Henry, teacher of German, 53 

George street 
Gunn, Alex, shipmaster, 4 Hope terrace 
Gunn, Alex, watchmaker and jeweller, 10 

Leith street 
Gunn, Alex, bookseller, 35 Parkside street 
Gunn, Alex, spirit dealer, 12 Yardheads 
Gunn, Daniel, builder, 3 West Preston street 
Gunn, Daniel, clothier and cap manufacturer, 

6 and 8 High street 
Gunn, George, sub- editor, Courant, 22 St 

Patrick square 
Gunn, James, copper, zinc, and patent metal 

agent, 80 Shore, Leith 
Gunn, James C. civil engineer, 6 Picardy pi. 
Gunn, John, boot and shoe maker, 19 West 

Register street 
Gunn, John, bookbinder, 13 Georgestreet — 

house, 4 St Patrick square 
Gunn, Peter, painter, paper-hanger, and gla- 
zier, 3 Calton street — ho. 4 Calton hill 
Gunn, Robt. bootand shoemaker, 2 Bedford st. 
Gunn, Robert, solicitor and accountant, 53 

Charlotte street, Leith 
Gunn, William, spirit dealer, 60 Shore, Leith 
Gunn, William, tavern, 24 FItshmarket close 
Gunn, Mrs Don. lodgings, 27 No. Richmond 

Gunn, Mrs Ellen, grocer, 38 Clerk street 
Gunn, Mrs, ladies' nurse, 49 Broughton st. 
Gunn, Miss, 5 Buccleuch street 
Guthrie, And. leather merchant and boot- 
maker, 14G Kirkgate 
Guthrie, Chas. coal merchant, 79 St Leonard 

Guthrie, David, printer and publisher {North 

British Ayriculturist), 377 High street ' 

Guthrie, James C. 25 West Nicolson street 
Guthrie, James, coal merchant, 127 Causeyside 
Guthrie, John, damask weaver, 6 Heriot's br. 
Guthrie, Michael, spirit merchant, 11 Coalhill, 

Guthrie, R. boot and shoemaker, 52 Bridge st. 
Guthrie, Thomas, provision dealer, 11 St An- 
thony place 
Guthrie, Thomas, D.D. 2 Lauriston lane 
Guthrie, Wm. shipmaster, 2 Sandport street 
Guthrie, Mrs Alex. 48 London street 
Guthrie, Mrs, dressmaker, 8 Thistle street 
Guthrie, Miss, of Craigie, 2 Carlton terrace 
Guthrie & Patterson, Misses, milliners, 48 
South Clerk street 

Hackett, John, baker, 53 Yardheads M 

Hadden, Robert, painter, 97 Constitution * 

street, Leith — ho. 35 
Haddow, Hugh, coal merchant, Newhaven 
Haddow, Thomas, dairy. Comely bank 
Haddow, Wm. dairy, 10 N.-W. Circus place 
Haddow, Wm., White Hart inn, 32 Grass- 
Haden, George, engineer and manufacturer 

of warming and ventilating apparatus, &c. 

6 St Andrew square 
Hadley, Mrs, English hotel, 10 So. St Andrew 

Hagart & Smith, W.S. 9 Dundas street 
Hagart, Jas. Valentine, of Glendelvine, 19 

Clarendon crescent 
Hagart, William D. 1 Bellevue crescent 
Hagart, IMrs, 1.3 Atholl crescent 
Haig, Andrew, tinsmith, 50 Potterrow 
Haig, D. B., 4 Raeburn place 
Haig, George, flesher, 32 West Richmond st. 
Haig, James D. 3 Gloucester place 
Haig,T. School for the Blind, 2 Gayfield sq. 
Haig, Robert, 1 Randolph place 
Haig, Robt. carver and gilder, 44 Nicolson st. 
Haig, Mrs Robt. Viewpark, Bruntsfield links 
Haig, Mrs, 13 Hope street 
Haig, Mrs, 48 West Richmond street 
Haig, Misses, 6 Blacket place 
Haig, Miss, milliner and dressm. 57 Charlotte 

street, Leith 
Hailing, George William, 21 Nelson street 
Hair, Mrs, lodgings, 11 Stafford street 
Hakluyt Society — T.G.Stevenson,87 Princes 

street, agent 
Haldane and Rae, brassfounders, gasfitters, 

and plumbers, 2 George street, and 5 Old 

Physic gardens 
Haldane, James, accountant, 17 Charlotte sq. 
Haldane, J. (^H. and Rae), 31 Buccleuch pi. 
Haldaue, Jn. pawnbroker, 9 Riddle's cl. Leith 
Haldane, J. & C. coal agents, 7 Spence's place 
Haldane, Robert, of Cloau den, W.S. 17 Char- 
lotte square 
Haldane, Dr R. physician, 34 Drummond pi. 





Haldaoe, Wm. cabinetmaker, 23 Lauriston st. 
Haldane, Mrs, 34 Drummond place 
Haldane, Mrs W. C. 12 Comely green 
Haldon, Geo. builder, 12 Atholl place 
Halket, Wm. boot-closer, 41 Rose street 
Halkettj Geo. {Ministers' Widows' Fund), 15 

Jamaica street 
Halkett, John G. {Bank of Scotland), 18 Dun- 
can street 
Halkett, Samuel, keeper of the Advocates' 

Library, 35 East Claremont street 
Halkett, Misses, 60 Frederick street 
Hail, David, lodgings, 6 India street 
Hall, George, smith, Newhaven 
Hall, John, shipm. 5 Hermitage hill, Leith 
Hall, John, poulterer, 3 Clerk street 
Hall, Jn. stocking manufact. Greenside end 
Hall, Joseph luQms {Ordnance Survey Dept.), 

Bosewell road, Wardie 
Hall, Lieutenant-ColoneljOf Killean,23 Drum- 
mond place 
Hall, Michael, surveyor, 9 Crescent, Trinity 
Hail, Richard, tailor & clothier, & robemaker 

to the Queen, 20 North bridge — house, 11 

Trinity crescent 
Hall, Robert, Rose bank, Bonnington 
Hall, Robert, smith and edge-tool maker, 4, 

Laurie street 
Hall, Robt. engineer, 2 Dock place, Leith 
Hall, Thos. painter and glazier, 2 Eider st. 
Hall, William, joiner and cabinetmaker, 28 

Duke street, Leith 
Hall, Wm. teacher, 1 9 Thistle street 
Hail, Mrs, 14 Henderson row 
Hall, Mrs, 1 1 Antigua street 
Hall, Misses, dressmakers, 1 Clerk street 
Hallard, Frederick, advocate, 29 Scotland st. 
Halley, Geo., Leith saw m. — ho. 21 Montagu 

Halley, James P. {Chancery), 14 Elder street 
Halley, Jas. clerk, Leith saw-mills, 7 Spence's 

Halley, Robert, private teacher, 14 Elder st. 
Halliday, Adam, flesher, 171 West port 
Halliday, Geo. victualler, 42 Fountainbridge 
Halliday, Walter, smith & farrier, Croft-an- 

Halliday, William, skinner, tanner, and wool 

merchant, Bonnington 
Halliday, Lady, 8 Claremont street 
Halliday, Mrs J. sick- nurse, 11 Leith street 

Halliday, Mrs, lodgings, 115 Princes street 
Hallion, H. 15 Nelson street 
Hambleton, Wm. Innes, 14 Roxburgh street 
Hamilton and Macknight, W.S. 12 London st. 
Hamilton and Miiller, London pianoforte and 

music- sellers, 116 George street 
Hamilton, Adam, teacher of the pianoforte 

and organ, 31 India street 
Hamilton, Alex., W.S. 29 Frederick street — 

ho. 29 Rutland square 
Hamlltou, Alexander, 45 Fredtrlck street 

Hamilton, Alexander, procer, tea, wine, and 

spirit merchant, 139 Kirl<gate 
Hamilton, Andrew, tea merchant and grocer, 

12Nicolson st. — ho. 13 Roxburgh st. 
Hamilton, Andw. grocer, 158 Fountainbridge 
Hamilton, David, organ builder to the Queen, 

116 George st. 
Hamilton, Dr, physician and oculist, 140 

George street — house, Sciennes house 
Hamilton, George, spirit merchant, 39 N. 

Richmond street 
Hamilton, Jas. flesher, 16 & 17 New market, 

Leith — house, 31 Tolbooth wynd 
Hamilton, James W. assistant clerk of Justi- 
ciary, 8 Elder street 
Hamilton, James, 7 East Adam street 
Hamilton, J. Anderson, architect, 4 Hunter 

Hamilton, John, W.S. and agent for the West 

of England Insurance Co. 1 Scotland street 
Hamilton, John, flesher, 25 Bernard st. Leith 
Hamilton, John, 6 Montgomery street 
Hamilton, Major, 9 Bellevue crescent 
Hamilton, Peter, architect, 9 Howe street 
Hamilton, R. W. manager, Gen. Steam Navi- 
gation Co. 21 Waterloo place, & 14 Shore, 

Leith. — See Adv. 
Hamilton, Robt. bookseller, 4 Hunter square 
Hamilton, Robert, Signet Hall keeper, 391 

Hamilton, Robt. stamper {G.P.-O.), 73 Rose 

Hamilton, Robt. spirit mercht. 25 Charles st, 
Hamilton, Robert, grocer, 7 Baker's place 
Hamilton, R. S. grocer and spirit dealer, 13 

Rose street 
Hamilton, Thomas, architect, 9 Howe street 
Hamilton, Thos. & Co., wood merchants, 17 

Greenside place 
Hamilton, Sir William, Bart, of Preston and 

Fingalton, advocate, professor of logic and 

metaphysics, 16 Great King street 
Hamilton, William, stamper {G. P.-O.), 51 

B rough ton street 
Hamilton, William, bootmaker, 40 George st. 

— house, 5 Nelson street 
Hamilton, Wm. tea dealer, 10 Briohton st. 
Hamilton, W. L. W. tea deal. 8 Brighton st. 
Hamilton, Wm. wright, 11 Riego street 
Hamilton, W. bootmaker, 122 Nicolson st. 
Hamilton, W. L. hatter, 42 North bridge 
Hamilton, Mrs Charles, Sydney lodge 
Hamilton, Mrs Robert, 24 Inverleith row 
Hamilton, Mrs Capt. T. Bellevue, Ferry road 
Hamilton, Mrs, 10 Nicolson street 
Hamilton, Mrs Thomas, 10 Hill place 
Hamilton, Mrs, of Kames, Holyrood House 
Hamilton, Mrs, lodgings, 47 Castle street 
Hamilton, Mrs Matilda, 140 Princes street 
Hamilton, Miss Charlotte, music-teacher, 

116 George street 
Hamilton, Miss, spirit dealer, 198 Canongate 
Hamilton, Mibs Eliz. dressm. 7 E. Adam st. 





Hamilton, Miss, milliner, 23 Nicolson street 

Hamilton, Miss, 11 Royal circus 

Hampton, Wm. cooper and fish-curer, 12, 13, 

14, 15, and 19, Dock street, Leith 
Handyside, George, boot and shoe maker, 194 

Handyside, H., W.S. 6 Northumberland st. 
Handyside, Peter David, M.D., F.R.C.S. 66 

Queen street 
Handyside, Peter, merchant, 14 Constitution 

street — house, 6 Vanburgh place 
Handyside, The Hon. Lord, 10 Moray place 
Handyside, Wm. 23 Great King street 
Handyside, Mrs, 2 Alva street 
Handyside, Miss, 1 Summerhall place 
Hanna, Rev. Dr, 4 Castle terrace 
Hannah, Rev. John, D.C.L. Oxon, Rector 

Edin. Academy, 62 Great King street 
Hannah, William, butter and egg merchant, 

15 Frederick street 
Hanson, Wm. teacher of music, 26 Nelson st. 
Hanson, Miss, teacher of piano and singing, 26 

Nelson street 
HARBOUR-master's office, foot of Shore, Leith 
HARBOUR-works office, west end of New dock 
Harden, Robert A. 6 Doune terrace 
Hardesty, Geo. draper and commission agent, 

35 Lothian street 
Hardie and Co. merchants and shipowners, 46 

Bernard street, Leith 
Hardie, Aw. cabinetmaker, 50 Lauriston st. 
Hardie, D. commercial accountant and house 

factor, 5 Elder street 
Hardie, Charles, woollen warehouse, 86 South 

Hardie, James, tea, wine, and spirit merchant, 

15 Queensferry street — house, 11 Alva st. 
Hardie, Jas. tobacco manufact. 37 Leith st. 

— house, 2 Haddington place 
Hardie, .Jas. merchant, 35 Bernard st. Leith 
Hardie, .J. M. shoemaker, 64 Broughton street 
Hardie, John, merchant, 2 Comely green cres. 
Hardie, John, builder, 10 Merchant street 
Hardie, Ralph, cattle dealer, 5 Tobago street 
Hardie, Robt. & Co. printers, 20 Frederick st. 
Hardie, Robert {Roht. H. ^ Co.), 6 Pitt street 
Hardie, Thomas (.fl'.c*^-Co.),10 St John's place, 

Hardie, Thomas, lodgings, 70 Northumber- 
land street 
Hardie, Thomas, violin maker, 97 High st. 
Hardie, Wm. cabinetmaker and upholsterer, 

61 Frederick street 
Hardie, W. P. {Purves and Co.), 3 Duncan 

Hardie, Wm. superin. Regis. Office, Register 

Hardie, Wm. (N. B. Railimi/), 24 Fettesrow 
Hardie, Wm. provision merciiant, 7 South St 

.Tames' street 
Hardi*', Mrs Peter, 2 Fyfe place 
Hardie, Mrs, ladies' nurse, 26 India place 
Hardie, Miss, lodgings, 26 Albany street 

Hardie, Miss, straw- hat maker, and milli- 
ner, 2 Dublin street 
Hardie, Miss, music teacher, 13 Rankeillor 

Hardy, Charles H. fancy cabinet and model 

maker, 1 Elder street 
Hardy, Robert, 10 Minto street 
Hardy, E. L. Elizafield, Bennington 
Hardyman, John H., W.S. assistant extrac- 
tor in the Court of Session, 5 Howard pi. 
Hardyman, Mrs Wm. 5 Howard place 
Hare, Mrs, lodgings, 1 Queensferry street 
Hargitt, Chas. jun. professor of music, 56 

Queen street 
Harkness, Thos. B. (G.P.-O.), 3 Comely 

Green place 
Harkness, Mrs, 30 St Andrew square 
Harkom, Joseph, gunmaker, 36 West Register i 

street — house, 1 Nelson street " 

Harley, William, boot and shoem. 51 So. bridge 

— house, 15 Nicolson square 
Harlow, A. nail manufacturer, 31 Commercial 

place, Leith 
Harlow, David, wright, 78 Constitution street 

— house, 10 Wellington place 
Harper, Edward, musician, 12 King's place, 

Leith walk 
Harper, George, agent. Water of Leith 
Harper, James, wine and spirit merchant, 21 

Rose street — house, 29 
Harper, James, D.D. Leith mount 
Harper, James Peddie, M.D. 53 Consitution 

Harrington, Robert, West Grange 
Harris, Robert, Trinity hut, Trinity 
Harrison and Company, woollen drapers and 

hatters, 36 North bridge 
Harrison, George (H. l^ Co.), 6 Mansfield pi. 
Harrison, Henry, merchant, 17 George street 
Harrison, John, agent, 5 South College street 

— house, 3 Ratcliffe terrace 
Harrison, J. G. accountant, 17 George street 
Harrison, Captain John, adjt. Royal Mid- 
Lothian Yeomanry, 18 Melville street 
Harrower, Alex, victual dealer, 46 Tolbooth 

wynd, Leith 
Harrower, D. lodgings, 7 South Charlotte st. 
Harrower, John, tobacconist, 167 High st. 
Harrower, 'Wm. grocer, Peirshiil 
Harrower, Wm. merchant, 5 Hamilton place 
narrower, Mrs .lohn, 55 Thistle street 
Hart, Francis, teacher and boarding school, 

33 Gilmore place 
Hart, Isabella, 24 Clerk street 
Hartiull's Guide and Emigration Office, 23 

Waterloo place 
Harthill, .1 newspaper and general agent, 

Waterloo news rwoms, 23 Waterloo place 

— house, 5 Rankeillor street 
Harthill, William, medical galvanist, 7 Castle 

Hartley, Thomas F. tailor and clothier, 90 

South bridge 





Hartmann, C. F. chemist & druggist, 5 Hope 

street — house, 16 Comely bank 
Harvey^ George, historical painter, 21 Regent 

Harvey, James & Co., silk mercers, &c. 80 

Nicolson street 
Harvey, James, shoemaker, 19 Castle street 
Harvey, James, silk mercer and draper, 23 

Archibald place 
Harvey, Jn. solicitor, and N.P. 43 Bernard st. 
Harvey, John, royal bazaar, 25 Princes street 
Harvey, Thomas, 23 Claremont crescent 
Harvey, Watson, Bonnington house 
Harvie, David, dairyman, 48 Thistle street 
Harvie, Miss, 45 George square 
Hastie, Alex, greengrocer, 14 St Anthony pi. 
Hastie, George, spirit merchant, Frithfield 

Hastie, .James, hair-cutter and perfumer, 7 

Baxter's place — house, 8 
Hastie, James, South Back of Canongate 
Hastie, W. spirit merchant, 31 North Nelson 

Haswell, Geo. writer, 28 Gayfield square 
Hasweli, Jas. wine mercht. & grocer, 30 Green- 

side street, 497 Lawnmarket, and 27 Grass- 
market — house, Gayfield house 
Hately, John, cowfeeder, 2 East St James' st. 
Hately, Thomas, teacher of music, 17 St 

James' square 
Hathorn, Mrs, of Castlewigg, 9 Forth street 
Hatton, James, W.S. 25 Nelson street 
Hauptman, Ignaz, glass engraver and glass- 
cutter, 22 Greenside lane 
Hawk FIELD House Lunatic Asylum, Res- 

talrig road, Leith 
Hawkins, Benjamin, late commander Revenue 

service, Laverock bank 
Hawks, Jn. bit and spur maker, 1 Calton hill 
Hawks, Hen. sen. and jun. engineers, E. P. & 

D. Railway station. Canal street 
Hawthorns and Co. engineers, Leith engine 

works, South Junction street 
Hay & Addis, plumbers, brassfounders, gas- 
fitters, &c. agents for Easton's patent 

hydraulic ram, 79 George street 
Hay and M'Kechnie, silk dyers, &c. &c. 13 

North Melville place 
Hay and Pringle, W.S. 20 Young street 
Hay, Adam {H. and Privgle), 25 Rutland sq. 
Hay, Alex., W.S., 57 Northumberland street 
Hay, Alex. 1 Gayfield place 
Hay, Alexander, jun. watchmaker & jeweller, 

39 Leith street — house, 31 Broughton st. 
Hay, Alex, writer, Bofinington bank 
Hay, Alex, portrait engraver, 9 Henry street 
Hay, Alex, stationer, engraver, and printer, 

4 North bridge 
Hay, David, bookseller and stationer, 30 

Leith street — house, 30 Haddington place 
Hay, Chas. 10 Fettes row 
Hay, D. R. and Co. decorative painters to the 

Queen, 90 George st.— ho. 7 Jordan bank 

Hay, F. and W. Cooper, dyers and scourers — 

Offices, 1 Heriot's pi. Leith walk, 11 South 

Frederick st., and G3 Clerk st. — See Adv. 
Hay, George, house agent, .39 Home street 
Hay, Geo. (J. Milne ^ Son), 30 Haiidington pi. 
Hay, George, bootmaker, 27 Haddington pi. 
Hiiy, George, missionary, 19 Keir street 
Hay, Hamilton, accountant, 21 Gardner's 

Hay, Major H. 13 Rutland street 
Hay, James, postmaster, 107 Abbey hill 
Hay, Jas. Edin. Ropery Co. 5 Links pi. Leith 
Hay, James, baker, 277 Canongate 
Hay, John, Stockbridge mills 
Hay, John, smallware dealer, Newhaven 
Hay, J. H., John's place, St Leonard's 
Hay, John, of Morton, 22 Charlotte square 
Hay, John, plasterer, 10 North College street 
Hay, Jn. inspector and treasurer to Parochial 

Board, 18 St .John street 
Hay, John ( Thomson 8j^ H.), 25 George street 
Hay, John, depute clerk of Sess. 4 Hill street 
Hay, John, woollen draper, 289 High street — 

house, 3 Duncan street 
Hay, John, china, crystal, and stoneware 

merchant, 50 South Clerk street 
Hay, John, hosier and draper, 61 Pleasance 
Hay, P. & R. {late Cooper'), silk-dyers and 

scourers, 1 Heriot buildings, and 5 So. St 

David street See Adv. 

Hay, Captain Philip, 25 St Bernard's crescent 

Hay, Peter {P. ^ R. H.),^ King's place 

Hay, Peter, grocer, 44 Lothian street 

Hay, Peter, grocer, 1 Filrig place 

Hay, Robert (P. 4- R. H.), 10 Fyfe place 

Hay, Samuel, Trinity cottage 

Hay, Thomas, merchant, 31 Quality street — 

house, Prospect bank 
Hay, Wra. Cooper {F. and W. Cooper H.), 

1 North St James' street 
Hay, William, wood merchant, Haddon's court 

— house, 120 Nicolson street 
Hay, William, smith, 3 Greonside row 
Hay, William B. writer, 20 Cumberland st. 
Hay, Wm. G. 25 St Bernard's crescent 
Hay, Mrs Alex. 25 St James' square 
Hay, Mrs Beatrice, 6 Comely green place 
Hay, Mrs Colonel, 30 Regent terrace 
Hay, Mrs, ladies' outfit and baby linen ware- 
house, 25 George street 
Hay, Mrs, 51 Constitution street 
Hay, Mrs, milliner and straw-hat maker, 65 

Hay, Mrs, ladies' nurse, 2 Mackenzie place 
Hay, Miss, Trinity cottage 
Hay, Miss, grocer, 19 Haddington place 
Hay, Misses Dalrymple, 7 Coates crescent 
Hayne, Miss, stayraaker, 92 Princes street 
Hay ton, Mrs, 17 George street 
Headland, Wm. homoeopathic chemist, ,69 

George street 
Healy, Mar. shoemr. to the Queen, 74 Geo. st. 

— house, 40 Northumberland street 





Heatly, Adam, dairy, 9 St Andrew st. Leith 
Hector, Aiex. (^Gibson and H.), 57 Inverleith 

Hector, D. advocate, 44 Northumberland st. 

Hedderwick, Robert, Christian bank 

Heddle, M. F., M.D. 8 Clarence street 

Heddle, Miss, Xewbattle terrace 

Hedley, John, locomotive manager Caledo- 
nian Railway^ 15 St Anthony place 

Helton, John {late Crease, Heiton, 4- Douglas), 
1 Hunter sq. — house, 7 North-west Circus 

Heiton, Mrs George, 5 Deanhaugh street 

Helmsdale & Leith Shipping Co. — E. David- 
son, agent. Wet docks, Leith 

Henderson & Bisset, bookbinders to her Ma- 
jesty, 19 Hill street 

Henderson & Jackson, wine merchants, 56 
NicolsoQ street 

Henderson & Wilson, builders, 27 Charlotte 
street, Leith 

Henderson, Adam, 7 Salisbury street 

Henderson, Alex. 191 Rose street 

Henderson, Alex, agent, 70 Timber bush 

Henderson, Alex, smith and farrier, 4 JIurray 
street, Crosscausey 

Henderson, Alexander, beef-ham shop, 72 
Leith street 

Henderson, Alex. 41 Lothian street 

Henderson, A. (Bank of Scot.) ^ 20 Danube st. 

Henderson, And., M.D., F.R.C.P. Portland 
villa, Morningside 

Henderson, Andrew, late officer of Customs, 
9 West Claremont street 

Henderson, Andrew, & Co. engi-avers, litho- 
graphic and letterpress printers and pub- 
lishers, Coalbill, Leith 

Henderson, Arcbd. 21 Lauriston street 

Henderson, Archibald, spirit merchant, 71 

Henderson, Barclay, superin. of works. Gas 
Co. Reid's court, Canongate 

Henderson, Charles, commission agent, 4 
North St David street 

Henderson, Charles, flesher, 6 Kerr street 

Henderson, Charles J. (Berry, H. 6f Co.), 34 
Royal terrace 

Henderson, David, ironm. 81 Broughton st. 

Henderson, David & Co. wine & spirit mer- 
chants, 53 Bernard street 

Henderson, David, refreshment rooms and 
lodgings, 32 Rose street 

Henderson, David, mere, elk., 35 Bristo street 

Henderson, D. (Z>. H. Sf Co.), 9 Wellington 
place, Leith 

Henderson, Rev. D. chaplain and house go- 
vernor, Gillespie'HhoHpital, 1 Bruntsfield pi. 

Henderson, Dav. chiiu.-swjir. 9 Gibb's entry 

IIenderst)n, Dav. writer, G Upper Gilmore pi. 

Hendtrson, Dav. Wemyss, commission agent, 
129 Constitution st. — ho. 9 Glover st. Leith 

Henderson, Ebenezer, bookseller, 10 Nicolson 

Henderson, Edward M. bookseller and sta- 
tioner, 24 Princes street 
Henderson, George, coach proprietor, Carlton 

cottage. Spring gardens 
Henderson, George, licensed coppersmith and 

brazier. Market street — house, above 
Henderton, G. vict. dealer, 43 Broughton st. 
Henderson, Geo. F. watch and clock maker, 

6 X.-w. Circus place 
Henderson, Geo. {B. L. Co.), 2 Scotland st. 
Henderson, George, writer, 7 Argyle square 
Henderson, Gines, Laverock bank. Customs, 

Henderson, H, coachmaker, 98 Abbey hill 
Henderson, Hugh, grocer and spirit mercht., 

19 High street 
Henderson, Jas. shipmaster, 8 Bennington pi. 
Henderson, Jas. spirit merchant, 5 Dock place, 

Henderson, James, teacher of English and 

geography, 6 George st. 
Henderson, James, engraver, 10 India street 
Henderson, Jas. lodgings, 42 Frederick street 
Henderson, James (P. ^ W. Macniven), 9 

Gilmore place 
Henderson, James, cowfeeder, 69 Thistle st. 
Henderson, James, 10 South Charlotte street 
Henderson, James, horse dealer, 58 St Leo- 
nard street 
Henderson, Jn. slater & glazier, 63 George st. 

— house, 3 Castle st. 
Henderson, John, Primrose villa. Grange road 
Henderson, John, architect, 7 Hill street 
Hen<lerson, John, Queen's remembrancer. 

Henderson, John, jun. hat manufr. 46 N. 

bridge — house, 27 South Clerk street 
Henderson, Jn. commission agent, Swanfield 
Henderson, John, agent London parcel des- 
patch company, 1 Fredeiick street 
Henderson, Jn., M D. 26 Charlotte st. Leith 
Henderson, John, S.S.C. 20 St Patrick square 

— house, 16 
Henderson, John, builder — yard, lane east end 
of Atholl crescent — house, 2 Stafford street 
Henderson, John S., 6 Brunton place 
Henderson, John, bootmaker, 12 High terrace 
Henderson, John, wright, 19 Rose street lane 

— house, 62 Hanover street 
Henderson, John, cowfeeder, 5 Union street 
Henderson, John, painter, 4 Spence's place 
Henderson, Peter, teacher, Heriot's school, 

12 Grange loan 
Henderson, Peter, hatter, 3 North bridge — ho. 

Sharpdale, Dalkeith road 
Henderson, Robt.,S.S.C. 11 Royal Exchange 

— house, G St Vincent street 
Henderson, R. (//. and Wilson), 40 Kirkgate 
Henderson, Thomas, 16 East Adam street 
Henderson, Thomas, M.D., E.I.C.S. 27 South 

Clerk street 
Henderson, Thomas, clerk of the Corn mar- 
ket, 23 Lauriston street 





Henderson, Thoraas, spirit dealer, 127 Can- 

ongate — house, 115 
Henderson, T. jun. (o/" H. 8f Jackson), 5 

I>utton place 
Henderson, W. & R. merchts. 293 High st. 
Henderson, Walter, comm.trap. 46 Pleasance 
Henderson, Wm., M.D., F.R.C.P. prof, of med. 

6 gen. pathology, 61 Northumberland st. 
Henderson, Wra. {Nat. Bank), 8 Brunton place 
Henderson, Wm. S., W.S., 2 Queen st. — ho, 

39 Albany street 
Henderson, Wm. victual dealer, 20 Buccleuch 

Henderson, William, Rosehall, Newington 
Henderson,Wm.(5. Ziwew Co.), 21 Scotlandst. 
Henderson, William, smith and bell hanger, 

Chalmers' close 
Henderson, Mrs Alexander, 10 Gayfield sq. 
Henderson, Mrs Ann, lodgings. Rosewood 

place, Morningside 
Henderson, Mrs Dr, 6 Brunton place 
Henderson, Mrs Grace, Fillyside house 
Henderson, Mrs James, Larkfield, Ferry rd. 
Henderson, Mrs James, 12 High terrace 
Henderson, Mrs John, 1 Manor place 
Henderson, Mrs M. lodgings, 2 Keir street 
Henderson, MrsWm. milliner and dressmaker, 

7 South College street 

Henderson, Mrs, ladies' nurse, 38 India pi. 
Henderson, Mrs, ladies' nurse, Gilchrist entry 
Henderson, Mrs, ladies' nurse, 44 India place 
Henderson, Mrs, 17 Keir street 
Henderson, Mrs, 5 Manor place 
Henderson, Mrs, 35 Model buildings 
Henderson, Mrs, lodgings, 7 N.-w. Circus pi. 
Henderson, Miss, 2 Newington place 
Henderson, Miss, dressmaker, 4 E. Arthur pi. 
Henderson, Misses, 12 Ann street 
Hendrie, Hugh, grocer, &c. 10 W. Adam st. 
Hendrie, James, tobacco manf. 4 Catharine 

street, and 2 Baker's place 
Hendrie, Mrs John, china and gl. warerooms, 

23 Greenside place 
Hendrie, Miss, 5 Dewar place 
Hendry, Wm. Sadlers, ironmonger, Sime's 

Henry, Alex, gun, rifle, and pistol manufac- 
turer, 12 South St Andrew st. — house, 
37 Register street 
Henry, J. accountant, 81 George street 
Henry, John (Jolly, Strong, and H,), 6 St 

Vincent street 
Henry, Jn. artificial limb and bandage maker, 

29 W. Register street. — See Adv. 
Henry, Wm. builder, 11 Scotland istreet 
Henry, Wm. bootmaker and leather mert., 

1 Maitland st. — house, 29 Torphichen st. 
Henry, Mrs Edw. 2 Frederick street 
Henry, Mrs, grocer, 1 Bowling-green street 
Hepburn, George, 15 Shandwick place 
Hepburn, James, janitor. Bell's school. Junc- 
tion street, Leith 
Hepburn, John Buchan, W.S. 15 Royal circus 

Hepburn, Simon, carver and gilder, 26 Han- 
over street — house, 26 Frederick street 
Hepburn, Misses, dressmakers, 10 North St. 

Andrew street 
Hepburn, Miss, 23 London street 
Herbert, P. boot and shoemaker, 74 Clerk st. 
Hercules Insurance Co. 47 George street 
Herd, Mrs Geo. lodgings, 1 Broughton place 
Herdraan & Blair, corn merts. &c. Bristo port 
Herdman, Andrew, teacher, 5 Newport street 
Herdman, John, baker, 2 Charles street 
Heriot, Fred. L. Maitland, of Ramornie, ad- 
vocate, 18 Rutland street 
Heriot, Thomas, woollen and linen draper, 427 

Lawnmarket — house, 22 Soriety 
Heriot, William, printer, 17 Quality st. — ho. 

11 WeUington place, Leith 
Heriot, Miss, 28 Rutland street 
Heriot, Miss, 24 Buccleuch place 
Heriot's, George, Hospital — .John Dick, 

treasurer — chambers, 1 1 Royal Exchange 
Herkes, Adam, grocer, 39 St Andrew Btreet, 

Heron, James, grocer, 160 Cowgate 
Heron, John (Royal Bank), 1 Danube street 
Heron, Wm. spirit merchant, 1 Howard pi. 
Heron, Mrs, 37 Constitution street 
Herrald, Robert, wright, Whitfield lane 
Herries, Wm. Young, of Spotts, 16 Heriot row 
Herring Fishery office, 2 Dock place, Leith 

— J. Miller, inspector 
Hetherington, Rev. Dr, 47 Minto street 
Hetherton, Henry, bell-hanger and locksmith, 

Hillmount — house, 21 Salisbury street 
Hetherton, James, spirit mercht. 27 Thistle st. 
Hewat, Alexander, wholesale provision mer- 
chant, 9 Quality street, Leith 
Hewat, J. (J. Spittal 4" Co.), 5 Henderson row 
Hewat, Mrs, cook, 24 Lauriston street 
Hewit, George, bill-poster, 399 Lawnmarket 
Hewit, J. & Sons, leather merchants, 6 and 8 

Niddry street — house. Grange loan 
Hewit, Mrs, 2 Hewit's place, Grange loan 
Hibbs, Rev. Richard, M.A., 1 Randolph pi. 
Hickman, Wm. 19 Clarence street 
Hickson, Mrs Elizabeth, 14 Brandon street 
Higgins and Thom, engravers, printers, and 

lithographers, Gabriel's road 
Higgins, Mrs, grocer and tobacconist, 4 Citadel 
Highland and Agricultural Society of Scot- 
land, 6 Albyn place — ^Museum, 3 Geo. IV. 
Hill and Robertson, W.S. 25 Frederick st. 
Hill, Alex, printseller and publisher to the 
Queen & R. S. Academy, carver & gilder, 
67 Princes street — house, 7 Dundas street 
Hill, Alexander, wood carver, 12 South Rose 

street lane 
Hill, Crawfurd, advocate, 19 Dundas street 
Hill, David Octavus, R.S.A Calton hill stairs 
Hill, Geo. & Co. grocers, wine merchts. & pur- 
veyors to the Queen, 45 Frederick street 
Hill, Geo. (Geo. H. ^ Co.), 6 Saxe Coburgpl. 





Hill, George, smith and beam maker, 12 

Richmond place — house^ 30 
Hill, George, 8 Roxburgh terrace 
Hill, Henry David, W.S. 2 Picardy place 
Hill, Jas. L., W.S, 25 Frederick street — 

house, 26 Heriot row 
Hill, James, plumber and gas-fitter, 4 

Brighton street 
Hill, Jas. 10 St John street 
Hill, James Matthew, 6 Darnaway street 
Hill, Jas. grocer, wine and spirit merchant, 85 

Kirkgate — house, 86 
Hill, Jas. builder, Edinburgh saw-mills, 21 

Leith walk 
Hill, John, manager Scottish Property In- 
vestment Co., 102 South Bridge— ho. 23 
London street 
Hill, John {B. Linen Co.), 28 Scotland street 
Hill, John, boot and shoe warehouse, 43 Nicol- 

son street 
Hill, John, wrighi, 3 Dean street 
Hill, Richard, 2 Salisbury road 
Hill, Robt. tea and spt. deal. 491 Lawnmarket 
Hill, Robert, spirit dealer, 523 Lawnmarket 
Hill, Wm. and George, general and commis- 
sion agents, 25 St James' square 
Hill, Wm. accountant, 25 St James' square 
Hill, W. (J. ^- J. Ritchie^- Co.) 12 Castle st. 
Hill, Wm. leather-cutter, 58 Calton 
Hill, Mrs John, 71 Cumberland street 
Hill, Mrs John, 17 Keir street 
Hill, Mrs John, 10 Merchant street 
Hill, i\Irs Robert, 5 Abercromby place 
Hill, Mrs Robert, 9 Hailes street 
Hill, Mrs, lodgings, 10 Dublin street 
Hill, Mrs, 19 Alva street 
Hill, Mi^8, 9 Chapel street 
Hillditch, Samuel, agent, 9 Ann street 
Hilliard, H. & H. cutlers' instrument, artificial 
limb, truss, and bandage makers to Royal 
Dispensary, 7 Nicolson street 
Hindshaw, James, plasterer, 5 Kerr street 
Hislop, Alex. 2 Dean street 
Hislop, Rev. George, chaplain to the prison, 6 

Comely green place 
Hislop, John, spirit dealer, 1 Shandwick place 
Hislop, Robert, assistant inspector of letter- 
carriers, 67 Cumberland street 
Hislop, Robert, coach-hirer, Regent ter. lane 
Hislop, Thomas, 46 Nicolson street 
Ilihlop, Wm. furniture warerooms, 42 and 44 

Howe street 
Hislop, Mrs Stephen, lodgings, 26 Cumber- 
land street 
Hitchcock, John Deyking, 23 Union place 
Hinlop, Mrs, 21 Broughttm place 
Hobbs, Thomas, 38 Broughton street 
Hobday, T. postmaster, liackney, posting, and 
funeral tquipa^e establishment offices, 2 
York place and York lane 
Hobday, Mrs F., Berlin lepos. 6 Queensf. st. 
Hobkirk, Wm. & John, corn merchants, 18 
Chapel street 

Hodder, Rob. (^Customs), 7 Hermitagepl. Leith 

Hodge, Archd. corn factor, 40 Bernard street, 

Hodge, Colin, 30 Bath street 

Hodge, James & Son, tailors and clothiers, 90 
Rose street 

Hodge, Jas. warehouseman, 2 John's lane, 

Hodge, Robert, coppersmith and brassfounder, 
20 Niddry street — house, 8 Chapel street 

Hodge, Mrs, 19 Salisbury street 

Hodges, James M., M.D. 21 Charlotte square 

Hodges, Mrs, 1 Lutton place 

Hodgston, Mrs, 21 Howard place 

Hodson, John, M.D., The Bloom, Canaan 

Hodson, Miss, boarding school, 18 Royal circ. 

Hodson, Hoey, John, boot and shoemaker, 86 
St Andrew street 

Hofford, William, printer, 1 Oxford terrace 

Hoffmann, John D. R. plane- maker and edge 
tool manufacturer, 45 and 47 Lothian st. 

Hoffmann, ]\Iagnus L. teacher of the cornet- 
a-pistons, 28 Greenside street 

Hogarth, Jlrs, 13 Frederick street 

Hogben, Wm. S. inspector of poor for Leith, 
2 Smith's place 

Hogben, Mrs, 3 Hamburg place 

Hogg, Alex, tea, wine, and spirit merchant, 7 
Bristo sreet 

Hogg, David, Gray's court 

Hogg, Fraser {F. G. Mitchell Sr Co.), 5 
Haddington place 

Hogg, James, grocer, 125 Causeyside 

Hogg, Jas. haircutter & toy warehouse, 34 W. 
Register street 

Hogg, James, 1 Randolph place 

Hogg, Jamts, printer and publisher, 4 Nicol- 
son street, and Brown street lane 

Hogg, John, 9 Scotland street 

Hogg, John, stationer, 22 Pitt street 

Hogg, Robert, 37 Abbey hill 

Hogg, Robert, watchmaker, 81 South bridge 

Hogg, Thomas, temperance coffee-house, 1 
Hunter square 

Hogg, W upholsterer and undertaker, 30 
Dundas street 

Hogg, William, auctioneer and appraiser, 44 
S^icolson street 

Hogg, Mrs, 5 Middleby street 

Hogg, Mrs Isabella, 7 Park street 

Hogg, Mrs Marion, grocer, 45 William street 

Hogg, Mrs F. fishing tackle maker, 79 Princes 

Hogue, Rt. surgeon-dentist, 65 Queen st. 

Iloilis, Daniel, tailor, 34 Frederick street 

HoUis, Misses, milliners, dress & straw- 
bonnet makers, 34 Frederick street 

Hi'lmes, Matt, locomotive superintendent 
JS. ^- G. ii., Haymarket 

Iloltum, Thomas, tailor, 45 George street 

Ilolium & Welsh, coat makers, 6 George st. 

HoLYRooD Flint-glass works, S. B. of Canon- 





Home, Dr A. G., M.D. Whitefield— house, 

Leith walk 
Home, A. F. accountant, 9 Cheyne street 
Home, D. Milne, of Milne Graden, 10 York pi. 
Home, J. H. 13 Inveileith row 
Home, Robt. engraver, &c. 9 Leith at. terrace 
Home, Robert, tailor, 39 South bridge 
Home, Lady, 11 South Charlotte street 
Home, ]\Irs George, 9 Cheyne street 
Home, Mrs N. Merchiston house 
Home, Miss, 3 Danube street 
Home, Miss, lodgings, 13 Union place 
Home, Miss, 45 George square 
Hood, Alexander, wine and spirit merchant, 

22 Couper street, Leith 
Hood, Jas. smith and beam-maker, 3 M'Dou- 

gal street 
Hood, Robert, M.D. 5 Salisbury road 
Hood, Thomas, bootmaker, 05 Rose street 
Hooper, William, 3 Duke street 
Hope, Olipbaut, & Mackay, W.S. 119 Princes 

Hope, Andw. flesher, 60 Queen street — house, 

60 Castle street 
Hope, Lieut. -Col. F. 35 Albany street 
Hope, James {H. O. Sf ilf.), D.K.S. 14 Saxe 

Coburg place 
Hope, James, jun. (J. Sf J. H.), 31 Moray pi. 
Hope, James, flesher, 24 Union place 
Hope, John and James, W.S. 31 Moray pi. 
Hope, Right Hon. John, Lord Justice-clerk, 

20 Moray place 
Hope, John, W.S. 31 Moray place 
Hope, John David, 6 Constitution street 
Hope, John, baker, 2 India street 
Hope, Robert A. grocer, wine and spirit mer- 
chant, 75 Kirkgate and 38 Giles' street 
Hope, William, 54 South Clerk street 
Hope, Mrs, 1 1 Archibald place 
Hope, Marion, dressmaker, 7 Raeburn place 
Hope, Miss, Wardie lodge 
Hope, IMiss, 9 Gloucester place 
Hope, Miss Eliz. dressmaker, 16 Jamaica st. 
HoPETouN Rooms, 72 Queeu street — John 

H. Barry 
Hopekirk, Adam, printer, 21 Salisbury street 
Hopkirk, John G., W.S. 75 Great King street 
Hopkirk, Wm. florist & gardener, 32 Kirkgate 
Hopper, Thomas, 15 Calton hill 
Hopper, Mrs Thomas, cowfeeder, Restalrig 
Hopton, John & Co. wine and spirit mercht. 

10 Drummond street 
Hopton, Mrs, staymaker to the Queen, 46 

Hanover street 
Horetzky, Mons. teacher of music, 7 Scot- 
land street 
Horn, Andw. accountant, 19 Queen street 
Horn, Robert, advocate, 7 Randolph crescent 
Home and Rose, W.S. 96 George street 
Home, Archd. accountant, 15 Hill street 
Home, Donald, of Langwell, W.S. 10 AthoU 

Home, Jas. W. surveyor of roads, 4 Park st. 

Home, James, civil engineer & land surveyor, 

19 St Andrew square 
Home, Peter, Starbank place, Trinity 
Home, Wm. advocate, sheriff of Haddington, 

New Club, Princes street — ho. Portobello 
HouNiNG Office, Register house 
Horsburgh, Jas. tea dealer, 34 Clerk street 
Horsburgh, James, agent, 27 Quality street 
Horsburgh, John, engraver, 18 Buccleuch pi. 
Horsburgh, Thomas, gardener, Dean 
Horsburgh, W., W.S. 2G Northumberland st. 
Horsburgh, Mrs G. ladies' nurse, 42 India pi. 
Horsburgh, Miss Margt. 30 Alva street 
Hosie, Mrs, lodgings, 17 Albany street, Leith 
Hosie, Miss E. 15 Constitution street, Leith 
Hospital, Donaldson's, Whitehouse Toll 

Walter Cook, W.S., treasurer 
Hospital, Gillespie's, Wright's houses — Geo. 

Meikle, treasurer 
Hospital, Fever, Royal Infirmary 
Hospital, George Heriot's, Lauriston — John 

Dick, treasurer 
Hospital, George Watson's, Meadows — Jas. 

Young, treasurer — Rev. J. Johnston, M.A. 

head master 
Hospital, Leith, and Humane Society — A. 

Main, 21 Bernard street, secretary 
Hospital, Lock, 6 Surgeon square 
Hospital, Merchant Maiden, Lauriston lane 

— James Burgess, treasurer 
Hospital, Orphan, Dean — J. Scott Moncreiff, 

20 India street, treasurer 
Hossack, D. grocer, 329 Cowgate 
Hossack, Mrs, 4 Lindsay place 
Hossack, Mrs, provision shop, Granton pier 
Hossack, Misses, milliners & dressmakers, 118 

Princes street 
Houlden, Thos. jun. stationer, 9 Nicolson 

street — house, 26 Rankeillor street 
Houliston, John, tea, wine, and spirit mercht., 

74 Leith street — house, 2 Elm row 
House Agency office, 22 South Hanover st. 
House of Industry, 19 St John street — Mrs 

Gemmell, matron 
Houston, John A.,R.S.A. 13 Fettes row 
Houston, Wm., advocate, 31 Howe street 
Houston, Mrs, 41 Clerk street 
Houstoun, Misses, 20 Heriot row 
Houy, William, accountant to the G.P.O., 

Jordan Bank, Morniugside 
Howden, Aw. {Mowbray ^ H.), 21 Walker st. 
Howden, James, secretary. National Fire and 

Life Insurance Company, 21 Walker street 
Howden, James C, assistant physician. Royal 

Edinburgh Asylum 
Howden, Jas. and Son, jewellers and watch- 
makers, 56 North bridge — house, 2 Mans- 
field place 
Howden, Oliver, stock and sharebroker, H 

George street — house, 11 Fettes row 
Howden, Patrick, furniture dlr. 40 Blair st. 
Howden, Peter and Co. wine merchants, 7 

Meuse lane — house, 6 Brandon street 





HowdeD, Robert, W.S., 5 North Charlotte 

Howden, Wm. gardener, 20 Dundas street 
Howden, Mrs Alex. 12 Clarence street 
Howden, Mrs, 8 Carlton terrace 
Howden, Mrs A. Grange road 
Howden, Mrs Francis, 7 Haddington place 
Howden, Mrs John, 5 Dean street 
Howden, Mrs, boarding house, 31 Howe st. 
Howe, Alexander, W.S. 62 Castle street — 

house, 7 Forres street 
Howe, David, printer, 9 Thistle street 
Howe, William, 19 Salisbury street 
Howell, John, polyartist, 110 Rose street 
Howey, Thomas & Co. agents for the goods 
traffic of the North British, and E. Perth, 
and Dundee Railiuays — Offices at the Rail- 
way Stations 
Howie, James, com. agent, 54 South bridge 
Howie, Alex. 4 Milne square 
Howie, Charles, fruiterer, 39 Howe street 
Howie, James, plumber and brassfounder, 59 

Tolbooth wynd, Leith — house, 4 
Howie, James, com. agent, 59 South bridge 
Howie, James, portrait and animal painter, 45 

Princes street 
Howie, Jas. jun., miniature painter, and pho- 
tographic artist, 71 Princes st. 
Howie, J. surgeon & druggist, 69 Pleasance 
Howie, John, sculptor, Brandon st. 
Howie, Jn. tea and coffee dealer, 5 & 6 Tol- 
booth wynd — house, 1 Madeira street 
Howie, Thomas, railway agent, 3 Charlotte 

Howison, Arch. Y. of Hyndford, 6 Carlton ter. 
Howison, Dr W., F. R.C S. 9 Nicolson square 
Howison, Mrs, of Hillend, 5 Inverleith row 
Howkins, John, civil engineer, Granton pier 

— house, Queensberry place, Wardie 
Howkins, Miss, South cottage, Wardie 
Hudson, Thos. coram, agt. 20 Gr. Stuart street 
Hughes and Mylne, WS. 1 Sj Charlotte st. 
Hughes, Edwin, saw maker, Leith sawmills 

— house, Pitt street, Leith 
Hughes, Geo. (//. &; Mylne), 10 Rutland st. 
Hughes, John, printer, 3 Thistle st. — house, 

6 Mansfield place 
Hughes, Herbert Jones, 17 East Claremont st. 
Hughes, Pat. furniture dealer, 110 Cowgate 
Hughes, Wm. saw maker, Greenside row 
Hughes, Elizabeth, spirit dlr. Hillhousefield 
Hughson and Dobson, stockbrokers & law 

agents, 5 Royal Exchange 
Hughson, A. D., writer, 16 Royal Exchange 

— house, 1 1 Darnaway street 
Huie, Edward, merchant, 2 Walker street 
Huie, Richard, M.D. 8 George square 
Huie, Mrs James, 27 St Patrick square 
Hull and Leith Steam Pacl<et Co. 34 Ber- 
nard street 
Hull, Captain, Lufra Cottage, Granton 
Humane Society, Edinburgh and Leith — A. 
Mann, 21 Bernard Btreet, secretary 

Hume & Melville, plumbers, brassfounders, 

and gasfitters, 1 W. Register pi. — See Adv. 
Hume, Alex.inn-kpr. Parkside, Old Gibbet toll 
Hume, George, spirit merchant, 16 India pi. 
Hume, George, 20 Pitt street 
Hume, James, Haymarket mills 
Hume, James, builder, Cassells' place — 

house, 49 Kirkgate 
Hume, James, spirit dealer, 1 Niddry street 
Hume, John, brush manufacturer, 104 West 

Hume, John, wood merchant, 60 Cowgate 
Hume, M. N. Macdonald, 4 Heriot row 
Hume, Peter, flesher, 76 Thistle street 
Hume, Robert, cowfeeder, 1 Wallace place 
Hume, Robt. (^H. Sf Melville), kxmahiW Villa, 

Grange road 
Hume, Thos. plumber and gasfitter, 5 Rose 

street — house, 17 James' street 
Hume, W^illiam, clerk, 8 Morrison street 
Hume, Mrs, 27 Nelson street 
Hume, Mrs George, 26 Cumberland street 
Hume, Mrs, 18 Broughton street 
Hume, Misses, 6 Nelson street 
Hunt, James, of Pittencrieff, 13 Moray place 
Hunt, William, W.S. 28 Gt. King st. 
Hunter, Blair, & Cowan, W.S. 7 York place 
Hunter, Adam, physician, 18 Abercromby pi. 
Hunter, Alex. {H., Blair, 6^ Cowan), Cameron 

Hunter, Andrew, 59 South Bridge 
Hunter, David, ironmonger and tinplate- 

worker, 15 Howe street — ho. 17 
Hunter, David, carpet warehouse, 178 High 

street — ho. 2 George place 
Hunter, David {Duncan, Flockhart, ^ Co.), 15 

Minto street 
Hunter, Evan Allan, 7 York place — house, 

Cameron House 
Hunter, Francis, flesher, 9 Middle market — 

house, 21 Blair street 
Hunter, Geo. flesher, 1 Fleshmarket, Leith 
Hunter, H. lodgings, 13 N.-w. Circus place 
Hunter, James, 29 Claremont street 
Hunter, James, staflF-oflScer, Castle 
Hunter, James, grocer, 68 shore Leith 
Hunter, James, 20 Haddington place 
Hunter James, builder, Morningside 
Hunter, John, writer, 13 Hill street 
Hunter, John, Auditor of the Court of Ses- 
sion, 16 R. Exchange — house, Craigcrook 
Hunter, Rev. John, principal. Episcopal 

Church Training Institution, 16 St John st. 
Hunter, John, painter, 72 Tolbooth wynd, 

Hunter, Rev. Dr John, 15 Regent terrace 
Hunter, .In. session clerk, 179 Canongatc. 
Hunter, John M. teacher, 27 Albany street — 

house, 17 Howe street 
Hunter, Patrick {F. and //.), 26 Frederick st. 
Hunter, Peter, spirit-dealer, Canonmills 
Hunter, Philip, cooper, 64 Nicolson street — 

ho. 2 West Nicolson street 





Hunter, Richard, 10 Ainslie place 

Hunter, Robert, advocate, sheriff of Dumbarton 

and Bute, 67 Northumberland street 
Hunter, R. grocer and spirit dealer, 35 West 

Hunter, R. wi igbt and cabinetmaker, 3 Albany 

8t. lane — warehouse, 4 Albany street 
Hunter, Robt. & Son, smiths, 109 Kirkgate 

— house, 33 
Hunter, Robt. soda water manuf. Allan's close 
Hunter, Robert, 4 East Adam street 
Hunter, Robert, tailor, 64 Bristo street 
Hunter, R. letter-carrier, 27 North Richmond 

Hunter, Robert (Johnstone &j- H.^, 7 Rox- 
burgh street 
Hunter, Robert, builder, 98 Abbey hill 
Hunter, Robt. jun. sculptor and builder, 14 

N. R. Canongate 
Hunter, Thomas M. teacher of music, 7 

Broughton place 
Hunter, Thomas, grocer, 36 Tolbooth wynd, 

Hunter, W. picture-frame and looking-glass 

manufacturer, 62 & 64 Candlemaker row 
Hunter, William, wright, 1 So. Howard place 
Hunter, Willm. wright and builder. Morning- 
Hunter, Wm. 5 Calton hill 
Hunter, Wm. furniture dealer, 164 & 168 

Hunter, Mrs Andrew B. 7 Salisbury street 
Hunter, Mrs E. sick nurse, 7 Hill square 
Hunter, Mrs F. grocer, 23 College street 
Hunter, Mrs, 9 Brunswick street. Hillside 
Hunter, Miss A. 7 Minto street 
Hunter, Miss C. 51 Minto street 
Hunter, Miss, 26 Rankeillor street 
Hunter, Miss H. 17 Keir street 
Hunter, E. & M. milliners and dressmakers, 

34 India place 
Hunter, Misses, dress & cloak makers, 13 Hope 

Hurley, Mrs, ladies' nurse, 67 Fountainbr. 
Husband, Wm., M.D., F.R.C.S.E., surgeon, 

28 Clarence street 
Huskie, J. & M. wine and spirit merchants, 17 

Chapel lane, Leith 
Hutchins, Chas. surgeon and dentist, 26 Char- 
lotte square 
Hutchinson and Rogers, timber merchants, 

Duke street, Leith 
Hutchinson, .Jn. wood merchant, 17 Cassells* 

Hutchinson Brothers, merchants. Railway 

buildings, Citadel 
Hutchinson, Thos. {H. Brothers), 4 St James' 

place, Leith 
Hutchinson, Mrs J. R. 12 Manor place 
Hutchinson, Mrs, 16 Hart street 
Hutchinson, Misses, 3 Doune terrace 
Hutchison &Co. merchants, 11 Bernard street 
Hutchison, Alex, solicitor, 18 London street 


Hutchison, Alex, successor to W. Finnic, brush 

and portmanteau manufacturer, 99 George 

street — house, 34 Castle street 
Hutchison, Alexander, commercial traveller, 

6 Albany street, Leiih 
Hutchison, And. Alex, advocate, 18 London st. 
Hutchison, Andw. sugar agent, 15]{ose st. 
Hutchison, C. M'K. teacher, St Bernard's 

school. Dean street 
Hutchison, David, spirit-dealer, 6 W. Adamst. 
Hutchison, George, spirit dealer, 1 Hamilton 

place, High riggs 
Hutchison, Hen. spirit merchant, 41 Home st. 
Hutchison, Rev. Dr James, 7 St Bernard's cres. 
Hutchison, James, 31 Wright's houses 
Hutchison, John, bootmaker, 28 Dean street 
Hutchison, John, wool staple and coram. 

agent, 14 Constitution street — ho. 28 Ber- 
nard street 
Hutchison, John, writer, 1 Claremont place 
Hutchison, M. spirit merchant, 89 Canongate 
Hutchison, Peter, victual dealer and grocer, 

121 Pleasance 
Hutchison, Peter, grocer and spirit dealer, I 

Hamburg place 
Hutchison, Rob. bootmaker, 5 St Patrick sq. 
Hutchison, W. & T. coach builders, Lothian 

Hutchison, Mrs Colonel, 45 Heriot row 
Hutchison, Mrs Helen, ladies' nurse, 18 Bed- 
ford street 
Hutchison, Mrs, sick nurse, 16 Jamaica street 
Hutchison, Mrs, Hermitage house, Leith 
Hutchison, Miss Mary, dressmaker, 28 Dean 

Hutton and Ross, London, Manchester, and 

Glasgow warehouse, 124 High st. 
Hutton and Romania, undertakers. Mint 
Hutton, Arch, pawnbroker, 10 High street 
Hutton, David, clothier and tailor, 15 South 

College street 
Hutton, J. teacher, 1 Lord Russell place 
Hutton, James {E. ^ L. Gas-L.Co.), 3 Baltic 

street, Leith 
Hutton, James, grocer. Water of Leith 
Hutton, John, inspector of works, Taaphall, 

Ferry road 
Hutton, John, 4 Poplar lane, Leith 
Hutton, John {H. 6f Ross), 8 Graham street 
Hutton, Wm. writer, 10 Duncan street, 

Drummond place 
Hutton, Mrs, midwife, 70 St Leonard street 
Hyndman, A. lodgings, 8 St Patrick street 

Imlach, Fran. Brodie, dentist and surgeon, 

48 Queen street 
Imlach, George, 47 Ann street 
Imlach, Mrs Agnes, 48 Queen street 
Imperial Fire and Life Insurance Co. of Lon- 
don, Wm. F. Gibson of the British Linen 
Co., agent. — See Adv. 
Imperial Fire Insurance Office, Murray & 
Logan, agents, 141 George street 






Imrie, Andw. spirit dealer, 89 Fountainbridge 
Imrie, Henry, pastry cook, 65 South bridge 
Imrie, Robert B. 27 Nelson street 
Inch, John, flesher, 3 Howard street— house, 

3 Howard place 
Inch, John, jun. flesher, 53 London street 
Inderwick, Miss, 22 Rose street 
Indigent Gentlewomen's Fund Office, 69 

N. Hanover street — John K. FuUarton, sec. 
Indisputable, the London, Life Policy Co., 

•11 Albany street. — See Adv. 
Industrial and General Life Assurance and 

Deposit Company — David Marshall, 9 N. 

St David street 
Industry, House of, 19 St John street 
Industrial School (United), South Gray's 

close, 58 High street — See Adv. 
Infirmary, Royal, Infirmary street 
Inglis & Leslie, W.S. 16 Queen street 
Inglis, Alex, spirit dealer, 1 Infirmary st, 
Inglis, A. grocer, wine, and spirit merchant, 

95 Nicolson st — ho. 2 W. Nicolson st. 
Inglis, Archibald, M.D. and F.R.C.S. 11 

Albany street 
Inglis, David, Broughton cottage 
Inglis, David, 10 Wright's houses 
Inglis, H. Maxwell, W.S. 8 N. St David street 

— house, 4 Coates crescent 
Inglis, Henry (/. 4" Leslie), 29 St Andrew sq. 
Inglis, John, advocate, Dean of Faculty, 30 

Abercromby place 
Inglis, John, warehouseman, Laurie street 
Inglis, John, tailor, 62 Nicolson street 
Inglis, John, gardener, E. Powderhall 
Inglis, Rob. ( Gall &) Inglis), 1 1 INIinto street 
Inglis, Robt. boot and shoemaker, 51 India pi. 
Inglis, T. depute commiseary-clerk, Mer- 

chiston mount 
Inglis, Thos. victualler, 38 Lothian street 
Inglis, William T. 8 Dean street 
Inglis, W. & C. booksellers, stationers, and 

circulating library, 48 Hanover street — 

house, 11 Minto street 
Inglis, William, coachbuilder and harness- 

muker, 69 Adam square, and 4 Hay street 
Inglis, William, postmaster, 3 Hay street, 

and Forrest road 
Inglis, Wm. & J. shoemaks. 16 Qiieensferry st. 
Iniiiis, William, spirit & victual dealer, 41 St 

Leonard street 
Inglis, Mrs Dr, 4 Coates crescent 
Inglis, IMrs E. lodgings, 71 Cumberland st. 
Inglis, Mrs George, and Miss Edmond, 

boarding school, 12 Great King street 
Inglis, Mrs J. spirit deal. 8 Spence's pi. Leith 
Inglis, Mrs, 2 Melville street 
Inglis, Mrs I'eter, Seafield place, Leith 
Inglis, Mrs, ladies' nurse, 2 Carnegie street 
Inglis, Miss Anne, 5 Clarence street 
Inglis, Isabella, dressuiaker, 8 Carnegie st. 
Inglis's lodgings, i;5 y\lbany street 
Ingram, J. bookseller, stationer, and circula- 
ting library, 2 Catharine street 

Inkster, John, manager of the Hull, Leith, & 

Hamburgh Steam Packet Co. 34 Bernard st. 

Inland Revenue Office for Scotland, 10 

Waterloo place 
Inland Revenue Office, Customhouse, Leith 
Innes & Grieve, oilmen, grocers, and wine 

merchants, 11 St Andrew square 
Innes, Charles, plasterer, 46 Thistle street 
Innes, Cosmo, advocate, principal clerk of 

session, 15 Inverleith row 
Innes, Sir David, 14 Brandon street 
Innes, John B. {Mackenzie, I. and Logan), 

37 Heriot row 
Innes, John, spirit dealer, 16 Catharine street 

— house, 6 Union place 
Innes, John, gardener, Seafield, Leith 
Innes, Robt. shipbuilder, 8 Bridge st. — house, 

Old Church street 
Innes, Robt. portrait painter, 20 Howe street 
Innes, Robt. (/. and Grieve), 5 Pitt street 
Innes, Robert (Alex. §* J.), 29 Clarence street 
Innes, Thomas, tailor, 36 Home street" 
Innes, Rev. William, 64 Frederick street 
Innes, Wm. ( UnionBank of Scotland), 8 Great 

Stuart street 
Innes, Wm. bookseller and stationer, and Scot- 
tish tract depositary, 31 Hanover street 
Innes, William, stationer, 34 Frederick street 
Innes, Mrs Thomas, 6 Danube street 
Innes, Miss Isabella, Berlin wool and fancy 

repository, 13 Dundas street 
Inskip, Wm. warehouseman, 26 George st. 
Institution, Deaf & Dumb, Henderson row 
Institution for Drawing and Painting, 54 

Frederick street — George Sirason, U.S.A. 
Institution, John Watson's, Dean — John 

Hamilton, W.S. treasurer 
Insurance Co. of Scotland, 95 George street 

— David Maclagan, manager. — See Ado. 
Insurance companies. — See Insurance Direc- 
tor!/, also Advertisements. 
Iona Society, T. G. Stevenson, 87 Princes 

street, agent 
Ions, James, agent, 7 Scotland street 
Ireland, Chas. smith, 35 Commercial place 
Ireland, George, builder, house carpenter, and 
agricultural implement manufacturer, North 
Back of Canongate — house, J 5 New street 
Ireland, Thomas, Mercantile acct. 4 Hunter 

square — house, 71 Clerk street 
Ireland, Thos. jun. bookseller and stationer, 

2 Lindsay place 
Ireland, Wm. contractor for mason and house 
work in general, Broughton cottage — yard, 
Broughton road 
Ireland, ]\Irs, 21 Charles street 
Ireland, Miss, 14 Gay field square 
Irish Evangelical Society, Edin. Auxiliary 

— W. F. Watson, treas. 52 Princes street 
Irish Archaeological Society — T. G. Steven- 
son, 87 Princes street, agent 
Irish Celtic Literary Society — T. G. Steven- 
son, ^7 Princes street, agent 





Irons, David, tailor, 4 St Patrick square 

Ironside, Edmond, carver, 134 High street 

Ironside, Mrs, lodgings, 116 Princes street 

Irvine, Alex. F. advocate, 22 Coates crescent 

Irvine, David, 3 St Bernard's row 

Irvine, Duncan (JVational Bank), 13 Hart st. 

Irvine, Geo. flesher, 13 Queensferry st. 

Irvine, Captain Francis, 8 Blacket place 

Irvine, Jas. die and stamp-cutter, 3 West Re- 
gister street 

Irvine, John, 23 Cheyne street 

Irvine, John, assistant superintendent, New- 
ington cemetery 

Irvine, John, portrait- painter, 3 Duncan st. 

Irvine, P. auctioneer & appraiser, Victoria st. 

Irvine, Robert, 18 Buccleuch place 

Irvine, Mrs, ladies' nurse, 56 Bridge street 

Irvine, Miss, 23 Northumberland street 

Irvine, Miss E. 6 Dean street 

Irving, David, LL.D. 6 Meadow place 

Irving, David, spirit dealer, 5 So. Melville pi. 

Irving, James, 13 Charles street 

Irving, James, portmanteau, trunk, and brush 
manufacturer, 97 Princes street 

Irving, Brothers, portmanteau, trunk, and 
brush manufacturers, 80 Princes street 

Irving, Mrs, furniture dealer, 10 Victoria st. 

Irving, Mrs, 2 George square 

Irving, Mrs, 18 Moray place 

Irving, Misses, & Rae, dressmak. 81 George st. 

Isbister, Thos. brush manufacturer & general 
merchant, 48 Frederick street 

Isbister, Miss, lodgings, 5 Drummond street 

Isles, Andrew, currier and leather merchant, 
9 and 11 Blair street — ho. 24 Buccleuch pi. 

Isles, Miss Catherine, milliner, 3 Lindsay pi. 

Ivory, Holmes, actuary and accountant. Na- 
tional Fire and Life Insurance Company of 
Scotland, 2 Steele's place, Morningside 

Ivory, Lord, 9 Ainslie place 

Ivory, William, advocate, 11 Nelson street 

Ivory, Wm. {Madachlan §• i.), St Roque, 
Grange loan 

Izatt, James, baker, 4 North Junction street 

Jaap, Jas. teacher of music, 3 S. St Andrew st. 
Jaap, Miss Isabella, teacher of music and sing- 
ing, 3 South St Andrew street 
Jaap's Temperance hotel, 3 and 14 South 

St Andrew street 
Jack, Andrew, printer, 13 Clyde street 
Jack, Chas. jun. gardener, 133 Causey side 
Jack, Charles, 113 Causeyside 
Jack, James, agent, 9 Davie street 
Jack, John, writer, 28 India street 
Jack, John, slater, 5 North Bank street 
Jack, John, grocer, 2 Norton place 
Jack, Samuel, boot and shoemaker, 1 Barony 

Jack, Thomas C. bookseller, stationer, pub- 
lisher, circulating library, 92 Princes st. 
Jack, Mrs Andw. 13 Montgomery street 
Jack, Mrs, housekeeper. Royal Edin, Asylum 

Jack, Mrs, midwife, 9 Duke street, Leith 
Jack, Miss Agnes, 84 Great King street 
Jack, Misses, milliners, 3 No. St David st. 
Jackes, Rodon, 22 India street 
Jacob, Frederick, bricklayer and furnace- 
builder, Richmond cottage, Wardie 
Jacob, Robert E. bricklayer and furnace 

builder, AVardie cottage 
Jacob, Moses, broker, 32 George IV. bridge. 
Jackson, Dr Alex., F.R.C.P.E. 9 India street 
Jackson, Edw. James, 6 Coates crescent 
Jackson, Edward {Gilfillan 4 J".)) H Mel- 
ville place 
Jackson, Henry, 59 Castle street 
Jackson, James, 23 Dundas street 
Jackson, John, victual dealer, 219 Canongate 
Jackson, Thos. plumber, &c. 37 Howe street 
Jackson, Thomas, wine and spirit merchant, 

1 Howard street 
Jackson, Mrs James, 9 India street 
Jackson, Mrs, lodgings, 4 Sahsbury street 
Jackson, Mrs, 3 Regent terrace 
Jackson, Mrs Eliz. 18 Nelson street 
Jaffray, Rev. .John, 60 Frederick street 
JafFray, Mrs William, 29 Alva street 
James, Alexander, S.S.C. 16 DubliH street 
James, Alex, gardener, Wardie, Trinity 
James, George, surveyor, 30 George street 
James, J. & Son, bootmakers, 102 George st. 
James, Capt. Henry R. E. Erneston, Granton 
James, Wm. boot and shoemaker, 9 Keir st. 
Jameson, Andw. advocate, Greenhill gardens 
Jameson, John, fishmonger, 79 Queen street 

— house, 6 Great Stuart street 
Jameson, R. W., W.S. and Notary Public, 

5 North Charlotte street 
Jameson, R. fruiterer, 79 Queen st. — ho. 76 
Jameson, IMrs Cecilia, 5 Pitt street 
Jameson, Miss, 21 Royal circus 
Jameson, Jane M. 3 East Newington place 
Jamieson, Alex, accountant, 65 Princes street 

— house, 6 Nelson st. 
Jamieson, Alex, cowfeeder, 4 St James' sq. 
Jamieson, Alex, turner, 71 Adam square 
Jamieson, Andrew, S.S.C. 7 Great Stuart st. 
Jamieson, Andrew, tailor, foot of Fleshmt. cl. 
Jamieson, Bernard, spirit dealer, 42 Shore 
Jamieson, Gilbert and Son, wine and tea 

merchants, 66 Grassraarket 
Jamieson, Hen. ivory turner, 29 Richmond pi. 
Jamieson, James, boot and shoemaker, 13 

Riddel's close 
Jamieson, N. commercial clerk, 13 Cannon st. 
Jamieson, P. wine and spirit merchant, 6 

Nicolson square 
Jamieson, Robert & Co. wholesale coffee and 

spice dealers, 8 Leith street terrace 
Jamieson, Robert, chemist and druggist, 4 

Deanhaugh street — ho. 23 Raeburn place 
Jamieson, William T. solicitor, and agent for 

the Defender Fire and Life Insur, Co. 38 

N. Hanover street — ho. 23 Raeburn place 
Jamieson, W. M. haberder. 60 & 62 High st. 





Jamieson, Mrs Isabella, ladies' nurse, 25 
Arthur street. 

Jamieson, 3Irs, 10 Comely green place 

Jamieson, Mrs R. 136 Causeyside 

Jamieson, IMrs William, 34 Howe street 

Jannetti, Signer, Italian teacher, 14 Hope st. 

Jardine, Francis, wine merchant and grocer, 
109 George street ■ 

Jardine, James, civil engineer, 18 Queen st. 

Jardine, Stodart, & Fraser, W.S. 31 Princes st. 

Jardine, W. A. engineer and surveyor, 18 
Queen street 

Jardine, Miss, 14 Inverleith row 

Jastrau, William {W. J. S,- Co.), 8 Baxter pi. 

Jeandin, Francis, French basket warehouse, 3 
Crichton street — ho. 26 Rankeillor street 

Jeannin, Mademoiselle, professor of French, 
65 George street 

Jeffery, E. broker, 240 Cowgate 

JefFery, .James, 2 High school yards 

JefFery, John J. grocer and wine merchant, 

Jeffrey, John & Co. brewers, 73 Grassmarket 

Jeffrey, John (J. J. and Co.), 5 Lynedoch pi. 

Jeffrey, John, tobacconist, 37 Hanover street 

Jeffrey, Robt. engraver and printer, 72 Nor- 
thumberland street 

Jeffrey, Thomas, grocer, 227 Canongate 

Jeffrey, William, draper, 4S Tolbooth wynd, 
Leith — house, 10 Wellington place 

Jeflfrey, William, accountant, 43 Potterrow 

JeflFrey, Airs Jessie, 6 Mansfield place 

Jeffrey, Mrs, 27 Brunswick street 

Jelly, Mrs Bethia, 7 Upper Gilmore place 

Jenkins, Mrs, 5 St Bernard's row 

Jenkinson, Wm. and Jas. wine and spirit 
merchants, 77, 78, and 79 St Andrew street, 

Jenkinson, James ( W. and J. J.), So. Junct. 

Jenkinson, James, grocer, 2 East Arthur pi. 

Jenkinson, John, cowfeeder, 3 Dean street 

Jenkinson, Wm. ( W. mid J. J.), 17 Bath st. 

Jenkinson, Maitland, spirit dealer, 34 Giles' 
street, Leith 

Jenner, Charles (A', and J.), 32 Howard place 

Jervis, Mrs, cloak, bonnet, and corset rooms, 
9 1 Princes street 

Jobson, Kobt., innkeeper, 15i Fleshmarket cl. 

Jockel, Conrad, flesher and ham-curer, 55 
Frederick street — house, 59 

Jockel, Christian, Berlin and Frankfort ware- 
house, 1 18 George street. West end Bazaar 

.loel, Moses, 18 Drummond street 

.Johns, T. i\- Co. clothiers, 95 Princes street 

Johnson, Joseph {Scot. Wid. Fund), 39 Dub- 
lin street 

Johnston, A. and J. victuallers, 91 Canongate 

Johnston and Thorn, coal merchants, 11 Port- 
Hamilton — house, 4 Grove street 

.Johnston, Adam, currier and leather mer- 
chant, C6 St Mary's wynd 

Johnston, Ad. merchant, 1 Rankeillor street 

Johnston, Adam, baker, 12 Home street 
Johnston, Alexander, W.S. 5 York place 
Johnston, A. cabinetmaker and undertaker, 

9 Charles street, and 6 Park place 
Johnston, Alex, builder, 1 1 South Norton 

Johnston, Alex, flesher, 3 Qneensferry street 
Johnston, Alex, baker and victual dealer, 10 

and 14 Calton street — ho. 13 Calton hill 
Johnston, Alex. K. geographer to the Queen 
{W. ^ A. K. J.), March hall park, Dal- 
keith road 
Johnston, A. (T/ios. J. S^- Son), 69 Rose st. 
Johnston, Bosewell, cowfeeder, 26 Brunswick 

Johnston, Charles (A". B. Rail. Co.'s office), 
24 St Andrew square — house, Freeman's 
cottage, Causeyside 
Johnston, Daniel,cabinetmaker & woodmercht. 
S. back of Canongate — ho. 10 E. Adam st. 
Johnston, David, tanner and currier, 70 St 

Mary's wynd — tanwork, do. 
Johnston, David, brassfounder, 62 Thistle st. 
Johnston, Major George, 10 Pilrig street 
Johnston, Geo., teacher of dancing, 11 Brown 

Johnston, Geo jun. professor of dancing, 75 

Princes street 
Johnston, Geo., Edinburgh Temperance hotel 

and reading-room, 5 Nicolson street 
Johnston, Rev. George, F.S.A.6 Minto street 
Johnston, George, private teacher, 7 N.-w. 

Circus place 
Johnston, George, hairdresser, 55 Earl Grey 

Johnston, Henry, 3 Hermitage hill 
Johnston, Hugh, 12 Bellevue crescent 
Johnston, H. lieutenant R.N., Bellevue Ferry- 
Johnston, J. S., S.S C. 28 Pitt street 
Johnstoi^ J. S. 5 George square 
Johnston, James, 10 Gilmore place 
.Johnston, James, 53 Cumberland street 
Johnston, James, writer, Silvermills cottage 
Johnston, James, 61 York place 
Johnston, James, currier, 68 St Mary's wynd 
Johnston, James, M.D. surgeon, a4 Queen st. . 
Johnston, .Tas. belt maker, 501 Lawnmarket 
Johnston, James, ofiBcer of Fishery, 1 East- 
field place 
Johnston, James, cowfeeder, 6 Allan street 
Johnston, Jn. (Coi/ S,- J.), 17 Union place 
Johnston, Rev. John, M. A. bead-master, Geo. 

Watson's Hospital 
Johnston, John, gardener, Braid's burn 
Johnston, John, surveyor, 28 Grcenside st. 
Johnston, John G. 7 Scotland street 
Johnston, John K. teachtr, 3 West Preston st. 
.Tohuston, M. spirit dealer, Newhaven 
Johnston, Patrick, broker, 136 Cowgate 
Johnston, I\Iajor P. 37 East Clarcmont street 
Johnston, Peter T. writer, 9 Crichton street 
Johnston, Robert, 1 Albany street, Leith 



Johnston, Robert, W.S. 8 Broughton place 
Johnston, Robt. paiuter, 5 Charlotte st. Leith 
Johnston, Robert, Merchiston cottage, Burgh- 

Johnston, Robt. chaplain to city workhouse, 

17 St James' square 
Johnston, Robt. victual dealer, 49 Hanover st. 
Johnston, Robert, builder and house agent, 

91 and 92 Fountainbridge 
Johnston, Robert, accountant, 19 North St 

David street 
Johnston, Robert, accountant, 20 Annandale 

Johnston, T. and Sons, Wrights', 69 Rose st. 
Johnston, Thos. cabinetmaker, 34 Castle st. 
Johnston, Thomas, ironmonger, 44 Tolbooth 

wynd, Leith 
Johnston, T. B. {W. S; A. K. J.), 17 Gay- 
field square 
Johnston, Thos. victual dealer, 5 Bedford st. 
Johnston, Thos. printer, 11 West Adam street 
Johnston, W. & A. K. geographers, engravers, 
and printers to the Queen, publishers, litho- 
graphers, and stationers, 4 St Andrew sq. 
Johnston, Rev. William, 23 Archibald place 
Johnston, W^m. B. artist, Silverraills cottage 
Johnston, Wm. (iV. B. Office), 24 Heriot pi. 
Johnston, Wm. victual dealer, ]9 Howe street 

— house, 1 
Johnston, William, baker, 123 Rose street 
Johnston, Wm. dairy, 29 St Patrick square 
Johnston, William, agent, 3 Davie street 
Johnston, Mrs, of Sands, 18 Royal terrace 
Johnston, Mrs Isabella, stoneware merchant, 
74 St Andrew St.— ho. 13 Tolbooth wynd, 
Johnston, Mrs, ladies' nurse, 31 Brunswick st. 
Johnston, Mrs William, II Howe street 
Johnston, Mrs J. stabler, 100 Grassmarket 
Johnston, Mrs, victual dlr. 74 Broughtoii st. 
Johnston, Mrs, ladies' nurse, 7 Abbey 
Johnston, Mrs, French stay-mkr.45 George st. 
Johnston, Mrs Dr, 8 Pilrig street 
Johnston, Mrs, lodgings, 27 Elder street 
Johnston, Mrs, 3 South Charlotte street 
Johnston, Miss A. 31 East Claremont street 
Johnston, Miss Isabella, shawl cleaner, 21 

Carnegie street 
Johnston, Miss, 13 Gilmore place 
Johnston, Miss, straw-hat maker, 7 Hay st. 
Johnston, Misses E. & J. silk and worsted 

warehouse, 57 South bridge 
Johnstone & Hunter, printers, publishers, and 
booksellers, 15 Princes street, and 104 High 
Johnstone, David, 2 Rankeillor place 
Johnstone, Fred, tavern-keeper, 11 Abbey 
Johnstone, John {J. ^ Hunter), 13 St John st. 
Johnstone, John, engraver, printer, & litho- 
grapher, 7 Park street 
Johnstone, John, 12 Buccleuch place 
Johnstone, William, commission agent,. 4 
Glover street 



Johnstone, William James Hope, Rear-admiral, 

24 Albany street 
Johnstone, Wm. teacher, 38 Fountainbridge 
Johnstone, Mrs Major, 4 Howard place 
.Johnstone, Mrs, 37 Albany street 
Johnstone, Miss, 3 Howard place 
Johnstone, Miss, Holyrood palace 
Johnstone, Miss Agnes, 4 Montgomery street 
Johnstone, Miss G. milliner and dressmaker. 

6 Ronaldfon's buildings 
Johnbtone, Miss Margaret, shoe warehouse, 

283 High street 
.loiner, James, tailor, 4 N. St David street 
Jollie, Strong, & Henry, W.S. chambers, 21 

Young street 
Jollie, Walter, W.S. 59 Melville street 
Jolly, Robt. of Stevenston, 21 Windsor st. 
Jones, Alex, shipmaster, 14 Albany st. Leith 
Jones, Francis {G.P. O.), 17 Keir street 
Jones, George, merchant, 24 Danube street 
Jones, Liston, tea, coffee, and spirit dealer, 

31 Couper street 
Jones, Rev. T. Henshaw, 13 Shandwick place 
Jones, T. agent. Bank of Scotland, 17 Char- 
lotte street, Leith 
Jopp and Johnston, W.S. 30 Albany street 
Jopp, Charles, civil engineer, 118 George 

street— house, 1 5 Northumberland street 
Jopp, John, W.S. 30 Albany street 
Jordan, William, spirit dealer, 13 Calton st. 
Jordan, Mrs John, 45 Tolbooth wynd, Leith 
Junkison, Wm. flesher, 91 Kirkgate 
Junner, J. M. solicitor and accountant, 6 N. 

St David street — house, U Union st. 
Juridical Society, 40 Charlotte square 
Jury Clerk's Office, Register house 
Justice of Peace Office, City, Royal Exchange 
Justice of Peace Office, County hall 
Justiciary Office, Register house 

Karley, Capt. A., R.N., 4 Clarendon crest. 
Kay, Alex, plumber & gasfitter, 144 Princes 

street — house, ditto 
Kay, George, fruiterer, 147 Princes street 
Kay, Jas. basket manufacturer, Gd Tolbooth 

wynd and 18 Queen street, Leith 
Kay, Jas. & Son, upholsterers & undertakers, 

1 Teviot row 
Kay, Jas. surgeon R.N. 27 Hamilton place 
Kay, J. W. lace warehouse, 1 05 George street 
Kay, John, agent, 26 Charles street 
Kay, John, teacher, 98 Constitution street 
Kay, John, wine & spirit merchant, 39 Jamaica 

street — house, 72 Northumberland street 
Kay, John, basketmaker. Market stairs, 27 

North bridge 
Kay, Peter ( Oliver ^ Boyd), 2 Buccleuch pi. 
Kay, Robert, stabler and spirit dealer, 9 St 

Anthony place 
Kay, Robert, Union Hotel, 4 Lothian road 
Kay, Thos. {Jas. K. ^ Son), Dick pi. Grange 
Kay, Tho. plumber and gastitter, 18 Charlotte 

place — house, 9 William street 





Kay, Thomas, missionary, 8 Glover street 
Kay, Wm. ship-chandler and painter, 6 & 8 

Commercial pi ho. 1 Prince Regent street 

Kay, William, stationer, 6 Bank street 
Kay, Mrs T. 20 Barony street 
Keating & Co. outfitters, 4 Kirkgate, Leith 
Keddie & Knox, wrights and cabinetmakers, 

12 North Melville pi. and 17 Church st. 
Keddie, John, bootmaker, 25 Hanover street 
Keddie, Nicholas, spirit merchant, 202 Rose 

Keddie, Thos. cahinetraaker and appraiser, 7 

and ] 4 Melville place — house, 9 
Kedslie, Alex, Malta house 
Kedslie, A. F., Middlefield house, Leith walk 
Kedslie, A. F. commis. mercht. 27 Quality st. 

(agent for Atlas Assurance Co. London) 
Kedslie, Geo. late upholsterer, Hebron bank, 

Canaan lane 
Kedslie, Mrs, ]\Iiddlefield house, Leith walk 
Keedy, William, 49 Canongate 
Keegan, John, solicitor, 5 N. St David street 
Keegan, T. wine merchant, ] N. St David 

street and 7 ISTorth St Andrew street 
Keighley, Matt. 2 Upper Gray street 
KeiUer, Dr Alexander, F.R.C.P.E. 30 Nor- 
thumberland street 
Keiller, Mathewson, 5 George square 
Keiller, William, 5 George square 
Keiller, JIrs, 5 George square 
Keir, Robert, warehouseman, 9 Fife place 
Keir, Miss Ann, furnishing shop, 48 Kirkgate 
Keir, Miss, 12 Torphichen street 
Keir, IMisses, 12 Buccleuch place 
Keith E. bookseller and stationer, 36 Howe st. 
Keith, Geo. S., M.D., F.R.C.P. 58 Northum- 
berland street 
Keith, James, printseller.pictureframe maker, 

and artists' colourman, 60 Princes street 
Keith, Dr Jas., F.R.C.S.E. 10 Wemyss place 
Keith, Thomas, grocer, 152 Fountainhrldge 
Keith, Thos., M.D., F.R.C.S.E. 26 India st. 
Kell, Mrs, 145 Princes street 
Kelland, Professor, 20 Clarendon crescent 
Kelly, And. pocket-book maker, 52 West 

Register street 
Kelly, .John, locksmith, 156 Rose st. — ho. 166 
Kelly, Patrick, pawnbroker, 258 Canongate 
Kelly, Peter, lodgings, 6 Howe street 
Kelly, Mrs. lodgings, 9 Hope street 
Kelly, Mrs, midwife & ladies' nurse, 2-3 Howe 

Kelt, Mrs, china merchant, 17 Horse wynd 
Kemme, Jacob, Granton brick and tile work 
Kemp & Co. chemicaland philosophical instru- 
ment makers, 12 & l.i Infirmary street 
Kemp, Francis, janitor, Circus place school, 

2 Royal circus 
Kemp, George, clerk, 17 Cannon street, Leith 
Kemp, J. & R.coal merclits. 14 Port-Hamilton 
Kemp, .lames, coal merchant, 5 Morrison st. 
Kemp, .lames, baker, 42 Jamaica street 
Kemp, John, chimney-sweeper, (5 Rose street 

Kemp, Robert, letter-carrier, 7 Calton hill 
Kemp, T. Lindley, M.D. 2 Upper Dean ter. 
Kemp, Wm. confectioner, 12 North bridge, 

and 37 Nicolson street 
Kemp, William, victual dealer, 13 Tobago st. 
Kemp, William, tailor, 75 Giles' street 
Kemp, Mrs Robert, 27 j\Iontagu street 
Kemp, jNIiss, 25 Royal crescent 
Kempster, Thomas, sheriflF officer, 3 Salisbnry 

Kenmore, John, 22 Elm row 
Kennedy, Angus, 26 Cumberland street 
Kennedy, A., tea and coffee merchant, 102 

High street, house 4 West Adam street 
Kennedy, Bruce, King's Arms inn, Newhaven 
Kennedy, Daniel, sheep and cattle agent, 1 3 

Gardner's crescent 
Kennedy, Donald, wine and spirit merchant, 6 

East Register street 
Kennedy, Francis, 71 York place 
Kennedy, Fred, hop and seed agent, 51 

Princes st. — house, 100 Lauriston place 
Kennedy, Hugh, W.S. 37 L<mdon street 
Keimedy, James, tailor, 25 Thistle street 
Kennedy, J. ironm. & gasfitter, 3 Wemyss pi. 
Kennedy, John, 3 Anderson's court 
Kennedy, John, W.S. 71 Great King street 
Kennedy, Robert, grocer and spirit dealer, 1 

St James' place 
Kennedy, Thomas, artist, 30 Rutland square 
Kennedy, Thomas, Wardie hotel, Granton 
Kennedy, Wm. ship hotel (successor to Fer- 

gusson), East Register street 
Kennedy, Wm., W.S. 59 Northumberland st. 
Kennedy, W. P. bookseller, &c. 15 South St 

Andrew street — house, 7 London street 
Kennedy, Mrs, of Romanno, 71 York place 
Kennedy, Mrs, straw-hat maker, 5 North 

Richmond street 
Kennedy, Miss, Helen cottage, Canaan 
Kennington& Jenner,silk mercers and drapers, 

47 and 48 Princes st. and 2, 4, 6, 8, and 10 

St David street 
Kenward,W.D. music-teacher, ISt Vincent st. 
Ken ward, W. music-teacher, 1 St Vincent st. 
Keir, Robert, warehouseman, 9 Fife place 
Keir, Miss, 12 Torphichen street 
Ker, Robert, spirit dealer, 38 Potterrow 
Ker, Robert Darling, St Leonard's hou-e 
Ker, Thomas and Son, corn merchants, St 

Leonard's house 
Ker, Mrs, 26 Ann street 
Ker, Mrs, Nelson's Monument, Calton hill 
Ker, Mrs Thomas, 6 West Preston street 
Ker, IMrs Wm. Herris, 9 Albyn place 
Ker, Miss M. A. 18 Upper Gray street 
Ker, ]\Iiss, Greenhill gardens 
Ker's laboratory, 16 Leith street 
Kermack, John, W.S. 20 Broughton place 
Kermack, John and W. R., W.S. 20 Brough- 
ton place 
j K^mack, W. R., W.S. 20 Broughton place 
Kermack, Mies, '.i Lynedoch place 





Kidd, Chas. tailor & clothier, 146 Princes st. 

Kidd, Rev. George, teaclier, I Farquharson pi. 

Kidd, James, 121 Nicolson st. 

Kidd, John, merchant, 88 Constitution st. 

Kidd, John, baker & vict. deal. 21 Arthur st. 

Kidd, Tho8. (G. P. Office), 2 Gienorchy pi. 

Kidd, Mis&, 5 Portland place 

Kieser,Jn.C. teacherof music, 14 Hope street 

Kigie, Wm. tailor, 22 Society 

Kilgour, James, assistant- keeper of register of 

deeds, &c. 8 IMinto street 
Kilgour, James, flesher, Newhaven 
Kilgour, Jas. classical teacher, 8 Downie pi. 
Kilgour, Joseph, wholesale and retail tea and 

coffee merchant, 74 Tolbooth wynd, Leith 
Kilgour, Thos. (^Royil Bank), 5 Comely bk. 
Kilgour, William, of Glaslie, 39 Ann street 
Kilg-our, Mrs, lodgings, 136 Princes street 
Kilgour, Mrs Wm. 18 Nicolson street 
KiLi.iNGWoRTH Colliery, 3 E. Register street 
Killoch, Miss, straw hat mak. 66 Nicolson st. 
Kilpatrick, Mrs, vict. dealer, 173 Wtst port 
Kincaid, Sir John, Inspector of the Prisons 

and Factories of Scot. United Service Club 
King, Chas. spirit dealer, 6 Shakspeare sq. 
King, R. gas-fitter and bell-hanger, 6 Simon sq. 
King. Thos. gardener. Canon st. Canonmills 
King, Mrs, band-box manuf. Old Assembly cl. 
King, Misses, milliners, &c. 35 Castle street 
Kinghorn, Jas. wright, 12 Coburg st. 
Kinghorn, Wm. 15 India street 
Kinghorn, Mrs Alex. 3 Cromwell street 
Kininmont, Rev. A. D. 1 Morton street 
Kinlay, John, agent for Tranent colliery, 

Rose lane house. Comely green cottage. — 

See Adv. 
Kinloch, Sam. silver-chaser, 11 Drummd. st. 
Kinloch, Mrs, lodgings, 146 Princes street 
Kinloch, Miss, teacher of pianof. and singing, 

25 India street 
Kinnaird, Miss, 32 Rankeillor street 
Kinnaird, Miss Margaret, 6 Leopold place 
Kinnear, David, accountant and stockbroker, 

4 North St David street 
Kinnear, J.German clock maker, 475 Lawn- 
Kinnear, John, spirit dealer, 1 Johnston place 
Kinnear, Robert, 48 India street 
Kinnear, Mrs James, 3 Clarendon crescent 
Kinnear, Mrs Thos. 3 Clarence street 
Kinnell, Mrs, ladies' nurse, 5 St James' place 
Kinniburgh, David, coal merchant, agent for 

Garnkirk Fire- clay Co. 16 Port-Hopetoun 

— house, 18 Downie place 
Kinnis, Mrs, ladies' nurse, 50 Cumberland st. 
Kinnoch, Andrew, foundry. Abbey hill — 

house, 61 
Kippen, A . hotel, 2 Terrace, Leith street 
Kippen, Dun. spirit mer. 25 Richmond place 
Kippen, Miss Margaret, 1 Rutland square 
Kirk, Rev. John, Hopefield cottage, Greenhill 

Kirk, John, W.S. 40 Heriot Row 

Kerr,j!Llex. boot and shoemaker, 7 Romilly pi. 
Kerr, Andrew, clerk (office o/H. M. Works), 

Sciennes gardens 
Kerr, And. A. {Royal Bank), 4 Broughton pi. 
Kerr, Archibald, tailor, 17 West Register st. 
Kerr, Chas. M. wine mer. 9 Bernard st. Leith 

— house, 1 1 Dean terrace, Edinburgh 
Kerr, Chas. Jas. sec. Edin. ^ Glasgow Bank, 

45 Albany street 
Kerr, Geo. grocer and tea dealer, 48 Brough- 
ton street — house, 26 St James' square 
Kerr, G , china warehouse, 149 Canongate 
Kerr, George, house agent, 8 Hamilton place 
Kerr, Lieut. Geo. C, R.N. 4 Saxe Coburg pi. 
Kerr, Henry, com. agent, 53 Albany street 
Kerr, H. N. J. 40 Inverleith row 
Kerr, Hugh, coach-hirer, 9 William street 
Kerr, James, provision merchant,27 Bridge st. 
Kerr, James, grocer, 15 Poplar lane 
Kerr, James, 6 Gardner's crescent 
Kerr, James, grocer, 89 Nicolson street 
Kerr, James, missionary, 3 Shrub place 
Kerr, James, Lieutenant R.N. Hope cottage 
Kerr, Jas. tea & coffee merchant, 21 Richmond 

Kerr, Jas. bookseller & circulating library, 

32 Nicolson street 
Kerr, James, spirit dealer, 155 West port 
Kerr, James, hosier, 91 Nicolson street 
Kerr, James, lath-splitter. Low Broughton 
Kerr, John, 17 Norton place 
Kerr, John B. umbrella manuf. 47 Tolbooth 

wynd — house, 13 
Kerr, John, grocer, 37 North Richmond street 
Kerr, John, grocer, 146 Cowgate 
Kerr, Jonathan D. cupper to the Queen 
Kerr, R. & Son, tailors & clothiers, 1 Elder st. 
Kerr, Robt., M.A. classical teacher, 3 Lothian 

Kerr, Robert {Com. Bank), 53 Albany street 
Kerr, Robt. wine mercht. & grocer, 5 and 6 

Richmond lane 
Kerr, Robert, baker, 16 Hill place — house, 7 

Hill square 
Kerr, Robert, victual dealer, 12 Jamaica st. 
Kerr, Thomas, cowfeeder, 2 Riego street 
Kerr, Thomas and Son, tailors and clothiers, 

85 South bridge 
Kerr, Thomas, letter-carrier, 37 Arthur st. 
Kt-rr, Wm. wine & spirit merchant, 1 Princes 

street, 148 High st., 19 Hanover street, and 

Bridge hotel, 1 Princes street 
Kerr, W. steam boat & coach office, 1 Princes st. 
Kerr, William, builder, 2 Lord Russell pi. 
Kerr, Mrs, 19 Fettes row 
Kerr, Miss, 1 5 Scotland street 
Kerr, Miss Agnes, milliner, 31 Lothian street 
Kerr, Miss G. milliner, &c. 3 Downie place 
Kerr, INIiss Margaret, 31 Morrison street 
Kerr, Miss, dressmaker, Baxter's close 
Kerr, Miss, 4 Upper Dean terrace 
Ketching, Wm. clockmaker, Malloch's close, 

75 Canongate 





Kirk, John, Ship Inn, Newhaven 
Kirk, Robert, 13 Cassels' place 
Kirk, Mrs, 5 Roxburgh place 
Kirkaldy, Mrs, 22 Windsor street 
Kirkham, Mrs, 6\ Broughton street 
Kirkhope, John, grocer and wine mercht. I 
So. JNIelville place— house, 3 Randolph pi. 
Kirkland, John, clerk, 24 Gardner's crescent 
Kirkland, John, manager Duke of Hamilton's 

collieries, 10 Port-Hamilton 
Kirkland, Mrs, I Hope street, Leith walk 
Kirkland, Mrs James, lodgings, 10 Preston st. 
Kirkpatrick, John, advocate, 12 Charlotte sq. 
Kirkwood & Murray, wholesale hardware 

merchants, 78 South bridge 
Kirkwood, Alexander, die and stamp cutter, 

Meuse lane — house, 20 Pitt street 
Kirkwood, Alex, flesher, 297 Canongate 
Kirkwood, Charles, accountant, 2 Paterson's 

court, Old Broughton 
Kirkwood, James, working jewr. 12 Thistle 

Kirkwood, James, goldsmith, 10 Duncan street 
Kirkwood, Rev. James, 27 Claremont street 
Kirkwood, Robt. tailor, 8 Brunswick street 
Kirkwood, Robt. civil engineer, 57 No. bridge 

— house, 1 Carleton street 
Kirkwood, Waiter, 7 Hunter square 
Kirkwood, Wm. & Sons, plumbers and gas- 
fitters, West Thistle street lane — house, 
Arniston place 
Kirkwood, Mrs Captain James, 25 Yorkpl. 
Kirkwood, Mrs John, 26 Royal crescent 
Kirkwood, Mrs, 30 Pitt street 
Kirkwood, Mrs, 1 Carlton street 
Kirkwood, Mrs, ladies' nurse, 109 Rose st. 
Kissock, Miss, 10 Forres street 
Kitchen, John, plasterer, 11 Cowan's close 
Klausman, A. and D., clockmakers, 10 Nicol- 

8011 street 
Kitchie, Robert, blacksmith, 9 Beauaiont pi. 
Knapp, Dr John, 65 Inverleith row 
Knight, And. waggoner. Bowling-green ho. 
Knight, George, 1 Montpelier 
Knight, G. & Son, smiths and furnishing iron- 
mongers, 21 Wtst Register street— ho. 24 
Calton hill 
Knight, R. (of G. K. and Son), 26 Calton hill 
Knight, Wm. hairdresser, 19 Kirkgate 
Knight, W., gro. & spirit dealer, 88 Canong. 
Knight, Mrs, grocer & spirit deal. 6 Coburg st. 
Knox retreshnn-nt rooms, 53 High street — 

.John M'Kechnie, superintendent 
Knox, Captain Alexander, 3 Salisbury place 
Knox, James, land surveyor iS: civil engineer, 

Knox, James, Batlifield cottage, Leith 
Jvnox, James, glazier, 16 Catharine street 

— houne, 4 Kast Uroujihton place 
Knox, Samuel, & Dickson, fringe and gimp i 
manufacturers, hosiers, glovers, & small- 
ware merchants, 13, 15, and 17 South 
Hanover street 

Knox, Thomas (ifi, Samuel, ^ Dickson), 67 
Hanover street 

Knox, Wra.,M.D. and surgeon, 11 Hart street 

Knox, Mrs, 16 Barony street 

Knox, Miss, Drum, Easter road 

Knox, Miss, 7 Fife place 

Knox, Miss, 15 Clerk street 

Kohler, E. harp-string maker, 187 High street 

Kreutzer, Bernhard, director of music to H. 
R.H. the Grand Duke of Baden, 1 Great 
Stuart street 

Kyle, Alexander, baker, 82 Kirkgate 

Kyle, James & Son, bootmakers, 12 Constitu- 
tion street — house, 3 Madeira street 

Kyle, John, coal merchant, 3 St Leonard's 
depot — house, 45 New street 

Kyle, Mrs Archibald, 1 Whitfield place, 
Leith Walk 

Kyles, Thomas, carver and gilder, 2 Vennel 

Kynoch, Mrs, 9 Torphichen street 

Laidlaw & Cowan, drapers and milliners, 294 

Laidlaw, David, victualler and dairyman, 1 14 

Laidlaw, George, grocer and spirit merchant. 

New lane, Newhaven 
Laidlaw, James, baker, 4 Kerr street 
Laidlaw, R. & Son, Venetian blind manufs. 

bell-hangers, brassfounders, gas-meter ma- 
nufacturers, and gasfitters, Simon square 
Laidlaw, Mrs, victual dealer, 23 Arthur st. 
Laidlaw, Mrs, 3 Newington place 
Laidlaw, Mrs, ladies' nurse, 120 Nicolson st. 
Laidlaw, IMiss, 10 South Gray street 
Laidlaw, Miss, dressmaker, 32 Clerk st. 
Laing, A. tailor & clothier, 23 Sandport street 
Laing, Archd. C. tailor, 29 N. Richmond st. 
Laing, David, Signet library — house, James' 

street, Portobello 
Laing, David, writer, 5 Randolph place 
Laing, Geo. Venetian blind maker & wright, 

70 Potterrow. — See Adv. 
Laing, H. & Co. fishmongers, I Hope street 
Laing, James B.(-B. of Scutlu^id), 27 Windsor 

Laing, James, accountant, 19 St Andrew sq. 
Laing, James {R. Schaw &; Co.), 15 Albany 

street, Leith 
Laing, John and Sons, Royal horse bazaar, & 

postmastfrs to her JNlajesty, Lothian road ■ 

— house, 7 St Cuthbert's glebe 
Laing, Jn. glass stainer and japanntr, 8 Caltoa 

hill — house, 12 High terrace 
Laing, Rev. .John, 26 Pitt street 
Laing, Rob. {Rat/nl Bank), 27 Windsor street 
Laing, R. gravel dealer, Rosehall, Newington 
Laing, William, ship agent, 44 Bernard street, 

— house, 9 Albany street, Leith 
Laing, Mrs Isabella, matron, Orphan hospital 
Laing, Mrs, 25 Gayfield square 
Laing, Mrs, 41 East Claremont street 
Laing, Mrs, 22 London street 





Laing, Mrs, 16 York place 
Laing, Miss, 32 Gilmore place 
Laing, Miss Helen, boarding-school, Newh. 
Laird & Banks, salt manufacturers, 22 Con- 
stitution street 
Laird, Robert B. (Z>. §• L.), 9 Grove street 
Laird, Mrs, grocer, 5 East Richmond street 
Laird, Mrs, sick-nurse, 28 India place 
Lamb, Edm. clerk, Ho. of Refuge, Canong. 
Lamb, James, glasg-stainer, 1 Market place 
Lamb, John, builder, Lothian road — house, 

4 Dunbar street 
Lamb, John and Thomas, slaters, glaziers, 

and house agents, 78 Clerk street 
Lamb, Peter (C'«s^OMw), 2 Vanburgh pi. Leith 
Lamb, Richard, accountant, 21 Leith street 
Lamb, Robert (late wood merchant), 90 St An- 
drew street, Leith 
Lamb, Robert, embosser and black borderer, 

11 Hanover street 
Lamb, Tho, confectioner, 19 Leith street — 

house, 21 
Lamb, Thos. & J. slaters, glaziers, and house 

agents, 78 Clerk street 
Lamb, Wm. wright, 10 Coatfield lane, Leith 
Lamb, William, wright, 40 Rose street lane 
Lamb, Miss, matron, St Cuthbert's poorho. 
Lamb, Mrs, 26 Duiidas street 
Lambe, A. J. 8 Coates crescent 
Lambie, teacher, 2 Ellen street. North Leith 
Lammie, Hugh, 76 Broughion street 
Lamond, Alex, accountant, 40 India street 
Laraond, Duncan, 15 Graham street 
Lamond, Duncan, spirit mercht. 1 Maitlandst. 
Laraond, Jas., S.S.C & N.P. 11 Darnaway st. 
Lamond, John, watchmaker, 16 Riddle's ct. 
Lamond, William, W.S. 56 Buccleuch st. 
Lamond, Mrs C^pt. 7 Frederick street 
Lamond, Mrs Dr, 18 Windsor street 
Lamond, Miss Christian, 56 India street 
Lamont and Newton, W.S. 33 Gt. King st. 
Lamont, Alex, of Knockdow, W.S. 28 Royal 

Lamont, John, manager, Inverleith nursery 
Lamont, Mrs, lodgings, 7 Park street 
L'Amy, Sylvester, 27 Northumberland street 
L'Aray, Miss, 27 Northumberland street 
Lancaster, Mrs, lodgings, 35 Moray place 
Lancefield, Alfred, civil engineer, surveyor, 
teacher of fortifications, and civil and mili- 
tary engineering drawing, 6 S. Castle st. 
Land, E. M. & Co. printers, 25 St James' sq. 
Landale, David, mining engineer, 6 Forth 
Landale, Robert, of Pitmedden, S.SiC. & 

N.P. 9 Drummond place 
Landale, T. and R., S.S.C. 18 Forth street 
Landale, Thomas, S.S.C. 18 Forth street 
Landels, Mrs E. spirit dealer, 1 Haddington pi. 
Lane, Thos. school-slate maker, 37 Leith walk 
Lane, Mrs T , Taaphall, Ferry road 
liang, Daniel, 11 Henry street 
Lang, Peter {Com. Bank), 8 Wharton place 
Lang, Rob. L. writer, 10 Grove street 

Lang, Samuel, fishing-rod and tackle mauu- 

facturer, 59 Princes street 
Lang, Mrs W. 8 Danube street 
Lang, Mrs Margaret, 3 Blacket place 
Lang, Miss, George street, Leilh 
Lang, Miss Mary, Greenhill bank 
Langhorn, Mrs, 1 South Charlotte street 
Langlands, William, wright, Tipperlinn cot. 
Lapsley, Mrs, 24 South Castle street 
Largie, J. Edin. Ropery Co. Fritbfield cottage 
Larnach, Alex, commercial hotel, 14 Com- 
mercial place 
Lascelles, Mrs, broker, 262 Cowgate 
Latimer, George B. watch and clock maker. 

Cant's close 
Latimer, Mrs, 14 Castle street ^ 
Latimer, Mrs, proprietor of M'Phersou's 

ointment, Cant's close 
Latta, Mrs Robert, St Ann's Bank house 
Latta, Mrs T. A. 39 Minto street 
Lauder, A., carpet manufacturer, draper, and 

furnishing warebouee, 46 Princes street — 

house, 17 Windsor street 
Lauder, James Eckford, E.S.A. historical 

and portrait- painter, 24 Fettes row 
Lauder, James, 19 Lutton place 
Lauder, John, victual dealer, 55 Canongate 
Lauder, Sir John Dick, Bart, of P'ountainhall, 

The Grange house 
Lauder, Thomas, baker, 9 East Regi?ter street 
Lauder, William, 3 Darling's buildings 
Lauder, Dowager Lady Dick, Greenhill house, ' 

Bruntsfield links 
Lauder, Mrs Catherine, lodgings, 1 Alva street 
Lauder, Mrs, 17 Windsor street 
Lauder, Mrs George, 5 Lothian road 
Lauder, Mrs Dr, 8 Windmill street 
Lauder, Miss M. lace cleaner, 13 Fredrck. st. 
Laughton, Mrs Jane, lodgings, 7 Hill place 
Laule, Fidely, German''clock maker and Ger- 
man fancy bazaar, 5 North bridge and 92 

South bridge 
Laurence, Geo. C. hair-dresser, 25 Rose st. 
Laurence, William, surveyor, 1 Darnaway st. 
Laurie & Glover,painters, 30 West Register et 
Laurie, Alex. & Co. printers to her Majesty, 

13 North Bank street 
Laurie, A. surg. & druggist, 47 Broughton st. 
Laurie, Andw. upholsterer, 3 Saunders street 
Laurie, Geo. dairy, 6 Elbe street 
Laurie, James, conjunct town-clerk, 10 Royal 

Exchange — house, 43 Ann street 
Laurie, J., groc. and spirit mer., 52 Yardheads 
Laurie, Jdhn, teacher, 31 Coatfield lane, Leith 
Laurie, Peter, Helena cottage, Sciennes hill 
Laurie, R. {L. Son, &^ Co.), 21 Claremont cr. 
Laurie, R. painter & paper-hanger, 3 Davie st. 
Laurie, Robert (T. B. Campbell 6i Co.), 118 

Constitution street 
Laurie, Thomas, writer and accountant, 6 

Clarence street 
Laurie, Son, and Co., American merchants, 

10 Quality street 





Laurie, Thomas, auctioneer and appraiser, 26 

Rankeillor street 
Laurie, Wro. Alex.,"W".S. Gazette keeper, and 

Sec. Grand Lodge of Scotland, 13 North 

Bank street 
Laurie, Wm. victual dealer, 161 Rose street 
Laurie, Wm. F. Hunterj W.S. 1 Avenue 

villas, Comely bank i 

Laurie, Wm. accountant, 126 Lauriston pL 
Laurie, Mrs James, 9 Hill place 
Laurie, Miss, dressmaker, 67 Cumberland st. 
Law Life Assurance Society of London, 33 

York place — D. Cormack, agent. — See Adv. 
Law Property Fire and Life Assurance Co. 

25 York place ; 

Law, Geo. {w. S^ G. L.), Rose park, Trinity 
Law, George, gardener, Hiilhousefield 
Law, James, tailor & clothier, 429 Lawnmar. 
Law, John, working jeweller, 3 Hanover st. 
Law, John, victual dealer, 5 ToUcross 
Law, John, Hillhouse6eld 
Law, Philip, officer, Commissioner of North. 

Lights, 84 George street 
Law, Robt. H. grocer and wine merchant, 16 

GreensiJe street 
Law, W. and G. dealers in tea and coffee, 31 

St Andrew square 
Law, Wm. ( W. c^ G. L.), Hermitage, Mur- 

Law, Mrs, midwife and ladies' nurse, 13 Rae- 

burn place 
Law, Mrs Helen, midwife, 3 Dean street 
Laws, Mrs A. T., Retreat cottage, Sciennes 
Law, iSIiss Elizabeth, 32 Saxe Coburg place 
Law, Miss S. grocer, Water of Leith 
Lawder, James, mason and chimney-sweep, 

Merrilees' close 
Lawrence, David, clerk, Granton pier 
Lawrence, James, surgeon R.N. 20 Minto st. 
Lawrence, Jane A. baby linen warehouse, 79 

Princes street 
Lawrenson, W. H. sp. deal. 10 Commercial pi. 
Lawrenson, Wm. spirit dealer, 56 Bernard st. 
Lawrie & Ritchie, brassfound. 12 Catharine st. 
Lawrie, A. & Co. commission coke and coal 

merchts. 24 Sheriff brae, Leiih — house, Cor- 

Lawrie, Alex, spirit merchant, 9 Dock place 
Lawrie, Alex, flrshcr, 40 High street 
Lawrie, Alex, music-teacher, 11 York place 
Lawrie, Alex. & Sons, commission merchants, 

6 St Andrew sq. — house, 46 Castle st. 
Lawrie, Aw. coke and coal wharf, 24 Shirra 

brae, Leith 
Lawrii', A. T. surgeon, Parkside house 
Lawrie, Andrew, 16 Downie place 
Lawrie, Charles, flesher, 71 Broughton st. 
Lawrie, Henry, clothitr, 7 Hill ^qua^e 
Lawrie, J. cabinetmaker and upholsterer, 

.32 Causeyside 
Lawrie, JameH, M.D. surg. 22 Rankeillor st. 
Lawrie, James, grocer, 5 East Sciennes Bt. 
Lawrie, James, flesher 4 Duke street, Leith 

Lawrie, J. W. (Sanderson §• i.), 6 Hay's court 
Lawrie, John (Z. |- R.), 2 St James' place 
Lawrie, John, baker, 26 Rose street 
Lawrie, Robt. mess. Com. Bank., 10 George st. 
Lawrie, Thomas, marble cutter, 37 Leith walk 
Lawrie, William H. commission merchant, 

46 N. Castle street 
Lawrie, W. mills, Coltbridge, Murrayfield 
Lawrie, Mrs Rachel, 47 Constitution street 
Lawrie, Mrs, 16 South Charlotte street 
Lawrie, Mrs, 39 St Leonard street 
Lawrie, Miss, 17 Arthur street 
Lawrie, Miss, 9 Ain^lie place 
Lawson, Andw. (G.P.-O.), 40 Model build. 
Lawson, Charles (P. L. §- iion), 35 George sq. 
Lawson, Francis, 1 Annandale street 
Lawson, Geo. boot and shoemaker, 86 Rose st. 
Lawson, George, 46 Charlotte square 
Lawson, G. assistant-secretary and curator to 

the Botanical Society, 7 Hill square 
Lawson, George, baker and conft'Ctioner, 1 

Arniston place — ho. 29 Upper Gray st. 
Lawson, George, poulterer and victual dealer, 

1 North St Andrew street 
Lawson, James, W.S. 33 London street 
Lawson, James, tobacco and snufF manufr. 

110 West port — house, 9 Graham st. 
Lawson, James H. Bos well road, Wardie 
Lawson, Jas. letter-carrier, 6 S. St James' st. 
Lawson, James, wright, 83 Rose street — 

house, 1 Tollcross 
Lawson, John, dairy, 21 Water lane 
Lawson, John, flesher, 180 Canongate 
Lawson, John and Robert, victual dealers, 
I 64 Grassmarket 

I Lawson, Mich.,S.L.&S.S.C. 16 S. Bridge st. 
I Lawson, Peter & Son, nurserymen, seeds- 
1 men, and wood foresters to the Queen's 
most excellent majesty, and to the High- 
land and Agricultural Society of Scotland, 
1 Geo. IV. bridge. — Nurseries, Golden 
Acres, Bangholm, Inverleith row, and 
Lilliput, Trinity 
Lawson, Wm. coach-hirer, 25 Duke street 
Lawson, William, silk and merino dyer, 31 

West Nicolson street 
Lawson, William, 10 Young street 
Lawson, Wm. glazier, 39 Bridge street 
Lawson, William, 5 Glover street 
Lawson, Mrs William, ladies' nurse, 4 Little 

King street 
Lawson, Mrs, cook, 39 India place 
Lawson, jNIiss, 21 Fettes row 
Lawson, Miss, designer and ornamental hair- 
worker, 47 Cumberland street 
Lawson, blisses, dressmakers, 9 Chapel street 
LawtoD, ]\Ir8 Allison, 4 Springfield 
Lazzaroni, Ant, figure maker, 96 Princes st. 
Lazzaroni, Ant. spirit dealer, 184 Cowgate 
Leackie, G, grocer and fruitertr, 1 Dundas st. 
Leailbetter, C. architect, Dick's place, Grange 
Leadbetter, James, spirit and provision mer- 
chant, 26 Causeyside and 12 Canning pi. 





Lear, William, 23 Pitt street 

Learmont, James and Co., Port-Hopetoun 

foundry, 69 Fountainbridge 
Learmonth, A. victual dealer, 54. Bristo et. 
Learmonth, John, of Dean, 6 Moray place 
Learmonth, Thomas, beilhanger,gasfitter, and 

coal merchant, 10 Barony street 
Learmonth, Misses, board, sch. 1 1 Rutland sq. 
Leask, J. B. ironm. 10 Tolbooth wynd, Leith 

— house, 1 Union street, foot of Leith v/alk 
Leaton, Miss, of Hoppyland castle, 88 Abbey 

Leavock, Mrs, 6 Windmill street 
Leburn, Thomas, S.S.C .58 George square 
Leburn, Pat. M. writer, 8 Upper Gilmore pi. 
Leckie, John, spirit merchant, 214 Cowgate 
Leckie, William, cashier. Com. Bank, 22 

Picardy place 
Leckie, Mrs, 22 Picardy place 
Leckie, Mrs, 4 Stafford street 
Le Conte, John, engraver, 15 St James' eq. 
Ledingham, Alex. M. merchant, 6 Hermitage 

place, Leith 
Lee, the Very Rev. Dr John, Principal of 

the University, College 
Lee, .Tames {Begbie and Z.), 5 Nicolson sq. 
Lee, Richard, lace merchant, 1 1 Nicolson st. 
Lee, Rev. Robt. D.D. professor, 24 George sq. 
Lee, Wm. corn merchant, 2 Leven street 

— house, 2 Gilmore place 
Lee, Miss, 21 Leopold place 
Lee, Misses, ladies' school, 5 Nicolson sq. 
Leechman, Alex, coal mercht. 3 Downie pi. 

Port Hopetoun 
Leechman, Jas. merchant, 4 Park street 
Leechman, Miss, Merchant Maiden hosp. 
Leef, Mrs Robert, 72 Northumberland st. 
Lees, Charles, R.S.A. 19 Scotland street 
Lees, David, 33 Earl Grey street 
Lees, George, LL.D. lecturer on natural 

philosophy, School of Arts 
Lees, Henry, secretary Edin. Perth and Dun- 
dee Railway, 26 Royal crescent 
Lees, John, tobacco manufr. 3 Brown square 

— house, Argyle park 
Lees, Robt. surg. & druggist, 20 Nicolson st. 
Legal and General Life Assurance Society, 7 

Nelson st. — Murray & Rhind, W.S. agents 
Legal and Commercial Life and Manchester 

Fire Assurance Societies, 8 Bank street — 

James P. Falkner, S.S.C. agent 
Legat, R. leather and hide factor, 28 Blair st. 
Leggat, G. & J. whip and thong makers to the 

Queen, 4 Brown square. — See Adv. 
Leggat, Jas. manager, Benniehill and Strath- 

aven collieries, 4 Port-Hopetoun — house, 

17 Portland place 
Leggat, James, 16 Chapel street 
Leggat, Robert, spirit merchant and coach- 
hirer, 54 Broughton street 
Leggat, Miss, 17 Portland place 
Leggate, D. D. skinners, leather manufacturers 

and wool merchants, Dean Skinner works 

Legget, Robert, skinner, tanner, and wool mer- 
chant. Water of Leith 
Leighton, Alex. York lodge. Trinity 
Leighton, George (G. P. O/^ce), 5 James' pi, 
Leighton, Robert, flesher, 6 Charlotte place — 

house, \ Grove street 
Leishman, James, merchant, 42 Minto street 
Leishman, John, W.S. 18 Drummond place 
Leitch, Alex, tailor and clothr. 3 E. Regist. st. 
Leitch, John, 9 Antigua street 
Leitch, Thos. tailor, 15 Dean street 
Leith and Rottekdam St. Ship. Co.'s office, 

5 Wet docks — Geo. Gibson & Co. agents 
Leith, Jas. chem. and druggist, 14 Union pi. 
Leiih, John, solicitor, 123 Constitution street 

— house, 2 Portland terrace 
Leith, Sara, lithographic printer, 9 South St 

Andrew street 
Leith Barm Co. of Bakers, 4 Spence's place 
Leith Candle Co. Old Sugar-house close, and 

20 Frederick street, Edinburgh 
Leith Com. List office, 2 Bernard st. Leith 
Leith Dock Commission office. Customhouse, 

Leith Mechanics' Library, 13 Tolbooth wynd 
Leith News-room, 51 Tolbooth wynd 
Leiih and Newcastle Steam-packet Com- 
pany, 44 Bernard street 
Leith Public Library, 116 Constitution st. 
Leith Poor's House, South Junction street 
Leith Reading- Rooms, 130 Constitution street 
Leith, South, Parochial Office, Junction road 
Lemmi, Enrico, LL.D. teacher of Italian, 1 

Rutland street 
Lendrum, R. & Co. booksellers and station- 
ers, 20 Hanover St. — ho. 5 N. Charlotte st. 
Lennie, Jas. optician, 14 Leith street — ho. 17 

St James* square 
Lennie, James, spirit merchant, 42 Cross- 
Lent, James, Old Ship hotel, 28 Shore 
Leny, James M. of Dalswinton, 27 Abercromby 

Lennie, P. agent, 9 Davie street 
Lennox, James, spirit merchant, 42 Cross- 
Lennox, Mrs, dressmaker, 97 Nicolson street 
Lennox, Mrs Ann, lodgings, 21 Lothian st. 
Leon, Morris, & Co. wax chandlers and general 

agents, 7 Ingliston street 
Leslie, A. tinsmith and gasfitter, 60 Pleasance 
Leslie, Andrew, stationer, 37 Earl Grey st. 
Leslie, Geo. {Cowan S^- Co.), 13 St James' sq. 
Leslie, James, civil engineer, 72 George street 

— house, 2 Charlotte square 
Leslie, John, 6 Howe street 
Leslie, John, 4 Forth street 
Leslie, Thomas, tailor, 9 Bridge street 
Leslie, Captain William, 24 Minto street 
Leslie, Wm., W.S. (Inglis ^' Leslie), 2 Nelson 

Leslie, Hon. Mrs George, 3 Inverleith terrace 
Leslie, Mrs, 4 Albany street 





Leslie, Miss, 20 Fettes row 

Lessels, John, architect, 21 Heriot row 

Lethem, James, tobacconist, 7i Shore — house, 

2 Regent street 

Lethem, James, jun. {Customs), Madeira st. 
LettoD, W. H. tail or and clothier, 1^ N. bridge 
Letton, W. H. 9 Elder street 
Leuchars, David, shoemaker, Newhaven 
Leven, John, W.S. 1 Bellevue crescent 
Levy, Philip, fur manufr. 25 Hanover street 
Levy, JL A. clothier and woollen draper, 94, 

96, and 98 So. bridge, and 7 St Andrew sq 
Levy, M. A., 21 Clarendon crescent 
Lewis & Beater, general drapers and lacemen, 

7 7, 78, 7 9, and 80 Leith street 
Lewis, Chas. tobacconist, 1 Bernard street 
Lewis, David, bootmaker, 217 High street — 

ho. Farquharson place 
Lewis, Rev. James, Claremont park, Leith 
Lewis, James, grocer, wine and spirit mer- 
chant, 34 Hanover street 
Lewis, Jas. grocer, 6 & 7 Market street and 

177 Canongate — house, 1 George square 
Lewis, John {Lewis ^' Beater), 8 Salisbury 

place, Newington 
Lewis, William, 4 Crosscausey 
Lewis, Mrs H. \\ . 3 Henderson row 
Lewis, Mrs, 1 Park street 
Lewis, Miss, ladies' school, 19 Rutland tq 
Liddall and Sons, watchmakers, silversmiths, 

and jewellers, 5 Bank st. 
Liddall, B. {of Liddall ^' Sons), 6 Fingal pi. 
Liddall, ^Ym. (of Liddal S,^ Sonft) 2 JMeadow pi. 
Liddell Brothers, engravers and gen. printers, 

62 Charlotte street, Leich 
Liddell, James, upholsterer, 6 St James' st. 
Liddell, Joseph M. accountant, Cambrian Fire 

and Life Insurance Co. 8 South St David st. 

— house, 12 Scotland street 
Liddell, J. J. optician, artificer in glass, &c. 

3 Hanover street 

Liddell, Robt. engraver and lithographer, 46 

Nicolson street 
Liddell, W. H. currier, 135 West port 
Liddell, AVilliam, wright, 77 Clerk street 
Liddell, IMiss, 2 Meadow place 
Liddle, James, victual dealer, 531 Castlehill 
Liddle, Joseph, S.S.C. 12 Scotland street 
Liddle, Thomas, gardener, Heriot hill 
Lidgate, Jn. leather mercht. 6-b St Patrick sq. 
Lite Association of Scotland, 2 Hanover 

street — John Fraser, manager. — See Adv. 
Lightbody, John, staff- surgeon, 17 Danube st. 
Lillie, .Joseph, 4 I George square 
Lillie, Peter, smith, Chalmers' close 
Lillie, Miss, Rankeillor place 
Lillico, "William, baker, 1 Brown street 
Limond, Mrs, 18 Rutland square 
Limont, Mrs, 3 Sylvan place 
Lind, Andrew, jun. tailor, clothier, and gene- 
ral outlitttr, 12 Dock place 
Jviiid, Andrew, sen. tailor and clothier, 30 

Lind, David, tailor & clothier. Glover street 
Lind, David, stone merchant and builder, 2 

Port-Hopetoun — house, 1 S. Charlotte st. 
Lind, Robert, commission sale rooms, 21 

Picardy place— house, 17 London street 
Lind, Wm. cheese merchant, 4 Lothian street 
Lindesay, Jas. & Sons, wine merchants, 33 
Quality st — ho. 18 Constitution st. Leith 
Lindesay, James, of Feddinch, wine mer- 
chant, 18 Constitution street 
Lindesay, Jas. jun., W.S. 110 George street 
Lindesay, Mrs Patrick, 48 Albany street 
Lindesay, Mrs Wm. 22 Regent terrace 
Lindores, Wm. wine and spirit merchant, 55 

Frederick street 
Lindsay, Mackay, & Howe, W. S. 62 Castle st. 
Lindsay & Paterson, W.S. 24 Dublin street 
Lindsay and Shaw, pharmaceutical chemists 

and druggists, 1 1 Elm row 
Lindsay & Son, grain merchants, 31 Cowgate 
Lindsay, Chas. & Co plumbers, brass found- 
ers, and meter manufacurers, 8 Green- 
side street 
Lindsay, D. painter and glazier, 56 Bristo st. 
Lindsay, Don., & Geo. A. Esson, accountants, 

59 George street 
Lindsay, Donald, 15 Abercromby place 
Lindsay, George, rope manuf. 28 Horse wynd 
Lindsay, Geo. (Z. ^ Son)., 65 Lauriston place 
Lindsay, Geo. 47 Constitution street 
Lindsay, J. dairy, 78 Queen street 
Lindsay, James & Sons, agents and wholesale 

wine and spirit merchants, 5 Royal Exch. 
Lindsay, Jas. {Susine office), 42 Gilmore pi. 
Lindsay, James, baker, 73 Kirkgate — ho. 52 
Lindsay J. painter and glazier, 12 Chapel st. 
Lindsay, James, W.S. 1 Minto street 
Lindsay, James, fruit salesman, 8 Physic gard. 

— house, 13 Aigyle square 
Lindsay, Jas. bookseller, 32 Candlemaker row 
Lindsay, John M., P.C.S. 19 Melville street 
Lindsay, John, 18 West Richmond street 
Lindsay, John, printer, 1 Buccleuch street 
Lindsay, John, cowfeeder. Link well, Leith 
Lindsay, John, gardener. Bower's hall 
Lindsay, Jn. coal mercht. 2 E. & G. R. 
Lindsay, Robert, printer, 1 Buccleuch street 
Lindsay, Robert, 8 Brunton place 
Lindsay, Robert, fruiterer, 8 Physic gardens 
Lindsay, Thos. shipmaster, 30 Charlotte street, 

Lindsay, Thos. shoe merchant, 171 High st. 

— house, 4 Lindsay place 
Lindsay, Thos. silk dyer, 35 Leith street 
Lindsay, Thos. S. assistant sec. and cashier to 

JScoltin/i N. Plot. Sac. 85 Great King st. 
Lindsay, William (^Mercury office), 3 West 

Preston street 
Lindsay, Win., S.S.C. & Xotary Public, 124 
Constitution st.— ho. Hermitage hill house 
Lindsay, R. surgeon, 8 Brunton place 
Lindsay, Wm. cooper, 31 Hanover street — 
house, 5 North Bank street 






Lindsay, Wm. tailor and clothier, 2 Drum- 
raond street 

Lindsay, William, ropemaker, 47 Rose street 

Lindsay, Mrs, 7 Cassells' place 

Lindsay, Mrs, Bathfield house 

Lindsay, Miss, 8 Duncan street, Newington 

Lindsay, Miss, 25 Forth street 

Lindsay, Misses, straw-hat makers, 175 
Canon gate 

Linkie, Thomas, china dealer, 15 Home st. 

Linklater, J. & J. provision dealers, 104 
Grassmarket — house, 62 

Linklater, Mrs M. tavern, 71 Shore 

Linn, Mrs PL 4. East Adam street 

Linton, Andrew, cork-cutter, 87 High street 

Linton, Thomas, superintendent of police. 
Parliament square 

Linton, W. C. painter, 5 Frederick street — 
house, 8 Mackenzie place 

Linton, Mrs, dressmaker, 73 Rose street 

List, Alfred John, justice of peace fiscal for 
the county, and superint. county police^ 
county hidings. — ho. Clarkeville, Grange rd. 

List, Alfred 0. C. {Bank of Scotland)^ Clarke- 
ville, Grange road 

List, Louis G. {Exchequer), Clarkeville, 
Grange road 

Lister, Richard, commercial traveller, 31 S. 
Clerk street 

Liston, Alexander, 22 St John street 

Liston, Andrew, spirit dialer, Newhaven 

Liston, David, professor of Oriental languages. 
Elm cottage, west, Whitehouse gardens 

Liston, Mrs Ramage, 19 St Cuthbert street 

Lithgow & Purdie, house painters and deco- 
rators, 60 Hanover street and 15 George st. 

Little and Reid, joiners and cabinetmakers, 
107 High street 

Little, A. & A. ironmongers, 35 Hanover st. 

Little, Andrew, St Bernard's cottage 

Little, Jas. commission agent, 12 Catharine st. 
— house, 17 Elm row 

Little, Jas. jun. tobacconist, 28 Princes street 

Little, Jn. commission agent, 12 Catharine st. 

Little, Robert, Royal Institution, Mound 

Little, Mrs, 18 Fettes row 

Little, Mrs W. M. 3 Pitt street, Bonnington 

Littlejohn, David, writer, 13 North Bank st. 

Littlejohn, Dr, 67 York place 

Littlejohn, T. M. confec, 31 and 3-3 Leith st. 

Littlejohn, Mrs, 67 York place 

Littlejohn, Mrs, 2 Minto street, Newington 

Liverpool and London Fire and Life Insur- 
ance Co K. Mackenzie aa:ent, 29 North- 
umberland street 

Livingston & Gibson, clothiers and outfitters, 
106 South bridge 

Livingston and Weir, mercantile agents, 7 
Roxburgh place 

Livingston, Alex, general agent and cork ma- 
nufacturer, 15 St Patrick square — house, 12 
Buccleuch place 

Livingston, Alex. 14 Barony street 

Livingston, J. messenger. Commercial Bank, 

10 George street 
Livingston, John, tailor and clothier, 20 

South bridge 
Livingston, .John, S.S.C. 11 Young street — 

house, 4 Danube street 
Livingston, John, grocer and spirit dealer, 30 

and 32 Water lane 
Livingston, Josiah, hosier, glover, and shirt- 
maker, 37 George st — ho. 31 Scotland st. 
Livingston, Jos. (/y. ct Weir), 6 Arniston place 
Livingston, R. F. herbalist, 15 Ingiiston st. 
Livingston, Mrs, 7 Buccleuch street 
Livingston's lodgings, 16 Castle street 
Lizars, Professor, consulting & operating sur- 
geon, 15 South Charlotte street 
Lizars, W. H. engraver, lithographer, copper- 
plate and letterpress printer, 3 St James' sq. 
Lizars, Mrs, Bonnington bank 
Lloyd, John, agent, 31 B rough ton place 
Loch, Thomas Francis Erskine, Rear-admiral, 

27 George square 
Locke, Mrs, 6 Comely bank 
Lockhart, Archibald, 8 Shakspeare square 
Lockhart, William, gardener, Dean 
Lockhart, Mrs Elizabeth, 3 W. Claremontst. 
Lockhart, Miss M. Elliot, 5 Rutland place 
Lockhart, Miss Ann, of Castlehill, 40 Ann st. 
Lockie, Ch. merchant, 25 W. Nicolson st. 
Lockie, Tliomas, 32 William street 
Lockie, William, tailor, 118 West port 
Lockie, Mrs, lodgings, 6 Brighton street 
Loewenstein, Sigismund, teacher of German, 

5 York place 
Loewenstein, Madame, teacher of piano and 

French, 5 York place 
Loewentbal, M. chiropodist, 14 North Bank 

street and 7 James' court 
Logan, Alex. S. advocate, sheriff of Forfar- 
shire, 12 York place 
Logan, Edmond, W.S. 141 George street 
Logan, Geo., W.S. clerk of teinds Register 

house. Hawthorn brae, Duddingston 
Logan, George, writer, 3 South Howard pi. 
Logan, Hugh, ship carver, 49 Timber bush 
Logan, James, 13 Annandale street 
Logan, John {Mackenzie, Innes, andL.), 29 

India street 
Logan, John, 6 Malta terrace 
Logan, John, printer, 86 Pleasance 
Logan, John, watchmaker, 5 Dean street 
Logan, John, Broughton point 
Logan, William, Broughton point 
Logan, Mrs, Seafield lodge 
Logan, Mrs, 7 East Claremont street 
Logan, Mrs, 18 Dundas street 
London Assurance Corporation — Alexander 

Stevenson, S.S.C. agent, 4 St Andrew sq. 
London Mission. Society, Edin. Auxiliary 
to — W. F. Watson, treasurer, 52 Princes st. 
London Hotel, 2 St Andrew square 
London & Edin. Ship. Co.'s clippers office, 
67 Shore — Archibald Ritchie, manager 





London Union Assurance Society and An- 
nuity Office, 20 Nelson st. and 16 Hill st. — 
See Adv. 
London Union Fire and Life Assurance 
Co. and Annuity Office, 17 George street 
— J. G. Harrison, agent 
London' and Leith Old Shipping Co.'s office, 

71 Shore 
London, Leith, Edin. and Glasgow Ship. 
Co.'s office, Upper drawbridge, Leith, and 9 
Waterloo place — Thos. Dowie, manager. — 
See Adv. 
London General Steam Navigation Co. 21 
Waterloo place, Edin. and 14 Shore, Leith 
— R. W. Hamilton, manager. — See Adv. 
London Printg. & Pubg. Co. 3 Roxburgh st. 
Long, Thomas, engineer and machine maker, 

Logan's close — house, 45 New street 
Longmore, Adam C. {Exch.)^ 2 Mansfield pi. 
Longmore, John Alex., W.S. 56 Melville st. 
Lorimer, G. builder and contr. 18 Graham st. 
Lorimer, James, advocate, 27 Alva street 
Lorimer, James, civil engineer and surveyor, 

41 George st. — house, 10 Torphichen st. 
Lorimer, John, builder, 10 Torphichen street 
Lorimer, John, advocate, 19 Albany street 
Lorimer, Wm., S.S.C. 18 Annandale street 
Lorimer, Mrs, 69 York place 
Lothian, Andrew, S.S.C. 6 Elm row 
Lothian, D. and Son, painters, 3 York place 
Lothian, John, painter, 25 Barony street 
Lothian, John, victual dealer, 244 Canongate 
Lothian, George, 1 1 Carlton street 
Lothian, Maurice, procurator-fiscal for county, 

County buildings — ho. 28 Drummond pi. 
Lothian, Peter, gardener, 10 Saunders' street 
Lothian, Mrs John, 15 Carlton terrace 
Lothian, Mrs, grocer, 1 1 Greenside row 
Lothian, Mrs, 25 Barony street 
Lothians and Finlay, solicitors, GO George Bt. 
Louden, David, lodgings, 44 Howe street 
Lough, John, chimney-sweeper, 19 Wm. st. 

and 14 Jamaica street. — See Adv. 
Loughton, Alex, lodgings, 146 Princes street 
Love, M. & J. milliners, &c. 9 Hill square 
Love, Miss E. milliner, 8 Lothian street 
Lovell, Miss E. 39 Montagu street 
Low, David, professor of agriculture, Univer- 
sity, Mayfield, Trinity, and 14 Young street 
Low, David, outfitter, 3 Hope park 
Low, D. AV. (//. M. Customs), Cherry bank, 

Low, Jas. gardener, 2 South b. Canongate 
Low, John, plumber and gasfitter, 14 N. St 

Andrew street 
Low, John, hootmaker, 10 N. St. David st. 
Low, John, slater, 30 Nicolson street 
Low, William, accountant, 58 Great King st. 
Low, Lieut.- Col. Robert, Mayfield, Trinity 
Low, Miss, 14 Dublin street 
Lowdcn, Wm. wholesale and small wares, 18 

Hill place 
Lowe, John, 16 Ann street 

Lowe, John D. & Co. booksellers & stationers, 

123 Princes st. — ho. 1 Lower Gilmore place 
Lowe, Joseph, teacher of dancing and calis- 

thenic exercises, 32 Frederick street 
Lowe, Capt. W., Indian navy, 50 Melville st. 
Lowe, Robt. Wm. assistant procurator-fiscal 

of county, Middlefield house, Leith walk 
Lowes, Thomas C. (G.P.-O.), Bridge place, 

Lowne, Thomp. M.D. surgeon, 46 Minto st. 
Lowrie, John, cart and plough wright, 77 

Abbey hill 
Luckie, David, Leithwalk saw mills. Brown's 

Luis, EUice, stucco manufr. Fountain close 
Luke, James, baker, 25 Brunswick street — ho. 

72 Cumberland street 
Luke, Jn. & Wm. merchants, 193 High st. 
Luke, Wm. of Cairnbank, 5 Gardner's cresc. 
Luke, Mrs James, 116 Lauriston place 
Luke, Miss, 7 Charles street 
Lumsdaine, .Tames, spirit dealer, 2 Old Phy- 
sic gardens 
Lumsdaine, John, grocer and spirit-dealer, 

317 Cowgate 
Lumsdaine, Wm. 8 Comely green place 
Lumsdaine, Miss, 8 Comely green place 
Lumsden, Henry, 6 Leopold place 
Lumsden, James, tailor, 51 Cumberland street 
Lundin, Miss, 3 Eyre place 
Lyall &Swinton, builders, Ingleston street — 

house, 18 Roxburgh street 
Lyall, David, 23 Alva street 
Lyall, David, writer, 20 Rankeillor street 
Lyall, Alexander, baker, 5 Shrub place 
Lyall, John, merchant, 8 Port-Hopetoun — ho. 

7 Lothian road 
Lyall, Richard, meal-dealer, 37 Bridge street 
Lyall, Robert, 8 Clarendon crescent 
Lyall, William, goods superintendent N. B. 

Railway, 11 Drummond street 
Lyle, Alex, merchant and commission agent, 

58 Timber bush — house, 17 Bath street 
Lyle, George, 5 Drummond street 
Lyle, Thomas, stockbroker, 65 Princes street 
Lyle, Thomas, 3 West Newington 
Lynch, Thos. spirit dealer, 285 Cowgate 
Lynch, Mrs Charles, broker, 161 Cowgate 
Lyon, C. refreshment rooms, 30 Lothian rd. 
Lyon, David, bookbinder, 505 Lawnmarket 
Lyon, Francis {Edinbunjh and Leith Gas Co.), 

12 Baltic street, Leith 
Lyon, George, accountant, 54 Rankeillor street 
Lyon, George, W.S. 26 Forth street 
Lyon, Hugh, S.S.C. 7 N. St Andrew street 
Lyon, J. W. stockbroker, bill-broker, and 

agent to the Globe Insurance, I..ondon — 

34 Dundas street 
Lyon, James, hairdresser, 61 LowCalton 
Lyon, John Stewart, of Kirkmichael, 47 

Albany street 
Lyon, Robert, teacher of law, 4 Northumber- 
land place 





Lyon, Wm. (X)o?^e//s^ L,), 1 Dundas street 
Lyon, Mrs, lodgings, 27 Brunswick street 
Lyon, Misses, 12 Nelson street 
Lyons, Lewis, quill manufacturer, 2l North 
Richmond street — ho. 12 Buccleuch street 
Lyschinski, Adam, M.D. 10 Warriston cres. 

Macadam, Anstruther, clothier and linen 

draper, 27 West Nicolson street — house, 

8 Chapel street 
M'Adie, David, spirit dealer, 20 Giles' street 
M' Adie, W. spirit mer. 1 11 Kirkgate — ho. 1 1 2 
Macallan & Chancellor, W.S. 26 Rutland sq. 
Macallan, J. (M.^- Chancellor), 26 Rutland sq. 
Macall urn, Walter Buchanan, stock & share 

broker, 10 Hanover street — house, 8 Annan- 
dale street 
Macallum, Mrs W. B., 8 Annandale street 
Macallum, Miss, 2 Windsor street 
Macalpine, Wra. saddler, 12 Broad wynd 
M'Alpine, Mrs James, 19 Comely bank 
Macandrew, D. M. merchant, 15 Bernard 

street, Leith 
Macandrew, J. and J., S.S.C. 33 Dublin st. 
Macandrew, James M. accountant, 65 Princes 

street — house, 28 Dublin street 
Macandrew, John {J. Sf J. M.), 41 Inver- 

leith row 
Macandrew, John, jun. (J. S^- J. M.), 41 In- 

verleith row 
Macandrew, R. {Reg. House), Inverleith 

field, Queensferry road 
Macara, Cbs. commercial agent and appraiser, 

6 Brighton street 
Macara, James, W.S., 8 Roxburgh terrace 
Macara, L. M., W.S. 14 S. Charlotte street 
Macara, Mrs, lodgings, 12 Antigua street 
Macart, James, shoe shop, 30 Bridge street 
Macarthur, Alexander, builder, 31 William 

street lane — house, 7 Randolph clifF 
Macarthur, Mrs, 12 Queen street 
M'Arthur, A. writer, 9 Antigua street 
M' Arthur, John, grocer, &c. 29 Lothian st. 
M'Arthur, Neil, shoemaker, 1 Water lane 
M'Arthur, Peter {Com. Bank), 8 Wharton pi. 
Macaulay, Alex., broker, 6 St Andrew st. 
Macaulay, B. J. 6 Park street 
Macaulay, Miss, 4 West Claremont street 
Macaw, Mrs, 38 York place 
M'Bain, Mrs, midwife and nurse, 41 India pi. 
M'Bain, Mrs, nurse, 9 St Bernard's row 
M'Bayne, Miss, 20 Dublin street 
Macbean, ^neas, W.S. 11 Charlotte square 
Macbean, jEneas, jun. W.S. 11 Charlotte sq 

— house, 63 Great King street 
Macbean, Mrs, St Ann's yard*", Abbey 
M'Bean, H. A. 6 Warriston crescent 
M'Bean, Miss, 6 Warriston crescent 
Macbrair, Dav. J., S.S.C. 8 Darnaway street 
M' Bride, Mrs John, 28 Bernard street 
M'Call, Adam, baker, 449 Lawnmarket 
M'Call, C. & Co. engineers and millwrights, 

Montgomery street 

M'Call, John, Hawthorn bank 

M'Call, Peter & Co. sugar and spice grinders, 
and coffee roasters, Montgomery street 

Maccallum, Alexander, 4 Moray street 

Maccallum, Geo. accountant, 13 Montgomery 

Maccallum, George, stockbroker, and agent 
for the London Fire and Life Assurance Co. 
30 St Andrew square 

M'Callum & Dundas, C.E. 143 Princes st. 

M'Callum, Duncan, C.E. 7 Torphichen street 

M'Callum, Dn. spirit merchant, 3.9 Thistle st. 

M'Callum, Jas. commercial hotel, 3 Hill place 

M'Callum, John and Son, soda water manu- 
facturers, 1 West Richmond street 

M'Callum, John, farmer, Plewlands, Mor- 

M'Callum, Male, agent, 17 London row 

M'Callum, Peter, coal agent, 11 Buccleuch st. 

M'Callum, Mrs, dressmaker, 166 Fountain- 

M'Callum, Mrs Edward, 12 Brandon street 

M'Callum, Mrs Janet, spirit dealer, 26 
Heriot buildings 

M'Callum, Mrs, lodgings, 64 Frederick st. 

M'Cambridge, Peter, pawnbroker, 59 & 61 
Candlemaker row 

M'Candlish, John M., W.S. manager National 
Fire and Life Insurance Co. 18 Moray pi. 

M'Candlish, Wm. View field ho. Trinity road 

M'Cann, Jas. stationer, 6 Deanhaugh street 

M'Cann, John, shawl merchant, 99 South br. 

M'Carron, Charles, boot and shoemaker, Old 
Fishmarket close 

M'Carter, D. (Hume ^- Melville), 6 Scotland st. 

M' Carter, Mrs, 6 Scotland street 

M'Cartney, Hugh, tailor & clothier, 4| North 

M'Caskie, James and Co. hat manufacturers, 
90 Candlemaker row 

M'Caskie, J. {J. M'C. 6f Co.), 25 George sq. 

M'Caul, Charles, contractor, Heriot cottage 

M'Caul, James, hatter, 11 Bread street 

M'Cheyne, Mr.'*, 24 Maitland street 

M'Cheyne, Mrs, 33 Cumberland street 

M'Chrystal, Mich. Paisley shawl warehouse, 
9 Jamaica street 

Maccoll, Alex. S. teacher of English and clas- 
sical literature, 11 Hillsid.e crescent 

Maccoll, John, messenger. Bank of Scotland, 
2 Lauriston terrace 

M'Clurapha, John & Co. Balmoral tavern, 4 
Milne square 

M'Clumpha, John, tailor and clothier, 26 Wil- 
liam street 

M'Clure, Henry, 1 Henry place 

M'Combie, D. spirit dealer, 37 St Leonard st. 

M'Connel, K. & M. embroiderers, dressmakers, 
and milliners, 33 Castle street 

Maconochie, Jas. 4 Middle Arthur place 

Maconochie, Robt. B., W.S. 49 Castle street 

Maconochie & Co., toy and fancy bazaar, 35 
George street 





Maconochie, IMrs, French stay maker, 35 

George street 
M'Cook, Mrs James, 44 Great King st, 
jVI'Carrack, ]\Iiss, 12 Hope stret- 1 
M'Cowan, Fran. D., M.D. & surg. 14 Elder st. 
ArCrae, Mrs^ ladies' sick nurse, 4 Young st. 
M'Craken, John, S.S.C 22 Walker street 
M'Craw, John, shoe warehouse, 249 High st. 

— house, Westerhall lodge 
M'Craw, Robert, tobacco and snuff manufac- 
turer, 167 Hiah street 
M'Craw, William, boot and shoe warehouse, 

281 and 287 High street 
M'Credie, Miss, teacher, 63 Cumberland st. 
M'Crie, Thos., D.D. 45 George square 
M'Crie, WilUam & Co. paper-stainers to the 

Queen, 22 Leith walk 
M'Crie, Wm. 11 Carlton terrace 
M'Crie, Mrs Dr, 13 Salisbury place 
M'Crorie, Mrs Jane, Admiralty street 
M'Cuaig, Dn. & Son, tailors and clothiers, 10 

Frederick street 
M'CuUoch, Alex. {J. P. officer), 134 High st. 
M'Culloch, Horatio, R.S.A. landscape-painter, 

7 Danube street 
M'CuUocb, John, teller B. Linen Co. Bank, 1 
London st., agent for Phce.'iix Fire and Pe- 
lican Life Insurance Companies See Adv. 

M'CuUoch, John, painter, 22 Downie place 
M'CuUoch, Thomas, plumber, Lothian road 
M'CuUoch, Wm. sheriff-officer, 391 Lawn- 
M'CuUoch, Wm. jun. messenger-at-arms, and 

sheriff-officer, 391 Lawnmarket 
M'CuUoch, William T. librarian, Edin. S. L. 

24 George street 
M'CuUoch, Mrs A. & Co. dealt^rs in hams, 

sausages, &c. 32 Lothian street 
M'CuUoch, Mrs Wm. lodgings, 6 St Vincent st. 
M'Dermaid, grocer and spirit dealer, 1 Sherriff 

brae, Leith 
M'Dermott, James, feather merchant, 61 

North Hanover street 
M'Diarmid, Archd. clothier, 83 Princes street 
]\I'Diarmid, Angus, Donaldsoji's hospital 
]M'Diarmid, -John, clothier, 13 North bridge 
Macdonald, A. flesher, 8 Antigua street — 

house, 9 Antigua street 
Alacdonald, Alex., Edin. and Leith carrier, 

6 Richmond court 
Alacdonald, Alexander, boot and shoemaker, 

73 Nicolson street 
INIacdonald, A. market officer, Physic gardens 
Macdonald, Alex. {G. P.O.), 50 Thistle st. 
IMacdonald, And. gardener, 42 Caustyside 
Alacdonald, Andrew, 7 Summerhall 
IMacdonald, Angus, saddler, 42 Grassmarket 
Macdonald, Angus, 3 Annfield lodgings. New- 
Macdonald, Rev. Arch. .12 Bernard street 
Macdonald, Arch, cabinitm. 21 Castle street 
Macdonald, Arch. & Co. cabinetmakers, 4 
Swinton row 

Macdonald, Arthur, horse dealer, 100 Rose 

street — house, 82 
Macdonald, Dan. tinsmith, 41 Earl Grey st. 
Macdonald, David, watchm. 3 East Arthur pi. 
Macdonald, David, tailor, Merrilees' close 
Macdonald, Donald, of Dulness, Aultnafeigh 

cottage, Abbotsford park 
Macdonald, Donald, accountant, collector of 

poor's rates, 57 North bridge — house, 28 

Gayfield square 
Macdonald, Don. victualler, 24-5 Canongate 
Macdonald, D. gardener, 44 India street 
Macdonald, Gilbert, bookbinder, 21 George st. 
Macdonald, George, chemist and druggist, 7 

Duke street. — See Adv. 
Macdonald, G. & Son, boot and shoemakers, 

148 Princes street 
Macdonald, James, tailor, 42-3 Lawnmarket 
Macdonald, Jas. manufr. 15 Buccleuch place 
Macdonald, James {G. P.-O.), 19 South St 

James' street 
Macdonald, John, writer and accountant, 23 

Cumberland street 
Macdonald, John, lodgings, 6 Forres street 
Macdonald, John, teacher of elocution, 56 

George street 
Macdonald, J. C, M.D. 3 Forrest road 
Macdonald, John, shoemaker, 28 Thistle st. 
Macdonald, Rev. John, 17 Brown square 
Macdonald, John, printer, 13 Carrubber's close 
Macdonald, John, bootmaker, 76 Leith street 
Macdonald, John, accountant, 1 Nelson st. 
Macdonald, John, porter, 17 South St James' 

Macdonald, John, flesher, 4 Greenside place 
Macdonald, Ronald, writer, 27 Hamilton pi. 
Macdonald, Stodart, S.h.C. 1 Abercromby pi. 
Macdonald, Thos. A. agent, 7 Brighton st. 
Macdonald, Tertius, surgeon and druggist, 

13 Catharine street 
Macdonald, Thos. spirit dealer, 21 Coatfield 

Macdonald, William, surgeon and druggist, 42 

Macdonald, Wm. of Powderhall, Powderhall 
Macdonald, Capt. Wm. 4 Ann street 
Macdonald, Wra. J. working jeweller, 5 

Castle street — house, 12 
Macdonald, W^m. tailor, 4 West Adam street 
Macdonald, W. gentlemen's attendant, War- 

riston court 
Macdonald, Mrs Hay, dyer, 27 South back of 

Macdonald, Mrs, of Dalness, 1 1 Torpichen st. 
Macdonald, Mrs Col., St Ann's house 
Macdonald, Mrs Capt. 3 Warriston crescent 
Macdonald, Mrs, 2 Gardner's crescent 
Macdonald, Mrs, straw-hat mkr. 429 Lawnmt. 
Macdonald, Mrs, 8 Barony street 
Macdonald, Mis, 33 London street 
Macdonald, Mrs, 31 Gayfield square 
Macdonald, Mrs, grocer and spirit dealer, 1 

Stafford street 





Macdonald, Mrs, 35 West Nicolson street 
Macdonald, Mrs Mary, 1 Henderson row 
Macdonald, Mrs, lodgings, 13 Hill place 
Macdonald, Miss, housekeeper, George He- 
riot's Hospital 
Macdonald, Miss J. silk and worsted ware- 
house, 32 Princes street 
Macdonald, Miss Robertson, 24 Walker st. 
Macdonell, Mrs G. B. 5 Raeburn place 
M'Donell, Mrs James, JO Broughton place 
M'Dougal, Alex, farmer, Grancon 
M'Dougal, Alex, grocer, &c. agent for Guin- 
ness & Co.'s Dublin porter, 18 Howe st. 
M'Dougal, George, grocer, &c. 3 India st — 

house, 30 Hamilton place 
M'Dougal, J. grocer, 19 Dublin st. — ho. 23 
M'Dougal, Walter, cowfeeder, 26 Greensidest. 
M'Dougald, Robert, 19 Nelson street 
Macdougald, R. & J. W. china and glass mer- 
chants, 84 Candlemaker row 
MacDougall, Patrick C. Professor of Moral 

Philos. University, 6 Clarendon crescent 
MacDougall, Mrs Alex. 6 High Albany street 
M'Dougall, Alex, spirit mercht. 82 Potterrow 
M'Dougall, Alexander, treasurer superintend- 
ent. Royal Infirmary 
M'Dougall, David {Clj/desdale Bank), 16 

Royal Exchange 
M'Dougall, Dougall, 21 St Leonard street 
M'Dougall, James, gardener, Swanfield 
M'Dougall, John, grocer aud spirit merchant, 

78 Giles' street 
M'Dougall, Neil, spirit dealer, 23 Bank st. — 

house, 9 Bristo place 
M'Dougall, Patrick, W.S. 4 Great King stre t 
M'Dougall, Mrs John, 20 Heriot place 
M'Dougall, Mrs Captain, South coates 
Macdougall, Gilbert, 2 Gardner's crescent 
Macdougall, Miss, matron R. Edinb. Asylum 
M'Dowall, James, merchant and agent, 4 
Leith street terrace — house, 43 East Clare- 
mont street 
M'Dowall, Robt. baker, 57 George street 
M'Dowall, Thomas, 11 Lothian street 
M'Dowall, William, bookseller and stationer, 

14 North bridge — house, 12 Hill square 
M'Dowall, Mrs William, 8 Bellevue crescent 
M'Dowall, Mrs, lodgings, 7 Hill place 
M'Dowell, James, United States consul, 14 

Montgomery street 
M'Edward, Mrs J. grocer, Canaan 
M'Elrevy, Mrs M. lodgings, 14 Dundas st. 
M'Evoy, J,, saddler, 58 Charlotte st. Leith 
M'Ewan, A. W. 25 Haddington place 
M'Ewan, Rev. David, 7 Newington place 
M'Ewan, Daniel, clothier, 20 North bridge 
M'Ewan, Duncan, pavement merchant, Scot- 
land street Station 
JI'Ewan, Hugh, grocer, 17 Greenside row 
M'Ewan, John, wine merchant, 122 Princes 

street — house, 121 
M'Ewan, Peter, 13 St James' square 
M'Ewan, W. spirit deal. 23 Bridge st. Leith 

M'Ewan, Robert, baker, 22 Cowgate 

M'Ewan, Mrs James, tea dealer, 3 Downie pi. 

M'Ewen, James, W.S. (Patrick, M'JEwen, §• 
Garment), 11 Picardy place 

M'Ewen, Miss, dress and cloak maker, 16 
George street 

M'Ewin & Son, sculptors. South Clerk street 

M'Fadyen, Hector, principal city officer. City 
Chambers — house, 103 George street 

M'Farlan, Dav., H.E.I.C.S. 6 Randolph ores. 

M'Farlan, John (/. F. M'F. Sf Co.), 4 Park pi. 

M'Farlan, Mrs, 17 Lynedoch place 

M'Farlan, Miss, Lauder road. Grange 

Macfarlan, John F. &. Co. chemists and drug- 
gists to Her Majesty, 17 & 18 North bridge 

Macfarlane, Alex, corn factor and agent, 61 
Constitution st. — ho. 8 Wellington pi. Leith 

Macfarlane, Alex. {Sun Fire Office), 3 West 
Arthur place 

Macfarlane & Wallace, house-painters, 46 
Frederick street 

Macfarlane, Barth. 10 East Adam street 

Macfarlane, Donald, dairy, 14 Queensferry st. 

Macfarlane, George, missionary, 5 Bowling- 
green street 

Macfarlane, James, W.S. 9 Atholl place 

Macfarlane, James, wine & spirit merchant, 
49 Frederick street — ho. 13 

Macfarlane, Rev. Dr Jas. manse, Duddingston 

Macfarlane, John, 7 St Cuthbert's glebe, 
Lothian road 

Macfarlane, John, coach-hirer, 159 Rose st. 

Macfarlane, Robert, advocate, sheriff of Ren- 
frewshire, 31 Heriot row 

Macfarlane, Robert (IF. <§• J. M' Murray), 3 
Stead's place 

Macfarlane, Robert, painter, -35 Frederick st. 

Macfarlane, Thos. writer, 11 Darnaway st. 

Macfarlane, William, M.D., F.R.C.S.L. 21 
St Bernard's crescent 

Macfarlane, Walter, 5 Cheyne street 

Macfarlane, Mrs, lodgings, 1 1 Trinity cresc. 

Macfarlane, Mrs, spirit dealer, 39 Cumberland 

Macfarlane, Miss, straw-bonnet maker, 55 
George street 

M'Farlane & Gibb, cabinetmakers, 23 Dundas 
street — house, 37 London street 

M'Farlane, David, carpet and hearth-rug 
manufacturer, dyer and scourer, &c. Canon- 

M'Farlane, David, lodgings, 7 East Adam st. 

M'Farlane, Jn. (British Linen Co.), 7 Comelv 

M'Farlane, Peter, lodgings, 40 N. Richmd. st. 

M'Farlane, W. H. 1 Darnaway street 

M'Farlane, Wardlaw (Duncan, Flockhart, Sf 
Co.), 1 Darnaway street 

M'Farlane, Mrs, lodgings, 4 Montgomery st. 

M'Farquhar, Misses, 18 Fettes row 

Macfeat, Mrs Wallace, china and glass mer- 
chant, 42 South bridge 

Macfeat, Mrs, 25 West Nicolson street 





M'Fee, Mrs Isabella, spirit dealer and carriers' 
ofiBce, 209 High street 

Macfie, Rev. Daniel, 24 Rankeillor street 

Macfie, Mrs, 27 Regent terrace 

Macfie, Mrs Pat. provision dealer, 299 Cowg;. 

M'Gachie, John, watchmaker and jeweller, 
41 South bridge — house, 11 Henry street 

MacGachen, D. John, Episcopal clergyman, 
chaplain to St Andrew's hall, Leith wynd, 4 
AVest Newingtoa 

M'Gechan, Mrs, lodgings, 8 Castle street 

M'George, Eben. ( Union Bank), 9 Gilmore pi. 

M'George, John, agent, 9 Gilmore place 

M'George, Mrs Ebenezer, 33 Richmond place 

M'George, Mrs, shoe wareho. 89 Pleasance 

M'Gibbon,Chas.builder, 33 East Clareraont st. 

M 'Gibbon, John, builder, 40 Great King st. 

M'Gibbon, John, clothier, 15 S. College st. 

M'Gibbon, Miss, 3 Duncan st. Drummond pi. 

M'Gie, Robert, J.P. constable, Cbessel's court 

M'Gilchrist, John, M.D. 3 Gilmore place 

M'Gilchrist, Rev. John, 124 George street 

Macgill & Begbie, painters & paper hangers, 
62 Bristo street 

Macgill, Edw. painter & glazier, 21 Castle st. 

!Macgill, William, artists' colourmanand print- 
seller, 7 Hanover st.— house, 6 Castle street 

M'Gill, JatBCs, baker, 7 Haddington place 

M'Gill, Jn. boot & shoemaker, 48 Nicolson st. 

M'Gill, William, ground-officer, Grange ho. 

M'Gill. Mrs, 11 North Melville place 

M'Gill, Mrs, ladies' nurse, 126 Rose street 

M'Gillivray, Andw. wright, 29 Horse wynd 

M'Gillivray, William, writer, 13 North-west 
Circus place 

M'Glashan & Wilding, engravers and litho- 
graphic printers, 26 Clyde street 

M'Glashan, Alexander, teacher of dancing, 
23 York place 

M'Glashan, A. {M'Glashan ^ Wilding), 91 

M'Glashan, Charles, accountant, 20 Had- 
dington place 

M'Glashan, Don. wine merchant and grocer, 
39 Broughton street and 1 Jlansfield place 
— bouse, 48 London street 

M'Glashan, James, cabinetmaker and up- 
holsterer, 82 South bridge — ho. 1 7 Archibald 

M'Glashan, Ralph, cabinetmaker, &e. 249 
Cowgate — house, 12 Roxburgh place 

M'Glashan, Stewart, sculptor, Canonmills br. 

M'Cilashan, Miss M. lodgings, 5 India street 

M'Gowan, Alex, commercial travel. 1 Clerk st. 

MacGoun, Rev. Robert W. Morningside 

Macgregor, Donald II. Insur. broker, and coal, 
iron, and general agent, Exchange buildings, 
Leith — house, 18 Minto street, Edinburgh 

Macgregor, Malcolm, S.SC, 30 St Andrew 

M'Circgor, Alex, architect, 3 North Char- 
lotte street 

iM'Gregor, Alex, provis. deal. 13 Yardheads 

M'Gregor, Alex, tea, wine, and spirit mer- 
chant 1 St Patrick st. and 21 West Cross- 

M'Gregor, Ang. chimney sw. 18 Gifford park 

M'Gregor, David, wool mercht. 26 King st. 
Leiih — house, 23 Lynedoch place 

M'Gregor, Don. lodgings, 51 Broughton st. 

M'Gregor, Dug. spirit dealer, 24 Downie place 

M'Gregor, Jas. hotel-keeper, 8 W. Register 

M'Gregor, James Gardner, St Mark's 

M'Gregor, James, {of M'Gregor ^- Son), 2 
Baxter's place 

M'Gregor, J. & Son, watchmakers, 7 Bread 
street, and 20 Roxburgh place 

M'Gregor, John, tobacco manufact., 104 High 
street, 2 Leith street, and 7 7 Princes street 

M'Gregor, John, 3 Roxburgh place 

M'Gregor, John {of M'Gregor ^ Son), 25 
Barony street 

M'Gregor, John, spirit mercht, 2 Niddry st. 

M'Gregor, John, tailor, 5 Kerr street 

M'Gregor, John, chairman, 156 Rose street 

M'Gregor, John, shoemaker, 22 Thistle st. 

M'Gregor, Peter, Sons, & Co. silk mercers & 
drapers, 30 George street 

M'Gregor, Thomas, gardener, Beaver- hall 

M'Gregor, Wm. temperance coffee-house, 2 
Princes street 

M'Gregor, iMrs, furniture-print cleaner and 
glazer, 194 Rose street 

M'Gregor, Mrsj 7 Drummond street 

M'Gregor, Mrs, 15 Chapel street 

M'Gregor, Mrs Margaret, 1 1 Melville place 

M'Gregor, Mrs, lodgings, 8 Argyle square 

M'Gregor, Miss Margaret, 34 Hanover street 

M'Gregor, Miss, 3 Gloucester place 

M'Guire, Patrick & Co. Operative hat factory 
73 St Mary's wynd 

Machattie, John, agent for Carron Co. East- 
field house 

M'Hutchen, Wm. collector of land and as- 
sessed taxes, income and property tax, 
57 North bridge — house, 35 Royal terrace 

M'llriach, Mrs, ladies' nurse, 50 South br. 

]M'Iune8, J., tin-plate worker, 7 Lothian st. 

M'Innes, Robert, Comm. tavern, 3 Milne sq. 

M'Innes, S.,wine niercht. &gro., 57 Pleasance 

M'Innes, ^Irs, lodgings, Granton 

Macintosh, R. T. seedsman and nurseryman, 
7 Victoria street 

Macintosh, Mrs J. spirit dealer, 2 Hope street 

Macintosh, Mrs, ladies* nurse, 57 Haoover 

M'lntosh, Adam, glass-cutter, Greenside lane \ 

M'lutosh, Allan, bookseller, 70 Nicolson st. ' 

M'lntosh, A. turner & undertaker, 29 Horse 

M'lntosh, Alexander, Gaelic missionary, 35 
West Nicolson street 

M Intosh, Akx, commission agent 22 Gayfield 

M'lntosb, Andrew, cooper, 47 Crosscausey I 





M'Intosb, Geo. shoeraak. 39 Candlemaker row 
M'Intosh, Henry, shoemaker, 27 South Rich- 
mond street 
M'Intosh, Jas. bookseller, 5 No. College street, 

and 7 N, Bank st.— house, 2 N. College st. 
M'Intosh, James, tailor and clothier, 25 & 2G 

North bridge — house, 68 Lauriston place 
M'Intosh, Jas. A. wood engraver, 35 Lothian 

M'Intosh, Jn. mail-guard, 1 So. St James' st. 
M'Intosh, John, shoe- warehouse, 301 High st. 
M'Intosh, Jn. shoemaker, 1 1 So. St James' st. 
M'Intosh, Robert, dairy, 23 Lothian street 
M'Intosh, Robt. tobacconist, 34. Kirkgate 
M'Intosh, R. pavement merchant, 24 Sheriff 

M'Intosh, Thomas, livery stables, 26 William 

street lane 
M'Intosh, Wm. shoemaker, 28 Kirkgate — 

house, Morton's entry 
M'Intosh, Mrs, lodgings, G4 Buccleuch street 
M'Intyre, Alex. 33 Broughton place 
M'Intyre, Alex, shipmaster 2 Bridge street 
M'Intyre, Daniel, linen draper, 381 High st. 

— house, I Fingal place 
M'Intyre, Dun. combmaker, 2 Northumber- 
land street 
M'Intyre, Donald, Jordan bank 
M'Intyre, John, 6 Johnston place 
M'Intyre, John, writer. Windmill house 
M'Intyre, Jn. spir. deal. 180 High st — ho. 233 
M'Intyre, J. writer, Lord Russell place 
M'Intyre, W. D. mail-guard, 21 Broughton 

M'Intyre, Mrs Isabella, 18 Ann street 
M'Intyre, Mrs, 1 Fingal place 
M'Intyre, Mrs, ladies' nurse, 35 Scotland st. 
M'Intyre, Misses, French stay and straw bon- 
net makers, 29 London street 
Maciver, Wm. merchant and auctioneer, IC 

and 17 Kirkgate, and 76 Shore 
Mack, Andrew, writer, 5 York place 
Mack, Wm. B. hat and cap manufacturer, 2 

Hunter square — ho. Carlton villa. Abbey 

Mack, Mrs W. Gordon, 23 Stafford street 
M'Kain, James, shoemaker, 5 So. St James' 

Mackay & Chisholm, jewellers, silversmiths, 

and dealers in curiosities, 49 North bridge 
Mackay, Adam, wright and undertaker, 25 

Horse wynd 
Mackay, Benjamin, A.M. 5 St James' square 
Mackay, Charles, senr. 17 Lutton place 
Mackay, Charles, goldsmith, 7 Baxter's place 
Mackay, C. G. {Inland Revenue), 17 JiUttonpl. 
Mackay, Cunningham, & Co. goldsmiths to the 

Queen, 54 Princes street 
Mackay, D. tailor & clothier, 300 Lawnmar. 
Mackay, Dav. boot & shoemaker, 38 Leith st. 

— house, 25 Gay field square 
Mackay, David, hairdresser, 8 Greenside pi. 
Mackay, Donald, 14 Howe street 

Mackay, Donald, messenger. City of Glasgow 

Bank, 10 Hanover street 
Mackay, D. spirit dealer, 16 Croft-an-righ 
Mackay, Duncan, gardener, Grange loan 
Mackay, Eneas, tea dealer, 2 Clerk street — 

house, 64 Buccleuch street 
Mackay, Henry, tailor, 15 S. College street 
Mackay, H. temperance hotel, 170 High st. 
Mackay, H. grocer & spirit raer. 12 W. port 
Mackay, Jas. (Nat. Bank), 24 Quality street 
Mackay, James (M, Cunningham, Sf Co.), 24 

Forth street 
Mackay, James, gardener, Trinity mains 
Mackay, Jas. coal merchant, 4 Newport street 
Mackay, Jas. T. hat manufacturer, 64 North 

bridge — house, 21 Danube street 
Mackay, John, M.D. & surgeon, 17 Nelson st. 
Mackay, John (Public Librar)/), house fac- 
tor, 2 Janefield place, Leith 
Mackay, Jn. A. of Blackcastle, 26 George sq. 
Mackay, John, 13 India street 
Mackay, J. (Mackay s hotel), 91 Princes st. 
Mackay, John (M. ^ Chisholm), 41 E. Clare- 

mont street 
Mackay, John, 166 Rose street 
Mackay, John, pharmaceutical chemist, 121 

George street — house, 1 1 Danube street 
Mackay, John, cabinetmaker, 12 Castle street 
Mackay, John, spirit merchant, 168 High st. 
Mackay, John, messenger, 22 George street 
Mackay, J. tea & spirit mer. 218 Canougate 
Mackay, Neil, builder, St Andrew's place. 

Links — bouse, 10 Charlotte lane, Leith 
Mackay, Robt. , W. S. ( Hope, Oliphant, ^ M'K.) 

10 Shandwick place 
Mackay, Robt. painter and paper-hanger, 13 

S. St David street — ho. 17 Nelson street 
Mackay, Robert, 6 George street 
Mackay, Thomas G., W.S. 7 Albyn place 
Mackay, Thomas, tailor, 134 High street 
Mackay, T. bootmaker, 6 Northumberland pi. 
Mackay, Wm. upholsterer, &c. 3 Hope st. 
Mackay, W. grocer & spirit mer. 120 Rose st. 
Mackay, Wm. cork-cutter, 104 High street 
Mackay, Mrs Alex. 7 Torphichen street 
Mackay, Mrs Andw, 7 Drummond street 
Mackay, Mrs, wax-flower maker, 3 Tollcross 
Mackay, Mrs Jean, lodgings, 7 Brighton st. 
Mackay, Mrs David, 9 Hill square 
Mackay, Mrs Marg. spirit dealer, 143 High st. 
Mackay, Miss, 69 Northumberland street 
Mackay, Miss Christian, dressmaker, 4 West 

Adam street 
Mackay, Misses, milliners and furriers, 6 

George street 
Mackay, Miss, 1 1 Melville street 
Mackay 's hotel, 91 Princes street 
M'Kay, Charles, tavern, 7 Hunter square 
M'Kay, George, hairdresser, 2 Giles' street 
M'Kay, John, spirit dealer, Newhaven 
M'Kay, Mrs, lodgings, 4 Young street 
M'Kean, Alex, baker, 22 Bristo street and 

207 High street 





M'KeaD, John, tailor and clothier, 12 Koyal 

M'Kean, Martin, baker, 174 Fountainbridge 
M'Kean, Robert C. 7 Torphichen street 
M'KeaD, Mrs J. Blair park, Ferry road 
M'Kechney, A. furnace-builder, SO Potterrow 
Mackellar, Miss, 6 St Bernard's row 
M'Kelvie, Jas. Western Colliery Co. Hay- 
M'Kelvie, James, coal merchant, 1 Junction 

bridge, Wharf, North Leith 
M'Kelvie, William, Haymarket 
M'Kendrick, Robert, tailor and clothier, 29 

Sandport street 
M'Kendrick, William, boot & shoemaker, 35 

Sandport street 
M'Kechen, D. & Co. funeral undertakers, 55 

South bridge 
Mackenzie & Baillie, W.S. 9 Hill street 
Mackenzie & Middlemass, cooks and confec- 
tioners, 63 Queen st. — ho. 63 
Mackenzie, A. & M. jewellers, 27 Nicolson st. 
Mackenzie, A. K. secretary Commercial Bank, 

12 Claremont crescent 
Mackenzie, Alexander, yr. of Muirton, 19 

Charlotte square 
Mackenzie, A. teacher of music, 72 Northum- 
berland street 
Mackenzie, A. C. (J. Wilson S,- Co.), 24 

Greenside place 
Mackenzie, Alex. 22 Raeburn place 
Mackenzie, Alex, clothier, 42 Lothian street 
Mackenzie, Alex, late captaiu 58th Regt. 1 

Danube street 
Mackenzie, Alex, accountant, 19 Salisbury st. 
Mackenzie, Alexander, boot and shoemaker, 

14 Nelson street 
Mackenzie, Alex, spirit dealer, 3 and 4 Shore 
Mackenzie, B. Geo. agent, 3 Clerk street 
Mackenzie, David, surgical instrument maker 

and cutler, 58 South bridge 
Mackenzie, D. M., S.S.C. 12 Broughton st. 
Mackenzie, Don. advocate, 9 Randolph cresc. 
Mackenzie, D. chemist and druggist, 40 Dub- 
lin stnet — house, 38 
Mackenzie, Finlay, wine and spirit merchant, 

6 South College street 
Mackenzie, Frank, teacher of music, 10 N. 

St David street 
Mackenzie, Geo. W.S. 9 Hill street 
Mackenzie, Innes, & Logan, W.S. 23 Queen st. 
Mackenzie, Jdines{M'K., Innes, ^- Logan), 9 

Doune terrace 
Mackenzie, .lames, tailor, 3 N. St David st. 
Mackenzie, .lamis Hay, W.S. chambers 29 

Charlotte square 
Mackenzie, James, tinsmith, 151 West port 
Mackenzie, James, 27 Howe street 
Mackenzie, J. W. & J., W.S. 16 Royal circus 1 
Mackenze, John, W.S. 16 Royal circus | 

Mackenzie, Jn. Whitefoord, W.S. 1 6 Royal cir. i 
Mackenzie, John, gardener and florist. Rose 
cottage, Grange loan 

j Mackenzie, John, manager, Scottish Widows' 
! Fund and Life Assurance Society, 11 Aber- 
1 cromby place 

Mackenzie, John, 9 George street 
j Mackenzie, John U. general commission mer- 
i chant, 44 Rankeillor street 
Mackenzie, Joseph, 2 Hermitage hill 
Mackenzie, J. O. {M'K. ^ Baillie), 7 Royal 

Mackenzie, Kenneth, accountant,29 Northum- 
berland street 
Mackenzie, Rev. John, 1 Oxford terrace 
Mackenzie, John Ord, W.S. master extraor- 
dinary in Chancery, & commissioner of the 
Courts of Queen's Bench, Common Pleas, 
and Exchequer, 9 Hill street 
Mackenzie, Rich. Jas., F.R.C.S.E. medical 

practitioner, 34 Heriot row 
Mackenzie, Samuel, mason and builder, 47 

Buccleuch street 
Mackenzie, T. bank messenger, 46 Bernard st. 
Mackenzie, Thomas, advocate, sheriff of Ross 

and Cromarty, 24 Heriot row- 
Mackenzie, T. of Applecross, 10 Heriot row 
Mackenzie, Thos. jun. W.S. 35 Frederick st. 
Mackenzie, Wm. B. manufacturer of Shetland 
shawls, hosiery, and woollen underclothing, 
126 Princes street 
Mackenzie, W. of Muirton, W.S. 29 Charlotte 

Mackenzie, Dr W., H.E.I.C.S. 14 Carlton ter. 
Mackenzie, Rev. Wm. 2 Jamaica street. Ferry 

road. North Leith 
Mackenzie, William, bookseller and publisher, 

5 Clerk street 
Mackenzie, W. and J. H., W.S. chambers 29 

Charlotte square 
Mackenzie, Wm. road overseer, Lochend road 
Mackenzie, Wm. lodgings, 25 Abercromby pi. 
Mackenzie, Wm. boot maker, 27 W. Regr. st. 
Mackenzie, JIrs Wm. 3 Hamburgh place 
Mackenzie, Mrs A. lodgings, 111 George st. 
Mackenzie, The Hon. Mrs Hay, of Cromarty, 

10 Royal circus 
^Mackenzie, Mrs Alex. 5 Duncan st. Newington 
Mackenzie, JMrs Kincaid, 5 Gayfield square 
Mackenzie, Mrs, midwife, 150 High street 
^lackenzie, Jlrs Pilchard, 31 Abercromby pi 
Mackenzie, Mrs Rodrick, 10 Cassells' place 
Mackenzie, Mrs, 22 Lyndoch place 
Mackenzie, Mrs, 29 Broughton place 
^Mackenzie, Mrs, draper, 83 Nicolson street 
Mackenzie, The Hon. Charlotte, and the Hon. 

Augusta, of Seaforth, 57 Castle street 
Mackenzie, Miss, boarding establishment for 

young ladies, Morningside, Bank house 
Mackenzie, Miss, Jordan bank, Morningside 
Mackenzie, Miss, 38 Dublin street 
Mackenzie, Miss, French staym. 59 Thistle 

Mackenzie, Misses, 36 Dublin street 
M'Kenzie, Alexander, tailor, 3 Clyde street 
M'Kenzie, David, ironmonger, 36 Victoria st. 





M'Kenzie, James, bookbinder and stationer, 

22 Duke street 
M'Kenzie, John, clock maker, 82 So. bridge 
M'Kenzie, Thomas, jeweller, 48 Rose street 
M'Kenzie, VVm. 5 Brown street 
M'Kenzie, Wm. tailor, 10 Duncan street 
Mackenzie, Mrs, 40 Northumberland street 
M'Kenzie, Mrs A. map and plan colourer, 6 

Rose street 
M'Kenzie, Mrs, 5 Craigside place 
M'Kenzie, Mrs, lodgint;s, 9 Roxburgh terrace 
M'Kenzie, Mrf, straw hat maker, 5 Alison sq. 
M'Kerlie, Robert, Ordnance store-keeper, 

Castle, Stuart street, Piershill 
M'Kerracher, Miss J. Berlin and fancy ware- 
house, 57 North Frederick street 
M'Kerrell, Rev. Francis, St Mary's Catholic 

Church, Broughion street 
M'Kerrell, Mrs, 42 Drummond street 
Mackersy, Wm., W.S. 24 London street 
Mackie, Chas. surgeon, 7 N.-west Circus place 
Mackie, John, messenger, Ba?ik of Scotland 
Mackie, John W, confectioner and biscuit 
manufacturer to the Queen and Royal 
Family, 108 Princes street 
Mackie, John, letter-carrier, 16 Roxburgh pi. 
Mackie, John, 10 Hermitage place, Leith 
Mackie, Lieut. John, iustrucior of military 
and civil engineering and mining, in the 
Scottish Military Academy, 4 Raeburn pi. 
Mackie, N. M. (M. B. ^ Co.), 32 Bernard st. 
Mackie, Thomas, shipmaster, 4 London row 
Mackie, Mrs, 25 India street 
Mackie, Mrs John, engraver, lithographer, 

and stamp- cutter, 265 High street 
Mackie, Miss, milliner and dressmaker, 8 

Werayss place 
Mackie, Miss, milliner, 7 St Vincent street 
Mackinlay and Macphail, drapers and whole- 
sale stay manufacturers and outfitters, 1 
Bank street 
Mackinlay, David, of Newlandburn, 25 Royal 

Mackinlay, Duncan, 138 George street 
Mackinlay, Mrs, ladies' nurse, 38 India place 
Mackinlay, Mise, 138 George street 
M'Kinlay, Chas. & Co. winemerchts. and gen. 

agents, 104 Constitution street 
M'Kinlay, Chas. {M'K. S Co.), 14 Pilrig st. 
M'Kinlay, Mrs Janet, 52 Cumberland street 
M'Kinlay, Mrs, milliner, French stay & dress- 
maker, 4 Blenheim place 
Mackinron, John, spirit mercht. Bristo port 
Mackinnon, Duncan, Ship tavern, ]35 High st. 
Mackinnon, Charles, Edgehill, Deau 
Mackinnon, A. & J. spirit dealer, 1 13 Cowgate 
Mackintosh, Alex, dairyman, 13 Greenside st. 
Mackintosh, Alexander, tailor and clothier, 

23 Howe street 
Mackintosh, jEneas, classical teacher, 10 

Nicolson street 
Mackintosh, Andrew, advocate, 31 Northum- 
berland street 

Mackintosh, James, of La Mancha, 7 Inver- 

leitli row. 
Mackintosh, John, tobacconist, 42 Nicolson 

St., 155 High St., and 63 S. bridge— house, 
Eden cottage 
Mackintosh, John (Inland Revenue), 2 Forbea 

street, Beaumont place 
Mackintosh, Rev. Lauchlan, 25 Scotland Bt. 
Mackintosh, L., S.S.C. 31 Northumberland st. 
Mackintosh, Wm. writer, 18 Lothian street 
Mackintosh, Mrs William, 1 Dean terrace 
Mackintosh, Mrs Jas. 58 Lauriston street 
Mackintosh, Mrs, lace-joiner and repairer, 

23 Howe street 
Mackintosh, Miss, milliner and dressmaker, 

9 Hill square 
Macknight, A. Edwd. advocate, 12 London st. 
Macknight, James, W.S. 12 London street 
Macknight, Thos. M.D. 8 Mansfield place 
Macknight, Mrs, 12 London street 
M'Kutcheon, Jas. governor, Orphan hospital 
Mackray, Rev. W. 8 Keir street 
Maclachlan, John (M. §- Stewart), Clearburn 

house, Prestonfield 
Maclachlan and Ivory, W.S. 22 Duke street 
Maclachlan & Stewart, booksellers and pub- 
lishers, 64 South bridge 
Maclachlan, George (-M'L. and Ivory), 20 

Duke street 
Maclachlan, William, 2 Morrison place 
M'Lauchlan, Rev. James, 12 Roxburgh place 
M'Lachlan, John, teacher, 15 Graham street 
M'Lachlan, Robert, 81 Canongate 
M'Lachlan, Wm. grocer and wine merchant, 

5 Lindsay place — ho. 38 Rankeillor street 
M'Lachlan, Mrs, 2 London street 
Maclagan, David, M.D.,F.R.C.P., surgeon to 

the Queen, 129 George street 
Maclagan, David, manager. Alliance Assurance 

Company, 95 George street 
Maclagan, IDavid, accountant, 24 Stafford st. 
Maclagan, Douglas, M.D. surg. 28 Heriot row 
Maclagan, Peter, 77 Great King street 
Maclagan, Thos. teacher of dancing, 70 St 

Leonard street 
M'Lagan, Miss Janet, 5 John's place 
M'Laine, Angu:*, 39 Inverleith row 
Maclaren, Charles, Moreland cottage. Grange 

Maclaren, J. teacher, 11 Hamilton pi. — ho. 10 
Maclaren, John, bookseller and stationer, 139 

Princes street — house, 7 Mary's place 
M'Laren, Oliver, & Co. linen, woollen, and 

furnishing drapers and haberdashers, 329 

High street 
M'Laren, Alex, furnish, tailor, 21 Carnegie st. 
M'Laren, Alex. 3 Leopold place 
M'Laren, A. hosier and draper, 67 Pleasance 
M'Laren, Daniel, cork manufacturer, 6 East 

Adam street 
M'Laren, Daniel, baker, 23 Duke st. Leith 
M'Laren, Dav. (Jas. ML. ^- Son), Greenhill 






M'Laren, David and Co. merchants, 9 Con- 
stitution street 
M'Laren, D. and G. wine merchants, 15 St 

Andrew street, Leith 
M'Laren, David {D.M'L. ^ Co.), 15 Forth st. 
M'Laren, Right Hon. Dun., Lord Provost of 

the City, Newington house 
M'Laren, G. Adinston (i>. ^ G. M'Laren), 1 

Cassells' place 
M'Laren, James & Sons, wholesale tea dealers, 

7 Roxburgh place 
M'Laren, James, bootmaker, 6 Duncan st. — 

house, 20 Drummond place 
M'Laren, Jas.(Smith ^-AI'L.), 10 Welling, pi. 
M'Laren, John, riddle maker and wooden 

ware merchant, 98 West bow 
M'Laren, John, shoemaker, 1 Claremont place 
M'Laren, John, boot and shoemaker, 2 

Veitch's place 
M'Laren, John, spirit dealer, 220 Cowgate 
M'Laren, Jos. merchant, 2 Haddington place 
M'Laren, Lockhart, watchmaker, 20 Drum- 
mond place 
M'Laren, M. wine and spirit merchant, 14 

Roxburgh place 
M'Laren, Peter, cabinetmaker and upholsterer, 
22 Greenside place — ho. 59 Broughton st. 
M'Laren, Peter, officer of Inland Revenue, 

9 Gardner's crescent 
M'Laren, Thos. spirit dealer, 12 Shore 
M'Laren, Thomas, wright, 9 Davie street 
M'Laren, William ( Wrn. Gray &^ Co.), 7 Pilrig 

M'Laren, William, printer, 2 Salisbury square 
M'Laren, Mrs Alex, spirit dealer, 1 Bath st. 

— house 1 Fox lane, Leith 
M'Laren, Mrs Duncan, 7 Mary's place 
M'Laren, Mrs, 42 George square 
M'Laren, Mrs Catharine, 24 Clarence street 
M'Laren, Mrs Neil, 56 Great King street 
M'Laren, Miss Jane, Moredun, Spring gar- 
dens. Abbey hill 
Maclauchlan, Rev. Thos. 104 Lauriston place 
M'Lauchlan, Peter, tea, wine, and spirit mer- 
chant, 34 Castle street 
M'Lauchlan, Mrs Lieut. G.Preston street 
Maclaurin, Mrs J. 6 West Claremont street 
Maclaurin, J. {Brilisk Linen Co.), 6 West 

Claremont street 
Maclaurin, Mrs P. 48 Frederick street 
M'Lay, Peter {Melrose <^ Co.), 27 Hamilton 

Maclean & Son, grocers, fruiterers, and Italian 
warehousemen to the Queen, 27 Princes st. 
and 61 Queen st. 
Maclean, Alexander, architect, 10 North St 

Andrew street 
Maclean, Alexander, architect, 6 Laverock 

bank, Trinity 
Maclean's School, 19 Thistle street — William 

Hall, teacher 
Maclean, T. engineer, West end of N. Dock 
M'Lean, Alex, writer, 5 Leilh street terrace 

M'Lean, Alex, wine and spirit merchant, 

1 High street 
M'Lean, And. basketmaker and importer of 

willows, 61 Tolbooth wynd, Leith 
M'Lean, Andrew, chemist and druggist, 2 St 

Andrew square 
M'Lean, Angus, spirit merchant, 133 Highst. 
M'Lean, Charles, engraver and enameller, 18 

St James' square 
M'Lean, Charles, mattress-maker, 42 Tol- 
booth wynd, Leith 
M'Lean, Charles, grocer, tea and winemercht. 

4 Queensferry street and 50 Dundas street 
M'Lean, Dug. & Son, purveyors of fruit to 

the Queen, 61 Queen street 
M'Lean, Fitzroy J. G. {3Iartin 6; M'Lean), 

21 Albany street 
MacLean, John, S.K. Laverock bank, Trinity 
MacLean, John, lodgings, 57 Hanover street 
IM'Lean, Malcolm, gentlemen's sick nurse, 148 

Rose street 
M'Lean, M. New S/tip hotel, 20 Shore, Leith 
M'Lean, Robert, house-steward, George He- 
riot's hospital 
M'Lean, Thomas, & Co. guano, corn, and seed- 
merchant, 46 Victoria st — ho. 4 George sq. 
M'Lean, William, 90 Fountainbridge 
M'Lean, William, boot & shoe warehouse, 275 

M'Lean, William, JMadeira cottage, Canaan 

lane, Morningside 
M'Lean, Mrs Charles, Silvermills cottage 
M'Lean, Mrs Donald, 10 Hill place 
M'Lean, Mrs Janet, ladies' nurse, 1 India st. 
M'Lean, Mrs, repository, 19 S. College street 
M'Lean, ]\Irs, 2 Hill street 
M'Lean, Mrs D. 62 Queen street 
jNI'Lean, Mrs, 2 Charlotte street, Leith 
M'Lean, Misses, milliners, 2 Charlotte street, 

LI'Leay, Ken., R.S.A. portrait painter, 5 

Castle terrace 
M'Leish, Robert, clerk, 3 Cannon st. Leith 
M'Lellan and Son, booksellers, 20 Tolbooth 

wynd, Leith 
M'Lellan, Miss, teacher, Leith Mill road 
^I'Lennan, Donald, spirit dealer, 43 High st 
AI'Lennan, Donald, commercial traveller, 6 

Keir street 
M'Lennan, Dun. spirit dealer, 65 Shore 
M'Lennan, J. tailor & clothier, 15 Dublin st. 
M'Lennan, Thos. victualler &. spirit dealer, 

50 Kirkgate 
M'Lennan, Mrs J. sick-nurse, 39 India place 
M'Lennan, Mrs, midwife and ladies' nurse, 1 

Queensferry street 
Macleod, Alexander, 6 Lynedoch place 
Macleod, Donanld, agent for A. FuUarton & 

Co. publishers, 44 South bridge 
Macleod, Gordon, 16 St Vincent st. 
Macleod, J. G. E. (Edin. Academy), 1 Eyre pi. 
Macleod, J. tailor and clothier, 37 Broughton 






Macleod, Nich. (iV. M'L. &; Co.), So. Fort 

street, Leith 
Macleod, N. & Co. commission merchants,and 

agents for the London Assur. Corporation, 

Exchange buildings, Leith 
Macleod, Peter, 2 George place 
Macleod, Rod. gutta perclia and American 

over-shoe warehouse, 95 Princes street 
Macleod, Wm. tailor, &c. 23 Howe st. — ho. 

71 Cumberland street 
Macleod, Mrs, 3 Crichton street 
Macleod, Mrs John, 21 Fettes row 
M'Leod, Hugh, coach-hirer, 14 Charles street 
M'Leod, Jas. B. teacher, Morningside place 
M'Leod, Jn. animal-painter, 4 Buccleuch st. 
M'Leod, Kenneth, house-painter, 23 East 

Thistle street 
M'Leod, JNIjs Elizabeth, grocer, 48 Bridge st. 
M'Leod, Miss, 9 Archibald place 
M'Leod, Miss, teacher, 48 Bridge st. 
M'Letchie, Rev. James, 6 Regent terrace 
M'Luckie, Mrs James, 6 Madeira street 
M'Luskie, Wm. shoe merchant, 387 Lawn- 
Macmahon,M. fur manufacturer, 37 Hanover 

street — ho. 17 Dundas street 
Macmahon, Rd. lodgings, 6 Shandwick place 
Macmanus, Rev. Patrick, St Mary's Ca- 
tholic Church, Broughton street 
M'Martin, Mrs, 39 Montagu street 
M 'Master, Mrs, lodgings, 101 Princes street 
M'Menamy, Rev. Patrick, D.D. 44 Minto st. 
Macmillan, John, M.A. {High School), 15 Buc- 
cleuch place 
M'Millan and Grant, W.S. 37 York place 
M'Millan, Andrew, flesher, 7 High market — 

house, 66 Leith wynd 
M'Millan, Chas. shipmaster, 6 Hamburgh pi. 
M'MQlan, Dugald, teacher, SO Brunswick st. 

M'Millan, George, butcher, 4 So. Melville pi 

— house, 1 Queensferry street 
M'Millan, James, shipmaster, 6 Hamburgh pi. 

North Leith 
M'Millan, T. sen. flesher, 8 High market 
M'Millan, Tho. jun. butcher, 20 Greenside pi. 

—house, 9 Antigua street 
M'Millan, Thos. butcher, 31 Kirkgate, Leith 
M'Millan, Mrs, 5 Dundas street 
M'Minn, Francis, superintendent, ^^rfcwtora/ 

Insurance Co. 48 Cumberland street 
MacMorland, Rev, Peter, 20 Dean terrace 
M'Morrin, Adam, dairy, 13 New street 
MacMurdo, Misses, I^ugton cottage 
M'Murray, James, bootmaker, 30 Candle 

maker row 
M'Murray, William & J. wire-cloth manufac 

turers, Stead's place 
M'Murtrip, Mrs, 20 Brunswick street 
Macnab, James, writer, 3 Darling's buildings 
Macnab, John (A. FuUarton and Co. pub' 

lishers), 4 Laverock bank, Trinity 
Macnab, Peter, ironmonger, 29 Earl Grey st. 

M'Nab, A. gown-keeper, Parliament House, 

&5 India place 
M'Nab, James, curator of the Royal Botanic 

gardens, Inverleith row 
M'Nab, James, grocer and wine merchant, 12 

Downie place — house, 8 
M'Nab, Peter, wine and spirit merchant, 7 

East Richmond street 
Macnair, John, brewer, 11 St Anthony street 

— house, 12 Royal terrace 
M'Nair, William,' mercht. 21 Quality street 

— bouse, 12 Eastfield 
M'Nair, Mrs, 5 Rutland square 
M'Nair, Mrs, 5 London street 
M 'Naught, Mrs, 4 Hill square 
M'Naughtan, Charles, commission agent, 5 

Lutton place 
M'Naughton, A. hairdresser, 58 Bernard st 
M'Naughton, D. shoemaker, 9 Raeburn pi. 
M'Naughton, Don. tea, wine, & spirit mercht. 

65 Rose street 
M'Naughton, John, licensed coppersmith 

and brazier, Fife place 
M'Naughton, Mrs, 33 Montagu street 
M'Naughton, JMiss, 8 Athole place 
Macnee, James & Co. coach and harness- 
makers, 106 Princes St. and 148 Fountainbr. 
M'Nees, William, watchmaker, 153 High street 
M'Neilie, David {Chancery), 21 Nelson street 
Macneill, Captain Archibald, 8 Maitland street 
M'Neill, Alex, advocate, 34 Dublin street 
M'Neill, Archibald, W.S. 8 Hill street— ho. 

73 Great King st. 
M'Neill, Right Hon. Duncan, Lord Justice 

General, 73 Great King street 
M'Neill, Sir John, G.C.B. Granton house 
M'Neill, Robert, wright, 1 Nelson place 
M'Neill, Mrs Col. 23 St Cuthbert street 
M'Nicol, Mrs, 22 Ann street 
M'Nicoll, Alex, shoemaker, 32 Brunswick st. 
M'Nicoll, Mrs James, 26 Pitt street 
Macnider, Mrs, 12 Rutland square 
Macnie, J. & C. grocers and spirit-merchants, 

102 West port 
Macnish, Wm,, M.D. 28 Warriston crescent 
M'Niven, Allan, wine and spirit merchant, 

2 Lothian street — house, 28 Buccleuch pi. 
Macniven and Cameron {established J 770), 

wholesale stationers, 23 Blair street 
Macniven, James, 9 Henry street 
Macniven, P. & W. & Co., wholesale and 

retail stationers and pasteboard manufrs. 19 

Blair street 
M' Ornish, Patrick, writer, 74 Lauriston place 
Macphail, Myles, publisher, bookseller, and 

stationer, 11 South St David street 
Macphail, Wm. bookseller, stationer, and 

printer, 98 Princes street 
Macphail, Mrs, 12 Antigua street 
M'Pherson & Syme, printers, 12 South St Da- 
vid street 
M'Pherson, Alex, leather r cutter, 9 Litt'.e 

King street 





M'Pherson, Alex, gardener, Canaan park 
M'Pherson, Alex, city officer, Hope park end 

M'Pherson, Archibald & Son, plasterers, 1 

Hill square 
M'Pherson, Charles, architect, 50 Cumbd. st. 
M'Pherson, Charles {^Macpkerson and Syme), 

4 North Melville place 
M'Pherson, D., 7 Salisbury street 
M'Pherson, Lieut. Evan, 1 Alva street 
M'Pherson, H. spirit mercht. 289 Canongate 
M'Pherson, James & Co. plumbers and brass- 
founders, 99 Constitution street — house, 35 
M'Pherson, John, lamp and oil merchant, 4 

Melbourne place — house, 10 Graham street 
M'Pherson, N. 8 Fredrick street 
M'Pherson, Peter, agricultural implement 

maker, Norton place 
M'Pherson, W. {late of Customs), 5 Lapside pi. 
M'Pherson, William, tailor and clothier, 423 

M'Pherson, Christina, spirit- dealer, 4 West 

Richmond street 
M'Pherson, Mrs C. ladies'nurse, 89 Ironside pi. 
M'Pherson, Mrs, 50 Cumberland street 
M'Pherson, Mrs, of Glentruim, 12 Coates cres. 
M'Pherson, Mrs, of Belleville, 8 Piutland st. 
M'Pherson, Mrs, lodgings, 57 York place 
M'Pherson, Miss C. tobacconist, 2 7 Hanover st. 
M'Pherson, Miss, dairy, 4 Barony street 
M'Pherson, Miss, dressmaker, 5 Duke street 
Macqueen, Gtorge (Justiciary Office), 47 

Hope park end 
Macqueen, John, haberdasher, 29 West Nicol- 

son street 
Macqueen, Ken., H.E.I.C.S. 9 Royal circus 
Macqueen, Jn. M., S.S.C. 72 Princes street — 

house, 7 Alva street 
Macqueen, Miss Caroline, baker, 9 India st. 
M'Queen, John, wholesale warehouseman, 54 

North bridge — house, 67 Great King street 
M'Queen, John, lodgings, 60 Cumberland st. 
M'Quillen, Wm. silk-dyer and scourer, 4 

Portland place 
M'Quillen, James, dyer and renovator, 7 W. 

Adana street 
Macrae, James, plumber and gasfitter, 28 So. 

Hanover street 
Macrae, John A., LL.D., W.S. master ex- 
traordinary of the High Courts of Chancery 

of England and Ireland, 14 Gloucester place 
Macrae, John, grocer, 2 Clarence street 
Macrae, William, tailor, 32 Wright's houses 
M'Rae, Dr John, R.N. 1 Comely green cres. 
M'Rae, Kenth. wine & spirit merclit. 45 Nicol- 

son street — house, 11 West Richmond st, 
Macredie, Mrs, 69 Northumberland street 
Macritchie, Bayley, & Henderson, W.S. 11 

Royal Exchange 
Macritchie, Thos. Elder, of Craigton, W.S. 4 

Gayfield square 
Macritchie, W. D., M.D. 4 Archibald place j 
M'Kitchie, John, writer, 59 Lauriston place ; 

M'Vicar and Winks, dressmakers, &c. 42 

George street 
M'Vicar, Miss, 1 Pilrig place 
M'Vie, Mrs, provision shop, 121 Canongate 
M'Vitie, Robert, baker, 5 Charlotte place 
M'Whea, Mrs, 9 Soutli Melville place 
M'Whinnie, Hugh, shipmaster, 4 Tolbooth 

wynd, Leith 
M'Whirter, John, baker, 10 Antigua street 
M'Whirter, Miss Harriet, 50 Moray place 
M' William, Robert, S.S.C. 23 London street 
M'William, Wm. agtnt, Stirling und Alloa 

Steam-boat Company, Granton 
M'William, Mrs, 25 Put street 
Mabon, John, auctioneer, 48 High street 
Mabon, Miss A. grocer, 12 Wright's houses 
Machell, Edward, agent, 25 Lothian street 
Mack, James S. writer, 4 Pitt st. Bonnington 
Mack, Wm. B. hat and cap manuf. 2 Hunter 
square — house, Carlton villa, Spring gar- 
dens. Abbey hill 
Mack, ]\Irs, 3 West Arthur place 
Macwhirter, Dr. F.R.C.P. and F.R.S.E. 50 

Moray place 
Madden, Major, 26 Regent terrace 
Mahood, Alex. {E. S^ G. Ry. Co.), Granton 

Maidraent, James, advocate, 25 Royal circus 
Mailer, Wm. commer. traveller, 5 Glover st. 
Main and Son, bootmakers, 5 Catharine st. 
Main, Edward, seal and copperplate engraver, 

42 George street 
Main, George, hairdresser, 9 Queen st. Leith 
Main, Peter, Esq. IMoredun, Spring gardens 
Main, Thos. hairdresser, 6 Coalhill 
Main, Mrs Thomas, 6 Leopold place 
Main, Mrs, 112 Lauriston place 
Mair, Major Arthur, 29 Abercromby place 
Mair, William Ludovic, 18 Duncan street, 

Drummond place 
Maitland, Augustus, W.S. 49 Melville street 
Maitland, Edward Francis, advocate, sheriff 

of Argyleshire, 31 IVIelville street 
Maitland, George R., W.S. 7 North St An- 
drew street — house, 54 Melville street 
Maitland, Henry, & Co. stockbrokers, 9 North 

St David street 
Maitland, John, 9 Walker street 
Maitland, Mrs Jane, 4 Torphichen street 
Maitland, Miss, 9 South-east Circus place 
Maitland, Miss, 1 1 Norton place 
Makellar, Rev. Dr Angus, 8 Charlotte square 
Makgill, Mrs, 1 1 George square 
IMalcolm, Dr, M.D., F.R.C.P.E. 126 Geo. st. 
Malcolm, Walter, W.S. 2 Forth street 
Malcolm, Wr. ( Customs), 1 Bowling-green st. 
Malcolm, Wm. painter and glazier, 16 Cowg. 
Malcolm, Mrs, lodgings, 18 Charles street 
Malcolm, Mrs, Middlefield 
Malcolm, Mrs, 42 Lothian street 
Malcolm, I\Irs, lodgings, 65 Castle street 
Malcolm, Miss, 28 London street 
Maiden, Jas. lodgings, 15 & 16 Albany street 





Malloch, Pat. & Son, map-mounters, 18 Market 

Manchester Fire Assurance Co. 50 Castle 

street — Murray & Beith, agents 
Manderson, D. & G. provision shop, 11 Lon- 
don street 
Mann, Alex, solicitor, 6 Wellington pi. Leith 
Mann, Benjamin, shipmas. 17 Albany st. Leiih 
Mann, David, baker, Newhaven 
Mann, John {Boyle §• M.), 42 S. B. Canongate 
Maun, Wm. {Mil/an ^ M.), 8 London street 
Mann, Wm. writer,21 Raeburn place, and 119 

Princes street 
Mann, Mrs, spirit merchant, 15 Yardheads 
Mann, Miss, 21 Leopold place 
Mansfield, Thomas, 26 Abercromby place 
Mansfield, Thomas & Robert Spottiswoode, 

accountants, 7 Thistle street 
Mansfield, William, 27 Montagu street 
Manson, David, S.S.C. 23 Thistle street 
Mansou, Robert, clerk, 1 Forbes street, Beau- 
mont place 
Manson, Miss, 17 Castle street 
Manson, Jane, lodgings, 10 Hill place 
Mantica, Anthony, 15 Catharine street 
Mancfactujies, Board of Trustees for, 

Royal Institution, Mound 
Marine Life and Casualty Mutual Assur- 
ance Society — William Bowie, agent, 17 
South St David street. — See Adv. 
Mariners' Church and School, 10 Dock st. 
]\Iarjoribank8, Wm. 21 Inverleith row 
Marley Hill Coking Co.'s office for Scot- 
land, 3 East Register street 
Marquis of Lothian's coal establishment, 

St Leonard's, Edin. and 22 Baltic street 
Marr, James & Co. typefounders and printers* 
joiners, 27 & 29 New street, and London 
and Dublin. — See Adv. 
Marr, Dr Jas., F.R.C.P.E. 5 Brandon street 
Marr, John, Richmond villa, Wardie, Ferry rd. 
Marr, Robert, china merchant, 237 Canongate 
Marr, W. teacher of mathematics, 11 Keir st. 
Marr, William, shoemaker, Lochend road 
Marr, Mrs James, 5 Vanburghplace, Leith 
Marrable, John, Mansion-house road. Grange 
Marrin, Michael, broker, 167 Cowgate 
Marsh & Beattie, booksellers, stationers, and 

artists' colourmen, 13 Hanover et. 
Marsh, Mrs, 1 Rutland street 
Marshall & Aitken, woollen drapers and clo- 
thiers, 27 North bridge 
Marshall & Sons, jewellers & silversmiths, 87 

George street 
Marshall & Sutherland, plasterers, 86 Consti- 
tution street 
Marshall, Alex, shoemaker, 2 Dean street 
Marshall, Arch. 41 Minto street 
Marshall, Captain D., H.E.I.CS. 10 Royal 

Marshall, David, accountant, 9 North St 

David street 
Marshall, George H. 3 Heiiot row 

Marshall, George, hosier, glover, and shirt 

maker, 13 Waterloo pi. — house, 11 Comely 

green place 
Marshall, Geo. {late of Manilla), Grecian cot. 
IMarshall, James, plumber and gasfitter, 62 

Broughton street 
Marshall, James and Walter, jewellers, 41 

George street 
Marshall, James & Sons, agents, wine and 

spirit merchants, 1 Roxburgh place 
Marshall, James, {J. M. ^ :Sons), Man- 

sionhouse road. Grange 
Marshall, Jas. {J. Sf W. M.), 13 Royal terrace 
Marshall, James (Redpath, Brown, ^ Co.), 16 

Thomson's place 
Marshall, James, plasterer, 33 Coatfield lane 
Marshall, Jas. engineer, 2 Couper street 
Marshall, Jas. house-steward, Ho. of Refuge 
Marshall, J., corn-mercht, 34 Constitution st. 
Marshall, John (Jury Court), 22 Dundas st. 
Marshall, John, S.S.C. 22 Howe street 
Marshall, John, plumber and gasfitter, 15 

West Register street, and 11 S. St Andrew 

street — house, 11 York place 
Marshall, John, advocate, 5 Randolph cresc. 
Marshall, Martin, merchant, 21 Quality street 
Marshall, Ramsay, & Co. merchants and 

commission agents, 24 St James' square 
Marshall, Robert, merchant, 23 Archibald 

place, and farmer, Gateside, Kivklistim 
Marshall, Robt. spirit dealer, Leven cottage 
Marshall, Robt. printer, 12 S. Rose street lane 
Marshall, Robert P. working jeweller, silver- 
smith, and optician, 15 Bank street 
Marshall, Robert, Rosebank cottage 
Marshall, Thos. & Son, drapers, 14 W. Adam 

Marshall, Thos. lodgings, 2 Trinity crescent 
Marshall, Thos. victual dealer, 2 Antigua st. 
Marshall, Thomas, officer. Royal College of 

Physicians, 9 and 10 Queen street 
Marshall, Thomas and James, brass casters, 

Broughton place lane 
Marshall, Walter (J. S^ W. M.), 27 Gayfield sq. 
Marshall, William, Danish consul-general for 

Scotland, 26 Constitution street, Leith 
Marshall, Wm. & Co. gold and silversmiths, 

jewellers, & watchmakers, 62 North bridge 

— house, 10 Archibald place 
Marshall, Wm. jeweller, 290 Lawnmarket — 

house, 120 Lauriston place 
Marshall, Wm. coachbuilder, 58 Bristo street 
Marshall, Wm. engineer, 13 King's place 
Marshall, Captain William, H.E.I.CS. 10 

Windsor street 
Marshall, Wm. jeweller, 41 Leith street 
Marshall, William {M. M. ^' Co.), 93 Consti- 
tution street 
Marshall, Wm. livery stables, Dublin st. lane 

and Meuse lane, St Andrew street — house, 

20 Dublin street 
Marshall, Rev. William, 1 Great Wellington 

street, Leith 





Tklarshall, W. R. merchant, 2 Smith's place 

Marshall, INIrs Dr, 25 Alva street 

Marshall, Mrs Thomas, 1 Laurie street, Leith 

Marshall, Mrs Wm. 18 Albany street 

Marshall, Mrs, 3 Summer place 

Marshall, Mrs, 27 Howe street 

Marshall, Mrs, 41 Minto street 

Marshall, Mrs, midwife and ladies' nurse, 30 

William street 
Marshall, Miss, 9 Forres street 
Marshall, Misses, 5 Grove street 
Martin & Maclean, W.S. 32 Great King st. 
Martin and Maclean, dispensing and family 

chemists, 47 South Clerk street 
Martin, Alex, butcher, 79 Queen street 
Martin, David, baker, 233 Canongate 
Martin, Geo. plumber, 1 Picardy place — ho. 6 
Martin, Hugh, tea, wine, and spirit merchant. 

19 Carnegie street 
Martin, James, wholesale and retail stationer, 

engraver and lithographer, 21 Greenside st. 

— ho. 20 Haddington place 
Martin, Jas. victual dealer, 167 Fountainbr. 
Martin, James, 16 Maryfield 
Martin, John, surgeon, 7 Coburg street 
Martin, John S. {Bank of Scotland), 20 

Annandale street 
Martin, M. J., M.D. 16 Melville street 
Martin, John, W.S. 32 Great Kiog street 
Martin, John, farmer, Inverleith mains 
Martin, John, Clifton bank, Grange road 
Martin, Robert, 2 James' place 
Martin, Thomas, accountant, 14 Young st. — 

house, 27 Rutland street 
Martin, Walter, wood turner, 1 4 E ast Rose street 

IMartin, William, glass merchant and glazier, 

15 Frederick street 
Martin, William, S.S.C. 17 Union street 
Martin, Wm. victual dealer, 98 Nicolson st — 

house, 12 West Nicolson street 
Martin, Wm. victual dealer, 1 Raeburn place 
Martin, Wm. victual dealer, 2 Dean street 
Martin, William, 7 St Vincent street 
IVIartin, INIrs Col. Stephen, 33 Regent terrace 
IMartin, Mrs D. lodgings, 14 Trinity cresc. 
Martin, Mrs, lodgings, 23 St Patrick square 
Martin, Miss Agnes, 30 Clarence street 
Martin, Miss Anne, 27 Rutland square 
IMartin, Miss Janet, corsetmaker, 4 Tollcross 
Martin, Miss, bookseller, 1 William street 
Martin, Miss, 2 S.-w. Circus place 
IMartin, Miss, 13 Melville street 
Martin, Janet, cloak and dress maker, 2 James' 

Martine, James, 22 Scotland street 
Martinson, Jn. N. writer, 4 St Bernard's row 
Marwick, William, 1 West Claremont street 
Marwick, Wm. ham and egg shop, 44 West 

Richmond street 
Mason, And. T. brassfounder, Chalmers' close, 

81 High street 
Mason, Alex, baker, 20 Coupcr street 

Mason, D. & Co. tea and coffee salesmen, 37 

South bridge 
Mason, George, flesher, 73 Hanover street 
Mason, Hector, assist.-clerk of session, 15 Re- 
gister house — ho. Spylaw house, Colinton 
Mason, James, S.S.C. 14 Pitt street 
Mason, John, spirit dealer, 22 Shore 
Mason, John, provision dealer, 117 Kirkgate 
Mason, Robert, Meadowbank 
Mason, Robert, farmer, Morton mains 
Mason, Thomas, 24 Mitchell street, Leith 
Mason, Thomas, com.-agent, 9 Hercles street 
Mason, Wm., S.S.C. 6 Frederick street 
Mason, Mrs Agnes, 35 Castle street 
Mason, Mrs Elizabeth, lodgings, 31 India st. 
Mason, Mrs, spirit dealer, 6 Queensferry st. 
Mason, Mrs J. W. 26 Nelson street 
Mason, Mrs, 27 Clyde street 
Masonic Lodge, Grand, of Scotland — His 
Grace the Duke of Athole, grand master; 
W. A. Laurie, G. secretary ; J. L. Wood- 
man, G. clerk ; Donald Ross, chamberlain, 
29 S. Frederick St., G. Tyler ; Wm. Bryce, 
388 Castlehill, assistant G. Tyler 
Masonic Lodge, Canongate Kilwinning— 
W. N. Fraser, S.S.C. 41 Albany street, 
master; Stewart Watson, artist, 79 Princes 
St. secretary — 2d Wednesday, monthly 
Masonic Lodge, Canongate & Leith — Tho- 
mas Dunn, 4 Junction street, Leith, mas- 
ter; Alex. Haldane, Coatfield lane, sec. — 
1st Tuesday, monthly 
Masonic Lodge, Celtic — Wm. Ireland, con- 
tractor, B rough ton cottage, master; Alex. 
Prin2:le {Adjutant- General' s office), sec— 
1st Friday, do. 
Masonic Lodge, Defensive Band — Geo. Bell, 
8 St James sq. master; Daniel Grant, James' 
Court, Lawnmarket, sec. — 4th Tuesday, do. 
Masonic Lodge, Journeymen — Walt. Wright, 
millmaster, Canonmills, master; Robert 
Phimester, wright, 14 Lauriston st. sec. — 
Masonic Lodge of Edinburgh, Mary's Chapel 
— Wm. Belfrage, master ; Robert Gordon, 
23 St James' square, sec. — 2d Tuesday, 
each month. Ship hotel, E. Register street 
Masonic Lodge, Roman Eagle — John Burnet, 
Caledonian hotel, 1 Castle st. master; James 
M'Donald, printer, Scottish Press, High St., 
sec. — 2d Thursday, do. 
Masonic Lodge, St David's — Arch. Douglas 
{G.P.-O.), 17 Gilmore place, master; Ed- 
mund Wilson, writer, 108 George street, 
sec. — 3d Tuesday, do. 
Masonic Lodge, St James's, Operative — Wil- 
liam !Mann, clothier, 1 Hanover street, 
master; James Melville, 8 St Cuthbert's 
glebe, sec. — 1st Thursday, every month 
Masonic Lodge, St Luke — Sylvester L'Amy, 
27 Northumberland street, master; Rich. 
Wilson, 33 St Andrew square, secretary — 
3d Fridary do. 





Masonic Lodge, St Stephen's — Walter Hen- 
derson, 46 Pleasance, sec. — 2d Monday, do. 
Masonic Lodge^ St Clair — Thomas Drum- 
mond, 14 St Vincent st. master; Alex. 
Wright (clerk, Adam & Charles Black, pub- 
lishers), North br., sec — 1st Monday, do. 
Masonic Lodge, Portobello — John Tough, 
jun., Kirk's pi., Portob. master; A. Taylor, 
146 High St. sec. — 3d Thursday, do. 
Massiah, Wm. W. farmer, East Pilton, Inver- 

leith row 
Masson, Miss, 1 1 Castle street 
Masters, Mrs A. spirit dealer, 110 Rose street 
Masterton, George, spirit dealer 11 N,-w. Cir- 
cus place 
Masterton, John, tobacconist, 60 Leith street 
Masterton, Mrs A. spirit dealer, 1 Cable wd. 
Maternity Hospital, Royal, Minto house 
Mather, Alex, millwright, 162 Fountain- 
Mather, Geo. M. min.-painter, 63 Princes 

Mather, Rev. James, United Presbyterian 

Library, 6 Queen street 
Mather, James, flesher, Post-office, Newhaven 
Mather, Jn. & Son, warehousemen, 11 Leith 

street terrace 
Mather, Thomas, farrier, 1 4 Greenside row 
Mather, Thomas, jun. veterinary surgeon, 7 

Queen's place 
Mather, William, flesher, 117 Grassmarket 
Mather, W. F. bookseller, 101 Rose street 
Mather, Mrs, ladies' nurse, 27 South bridge 
Mathers, David, bookseller and stationer, cir- 
culating library, 21 Nicolson street, and 
news-agent, the Box, North bridge 
Matheson, Alex., Taaphall, Queensferry road 
Matheson, A. & Co. black silk and crape mer- 
cers to the Queen, 39 Georpe street 
Matheson, Alexander (.4. M. §- Co.)., 56 

George street 
Matheson, Donald, 15 Rutland square 
Matheson, James, dairy, 46 Rose street 
Matheson, Robert, clerk of H. M. Public 
Works, Exchequer Chambers — house, 8 
Abercromby place 
Matheson, Wm. J. builder, West Canonmills 

— house, 8 Abercromby place 
Matheson, Wm. superintendent of children, 

city parochial board, 22 Gayfield square 
Mathie, Robt. 3 Links place, Leith 
Mathie, Mrs Mary, Jock's lodge 
Mathieson, D. spirit dealer, 1 Macneil's place 
Mathieson, George, shipowner and agent, 

Clitton lodge, Wardie 
Mathieson, Thos. A. and Co. plane and edge- 
tool makers, 65 Nicolson street and 1 Gil- 
more street, Paul's work 
Mathison, Alex, spirit dealer, 17 India place 
Mathison, Archibald, gardener, Plewlands 
Mathison, Jas. spirit dealer, 7 Arthur st. 
Mathison, Peter, 17 Keir street 
Mathison, R. spirit mer. 262 & 339 Canong. 

Mathison, Thos. spirit dealer, 1 Dean street 
Mathison, Miss Elizabeth, lodgings, Darnley 

cottage, Morningside 
Mathison, J. straw-hat maker, 5 1 Earl Grey st. 
Matson, Alex, tobacconist, 1 Union place — 

house, 14 Bedford street 
Matson, Thos. wright, 14 Bedford street 
Matthew, Jas. & Son, drapers and linen manu- 
facturers, 431 Lawnmarket 
Matthew, James, macer. High Court of Justi- 
ciary, 2 Hay street 
Matthewson, J. provision mercht. 37 Kirkgate 
Mauchline, Aw. grocer, 23 S. Richmond st. 
Mauchline, James {G. P.- O.), 30 James' sq. 
Maughan, Ed. J. inspector of Inland Revenue, 

5 Mary's place 
Maughan, Captain Philip, 37 Melville street 
Maule, George, builder, 58 Broughton street 
Maule, John, architect, 50 Brunswick street 
Maxton, Jn. wine mercht. Bank street, Leith 
Maxton, Mrs, 1 1 Archibald place 
Maxwell, Marshall, and Co. corn factors, 26 

Constitution street 
Maxwell, Airs A. H. 1 1 Coates crescent 
Maxwell, Geo. dairy, 7 North Melville place 
Maxwell, J. L. clerk, 20 Rankeillor street. 
Maxwell, John Hall, of Dargavel, secretary. 
Highland and Agricidtural Society of Scot- 
land, 6 Albyn place 
Maxwell, J. teacher, 17 Duke street, Leith 
Maxwell, Patrick, 2 Lord Russell place 
Maxwell, William, draper, 2 So, St David st. 
Maxwell, Dowager Lady, of Calderwood, 6 

Royal circus 
Maxwell, Mrs, of Shrub hill, Shrub hill house 
Maxwell, Airs James, 2 Salisbury place 
Maxwell, Mrs James, lodgings, 18 Dundas st. 
Maxwell, Mrs Jane, ladies' nurse, 6 Rich- 
mond place 
Maxwell, Miss, Greenhill 
May, Wra. general furnishing and agency 

house, 22 Catharine street 
Mayne, Robert, 27 Melville street 
Mayne, Miss, 20 Drummond place 
Meade, John, jeweller, lapidary, and seal en- 
graver, 4 North St Andrew street 
Meade, John, 64 Broughton street 
Meaten, Fred, teacher of Music, 7 India st. 
Mechanics' Subscription Library, 7 James' 

Medical Hall, H.C, Baildon, 73 Princes st. 
Medical, Invalid, and General Life Society, 

2 North St David street — W. Bell, agent' 
Medical, Legal, and Gen. Mutual Life As- 
surance Society — J. Mundell, agent, 33 
Warriston crescent 
Medical Royal Society, 7 Melbourne place 
Meek, And. hosier and glover, 43 North bridge 

—house, 6 Stafford street 
Meek, John, city missionary, Wight's place 
Meek, Robert, working jeweller, 12 Thistle 

street — house, 33 Howe street 
Meek, Thomas, baker, 23 Hercles street 





Meek, Thos. & Co. merchants and commission 
agents, 104 Constitution st. — house, Thom- 
son's place 
Meek, Mrs, private boarding establishment, 6 

Stafford street 
Meek, Mrs, 4 Duncan street, Newington 
Meik, Miss, 8 Howard place 
Meiklam, Mrs, 18 AthoU crescent 
Meikle, Chris, accountant, G3 Hanover st. 
Meikle, George (G. Jamiesun ^- Son)^ 3 

Park street 
Meikle, G. tailor and clothier, 10 Hanover st. 
Meikle, Philip, provision shop, 18 Yardheads 
Meikle, Wm., S.S.C. master extraordinary in 

Chancery, 66 Great King street 
Meikle, Mrs Geo. lodgings, 3 Regent street 
Meikle, Mrs, dressmaker, 10 Hanover street 
Meiklejohn, John, teacher, 7 St Anthony pi. 
Meiklejohn, John, spirit dealer, 127 High st. 
Meiklejohn, Mrs, 74 Great King street 
Meiklereid, David, shipmaster, 41 Shore, Leith 
Mein, Alexander, hat manufacturer, 20 St 

John street— house, 94 George st. 
Mein,A.,M.D. surgeon-dentist, 94 George st. 
Mein, Francis, lodgings, 69 Broughton street 
Mein, J. Z. engraver, printer, aud litho- 
grapher, 35 Leith street 
Mein, Mrs, 65 Nicolson street 
Meldrum, George, accountant, 53 York place 
Meldrum Sisters, milliners, 44 N. Frederick 

Melrose, Andvv. & Co. teadealers to theQueen, 

and grocers, 93 George st. and 122 High st. 
MelrD33, Andw. {A. M. ^' Co.), Chapel house 
Melrose, Colville, 2 Poultry market 
Melrose, James, manager, Eagle and Hender- 
son's nursery, Leith walk 
Melrose, John {A. M. i' Co.), 18 Moray place 
Melrose, John, tailor & clothier, 10 George st. 
Melrose, John, cork- cutter, 13 South back of 

Melrose, ]Mrs, lodgings, 99 Princes street 
Melville aud Douglas, accountants, &c. 9 N. 

St David street 
Melville, Andrew, fishing- hook manufacturer, 
28 Leith street — house, 4 Salisbury street 
Melville, Archd., W.S. 43 York place 
Melville, F. S. (Melville ^ D.), 11 South 

Castle street 
Melville, Geo. 14 Brandon street 
Melville, Janoes M., W.S. 110 George street 
Melville, John, W.S. 13 Heriot row 
Melville, John, 12 Calton hill 
Melville, Mrs, grocer, Ciierrybank 
Melville, Misses Whyte, 27 Moray place 
Melvin, Alex, brewer, Boroughloch 
Mellon, John, pavior, 109 Canongate 
Menelaws, Wm. grocer and wine merchant, 

143 George st. — 1 W. Maitland st. 
Menelaws, William, baker, 187 Canongate 
Menelaws, Mrs, milliner, 
Menteath, A. Stuart, 38 Melville street 
Menzies & Maconochie, W.S. 10 Hill street 

Menzies & Co. shipbuilders. Wet docks 
Menzies, Allan (M. and Maconochie), Murray- 
Held bouse 
Menzies, Archibald, teacher of music, 55 

Cumberland street 
Menzies, George ( Jf. and Co.), Leith mount 
Menzies, Graham & Co. distillers, Sunbury 
Menzies, Grab. {G. M. ^'Co.), Sunbury house 
Menzies, James, 19 St Patrick square 
Menzies, Jas. Queen's Hotel, 131 Princes st. 
Menzies, Js. M. engraver, printer, and litho- 
grapher, 27 Hanover st. — ho. 1 Gardner's 
Menzies, John, bookseller and publisher, 61 

and 63 Princes st. — ho. 28 N. Nelson st. 
Menzies, John, pawnbroker, 8 Cowgate 
Menzies, John, engraver, 1 Gardner's crescent 
Menzies, Sergt. Alexander, teacher of ladies' 
exercises, Naval and Militai-y Academy, Lo- 
thian road 
Menzies, Thomas, wholesale lace and furnish- 
ing warehouse, 39 Lothian street 
Menzies, Thomas (Leith, Edinburgh, and Glas- 

gow Shipping Co.), 2 Cooper street 
Menzies, Captain Wm. 114 George street 
Menzies, Wm. 56 Buccleuch street 
Menzies, William, M.D. 3 Lothian road 
Menzies, Hon. Lady, of Menzies, Abbey hill 

Menzies, Mrs E. lodgings, 22 India street 
Menzies, Mrs John, Regent street, Leith 
Menzies, ]\Irs Robert, 7 Rankeillor street 
Menzies, ]\Irs, Reading-Room., 129 Constitu- 
tion street 
Menzies, Mrs, 25 Pitt street 
Menzies, Mrs, grocer and spirit dealer, Lap- 
side place 
Menzies, Miss, A. 32 Rankeillor street 
Menzies, Miss, 3 Graham street 
Menzies, Miss, 25 Charlotte square 
Menzies, Misses, boarding school, Lauriston 

Menzies, Miss Jessie, 3 Leopold place 
Merard, Diseari, hatter, 8 N. bridge — house, 

1 Fieshmarket close 
Mercantile Marine Shipping Office, 60 
Tolbooth wynd, Leith — Capt. T. Thomson 
Mercantile & House Agency Office & 

Rooms, 5 Elder street — D. Hardie 
Mercantile Agency Office, 413 Lawnmar- 

ket — W. S. Douglas, manager 
Mercantile Record and Remembrancer 
Office, 25 St James' sq — William Hill, sec. 
Mercer, George and Son, lace merchants, 17 

Nicolson street 
Mercer, Mrs Geo. of Gorthy, 14 Moray pi. 
Mercer, James (Inland Revenue), 3 Hill sq. 
Mercer, Valter ( G. M. and Son), 7 Lutton pi. 
Mercer, William, trimming merchant, 12 

Union pi. — ho. 59 Broughton st. 
Mercer, William ( VV. M. and Co.), 59 

Broughton street 
Mercer, Mrs Ann, 4 Morton street 





Mercer, Miss, dressmaker, 5 So. James' st. 
Merchants' Hall, 4 Hunter square 
Merchants' and Tradesmen's Mutual Life 

Assurance Society, 1 North St David's st. 

— James T. Douglas, agent — See Adv. 
Merrilees, Fletcher, surgeon-dentist, 101 

George street 
Merrilees, Mrs John, 4 N. St Andrew st. 
Merrilees's dental surgery, 4 N. St Andrew st. 
Merry, Dr, 12 Comely bank 
Messer, Adam, F.R.C.S.E. 6 Maitland street 
Messer, James, slater, 36 St Leonard street 
Metcalfe, Rev. John, 19 Regent terrace 
Methuen, Jas. fish-curer, 90 Giles' st. and 4 

Sandport street, and 8 Elbe street — ho. 1 

Albany street. North Leith 
Methven, Thomas, nursery and seedsman, 

Stan well lodge 
Methven, William, trimming warehouse, 6 

Lindsay place 
Methven, Wm. 11 Roxburgh street 
Meyer, M. H. cabinetmaker, Burnet's close — 

house, 156 High street 
Meyer, Charles, silk mercer and French 

importer, 95 George street 
Meyer, Rev. Theodore, teacher of Hebrew and 

German, 136 George street 
Meyer, Mademoiselle, dress and corset maker, 

miUiuer, &c. 95 George street 
Michie, James, 4 York place 
Michie, R. S. engraver, and printer, 19 St 

David street 
Michie, Miss, furnishing shop, 7 Queen's pi. 

Leith walk 
Michie, Miss Margaret, 14 Archibald place 
Mickel, Stephen, grocer, 106 High street 
Middlemas, Adam, grocer and prov. merchant, 

52 S. Clerk street 
Middlemass, Geo. wright, 169 Causeyside 
Middlemass, G. cattle dealer, 1 W. Newington 
Middlemass, James, clothier, shirt-merchant 

and outfitter, 18 South bridge 
Middlemass, John, wine and spirit merchant, 

93 Nicolson street — ho. 169 Causeyside 
Middlemass, Robert, wine and spirit mercht. 

4 Spittal street 
Middlemass, Robt. baker and confectioner, 

2o West Preston street 
Middlemass, Thomas, furniture dealer, 21 St 

Andrew street, Leith 
Middlemass, William, 6 Elm row 
Middlemass, William, wright, 20 Bedford st. 
Middlemass, Mrs, ladies' nurse, 36 Lauriston 

Middlemess, Mrs E. victl. deal. 44 S. Clerk st. 
Middleton, Alex. Commer. hotel, Lothian rd. 
Middleton, David, H. M. assistant inspector of 

schools, 5 Clarence street 
Middleton, John, M.D., physician and sur- 
geon, 1 West Adam st. — ho. 4 St John st. 
Middleton, Captain John, district paymaster, 

3 Hope street — house, Waltham lodge, Mur- 

raj field 

Middleton, Robert, mill-master. Bell's mills 
Milburn, Dr George, 3 Nicolson square 
Mill, Ebenezer, S.S.C. and Notary Public, 51 

Princes street — house, 12 AthoU place 
Mill, George, tailor, 22 Raeburn place 
Mill, Jas. grocer and spirit merchant, 16 Wil- 
liam street 
Mill, John (ISr. B. Advertiser), 2 Buccleuch pi. 
Mill, Mrs, 39 George street 
Mill, Mrs John, 8 Picardy place 
Millan and Mann, clothiers & habit makers, 1 

Hanover street 
Millan, Robert {M. ^ Mann), 8 Abercromby 

Millar, A. M. & Co. commission merchants 

and insurance agents, 4^ North bridge 
Millar, Adam, watchmaker and jeweller, 62 

Leith street 
Millar, Andrew, watch and clockmaker, 5 W. 

Nicolson street — house, 5 Lutton place 
Millar, Archd. smith, 37 Lothian street 
Millar, D. printer, 24 Salisbury street 
Millar, David B. tailor, 166 High street 
Millar, David, coal merchant, 2 Alva street 
Millar, David, buildtr and pavement mercht. 

Bellevue — house, 75 Broughton street 
Millar, Rev. James, garrison chaplain, Edin- 
burgh castle — house, 5 Ann street 
Millar, James S, surgeon, 9 Archibald place 
Millar, James, teacher of English, 6 Mary pi. 
Millar, Jas. cork manufacturer, 32 Tolbooth 

wynd, Leith 
Millar, James, grocer, 160 Pleasance 
Millar, James, merchant, 59 Kirkgate 
Millar, James, ironmonger and seed merchant, 
52 Grassraarket — house, 3 Morningside pi. 
Millar, James, confectioner, 1 North-west 

Circus place 
Millar, James, baker, 7 Keir street 
Millar, John, {late Ric/id. Mi/larSiSo7i),dock 
and watchmaker, 44 North bridge — house, 
1 Brown's place, Vennel 
Millar, John, confectioner, 8 and 13 Kirkgate 
Millar, Rev. John, 30 Gilmore place 
Millar, John, advocate, 10 Abercromby place 
Millar, John, shoemaker, 3 N.-W. Circus place 
Millar, John, potter to her Majesty, china and 
glass warehouse, 2 So. St Andrew street — 
house, 4 Meuse lane 
Millar, John, victual dealer, 248 Canongate 
Millar, John, wine and spirit merchant, sta- 
bling, 3 Church street 
Millar, Laurence, 26 Frederick street 
Millar, Richard, watchmaker, 44 N. bridge — 

ho. 1 1 Lutton place 
Miliar, Richd. jun. watch, clock, and nautical 
instrument maker, 58 Bridge st. — house, 
Albany street, Leith 
Millar, Robert, teacher, 57 N. Hanover st. 
Millar, Robert, block maker, 6 Royal Ex- 
Millar, Thos, and James, trimming mer- 
chants, 12 St Andrew square 





Millar, Wm. transcriber of ancient manuscripts, 

searcher of records, and law stationer, 3 

Dundas street 

Millar, William S., M. D., 68 Broughton place 

Millar, Wm. smith. Castle terrace— house, 22 

Rutland square 
Millar, Wm. writer, 28 Cumberland street 
Millar, Wm. grocer and spirit dealer, 15 Cable 

Millar, Wm. White, S.S.C agent for the 
Monarch Fire and Life Insurance Co. 8 
Bank street 
Millar, Mrs Anne, 4 Picardy place 
Millar, Mrs David and Miss Morison, 15 Leo- 
pold place 
Millar, Mrs Dr J. 30 Gilmore place 
Millar, Mrs J. H. 10 Abercromby place 
Millar, Mrs Jane, Werter house 
Millar, Mrs Rachel, grocer, 13 Atholl place 
Millar, Mrs Wm. 73 Constitution street 
Millar, Mrs, 7 Craigie terrace 
Millar, Mrs, East Hermitage, Leith 
Millar, Mrs, of Earnock, 21 Royal terrace 
Millar, Miss Elizabeth, 129 Princes street 
Millar, Miss, dressmaker and milliner, 108 

GeorgQ street 
Millar, Miss, 17 Broughton place 
Millar, Miss, 18 Frederick street 
Millar, Miss, 1 1 Ainslie place 
Miller & Richard, typefounders to her Ma- 
jesty, G5 Nicolson street 
Millers & Arthur, paint, varnish, and colour 
manufacturers and oil merchants. Timber 
bush and 5 Shore 
Miller and Crawford, S.S.C. 59 George sq. 
Miller and Fairly, printers, 11 Horse wynd 
Miller and Grinton, basket and toy wareho. 

32 Princes st. — house, 1 Hill square 
Miller, Alex, cabiuetmaker,. 58 Albany street 
Miller, Alex. 5G Broughton street 
Miller, Andrew, 9 St Leonard's lane 
Miller, David, typefounder, West Sciennes 

Miller, Geo. wine & spir. mer. 23 Elm row 
Miller, James, S.S.C. 20 Nelson street 
Miller, James, F.R.C.S.E. professor of sur- 
gery in the University, 51 Queen street 
Miller, James, ironmonger, 70 Princes street 
Miller, James, gardener, Bonnington house 
Miller, James, 90 Constitution street 
Miller, Jas. jun. S.S.C. (Dw^ecan 4- M.), 11 

South Nelson street 
Miller, James, agent, 21 East Crosscausey 
Miller, James, engineer, 1 Braudfield place 
Miller, Jas. & Co. coal depot, Edin. Fire- 
wood Company, 136 Fountainbridge 
Miller, J. & Sons, merchants, 92 Constitution 

Miller, John, 11 Arniston place 
Miller, John & Co. silk mercers, 6 George st. — 

house, 26 Nelson street 
Miller, John, draper, 43 South bridge — ho. 
5 Roxburgh place 

Miller, John, 1 Rutland street 

Miller, John, woollen draper, 29 N. bridge- 
house, 92 Lauriston place 

Miller, John M. bookseller, printer, and pub- 
lisher, 90 South bridge 

Miller, John, writer, 2 Church street 

Miller, J. jun. civil engineer, 12 St Andrew 
square — house, 1 Ramsay place 

Miller, Jn. baker and confectioner, 1 North 
St Andrew st bo. 15 Clyc^e st. 

Miller, John, stone warehouse, 19 Castle st. 

Miller, Jno. gen. inspector of fisheries. Upper 
Hermitage, Leith 

Miller, Joseph, tailor, 33 Dundas st. 

Miller, Joseph, and Co. booksellers, 25 
George IV. bridge 

Miller, Michael, gardener, Morningside 

Miller, Richard {J. M. ^ Sons), 90 Constitu- 
tion street 

Miller, Rob. accountant, 12 St Andrew eq. 

Miller, Robert, candlemaker, 23 Grassmarket 

Miller, Robert, 7 Salisbury road 

Miller, Robert, goods department Caledonian 
railway — house, 5 Ladyfield place 

Miller, Robert, late merchant, 3 Hailes' street 

Miller, Thomas, sharebroker and Irish estates 
agent, C St Andrew square — bouse, Green- 
hill gardens 

Miller, Thomas, grocer, 1 Fingal place 

Miller, Thomas, baker, 1 Bread street 

Miller, Wm. baker and confectioner, 86 Ni- 
colson street 

Miller, Wm. spirit dealer, 41 Tolbooth wynd, 

Miller, William, engraver, 4 Hope park 

Miller, Wm. merchant, 3 Gayfield place 

Miller, Wm. sharebroker, 82 Princes street 

Miller, Wm. C. {Royal Institution'), 6 Cas- 
sells' place 

Miller, Wm. pocket-book maker, 46 Leith wy. 

Miller, Mrs Margaret, 2 London row 

IMiller, Mrs N. 18 Downie place 

Miller, Misses, 3 Gayfield place 

Miller, Mrs, of Glenlee, 3 Shandwick place 

Miller, Mrs, U Lutton place 

Miller, Misses, George street, North Leith 

Miller, Mrs, ladies' nurse, 15 S. College st. 

Miller, Mrs, 24 Buccleuch place 

Miller, Miss Mary, Holyrood gardens 

Millidge & Son, jewellers, 28 Princes street — 
house, 25 Gayfield square 

Millidge, Mrs Edin, 25 Gayfield square 

Millidge, Miss, 82 Princes street 

Millie, Thomas, joiner and cabinetmaker, 
37 Jamaica street lane 

Milligan, James, S.S.C. agent for the Royal 
Fire and Life Insurance Co. 4 Pitt street.— 
See Adv. 

Milligan, John, 2 St John street 

Milliken, Miss, 37 Charlotte square 

Millin, C. gardener. Dairy lane 

Millons, Thos. & Robt. veneer saw-mills, 69 





Millons, T.(^TSc R. M.), 23 Gardner's cresc. 
Millons, Thomas & Son, wood merchaots, 

Home street 
Millons, Thomas, jun. {T.M.Sf Son), Drum- 

dryan house 
Millons, Miss, 12 Gardner's crescent 
Mills, Wm. tailor and clothier, 63 N. bridge 
Milne, David, leather merchant, 259 Cowgate 
Milne, George, 1 1 Archibald place 
Milne, George, tailor, 9 Brighton street 
Milne, Geo. M. Chalmers' close, 81 High st. 
Milne, James S. advocate, 20 Duncan street, 

Drummond place 
Milne, James & Son, brassfounders, gasmeter 

manufrs. &c. IVlilton house, 90 Cauongate 
Milne, James (M. ^' Son), 39 Lauriston pi. 
Milne, Jas. surgeon, Milne's land, Chalmers' 

close, 81 High street 
Milne, James, spirit dealer, 17 Charlotte pi. 
Milne, James, bootmaker, 16 Bank street — 

house, 47 Buccleuch street 
Milne, John & Co. typefounders, 12 Thistle 

Milne, John, gardener, Sunnybank cottage, 

London road 
Milne, John, provision shop, 2 N. Junction st. 

— house, 29 Couper st. 
Milne, John, baker, 1 Maitland st. Newhaven 
Milne, Jn. wholesale stationer, 97 George st. 
Milne, John {James M. Sf So7i), H Albany st. 
Milne, John, 1 Forres street 
Milne, Peter, baker, 8 Clerk street — bouse, 4 
Milne, R. painter and glazier, 70 Broughton 

Milne, Wm. painter and glazier, 3 Picardy pi. 
Milne, William, merchant, 106 Lauriston pi. 
Milne, Wm. Temp, hotel, 24 Greenside St. 
Milne, W. S. ( W. .S'J- Milne), 13 Torphichen 

Milne, Wm. & John, booksellers, desk and 

dressing-case makers, 33 Hanover street 
Milne, Wm. spirit merchant, 17 Broughton 

street — house, 1 Blenheim place 
Milne, Mrs Agnes, 15 Keir street 
Milne, Mrs Andrew, 19 Gay field square 
Milne, Mrs Janet, 5 Albany street 
Milne, ]\Irs Margaret, midwife, 2 Murray st. 
Milne, Miss Janet, dressmaker, 2 Alison sq. 
Milne, M. & Co. straw hat makers, 46 Geo. st. 
Milner, Eben., M.D. surgeon, Leith medical 

hall, 77 Shore — house, 50 Charlotte street 
Milner, Robt. surgeon & apothecary, 57 Bridge 

street — house, 47 Couper street 
Milner, Sons, & Co. silk mercers, drapers, and 

haberdashers, 31 Greenside street, and 41 

Nicolson street 
Milner, Wm. R. silk mercer, linen draper, 

and shawl warehouseman, 7 Kirkgate, Leith 
Milroy, Rev. Andrew, 86 Lauriston place 
Minerva Life Assurance Co. 82 Great King 

street. — See Adv. 
Ministers' Widows' Fund ofRce, 6 N. St 

David street 

Minto, Dr, 41 Queen street 

Minto, Mrs James, copper and tin smith, 31 

Whitfield place 
Minto, Mrs, 2 Helen place, Leith 
Mitchell & Heriot, straw-hat manufacturers, 

49 George street 
Mitchell, Cadell, & Co. comm. merchants and 

corn factors, 2 Dock place 
Mitchell, Adam, gardener, Mayfield loan 
Mitchell, Alex. (Exchequer), 14 Carlton street 
Mitchell, Alexander, 21 Melville street 
Mitchell, David, baker, 1 Dublin st. — ho. 15 
Mitchell, David, 35 Buccleuch street 
Mitchell, David, grocer, 55 Potterrow 
Mitchell, D. shoemaker, 9 West Crosscausey 
Mitchell, Edward, surgeon, 2 Leopold place 
Mitchell, Edward, hairdresser and perfumer, 

18 Dundas street — ho. 35 Cumberland st. 
Mitchell, F. G. & Co. wholesale tea and spice 

dealers, 10 Shakspeare square 
Mitchell, F. G. (F. G. 31. ^- Co.), 23 East 

Claremont street 
Mitchell, Geo. T. accountant, 4 Fettes row 
Mitchell, G«o. bootmaker, 23 Greenside st. 
Mitchell, Geo. spirit dealer, 20 Greenside lane 
Mitchell, James, accountant and stockbroker, 
18 Royal exchange — ho. 47 Gilmore place 
Mitchell, Jh8. surgeon R.N. 1 Brandfield pi. 
Mitchell, James, engraver, 94 Pleasance 
Mitchell, J. & Son, coopers, 86 High street 
Mitchell, John, tinsmith, 13 South Richmond 

Mitchell, John, general mer. 16 King's stables 
Mitchell, John M. Belgian consul and mer. 

chant, Mayville, Laverock bank. Trinity 
Mitchell, John, merchant, 23 So. Norton pi. 
Mitchell, John G. engraver and printer, 2 

Leopold place 
Mitchell, John, master of fire-engines. Police 

ofiice. Parliament square 
Mitchell, Colonel John, 23 St Bernard's 

Mitchell, Joseph, W.S. 8 Pitt street 
Mitchell, R. & Co. wine and spirit merchts. 
(agents for Combe, Delafield, and Co. 
porter brewers, London), 5 Old Physic 
Mitchell, W. L. 5 Nelson street 
Mitchell, R. (R. M. §- Co.), 8 Regent terrace 
Mitchell, Robt. Burn, wine merchant, 29 

Windsor street 
Mitchell, R. B. tide surveyor, 17 Albany street, 

Mitchell, R. H. {M. ^ Heriot), 49 George 

Mitchell, Robert, cabinetmaker, 63 Abbey hill 
Mitchell, Robt. & Co. agents for Combe, De- 
lafield, & Co. 8 Quality lane 
Mitchell, Robert, lodgings, 7 East Register st. 
Mitchell, Captain T. P. 18 Inverleith row 
Mitchell, Thomas, spirit mer. 1 York place 
Mitchell, Thos. merchant, 23 Dundas street 
Mitchell, Thomas, flesher, 124 West port 





Mitchell, William, fruit and provision ware- 
house, 21 Greenside place 
Mitchell, Willi-m, city missionary, 9 Beau- 
mont place 
Mitchell, W. engraver, 25 So. Richmond st. 
Mitchell, Mrs Elizabeth, 23 Danube street 
Mitchell, Mrs G. S. 39 Dublin street 
Mitchell, Mrs, 2 Portland place 
Mitchell, Mrs, 4 Fettes row 
Mitchell, Mrs, dressmaker, 1 Patterson's court 
Mitchell, Miss, 9 Comely bank 
Mitchell, Miss, 23 St Bernard's crescent 
Mitchell, Misses & Co. milliners, 1 15 George st. 
Mitchelhill, Peter, tailor& cloth. 63 N. bridge 
Mochrie, James, wine merchant and grocer, 
84 Nicolson street — house, G Grange place 
Mochrie, Robert, draper, 19 Dundas street 
Moffat, Alex, gardener. Cherry bank 
Moffat, Alex, commer. travel. 3 Roburgh ter. 
Moffat, And. cabinetmaker, 62 Thistle street 
Moffat, Andrew, flesher, 1 Couper st. Leith 
Moffat, David, Harrow Inn, 54 Candlem. row 
Motfat,G. Dickson, fish establishment and cod- 
liver oil merchant, 46 Dundas street 
Moffat, Henry, S.S.C. & Solicitor at Law, 23 

Geo. IV. bridge — ho. 43 Minto street 
Moffat, Jas. victual dealer, 19 St James' st. 
Moffdt, Jn. spirit deal. 85Broughton st. 
Moffat, John, tailor, 33 Castle street 
Moffat, John, engraver, 3 Nicolson square 
Moffat, Robert, wright, 9 Beaumont place 
Moffat, Thomas, spirit dealer, 20 Drummond 

Moffat, Thomas, 58 Cumberland street 
Moffat, Wm. Butterworth, teacher of writing, 
arithmetic, and book-keeping, 7 Infirmary 
Moffat, Wm. & Co. druggists, 53 Nicolson st. 
Moffat, Wm. wright & undertaker, Darling's 

brae — house, 42 Yardheads 
Moffat, Wir.jun. wright, 5 Darling's brae 
Moffat, Wm. painter and glazier, 1 Leith walk 
Moffat, Wm. tea and spirit merchant, 11 S(: 

Vincent street 
Moffat, Wm. flesher, 58 Kirkgate— house, 9 

Glover street 
Moffat, Wm., M.A.. teacher of mathematics. 
High School, and 63 South bridge — house, 
8 Duke street 
Moffdt, W. Wilson, bookseller, stationer, and 

circulating library, 44 George street 
Moffat & Ttiomson, straw-plait dealer, 10 S. 

College street 
Moffdt, Mrs Alex, dairy, 2 Coburg street 
Moffat, Mrs Thomas, 9 Portland place 
Moffat, ]\Irs Thomas, 7 Cassells' place 
Moffat, Mrs, 27 St Patrick square 
Moffdt, Mrs, lodgings, 1 Hill square 
Moffat, Miss, 7 Cassells' place 
Moffdtt, Wm. L. architect, 23 Geo. IV. bridge 
Mohring, Henry, home and foreign fruit 

merchant, 55 Regent arch 
Moinet, John, accountant, 14 Stafford street 

Moir, Chas. ( Union Bank), 5Q Lothian street 
Moir, David {late Wilson and 31.), smith and 

ironmonger. Mint — house, 5 Keir street 
Moir, George, advocate, 41 Charlotte square 
Moir, George, letterpress printer, 317 High st. 

— house, 9 Gardner's crescent 
Moir, Dr John, F.R.C.P.E. 52 Castle street 
Moir, John, artist, 9 Gardner's crescent 
Moir, Robert, inspector of dead letters, G. 

P.-O. 33 Montagu street 
Moir, Robert (G. P.-O.), 22 Society 
Moir, Rev. R. (Circus Place school), private 
classical and mercantile academy, Canon - 
mills house 
Moir, Thos. writer and accountant, 8 Kerr st. 
Moir, Mrs, 30 Haddington place 
Moir, Mrs Hugh, 5 King's place 
Moir, Misses, boarding school, 7 Great Stuart 

Moir, Miss Jane, 7 Alva street 
]Moir, Miss, 2 William street 
MoUeson, James, M.D. 31 India street 
Moucrieff, A. advocate, 16 Northumberland st. 
Moncreiff, Rev. Sir Henry Wellwood, Bart., 

9 Alvastreet 
Moncreiff, James, Lord Advocate for Scot- 
land, M.P. 15 Great Stuart street 
Moncrieff, James, & Son brassfounders, gas- 
fitters, and plumbers, Roxburgh close, 341 
High street 
Moncreiff, John Scott, accountant, 20 India st. 
Moncreiff, W., & J. M. Baillie, accountants, 

59 George street 
Moncreiff, William, 10 Rutland square 
Moncreiff, Wm. mason and causey-layer, 
21 Market street — ho. 10 M. Arthur place 
Moncreiff, William Glen, e Buccleuch street 
Moncrieff, Rev. William Scott, 17 George sq. 
Moncur, Mrs M. 8 Buccleuch place 
Monilaws, Alex. Geo., W.S. 22 Young street 
Monilaws, Mrs Capt. 1 9 Gayfield square 
Monro, George, S.S-C. 54 Albany street 
Monro, George, advocate, 5 Darnaway street 
Monro, Miss, 13 India street 
I Monro, ^Nliss, dressmaker, 22 Broughton st. 
I Monro Miss, dressmaker, 6 Cumberland st. 
Monteath, Alex, of Duchally and Broich, 12 

Grove street 
Monteith, Alex. E. advocate, sheriff of Fife- 
shire, Inverleith house 
Monteith, Thomas, tea, wine, & spirit dealer, 
302 Lawnmarket — house, 3 Melbourne pi. 
Monteith, Thomas, spirit merchant, 60 Fouu- 
! tainbridge 

I Monteith, Mrs, 9 Maitland st. 
1 Montgomery, Alexander, 41 Clerk street 
i Montgomery, Jas. F. advocate, 17 AthoU cres. 
[ Montgomery, Robert, 17 AthoU crescent 
Montgomery, Wm. W.S. 17 AthoU crescent 
Montgomery, Miss E. dressmaker, 120 Nicol- 
, son street 

Montignani, Henry G. merchant and comrais- 
1 si on agent, 6 Drummond street 





Montignani, W. R. teacher of music, 19 India 

Mood, John, Rosehall 
Moodie and Lothiau, booksellers, publishers, 

and stationers, 82 Princes street 
Moodie, Wm. ( Wauchope, M., and Hope), 11 

Pilrig street 
Moodie, Mrs, 38 Rankeillor street 
Moodie, Misses, dressmakers, 49 India place 
Moon, D. billiard maker, 3 Clyde street 
Moon, W. working jeweller, 27 S. Hanover st. 
Moore, James, S.S.C. 18 Castle street 
Moore, R. B. lodgings, 2 Forres street 
Moore, Mrs Churchill, Morningside 
More, Alex. 14 Danube street 
More, Graham, haircutter and perfumer, 134 

Princes street, and 1 Duke street 
More, George, W.S. 5 Fettes row 
More, John, accountant, R. Bank^ Royal Bank 
More, John Shank, adv. professor of the law 

of Scot, in the Univ. 19 Gt. King street 
Morgan, John & Co. clothiers & military 

tailors, 104 George street 
Morgan, James, S.S.C. 7 Walker street 
Morgan, John B. commercial traveller, 16 

Salisbury street 
Morgan, John, cow feeder, Heriot buildings 
Morgan, Mrs, 30 Danube street 
Morgan, Mrs, 18 Clarence street 
Morham, James, clerk of Police court, 17 

West Preston street 
Morham, Rob. deputy city clerk, city cham- 
bers — house, 9 Lauder road, Grange 
Morham, Robt. flesher, 19 Fleshmarket close 
Morison, A. grocer, 3 Maitland st. Newhaven 
Morison, Alex, of Bognie, 12 Randolph cr. 
Morison, Alex., S.S.C 40 Great King street 
Morison, Alex. K., SS.C. 6 Elder st. 
Morison, George, 4 Smith's place 
Morison, Hector, draper, 14 Queensferry st. 
Morison, Jas. cabinetmaker and upholsterer, 

78 George street — house, Redbraes 
Morison, James {Nat. Bank), 37 Register st. 
Morison, James, 4 Hill square 
Morison, James Mitford, advocate, 8 Fred. st. 
Morison, James, 17 Norton place 
Morison, John, wine and spirit merchant, 1 

Macdowall st. and 12 Greensidest. — ho. 10 
Morison, John C. tailor & clothier, 75 Nicol- 

son street 
Morison, Patk. accountant, 2 Scotland street 
Morison's iodgs. Millburu cottage, Canaan la. 
Morison, Miss, 6 Archibald place 
Morrieson, Lieut. -Col. Hugh, 27 Heriot row 
Morris, Andw. flaxdresser, Dickson's close 
Morris, David, clothier and tailor, 132 Princes 

St. — lio. Morrisville, Boroughm airhead 
Morris, Hugh, bootmaker, 5 India pi. — ho. 1 

Spring gardens 
Morris, James, late wine merchant, 1 Great 

Stuart street 
Morris, Robert, stationer, 7 W. Register street 

— house, 1 Great Stuart street 

Morris, Robert, bootmaker, 63 Thistle street 

Morris, Wm. waiter, 59 Broughton st. 

Morris, Mrs, lodgings, 30 Lothian st. 

Morrison, Adam, S.S.C 45 York place 

Morrison, Alex, builder, 3 Warriston crescent 

Morrison, Andrew, smith, Hope street lane 

Morrison, Charles, agent and yeast merchant, 
59 Shore — house, 5 Queen's pi. Leith walk 

Moriisoo, D. dock aiaster, 9 Albany st. Leiib 

Morrison, James D. surgeon-dentist and lec- 
turer on dentistry, 18 Elder street 

Morrison, James, 150 Fouutainbridge 

Morrison, James, wright, Lothian road — ho. 
3 Tollcross 

Morrison, M. bookseller, 16 E. Richmond st. 

Morrison, Mark, commission merchant, &1 
Constitution st. — ho. 3 Vanburgh place 

Morrison, R. commercial agent, 8 S. Gray st. 

Morrison, Robt.,H.E.I.C.S. 6 Heriot row 

Morrison, T. {Reg. Ho.), 11 W. Maitland st. 

Morrison, Wm. & Co. tea, wine, and spirit 
merchants, 91 Constitution street 

Morrison, Wm. ship-master, 34 Clerk st. 

Morrison, Wm. blacksmith, 39 WhiteBeld pi. 

Morrison, Wm. com. traveller, 2 Morton st. 

Morrison, Wm. general com. agent, 3 Bank 
street, Leith 

Morrison, Mrs Cath. lodgings, 2 Portland ter. 

Morrison, Mrs H. 5 London row 

Morrison, Mrs Wm. 3 Vanburgh place 

Morrison, Mrs, 3 Ronaldson's buildings 

Morrison, Misses, & Scott, boarding and day- 
school, 60 Gt. King st. 

Morson, Mrs, Heriot hill 

Mortimer, Anderson, and Co. pianoforte ma- 
kers, East Broughton place 

Mortimer, John, & Co. army and navy con- 
tractors, and tailors to the Queen, 101 
George street 

Mortimer, J. clothier, Bruntsfield lodge 

Mortimer, Thos. E. gunmaker, 86 George st. 
— ho. 97— late 34 St James' st. London 

Mortimer, Wm. bullion dealer, lapidary, and 
jeweller, 18 North br.— ho. 10 George st. 

Mortimer, Miss, milliner & dressmaker, 2 
Baxter's place 

Mortimer, Misses, 1 Gayfield street 

Morton & Co. gold & silver lace manufacturers, 
21 North bridge 

Morton, Whitehead, & Greig, W.S. 1 1 Queen 

Morton, Alex, ribbon and lace merchant, 14 
South bridge— house, 61 Clerk street 

Morton, Chas., W.S. 11 Queen st — hou^e, 
Ramsay lodge 

Morton, H. {S. and H. M.), 3 Smith's place 
Morton, James, teacher of English, 20 Nel- 
son street 

Morton, John L. civil and agricultural en- 
gineer, 7 Pitt street 

Morton, S. & H. agricultural implement, pa- 
tent slip manufacturers, and engineers, 
Leith walk and Granton 





Morton, Wm. accountant ( W. B. of Scot.), 13 

Annandale street 
Morton, William, lapidary, 6 Meuse lane 
Morton, Jlrs, 6 Annandale street 
Mosses, William, tailor, 74 Thistle street 
Mosses, Mrs, milliner, 74 Thistle street 
Mossman, A. & Co. jewellers & watchmakers, 

32 North bridge — ho. 14 Blackett place 
Mossman, Mrs Wm. 2 Teviot row 
Mossman, I\Irs, 1 Eyre place 
Mouat, Misses, boardg. school, 4 Middleby st. 
Mould & Tod, engravers, printers, and litho- 
graphers, 3 Waterloo place 
Moule, Joseph, Superintending Pres^ident G. 

P.- O. St Catharine's villa. Grange road 
Mount, James, church officer, 125 Canongate 
Mount, John & Co. metal merchants and re 

finers, 46 Abbeyhill 
Mount, Hugh, & Co. china and metal mer- 
chants, 174 Cowgate 
Mowat, Joseph, coram, agent, 48 Whitfield pi. 
Mowat, Robert, 14 George street 
Mowat, Thos. engineer, 6 Admiralty st. — ho. 

3 Bank place 
Mowat, Thos. tea, wine, and spirit merchant, 

2 Arthur street 
]\Iowat, Wm. dairy, 119 Kirkgate 
Mowatt, Robert, teacher of pianoforte, 33 

Arthur street 
Mowatt, William, keeper of the College lib- 
rary hall, 33 Arthur street 
Mowbray and Howden, W.S. 7 Howe street 
Mowbray, John T., W.S. 33 Albany street 
Mowbray, Jn.M. (M. ^- Howden), 13 Howe st. 
Mowbray, Robert, Bath place 
Mowbray, Robert, jun. agent for Commercial 

Bank, 24 Constitution street, Leith 
Mowbray, Thomas, agent, 6 Union street 
Mowbray, Mrs Chas. lodgings, 60 Cumber- 
land street 
Mowbray, Mrs James, 36 Queen street 
Moxey, George T., M.D., surgeon R.N. 4 Syl- 
van place 
Moxon, C. and J. painters, 63 George street 
Mi>yes, James, pewterer, 108 West bow 
Mozzi, John, artificial florist, 53 George st. — 

house, 34 Hanover street 
Mozzi, Mrs, millinery wareh. 53 George st. 
Muckle, Wm. (G. P.-O.), 3 Comely green or. 
Muckle, Mrs Alex. 3 Comely green crescent 
Mudie, D. C. engineer and ironfounder. Pan- 
mure Foundry, N. B. of Canongate 
Mudie, Mrs Susan, 151 Fountainbridge 
Muir^ Andrew, general agent, 14 Royal Ex- 
change — house, 20 Buccleuch place 
Muir, David, spirit dealer, West Norton place 
IMuir, Rev. Francis, 5 North Fort st. Leith 
Muir, Henry and Son, ladies' bootmakers, 83 

Princes street 
Muir, James, 63 Hanover street 
Muir, Jas. & Son, brewers, Calton hill brew- 
ery, 26 North back of Canongate 
Muir, J. {G. P.-O.), 16 N. back of Canongate 

Muir, James, tailor and clothier, 9 Charlotte 

place — house, 29 Alva street 
Muir, James S. bookseller and stationer, 17 

South College street 
Muir, John, commission agent, 42 Lothian st, 
Muir, John {Jas. Muir ^' Sim), brewer, 14 

Leopold place 
Muir, Peter, bow-maker. Archers' hall 
Muir, Peter & Son, upholsterers, 38 Blair st. 
Muir, Richard G. 9 Annandale street 
Muir, Robert, coal mercht. 5 Murray street, 

Muir, Thomas, 4 N. Melville place 
Muir, Wm. tailor and clothier, 377 High st. 
Muir, Rev. William, D.D. 13 Saxe Coburg pi. 
Muir, Wm. bookbinder, Riddle's close 
Muir, Wm. merchant and agent, 42 Quality 

street — house, 7 Wellington place 
Muir, William, S.S.C. 18 Picardy place 
Muir,Wm. 8i Son, com. agents, 14 Royal Ex- 
change — ho. 15 Warriston crescent 
Muir, William ( W. M. §- Son), 15 Warriston 

Muir, William, baker, 42 St Leonard street 
Muir, Mrs John, dressmaker, 3 Downie place 
Muir, Margaret, grocer & spirit dealer, 2 Holy- 
rood street 
Muir, Mrs William, 15 Warriston crescent 
Muir, Mrs, 16 Regent terrace 
Muir, Mrs, lodgings, 21 Charles street 
Muir, Mrs, grocer, 8 Bristo street 
MuiRAVONsiDE ColHery Co. 69 Fountain-br. 
Muirhead, Alex, tavernkeeper, 49 Broughton 

Muirhead, Charles, poulterer, 79 Queen street 

— house, 16 Young street 
Muirhead, Claud {Edinburgh Advertiser)., 7 

Heriot row 
Muirhead, George, spirit dealer, 52 Rose st. 
Muirhead, G. spirit dealer, 4 West Adam st. 
Muirhead, J. smith and wright, 8 Dunbar st. 
Muirhead, James, carver and gilder, 10 North 

Richmond street 
Muirhead, James, Sheephead tavern, Dud- 

Mullholand, James, grocer, 29 Hercles street 
Muller, Charles William, teacher of music, 73 

Queen treet 
Mundell, John {R. TuUis, c^- Co.), 33 War- 
riston crescent 
Mungall, Mrs, grocer and spirit dealer, 15 

Greenside row 
Munro, Alex, pawnbroker, Whicehorse close, 

276 Canongate 
Munro, Alex. 10 Nicolson street 
Munro, Alex, tailor and clothier, 23 S. bridge 
Munro, Alex, spirit dealer, Bonnington bank 
Munro, Andrew, acccmntant, 8 Mary's place 
Munro, Arch., A.M. teacher, 12 Middleby st. 
Munro, Arthur, 17 Canning place 
Munro, Daniel, shipmaster, 8 Glover street 
Munro, Daniel, wright, 10 Baker's place 
Munro, David, Madeira street 





Munro, Don. spirit dealer, 7 Greenside row 
Munro, George, grocer, 11 Macdowall street 
Munro, George, 14 Salisbury street 
Munro, George, 17 London street 
Munro, Huijh, stock and sharebroker, 4 N. 

St David street 
Munro, Hugh, 3 Great King street 
Munro, Hugh, draper, 6"2 Earl Grey street 
Munro, Jas. ( Wilsuu &,- Co.), 12 S.-Coburg pi. 
Munro, James K. draper and hosier, 9 

Baker place 
Munro, James, accountant, 71 George street 
Munro, John, bookbinder and stationer, 7 

Milne square 
Munro, R. bootmkr. 52 Tolbooth wynd, Leith 
Munro, Wm. coach-builder, Broughtoo mrkt. 
Munro, Wm. boot & shoem. 43 N. Richmond 

Munro, Wm. coach proprietor, 3 Dublin st. 
Munro, William, spirit dealer, 5 Abbey 
Munro, W. provision mercht. 2 Summer's pi. 
Munro, Wm. J. macer, Hli/h Court of Justici- 
ary, 23 St James' square 
]Munro, Mrs Catherine, lodgings, 9 Mackenzie 

Munro, Mrs Elizabeth, 15 Brown street 
Munro, Mrs Mary, lodgings, 1 1 Maitland st. 
Munro, Mrs, Bathtield 
Munro, Mrs, spirit dealer, Castle o' Clouts 
Munro, Miss A. 31 Buccleuch place 
Munros and Drysdale, messengers-at-arms, 

23 St James' square 
Murdoch &Boyd, S.S.C, 120 Constitution st. 
Murdoch, Charlt^s, seal engraver and envelope 

die cutter, 4 George street 
Murdoch, Jas. {Northern Lights), 17 St James' 

Murdoch, John B. of Gartincaber, 20 Y^ork 

Murdoch, John, S.S.C. 120 Constitution st. 
Murdoch, Jn. Burn, jun., advoc. 8 Manor pi. 
Murdoch, William Burn, ]M.D. surgeon, 12 

Rutland street 
Murdoch, Wm. wine and spirit merchant, 

197 High street 
Murdoch, Miss M. lodgings, 132 Rose street 
Mure, Andrew, advocate, 33 Dublin street 
Mure, David, advocate. Sheriff of Perthshire, 

12 Ainslie place 
Mure, James, writer, and messenger-at-arms, 

27 Clyde street 

Mure, R(»bert, writer, 41 Great King street 
Mure, Misses, 8 Albyn place 
Mure, Mrs, 3 Warriston crescent 
Murphy, Miss, china warehouse, 2 Cowgate 
Murray & Bciih, W.S. 50 Castle street 
Murray & Gibb, printers, N.E. Thistle st. lane 
Murray & Logan, W.S. 141 George street 
Murray & Rhind, W.S. 7 Nelsim street 
Murray and Stuart, printers and publishers, 

28 South Hanover street 

Murray's time table office, 12 Leith street — 
P. Pollock, agent 

Murray, A. W. late army surgeon, 6 N. 

Forth street 
Murray, Abijah, sheriff-officer, 8 St James' sq. 
Murray, Alex- Erskine, 36 Ann street 
Murray, Alex, builder, 15 Cassells' place 
Murray, Alex, wine merchant and grocer, G7 

South bridge — ho. 1 Hope park square 
Murray, Alex. 54 S. Cleik street 
Murray, Alex, victual deakr, 12 Drummond 

Murray, Andrew, jun. W.S. 17 Walker st. 
Murray, Andrevv, printer and lithographer, 

269 High street 
Murray, Andrew, Turf hotel, 3 Princes street 
Murray, And. of Conland, W.S. (Ji. 8^- Rhind), 

1 Scotland street 

IMurray, Andrew, bootmaker, 9 London street 
Murray, Ant. of Crieff, W.S. 8 Rutland square 
Murray, Dan. furniture dealer, 210 Cowgate 
Murray, David, accountant, 39 George street 

— house, 1 ]\Iiddleby street 
Murray, Ebenezer (^Dalgleisk ^- Forrest)., 9 

Wt'st Claremont street 
Murray, Eras, lieut. & barrack-master. Castle 
Murray, G. clothier, 35 George street 
Murray, George, baker, 2 Market st. — ho. 5 
Murray, George (F. ^ W. Macniveii), 7 

Blacket place 
Murray, Geo. grocer & wine merchant, agent 

for Bass & Co.'s pale ale, 15 Howe street — 

house, 14 Dundas street 
Murray, George, mason, Hamilton place — ho. 

13 Market place 
IMurray, George, accountant, 59 George street 
Murray, Henry, confectioner, 109 Nicolson st. 
Murray, Henry, boot and shoemaker, 1 S. E. 

Circus place 
Murray, James, provision shop, 123 Kirkgate 
Murray, James T., W.S. 31 Queen street 
Murray, James (G.P.-O.), 30 Hamilton place 
Murray, James, 25 Parkside street 
IMurray, James, grocer, 36 Dundas street 
Murray, John, of Murray's hall, advocate, 5 

Walker street 
Murray, John, W.S. 18 Ainslie place 
Murray, John, wine and spirit merchant, 1 a 

Catharine St., and 60 South bridge — house, 

5 Nicolson street 
Murray, John, assessor, Waterloo place — ho. 

2 Summerhall place 

Murray, John, S.S.C. and N. P. 21 Northum- 
berland street 

Murray, John, letter-carrier, Greenside end 

Murray, John, sheep and cattle agent, 19 St 
Patrick square 

Murray, John, writer, agent and secretary, 
National Guardian Life and Fire Insurance 
Society, 3 Great King street 

Murray, John, jun., S.S.C. 32 St Andrew 
square — house, I East Claremont street 

Murray, John, cooper & fish-curer, 7 Coal 
hill — house, 43 Bridge street 

Murray, John W^m., W.E. 3 Great King st. 





Murray, John, printers' joiner and brass rule 
maker, 22 Niddry street — house, 11 South 
St James' street 
Murray, Lord, 11 Great Stuart street 
Murray, Peter, 36 Miuto street 
Murray, Richard, cabinetmaker and uphol- 
sterer, 27 Dublin street — house, 23 
Murray, Robert, confectioner, 2 St Patrick 

Murray, Robert, coal merchant, 3 Coal hill 
Murray, Thomas, furniture dealer, 68 Cowg. 
Murray, Thomas, LL.D., Blanfield house 
Murray Thomas G., W.S. 24 Hill street- 
house, 4 Glenfinlas street 
Murray, Thomas, wright, 16 Leith wynd 
Murray, William, S.h.C. 6 St Vincent street 
Murray, Wm. upholsterer, 12 St James' sq. 
Murray, Wm. hotel-keeper, 2 St Andrew sq. 
Murray, Wm. writer, 2 W. Newingtoa place 
Murray, Wm accountant, .39 George street 
Murray, Wm. Hugh, advocate, 13 Albany st. 
Murray, Wm. cabinetm. 8 Carrubber's close 
Murray, Wm. (G.P.-O.), IS Mid. Arthur pi. 
Murray, Hon. Mrs Erskine, 36 Ann street 
Murray, Mrs Dr James, 25 Queen street 
Murray, Mrs Henry, 19 Pitt street 
Murray, Mrs J. 10 James' place, Leith 
Murray, Mrs John, 25 Buccleuch place 
Murray, Mrs John, 18 Clarendon crescent 
Murray, Mrs P. 5 Danube street 
Murray, Mrs, Old Town Cafe, 209 High st. 
Murray, Mrs William, 65 Lauriston place 
Murray, Mrs W. R. 5 Laverock bank 
Murray, Mrs, 5Q India street 
Murray, Miss, 118 Lauriston place 
Murray, Miss, milliner and dressmaker, 24 

Howe street 
Murray, Miss, Scottish Institution, 46 Moray 

Murray, IMiss, 6 Comely green place 
Murray, Misses, 17 Dean terrace 
Murray, Miss, Clifton bank 
IVIurray, Miss Barbara, 126 Lauriston pi. 
Murray, JNIisses, milliners and dressmakers, 

21 Broughton place 
Musgrave, J. gardener, Mayfield, Grange toll 
Musgrave, Mrs, portrait and miniat.-painter, 

32 Royal circus 
Musgrove, Jn. hosier and glover, 27 Duke st. 
Musgrove, Wm. successor to Geo. Book- 
less, glazier, 66 Rose street 
Mushet, James, draper, 33 Nicolson street 
Mushet, John, 1 Walker street 
Mutrie, Wm. hairdresser, 41 Blair street 
Mutter, Andrew, coal merchant and general 

agent, 9 Romily place 
Mutter, John, 9 Gilmore place 
Mutter, Margt. straw-hat maker, 9 Romily pi. 
Mutter, Miss, 31 Clerk street 
Muttit, .James, spirit dealer, Newhaven 
Mutual Scottish Amicable Life Insur. Soc. 
3 No. St David st.— H. G. Watson, agent. 
— See Adv. 

Myles, John, tavern, 5 Fleshmarket close 
Mylne, James, W.S. 35 Charlotte square 
Mylne, Jas. trunk and portmanteau maker, 63 

Princes street — house, 1 1 Picardy pi. 
Mylne, James, umbrella and parasol manu- 
facturer, 15 Norih bridge 
Mylne, Miss Emily, 43 St Cuthbert street 
Myrtle, John Young, M.D., F.R. C.P. 24 Rut- 
land street 
Myrtle, W^m. accountant, 4 North St David 
St. secretary to A^ew Zealand Otngo Associa- 
tion, and agent for London Union Assurance 
Society {Fire and Life)^ and for Western 
Life Assurance Society. 

Nachot, Dr H. W. 113 Princes st. 

, Nagle, Mrs, 5 Aruiston place 

j Xairn, William, greengrocer, 6t Nicolson .«t. 

' Nairne, James, sec. N. Brit. Railway, 8 Hen- 
derson row 

I Nairne, Mrs Charles, 8 Henderson row 

. Naismith, Alexander, farmer, Windlestrawlee 

[ Naismith, John, grocer, Hillhousefield 

. Naismith, Robert, tavern, 17 Citadel 

j Naismith & Richardson, dressmakers, 38 

I Cumberland street 
Naismith, Mrs T. small- wares, 14 South Col- 

] lege street — house, 9 Brighion street 
Napier, Major General, C.B. commander-in- 
chief for Scotland, Bruntsfield house 

I Napier, Alex. John, W.S. 23 Albany street 
Napier, B. & Co. paper-rulers, 150 Hiijh st. 
Napier, George, adv. and sheriff of Petbles- 

I shire, Coates hall 
Napier, George, tailor, 129 Rose street 

' Napier, James, smith, 39 Water lane 
Xapier, J. Spring valley, Mornings-ide 

{ Napier, James, chemist and druggist, 126 

Nicolson street 
Napier, James Brand, teacher of drawing and 

! painter, 21 Castle street 
Napier, John, printers' joiner and lead maker, 

j 12 Sciennes street 

I Napier, Mark, advocate, sheriff of Dumfries- 
shire, 6 Ainslie place 

. Napier, Robt. builder, 40 Bread street 
Napier, Robert, 6 Granae place 
Napier, Thomas, vintner, 7 Charlotte place 
Napier, ]\Irs Andrew, spirit dealer, 78 Shore 
Napier, Mrs, spirit merchant, 15 Abbey 
Napier, ^Irs, lodgings, 35 Bristo street 
Napier, Miss C D. 4 South Gray street 
Nash,Wra. B.(G. P. 0.)21 Gardner's crescent 
Nasmyth, Jas. (Jas. A\and Co.), 14 Windsor 

Nasmyth, J. & Co. jewellers, 1 Swinton row 
Nasmyth, Robert, F.R.C.S. surgeon-dentist 
to the Queen, 5 Charlotte square 

' National Bank of Scotland, 42 St Andrew 
square, and 1 6 St Bernard street, Leith 
National Fire & Life Insur. Com. of Scot- 
land, 22 St Andrew square — John M. 

I M'Candlish, nansgir.— See Adv.- 





National Loan Fund Life Assurance So- 

ciety and Equitable Fire Insurance Coy. — 

Alex. Jameson, secrttary, 65 Princes street. 

— See Adv. 
National Registry, 1 Frederick street — J. 

Henderson, manager 
National Security Savings Bank, head of 

Mound. — See Adv. 
Neaves,Cha. deputy-clerk justiciary, 47 Queen 

Neaves, Lord, 7 Charlotte square 
Neil, Jolin & Co. brassfounders and gasfitters 

to the Queen, 44 Hanover street 
Neil. Mrs, 16 Warriston crescent 
Neill & Co. printers, 10 Old Fishmarket close 
Neill, Heerup & Co. corn merchants, Exchange 

buildings, Leith, and Corn exchange, Edin. 
Neill, Mrs Andrew, 31 India street 
Neill, Mrs, 13 Windsor street 
Neili, Miss, 31 Gay field square 
Neill, Miss, 69 York place 
Neilson, G. & Son, hand-railers and bell- 
hangers, Sandilands' close 
Neils(m, George, smith, 27 College wynd — 

house, 48 West Richmond street 
Neilson, James, S.S. C. 3 Abercromby place 
Neilson, John (G.P-0.), 3 Shrub place 
Neilson, Stuart, W.S. 1 No. Charlotte street 
Neilson, Thomas, cooper, 8 Glover st. Leith 
Neilson, Thomas, lodgings, 36 Casile street 
Neilson, Wm. 1 North Cliarlotte street 
Neilson, Mrs George, 28 Constitution st. 
Neilson, Mrs, 1 North Charlotte street 
Neilson, Mrs, lodgings, 1 32 High street 
Neilson, Mrs, 8 Gayfield square 
Nelson & Sons, putilishers, Hope park end 
Nelson, James, 9 Morrison street 
Neilson, James, grocer, 324 Lawnmarket 
Neilson, James, baker, 1 North Richmond 

Nelson, John, cabinetmaker, 14 N. St Andrew 

street — house, 15 St James' square 
Nelson, Robt. R., printseller, stationer, and 

artists' colourman, 27 Hanover st. — house. 

Elm-tree cottage, 106 Canseyside 
Nels-on, T. publisher, Blacket place 
Nelson, Thomas, linen draper, 8 Calton street 
Nelson, Thomas, printer, 3 Register place 
Nelson, Wm. publisher, W. Newington ho. 
Nelson, Miss Barbara C. tobacconist, 9 

Broughton st. — ho. 63 South bridge 
Ness, David, marble- cutter and sculptor, 15 

Leith walk 
Ness, John, tea, wine, and spirit merchant, 

1 Montgomery street 
Ness, T. smith, 29 Commercial place — ho. 2 

Regent street 
Ness, Mrs John, 18 Gardner's crescent 
Nevay, Alex. 26 Pitt street 
Nevin, John, 35 Northumberland street 
New Club, 84 Princes street — David Home, 

New College, head of Mound 

New Equitable Life Assurance Office — Robt 
Allan and 11. J. Dunlop, agents, 4 St An- 
drew square 
Newbigging, David, agent, 128 Nicokon et. 
Newbigging, Jas. painter, 31 Candlem. row — 

house, 9 Society 
Newbigging, Patrick, M.D.,F.R.C.S.29 Heriot 

Newham, Peter, 6 Middleby street 
Newlands, Peter, rope manufacturer, 106 

Newlands, Mrs, 16 Gilmore place 
Newton, Christ. {Duncan, Flockhart, 6f Co.), 

2 South Charlotte street 
Newton, James, W.S. 33 Great King street 
Newton, James, 9 South-east Circus place 
Newton, Robert, superintendent of roads, 

County hall — house, 13 Middleby street 
Newton, Wm. Waring Hay, of Newton, 36 

George square 
Newton, William, 12 Athol place 
Niblett, F. B. 38 Northumberland street 
Nichol, Davidson, stationer, 9 Arniston place 
Nichol, James, bookseller and publisher, 9 
N. Bank street (publication office of Mis- 
sionary Records of Free Church of Scotland, and 
tile Bulwark or Reformation Journal) — ho. 
7 Salisbury place 
Nichol, Walter, LL.D. teacher of mathematics, 

86 South bridge — house, 2 Queen street 
Nichol, Misses, milliners and dressmakers, 

37 North Castle street 
Nicholson and Johnston, grocers and wine 

merchants, 1 E. Preston street 
Nicholson, Jas. shipmaster, 1 Albany st. Leith 
Nicholhon, John, lodgings, 44 Cumberland st. 
Nicholson, Joseph, grocer, 207 Pleasance 
Nicholson, Wm. grocer, &c. 53 Lauriston pi 

and 33 Buccleuch street — house, 33 
Nicholson, Mrs, 41 East Claremont st. 
Nicol and Camming, tailors, &c. 26 Homest. 
Nicol, Rev. Andrew, 11 Hill place 
Nicol, Andrew, bootmaker, 26 Elder st. 
Nicol, Erskine, artist, 15 Fettes row 
Nicol, James, cooper, 13 Baltic street 
Nicol, John, archt. & build. 16 Broughton st. 
Nicol, John, 2 W. Lauriston place 
Nicol, K. slater, 1 9 Buccleuch st. 
Nicol, Robt. painter & glazier, 27 Frederick st. 

— house, 6 S. Charlotte street 
Nicol, Robert, die & stamp cutter, 37 North 

bridge — house, 26 Raukeillor street 
Nicol, Robt. G. Blandtield cottage 
Nicol, Mrs James, 9 Montagu street 
Nicol, Miss C. 28 Brunswick street 
Nicol, Misses, dressmakers, 16 Clyde street 
Nicol, Misses, 17 Union place 
Nicoll, Alexander, 2 Salisbury street 
NicoU, Alex, accountant. If East Broughton pi. 
Nicolson, D. 26 Carrubber's close 
Nicolson, David & Son, grocers, wine & spirit 
mercht8.36 Canongate— ho. 120 Causeyside 
Nicolson, David, baker, 40 Abbey hill 





Nicolson, George {Henderson <L- Bisset), 2 

Atholl place 
Nicokon, J. (Russell d- Alcolson), 28 India st. 
Nicolson, William, WiUiamfield, Bonnington 
NicolsoB, William, grocer, 33 Buccleuch st. 
Nicolson, Mrs, 12 Warriston crescent 
NicolsoD, Mrs, 7 Frederick street 
Nicolson, Mrs, 19 St Patrick square 
Night Asylum, Old Fleshmarket close, 190 

High street 
Nightingale, Edward W. clothier and general 

outfitter, 19 South St Andrew street — house, 

22 Rutland bquare 
Nimmo, Arch. {B. Linen Co.), 37 St An- 
drew square 
Ximmo, David, engraver, lithographer, and 

printer, 3 East Register street 
Nimmo, Jas. engra. lithographer, copperplate 

& letterpress printer, 7 Carrubber's close 
Nimmo, James (P. and J. N.), 38 Castle street 
Nimmo, John, grocer, 328 Latvnmarket 
Nimmo, VnmvuseiP.andJ.N.), 18 Brown sq. 
Nimmo, Primrose & Jas. brassfoun. plumbers, 

and gas-meter manufrs. 9 N. Bank street 
Nimmo, Thos. late forage-master, Jock's lodge 
Nimmo, William, stationer, 132 Kirkgate 
Nimmo, William, commission agent. Bell's 

court, Leith 
Nimmo, jSIrs Alex. 6 Albany street, Leith 
Nimmo, Mrs F. J. 46 Bernard street 
Nimmo, Mrs, 3 Ronaldson's buildings 
Nimmo, IMisses, dressmakers, 43 Broughton 

Nisbet, Alexander, cabinetnaaker, 9 Moray st. 
Nisbet, James, 5Gibb's entry 
Nisbet, James, S.S.C. 31 St Andrew square 
Nisbet, John, grocer, &c. 48 Main street, 

Nisbet, John, 2 Beaumont place 
Nisbet, John, coal merchant, 9 E. and G. rail- 
way, Haymarket 
Nisbet, Jn. house-painter, 69 N. Hanover st. 
Nisbet, Joseph, boot and shoem. 23 Bristo st. 
Nisbet, Joseph, grocer and spiiit dealer, 67 

St Andrew street, Leith 
Nisbet, Robert, apjent, 12 No. Richmond st. 
Nisbet, Robert, 20 St Leonard street 
Nisbet, Rev. Robert, D.D. (TF. Ht Giles), 19 

Lynedoch place 
Nisbet, Robert, letter-carrier, 35 Lothian st. 
Nisbet, Robert, baker, 38 Rose street 
Nisbet, Rob. boat builder, 3 Albany st. Leith 
Nisbet, Robert, & Co. boot and shoemakers, 

87 Nicolson street 
Nisbet, Thomas, cane-worker, 15 St James' 

Nisbet, Thos. auctioneer and appraiser, 11 

So. Hanover st. — house, 4 Henderson row 
Nisbet, Thomas, 8 George street 
Nisbet, Rev. Wm. Bristo manse, 26 Bristo 

Nihbet, Wm. J. druggist, 1 So. College st. 
Nisbet, Mrs James, 24 Northumberland st. 

Nisbet, Mrs, flesher, Veal market 

Nisbet, Miss C. 16 Broughton place 

Nisbet, Misses, 9 Manor place 

Niven, Archd. dairy, 42 Cumberland street 

Niven, Alex. T. accountant, British Empire 
Mutual Life and Fire Assurance Society, 
29 Northumberland street 

Niven, John, M.D. surgeon, 1 10 Lauriston pi. 

Niven, John, hotel and tavern keeper, 13 
Shakspeare square 

Niven, Robert, gardener, Allanfield 

Niven, Robt. jun. gardener, Jamaica st. Leith 

Niven, William, baker, 45 St Leonard street 

Niven, l\Iiss, 8 Athol place 

Nivison, Rev. Alexander, LL.OO.P. 22 Gay- 
field square 

Nixon, J. currier. World's end close, High st. 

Noa, Leopold, teacher of German and music, 
27 Nelson street 

Noble, James, grocer, I Ciaremont place 

Noble, James, University hotel and tavern, 1 
North College street 

Noble, John, grocer & wine mer. 10 Howe st. 

Noble, Robert, grocer and spirit merchant, 94 
West port 

Noble, Thomas, grocer, 38 William street 

Noble, William, wine merchant and grocer, 7 
William street 

Noble, Mrs, coal merchant, 13 Port-Hope- 
toun — ho. 151 Fountainbridge 

Nolile, Mrs Alexander, 65 Cahtle street 

Noble, Mrs James, 14 Charlotte square 

Noble, Mrs, 10 Arniston place 

Nockles, James, dealer in linen thread, 2 
Drummond street 

Norie, A. dressmaker, 24 Brunswick street 

Norie, Miss, 17 Maitland street 

North British Advertiser Ofiice, 8 Melbourne 

North British Agriculturist oflSce, 377 
High street 

North British Colour Works — W. Dawson, 
20 Elbe street, and Little Carron, Leith 

North British Daily Mail, 14 S. St Andrew st. 

North British Fire and Life Insurance Co. 
64 Princes street. — See Adv. 

North British Railway Co. offices, 24 St An- 
drew square and 1 Shore — James Nairn, sec. 

Northern Assurance Co. 20 St Andrew 
square — Christie, R. jun. sec. — See Adv. 

Northern Club, 91 George street 

Northern Coal Mining Co. 3 Coalhill 

Northern District School, Henderson row 
! Northern Lighthouse Office — A. Cunning- 
ham, secretary, 84 George street — ho. 17 
Coates crescent 

Northern Reversion Co. 7 N. St Andrew 
street — Wm. Wood, manager 

Norwich Union Fire and Life Insurance So- 
ciety, 31 Princes street. — See Adv. 

Notman, David, builder, 13 Young street 

Novice, George William, artist. 3 Comely 
Green crescent 






O'CoNNELL, B. whip gut manufac, Beavethall 
O'Connor, Bernard, grocer and spirit dealer, 

234. Cowgate 
O'Donnell, Rev. Alexander, 17 Brown square 
O'Donnell, Charles & Co. furniture dealers, 

156 Cowgate 
O'Donnell, E & Co. furniture dealers, 49 

Hanover street — house, 52 
O'Donnell, Mrs Charles, 3 Howard place 
Office for Arrears of City and County Tuxes, 

160 High street — W. A. Thomson, jun. 
Offices for the Schemes of the Church of 

Scotland, 22 Queen street 
Offices of the Free Church, 58 and 62 Fred- 
rick street 
Officer, Mrs, 11 Picardy place 
Ojjg, Peter, cowfeeder, 128 Rose street 
Ogilvie, A. {J. b, A. 0.), 5 West Newington 
Ogilvie, Andrew, lodgings, 9 Trinity crescent 
Ogilvie, J. & A. tweed wart housemen, 31 

North bridge 
Ogilvie, James (/. cj- A. 0.), 128 Princes st. 
Ogilvie, John, secretary North British In- 
surance Co. 65 Princes street 
Ogilvie, Jn. com. merchant, 10 N. St David 

street — house, 9 S.E. Circus place 
Ogilvie, Robt. G., W.S. 14 Cumberland street 
Ogilvie, Lieut. S. T., R.N. 5 Comely green pi. 
Ogilvie, T. baker & coVifectioner, 2 Elm row 
Ogilvie, Thos. cloth merchant, 17 Brislo st. 
Ogilvie, Mrs General, 32 Heriot row 
Ogilvie, Mrs, Windmill house 
Ogilvie, Mrs, 5 West Newington 
Ogilvy, Alexander, Inverforth, Trinity 
Ogilvy, Charles, \8 Nelson street 
Ogilvy, G. Ramsay, advocate, 16 Duke street 
Ogilvy, Jamts, accountant, 22 Dundas street 
Ogilvy, James, artist, 2 West Nicolson street 
Ojiilvy, James, writer, 9 South Melville pi. 
Ogilvy, J. S. accountant, agent for Lancashire 

Insurance Co. 15 Great King st. 
Ogilvy, Wm. tea, wine, and spirit merchant, 

7 Elm row — house, 6 
Ogilvy, Mrs, 35 Gilmore place 
Ogle and Murray, booksellers and stationers, 

49 South bridge 
Ogle, Robt. 7 Raeburn place 
Old (Indigent) Men's Society — William Scott 

Elliot, 32 Regent terrace, secretary 
Oldham, J. 31 New buildings — house, 2 East 

Preston street 
Oliphant, Francis, baker, 6 Middle Arthur pi. 
Oliphant, Francis, jun. baker, 110 High st. 
Ohphant, Robt., S.S.C. 17 Young street 
Oliphant, Robert, 10 Charlotte square 
Ohphant, Robert, stabler, 16 Charlotte place 
Oliphant, Wm. & Sons, publishers and book- 
sellers, 7 S. bridge — ho. 21 Buccleuch pi. 
Oliphant's, Mr, school, 33 Charlotte square — 

house, 28 Charlotte square 
Oliphant, Mrs Dr, 22 Clarendon crescent 
Oliphant, Mrs John Hope, 2 Atholl crescent 
Oliphant, Mrs Walter, 8 Buccleuch place 

Oliver & Boyd, publishers, printers, and book- 
binders, Tweeddale court, 1 6 High street 
Oliver, James Lawrie, 1 1 Canning place 
Oliver, R. S. (Grieve Sf O.), 13 Gay field sq. 
Oliver, Walter, tailor, 22 William street 
Oliver, W. grocer and spirit dealer, 152 Cowg. 
Oliver, Mrs Thomas, 7 Regent terrace 
Oliver, Mrs, 48 London street 
Oliver, Mrs Thomas, Newington lodge 
Oman, Natb. tailor, 56 Thistle street 
Omond, Robert, M.D., F.R.C.S.E. 43 Char- 
lotte square 
O'Neill, J. clothier, outfitter and draper, 74 

High street 
O'Neill, John, stafF-adjutant, 29 Hamilton pi. 
Operative Bakers' House of Call, Borth- 

wick's close, 186 High street 
Operative Tailors' Co. 4 Riddle's cl. Leith 
Orange, Andr6, daguerreotype portraits, 43 

Princes street 
Orchardson.Wm. Q. artist, 26 Royal crescent 
Ordnance Office, Castle and Leith lort 
Ordnance Survey Office, 13 Royal circus, 5 

St Vincent street 
Orkney, George, gardener, Northfield 
Orme, Miss Mary, 24 Clarence street 
Ormiston, John, baker, 3 Orchardfield place 
Ormiston, John, coal mercht. Jock's lodge 
Ormiston, Thomas, spirit merchant, 51 St 

Andrew street 
Ormiston, Mrs, lodgings, 7 No.- west Circus pi. 
Orphan Hospital, Dean — J. Scott Mon- 

creiflF, treasurer, 20 India street 
Orphoot, Peter, M D. dentist, 113 George st. 
Orphoot, Mrs, 113 George street 
Orr, David, letter carrier, 3 Lauriston street 
Orr, Capt. Edw. M., H.E.I.C.S. 13 Bruns- 
wick street. Hillside 
Orr, Captain J. superintendent of Naval and 

Military Academy, 42 St Cuthbert street 
Orr, John, CM. 33 Parkside street 
Orr, Robert, advocate, 37 Great King street 
Orr, Mrs, 5 Randolph place 
Orr, Mrs, 37 Great King street 
Orrock and Romanes, bookbinders and sta- 
tioners, 35 South bridge 
Orrock, Alex. (O. Sf Romanes), 5 Roxburgh 

Orrock, J. surg. & dentist, 7 Abercromby pi. 
Orrock, Mrs, lodgings, 67 Hanover street 
Orrok, Wemyss, of Orrok, 9 Carlton street 
Osburn, Mrs, la Duncan street 
Oswald, John, tobacco manufactr. 5 Lothian 

Oswald, Henry, grocer, 27 London street 
Ott, William, clock maker, 48 Leith street 
Outram, Mrs, 42 York place 
Ovenstone, Miss, 2 Morton street 
Owen, Chas. painter & glazier, 2 W. Preston 

Pack, Misses, 16 West Preston street 
Packwood, Thomas, tailor, Newhaven 





Pailon, A. & D. booksellers and stationers, 13 
St Andrew square 

Padon, Tliomas, S.S.C. 15 Hart street 

Fadon, I\Irs, 15 Hart street 

Pae, James, cowfeeder, 36 Broughton street 

Pagan, Oswald, spirit dealer, 1 1 Lady Law- 
son's wynd 

Pagan, Oswald, grocer and spirit dealer, 14 
India place 

Pagan, Dr S. A., F.R.CS. 40 Melville street 

Pagan, Mrs, 16 London street 

Page, G. sole agent for Elphinstone Colliery, 
10 Elder street 

Pairman, W. prov. mer. 7 North College st. 

Paisley, John F., M.D. 6 Queen street 

Palladium Life Assurance Office, 24 Queen 
St. — Shand and Farquhar, W.S. agents. 

Palmer, David, hairdresser, 13 St Anthony pi. 

Palmer, Janots. teacher of music, 6 Union pi. 

Palmer, John, hairdresser, Lothian road 

Palmer, Thos. victual dealt r, 15 Cowgate-hd. 

Panton, William, clothier, hatter, and hosier, 
36 South bridge — ho. 31 Gayfield square 

Panton, Mrs Wm., 37 Fountainbridge 

Pape, George, Coltbridge house 

Paris, George F. stationer, 34 Northumb. st. 

Paris, John, shoemaker, 92 Kirkgate 

Paris, Mrs, grocer & sp. dealer, 61 Cumb. st. 

Park, Andrew, merchant, Leith walk 

Park, A. & J. tea, wine, spirit, linseed cake, 
and artificial manure merchants, 5 Hunter 
square — house, 3 Queen street 

Park, Arch. {A. 4- J. P.), 3 Queen street 

Park, John, advocate, I Thomas street 

Park, John W. boot maker, 4 William street 

Park, Howard, Inland Revenue office. War- 
die cottage 

Park, Robert, merchant, 2 Brandon street 

Park, R. & J. timber merchants. Tower st. 

Park, Thomas, shoemaker, 3 Hay's court 

Park, Thomas, bootmaker, 5 Glanville place 

Park, Mrs, 23 London street 

Park, Miss, 33 Dundas street 

Parke, Alex, teacher and translator of French 
and Italian, 17 Dundas street 

Parker, .John, Principal Extractor Court of Ses- 
sion, Register office — house, 8 Fettes row 

Parker, John James, W.S. 8 Fettes row 

Parker, John, Legacy Duty Office — house, 
44 George square 

Parker, J. & J. cabinetmakers and uphols- 
terers, 30 Broughton street 

Parker, John W. public tea gardens. Budding. 

Parker, M. & Co. oil and com. merchants, 
2 Crown st. Leith walk 

Parker, Wm. A. advocate, 26 Great King st. 

Parry, Geo. Farquharson place, W. Preston st. 

Parlane, Miss, lodgings, 16 Cumberland street 

Pass, Edwin, perfumer and hairdresser, 47 
Frederick street — house, 45 

Paler^on and Co. carpet manufacturers, 7 7 
South bridge 

Paieison, A. $i J. smiths, St Cuthbert's lane 

Paterson and Sons, London pianoforte and 
music saloon, 27 George street 

Paterson & Anderson, merchants, 34 Grass- 

Paterson & Thomson, human hair manufacts. 
21 Elder street 

Paterson, A. & Co. machine and axle makers, 
Greenside lane 

Paterson, Abertas, furniture dealer and auc- 
tioneer, 136 Pleasance 

Paterson, Adam, W.S. 36 Heriot row 

Patt-rson, Alex, wine merchant, fl Bernard 
street — house, 21 Drummond place 

Paterson, Alex, collector, 17 Thistle street 

Paterson, Alex. F. grocer, 39 Kirkgate, Leith 
— house, 72 

Pattrson, Andrew Murray, accountant, 30 
St Andrew square — house, Wardie villa 

Paterson, Andrew, accountant, 3 North St 
Andrew street — bouse, 10 Howard place 

Paterson, Arch, merchant, 2 Baxter's place 

Paterson and Co. lacemen, 51 Frederick st. 

Paterson, D. & Co. fancy bird dealers, 11 
South St Andrew street 

Paterson, David, plumber, gasfitter, and tin- 
plate worker, 10 Thistle street 

Paterson, David A. {Cochrane^ Paterson, if 
Co.), Fort street, Nprth Leith 

Paterson, David F. agent, 5 Kerr street 

Paterson, David, brassfounder and gasfitter, 
S.w Thistle St. lane,— ho. 31 E. Cumber- 
land street 

Paterson, George & Son, builders, 18 West 
Preston st. and 27 Charlotte st. Leith 

Paterson, Geo. of Castle-Huntly, advocate, 8 
Coates crescent 

Paterson, Geo. (Bank of Scot.) ^ 35 Minto st. 

Paterson, George, Geo. IV. hotel, 5 Brown sq. 

Paterson, Henry, 57 Cumberland street 

Paterson, Hugh (^Hunter ^ Paterson)., 13 
Henderson row 

Paterson, Hugh, plumber, 6 Ingliston street 

Paterson, James {Romanes ^ P.), 4 India st. 

Paterson, James, watchmaker, 429 High street 

Paterson, Jas. pawnbroker, 1 Richmond pi. 

Paterson, James {Inland Revenue Office), 
6 South Gray street 

Paterson, James ( Geo. P. and Son), 54 South 
Clerk street 

Paterson, J. {A. P. S,- Co.) 1 Greenside lane 

Paterson, James, coach-hirer, 10 Union street 

Paterson, James, M.D. 17 St Bernard's cresc 

Paterson, James, land surveyor, Western Dud- 

Paterson, John, S.S.C. 14 Dublin street 

Paterson, John (Dymock Sf P.), 42 Rankeillor 
street '] 1 

Paterson, John, civil engineer, 4 Bellevue • I 

Paterson, John, jun. (P. S; Sons), 27 George st. 

Paterson, John, dairy, 5 Duke street, Leith 

Paterson, John, inspector of lighting and 
cleaning. Lord Russell place 





Paterson, John, vintner, 21 Fleshraarket close 

—house, 22 
Paterson, John, civil engineer and surveyor, 

10 N. St Andrew st. — ho. 4 Bellevue ter. 
PaterHon, L. merchant, 38 Charlotte street, 

Paterson, Maurice, bookbinder & bookseller, 

J 2 Catharine street — ho. 31 Broughton st. 
PateraoD,R. architect, surveyor of police, West 

Union villa, Grange road 
Paterson, Robert, musicseller, SeaclifF villa. 

Paterson, Robert, M.D., F.R.C.P. 32 Char- 
lotte street, Leith 
Paterson, Rob. merchant, 118 Lauriston pi. 
Paterson, Rob. lodgings, 19 Duke street 
Paterson, Robert, baker, 35 Tolbooth wynd, 

Paterson, Thomas, grocer, wine and spirit 

mercht. 5 E Register street 
Paterson, Thos. custom-ho. officer, 6 Annfield 
Paterson, Thos. K. jeweller, 24 Nicolson street 
Paterson, Thos. draper, 56 Lothian street 
Paterson, Thos. spirit dealer, 98 Kirkgate 
Paterson, Thos. letter-carrier, 174 Rose street 
Paterson, Thomas, teacher of writing, arith- 
metic, and book-keeping, 29 Frederick street 
Paterson, Rev. William, 42 Lothian street 
Paterson, W. (F. Richardson £^ Co.), 11 Gra- 
ham street 
Paterson, Wm. 1 Madeira street 
Paterson, Wm. tea merchant and grocer, 53 

Tolbooth wynd, Leith 
Paterson, Wm. (B. L. Co.'sBk.),20 Leopold pi. 
Paterson, Mrs Ann, spirit mer. 105 Kirkgate 
Paterson, Mrs, millinery, baby linen, and stay 

warehouse, 54 Lothian >treet 
Pater:ion, Mrs, lodgings, 3 Grove place 
Paterson, Mrs, lodgings, 52 Bristo street 
Paterson, Mrs Maria, lodgings, 3 Rutland st. 
Paterson, Mrs, Wardie villa 
Paterson, Mrs, 42 Drumraond place 
Paterson, Mrs, of Castle Huntly, 3 Coatescr. 
Paterson, Mrs, of Merryflats, 4 Carlton st. 
Paterson, Miss J. baker, 1 South St Andrew 

street — house, 1 St David street 
Paterson, Miss Mary, 11 Warriston crescent 
Paterson, Miss, dressmaker, 13 Frederick st. 
Patison and Forrester, silk mercers, 13 St 

Andrew square 
Patison, Wm. Williamfield 
Patison, Mrs William, Pirniefield 
Patison, Misses, 60 Cumberland street 
Paton & Ritchie, printers, publishers, and 

stationers, 3 Hanover street— printing-office, 

13 George street 
Paton & Kohler, metal refiners, Croft-anrigh 
Paton, Alex, boot and shoe maker, 28 South 

Paton, Alexander G. boot & shoe maker, 24 

Hanover street 
Paton, Charles, painter, 21 London street 
Paton, David, builder, 17 Greenside street 

Paton, Hugh, printer, publisher, picture- 
cleaner, carver and gilder to the Queen and 
H.R.H. the Duchess of Kent, 10 Princes 
street — printing-office, 8 North College st. 
— house, 1 Hay street 
Paton, John, 33 Parkside street 
Paton, Rob. shipmaster, 12 Trinity crescent 
Paton, Thomas S. advocate, 8 Nelson street 
Paton, Thomas, 23 Pitt street 
Paton, Walter, cabinetmaker, 12 Brandon st. 
Paton, Walter, surveyor for Lloyd's, 33 Sand- 
port street — house, 2 Bank place 
Paton, Mrs, Mansionhouse road 
Paton, Miss Janet, 4 West Claremont street 
Paion, Miss, 7 London street 
Patrick, M'Ewen, & Garment, W.S. 32 Al- 
bany street 
Patrick, Robert, Sunbury distillery — house. 

Bell's mills 
Patrick, William, W.S. 32 Albany street 
Patrick, Mrs S. 4 Gloucester place 
Patriotic Assurance Co. of Ireland, 15 

Royal Exchange 
Patten, John, W.S. 7 Drummond place 
Patterson, J. C. 14 Nicolson square 
Patterson, John, baker, 22 Brunswick stre e 
Patterson, J. R. Stuart street, Piershill 
Patterson, Wm. boot and shoe manufacturer, 

233 Cowgate 
Patterson, Miss J. dressmaker, 67 Ironside pi. 
Patteson, Matthew, 1 West Claremont street 
Pattison, G. H. advocate, 18 Duke street 
Pattison, John, W.S. 39 London street 
Pattison, T. H., M.D., F.R.C.P. S9 London st. 
Pattison, Walter G. merchant and agent, 72 

Timber bush, I,eith 
Pattison, W. J. agent, 24 Greenside place — 

house, 33 East Claremont street 
Pattison, Mrs H. spirit dealer, 1 1 Market st. 
Pattison, Mrs Thos. Summer lodge. Trinity 
Pattison, Mrs, 2 Pilrig street 
Pattison, Miss, boarding-school, 13 West 

Preston street 
Pattison, Misses, 33 East Claremont street 
Pattison, Miss, 24 Greenside place 
Patton, George, advocate, 30 Heriot row 
Patton, Mrs, ladies' nurse, 8 Kerr street 
Paul, Henry, 13 Torphichen street 
Paul, Rev. John, D.D. 13 George square 
Paul, Patrick, S S.C. 19 York place 
Paul, Rob. 16 Randolph crescent, and Kirk- 
land lodge, Hermiston 
Paul, Thomson, W.S. 15 Hart street 
Paulin, George, cabinetmaker and furniture 
dealer, 4 Howe st. — work-shop, Jamaica st. 
Pawnbroking Co. 35 South bridge — Wm. C. 
Poole, managing partner — house, 11 Keir 
street. — See Adv. 
Paxton, Js. shoemaker, 27 N. Richmond st. 
Paxton, John, wine & spirit merchant, 6 Coat- 
field lane 
Paxton, Miss, teacher of music, 30 Rutland sq. 
Peace, Jas. (P. |- Co.), 2 Haddington place 





Peace, Philip, optician & looking-glass manu- 
facturer, 99 Princes street 
Peace & Co. railway agents — offices, Leith 

and Granton Railway Stations 
Peacock, Adam, tobacco manufacturer, 54 

Shore — house, 10 Wellington place 
Pf acock, Adam, 19 Home street 
Peacock, Andrew, tobacco manufactr. World's 

end close — house, 1 Arniston place 
Peacock, George, tailor, 27 Dundas st. 
Peacock, John (f. Lawsun and Son), 3 Mel- 
bourne place 
Peacock, Thos. mercantile accountant, 24 

Salisbury street 
Peacock, T. B. com. agent, I Annandale st. 
Peacock, W. tailor and clothier, 20 N. bridge 
PeHCock, E. & M. milliners and dressmakers, 

51 Home street 
Peacock, Mrs Henry, lodgings, 41 Castle street 
Pearce, Mrs, 24 Alva street 
Pears, Jas. baker, 66 Buccleuch street — ho. 2 

Buccleuch place 
Pearson & Robertson, W.S. 17 Royal circus 
Pearson, Charles, accountant, 128 George street 
Pearson, David A., W.S. 17 Royal circus 
Pearson, David, lodgings, 40 Cumberland st. 
Pearson, J. minister, 11 London row, Leiih 
Pearson, Thos. road contractor. Powburn 
Pearson, Thomas, officer of Inland Revenue, 

Primrose cottage, Lochend road 
Pearson, Mrs James, plumber and gasfitter, 

48 South back of Canongate 
Pearson, Mrs, 23 South Norton place 
Pearson, Miss A. 12 Darnaway street 
Peaston, Alex, jeweller, 51 North bridge 
Peaston, Jas. tailor and clothier, 4 West Re- 
gister street — house, 17 Scotland street 
Peaston, Miss E. dressmaker, 2 Cannon st. 
Peat, Captain, ll.N. Viewforlh house 
Peat, James, merchant, 100 Laurifcton place 
Peat, James D. Z. {Edin. ^ Glas. Bank), 100 

Lauriston place 
Peat, Mrs Mary, 11 Lynedoch place 
Peattie, John, grocer, 34 Cumberland street 
Peattie, John, working man's refreshment 

rooms, 1 Market stairs 
Peddie, Alex., M.D., F.R.C.P. 15 Rutland st. 
Peddie, Don. S. accountant, 1 George street — 

house, Richmond lodge. Trinity 
Peddie, James, W.S. 36 Albany street 
Peddie, John Dick, architect, 10 Nelson street 
Peddie, R. {Young &; P.), 2 Upper Gilraore pi. 
Peddie, Rev. Dr William, 57 George square 
Peddie, William, grocer, 45 Home street 
Peddie, Mrs Dr, Richmond Lodge, Trinity 
Peddie, Mrs, stay and corsetmaker, 15 W. 

Richmond street 
Peddie, Mrs Wm. 36 N. Hanover street 
Peddie, Miss, 59 Lauriston place 
Peddie, Miss, straw-hat mak. Orchardfield ct. 
Pedie, Wm. sheriff-officer, 297 High street 
Peebles, John G. C, S.S.C, 5 Hill street- 
house, 15 Dublin street 

Peffers, Jas. surveyor of taxes, 6 Waterloo pi. 
Peiyton, Misses, 30 Nicolson street 
Pelican Life Assurance Company — Agents, 

Jas. Balfour, 14 George st., Murray & 

Beith, 50 Castle st., and John M'Culloch, 

B. L. Co.'s Bank. — See Ado. 
Pendrich, John, baker, 47 Fountainbridge 
Pendrigh, William, family linen warehouse, 

88 Princes street 
Penman, Jas. cattle agent, 16 Clerk street 
Penman, John, grocer, 42 Giles' street 
Penman, Mrs J. tobacconist, 115 Nicolson st. 
Penney, David, chemist, 72 Princes street 
Penney, Wm. advocate, 24 Great King street 
Penny, Mrs Thomas, lodgings, 104 Rose st. 
Pennycuik, J. spirit dealer, 76 Causeyside 
Pentland, D. working jeweller, 63 North br. 
Pentland, Y.J. & Son, coopers and stave mer. 

13 Spence's place, Leith 
Perigal, Arthur, artist and drawing master, 

21 Hill street 
Perriot, Robert, boot and shoe maker, 14 St 

Andrew street 
Perry, Mrs Dr, 12 Archibald place 
Peter, David, 74 Thistle street 
Peters, Alex, plumber and gasfitter, 13 Dun- 
das street — house, 27 Cumberland street 
Peters, David, cabinetmaker, 8 Hamilton pi. 
Peterson, Archd. S. H. {Petenon Bro. dj Co.), 

Woodville, Trinity 
Peterson Brothers & Co. general commission 

merchants, Allison's place 
Peterson, John (Piterson Bro. Sf Co.), Alli- 
son's place 
Peterson, Magnus M. (^Peterson Brothers), 6 

Haddington place 
Petre, Hon. Edmund, St Margaret's works, 

N. B. Railway 
Petrie, Gavin, gen. merchant, 122 West port 
Petrie, Geo. accountant, 31 North bridge 
Petrie, Jas. shoemaker, 18 Cumberland street 
Petrie, R. S. Seafield place. Links, Leith 
Petrie, Miss Helen, French stay maker, 6 

Charlotte place 
Pettet, Mrs, 1 1 Lothian street 
Petty, Miss, 10 North St Andrew street 
Philip, Alexander, grocer, tea, wine, & spirit 

merchant, 84 West port 
Philip, Alexander, watchmaker, 60 Princes 

street — bouse, 7 Mound place 
Philip, C. & Co. merchants, 11 Dock place — 

house, 2 Bonnington place 
Philip, Jn. wood merchant, 34 Whitfield pi. 
Philip, R. merchant. Old Church street 
Philip, William, clock and watchmaker to the 

Queen, 6 Nelson st. 
Philip, Mrs James, 25 Minto street 
Phillips, Jas. {G. P.-O.), 30 S. St James' sq. 
Phillips, Stephen, keep, gallery of casts, Royal 

Phillips, Mrs B. bookseller and stationer, 5 

Warriston place 
Phillips, Mrs, 21 London stnet 





Philp, John, wine and spirit dealer, Druna- 
mond court — house, 8 Blenheim place 

Philp, William T. accountant, 11 Clarence 

Philp, Mrs F. P., Willow bank cottage 

Philp's Albion Temp, hoiel, 28 St. James' sq. 

Philosophical Institution, 4 Queen street 
— Henry Bowie, s«c; A. Tod, librarian 

Philpot, James, furniture dealer and commis- 
sion agent, 47 Hanover street 

Phimester, Robt. wright, 14. Lauriston street 

Phin, John, S.S.C. 13 Heriot row 

Phin, Mrs W. fishing tackle manufacturer, 80 
Princes street — house, 9 Thistle street 

Phin, Miss J. Boroughmuirhead 

Phin, Miss, 7 London street 

Phipps, Thomas, Allanfield, Ferry road, Leith 

Fhipps, Mrs, Allanfield, Ferry road, Leith 

Phoenix Fire Assurance Company — Ag<-nts, 
Robt. Allan, 4 St Andrew square ; John 
M'CuUoch, B. L. Co S Bank ; Amlrew 
Muir, 14 Royal exchange ; H. G. Watson, 
3 St David st. ; Wm. Muir, Quality St., 

Picken, John, watchmaker, 8 Gilmore street 

Picken, William, clock and watchmaker, 
18 Victoria street 

Pickford and Co. railway contractors & town- 
carters, offices, Lothian road, North bridge, 
and 6 Drummond street 
-Piggott, George {N. L. office), 2 John's place 

Pike, Wm. silk mercer and draper, 37 Princes 
street — house, 10 George stieet 

Pilkinion, T. and Son, archits and surveyors, 
10 Dundas street 

Pillans, H. and J. printers, 7 James' court 

Pillans, Hugh Scott {City of Glasgow Bank), 
15 Nelson street 

Pillans, J. (H. §■ J. P.) printer, 2 E. New- 
ington place 

Pillans, James, professor of humanity, 43 
Inverleith row 

Pillans, Robert, musicseller, 37 Hanover st. 

Pillans, Mrs, 2 East Newington place 

Pinkerton, Adam, janitor, Edin. Academy 

Pinkerton, David, cowfeeder, Patrick hall 

Pinkerton, Mrs John, 26 Cumberland street 

Pinkerton, Miss, teacher, 2 Causeyside 

Pinkerton, Miss, 22 Scotland street 

Piper, John, tailor and clothier, 4^ N. bridge 
— bouse, 2 Buccleuch place 

Piper, Mrs, 8 Windsor street 

Pirie, Jas. {Customs), Ellen street 

Pirret, James, grocer, 58 Clerk street 

Pirrie, David, wright, 8 St Anthony street and 
Junction street 

Pirrie, Mrs Margaret, lodgings, 1 Rutland st. 

Pitbladdo, James, clerk of works, 34 Wright's 

Pitcairn, Robt. W.S. official searcher of public 
records, G. R. office, 9 Northumberland st. 

Pitcairn, W. F. 19 Forth street 

Pitcairn, Mrs, 14 Heriot row 

Pitcairn, Miss, 14 Howe street 
Pitcairn, Miss, 8 Ainslie place 
Pitcaithley, R. wright and undertaker, 13 

West Nicolson street 
Pitman, Mrs General, 46 Heriot row 
Pitt, Lieut. E. W., R. N. agent for transports, 

42 Bernard street 
Pitt, Mrs, ladies' nurse, 15 Catharine street 
Pittendrigh, Rev. George, 15 Gilmore place 
Player, J. agent, E. P. & D. Railway Com- 
pany, Granton 
Play fair, Wm. H. architect, 17 Great Stuart 

Playfair, Misses, 28 Moray place 
Plenderleath, Mrs, 6 Windmill street 
Plenderleith, Miss, 13 Dundas street 
Plowman, Geo. missionary, 16 Buccleuch st. 
Plummer, Alexander, flesher, 47 Home street 
Plummer, Jo. 1 and 2 Middle market — ho. 

J 12 Lauriston place 
Pocock, James, upholsterer, Haddon's court 
Police Office, Police Chambers, High strert, 

and 18 Charlotte street, Leith 
Police Surveyor's Office, Police Chambers, 

High street 
Poison, Charles, 6 Brighton street 
Pollexfen, James R., W.S. 6 India street 
Pollock, Peter and Son, veterinary surgeons, 

83 Rose street — house, 2 Frederick street 
Pollock, Pet. hosier and glover, 25 Nicolson 

Pollock, Peter, bookseller and stationer, 12 

Leith street 
Pollock, Robt. teacher of dancing, 3 Duncan 

street, Leith 
Pollock, William, solicitor, 13 York place 
Poison and Falconer, paper rulers and book- 
binders, 1 Milne square 
Ponsonby, Mrs, boarding school, 6 Drummond 

Ponton, George, baker, 10 St Vincent street 
Pontton, Robert, spirit merchant, 16 Coal hill 
Ponton, Thomas, architect, 10 Forres street 
Poole, Alex, hairdresser, 50 Broughton st. 
Poole, Wra. C. (South, Bridge Pawnbroking 

Co.), 11 Keir street 
Poor's Rate Office, 57 North bridge — Donald 

M'Donald, collector 
Pope, James, tea, wine, and spirit merchant, 

23 Charlotte st. — house. Junction house 
Pope, Mrs Mary, 3 Bellevue terrace 
Popowitz, George, photographic artist, 60 

Princes street 
Porteous, Alex, preparer of scurvy ointment, 5 

Spence's place 
Porteous, Alex, currier and leather merchant 

GuUand's close, and 31 S. Rose street lane 

— house, 4 Roxburgh street 
Porteous, Alex, farmer, East Merchiston 
Porteous, Alex, spirit dealer, 86 Candlemaker 

Porteous, A. coal merchant, 13 Elm row, 84 

South Clerk street, and 1 Port Hamilton 





Portpous, Andrew, postmaster, Boroughmuir- 

Porteous, George, victual dealer, 86 Crosg- 

Porteous, J. officer of Calton incorporation, 23 

Calton hill 
Porteous, Jno. overseer, Craighouse, Borough- 

Porteous, John, 6 Haddington pi. — house, 16 

Grove street 
Porteous, William, writer, 53 George street 
Portt'ous, William, corn merchant, 6 Grass- 
market — house, 4 Brown's place 
Porteous, W. {Inld. Rev.) 1 7 W. Nicolson st. 
Porteous, William, tailor, 377 Hitch street 
Porteus,Wra. house painter, 15 N.-W. Circus 

pla -e 
Porteou«, Mrs Wm. grocer and spirit dealer, 

1 Heriot mount 
Porteous, Miss, 13 Leopold place 
Porteous, Misses, 16 St Vincent street 
Porter, ^lartin, stationer and news agent, 3 

S.-E. Circus place 
Porter, Thos. wright. West Northumberland 

street lane 
Porter, Wm. H. coke and English coal agt-nt, 

8 E. Register st. — ho. Springfield cottage. 

Porterfield, John H. gardener. Upper Her- 

PoRT-HopETOUN Foundry, 69 Fountainbr. 
Post-Office, General, Waterloo place and 

128 Constitution street 
Pott, James, 55 Albany street 
Pottie, James, baker, 9 West Richmond street 
Potts, Cairnie, & Ray, cabinetmakers and 

upholsterers, 9 Princes street 
Potts, George, cabinetmaker, Northfield cot- 
Pott<, G. H. & Co. painters and decorators, 

92 Princes street 
Potts, Thomas, assistant clerk of Session, 14 

Register office — house, 13 Gayfit-ld square 
Potts, Thomas, lodgings, 57 Hanover street 
Potts, Wm. wine merchant and grocer, 17 

Downie place — ho. Clermont villa, Morn- 

Potts, William and Henry, merchants and 

wholesale agents, PortHopetoun warehouses 
Potts, William, agent, 16 Broughton place 
Pourie, Adam, boot and shoe maker, 44 Bridge 

Pourie, John, & S ns, coopers, 10 Sandport 

street — house, 33 Bridge street 
Pow, James, surgeon, 20 Drummond place 
Powell, Frederick W. {Duncan, Flockhart, d: 

Powell), 33 St Bernard street 
Prager, Mrs, ladies' nurse, 9 Society 
Pratt, John, gun maker, 99 Princes street — 

house, 17 George street 
Pratt, Robert, tailor, 44 South bridge 
Pratt, Mrs Alex. 12 Hill square 
Pratt, Miss, matron. House of Refuge 

Pratt, Miss, teacherof muMC, 37 Broughton pi. 
Prentice, J. R. 20 Gilmore place 
Prentice, John, cowfeeder, 8 ToUcross 
Prentice, Mrs Thos. grocer, 13 Couper street 
Prescot, Thomas, gun polisher, 27 Jamaica st. 
Preshaw, John, hotel, 25 Fleshmarket close 
Preston, James, umbrella maker, 3 Bread st. 
Preston, Mrs, .51 Broughton street 
Pretsell, .James, spirit dealer, 44 West Cross- 
Pretaell, Miss Margaret, 5 Keir street 
Prettie, Mrs T. lodgings, 3 Saunders street 
Pridie, Peter H. solicitor, 5 Nicolson street 
Primmer, Mrs John, toy shop, 26 Tolbooth 

wynd, Leith 
Primrose, Hon. B. F. 22 Moray place 
Primrose, John, coil merchant, 3 Crown street 
Prince of Wales Life and Educational Assur- 
ance Company, 80 George street 
Prince of Wales hotel, 44 & 46 W. Register st. 
Pringle, Alex, of Whytbank, 2 Randolph clifF 
Pringle, A. grocer and spiritdeal. 35 Clerk st. 
Pringle, Alex. {Adjutant- General's Office), I 

Grove street 
Pringle, David (N. B. Advertiser Office), 13 

Torphichen street 
Pringle, Dav. carver and gilder, 10 Simon sq. 
Pringle, George, 14 Rutland street 
Pringle, James, grocer, 6 St Leonard's hill 
Pringle, .T. provision mercht. 3 Spring gard. 
Pringle, James {Edin. Rope Co.)^ 3 Hermit- 
age place 
Pringle, James, barm brewer, Gibb's entry 
Pringle, Jn. innkeeper, 3 West Crosscausey 
Pringle, .John {Edin. and Glas. Bunk), 9 

Wharton place 
Pringle. John, superintendent of slaughter- 
bouse^, 55 Fountain bridge 
Pringle, Major-Gen. of Svraington, Raimes' 

place, Bonnington 
Pringle, Robert, W.S. 32 Ann street 
Pringle, Robert, canteen, Jock's lodge 
Pringle, Thomas, 10 Brighton street 
Pringle, William, 18 Scotland street 
Pringle, Wm. cowfeeder, 4 Elbe street 
Pringle, Wm. victual dealer, 16 Grassmarket 
Pringle, Wm. lodgings, 5 Shandwick place 
Pringle, Mrs Andw. spirit dealer, 9 Stead's pi. 
Pringle, Mrs, grocer and spirit merchant, 78 

Canongate — ho. 80 
Pringle, Miss W. 54 Cumberland street 
Pringle, Misses, 2 Randolph cliff 
Pritty, John, printer, 42 Thistle street 
Privy Seal Office, Register house 
Proctor, Adam, plumber and gasfitter, 5 

Church lane — house, 55 India place 
Proctor, Mrs Jane, lodgings, 1 8 Lothian street 
Procurator Fiscal's Office, 10 Royal Exchange 
Professional Life Assurance Company, 32 
St Andrew sq.— Richard Wilson, manager. 
— See Adv. 
Profit, Alexander, 12 Elbe street, Leith 
Property & Income Tax Office, Waterloo pi. 






Property & Income Tax, for ancient royalty, 
. 23 Geo. IV. bridge, G. Cairns, S.S.C. & S.L. 
Profertv Investment Company — office, 114 

High street — Alex. Cuthbert, manager 
Prophit, Thomas, fishmonger, 49 London st. 
Proud, John, baker, 114 West port 
Proud, Mrs, grocer, 11 Earl Grey street 
Proudfoot, G. 80 St Andrew street, Leith 
Proudloot, John, teacher, 1 Duncan st. Leith 
Proudfoot, Robert, shoemaker, 1 1 Davie st. 
Proudfoot, Thomas, 5 Fyfe place 
Proudfoot, Wm. letter-carrier, 59 Potterrow 
Proudfoot, Mrs Ann, 15 Fettes row 
Proven, David, club- master, 14 Queen street 
Provident Clekks' Mutual Life Assurance 
and Benevolent Fund — A. Paterson, 3 No. 
St Andrew street 
Provident Clerks' Mutual Life Assurance 
and Benevolent Fund, and Unity Fire In- 
surance Association, 11 Picardy place — 
Wm. Gray agent 
Provident Life Office, 8 Gloucester place — 

Webster and Renny, agents 
Provincial (The) Fire Insurance Co., Great 
Britain and India, and London Life Assur- 
ance Offices,— Wm. Kelso Thwaites, S.S.C. 
— chambers, 2 Queen street — house, 30 
Clarence street 
Provest, Mrs, lodgings, 37 Northumberland st. 
Pryde, Jas. teacher of mathema. 50 South br. 
PuUar, James Y., S.S.C. 16 Picardy place 
Puuton, Robert, spirit merchant, 16 Coal hill 
Purdie, James, furnishing iroumonger, 23 

Leith street 
Purdie, John, London pianoforte and music 

warehouse, 83 Princes street 
Purdie, John, 10 Inverleith row 
Purdie, John {Refreshment Rooms), \9¥\eiih- 

market close 
Purdie, Thos. {Lithgow and P.), 60 Hanov. st. 
Purdie, Christina, toy warehouse, 79 Princes 

Purdie, Mrs, lodgings, 14 Trinity crescent 
Purveis, Mrs, lodgings, 113 Princes street 
Purves, John, warehouseman, 15 Hart street 
Purves, Peter, tailor & clothier, 22 Waterloo 

place — ho. 8 Barony street 
Purves, Robert, 18 Leopold place 
Purves, Robert, 30 Alva street 
Purvfcs, Thos. gardener, Arthur St. Leith walk 
Purves, Thomas, lodgings, 19 Albany street 
Purves, William, clerk, 7 Crichton street 
Purves, William and Co. clothiers to the Queen, 

58 Princes street 
Purves, Wm. tailor and clothier, 31 N. bridge 
Purvis, Alexander, smith, 12 Deanhaugh st. 
Purvis, Joseph, 34 Castle street 
Purvis, William, 5 Melville street 
Purvis, Mrs Dr, 6 Hill place 
Purvis, Mrs, of Glassmount, 4 St Colme st. 
Pyle, George H. 9 Montagu street 
Pyle, William, 13 Cheyne strt-ct 
Pyper, Hamilton, advocate, 15 Royal crescent 

Pyper, John, agent, 7 Johnstone street 
Pyper, John, writer, 37 York place 

Queen's Temperance Hotel, 71 Princes st. 
Quin & Donald, china merchts. 10 Bristo pi, 
Quinet, Mrs, housekeeper, Holyrood palace 
Quigley, Mrs James, 32 Dundas street 

Racket Court, 180 Rose street 

Radley, William, coal agent, 101 Causeyside 

Rae, Alexander, grocer, 3 and 4 Glanville 

place — house, 10 Mary place 
Rae, David, builder, 6 Spring gard. Stockbr. 
Rae, Francis, grocer, 45 Cumberland street 
Rae, George, joiner, 2 Cumberland strett 
Rae, George M., 2 George street 
Rae, George, grocer and victual dealer, 43 

Dundas street 
Rae, Henry, silk mercer, and draper, 8 Spring 

gardens — house, 6 
Rae, Jas. gardener. East Morningside house 
Rae, Robert, plumber, 23 W. Register stret-t 
Rae, Robert, wood merchant, 3 Wallace place 
Rae, Thomas, baker, 5 Leven street 
Rae, Thos. writer and account. 14 Raeburu pi. 
Rae, Wm. chimney sweep, 33 St Patrick sq. 
Rae, Wm. Fraser, 2 George street 
Raeburn, James, portmanteau & trunk manu- 
facturer, 5 South St Andrew street — house, 
7 North St David street 
Raeburn, John, broker, 245 Cowgate 
Raeburn, John P. 4 Warriston crescent 
Raeburn, Robt. R. architect, 4 Warriston cr. 
Raeburn, William, wine & spirit dealer, 5'd7 

Castle hill and 343 High street 
Raeburn, Miss, 22 Gayfield square 
Railway, Caledonian — station, Lothian road 
Railway, Dalkeith Br. ot N. B. St Leonard's 
Railway, Edinburgh & Glasgow — stations. 

North bridge and Citadel 
Railway, Edinburgh, Perth, and Dundee — 

office, 9 Princes street 
Railway, Edinburgh, Leith, and Granton — 

station. Princes street 
Railway, North British — offices, 24 St An- 
drew square, and 1 Shore (James Nairn, 
secretary; W. Hardie, manager goods de- 
partment ; William Lyall, superintend- 
ent) — station, North bridge 
Railway Passengers' Assurance Office, 4 St 

Andrew square — Robert Allan, agent 
Raimes, Blanchard, & Co. agents, wholesale 
druggists, and manufacturing chemists. 
Smith's place 
Raimes, John, Smith's place 
Raimes, Richd. {R. ^ Co.), Bonnington park 
Rainie, Robert, accountant and actuary, 19 

Gilmore place 
Rainnie, George, 6 Gardner's crescent 
Raleigh, Samuel, accountant, 5 N- St David 

street — ho. East Union villa. Grange road 
Ralston, Alex, staymaker, Hyndford close 
Ralston, Mrs, coach hirer, Regent terrace lane 





Ramage, Adam, Britannia metal manufacturer, 

25 Lothian road — house, 23 Bread street 
Ramage, Alex, letter-carrier, 26 Carnegie 8t. 
Ramage, J. wright & undertaker, 20G Rose 


Ramage, James, lithographer and draughts- 
man, Boroughlochhead cottage 

Ramage, John, baker and confectioner, 3 & 4 
Albert place — bouse, 2 

Ramagp, John & Son, plasterers, 39 Jamaica 

Ramage, Robert {J. R. ^ Son), 27 Howe st. 

Ramage, Wm. cowfeeder, 8 South Niddry st. 

Ramage, Mrs, 22 St Patrick square 

Ramaee, Mrs, lodgings, 7 East Adam street 

Rampini, Jos. 10 Gloucester place 

RampUng, J. Waterloo hotel, & Waterloo 
rooms, 23 & 24 Waterloo place 

Ramsay, Adam, farmer. Trinity park 

Ramsay, Alex, manager Water Oj. Greenhill 

RaiDsay, Alex, draper, 21 Haddington place 

Ramsay, Da v. & Son , printers and publishers of 
the^. Evening Courant,lS% & 190 High st. 

Ramsay, David, me/chant and com. agent, 
24 St James' square — house, 1 Links place 

Ramsay, David, surgeon, 29 London street 

Ramsay, the Very Rev. Edward B. {St Johi's 
Episcopal Chapel), 23 Ainslie place 

Ramsay, George, Courant Office, 188 High st. 

Ramsay, George, manager Scottish Union In- 
surance Company, 12 Alva street 

Ramsay, Genrjie, stabler, 16 W. Xicolson st. 

Ramsay, James, writer, 1 Clermont place 

Ramsay, James, coal agent, 14 Semple street 

Ramsay, James, lodgings, 3 Maitland place, 

Ramsay, Jn. pianoforte wareroom, 6 Calton 

Ramsay, John, wright and undertaker, St 
Stephen street — house, 69 Cumberland st. 

Ramsay, John, tailor, 30 William (Street 

Ramsay, Johu Wedderburn, 12 Alva street 

Ramsay, John W. wine merchant, Wet docks 
— house, 12 Alva street, Edinburgh 

Ramsay, Peter, Esq. Viewville house, Gran- 
ton road 

Ramsay, Thomas, baker, 14 High street and 

26 South Hanover street 

Ramsay, W. coach hirer, 21 West Preston 

Ramsay, William, tailor, 11 Home street 
Ramsay, William, Viewville bouse. Gran- 
ton road 
Ramsay, William, slater and glazier, St Ste- 
phen street — house, 18 St Vincent street 
Ramsay, Mrs C. L. of Fala, 9 Manor place 
Ramsay, I\Irs Dr, 15 Melville street 
Ramsay, Mrs Euphemia, 33 London street 
Ramsay, Mrs John, 9 Blacket place 
Ramsay, Mrs, 1 Links place, Leith 
Ramsay, Mrs, 4 North St James' street 
Ramsay, Miss Janet, trimming shop, 46 Ha- 
nover street 

Ramsay, Miss, 44 Minto street 

Ramsden, James, wool merchant, 1 Stafford st. 

Ranken, D. flesher, 9 West Salisbury place — 

house, East Sciennes street 
Ranken, Francis, cut glass manufacturer, 

brassfounder, and gasfitter, 16 Picardy place 

— house, 8 Hope crescent 
Ranken, George, optician, 112 Rose street 
Ranken, P. coal merchant, 10 Salamander st. 
Ranken, Thomas, S.S.C 68 Queen street 
Ranken, Mrs Helen, 23 Lauriston street 
Ranken, Miss, 3 Fyfe place 
Rankin, John A. 23 Regent terrace 
Rankin, Thomas, 2 Hill place 
Rankin, Miss, 19 Queen street 
Rattray, William, writer, 14 William st. 
Rattray, Misses, 13 Torphichen street 
Rausch& Busse, tailors & clothiers, 8 George st. 
Rausch, W. L. {Rausch 6^ Bussn), 4 St 

Andrew square 
Ray, James (P. C. 6f i?.), Jordan bank, 

Ray ner, Richard, riding-master. Young street 

lane — house, 3 Rutland square 
Reading Rooms, Waterloo, 23 Waterloo place 
Rfxords, Home and Foreign Missionary, and 

Children's Missionary, of Established 

Church of Scotland, publication office, 3 

Hanover street — (Paton & Ritchie) 
Records, Home and Foreign Missionary, and 

Children's Missionary, of Free Church of 

Scotland, publication office, 9 North Bank 

street — (James Nichol) 
Record Office, Register house 
Record for Servants, 4 South St Andrew st. 
Recorder's Office (Calton), 21 Calton hill 
Recordkr's Office (Canomjate), 163 Canong. 
Recorder's Office (Grey friars'), 30 Upper 

gate, Crindlemaker row 
RtcoRDEii's Office (St Cuihbert's), West kirk 
Rednall's stny warehouse, 57 Princes street 
Redpath, Alex, bookseller and army sta- 
tioner, 295 High st bouse, 10 Hermitage 

place, Stockbridge 
Redpath, Brown, & Co. iron merchants aiid 

ironmongers, 33 Candlemaker row, and 81 

Constitution street, Leith 
Redpath, H. (/?. ^' Brown), Grange bank, 

Redpath, Peter, flesher, Coates place 
Redpath, Miss, 39 George square 
Ree, Hermann {Combe^ Ree, ^- Co.), 18 Wind- 
sor street 
Reed, Robt. com. traveller, 16 S Charlotte st. 
Refreshment and Reading Rooms for the 

Working Classes — See detailed at Hotels 

and Inns 
Refuge, House of, Queensberry house 
Register for Servants, 11 South College 

street — Mrs Young, keeper 
Registration Office, Register house 
Rehern, Mrs, cowf. East Hermitage, Leith 
Reid, Alexander, 10 Greenside street 





Keid, Alexander, optician, 6q Nicolson street 
Held, Alex, tinsmith & gasStter, 34 Victoria st. 
Reid, Alex, LL.D. head master Edinburgh 

Institution^ 8 Queen street 
Reid & Son, booksellers, stationers, printers, 
and chartsellers to the Admiralty, 36 Shore 
Ri id & Co.'s London porter store, 69 Shore — 

Charles Morrison, agent 
Reid, Charles G., W.S. 3 St Colme street 
Reid, Charles, baker, 1 Jamaica street 
Reid, C. P. {R. & Son), 10 Albany st. Leith 
lleid, D. and Son, nurserymen, Leith walk 
Reid, David, cabinetmaker, &c. Hope st. lane 

—house, 7 South Charlotte street 
Reid, David, wright & undertaker, 1 Hope pk. 
Reid, Daniel, grocer and spirit dealer, 11 

William street 
Reid, Daniel, mason and chimney sweep, 1 

To! booth Wynd 
Reid, George, hairdresser, 164 Rose street 
Reid, Gilfillan, fishmonger, 4 Fishmarket 
and 61 Frederick St.— house, 74 Thistle st. 
Reid, James, accountant, 10 N St Andrew st. 
Reid, James, agent, 35 West Nicolson street 
Reid, James, bone yard, 49 Salamander st. 
Reid, James {Com. Bank), 5 Upper Gray st. 
Reid, James, 21 Minto street 
Reid, James, Receiver of Crown Rents, Ex- 
chequer, Morton House 
Reid, James, gardener, Ferneyhill 
Reid, John, skinner and leather dresser, Pow- 

Reid, John, baker, 43 Cumberland street 
Reid, John & Co., silk mercers, 75 George st. 
Reid, John, cabinetmaker and joiner, ;i Inglis- 

ton street— ho. 13 East Adam street 
Reid, John R. writer, 30 Royal circus 
Reid, M. W. & Son, printers, 4 Nottingham pi. 

— house, 10 Greenside street 
Reid, Robert, 44 Charlotte square 
Reid, Robert, house-painter, 3 Blenheim pi. 

—-ho. Spring villa. Abbey hill 
Reid, Robert, bootmaker, 32 St Leonard st. 
Reid, Robert, ordnance contractor, 49 Bruns- 
wick street 
Reid, Dr Robert, dentist, 19 Heriot row 
Reid, Thomas G. Inland Revenue, Edin- 
burgh, Jock's Lodge 
Reid, Rev. William, 7 Montpelier 
Reid, Wm. pewterer and hardware merchant, 

6 Victoria street 
Reid, Wm. mercantile agent — warehouse, 12 

Hill square, 5 Blacket place 
Reid, William, & Sons, builders, Castle place 
Reid, Wm. grocer, 58 Earl Grey street 
Reid, Mrs Dr J. W., 10 Jordan bank, Morn- 

Reid, Mrs Robert, 2 Scotland street 
Reid, Mrs William, 28 Greenside street 
Reid, Mrs, 5 Picardy place 
Reid, Mrs Adam F. 2 Alva street 
Reid, Mrs, straw- hat maker, 6 Rose street 
Reid, Mrs, 8 Comely green place 

Reid, MfH, 2 Nelson street 

Reid, Mrs, 1 Lower Gilmore place 

Reid, Miss, charity school, 81 Causeyside ; 

Reid, Miss, tobacconist, 22 Bank street 

Reid, Misses, milliners, 5 Hanover street 

Reikie, .James, fruiterer, 4 Stafford street 

Reikie, James, confectioner, .'38 Kirkgate 

Religious and Charitable InstitutiouH, office, 

6 York place 
Rendall, Wm. CommisKion agent, 32 Bernard 

Rendall, Magnus C. agent, 32 Bernard street 
Rennie, Alex, spirit merchant, 3 Old Phytic 

Rennie Brothers, agents and merchants, 135 

Constitution street, Leith 
Rennie, Archd. flesher, Craigside house 
Rennie, Jas. warehouseman, 3 Anderson's pi. 
Rennie, John, furnishing ironmonger and 
smith, 53 Hanover street and North- West 
Thistle street lane 
Rennie, John, fishmonger and poulterer, 53 

Clerk street 

Rennie, P. house carpenter, 32 Cumberland st. 

Rennie, Wm. smith and ironmonger, S. E. 

Thistle street lane — house, 39 Thistle street 

Rtnnie, William, grocer and wine and spirit 

merchant, 25 Union place 
Bennie, Win. flesher, 118 Nicolson street 
Rennie, Mrs, midwife, 38 Brunswick street 
Rennie, Mrs, 12 Gayfield square 
Renny, Wm. J., W.S. 8 West Maitland st. 
Renton, Hepburn, 2 West Circus place 
Renton, James, S.S C. 2 Thistle court— house, 

25 Scotland street 
Renton, John, organ-builder, 8 North Bank 

street— house, 10 St Patrick square 
Renton, Robt., M.D., F.R C.P.E. 26 Howe st. 
Renton, William, 22 Buccleuch place 
Renton, Wm.jun. 22 Buccleuch place 
Renton, Wm. & Co. mercers and general dra- 
pers, 12, 13, & 14 Princes street, and 14 
West Register street 
Renton, William, baker, 98 Canongate 
Renton, Wm. (P. Howden ^ Co.), 1 Morning- 
side terrace 
Renwick, Mrs, 30 Queen street 
Reoch, Daniel, victual dealer, 20 Union |)1. 
Reoch, Geo. W. agent for Scottish Union In- 
surance Co. 15 Bernard street — ho. 5 Bon- 
nington place 
Reoch, Jn. Inglis, 4 Hamilton pi. Newingfon 
Reoch, Reeve Burgess, designer, 29 Alva st. 
Reoch, Mrs, cook, 90 Rose street 
Repository for Ladies' Work, 6 N. Charlotte 

Reston, Miss J. fringe, tassel, and trimming 

maker, 68 George street 
Revans, C. commer. traveller, 1 High Albany 

street, Leith 
Reynolds, Andrew, printer, 14 Pitt street 
Rhind, D. architect, 54 Great Kinjr street 
Rhind, John, accountant, 8 Hill t^quare 





Rhind, Robert {Murray 8f R.), 7 Nelson st. 

— house, 9 James street, Portobello 
Rhind, Win. surgeon, 121 Princes street 
Rhind, Mrs, 5 GlouceHter place 
Rhind, Miss Jane, 3 Dean terrace 
Riach, G. S. 52 Raukeillor street 
Riach, Mrs Alex. 52 Rankeillor street 
Riccaltoun, Miss, 26 Charles street 
Richard, Ji>hn, 20 "Windsor street 
Richard, Walter {Miller Sf R.), 24 Regent ter. 
Richardson, Aiex.& Son, bootmakers, 5 N.-w. 

Circus place 
Richardson Brothers, merchants, 105 West 

Richardson, Andrew, Glover street 
Richardson, David, urchitect, 6 Gt. Stuart st. 
Richardson, Francis & Co oilmen, drysalters, 

and cheese merchants, Grassmarket 
Richardson, Francis {F. R. §• Co.), 2 Archi- 
bald place 
Richardson, Geo. victual dealer, 76 Rose st. 
Richardhon, James {F. R. ^- Co.), 10 Keir st. 
Richardson, James, smith and cart-wright, 

Orchardfield street 
Richardson, Jas. advocate, 22 Claremont or. 
Richardson, Jas. accountant, 25 India st. 
Richardson, Jas. merchant, 16 Coates cresc. 
Richardson, Jas.jun.cSt Co. merchts. Calton pi. 
Richardson, James, coal mercht. Duddingston 
Richardson, James, victual dealer, 3 South 

Melville place 
Richardson, James, flesher, 45 and 46 Middle 

Richardson, John, 11 Lothian street 
Richardson, Johu, W.S. 13 Dundas street 
Richardson, Xiven, dairy, 110 Kirkgate 
Richardson, Peter, woollen draper, 213 High 

street — house, 22 Claremont crescent 
Richardson, Robert, grocer, Jock's lodge 
Richardson, Robert {R. Brothers), 12 Brunts- 
field place 
Richardson, "W, agent to Jos. Rogers and Sons, 
cutlers to the Queen, 53 New buildings, 
North bridge — house, 13 Duke street 
Richardson, V\' alter, upholsterer and under- 
taker, 41 London street 
Richardson, William, engraver, 3 Summer- 
hall place 
Richardson, Mrs J, grocer, Starbank place, 

Richardson, Mrs, Drumsheugh cottage 
Richardson, Mrs, Restalrig house 
Richardson, Mrs, ladies' nurse, 16 Jamaica st. 
Richardson, Mrs Walter, stationer, 101 Kirk- 
gate, Leith 
Richardson, Miss, 15 Gardner's crescent 
Richmond, John & Co. grocers, 12 Clerk st. 
Richmond, Miss, 6 Scotland street 
Riddle, James, boot and shoemaker, 4 St 

Vincent street 
Riddell, John, advocate, 57 Melville street 
Riddell, John, tailor, 74 Thistle street 
Riddell, Robt. merchant, 15 Bonnington pi. 


Riddell, Mrs Major, 49 Minto street 
Ridland, John, grocer and wine merchant, 

11 Union place— ho. 11 S. Norton place 
Ridpath, David, confectioner, 36 Nicolson st. 

—ho. 30 
Rigg, Rev. Geo., St Mary's Catholic church, 

Broughton street 
Riley, Mrs, ladies' nurse, 38 India place 
Rintoul, Misses, teachers, 6 Morton street 
llitchards, John, dyer, 46 Water lane 
Ritchie, A. Carnegy, advocate, 10 Albany st. 
Ritchie, A. {R. ^ Son), 25 Gayfield square 
Ritchie, A. H. tobacconist, 3 Kirkgate 
Ritchie, Alex. Handyside, sculptor, I Mound 

place, Ramsay lane 
Ritchie, Alex, liihojjraphic printer and engra- 
ver, 19 South St David street 
Ritchie, Alex, agent for Edmondson's Rail- 

way Ticket Apparatus^ 7 Young street 
Ritchie, Arch, manager London and Edinb. 

Shipping Co. 7 Madeira place 
Ritchie, Archd. sculptor, Lothian road 
Ritchie, Charles, agent for Shotts Iron Co. 

24 Citadel 
Ritchie, David, tobacco and snuff manufac. 

7 North bridge and 32 Greenside street 
Ritchie, George, Bell's brewery, 46 Pleasance 
Ritchie, Hugh H. engraver, 60 New build- 
ings, North bridge 
Ritchie, H. mess. Com. Bank— Cot. Rose st. 
Ritchie, J. & J. & Co. clothrs. 107 Princes st. 
Ritchie, Captain James, 8 Hermitage place 
Ritchie, James (J. Sj J. R. Sf Co ), 107 Prin- 
ces street 
Ritchie, James & Son, watch & clockraakers, 

29 Leith street 
Ritcliie, James, sculptor, Coates place 
Ritchie, James, grocer, 15 Romilly place 
Ritchie, J. mpemaker, 2 So. back Canongate 
Ritchie, James, wholesale stationer, 140 High 

street — house, Blacket place, Newington 
Ritchie, James, smith, 77 Nicolson street and i, 

38 Candlem^iker row 
Ritchie, Rev. John, D.D. 19 Salisbury road 
Ritchie, John S. accountant, 3 Young street 
Ritchie, John, 29 Cheyne street 
Ritchie, Jn. {Luwrie §• R.), 22 Broughton st. 
Ritchie, John, 65 George square 
Ritchie, John, teacher, Lauder park villa, 

Grange road 
Ritchie, Leitch, 32 Danube street 
Ritchie, Patrick, press and projecting letto- 
manufacturer, Oakfield, 102 Pleasance— 
house, 18 Buccleuch place 
Ritchie, Robert and Son, press & machines 

makers, 43 Crosscausey 
Ritchie, Robt. civil engineer, and agent for 
Perkins' patent heating apparatus, and agent 
for London Assurance Co. 16 Hdl street 
Ritchie, Rob. blacksmith, 9 Beaumont place 
Ritchie, Robert, flesher, Drumdryan 
Ritchie, Thomas, sculptor, London road 
Ritchie, W. plasterer, 37 Tolbooth wy. Leith 





Ritchie, W. cattle and sheep agent, 1 Hill sq. 
Ritchie, Wm. spirit merchant, 96 North Back 

Ritchie, William {Paton S^- R.), 1 4 Brandon st. 
Ritchie, Wra. shoe warehouse, 1 Haddington 

Ritchie, W. W. (J. ^^ H. Ritchie §• Co.), 107 

Princes street 
Ritchie, Mrs E. 8 Chapel street 
Ritchie, Mrs James, 3 Gayfield place 
Ritchie, Mrs, 128 Xicolson sireec 
Ritchie, Mrs, 4 London street 
Ritchie, Mrs, 1 Nelson street 
Ritchie, Miss, 21 Lothian street 
Roach, James, bookbinder, 208 Canongate 
Road OfSceof County Trustees,County rooms 
Robb & Whittet, silver-plate manufacturers, 

3 East Thistle street lane 
Robb, Charles {R. ^ IF.), 25 Thistle street 
Robb, Gorden, 11 Argyle square 
Robb, Henry, baker, 173 Pleasance 
Robb, John, painter, 2 Howard place 
Robb, John {^National Bank)., 7 Henderson row 
Robb, John, builder, &c. 22 Barony street 
Robb, John, builder, Dean cottage 
Robb, Thomas, grocer, 9 Frederick street — ho. 

74 George street 
Robb, Wm. sheriif-ofBcer, 59 Charlotte street, 

Robb, Mrs, cowfeeder, 33 Canongate 
Robb, Mrs, 56 Crosscausey 
Roberts, C. Sons, & Co. ot London, importers 

of French silks, &c. 26 George street 
Roberts, Alexander, tailor, 17 Elder street 
Roberts, George, wright and builder, 12 

James' place — house, 4 St James' square 
Roberts, G. surgeon, Royal Navy, 22 Howard 

Roberts, Thomas, grocer, 8 West port 
Roberts, Thomas, miller, 115 Fountainbridge 
Roberts, W. A., M.D. dentist and surgeon, 11 

Duke street 
Roberts, William Hen., British wine works. 

Laverock bank 
Roberts, Mrs Janet, midwife, 11 Romily pi. 
Roberts, Mrs Margaret, 3 Ainslie place 
Roberts, iirs Wm. 22 Gay Held square 
Robertson & Hope, grain and seed factors, 

129 Constitution street 
Robertson & Cairns, plumbers, brassfounders, 

and gas-fitters, 31 Nicolson street 
Robertson and Scott, newspaper agents, 36 

George street 
Robertson &, Forrest, auctioneers, appraisers, 

upholsterers and undertakers, 80 George st. 
Robertson, A. carver and gilder, 29 Frederick 

street — ho. 8 William street 
Robertson, Alex, and Co. music-sellers to the 

Queen, 39 Princes street 
Robertson, Alex, cabinetmaker, 4 Princes st. 
Robertson, Alex, joiner East Cumberland st. 

lane — house, 38 Brunswick street 
Robertson, Alex, anatomist, 1 Craig'^ide ho. 


Robertson, Alex. W. accountant, 82 Great 

King street 
Robertson, A. assistant to the superintendent 

of streets, &c. 11 Middle Arthur place 
; Robertson, Alex, cabinetmaker, 16j Rose st. 
Robertson, Alex, spirit merchant, Ibl High 

Robertson, Alexander, railway station hotel 

and refreshment rooms, Market street 
Robertson, Alex, cowfeeder, 70 Rose street 
Robertson, Alex. Murray, 11 Heriot row 
Robertson, Alex, spirit dealer, 167 Pleasancn 
Robertson, Alex, cork manufacturer, 31 Com- 
mercial place 
Robertson, Alex. 68 T^icolson street 
Robertson, Alexander, grocer and provision 

merchant, 3 South Richmond street 
Robertson, Andrew, wood merchant, Annan- 
dale street — house, 4 East Broughton placf 
Robertson, Andrew, jun. insurance agent, 19 

Gayfield square 
Robertson Brothers, general merchants, 40 

Timber bush 
Robertson, Charles, advocate, 22 Great King st. 
Robertson, Chas. accountant, 21 Gayfield sq. 
Robertson, Chas. messenger Commercial Bunk, 

Cottage, Rose street 
Robertson, Charles, ropemaker, Bainfield 
Robertson, D. Albert hotel, 19 Hanover st. 
Robertson, David B. brewer, Summerhall 
Robertson, D.H., JLD. 10 Wellington place 
Robertson, D. 1. city chamberlain, 10 Royal 

Exchange — house, 12 Gilmour place 
Robertson, D. & J. com. agents, 15 Royal 

Robertson, Dan. commission agent, 19 Sr 

Patrick square 
Robertson, Daniel, teacher of music, 21 South 

College street 
Robertson, David (i?. ^'F.), 28Torphichen st. 
Robertson, David, accountant. Cherry bank 
R()bertson, David, provision dealer, 4 Fox lane 
Robertson, David & Son, cork manufacturers, 

and coopers, 8 Elbe street 
Robertson, David, tailor, 3 Fox lane 
Robertson, Donald, writer, 66 Great King st. 
Robertson, Donald, coach proprietor, & horse- 
dealer, 8 Howe street 
Robertson, Donald coach-hirer, 14 Barony 

Robertson, Donald, lodgings, 27 Elder street 
Robertson, Duncan, tailor, 62 Thistle street 
Robertson, George, W.S. 17 Royal circus — 

house, 15 Alva street 
Robertson, George B., W.S. 28 Albany street 
Robertson, H. confectioner, 94 Nicolson st. 
Robertson, Jas. Railway agent, St Leonard's 

Robertson, James, spirit mercht. 184 Canone. 
Robertson, James, house gover. St Cuthhert's 

Robertson, James, & Sons, working jewellers 

and metal eiiders, 501 Lawnmarket 





Robertson, J. H., M.D. 78 Lauriston place 
Robertson, Jas. A. sol. -at-law, 56 Frederick st. 
Robertson, Rev. James {^Newington U, P. 

church), Grange cottage, 138 Causeyside 
Robertson, Rev. James, D.D., prof, of divinity 

and church history, 25 Ainslie place 
Robertson, Jas. Stewart,jun.\V,S. 1 Fettesrow 
Robertson, Jas. gown-keeper, 9 Rose street 
Robertson, J. umbrella manufactr. hosier, and 

glover, 32 Leith st. — house, 15 Drummoud 

Robertson, James, agent, 2 Lauriston terrace 
Robertson, James, wright, Morningside 
Robertson, James, of Torrie, 2 Heriot row 
Robertson, James, shipmaster, 19 Albany st. 

Robertson, James, manager, Edinr. Perth, and 

Dundee railway, Edinburgh station 
Robertson, Jas. lodgings, 19 South St James' 

Robertson, James, tailor, 119 Causeyside 
Robertson, James, wine and spirit mercht. 6 

Milne square and 119 High street — house, 

5 Teviot row 

Robertson, James, grocer and spirit merchant, 
2 and 100 West port — house, 78 Lauriston 
Robertson, Jas. mill-master, Water of Leith 
Robertson, James, 29 Cheyne street 
Robertson, James, W.S. 11 Heriot Row 
Robertson, James, M.D., F.R.C.S. 2 Char- 
lotte place 
Robertson, James, chemist and druggist, 35 

George street — house, 28 Dundas street 
Robertson, James, baker, 2 Stafford street 
Robertson, James, jun. baker, 66 Cumberland 

Robertson, James, coach-hirer, 5 North St 

James' street 
Robertson, Jas. spirit merchant, 58 Fountain- 
Robertson, James, 7 Torphichen street 
Robertson, James, 6 Comely green place 
Robertson, James, baker, Newhaven 
Robertson, James, wine and spirit merchant, 18 

Hanover street 
Robertson, James, plumber, 48 Constitution st. 
Robertson, Jas. shipmaster, 8 Albany st. Leith 
Robertson, J. civil engineer, 7 Randolph cliff 
Robertson, James, spirit dealer, 48 Couper st. 
Robertson, Captain J. 15 Upper Gray street 
Robertson, John E. engraver and lithographer, 

102 South bridge 
Robertson, J. & M. china merchants, 9 South 

Union place, and 38 Victoria terrace 
Robertson, J. & J. wholesale Scotch and Eng- 
lish warehousemen, 128 & 142 High st. 
Robertson, John, W.S. 69 Great King street 
Robertson, John and Co. stock and share- 
brokers, 47 George street 
Robertson, John, ladies' boot & shoe manufac. 

6 Carnegie street 

Robertson, J. bootmaker, 8 Shakspeare square 

Robertson, John, small- ware merchant, 129, 

Kirkgate — house, 2 Wellington place 
Robertson, John, dairy, 40 London st. 
Robertson, John T. 2 Summerfield, Leith 
Robertson, John B. writing-master, 3 North 

St David street 
Robertson, John, 128 Nicolson st. 
Robertson, John H. 1 Jamaica street, Leith 
Robertson, John, solicitor, 63 Hanover street 
Robertson, John, jun., S.S.C. 7 Elder street 
Robertson John {D. ^ J. E.), 11 Archibald 

Robertson, Jos. {J. i' J. R.), 11 Portland pi. 
Robertson, Joseph, 23 Buccleuch place 
Robertson, Hon. Lord, 32 Drummond place 
Robertson, Murdoch, Wardie burn house 
Robertson, Peter, tea, wine, and spirit mer- 
chant, 62 Canongate 
Robertson, Peter, tailor, 38 Hanover street 
Robertson, Peter, draper, 40 Bristo st. 
Robertson, P. (^Commer. Bank), 17 Upper 

Gray street 
Robertson, Peter, agent, 7 Torphichen street 
Robertson, P. S. manager (P. Lawson ^ Sons), 

Robertson, Robt. accountant, Claremont park, 

Robertson, Robert, watch-case maker, 51 

Nicolson street 
Robertson, Robt. corn merchant, 130 Nicol- 
son street — house, 34 Clerk street 
Robertson, Robert, tobacco manufacturer, 3 

St Patrick street 
Robertson, Roderick, Queen street gardens 
Robertson, Thomas R., W.S. and sharebroker, 
47 George street — house Gorgie lodge, 
Robertson, Thomas, grocer and spirit dealer, 

5 Ronaldson's buildings 
Robertson, Thomas, tea and spirit merchant, 

23 Constitution street 
Robertson, Thomas (^Standard Life Assuranc 

Office), Eden Bank, Grange road 
Robertson, Thomas, clerk of works, 25 Cum- 
berland street 
Robertson, Thos. cattle salesman. Spring villa, 

• Morningside 
Robertson, Thomas, baker, 72 Thistle street 
Robertson, Rev. Wm. 12 Drummond place 
Robertson, George Brown, W.S. deputy-keep* r 

of records. Register house 
Robertson, Wm.,M.D.,F.R.C.r. 28 Albany sr. 
Robertson, William, S.S.C. 25 Fredrick st. 
Robertson, Wm. brewer to her Majesty, 2 

Robertson, Wm. letter-carrier, 10 Hill place 
Robertson, William, justice of peace officer, 

St John's hill 
Robertson, Wm. coach-hirer, 33 Pitt street 
Robertson, W. grocer, 8 Rose st. 
Robertson, WiUiam, 5 St Andrew square 
Robertson, Wm. gardener, Pilrig st, gardens 
Robertson, Wm. Oakfield foundry, 102 Pleas.i 





Robertson, Mrs A. 2 Scotland street 
Robertson, Mrs Andrew, 18 Duncan street 
Robertson, Mrs Andrew, 38 Castle street 
Robertson, Mrs C. 122 Lauriston place 
Robertson, Mrs Captain, 33 Ann street 
Robertson, Mrs Dr, 2 Summerfield, Leith 
Robertson, Mrs Dan. 18 W. Nicolson street 
Robertson, Mrs J. lodgs. 14 Cumberland st. 
Robertson, Mrs James, 31 Buccleuch place 
Robertson, Mrs James, 15 Walker street 
Robertson, Mrs John, 24 Duke street 
Robertson, Mrs T. 3 Ronaldson's buildings, 

Leith walk 
Robertson, Mrs John, 8 Keir street 
Robertson, Mrs Major, 37 Drummond place 
Robertson, ]Mrs Maria, 18 Clarence street 
Robertson, Mrs Patrick Graham, 11 Albyn pi. 
Robertson, Mrs P. milliner, &c. 40 Bristo st. 
Robertson, Mrs Susan, lodgings, 115 Rose st. 
Robertson, Mrs Thomas, 7 Albany st. Leith 
Robertson, Mrs Wm. 16 Drummond place 
Robertson, Mrs Wm. 1 Thomson's place 
Robertson, Mrs Wm. lodgings, 10 Hill place 
Robertson, Mrs, 4 Great King street 
Robertson, Mrs, 30 Castle street 
Robertson, Mrs, cowfeeder, Rosemount 
Robertson, Mrs, 1 1 King's place 
Robertson, Mrs, 2 Elm row 
Robertson, Mrs, 38 Minto street 
Robertson, Mrs, 2 Reid's court, Canongate 
Robertson, Mrs, 9 St Vincent street 
Robertson, Mrs, ladies' nurse, 50 Broughton 

Robertson, Mrs, midwife, 4 Fox lane 
Robertson, Mrs, spirit dealer, 83 Shore 
Robertson, Mrs, ladies' nur. 35 W. Nicolson st. 
Robertson, Miss Ann, milliner and dress- 
maker, 65 Cumberland street 
Robertson, Miss E. 2 Portland terrace 
Robertson, Miss Harriet, 52 Minto street 
Robertson, Miss Helen, 23 George square 
Robertson, Miss, 22 London street 
Robertson, Miss, 33 Howe street 
Robertson, Miss, 7 Henderson row 
Robertson, Miss, 46 George square 
Robertson, Miss, stay-raaker, 10 Charlotte 

street, Leith 
Robertson, Miss, dressmr. 45 Broughton st. 
Robertson, Miss, 65 Northumberland street 
Robertson, Misses, milliners and dressmakers, 

13 George street 
Robertson, Misses, 56 India street 
Robertson, Misses, 1 Meadow place 
Robin Hood hotel, Gabriel's road 
Robin, Mrs Sa. 2 Raeburn place 
Robinow, Adolph, Hanseatic Vice-Consul, 16 

Rutland square 
Robinows & Marjoribanks, corn factors and 

general merchants, 25 Constitution street 
Robinson, H. news agent, bookseller, and sta- 
tioner, 11 Greenside street. — See Adv. 
Robinson, John, oflBcer town-hall, Leith, 5 
View place 

Robison, James, boot and shoemaker, 8 Nicol- 
son street 
Robison, Joseph, screw-bolt and rivet manu- 
facturer, 22 Greenside place 
Robison, Mrs, 10 Dewar place 
Robson, James, merchant, 22 Commercial pi. 

— house, Albany street, Leith 
Robson, Thos. 36 Alva street 
Robson, Mrs M. worsted shop, 137 Rose st. 
Rochester, J. 51 New buildings, North br- 
Rodford, Jn. inspector of mails, Whitfield 

house, Portobello 
Rodger, David, silk dyer, 24 Crosscausey 
Rodger, William P. spirit merchant, 24 Shore, 

Rodger, Wm. writer, 26 St Patrick square 
Rodger, Mrs David, midwife, 7 Charles street 
Rodger, Mrs, lodgings, 35 Lothian street 
Rodger, Mrs Joan, greengrocer, 6 Baker's pi. 
Rodgers, D. mercht. 4 Duncan st. Drum. pi. 
Rodgers, Samuel, surveyor, 31 Cheyne street 
Rodgers, Misses E. & A. milliners, 38 Alvast. 
Rodgers, Mrs William, 13 Brown street 
Roeding, Theodore, teacher of German, phar- 
macy and chemistry, 37 George street 
Roeding, Mrs, teacher of French and German 

fancy work, 37 George street 
Roger, George, house agent, 150 High street 
Roger, Wm. miniature-painter, 7 Dewar place 
Rogers, Alex, timber merchant, Duke street 

— house, 3 Cassells' place 
Rogers, Jas. smith, gasfitter, and ironmonger, 

1 1 Queensferry street — ho. 1 Grove street 
Rogers, J. H. (^Boog and Rogers), 30 Alva st. 
Rogers, John, 16 St Vincent street 
Rogers, John, S.S.C. 16 Dean terrace 
Rogers, Robert, tailor, 107 Nicolson street 
Rogers, Thos. 27 Howe street 
Rogers, Wm. bookbinder and stationer, 15 

Charlotte place — house, 29 Alva street 
Rogerson, Mrs, 14 Clerk street 
Roland, Geo. fencing-master. Royal academy, 
86 South bridge— house, 2 Bellevue terrace 
Roland, Geo. jun. {Naval^Military Academy^, 

30 Gayfleld square 
Rolland and Thomson, W.S. 1 Thistle court 
Rolland, Jas. {R. ^ Thomson), 29 Melville st. 
Rolland, Mrs E. 32 Dundas street 
Rolland, Misses M. & A. 14 Shandwick place 
Rollison, Mrs Wm. spirit dealer, 32 Pitt st. 
Rolloj Alexander, 13 Vanburgh place 
RoUo, Andw. spirit dealer, 1 70 Fountainbr. 
RoUo, Hugh James, W.S. master extraor- 
dinary in Chancery, and Commissioner for 
the Courts of Queen's Bench, Common 
Pleas, and Exchequer, 16 Dundas street 
Rollo, James, bootmaker, 13 Nicolson street 
Rollo, R. boot and shoemaker, 2 Castle st— 

ho. 22 Gayfield square 
Romanes and Paterson, silk-mercers and tartan 

manufacturers to the Queen, 59 N. bridge 
Romanes, Robert, 2 Doune terrace 
Romanes, Mrs ( Orrock 4" R^, 6 Union pi. 





Rombach Brothers, and Co. wholesale toy 

warehousej 82 South bridge 
Ronald, David, plumber, 6 Vennel 
Ronald, John, S.S.C 12 Walker street 
Ronald, Thomas, 25 Parkside street 
Ronaldson, James S. 23 Warriston cres. 
Ronaldson, John, writer, Somerset cottage, 

Mary's place 
Ronaldson, Wm- wine merchant and grocer^ 

St Patrick st ho. Belville, Dalkeith road 

Ronaldson, Miss, teacher of drawing, 15 

Chapel street 
Roome, Mrs General, Arthur Lodge, Dud- 

llooney, Hugh, commercial agent, 10 St 

Patrick square 
Rosa, Edward, chiropodist, 23 Howe street 
Rosa, Dr George, surgeon, 30 Castle street 
Rosa, Madame, chiropodist, 30 Castle street 
Rose, J. T. & Co. shipbuilders, Wet docks — 

house, 5 Albany street, Leith 
Rose, Alex, lecturer and mining surveyor, 

1 Drummond street 

Rose, H. (Craig and R.), 15 Windsor street 
Hose, James (Home and /?.), 96 George st. 
Rose, Jas. boot and shoemaker, 41 Thistle st. 
Rose, Lachlan, shipowner, Leith mount 
Rose, L. comm. agent, 23 Commercial place 
Rose, Neilson ( Carron Co. office), 8 Bank pi. 
Rose, Thomas, 31 India street 
Rose, William K. sec. Total Abst. Socieij/, 

2 North bridge 

Rose, William, wright, 61 Albany street 

Rose, ]\Irs Hugh, 4 Henry place 

Rose, Misses, milliners, &c. 1 Drummond st. 

Rosie, Thomas, Richmond cottage, Wardie 

Ross & Auld, W.S. 10 Duke street 

Ross & Scott, shirt merchants and family 

linen drapers, 3 Nicolson street 
Ross and Thomson, photographers to the 

Queen, 90 Princes street 
Ross & Wright, gold-beaters and dealers in 

coins, 25 New street 
Ross, Alex, teacher of music, 4 Milne square 
Ross, Alexander, printer, 91 Rose street 
Ross, Alexander, 19 Inverleith row 
Ross, Alexander, tea dealer and grocer, 5 N. 

St Andrew street 
Ross, Alexander, grocer and spirit dealer, 135 

Ross, Alex. com. traveller, 8 Annandale street 
Ross, Andrew, grocer, &c. 95 Grassaiarket 
Ross, Andrew, lodgings, 3 Hope street 
Ross, Andrew, grocer, 9 Duke street 
Ross, C. M. (Purves ^ Co.), 18 Warriston cr. 
Ross, Daniel, cabinetmaker, upholsterer, and 

house-agent, 16 Picardy place — house, 11 

Norton place 
Ross, David, tailor, 3 Warriston place 
Ross, David, tailor and clothier, 1 6 Kirkgate 
Ross, David, gardener, Lochend road, Leith 
Ross, Donald, 3 East Claremont street 
Ross, Evander, tailor, 297 High street 

Ross, George, adv. Woodburn, Morningside 
Ross, George, jun. advocate, 45 Castle street 
Ross, George, wright, 2 Portland place 
Ross, George, comm. and provision mer. 19 

Quality street, Leitli 
Ross, George, writer, 27 Nelson street 
Ross, Hugh, writer, 6 Saunders street 
Ross, Hugh, W.S. 48 India street 
Ross, Hugh A. grocer, 108 Causey side 
Ross, Hugh {R. cC- Scott), 10 Beaumont place 
Ross, James, bookbinder, 19 West Register st. 
Ross, James (R. ^ Thomson), 59 Cumberland 

Ross, James, calotypist, 90 Princes street 
Ross, James, S.S.C. 10 Duke street — house, 

Mauricewood, near Penicuick 
Ross, John, S.S.C. 79 Great King street 
Ross, John, officer Old Church, So. Foulis cl. 
Ross, John, engraver, 31 X. Hanover street 
Ross, John, Venetian blind maker, 37 

Wright's houses 
Ross, John, engineer, 24 Duke street, Leith 
Ross, Joseph, bank messenger, 2 Baltic street 
Ross, N. 1 Amphion place 
Ross, Rob. J. painter, glazier, and paper hanger, 
8 W. Nicolson st. — house, 26 Buccleuch 
Ross, Robert, tailor, 17 St Patrick square 
Ross, Thomas, grocer, 3 Home street 
Ross, Robert T. portrait-painter and teacher 

of drawing, 78 Queen street 
Ross, Robert, 1 Tarvet street 
Ross, William, china merchant, 34 Brough- 

ton street 
Ross, Wi\\\2m {Gazette Office), 2 Parkside st. 
Ross, Wm. spirit dealer, 14 Dock place 
Ross, Wm. grocer, 64 Lauriston st. 
Ross, Wm. {Hutton S) Ross), 11 Keir street 
Ross, ]\Irs, of Invercarron, 3 Dean terrace 
Ross, Mrs, 8 Royal circus 
Ross, Mrs Sarah, 48 North bridge 
Ross, ]\Irs, miniature-painter and teacher of 

drawing, 51 Hanover street 
Ross, Mrs, sick-nurse, 1 1 Dundas street 
Ross, Mrs Wm. 14 Pitt street 
Ross, Mrs, 11 Comely bank 
Ross, Mrs, 46 George street 
Ross, Miss Charlotte, 19 Inverleith row 

I Ross, Miss, of Kerse, 1 6 Buccleuch place 

I Ross, ]Miss M. M. dress & cloaknukei-, 2b 
India p'ace 

I Ross, Miss, 16 Forth street 

i Ross, Miss, 17 London street 

I Ross, Miss, dressmaker, 31 India place 

! Ross, Miss, dressmaker, 19 Arthur street 

1 Ross, Misses I. & H. milliners, 37 Candle- 

[ maker row 
Ross, Misses, 3 Graham street 

I RoTTERKAM and Leith Steam Ship Office — 1). 

I R. ]\Iacgregor, agent. Exchange buildings, 

' Leith 

; Rough, Arch, upholsterer, chairmaker, and 

I house anent, 18 Leith walk 





Rough, A. jun., colour merchant, 17 Leith w. 
Rough, John, general merchant, 17 St Leo- 
nard street — house, 128 Nicolson street 
Rough, Robert, lace and sewed muslin ware- 
house, 107 George street 
Rough, Mrs Thomas, dairy, .5 Quality street 
Rough, Mrs J. candlemaker, 124 Nicolson st. 
Rouohead, P. C. pianoforte maker, 1 Lord Rus- 
sell pi. 3 and 7 Sciennes st. — ho. 2 Hope st. 
Roughead, William, hosier and shirtraaker 
to H. R. H. Prince Albert, 69 Princes st. — 
house, 9 Middleby street 
Roughead, Mrs, 3 Gloucester place 
Roughead, Miss A. lodgings, 18 Duncan st. 
Rougvie, David, salesman, 4 Bristo place 
Rowden, John {Simpson and R.), Madeira st. 
Rowe, T. L., M.D. assistant physician to 

Royal Edinburgh Asylum, Morningside 
Rowell & Stoddart, mast, block, and pump 

makers, 6 Dock street 
Rowell, W. (i?. d- Stoddart), 9 Portland pi. 
Rowley, Edw. 21 Parkside street 
Roxburgh, Wm. victual dealer, 63 Rose st. 
Roy, George, waiter, 25 Gardner's crescent 
Roy, James, laceman, 23 and 24 North bridge 
Roy, James, lodgings, 2 Dewar place 
Roy, Mrs M. victual dealer, 37 Cumberland st. 
Roy, Mrs, of Nenthorn, 22 Druramond place 
Roy, IMiss, upholstress, 1 Market place 
Royal Bank of Scotland, 36 St Andrew 

square, and 30 Bernard street, Leith 
Royal Caledonian Bazaar, 9 & 10 Leith walk 

— John Croall & Sons, proprietors 
Royal Clan Tartan warehouse, 101 George st. 
Royal College of Physicians, 10 Queen street 
Royal College of Surgeons, Nicolson street 
Royal Edinburgh Asylum, Morningside 
Royal Engineers' Office, 16 Pitt street 
Royal Exchange Assur. Corpor. 18 So. St 
Andrew st. — J. G. Thomson & Co. agents 
Royal Farmers' and General Fire and Life, 
Hail Insurance Institution— Offices, 346 
Strand, London, and 24 Pitt street — J. 
Spence, W.S. agent 
Royal Fire & Life Insurance Company, 4 

Pitt street — See Adv. 
Royal Naval, Military, and East India Life 

Assurance Society, 2 N.-E. Circus pi D. 

Crawford, S.S.C. agent 
Royal Physical Society, 6 York place 
Royal Scottish Society of Arts — James Tod, 

55 Great King street, secretary 
Royal Society apartments. Mound 
Ruddiman, John, cutler and surgeons' instru- 
ment maker, 31 West Register street 
Ruddiman, Mrs, 6 Shrub place 
Ruddiman, Miss, 5 Atbole place 
Rule, Geo. (Comm. Bank), 7 Buccleuch place 
Rule, Thomas, 8 Cumberland street 
Runcie, Mrs, teacher of drawing, &c. 4 North 

St David street 
Runciman, John, lodgings, 17 Howe street 
Russells & Nicolson, C.S. 9 Shandwick pi. 

Russell, Alex. 17 Regent terrace 

Russell, Alex. Jas., C.S. 9 Shandwick place 

Russell, Alex, wright & undertaker, Carrub- 

ber's close 
Russell, Alex- {Scotsman Office), 2 Ramsay 

Russell, Alexander, 1 Grove street 
Russell, Alex. 27 Warriston crescent 
Russell, Alex, agent for Lochgelly coal, Scot- 
land street station 
Russell, Alex, baker, 2 Pitt street 
Russell, Francis, advocate, 17 Randolph cres. 
Russell, George, 8 Roxburgh street 
Russell, George, 65 Cumberland street 
Russell, George E. {Jas. Richardson, jun. Sf 

Co.), 14 Regent terrace 
Russell, Hugh, tailor, 4 Tolbooth wynd, Leith 
Russell, Sir James, 112 Princes street 
Russell, Jas.,M.D., F.R.S.E. 15 Lynedoch pi. 
Russell, James, spirit dealer, 7 Shakspeare sq. 
Russell, James ( G.P.-O.), 8 Glover st. Leith 
Russell, John {/ate J. and J. Baxter), glazier 
and slater, 18 Leith st. — ho. 8 Scotland st. 
Russell, J., P.C.S., South bank, Canaan lane 
Russell, John, wright, 21 Lauriston street 
Russell, John, tailor, 45 Rose street 
Russell, John, provision merchant and grocer, 

42 West Richmond street 
Russell, John {Russell and ^Son), CanonmilJs 
Rufsell, John, accountant, 5 Lutton place 
Russell, Joseph, Leith saw mills 
Russell, Robert & Son, skinners, tanners, and 

w^ool dealers, Canonmills 
Russell, Robert, grocer and spirit dealer, 18 

Lauriston street 
Russell, Robert, clothier, 10 Romily place 
Russell, Thos. wholesale and retail ironmon- 
ger, 6 and 7 Hunter square — ho. 102 Lauris- 
ton place. — See Adv. 
Russell, Thomas, currier, Boyd's close 
Russell, Thos. brush and trunk manufacturer, 

10 North Bank street 
Russell, Rev. Wm. 5 Norton place 
Russell, Wm. accountant, 35 Howe street 
Russell, W. tailor and clothier, 8 Charlotte pi. 
Russell, William, wine and spirit merchant, 

2 Quality lane— ho. Claremont park 
Russell, William, wright, Seafield, Leith 
Russell, Mrs, 18 Leopold place 
Russell, Mrs Major, 24 Gardner's crescent 
Russell, Miss, 1 Howe street 
Russell, Miss, Gothic House, Trinity 
Russell, Miss M. Bethany house. Grange loan 
Russell, Miss Jane, 18 Gardner's crescent 
Rutherford & Herries, W.S. 16 Howe street 
Rutherford & Son, bootmakers, 142 George 

street — house, 137 Princes street 
Rutherford, Andw. and Son, wine and spirit 

merchants, 142 & 144 High street 
Rutherford, Andrew, manager C. L. Company, 

87 Causeyside 
Rutherford, James, tea and coffee merchant, 
15 Catharine street— ho. 28 Greenside st. 





Rutherford, John, smith and ironmonger, 
14 Downie place 

Rutherford, John, city missionary, Little 
Lochend's close 

Rutherford, Robert, W.S. 16 Howe street- 
house, 64 Great King street 

Rutherford Robert {Rutherford S; Son), 137 
Princes street 

Rutherford, Walter {Andw. R. and Son), 2 
Elm row 

Rutherford, Walter, 6 Hamilton pi. Newingt. 

Rutherford, Walter, wine and spirit dealer, 40 
Rose street 

Rutherford, Walter ( Wm. R. ^^ Son), 8 New- 
ingtoa place 

Rutherford, Wm. & Son, wine & spirit merchts. 
3 Niddry st. 72 and 75 High st. 5 & 7 Leith 
street, 3 Drummond street, & 30 Bristo st. — 
counting-house, 30 Niddry street 

Rutherford, Wm. victual dealer, 94 Cross- 

Rutherford,Wm. (TTwi. R. 4- Son), 7 Brunts- 
field links 

Rutherford, Wm. spirit dealer, 38 Shore 

Rutherford, Mrs John, 22 Dean Terrace 

Rutherford, Mrs, 4 Park street 

Rutherford, Mrs P., lodgings, 18 Salisbury st. 

Rutherford, Miss Helen, 5 Wharton place 

Rutherford, Misses, 31 St James' square 

Rutherfurd, Lord, 9 St Colme street 

Rutherfurd, Rev. Henry, 2 Hamilton place, 

Rutherfurd, John, W.S. 14 Albany street 

Rutherfurd, Wm. fishing-tackle maker, book- 
seller, and auctioneer, 52 Princes street 

Rutherfurd, Mrs, 4 Carlton terrace 

Ruthven, John, patent press & engine manu- 
facturer, 23 New street 

Ruthven, M. W. engineer, 23 New street 

Ruthven, Mrs, 15 Chapel street 

Ruthven, Miss, 29 Wright's houses 

Rutter, Joseph, lodgings, 6 Saunders street 

Rymer, Thomas, solicitor, 38 Frederick street 
— house, 31 Great King street 

Rymer, Mrs John, 16 Hart street 

Rymer, Mrs, 51 Hope park end 

Ryrie, Alexander, gardener, Dairy lane 

Ryrie, Miss, 31 Gayfield square 

Sabbath Alliance Office, R. K. Greville, 

LL.D. honorary secretary, 6 York place 
Saddler, Andw. grocer, 138 Pleasance 
Saddler, Mrs James, grocer and spirit dealer, 

19 Hart street 
Sadler, William, 54 South Clerk street 
Safely, Miss Janet, matron Canongate Charity 

workhouse, Tolbooth wynd 
Sale rooms {Robertson and Scott), 36 George 

Sale rooms {Stevenson's), 4 St Andrew sq. 
Salmond, J. & Co. grocers and wine merchts. 

131 Rose street 
Salom, B. & Co. opticians, 27 Hanover street 

Salomon, Henry, boot and shoe maker, 44 

Princes street 
Salomon, Madame, importer of corsets and 

flowers, 63 George street 
Salter, Miss, 29 Regent terrace 
Salvesen, Chr. ( T. Sf S.) 20 Charlotte street, 

Samson, Misses, 33 Montagu street 
Samuel, James, flesher, Hillhousefield 
Samuel, James, flesher, 76 Abbey hill 
Samuel, John, wrigbt, 10 I^eren street 
Samuel, Peter {Knox, S. and Dickson), 16 

Gardner's crescent 
Samuel, Robt. {Leith Candle Co.), 5 Morton st. 

Samuel, Miss, 20 Frederick street 
' Sandeman, John, 13 St James' square 
Sandeman, Robt., cabinetmak. and upholst. 9 

Greenside st. — ho. 13 Montgomery street 
; Sandeman, Wm. B. collector of shore dues, 13 

Elm row 
I Sandeman, Mrs T. R. 28 London street 
I Sandeman, Mrs, 4 East Broufrhton place 
I Sanders, Wm. R., M.D. 15 Duke street 
j Sanders, William, 11 Clarence street 
, Sanders, Mrs Dr, 15 Duke street 
' Sanders, Miss, repository of ladies' work, 6 

N. Charlotte street 
Sanderson & Son, lapidaries, jewellers, & seal 

engravers, 15 George s-treet 
Sanderbon and Lawrie, .wine merchants and 

grocers, 101 Princes street 
Sanderson & Muirhead, build. Old Broughton 
Sanderson, G. B. victualler, 6 Melville place 
Sanderson, James, cowfeeder, 60 Nicolson st. 
Sanderson, Jas. 12 Barony street 
Sanderson, J. H. {S. and Son), 9 S. Gray 

Sanderson, Mark, tea, wine, and spirit mer- 
chant, 21 Chapel lane, Leith 
Sanderson, Matthew, bird-stuffer, 66 George 

Sanderson, Robert & Thomas, coach-builders, 

Lothian road 
Sanderson, William, printer, 148 Canongate 
Sanderson, Mrs Jas. grocer, 7 Earl Grey st. 
Sanderson, Mrs John, 7 India street 
Sanderson, Miss Euphemia, 2 Windmill st. 
Sanderson, Miss Jane, 11 Drummond street 
Sanderson, Miss, 72 Princes street 
Sanderson, Miss, 1 Annandale street 
Sanderson, Miss, 25 Upper Grey street 
Sandford, E. D. adv. steward of Kirkcud- 
bright, 11 Randolph crescent 
Sandilands, Wm. C. 1 Bellevue crescent 
Sandilands, Wm., coal fitter, 3 Arthur street, 

Leith walk 
Sandilands, Mrs, dressmaker, 194 Rose street 
Sandilands, Mrs, 1 Broughton place 
Sandilands, Mrs, lodgings, 4 Elder street 
Sands, Warren Hastings, W.S. and solicitor 

of customs, 5 Roval circus 
Sands, W. H. & W'. J., W.S. 5 Royal circua 





Sands, Wm. John, W.S. 2 N. Charlotte st. 

Sands, Mrs, 11 Cheyne street 

Sandwith, Mrs, 14 Melville street 

Sang & Adam, S.S.C. 61 Great King street 

Sang & Barker, wholesale druggists, manu- 
facturing chemists, and commission agents, 
York lane 

Sang, John {S. 6; Adam), 61 Gt. King street 

Sandelands,. James, tea dealer, 194 Hose st. 

Sangster and Dunlop^ wholesale stationers, 
&c. 16 South St David street 

Sangster A. {Dunlop&j S.),7S Cumberland st. 

Sangster, Mrs Robert, 26 Carrubber's court 

Sangster, Mrs, lodgings, 6 Park street 

Sansome, Frederick Stevens, 11 Forres street 

Sanson, Alex, tailor & clothier, 10 Arthur st. 

Sasine Office, Register house 

Saunders, John & Son, auctioneers, 27 Qua- 
lity street — house, 2 Albany street 

Saunders, John, wright, 15 Mitchell street — 
house, 28 Bernard street 

Saunders, P. R. appraiser, 2 Albany st. Leith 

Saunders, Wra. sol.-at-law and S.S.C. 51 
Albany street 

Saunders, Miss Catharine, 12 Clarence street 

Savings Bank, Nat. Sec. 15 Bernard street, 

Sa»^ille, Miss, 19 Duke street lane 

Sawers, George, commission merchant, 85 
George street 

Sawers, John, Bell's mills 

Sawers, Peter, saddler to her IMajesty, 24 
Frederick street — house, 1 7 Union place 

Sawers, Thomas, jun. baker, 310 Lawnmarket 
— house, 441 

Sawers, Thomas, 8 Archibald place 

Saxty, Richard, ladies' bootmaker, 52 George 

Saxty, Mrs, and Leslie, lace cleaners, 52 
George street 

Sayers, Robert, 31 Broughton street 

Scarman, George, cook, 23 Union place 

Scarth & Scott, W.S., N.P. 37 Bernard st. 

Scarth, Pillans, W.S. & N.P. {S. Jj Scott), 37 
Bernard street 

Scales, Andrew, 3 Madeira place 

ScealeSj Adolphus M. Willow bank, Newhaven 

Sceales, Miss, Adelphi place 

Schaw, Robt. & Co. wine merchants, 33 Giles' 
street, Leith 

Schaw, Robert (-R. S. 6f Co.), Links pi. Leith 

Schaw, Miss, 1 Morton street, Leith 

Schenck & Macfarlane, lithographers and en- 
gravers, 19 St James' square 

Schenck, Frederick (iS. and Macfarlane), Can- 
ning bouse. Canning place 

Scheniman, Mrs, 14 Howard place 

Schmitz, Leonard, Dr Phil., L.L.D., F.R. S.E. 
Rector of High School, 9 Regent terrace 

Schnieder, C. H. French Academy, 132 

George street 
Schoelcher, Madame E., Magazine Fran9ais, 
103 Princes street 

School of Arts library and model room, 

Adam square 
School, St Thomas's, Gibb's close, 250 Ca- 

School, Rev. Dr And. Thomson's, 10 Queens- 
ferry street — Robert Burns Crowe, rector 
ScHOOLMAsi ERs' Widows' Fund, 1 6 Thistle st. 
Schopp, teacher of German, 29 Frederick st. 
Schultze, Alex, merchant, 1 Vanburgh place 
Schultze, Alex. & Co. wholesale grocers and 

commission merchs. 23 Coburg st. Leith 
Sclanders, A. (Allardice and S-.), 143 Princes 

Sclater, Robert & Son, die and stamp cutters, 

63 North bridge — house, 18 Buccleuch pi. 
Sclater, Alex, wood engraver, 63 N. bridge — 

house, 50 Rankeillor street 
Sclater, T. & D. boot and shoerars. 3 Elder st. 
Sclater, Mrs, lodgings, 3 Maitland place 
Scobie, David, bookbinder, 1 6* Market street 
Scoon, Kenneth, baker, 37 Clerk St.— ho. 31 
Scoon, Wm. & Kenneth, bakers, 161 High st. 
Scot, Miss, 87 Great King street 
Scotland, A. Pearson, S.S.C. 7 S. Charlotte st. 
Scotland, Major D., E.I.C.S., 10 Inverleith 

Scotland, D. & J. grocers and provision deal- 
ers, 21 Coburg St. — ho. 40 Bridge st. Leith 
Scotland, Thos. inspec. of the poor, & teacher 

of navigation, 40 Bridge street 
Scotsman Newspaper Office, 257 High street 
Scott & Allan, wine merchants, 3 ^irkgate 
Scott & Ferguson engravers, lithographers, 

and printers, 11 South St Andrew street 
Scott & Gillespie, W.S. 17 Duke street 
Scott & Orr, chemists & drug. 21 Dundas st. 
Scott, Low, & Co. (late Patison & Pringle), 

silk mercers, drapers, and general outfitters, 

4, 5, and 6 South bridge 
Scott, Rymer, & Scott, W.S., 38 Frederick st. 
Scott, Adam B. tailor, 18 Shore 
Scott, A. W. manufacturer of aerated waters, 

5 Water lane 
Scott, Alex, bootmaker, 109 George street 
Scott, Alex, engraver, 4 Northumberland place 
Scott, Alex., H.E.LC.S. 41 Lauriston place 
Scott, Alex, shipmaster, 6 Madeira street 
Scott, Alex, baker, 47 London street 
Scott, Alexander, baker, 10 Scotland street 
Scott, Alex, mason, 44 Howe street 
Scott, Andrew, W.S. 13 Drummond place 
Scott, Andrew, seamen's hat manufacturer, 36 

Commercial place 
Scott, Andrew, outfitter, &c. 11 Salisbury pi. 
Scott, Andrew, sen. shipm. 5 Madeira place 
Scott, Andrew, jun. builder, 7 Regent st. 
Scott, Andrew, tailor, 53 Bristo street 
Scott, Andrew, cabinetmaker, 3 Leopold place 
Scott, Arch. 20 Walker street 
Scott, Archibald, 5 Leopold place 
Scott, Archibald, architect, 10 Teviot row 
Scott, B. spirit dealer, Hillhousefield 
Scott & Son, postmasters, 83 Rose st. 






Scott, Charles Glendonwyn, 16 St John st. 
Scott, Charles, advocate, 22 Abercromby pi. 

and Canaan villa, Morningside 
Scott, David, baker, 40 Lothian street 
Scott, David, accountant, and agent for the 

Sun Insurance Company, 1 London street 
Scott, David, inspector of lighthouses, 6 Her- 

mitac^e place 
Scott, David, flesher, 3 West Richmond st. 
Scott, David, shipowner, 5 ^ladeira place 
Scott. David, farmer, INIeadowfield, Portobello 
Scott, F. shipmaster, 8 Bonnington placo 
Scott, George, 5 Ratcliffe terrace 
Scott, George, baker, 1 Warriston place 
Scott, George, 3G George street 
Scott, Georse, 11 King's place, Leith walk 
Scott, George, spirit dealer, 32 Abbey hill 
Scott, George, builder, Bellevue 
Scott, George, gatekeeper, Royal Infirmary 
Scott, Isaac, postmr. to the Queen, Braehouse, 
and Royal academy for riding, Lothian road 
Scott, James, surgeon, 20 Elder street 
Scott, James, portrait-painter, 63 Frederick st. 
Scott, James, shoemaker, 40 Cumberland st. 
Scott, James, M.D. surgeon, 19 Young street 
Scott. James (JVight cS' »S'.), Claremont park 
Scott. Dr .James, deputy-inspector of hospitals i 

and fleets, 6 Areyle sq. 
Scott, James, 25 Pitt street 
Scott, James, Oakfield house, W. Arthur pi. 
Scott. .James, cabinetmaker, upholsterer, and 

undertaker, 10 Clyde st. and 3 Dundas st. 
Scott, James, grocer, 46 Bridge street 
Scott, James, ginger beer brewer, 96 Giles' st. 
Scott, .James (G. P.-O.), 5 Ratcliffe terrace 
Scott. .Jas. furnishing ironmonger, 24 Howe st. 
tiCOtt. James, baker, 51 No. Richmond street 
Scott, James, grocer and coal merchant, 18 N. 

Union pi ice 
Scott. James (.7. arid T. 5.), 14 Frederick st. 
Scott, .Jas. coal merchant, 30 Lothian street 
Scott, James Fitzmaurice, 10 Randolph cres. 
Scott, J. & T. upholsterers and undertakers, 

10 George street 
Scott. John, spirit merchant, 13 Hope street 
Scott, Jn. {S. <^ Gillespie), 21 Abercromby pi. 
Scott, John (S'carth tS- 6'.), 11 Hermitage pi. 
Scott, John {Blackhall!^ S.), 30 Haddington pi. 
Scott, John, cabinetmaker, 237 Cowgate 
Scott, John (Customs), Cockburn bank, Bon- 
Scott, John, provision merch. 2 Leith walk 
Scott, John, boot and shoem. 54 Broughton st. 
Scott, .John, leather-mercht. 12 Baker's place 
Scott, John, smith, 4 Robb's court 
Scott, Jn. R. landscape-painter, 22 Dundas st. 
Scott, John, grocer, 1 Canon st. Canonmills 
Scott, John, grocer, 40 Water lane 
Scott, John, smallware mercht. 135 Kirkgate 
Scott, John, 2 Salisbury square 
Scott, John, 8 Cumberland street 
Scott, .1. cowfeeder, 1 Albany street 
Scott, Morris, Peacock Inn, Newhaven 

Scott, Peter, clothier and ehirt merchant, 9 

South bridge — house, 3 Bruntsfield place 
Scott, Peter, corah printer and wholesale shirt, 
stock, and bandana merchant, 7 Hunter sq. 
Scott, R. P. writing-master, 53 George street 
Scott, Robert, 4 Gardner's crescent 
Scott, Robert (S. and Allan), Bonnington bk. 
Scott, Robert, sol.-at-law and S.S.C. 63 Noril' 

Hanover street 
Scott, R. E. accountant, 127 Princes street 
Scott, Robert, Regent hotel, 14 Waterloo pi. 
Scott, Robert (Excise), 6 Bank place 
Scott, Robert, comm. agent, 8 Duke street 
Scott, Robert, grocer, tea, wine, and spirit 

merchant, 175 High street 
Scott, Stewart, upholsterer and cabinetmaker, 

IMeuse lane and Broughton market 
Scott, Thomas G. (S., Bymer, and S.), 22 

Heriot row 
Scott, Thos. accountant, 8 North St David 

street — house, 3 Gayfield square 
Scott, Thos. {J. §f T. S.), 16 Rutland street 
Scott, Thos. spirit dealer, 9 Couper street 
Scott, Thomas, 41 Lauriston place 
Scott, Thos. bank messenger, 16 Fettes row 
Scott, W. vegetable pill wareh. 10 S. College st. 
Scott, Captain Walter, 9 Gayfield square 
Scott, W. spirit dlr. 27 Tolbooth wynd, Leiih 
Scott, Walter, commission agent, 23 Duke st. 
Scott, Wm. & Co., Jawcraig colliery office, 5 
' Port-Hopetoua 

Scott, Wm. spirit dealer, 35 Giles' street 
Scott, Wm. painter, 23 Home street 
Scott, William, joiner, Venetian blind maker, 
! 156 Rose street 

Scott, Wm. M.D., F.R.C.S.E. 4 Dean terrace 
! Scott, Wm. N. B. Railwatj, 2 Abbey liill 
Scott, VVm. gatekeeper, Edinburgh Poor Ho. 
! Scott, Wm. coal master, 5 Graham street 
'' Scott, Wm. H., Dr, 4 Rutland street 
Scott, Wm. flesher, 18 Roxburgh place 
Scott, W'm. draper,' I Nicolson street — house, 

1 1 Scotland street 
Scott, Mrs A. fruiterer, 78 Queen st — ho. 76 
Scott, ]Mrs Adam, 10 St Andrew square 
Scott, Mrs David, 27 Rutland street 
Scott, Mrs James, 28 London street 
\ Scott, Mrs Mary, 17 Ann street 
Scott, Mrs Mary, baker, 2 Claremont place 
Scott, Mrs, 4 Nicolson square 
Scott, Mrs, millinery wareho. 13 Union pi. 
; Scott, IMrs Wm. coach-hirer, 10 Buccleuch st. 
Scott, ]\Irs, ladies' nurse, 75 Broughton street 
Scott, ]Mrs, ladies' nurse, 14 Arthur street 
Scott, Mrs, 2 Lauriston terrace 
Scott, Mrs, 33 Heriot row 
Scott, Mrs, 9 Raeburn place 
Scott, Mrs, ladies' nurse, 23 Home street 
Scott, Mrs, 6 Haddington place 
Scott, Mrs, 41 Great King street 
Scott, Mrs, lodgings, 46 Rankeillor street 
Scott, Mrs, 2 Bellevue terrace 
Scott, Mrs, 10 St Patrick square 





Scottj Mrs, flesher, 20 Lothian street 

Scott, Mrs, Muirhouse, Granton 

Scott, Miss B. 30 India street 

Scott, Miss Catherine, 4G Ann street 

Scott, INIrs Isabella, Seafield place, S. Leith 

Scott, jMIss, 5 George square 

Scott, Miss, 5 Buccleuch place 

Scott, Miss, 59 Lauriston place 

Scott, Miss, 26 Alva street 

Scott, IVIiss, 39 Dublin street 

Scott, Miss, 12 Pilrig street 

Scott, Miss, dressmaker, 100 George street 

Scott, Miss, milliner, &c. 19 Queen street 

Scott, Misses M. k E. dress and straw-hat 
makers, 2 West Nicolson street 

Scott, Misses, 9 Gayfield square 

Scottish Agriculturist Almanac and Year 
Book of Progress — office, 7 Pitt street 

Scottish Amicable Life Assurance Society, 
3 North St David street. — See Adv. 

Scottish Association for Suppressing Drunk- 
enness, 6 York place — John Buckle, conv. 

Scottish Colour Works, Timber bush, and 5 

Scottish Equitable Life Assurance Society, 
26 St Andrew sq. — Robert Christie,raanager 
— See Adv. 

Scottish Institution for Education of Young 
Ladies, 9 Moray place See Adv. 

Scottish Jurist Office, 7 George street 

Scottish Missionary Society's Committee- 
room, 6 York place 

Scottish Naval and Military Academy, 
Lothian road 

Scottish Press Office, 251 High street. 

Scottish Provident Institution for Life As- 
surance and Annuities, ] 4 St Andrew sq. 
—James Watson, manager. — See Adv. 

Scottish Provincial (formerly Aberdeen) 
Assurance Co. 65 Princes street — James M. 
Macandrew, account., local sec. — See Adv. 

Scottish Property Investment Co. 102 South 

Scottish Permanent Property Investment 
Society, 13 Royal Exchange — Thomas 
M'Dowall, manager 

Scottish Railway Gazette Office, 30 Hanover 

Scottish Rights Association — F. H. Carter, 

sec. 4 St Andrew square 
Scottish Reformation Society, office, 6York 
place — George Lyon, hon. secretary ; Rev. 
Dr Edward M. Dill, acting secretary 

Scottish Trade Protection Society, II 
Bank street— James P. Falkner S.S.C, 
secretary and law agent — Thos. S. Lind- 
say, assistant secretary and cashier 
Scottish Union Fire and Life Insurance 
Co. 47 George street — George Ramsay, 
manager ; James Barlas, sec See Adv. 

Scottish Widows' Fund and Life Assurance 
Society, 5 St Andrew square— John M'Ken- 
zie, manager. — See Adv. 

Scougall & Drysdale, grocers, tea, wine, & 

spirit dealers, 223 High street and 14 South 

St James' street — house, 150 High street 
Scougall, G. &Son, corn factors, 1.5 Quality st. 
Scougall, Ellis, & Co. merchts. 132 Consti- 
tution street 
Scougall, Andrew, flesher, 67 Nicolson street 

— house, 1 West Richmond street 
Scougall, J. iS. Ellis, S,' Co.), 13 Pilrig st. 
Scrivener, William, commercial lodgings, 17 

Union place 
Scrymgeour, Daniel, teacher, Circus place 

school, 2 Athole place 
Scrymgeour, Henry, upholstery work-rooms, 

23 George street 
Scrymgeour, Miss, 23 Clerk street 
Scrymgeour, Miss, lodgings, 125 Princes st. 
Seater, Geo. S. (Hull Sf Leit/i Ship. Co.), 8 

London row 
Seaton & Marshall, bootmakers, 50 West Re- 
gister street 
Seaton, David, tavern keeper, 10 Fleshmarket 

Seaton, David, bootmaker, 6 St Andrew sq. 
Seaton, Robt. auctioneer, Lothian road 
Seator, Robert, lighthouse-storekeeper, 18 

Granton cottages 
Seggie, Alex, machine and press maker, 3 

East Rose street la. — ho. 6 Brunswick street 
Selby, Robert Barclay, solicitor-at-law and 

S.S.C. 26 Dundas street 
Select Subscription Library, 26 Waterloo 

place — Hunter Simpson, librarian 
Seller, Dr, F.R.C.P. 18 Northumberland 

Senebier, Fr. teacher of French, Naval and 

Military, 3 Alva street 
Servants' Institution, 5 Frederick street — 

David Stevenson, clerk 
Session Clerk's Office for the City, 10 Royal 

Session Clerk's Office for St Cuthbert'c, 14 

Lothian road 
Session Clerk's OflBce of Canongate, 179 

Session Clerk's Office for South Leith, 3 

Coatfield lane 
Session Clerk for North Leith, 40 Bridge st. 
Seton, George, advocate, 13 Coates crescent 
Seton, Gregor, wine & spirit mer. 73 York pi. 

— house, 15 St Jameb' square 
Seton, Henry, veterinary surgeon, 129 Rose 

street — bouse, 17 Lauriston street 
Seton, Patrick, boot and shoemaker, 45 Can- 

dlemaker row 
Seton, Robert, foreign and English booksel- 
ler, stationer, and bookbinder, 81 George 

street and 12 N. Bank street — house, 121 

Princes street 
Seton, Maj. R, S,, H.E.I.CS. 9 Windsorst. 
Seton, Mrs, 13 Coates crescent 
Shakspeare Society — T. G. Stevenson, 87 

Princes street, agent 





Shand and Farquhar, W.S. masters extraor- 
dinary in Chancery, 24 Queen street 
Shand, Alex. B. advocate, 5 Albany street 
Shand, Chas. Farquhar, advocate, 6 StColnae st. 
Shand, John, W.S. 24. Royal circus 
Shand, R. bookseller and stationer, 41 Dundas 

Shand, Thos. victual & spirit dealer, 2 Dean st, 
Shand, W. R,, 46 Brunswick street 
Shand, Mrs Alex. Garden,, 4 West Maitland 

Sband, Mrs, 25 Walker street 
Shankly, John C, painter and glazier, 105 

Shanks, Christopher, bootm, 2 Catharine st 
Shanks, D. cabinetmaker and house factor, 1 

Leslie place — ho. 22 Raeburn place 
Shanks, James, 2 Melville street 
Shanks, Thomas, fishing-tackle manufactTirer, 

25 ISTorth bridge 
Shanks, Mrs, 58 Broughton street 
Sharp, William, Auckland villa 
Sharp, 'Mrs, ladies' nurse, 46 Great King street 
Sharp, Mrs, private lodgings, !• Erskine place 
Sharp, Mrs Robert, 5 Lutton place 
Sharp, JMiss, 126 Lauriston place 
Sharp, Isabella, poulterer, 13 Dundas street 
Sharp, Mrs, lodgings, 6 Eastfield 
Sharp, Miss H. 17 Shand wick place 
Sharp, Miss Marion, ladies' outfit and milli- 1 

nery warehouse, 37 Geo. IV. bridge 
Shaw & Son, coal merchts. 2 Port-Hamilton 
Shaw, Alexander, tailor, 53 Brunswick street I 
Shaw, Charles, confectioner, 17 Hanover st. | 
Shaw, D. chimney-sweeper, 3 Pitt street ' 

Shaw, Capt. H. J., Spring Garden House, I 
Abbey hill ■ 

Shaw, James, 1 Lower Gilmore place j 

Shaw, James, boat-builder, Coates place i 

Shaw, John (^Lindsay ^- iS".), 2 Baxter's place | 
Shaw, Patrick, advocate, sheriff of Chancery, 

36 Charlotte square 
Shaw, Robert, dairy, Mainpoint 
Shaw, Thos. W. peruke maker, 7 Chapel st. 
Shaw, Wni. {N. British Railway'), St Ann's 

mount, Abbey hill 
Shaw, William (.S. 4 Son), 21 Semple street 
Shaw, Mrs Dr, 7 Clarence street 
Shaw, Mrs John, 25 Stafford street 
Shaw, Jliss, 7 Union street 
Shaw, Miss Margaret, 2 Howard street 
Shea, David, provision dealer, 113 Kirkgate 
Shearer, John (G.P.-O.), 7 E. Preston street 
Shearer, J. T. Elizafield, Bonnington 
Shearer, ;Mrs, 21 Broughton place 
Shedden, R., spirit dealer, 23 Greenside row 
Shennan, John, builder, Bellevue cottage 
Shennan, Mrs, Bellevue cottage 
Shepherd, Grant, & Cuthbertson, W.S. 5 K 

Charlotte street 
Shepherd, Alex, spirit merchant, 22 Bread st. 
Shepherd, Js. (S. G. and Cuthbertson, W.S.), 
15 Charlotte square 

Shepherd, James, stationer and bookseller, 

8 Leith street — house, 4 Eldpr street 
Shepherd, John, tea dealer, 54 India street 
Shepherd, Wm. drysalter, 2 S. St James' st. 

— ho. 1 N. St James' street 
Shepherd, Wm. draper, 46 Howe st. — ^ho. 44 
Shepherd, Mrs, 18 Cumberland street 
Sheppard, John & James, painters, glaziers, 
and paper-hangers, 21 Frederick street 
— house, 68 George street 
Sheppard, Mrs Jas. painter, glazier, and paper- 
hanger, 107 George street — house, 37 Castle 
Sheppard, Miss, hair-preserver, 30 Castle 

street, and Bury street, London 
Sherar, John, surveyor & account. 9 Dean st. 
Sherifi' Clerk's Office, County buildings 
Sheriff Clerk's Office, 18 Charlotte st. Leith 
Sheriff Court Room, 108 Constitution street, 
Clerk of Chancery Office, Exchequer cham- 
bers, Parliament square — T. G. Souter, 
Sheriff, David, boot and shoe maker, 43 St 

Leonard street 
Sheriff, James, cabinetmaker, 5 Hope street — 

house, 4 Melville place 
Sheriff, Wm. C. 5 Saunders' street 
Sherlaw, G. & Co. grocers, 1 Couper street 
Shield, George, depute-clerk of session, 14 

Duke street 
Shiell, Ant. stockbroker, 5 Hanover street — 

house, 1 Windsor street 
Shiell, John, builder and cabinetmaker, 3 E. 

Newingtou place 
Shiell, Wm. assistant clerk of session. Regis- 
ter /louse, 8 Middleby street 
Shiels, John S. ( JF. S. 6; Co.), 24 Pilrig street 
Shiels, Matthew, confectioner, 109 High street 
and 45 N. Bridge — house, 106 Lauriston 
Shiels, Robt. & Son, wholesale confectioners, 

5 and 6 Bristo place 
Shiels, Wm, & Co. wine merchts. 52 Constitu- 
tion court 
Shiels, Wm., R.S.A. 19 N.-W. Circus place 
Shillinglaw, Thos. writer, 11 Rankeillor street 
Shillinglaw, Thos. E. B. 29 Cheyne street 
Shiress, David S. 48 India street 
Shirley, Mrs, ladies' nurse, 22 William street 
ShirrefF, Charles H. corn factor. North British 

Railway station 
Shirreff, C. J. advocate, 22 Abercromby pi. 
Shirreff, Mrs James, 38 Great King street 
Shirreff, Mrs, 6 Quality street, Leith 
Shirreff, Miss, 16 Hart street 
Shoolbraid, Miss, 15 Thomson's place, Leith 
Shore-Dues Office, Custom-house, Leith 
Short, James, clerk, 3 E. Arthur place 
Short, John, church officer, 19 Rose street 
Short, Mrs, 5 N. Newington place 
Shotts Iron Co.'s Foundry, 9 Springfield, 

Leith-walk— Alex. Sinclair, manager 
Sibbald, Alex, flesher, 177 Cowgate 





Sibbald, And., goods agent, {E. P. S^ D. Rail- 
way^, citadel, Leith 

Sibbald, And., Southern District Academy, 
23 St Patrick square. — See Adv. 

Sibbald, George, surgeon, 2 Argyle square 

Sibbald, J. and Sons, ironmongers, 64 Geo. st. 

Sibbald, James S. & Co. corn factors. Quality 
court — house, Elizafield house 

Sibbald, John Robertson, M.D., F.R.C.S.E. 
141 Princes street 

Sibbald, Thos. (J. <S. and Sons), 64 George 

Sibbald, Walter (J. ;S. and Sons), 45 Geo. sq. 

Sibbald, Wm. cowfeeder, Bell's mills 

Sibbald, Mrs, Elizafield house 

Sibbald, Mrs Captain, 20 Nelson street 

Sibbald, Mrs, cook, 39 India place 

Sibbald, Mrs Henry, 27 Great King street 

Sibbald, Mrs, 5 Nicolson street 

Sibbald, Mrs, 5 Bank place, Leith 

Sibbald, ]\Iiss, 11 Brandon street 

Sidey, Charles, surgeon-accoucheur, 64 Ha- 
nover street 

Sidey, Dr James A. surgeon, 25 Howe street 

Sidey, John, draper and hosier, 12 Charlotte 
place — house, 1 Gardner's crescent 

Signet Library, Parliament square 

Signet Office, Register house 

Silvie, James, writer, 46 Home street 

Sim, Alex. 1 Janefield place 

Sim, Fr. R. glass chandelier and cut glass 
manufacturer, 95 Princes street 

Sim, George, writer, 40 Charlotte square 

Sim, John, 16 Danube street 

Sim, William, trimming warehouse, 29 Fre- 
derick street 

Sim, Wra. secretary Edinburgh Bible tiocieiy, 

2 East Preston street 
Sim, Mrs, 40 Charlotte square 

Sime, A. teacher of navigation, 5 Fox lane 
Sime, Geo. smith, 15 Roxburgh terrace 
Sime, Rev. John, 3 Windmill street 
Sime, John, accountant {H. Maitland 8f Co), 

3 Duncan street, Newington 
Sime, Robert, 1 8 West Nicolson street 
Sime, Thos. (P. Sf R. Wright), 31 Scotland st. 
Sime, Mrs Andrew, 29 Richmond place 
Simm, John, 7 Fyfe place, 

Simmie, Mrs Dr, 6 Raeburn place 

Simpson & Graham, silver-platers and sad- 
dlers' ironmongers, Mound place 

Simpson & Rowden, corn merchants, 22 Com- 
mercial place 

Simpson & Wilson, coach-builders, 62 Abbey 

Simpson, Alex. & Co. grocers, tea, wine, and 
spirit merchts. 5 Baker's place — house, 50 
Brunswick street 

Simpson, Alex, tailor, 6 Ingliston street 

Simpson, Archd. Inglis, Primrose place 

Simpson, Edward, staff-surgeon R.A. Jess- 
field, Newhaven 

Simpson, George, Lothian road 

Simpson, George, chimney sweep, 69 Causey- 
Simpson, G. B. Cook, 4 Albany street 
Simpson, Henry, clerk, 17 Princes street 
Simpson, Hunter, librarian Edinburgh Select 

Subscrijdion Library, 9 Meadow place 
Simpson, Dr James Y., F.R.C.P. professor of 

midwifery in the University, 52 Queen st. 
Simpson, Jas. surveyor of buildings, 42 Home 

Simpson, James, shoemaker, 6 Melbourne pi. 
Simpson, James, 12 South St Jaraes' street 
Simpson, James, grocer and spirit dealer, 42 

Main st. Newhaven 
Simpson, Jn. ( Union Bank), Bonnington lodge 
Simpson, J. {^Clydesdale ^.), 11 Archibald pi. 
Simpson, John {A. Melrose^ Co.), 2 Melville st. 
Simpson, J ohn{ SSj^ Rowden), Maideira. st.Leith 
Simpson, John (G. P.-O.), 9 Meadow place 
Simpson, John {S. c^- W.), 62 Abbey hill 
Simpson, John, spirit dealer, 56 Fountain br. 
Simpson, John, grocer, 101 Grassmarket 
Simpson, John, baker, 34 N orthumberland st. 

— house, 22 Duudas street , 

Simpson, John, bootmaker, 2 Crichton street 
Simpson, John, stoneware merchant, 4 Warris- 

ton place 
Simpson, P. tailor and clothier, 9 Downie pi. 
Simpson, Patrick B., younger of Cobairdy, 

15 Albany street 
Simpson, Richard, cabinetmaker and uphol- 

sterer, 121 George st ho. Lothian road 

Simpson, R. and H. coal merchants, 7 Port 

Simpson, Robt. boot & shoe maker, 2 Circus pi. 
Simpson, Robert, mason, 8 Glover street 
Simpson, Robt. D. scale and beam maker, 2 

W. Crosscausey and 13 Clerk street 
Simpson, Walter {London and Edinburgh- 
Shipping Company), 41 Shore 
Simpson, Rev. Wm. 1 Buccleuch street 
Simpson, Wm. china merch. 6 Low market st. 
Simpson, Mrs And. lodgings, 69 Hanover st. 
Simpson, Mrs Colonel, 4 Melville street 
Simpson, Mrs George H. 2 Henderson row 
Simpson, Mrs James, 4 Park street 
Simpson, Mrs, ladies' nurse, 1 Broughton pi. 
Simpson, Mrs, grocer, tQ Lauriston street 
Simpson, Mrs, lodgings, 39 Northumb. st. 
Simpson, Mrs, Lothian road 
Simpson, Mrs, draper and dealer in shells, 40 

Simpson, Mrs, victual dealer, 7 St Patrick sq. 
Simpson, Mrs, lodgings, 4 Albany street 
Simpson, M. & J. dress and straw-hat makers, 

19 Home street 
Simpson, Miss, milliner and dressmaker, 92 

George street 
Simpson, Miss, milliner, 3 N. St Andrew st. 
Simpson, Miss, 30 St Andrew square 
Simson, David, teacher of drawing, 25 India st. 
Simson, Geo., R.S.A. teacher of drawing, 54 

Frederick street 





Simson, Jas., M.D., F.R.C.S.E. 3 Glenfinlas st. 
Simson, James, accountant^ 5 Picardy place 
Sirason, Thos. 1 West Maitland street 
Simson, Wm. assist, sec. jBa?ik of Scotland, 9 

Eton terrace 
Simson, Mrs James, 13 Gayfield square 
Simson, Mrs Walter, 18 Albany street, Leith 
Simson, Miss, seminary, 15 St Andw. st. Leith 
Sinclair, Liddle, and Co. commission af^ents, 
drysalters, oil and colourmen, 1 & 2 Calton 
Sinclair, Adam, A. & B. officer, 35 Kirkgate 
Sinclair, Alex. 133 George street 
Sinclair, Alexander, manager Shotts Foundry ^ 

10 Springfield, Leith walk 
Sinclair, Andw. hairdresser, 7 Milne square 
Sinclair, Colin, bookseller and stationer, 69 

George street 
Sinclair, Daniel, cottage, Powderliall 
Sinclair, David, grocer, 9 Fox lane, Leith 
Sinclair, Daniel, commercial traveller, 4 East 

St James' street 
Sinclair, D. janitor. High school 
Sinclair, Duncan & Sons, letterfounders, 

Whiteford house 
Sinclair, George L., W.S. 4 Walker street 
Sinclair, James, draper, 4 Bank street 
Sinclair, James, mercantile accountant, Uni- 
corn pursuivant, Scotch college of arms, 
7 Brown street 
Sinclair, John, baker, 14 Lothian street 
Sinclair, John, baker, 24 Tobago street 
Sinclair, John, conjunct city clerk, City Cham- 
bers — house, 2 Wharton lane 
Sinclair, John, baker and confectioner, 142 

Princes street 
Sinclair, John, letter-carrier, 5 Calton hill 
Sinclair, John, junior, shirt maker, and manu- ! 
facturer, 79 So. bridge — ho. 10 Hailes st. j 
Sinclair, John, wine and spirit merchant, 126 

Kirkgate — house 125 
Sinclair, Peter, commercial temperance hotel, 

12 South St David street 
Sinclair, Robert, assist, clerk of Session, 12 

Henderson row 
Sinclair, Robt. shipmaster, 2 N. Fort street 
Sinclair, Dr Veitch, surgeon, 12 Elder street 
Sinclair, William, 7 Dfummond street 
Sinclair, William, com. merchant, 24 Scotland 

Sinclair, Wm. late merchant, 7 Brown street 
Sinclair, Wm. cooper and fish-curer, 22 Giles' 

Sinclair, Wood, cooper and stave merchant, 

5 Mitchell st ho. 3 Summerfield, Leith 

Sinclair, Mrs, sick-nurse, 3 Windmill lane 
Sinclair, Mrs, 108 George street 
Sinclair, Mrs Malm, sen., 29 Buccleuch place 
Sinclair, Miss B. coal merchant, 22 Port- 
Sinclair, Miss C. 7 Charles street 
Sinclair, Miss, Whiteford house 
Sinclair, Misses, of Ulbster, 133 George street 

Sinclair's Commercial Temperance Hotel, 11, 
I 17, and 20 Waterloo place 
' Singer, Mrs, 2 St Bernard's cresent 
Sinton, John, slater, 57 Nicolsoa street 
Sinton, Wm. slater, 11 St Leonard's lane 
Sivewright, C. K. Cargillfield, Trinity 
Skae, David, M.D., F.R.C.S., physician to 

Royal Edin. Lunatic Asylum 
Skae, Ebenezer, M.D. 5 Argyle square 
Skaife, Mrs, 5 Nelson street 
Skeen, Mrs, 56 Bridge street 
Skelden, Rob. wood and coal merchant. Rose 

lane, Abbey hill 
Skelton, Misses, 20 Alva street 
Skene & Tod, W.S. 53 Great King street 
Skene, Capt. A. 9 Mansion-house rd. Grange 
Skene, William Forbes, 20 Inverleith row 
Skene, Mrs Jane, 4 Duncan street, Leith 
Skiffington, John, broker, 93 High street 
Skill, Mrs, 3 Montagu street 
Skilling, Andrew M. shoemaker, 3 Helen 

place, North Leith 
Skilling, Jno., & Son, bootmakers, 30 Tolbooth 

wynd, Leith 
Skinner, John Holt, 18 Carlton terrace 
Skinner, Wm., W.S. 12 Forth street 
Skinner, W. R., S.S.C. 12 Windsor street 
Skinner, Mrs J. R. 2 Elder street 
Skirving, David, 3 Frederick street 
Skirving, Thos. farmer. Nether Quarryholes 
Slate, Misses, 20 Annandale street 
Slater, Andrew, slater, 1 St John street 
Slater, James, cabinetmaker, 52 Broughton st. 
Slater, Peter, sculptor, 36 Albany street 
Slater, Mrs, grocer, 30 India street 
Sleigh, George, tailor, 41 Lothian street 
Sleigh, Mrs Eleanor, baker, 6 Glanville pi. 
Slight, Alex. 3 Shrub place 
Slight, Alex, road surveyor, 13 Downie place 
Slight, George, 3 Summerhall place 
Slight, Geo. H. engineer, 19 Gayfield square 
Slight, Jas. engineer, machine-maker, & foun- 
der, 34 Leith walk — ho. 2 Haddington place 
Sligo, John, of Carmyle, 5 Drummond place J 
Slimon, Wm. dairyman, 31 Giles' st. Leith aj 
Slimmon, Mrs, hosier, 55 Tolbooth wy. Leith 
Sloan & Stoddart, coal merchants, 49 Brough- 
ton St., St Cuthbert's lane, and Leith walk 
Sloan, Mrs Thos. lodgings, 5 Keir street 
Sloan, M. dressmaker, 1 S. St James' street 
Sloan, G. Douglas, dressra. 35 W. Nicolson st. 
Slymand, John, printer, 138 Nicolson street 
Small & Co. wholesale & retail china and 

gla?s warehouse, 33 George IV, bridge 
Small, Andrewr, victual dealer, 19 Charles st. 
Small, Robert, victual dealer, 2 Hamilton pi. 

High riggs 
Small, Wm. A. of Overraains, R.N. 1 Athole 

Small, Andrew {Royal Bank), 8 London st. 
Small, Miss, spirit dealer, 200 Rose street 
Small, David, basketmaker, 33 Hanover st. 
Small, John, college librarian, 16 Duncan st. 





Small, Wm. & Js. bird-stuflFers, 38 George st. 
Small, Wm., hosier, 59 Clerk st. — house, 61 
Small, Wm. grocer and spirit dealer, 93 

Small, W. Kerr, basketmaker, 35 Blair street 
Small, Mrs, 16 Duncan st. Drummond place 
Smart, Alex, printer, 5 South College street 
Smart, James, flesher, 25 Middle market 
Smart, Rev. John, D.D. 11 Smith's place 
Smart, John & Son, bootmakers, 1 Queen 

street — house, 12 Union street 
Smart, John, flesher, 15 W. Nicolson street 
Smart, Jno. spirit mercbt. 45 Leith st. 19 W. | 

Richmond St., US Giles' St., and 33 Shore, 

Leith — house, 11 Calton street 
Smart, R. C. engraver, lithographer, and gold 

printer, 20 Elm row — ho. 9 Smith's place 
Smart, Robt. wine and spirit merchant, 1 Shak- 

speare square — house, 2 
Smart, Wm. spirit dealer, 27 Richmond place, 

and 172 Pleasance 
Smart, Mrs J. spirit mer. 84 St Mary's wynd 
Smart, Misses, milliners and dressmakers, 6 

Brighton street 
Smeal, J. grocer and spirit dealer, 3 Admiralty 

Smellie & JefFery, grocers and spirit dealers, 

263 Cowgate 
Smellie, H., grocer, 82 Crosscausey — ho. 84 
Smellie, Henry, jun. grocer, 30 North Rich- 
mond street 
Smellie, Jn. tea dealer & grocer, 33 Bristo st. 

27 Home street, and 2 Orchardfield place 
Smellie, Wm. J. {G. P.-O.), 7 N.-W. Circus 

Smibert, George, baker, 216 Canongate 
Smibert, Robt. spirit dlr. 27 Queen st. Leith 
Smibert, Thomas, 8 Morrison street 
Smith & Garland, tobacconists and fancy 

warehouse, 108 and 109 Kirkgate 
Smith & Kinnear, W.S. 35 Queen street 
Smith and Girvan, milliners, 70 George st. 
Smith & M'^Laren, merchants, 3 Bank street, 

Smith & M'Gregor, ale bottlers, 68 Grange 

court, Causeyside 
Smith & Win wick, spirit mers. 97 Kirkgate 
Smith, Brothers, window ticket and show- 
card printers, engravers and lithographers, 

25 North bridge 
Smith, Adam, hairdresser, 43 Shore — house, 

Fillyside cottage 
Smith, Alexander, W.S. 18 York place 
Smith, Alex, umbrella maker, 99 Nicolson st. 
Smith, Alex. M. teacher St Stepheiis school — 

house, 7 St Vincent street 
Smith, Alex. "William, teacher of singing, 12 

Antigua street 
Smith, Alex. Gordon, 20 Gardner's crescent 
Smith, Alex, tailor, 127 Rose street 
Smith, Andrew, Willowbrae 
Smith, Andrew, S.S.C. 29 Buccleuch place 
Smith, Andrew, W.S. 27 Dundas street 

Smith, Chas. grocer, 3 Duke street, Leith 
Smith, Capt. Charles, li.N. 25 Howard pi. 
Smith, Colvin, portrait painter, 32 York pi. 
Smith, C. 125 Nicolson street 
Smith, Daniel, tailor, 170 High street 
Smith, David, writer, 6 Clarence street 
Smith, David {Edinburgh and Perth Bread 

Co.), 16 Richmond place 
Smith, David, plumber and gasfilter, 2G West 

Smith, David, dyer and scourer, 10 St An- 
drew square and St John's hill 
Smith, David {Inland lievcnue)^ 10 Roxburgh 

Smith, David, builder, 8 Glover street 
Smith, David {S. Sf Kinnear), 2 Ainslie place 
Smith, David, clerk, 7 Spence's place, Leith 
Smith, David, & co. ship-brokers and commis- 
sion agents, 2 Dock gates — house, Madeira 
Smith, George, joiner, 19 N.-W. Circus place 
Smith, George, architect, 18 Gt. King street 
Smith, Rev. George, 4 Randolph chff 
Smith, George, shawl manufr. 1 08 So. bridge 

— house, 4 Salisbury road 
Smith, George, Lauder road. Grange 
Smith, George, fruiterer, 7 St Patrick street 
Smith, Geo. tailor, &c. 4 Tolbooth wynd, Leith 
Smith, Geo. brush & trunk manuf. 73 Nicol- 
son street 
Smith, George, provision dealer, 89 Kirkgate 
Smith, George, boot and shoemaker, 40 Home 

Smith, George, 1 Stead's place. 
Smith, G. {H. M. Customs), S. Fort street 
Smith, G. F. agent, 11 Dundas street 
Smith, G. L, Royal bank 
Smith, Henry {T. and H. S.), Catherine cot. 
Smith, Henry, tea mercht. 51 Nicolson st. 
Smith, Harry, W.S., 9 Dundas street 
Smith, I. tobacconist, 39 W. Register street 
Smith, J. smith and farrier, 101 Abbey hill 
Smith, J. A. baker, 183 High street 
Smith, Js. & Co. cork manuf. 56 Nicolson st. 
Smith, James, house superintendent Royal 
Edinburgh Asylum — house, Fuschie cottage 
Smith, Jas. architect, H. M. master mason'— 
office, 6 Charlotte place ; house, 7 W. Mait- 
land street 
Smith, James cabinetmaker, 3 Middle Arthur 

Smith, James, 128 Constitution street 
Smith, Jas. musical glass manuf. 7 Union st. 
Smith, James, spirit dealer, 62 Shore 
Smith, James, 27 St Patrick square 
Smith, James, spirit dealer, 43 Earl Grey st. 
Smith, Jas. ( T. Meek cL- Co.), I George pi. 
Smith, James, wright, 7 Brown street 
Smith, Jas. & Co. woollen drapers, 241 High st. 
Smith, John Alex., M.D. and surgeon, 7 West 

Maitland street 
Smith, J. A. Arbuthnot {B. L. Co. B.), 14 
Gardner's crescent 





Smith, J. L. books, stationer, circulating libr. 
and stamp distributor, 1 Antigua street — 
house, oMoredun house, Spring gardens 
Smith, John, governor of Prison, Regent road 
Smith, John, cut-glass manuf. 1 Amphion pi. 
Smith, John, M.D., F.R.C.F. 16 India street 
Smith, John, currier, 101 Pleasance 
Smith, John Gordon (of J. and R. Morley, 

London), 16 Minto street 
Smith, John, M.D. surgeon-dentist, 12 Dun- 
das strpet 
Smith, J. D. carver and gilder, picture liner and 

cleaner, 33 W. Register street 
Smith, John, umbrella and parasol manufac- 
turer, 227 High street 
Smith, John K. builder, 6 Gardner's crescent 
Smith, John, writer, 6 Clarence street 
Smith, John, umbrella & parasol maker & 

furrier, 78 Princes street See Adv. 

Smith, John, tailor and clothier, 102 South 

bridge — house, 11 Argyle square 
Smith, Jn. contractor and stabler, 14 Grass- 
Smith, John, coal merchant, 8 Downie place 
Smith, John, 3 Gillespie street 
Smith, John, cabinetmaker, 42 Hanover street 

— house, 57 
Smith, John, shawl & dress manufacturer & 

draper, 105 South bridge 
Smith, John, shipowner, 9 John's pi. Leith 
Smith, John, wright, 8 Glover street j 

Smith, John (J. S. and So?i), 24 Nicolson st. j 
Smith, J. & Son, wireworkers and weavers, 
mill-stone builders, importers of French 
burr locks, 219 High street — See Adv. 
Smith, Lau. shipmaster, 4 Portland terrace 
Smith, Peter, wine and spirit merchant, 21 

Smith, Peter, letter-carrier, 32 Buccleuch st. 
Smith, R. M. 4 Bellevue crescent — office, 35 

Bernard street, Leith 
Smith, Robt. (Customs), 2 Hamburg place 
Smith, Robert, S.S.C, 9 Stafford street 
Smith, R. architect, practical and consulting 
builder and valuator, 12 Royal Exchange — 
house, St Cuthbert's glebe 
Smith, Robert, house- governor. Poor-house, 

Forrest road 
Smith, Robert, spirit merchant, 7 Hamilton 

Smith, R. Philips, 24 Gayfield square 
Smith, S. tailor and clothier, 16 South bridge 
Smith, T. & H. surgeons and druggists, and 

manufs. of aerated waters, 21 Duke street 
Smith, Thomas, surgeon, 21 Duke street 
Smith, Thomas, teacher of music, 3 Heriot 

Smith, Thomas, 3 "Wallace place 
Smith, T. 8 M'Kenzie place 
Smith, Thomas, spirit dealer, Morningside 
Smith, Thomas, 1 Bank place 
Smith, Thomab nnd Patrick, merchants, 35 
Bernard street 

Smith, Thos. painter and paper-hanger, 21 

George street 
Smith, Thos. lodgings, 8 Frederick street 
Smith, Thomas, lodgings, 44 Cumberland st. 
Smith, Walter, plumber and gasfitter, 11 

India place 
Smith, Walter, flesher, 12 St Anthony place 
Smith, Wm. printer, 42 Gilmore place 
Smith, Wm. surveyor, 147 Causeyside 
Smith, Wm. wright & undertaker, 12 Upper 

Dean street 
Smith, William, architect and civil engineer, 

35 Lothian street 
Smith, Wm. (late o? Excise), 27 Montagu st. 
Smith, Wm. brush manufr. 70 Nicolson st. 
Smith, William, brush manufacturer, 161 

Smith, William C. portioner, Tipperlinn, by 

Smith, William, flesher, 10 West port 
Smith, William, boot and shoemaker, 71 Tol- 

booth wynd, Leith 
Smith, William & Sons, builders, 79 Clerk st. 
Smith, William, woollen draper, 267 High 

street — house, 19^ Lauriston street 
Smith, William, grocer and spirit dealer, 114 

Smith, Wm. spirit dealer, 12 Grassmarket 
Smith, Wm. manager £. Sf S. Law Life 
Assurance Association, 120 Princes street — 
house, Elmbank, Whitehouse loan 
Smith, SVilliam, spirit merchant, 231 Canon- 
Smith, Wm. com. traveller, 12 Meadow place 
Smith, William, grocer and spirit merchant, 

23 South back of Canongate 
Smith, William, 42 Gilmore place' 
Smith, Wm. watchmaker, 33 W. Nicolson st. 
Smith, William, writing-master and litho- 
grapher, 1 Hanover street 
Smith, William, sheep and cattle salesman, 

7 St Anthony place 
Smith, William, gardener, Bonnington 
Smith, Mrs A. Palace yard 
Smith, Mrs Alex, lodgings, 1 Charlotte st. 
Smith, Mrs Alex, lodgings, 8 Eastfield, Leith 
Smith, Mrs Alison, 8 Vennel 
Smith, Mrs Andrew, 103 George street 
Smith, jNIts David, 26 Warriston crescent 
Smith, ]\Irs David, 8 Glover street 
Smith, Mrs David, 1 70 High street 
Smith, Mrs Elizabeth, 66 Frederick street 
Smith, Mrs Gilbert, 35 Scotland street 
Smith, Mrs John, 5 Morton street 
Smith, Mrs, J. grocer and spirit dealer, 10 

Spence's place 
Smith, Mrs James, 4 Montgomery street « 
Smith, Mrs Lieut. 3 Gillespie street « 

Smith, Mrs M. provision store, 269 Cowgate 
Smith, Mrs Margaret, 30 Alva street 
Smith, Mrs T. 38 Dublin street 
Smith, Mrs Walter, 5 Gillespie street 
Smith, Mrs Wm. 1 Hope street, Leith walk 





Smith, Mrs William, ladies' nurse, 1 Dean st. 

Smith, Mrs W. B. 1 Maitland pi. Newhaven 

Smith, Mrs W. 1 George place 

Smith, Mrs, lodgings, 62 Hanover street 

Smith, Mrs, Greenhill lodge 

Smith, Mrs, 24 Gay field square 

Smith, Mrs, 17 Pilrig street 

Smith, Mrs, 23 Minto street 

Smith, Mrs, 16 Broughton place 

Smith, Miss E. lodgings, 2 Trinity crescent 

Smith, Miss M. A. 15 Danube street 

Smith, Miss Margaret, 2 Crichton street 

Smith, Miss, 9 Graham street 

Smith, Miss, Ashfield lodge 

Smith, Miss, 6 Fettes row 

Smith, Miss, 3 Saxe Coburg pi. 

Smith, Misses E. & M. dress and cloak 
makers, 62 Rose street 

Smiths and Co. purveyors of lamps and oils 
to the Queen, brassfounders, gasfitters, tin- 
smiths, railway lamp manufrs, 1 Blair st. 

Smyth, Chas. Piazzi, professor of practical 
astronomy, and astronomer royal for Scot- 
land, 1 Hillside crescent 

Smyth, .J. of Balharry, advocate, 1 Hart street 

Smyth, John, professor of dancing, 35 Fre- 
derick street 

Smyth, Robert, W.S. 1 Hart street 

Smyth, Mrs, 30 Clarence street 

Smyttan, Geo., M.D. 20 Melville street 

Snadden, Mrs Maria, 2 West Preston street 

Snodgrass, Jas. surg. & drug. 238 Canongate 

Snodgrass, Mrs, lodgings, 9 Crichton street 

Snodgrass, Misses, milliners and dressmakers, 
112 George street 

Snody, Andw., S.S.C. city agent for Leith, 26 
Gayfield sq. and 123 Constitution st. Leith 

Snow & Johnston, fleshers, 5 Middle market 

Snow, F. flesher, Middle market 

Snow, John, flesher, 16 South St James' street 

Society of Antiquaries, 24 George street — 
Alex. Christie and J. A. Smith, secretaries 

Society, Botanical — W. Evans, Experimen- 
tal Gardens, treasurer 

Society, Calvin New Translations — Robt. 
Pitcairn, secretary, 9 Northumberland st. — 
depositaries, Sutherland & Knox, 23 George 

Society, Camden — T. G. Stevenson, agent 

Society, City Misson — T. Scott and Wm. 
Whyte, joint treasurers 

Society for Clothing the Industrious Poor, 
18 Bristo street 

Society, Celtic, of Ireland — T. G. SteVenson, 

Society, Destitute Sick — Wm. Whyte, 13 
George street, treasurer; John M'CuUoch 
(^British Linen Company), sub-treasurer 

Society, Gaelic Schools — W. P. Kennedy, 
treasurer, 15 St Andrew street 

Society, Gratis Sabbath-school — Wm.Whyte, 
13 George street, treasurer 

Society, Hakluyt — T. G. Stevenson, agent 

Society, lona — T. G. Stevenson, agent 
Society, Irish Archaeological — T. G. Steven- 
son, agent 
Society, Irish Evangelical, Edinburgh Auxi- 
liary — W. F. Watson, 52 Princes street 
Society, London Missionary, Edinburgh 

Auxiliary to — W. F. Watson, 52 Princes 

street, treasurer 
Society, Naval and Military Bible — William 

Whyte, 13 George street, treasurer 
Society for Preventing Cruelty to Animals 

— Wm. Whyte, 13 George street, treasurer 
Society for Promoting Religious Knowledge 

among the Poor — Wm. Whyte, 13 George 

street, treasurer and secretary 
Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge 

— Robert Grant and Son, 34 Princes street 
Society for Propagating Christian Knowledge, 

49 Queen street 
Society for Relief of the Destitute Sick, 

— W. Whyte, treasurer; John M'CuUoch 

{British Linen Company), Sub-treasurer 
SociETY,Anglia Christiana — T. G. Stevenson, 

Society, Scottish Episcopal Church — H. J. 

RoUo, W.S. 16 Dundas street, secretary and 

Society, Shakspeare — T. G. Stevenson, agent 
Society, Total Abstinence, committee rooms, 

2 North bridge — W. K. Rose, secretary 
Solicitor-General, James Crawford, 18 

Charlotte square 
Solicitors of Supreme Courts — library, 

Parliament house 
Solicitors-at-Law — hall, 3 R. Exchange 
Somervaille, D. J. corn merchant, 10 Quality 

street, Leith 
Somerville, A. G. 1st vice-president General 

Post- Office, Larchfield villa, Easter road 
Somerville, Alex. {^Inland Revenue)^ 22 Rut- 
land square 
Somerville, Rev. Andrew, secy, to Mission 

Board, U. P. Church, 5 Queen street 
Somerville, Andw. leather merch. 98West port 
Somerville, Aw. mercht. 32 Constitution st. 
Somerville, David, grocer, 79 Giles' street 
Somerville, David, spirit dealer, 37 India pi. 
Somerville, D. draper, 52 W. Richmond st. 
Somerville, Geo. innkeeper. New Market inn 
Somerville, Geo. vict. dealer, 27 Greenside st. 
Somerville, James, S.S.C. 25 Dundas street 
Somerville, James, baker and victualler, 129 

Rose street 
Somerville, Jas. victual dealer, 1 Hamilton pi. 
Somerville, J. & Co. merchts. 46 Quality st- 
Somerville, John, merchant and general agent, 

69 Constitution st. Leith 
Somerville, John, hosier and glover, 67 North 

Hanover street 
Somerville, John, printer, 58 Lauriston st. 
Somerville, Lieut.-Col. 9 Royal crescent 
Somerville, Robert, W.S. 19 India street 
Somerville, Robert, stationer, 13 India place 





Somerville, Robert, 12 St Leonard street 
Somerville, Sana., M.D , F.ll.C.P. 17 Hart st. 
Somerville, Thos. of Greenfield, 19 Danube st. 
Somraerville, Hugh, wine anil spirit merch. 

123 Canongate 
Somraerville, Hugh, lodgings, 20 Albany st. 
Sommerville, James, mason, 13 Jamaica street 
Sommerviile, Wm. grocer and spirit dealer, 

183 Canongate 
Sommerville, Wm. 17 W. Preston street 
Sommerville, Jlrs, 212 Canongate 
Sommerville, Mrs, lapidary, seal engraver, 
and mineral dealer, 20 West Register street 
Somner, Mrs Margaret, 45 East Claremont st. 
Sorreck, Miss, French stay maker, 15 Brown st. 
Souter, D. Robertson, accountant, 15 Glou- 
cester place 
Souter, Francis George, Sheriff-clerk of Chan- 
cery, chambers. Parliament square — ho. 39 
Great King street 
Souter, Jas. innkeeper, 20 So. b. Canongate 
Souter, James, W.S. 80 Great King street 
Souter, James, turner, 26 St James' square 
Souter, Peter, shipmaster, ^Madeira pi. Leitli 
Souter, Peter, grocer, 52 Clerk street 
.Souter, Mrs, 46 Great King street 
Southern Academy, Park place house 
Southern Horaoepathic Dispensary, 2 West 

Richmond street 
Soutter, James, fancy turner, 60 Princes st. 

— workshop, Swinton row 
Spalding, Mrs, ladies' nurse, 9 Jamaica street 
Spankie, Miss, 32 Broughton place 
Sparks, John, cricket-ground keeper, Grove 

cottage, 118 Fountainbridge 
Spaven, Robert, saddler and harness maker, 

16 S. St Andrewr st ho. 8 W. Adam st. 

Spaven, Mrs John, 11 Duncan street 
Spears, George. Jock's lodge 
Spence, Alex. Ogilvy, 7 Brunswick st. Hillside 
.Spence, Andrew, tea, wine, and spirit mer- 
chant, 66 and 67 Tolbooth wynd — house, 
Adelphi place, Leith links 
.Spence, Chas, S.S.C. andX.P.6 St Andrew sq. 
Spence, Charles, grocer, 3 Haddington place 
Spence, David, bootmaker, 10 Kirkgate — 

house, 137 
Spence, George, merchant, 2 Haddington pi, 
Spence, James, tailor & clothier, 31 S. bridge 
Spence, James, W.S. 24 Pitt street 
Spence, James, smith, 18 West Crosscausey 
Spence, James, F.R.CS.E. lecturer on sur- 
gery, 12 Northumberland street 
Spence, John, tavern-keeper, 10 Hunter square 
Spence, John, surgeon-dentist, 50 Great 

King street 
Spence, Joseph, saddler, 24 Grassmarket 
Spence, Norman {Edln. and Leith Gas Co.), 

2 Haddington place 
Spence, William (B. Linen Co.), 17 Bruns- 
wick street, Hillside 
Spence, Mrs Alex. 7 Brunswick st. Hillside 
Spence, Mrs George, cowfeeder, Thornybank 

Spence, Mrs John, 6 Smith's place 

Spence, Mrs, 17 Clarence street 

Spence, Mrs, dairy, 15 William street 

Spence, Mrs, Athelstane cot. Ferry rd. Wardie 

Spence, Miss, 2 Thistle court 

Spens, Nathaniel, W,S. of Craigsanquhar, 28 

Walker street 
Spens, Mrs Dr, 14 Drummond place 
Spiden, Robt, builder, 21 Charles street 
Spiers, Mrs, Belgrave villa 
Spindler, Misses, teachers, 137 Princes street 
Spink, James, lapidary, 5 Rose street 
Spinks, Charles, turner, 24 and 25 Duke st. 

Spinks, Wm. wood- turner, 24 Kirkgate 
Spittal, James and Co. silk mercers and shawl 

manufacturers, 12 St Andrew square 
Spittal, Thos. janitor, 33 Charlotte square 
Spittal, Lady, 3 Minto street 
Spittal, Mrs James, 4 Eyre place 
Spittal, Mrs John, 8 Nicolson square 
Spottiswoode, Arthur C, Major Bengal Army, 

36 Great King street 
Spottiswoode, Robert, accountant, 7 Thistle 

street — house, 18 Howard place 
Sprot, John, 10 Darnaway street 
Sprot, Thomas, W.S, 10 Drummond place 
Sprot, Mrs, 24 Moray place 
Sprot, Miss, 23 Rutland square 
Squair, Jas, (S. Un. Insur.), 21 Gardner's cres. 
St Clair, Archd, lodgings, Windmill house 
St Clair, John, teacher of violin and accor- 
dion, 79 South bridge 
St Clair, J, P. teacher of languages, 63 S. br. 
St Clair, Mrs, 63 South bridge 
St Clair, Mrs, lodgings, 1 Gabriel's road 
St Cuthbert's Lodge of Free Gardeners — 

D. Grant, R.W.M., 14 Canning place; W. 

Burge, 10 North bridge, treasurer 
St Cuthbert's Poorhouse, Lothian road — 

house governor, James Robertson 
St Margaret's Convent, Bruntsfield links 
St Stephen's School, 58 Brunswick street 
Stacey, James M., S.S.C, 2 Thistle court 
Stage Coaches — See Conveyance Direc- 
Stalker, James, grocer, &c. 36 North Pitt st. 
Stalker, Thomas, hairdresser aud perfumer, 

23 North-west Circus place 
Stalker, Wm. sailmaker, 3 Bernard street 
Stalker, Mrs, 50 Cumberland street 
Standard Life Assurance Co. 3 George street 

— Will. Thos. Thomson, manr. — See Adv. 
Stanley, Mrs Montague, 3 North Charlotte st. 
Star Life Assurance office, 10 George street 

— J, Livingston, agent 
Starforth John, architect, 12 S. Castle street 
Stark, Adam, ironmonger, 3 Bank street — 

house, 48 London street 
Stark, G. G. {Williamson &,^ S.), 3 Pilrig street 
Stark, James, M.D., F.RrCP. 21 Rutland st. 
Stark, Robt, M, seedsman and florist, 145 

Princes street — nursery, Edgehill, Dean 




J 69 

Stark, Thomas, tobacco manuf. 81 West port 
Stark, Win. builder & architect, 48 London st. 
Stark, William, jun. builder, yard, Castle ter- 
race — house, 45 Ann street 
Stark, Miss, Salisbury green 
Starke, James, advocate, 23 Heriot row 
Siavert, Mrs, 18 Walker street 
Stead & Simpson, shoe manufacturers, 375 

High street 
Steam Packet Offices. — See Conveyance 

Stebbine, Alexander, painter, 102 Kirkgate 

— house, 9 Glover street 
Stebbing, Isaac, bookbinder, 5 Xicolson st. 
Steedman, Henry, bookbinder, 44 George st. 
Steedman, John, clerk, 76 Queen street 
Steedman, William, grocer, tea and coffee 

merchant, 1 Charlotte street, Leith 
Steedman, James, canteen, Piershill 
Steedman, Mrs H. greengrocer and victualler, 

20 Thistle street 
Steedman, Mrs, 25 Howre street 
Steedman, Mrs, victl. dealer, 13 Fountainbr. 
Steel, David, spirit dealer, Hillhouse field 
Steel, David, mason. Mount pleasant 
Steel, Ebenr. grocer, 4 King's place 
Steel, James, 2 West Newington 
Steel, Jas. boot and shoemaker, Canaan lane 
Steel, William, upholsterer, 59 Thistle street 
Steel, Wm. dealer in horses, and horse-hirer, 

153 Rose street — house, 18 Castle street 
Steel, INIrs, 33 Dundas street 
Steel, Mrs John, lodgings, Canaan lane 
Steel, Miss, dressmaker, 2 Kerr street 
Steel, Miss Janet, milliner and dressmaker, 

7 Milne square 
Steele, Charles, house agent, 19 Gardner's cr. 
Steele, James, baker, 55 iSTicolson street 
Steele, Jn. ironmonger & pasfitter, 100 High 

street — house, 25 James' square 
Steele, Peter, classical master, F. C. formal 

school, 4 Park street 
Steele, Pat. S. 25 Inverleith row 
Steele, W. & P. furnishing ironmongers to the 

Queen, 61 George street 
Steele, Wilkinson, merchant, 18 Pilrig street 
Steele, William (.S'wjd. Cowr^s), agent for Gua- 
rantee Society, 29 S. Frederick street 
Steele, William, wine and spirit merchant, 5 

West Richmond street 
Steele, Wm. 24 Gayfield square 
Steele, Mrs Dr, 6 Pitt street 
Steele, Mrs, midwife & nurse, 50 Thistle st. 
Steele, Misses M. & C. dressmakers, 23 South 

Steele, Misses, 33 Howe street 
Steell, George, 31 BroQghtoa place 
Steell, Gourlay, A.R.S.A., portrait and animal 

painter, 4 Randolph place 
Steell, Jno., R.S.A. sculptor to her Majesty — 

studio, 9 Randolph place; bronze foundry, 

Grove street — house, Greenhill gardens 
Steell, Mrs, 20 Gallon hill 

Stegmann, C, Ciaremont Park, Leith links 
Stegmann, Westenholz, & Co. corn factors 

and com. merchants, 34 Constitution street 
Steill, John, Grange road 
Stein &. Campbell, W.S. 49 Northumberland 

I Scein, John, spirit dealer, 195 High street 
Stein, Misses, milliners and dressmakers, 3 
j Portland place 
j Stenhouse, Andw. & Geo. agents and ship 

brokers. Wet docks 
Stenhouse, G. {A. Sf G. S.), 4 Hope terrace 
Stenhouse, AVm. baker, 5 Little Kiug street 

and 4 East Register street 
Stenhouse, Mrs, 30 Haddington place 
Stenhouse, Mrs, cook, 38 India place 
Stenhouse, Miss, 4 Hope terrace 
Stephens, Henry, Redbraes cottage, Bonning- 

ton road 
Stephens, John, shipmast. 25 Queen st. Leith 
Stephens, J. tea dealer, 4 Fleshmarket close 
Stephens, Mrs Wm. 6 Saunders street 
Stephens, Mrs, IMorningside 
Stephenson, John and Co. railway contractors^ 

Lothian road 
Stephenson, Robt. comb manufacturer to her 

Majesty, 25 Leith street — house, Grange 

villa. West Newington 
Stephenson, Mrs, 53 Frederick street 
Steuart, Charles, W.S. 17 India st. — house, 3 

Albyn place 
Steuart, Lieut.-Gen. G. M. 48 Melville street 
Steuart, .James, W.S. 17 India street — house, 

8 Doune terrace 
Steuart, Robert, of Carfin, 32 Royal terracf 
Steuart, Mrs Charles, 3 Albyn place 
Steuart, Miss, of Steuart hall, 16 Maitland st. 
Steuart, Miss, 17 St Andrew square 
Steuart, Miss, 16 Stafford street 
Steven, James, Edinburgh and Leith carrier, 

7 Windmill street 
Steven, Robt. victual & spirit dealer, 54 East 

Steven, Rev, Dr Wm. II Nicolson square 
Steven, W. grocer & wine mercht, 45 Bridgt- 

street & 37 Sandport street — house, 2 Pit: 

street, Bonnington 
Steven, Wm. hairdresser and perfumer, -id 

St James' square 
Stevens, Wm. cooper, 6 ToUcroes — house, b 
Stevenson's sale rooms, 4 St Andrew square 
Stevenson, Messrs, civil engineers, 84 George 

Stevenson & Co. printers, 32 Thistle street 
Stevenson & Co. R. H., licensed passage 

brokers, 10 N. St Andrew street 
Stevenson, Andrew R. 38 North Hanover st. 
Stevenson, Alexander, S.S.C. 4 St Andrew- 
square — house, Eden Bank, Church lane. 

Stevenson, Alexander, W.S. 9 Heriot row^ 
Stevenson, Alex. jun. stockbroker, 4 St An- 
drew Square 





Stevenson, Allan, hat manufactui-er, 5 Drum- 

mond street 
Stevenson, David, civil engineer, 8 Forth st. 
Stevenson, David, secretary to Edinburgh Y. 

M. P. Society, 4. St Cuthbert's street 
Stevenson, Rev. Dr, 14 Hermitage pi. Leith 
Stevenson, Duncan (.S'. &; Co.), 4 Carlton st. 
Stevenson, Jas. bookbinder, 265 High street 
Stevenson, James, draper, 190 Canongate 
Stevenson, James, builder & house carpenter, 

Broughton market — ho. 10 Cumberland st. 
Stevenson, Jas. late surg. iladras establishm. 

H.E.I.C.S. 11 St Bernard's crescent 
Stevenson, Rear-Admiral .Jas., Seacot, Leith 
Stevenson, Jn. (Union Bk.), 17 Archibald pi. 
Stevenson, John, grocer and wine merchant, 

8 North ]\Ielvillti place 
Stevenson, John, hat manufuc. 90 S. Bridge 
Stevenson, John, wine and spirit merchant, 3 

St Vincent street 
Stevenson, Peter, philosophical instrument 

maker, 9 I^othian street — house, 6 
Stevenson. Philip, R. N. 33 Bridge street 
Stevenson, Rev. R. Home, 18 Manor place 
Stevenson, E. H. accountant, 10 N. St And- 
rew street 
Stevenson, Rev. Thomas, 15 Leith walk 
Stevenson, Thos. Geo. bookseller, publisher, 

and bookbinder, 87 Princes street — house, 

4 Torphichen street 
Stevenson, T. & A., Berlin wool, button, and 

trimming warehouse, 53 South bridge 
Stevenson, Thos. maltster, corn factor, and 

coal merchant, 14 Assembly street 
Stevenson, Thos. civil engineer, 1 Inverleith 

Stewart, Thos., wine mercht, 266 Canongate 
Stevenson, Wm. Cowman, 1 Grove street 
Stevenson, Wm. cattle dealer, Jordan burn 
Stevenson, Wm. upholsterer, 34 Hanover st. 

— house, 65 Cumberland street 
Stevenson, William, 22 Alva street 
Stevenson, Mrs James, 8 Atholl place 
Stevenson, Mrs, cook, foot of Craig's close 
Stevenson, Mrs, 1 Albyn place 
Stevenson, Mrs, ladies' nurse, 82 S. Bridge 
Stevenson, ]\Irs, 14 Nicolson square 
Stevenson, Mrs James, 1 1 Lutton place 
Stevenson, Mrs, lodgings, 54 Bristo street 
Stevenson, Mrs James, 4 W. Xewington pi. 
Stevenson, Miss B. 48 India street 
Stevenson, Miss M., milliner and dressmaker, 

6 Dublin street 
Stevenson, Eliz. M. dressmaker, &c. Jordan 

burn cottage 
Steven ton, .John, Bay Horse inn and livery 

stables, 55 Rose street 
Stewart & Bell, slaters and chimney-sweepers, 

9 Queeusferry street 
Stewart and Co. merchants, 31 St Andrew sq. 
Stewart, Alex, painter and paper-hanging 

merchant, 95 Princes street — house, 7 Fre- 
derick street 

Stewart, Alex, bootmaker, 28 Pitt street 
Stewart, Alex. (Customs), 4 Pitt street, Leith 
Stewart, Alex. James, W.S. 27 Pitt street 
Stewart, Alex, letter-carrier, 8 W. Adam st. 
Stewart, A., spirit dealer. Main st. Newhaven 
Stewart, A. Wood, 1 BeUevue crescent 
Stewart, A., letter carrier, 45 Earl Grey st. 
Stewart, Ben., dentist, 12 Howe street 
Stewart, Chas. & David, solicitors, 23 Castle st. 
Stewart, Charles (C. §' B. Stewart), 11 

Clarendon crescent 
Stewart, Charles, messenger Edinburgh and 

Glasgow Bank, 29 George street 
Stewart, Chas. tailor and clothier, 3 Barony st. 
Stewart, Charles, W.S. 17 India st. — house, 

3 Albyn place 
Stewart, Charles, flesher, 10 Canning place 
Stewart, D., Crown hotel, 10, 11, and 12 

Princes street 
Stewart, Daniel, lodgings, 8 Shakspeare square 
Stewart, Dan. superintendent -JJ.^- G.Railivay. 

North bridge station — house, Haymarket 
Stewart, David, 6 Hailes street 
Stewart, Donald, crier Parliament house, 

31 Cumberland street 
Stewart, Captain Duncan, 10 Rankeillor street 
Stewart, Duncan, lodgings, 27 Castle street 
Stewart, Dun. wine and spirit merchant, 3P 

Frederick street — house, 40 Jamaica street 
Stewart, George {E. and G. Bank), 45 North 

Hanover street 
Stewart, Hope James,por.-painter,35 Alva st. 
Stewart, J. and G. tea, wine, and spirit mer- 
chants, 113 High street 
Stewart, J. L. landscape-painter, 25 E. Clare- 

mont street 
Stewart, James, lodgings, 30 Castle street 
Stewart, .James W. civil engineer, 5 North St 
David street — house, 11 Duncan street, 
Druramond place 
Stewart, James ( Union Banh), 5 Archd. pi. 
Stewart, Jas. baker, 10 Couper street 
Stewart, .James, 135 Rose street 
Stewart, James, 3 Grove place 
Stewart, James, Christian bank, Trinity 
Stewart, Jas. confectioner and Italian ware- 
houses, 34 Hanover street & 2 Rutland pi. 
Stewart, James, 3 Upper Dean terrace 
Stewart, James, spirit merchant, 265 High st. 
Stewart, John, 44 South bridge 
Stewart, John, 28 Abercromby place 
Stewart, John, cabinetmaker, Charlotte lane 
Stewart, John (,/. S^ G. S.), 84 Lauriston pi. 
Stewart, John, M.D. 24 Queen street 
Stewart, John, W.S. 18 Ainslie place 
Stewart, John, com. traveller, 6 Brighton st. 
Stewart, John, of Binny, 19 Maitland street 
Stewart, John, 9 Hill square 
Stewart, John, mercht. Leith— house. Prim- 
rose street 
Stewart, John, baker, 1 Howe street — ho. 6 
Stewart, John, & Co. (Edin. News Office)., 
Writers' Court— ho. 16 Meadow place 






Stewart, J. gate-keeper, St Margaret's station 
Stewart, Joseph, gardener, Bangholm 
Stewart, Ledingham, & Co. commission mer- 
chants, 122 Constitution street 
Stewart, Mark, tailor, 233 High street 
Stewart, Neil, artist, 9 Roxburgh terrace 
Stewart, Patrick, coal merchant, 22 William st. 
Stewart, Peter, coach-hirer, 1 Queensferry st. 
Stewart, Pet., letter-carrier, 4 Windmill lane 
Stewart, Peter, wine and spirit merchant, 48 

Hanover street, and 1 1 E. Register street 
Stewart, Robt. writer, 31 Broughton street 
Stewart, Robert, victual dealer, 13 West 

Maitland street 
Stewart, Eobt. bootmaker, 26 Nicolson street 
Stewart, R. victual dealer, 12 North-west Cir- 
cus place — house, 13 
Stewart, Robt. G. chemist & druggist. Tan- 
field — house, 6 Huntly street 
Stewart, Robert, stock-broker, 4 N. St David 

street — house, 5 Picardy place 
Stewart, Robert, 9 Rose street 
Stewart, Robt. & Co. com. agents and cigar 

merchants, 4 North St David street 
Stewart, Robt. {Curror ^ S.), 53 Castle st. 
Stewart, S. & Co. bedding and iron bedstead 

manufacturers, 17 Greenside place 
Stewart, T. & J. boot and shoe makers, 34 

Leith street 
Stewart, Thos. provision dealer, 8 Bernard st. 
Stewart, Thos. china merchant, 7 Hay's court 
Stewart, Thomas, warehouseman, Craigie ter- 
race cottage 
Stewart, Walter, superintendent. Court of 
Session, Parliament house — ho. 7 Spittal st. 
Stewart, Walter, grocer. West Norton place 
Stewart, Wm. spirit merchant, 331 Canon- 
gate & 2 Milne sq. — ho. 423 Lawnmarket 
Stewart, William, 13 Rutland square 
Stewart, William, baker, Alison's place 
Stewart, William, spirit dealer, 14 Coal hill 
Stewart, William, lodgings, 10 Albyn place 
Stewart, Mrs Chas. C. 1 Bellevue crescent 
Stewart, Mrs Duncan, 3 Windsor street 
Stewart, Mrs, 137 George street 
Stewart, Mrs Helen, grocer, 38 Lauriston st. 
Stewart, Mrs I, spirit dealer, 11 Clyde st. 
Stewart, Mrs J. (aS. and Bell), 30 Alva street 
Stewart, Mrs James, 33 Howe street 
Stewart, Mrs Wm. 4 North Charlotte street 
Stewart, Mrs Wm. sp. dealer, 85 Canongate 
Stevrart, Mrs W. lodgings, 10 Albyn place 
Stewart, Mrs, of Crossmount, 17 Albany street 
Stewart, Mrs Col. of Strathgarry, 42 Char- 
lotte square 
Stewart, Mrs, 2 Greyfriars' place 
Stewart, Mrs, 27 Pitt street 
Stewart, Mrs, French staymr. 5 1 London st. 
Stewart, Mrs, 5 Clarence street 
Stewart, Mrs, 1 London street 
Stewart, Mrs, 1 Brandfield place 
Stewart, Mrs, 14 Archibald place 
Stewart, Mrs, 20 Dublin street 

Stewart, Mrs, 1 Upper Gray street 

Stewart, Miss, 40 India street 

Stewart, Miss, milliner and dressmaker, 1 

Deanhaugh street 
Stewart's toy warehouse, 76 Princes st. —ho. It, 
Stillie, James, bookseller, 78 Princes street 
Stirling, Archd. lodgings, 11 Hope street 
Stirling and Dunfermline Railw. Co.'s Office, 
42 George st. — A. J. Dickson, secretary; 
James Gow, accountant 
Stirling Packet Office, 2 Dock place 
Stirling, D. coach-hirer, 4 Haddington pi. 
Stirling, George, gardener, 8 Kerr street 
Stirling Hugh, draper, 49 Earl Grey street 
Stirling, James, civil engineer, 1 1 Hill street 
Stirling, Jas. grocer, 7 Buccleuch street 
Stirling, John, grocer, 4 St Patrick street 
Stirling, R. spirit merchant, 14 Melville pi. 
Stirling, Wm. spirit merchant, 50 Cross- 
causey — house, 21 
Stirling, Mrs A. spirit dealer. Cowan's close 
Stirling, Mrs John, 28 London street 
Stirling, Mrs, of Castlemilk, 44 Melville street 
Stirling, Mrs, of Holme hill, 6 Alva street 
Stirling, ]\Iiss E. 7 St Bernard's row 
Stirling, Misses, 27 Queen street 
Stirton, David, 9 Brighton street 
Stobie, Robert, consulting surgeon, 42 Blair 

street and 86 South bridge 
Stobie, Thomas, gardener, Brown's entry, 

Leith walk 
Stobie, William, victual dealer, 38 St Leonard 

street — ho. 17 Clerk street 
Stobo, J. tea and spirit merchant, 18 South 

St James' street 
Stock Exchange, 20 St Andrew square 
Stocks, David & Co. wine merchts. and por- 
ter agents, 34 Timber bush 
Stocks, David, bootmaker, 85 W^est port 
Stocks, James (i>. S. &f Co.), 33 Bridge street 
Stocks, Peter (Z). S. Sf Co.), 33 Bridge street 
Stocks, Peter, baker, 31 Bridge street 
Stocks, W. & Co. china merchts. 64 Kirkgate 
Stodart, Geo. T., W.S. 16 Abercromby place 
Stodart, George, mercht. 11 Mitchell street — 

house, 5 Brunton place 
Stodart, James, accountant, 85 Causeyside 
Stodart, John Riddle, W.S. 2 Drummond pi. 
Stodart, Mrs A. 9 Salisbury street 
Stodart, Miss Augusta, 17 Randolph crescent 
Stodart, Miss, 12 Nelson street 
Stoddart, Gavin, grocer, 1 Burns' street, Leith 
Stoddart, James {S. (Sf S.), 25 Barony street 
Stoddart, John, coach-builder and postmaster, 

40 Pleasance 
Stoddart, John, 3 Upper Gray street 
Stoddart, Thos. baker, l78 Pleasance 
Stoddart, Mrs, boot and shoe warehouse, 311 

High street 
Stoddart, Mrs, 1 Bellevue crescent 
Stoddart, Miss Agnes, 19 India street 
Stoddart, Miss Mary, 26 Howard place 
Stoddart, Miss, 7 Cassells' place 





Stone, Mrs, 7 Maitland street 

Stone, Miss, dressmaker, 7 Maitland street 

Storie, Andrew, W.S. 12 Broughton place 

Storm, J. chim. sweeper, 1 Xorthumberld. pi. 

Stormonth & Co. plumbers and zinc workers, 
22 and 23 Brown square 

Stormonth, James, teacher, Canongate Burgh 
School^ 25 Arthur street 

Stormonth, T. ( T. S. cV Co.), 25 Arthur st. 

Stormonth, Miss, 38 Danube street 

Storrar and Graham, house agents, 5 Rox- 
burgh terrace 

Story, John, merchant, 17 Constitution st. 

Stothert, William, 35 Northumb. street 

Stothert, Miss Margaret, 9 Teviot row 

Stott, D. & J. leather merchs. 24 & 26 Niddry 

Stott, David (B. &,^ J. »S'.), 21 Lothian street 

Stott, Gibson, 32 Queen street 

Stott, J. H. leather merchant, and gutta percha 
depot, 12 Xiddry street — house, 19 Meadow 

Stott, John (Z). A- J- S.), 23 George square 

Stott, Mrs, painter and glazier, 29 Dundas 
street — ho. 47 Great King street 

Stott, Mrs Wm grocer and wine merchant, 8 
Shrub place 

Strachan, James, plain and ornamental plas- 
terer, AthoU lane — house, 12 Gardner's 

Strachan, James, 11 Xorton place 

Strachan, R. H. 7 Fettes row 

Strachan, Tho. land surveyor, 16 Charlotte pi. 

Strachan, William, 65 Cumberland street 

Strachan, William, grocer, 70 Shore 

Strachan, Mrs John, 1 Henderson row 

Strachan, Mrs,, 18 Gayfield square 

Strachan, Mrs, 16 Charlotte place 

Strachan, Mrs, sick-nurse, 4 St Bernard's pi. 

Strachan, Miss, 139 George street 

Strachan, Miss, 14 Hope street 

Straiton, Mrs, 4 Hamburg place 

Strang, Wr. teacher of music, 6 Clarence st. 

Strangman, Mrs, 22 Stafford street 

Strasenburgh, Robert, Starbank, Trinity 

Strathie, Andrew, spirit dealer, 2 Orchardfield 
place, Leith walk 

Straton, Charles, 49 Great King street 

Stratton, Edward {of Customs), 1 Auburn pi. 

Street, K.(Inld. Revenue) E. Pitt st. N. Leith 

Street, George, joiner and furniture dealer, 54 
Lothian street — ho. 6 Bristo place 

Strong:, John, spirit merchant, 2 Northum- 
berland place 

Strong, ThomaS; 3 Walker street 

Strong, j\Irs, 3 Walker street 

Struthers, Henry, brick, tile, and cement work, 

Struthers, James, I\I.D. 22 Charlotte street, 

Struthers, John, surgeon, F.R.C.S. 19 Aber- 
cromby place 

Stuart, Rev. A. Moody, 43 Queen street 

Stuart, Alexander {Gordon, S. b; Cheyne), 14 

Forth street 
Stuart, Alex, seed-crusher, citadel, N. Leith 
Stuart, Andrew, letterfounders' punch-cutter, 

Primrose villa, Grange road 
Stuart, Charles Villiers, 20 Rutland square 
Stuart, Gordon, merchant, 7 India place 
Stuart, .T. G., M.D. 54 India street 
Stuart, Jas. music-seller, 7 W. Lauriston pi. 
Stuart, John, wine, and spirit mercht. 103 

High street 
Stuart, Jn. (Gen. Reg. House) 2 S. Blacketpl. 
Stuart, Captain John, 5 Picardy place 
Stuart, Wm. attorney & account. 22 Hill st. 
Stuart, Wm. S., S.S.C. {Ferguson S^ Stuart), 

30 Clarence street 
Stuart, W. B. Windmill cottage 
Stuart, Lady, of Allan bank, 20 Maitland st. 
Stuart, Miss, 7 Downie place 
Stuckey, Miss Rosina, dressmaker, 8 Keir st. 
Stupart, Major, Grove lodge. Trinity 
Sturrock & Sons, perfumers & hairdressers to 

the Queen, 33 Princes street 
Sturrock, J. & Sons, brassfounders and gas- 
fitters, 1 Duke St. Leith — ho. 6 Queen's pi. 
Sturrock, John,jun. 6 Queen's place 
Sturrock, John, writer, 30 Earl Grey street 
Sturrock, Thos. brassfounder, 1 Duke street 

— house, Thomson's place 
Sturrock, Mrs, 41 Northumberland street 
Sugden,;Mrs, mid w. & ladies' nurse, 1 Granton 

Summers, John, baker, 1 Church street 
Summers, Thos. shawl manufr. 49 Princes st. 
Sun Fire and Life Insurance Company — Alex. 
Allan & Co. 40 Princes st. D. Murray, 39 
George st. and A. Fyfe, S.S.C. 15 Leopold 
place, agents 
Supervision, Board of, for Relief of the Poor, 

102 George street 
Surenne, Dan. F. teacher of drawing and paint- 
ing, 8 Great King street 
Surenne, John T. prof, of the pianoforte and 

harmony, 3 Howe street 
Surenne, Monsieur Gab., F.A.S.E., French 
teacher, and emeritus lecturer in the Scot- 
tish N. and M. Academy, 8 Great King st. 
Suther, Rev. Tho. G., D.C.L. 6 Inverleith row 
Sutherland and Sons, tailors and clothiers, 4 

Romilly place 
Sutherland and Knox, booksellers and pub- 
lishers, 23 George street 
Sutherland, A. G., W.S. IS Fettes row 
Sutherland, Daniel R. stationer, 95 So. bridge 

— house, 24 Upper Gray street 
Sutherland, David, builder, Lothian road 
Sutherland, D. letter-carrier, 11 Howe street 
Sutherland, Don. egg mercht. 1 Brown square 
Sutherland, D. builder, 2 Trinity crescent. 

Sutherland, D. spirit dealer, Newhaven 
Sutherland, Dr, E.I.C.S. Oakleigh villa, War- 





Sutherland, Erskine (Com. Bank), 17 Union 

Sutherland, George, china and glass merchant, 

4 Greenside place 
Sutherland, G. spirit merchant, 10 South St 

Andrew street 
Sutherland, Hugh, grocer and spirit dealer, 

7 Mansfield place 
Sutherland, J. city officer and J. P. constable, 

4 Sciennes place 
Sutherland, John, builder, 15 S. College st. 
Sutherland, J. S., M.D. Oakleigh cot. Wardie 
Sutherland, John and Co. music and book 

sellers, stationers, and news agents, 12 Cal- 

ton street — house, 19 Union st See Adv. 

Sutherland, J. baker, 36 St Andrew st. Leith 
Sutherland, Joseph, tailor and clothier, 93 

George street 
Sutherland, Lieut.-Col. R. Sinclair, E.I.C.S, 

12 Blacket place 
Sutherland, Robert, printer, Craigside house 
Sutherland, R. P. printseller, picture dealer, 

and bookseller, 37 Leith walk and 38 Heriot 

Sutherland, W. A. (S. 4' Knox), 1 Windsor st. 
Sutherland, Wm. jeweller, 46 S. Clerk street 
Sutherland, Wm. hatter, 54 St Mary's wynd 
Sutherland, Mrs I. midwife, 2 James' court 
Sutherland, Mrs, 41 E. Claremont street 
Sutherland, Mrs, lodgings, 11 Howe street 
Sutherland, Misses, 7 St Vincent street 
Sutherland, Misses, straw-hat warehouse, 5 

Antigua street 
Sutherland's furniture warerooms and house 

agency office, 62 and 63 Kirkgate 
Sutter, Arch, civil engineer and land-surveyor, 

80 George street 
Sutter, Mrs, lodgings, 5 Rutland place 
Suttie, Richard, victualler, 278 Canongate 
Suttie, Mrs W. cowfeeder, 44 Wright's houses 
Swains, John, private hotel, 4 and 5 Albyn pi. 
Swaine, E. A. and Crudelius, importers of 

foreign wool. Citadel 
Swan, Andrew, cattle dealer, 1 Tarvet street. 

Home street | 

Swan, David, o&cer of Desiiiiite Sick Society, 

150 High street 
Swan, David, lodgings, 30 Rutland square 
Swan, Geo. (Thos. Whi/teSc Co.), Big Jack's cl. 
Swan, Jas. baker, 87 Broughton street 
Swan, Jn. sheep & cattle agt. 7 Archibald pi. 
Swan, Rev. Wm. 7 Hope crescent 
Swan, W^m. lodgings, 6 Clarence street 
Swan, William, lecturer on mathematics and 

natural philosophy, 4 Duke street 
Swan, Mrs George, 14 Dundas street 
Swanson, Alex, spirit dealer, 1 Horse wynd 
Swanson, Donald, shipmaster, 1 1 Couper st. 
Swanson, G. officer U. P. Church, 5 Queen st. 
Swanson, John, dentist, 28 Castle street 
Swanson, Wm. 43 West Claremont street 
Swanson, Misses E. & S. 51 Clerk street 
Swanston, David, draper, 7 Nicolson square 

Swanaton, George, lodgings, 18 Nelson st, 
Swanston, Geo. H. engraver, printer, and litho- 
grapher, 1 Thistle street 
Swanston, John, cutler, 11 St James' place 
Swanston, Thomas, woollen draper & hatter, 

164 High street — bo. J 4 Gilmore place 
Swanston, Wm. messenger-at-arms, 11 St 

James' place 
Swanston, I\Irs, Aladeira place 
Swanston, Mrs, 65 Frederick street 
Swash, Robert, boot and shoemaker, 35 Whit- 
field place 
Swinburne, Col. Thomas Robert, of Marcus, 

13 Great Stuart street 
Swinburne, R. W^. and Co. manufacturers of 
plate, crown, and sheet glass, 24 Greenside 
Swinton, Archd. Camp, adv., prof, of civil law 

in the University, 6 Atholl crescent 
Swinton, George, 4 Atholl crescent 
Swinton, Robert, mason, 7 Quality street 
Swinton, Thomas, 6 Pitt street 
Swinton, Thomas, tea, wine, and Italian ware- 
house, 2 Dundas street 
Swinton, Misses, milliners, dressmakers, and 

straw-bonnet makers, 53 Kirkgate 
Swirles, James, draper, 40 Victoria street 
Sword, Jas. upholstery and general house- 
furnishing warerooms, 22 Hanover street 
Sword, James, S.S.C 1 Buccleuch street 
Sword, James, of Annfield, 13 Dean Terrace 
Sword, James, coal merchant, Scotland street 

station, and South Junction street, Leith 
Sword, W^alter B. wine merchant, 13 Elder st. 
Sydney, Mrs, 1 1 North Melville place 
SydserfF, Mrs B. Rose villa, Greenhill 
Sym, Rev. John, 37 George square 
Syme, James, professor of clinical surgery, 

2 Rutland st house, Millbank house 

Syme, John T., Laurel bank 

Syme, Robt. {Macpherson 6f S.), Greenhill 

Syme, Thomas, W.S. (Davidson Sf Syme), 5 

Carlton terrace 
Syme, Miss, 28 India street 
Syme, Miss, 1 Blenheim place 
Syme, Miss, Laurel bank 
Symington, J. spirit dealer, 1 Salisbury street 
Symonds, Master R.N. 6 Gardner's crescent 
Symon, Alex, baker, 83 St Andrew street, 

Symons, Peter, spirit dealer, 8 Riddle's close 
Symons, Mrs, 32 Charlotte square 

Taap, Wm. linen merchant, 37 North bridge 
Taap, Andrew, linen merchant, 9 W, Clare- 
mont street 
Tainsh, James, 128 Constitution st. Post-ofBce 
Tait and Crichton, W.S. 2 Park place 
Tait, Adam, cutler, Fox's lane, Tolbooth wynd, 

Tait, Alexander, grocer and spirit dealer, 31 
Jamaica street 





Tait, Andrew, victual dealer, 200 Pleasance 
Tail, Andrew, tailor, 43 Brougliton street 
Tait, Andrew, baker, 33 Rose street — house, 

53 George street 
Tait, George, advocate, 4 Abercroraby place 
Tait, Geo. D. flesher, 49 Tolbooth wy. Leith 
Tait, Gilbt. boot and shoe maker, 60 Rose st. 
Tait, James Campbell, W.S. 2 Park place 
Tait, James, late bookseller, 41 Clerk street 
Tait, James, plasterer, 2 Mound place 
Tait, James, grocer, Orchardfield 
Tait, Jas. New R. hotel, 18 & 19 Princes st. 
Tait, James {G.P. O.), 4 Graham street 
Tait, John, advocate, and sheriff' of Clack- 
mannan and Kinross shires, 2 Park place 
Tait, John, agent, G Rankeillor street 
Tait, John, dairy, 32 Couper street 
Tait, John, architect, 1 Mound place 
Tait, John R, baker, 2 Queensferry street 
Tait, John H. office keeper, 3 George street 
Tait, ]\I. S. {Royal Bank), G Rankeillor street 
Tait, Peter, baker, 4 West port 
Tait, Pringle, baker, 10 Carnegie street 
Tait, Thos. grocer, 20 South College street 
Tait, Thomas, ( C. ^- Tait), 6 S. St James' st, 
Tait, William, 2 Walker street 
Tait, William, button and trimming ware- 
house, 12 and 13 South bridge — house, 15 
Buccleuch place 
Tait, W. & Co. silk mercers, drapers, lace- 
men, &c. 29 and 30 Princes street 
Tait, Wm. mercantile agent, 2 Carlton street 
Tait, William (^Duncan, Flockhart, §• Cb.), 

10 Torphichen street 
Tait, Wm. (T. §• Co.), Northfield, Jock's lodge 
Tait, Mrs Walter, druggist, 61 Bristo street 
Tait, Mrs J. H. 6 Bellevue crescent 
Tait, Mrs, 10 Dublin street 
Tait, Mrs, ladies' nurse, 54 Bristo street 
Tait, ISIiss, trimming shop, 8 Queensferry st. 
Tait, Miss, dressmaker, 33 Thistle street 
Tait, Miss, dressmaker, 8 Dundas street 
Tansh's circulating library, bookseller and 

stationer, 1 William street 
Tasker, Rev. William, 44 Gilmore place 
Tate, Alex. & Son, satin hat manufacturers, 

26 Victoria street 
Tawse and Bonar, W.S. 15 York place 
Tawse, John {T. S^- Bonar), 11 Royal terrace 
Tawse, John, advocate, 49 Queen street 
Tawse, John W., W.S. 49 Queen street 
Tawse, Mrs, 11 Royal terrace 
Taxes, Annuity, 12 Royal Exchange 
Taxes, Arrears of Assessment, 160 High st. 
Taxes, Assessed, surveyor's office, 6 Waterloo 

Taxes, Police and Prison, Police Chambers, 

High street — A. Thomson, collector 
Taxes, Police, 110 Constitution street 
Taxes, Property and Income, Waterloo place 
Taxes, Property & Income, Ancient Royalty, 
23 George IV. bridge — G. Cairns, solicitor, 
clerk to commissioners 

Taxes, Property, Income, Land, and Assessed, 

57 North bridge 
Taylor, Walker, and Co. London porter store, 

72 Constitution street — J. B. Tod, agent 
Taylor, Bruce, and Co. merchants, 138 Con- 
stitution street 
Taylor, Alex, merchant, 3 S. Niddry street 
Taylor, Alex, cabinetmaker, Lothian road 
Taylor, Alex. B. drapery and milUnery ware- 
house, 14 and 15 N.-W. Circus place 
Taylor, Alexander, butcher and ham curer, 

57 Earl Grey street 
Taylor, Andrew, wine merchant and grocer, 

9 St Patrick square 
Taylor, Archibald, 20 Castle street 
Taylor, Chas. billiard rooms, 27 Hanover st. 
Taylor, Charles, grocer and spirit dealer, 27 

Earl Grey street 
Taylor, Charles, grocer, wine and spirit mercht. 

82 High street 
Taylor, David {J. T,Sf Son), 12 Darnaway st. 
Taylor, David, cowfeeder, 12 Saunders street 
Taylor, Donald, vi^ood merchant, 79 Cowgate 
Taylor, Francis, maker of the propelled life 

buoys, &c. 6 Lawrie street 
Taylor, George, dairyman, 32 Sheriff" brae 
Taylor, Geo. ( JVni. T. and Son)., 18 Leopold pi. 
Taylor, James, flesher, 44 Clerk street 
Taylor, James, 22 PiMg street 
Taylor, James, spirit dealer, 84 Kirkgate 
Taylor, Jas. printer and publisher, 21 George 

street — house, 16 St Vincent street 
Taylor, James, druggist, 116 West bow 
Taylor, James, brewer, Drumdryan — house, 

1 Leven street 

Taylor, Jas. gardener. Lover's loan. Meadows 
Taylor, James, attendant on sick gentlemen, 

2 Northumberland place 

Taylor, Dr John, F.R.C.P. 2 Abercromby place 
Taylor, John & Son, decorators, cabinet and 
picture-frame makers, carvers, gilders, auc- 
tioneers, appraisers, cabinet makers,, and up- 
holsterers to Her Majesty, 109 Princes st. 
Taylor, John, builder, 4 St James' square 
Taylor, John, bootmaker, 25 Elder street 
Taylor, John, tailor, 333 High street 
Taylor, Joseph, & Son, general merchants and 
Avine agents, Tanfield — ho. Tanfield house 
Taylor, Laur. cashier. Union Bank, Parlia- 
ment square 
Taylor, Mark, gas light engineer, 19 Rox- 
burgh street 
Taylor, Mich, silk and lace merchant, 31 St 

Andrew square — house, 22 ]\Iinto street 
Taylor, Peter, farm steward, Lochend 
Taylor and Son, Venetian blind makers, 
Hamilton's entry, Bristo street — house, 15 
Clerk street 
Taylor, Rob. merchant, 13 and 16 Cassells* pi. 

— house, 14 
Taylor, Robert, milliner, stay, straw bonnet, 
and baby linen warehouse, 42 Princes street 
and 66 South bridge 





Taylor, Robert, jeweller, 34. North bridge 
Taylor, Robert, lodgings, 108 George street 
Taylor, Wm. and Son, grocers and wine mer- 
chants, 5 Baxter's place 
Taylor, Rev. William, 12 AthoU place 
Taylor, William and Co. soap manufacturers, 

4 Salamander street 
Taylor, Wm. ( W. T. and Soil), 6 Union st. 
Taylor, Wm. boot and shoem. 136 Canongate 
Taylor, William, grain dealer, Primrose place 
Taylor, Mrs, 38 Heriot row 
Taylor, Mrs Alexander, 17 Albany st. Leith 
Taylor, Mrs J. spirit dealer, 36 Brunswick st. 
Taylor, Mrs John, grocer, tea and spirit mer- 
chant, 9 Hamburg place 
Taylor, Mrs Agnes, 31 Buccleuch place 
Taylor, I\Irs ]\Iary, 17 Howard place 
Taylor, Mrs, 3 East Preston street 
Taylor, Mrs, 8 Abercromby place 
Taylor, Mrs, grocer, 184 Rose street 
Taylor, Mrs, 2 Maitland street 
Taylor, Mrs, 17 London street 
Taylor, Mrs, dairy, 81 Shore 
Taylor, ]\Irs, 27 Brunswick street 
Taylor, Mrs, ladies' nurse, 29 India place 
Taylor, Miss, milliner & dressmaker, 2 Castle st 
Tayneps, Peter, merchant, 129 Constitution st. 

— house, 4 Springfield 
Teenan, Mrs J., inkmaker, 5 St Anthony pi. 
Teind Office, Register house 
Telfer, John T. manufacturing goldsmith 

and jeweller, 28 George street 
Telfer, Thomas, ironmonger, 10 Graham st. 
Telford, Joseph, coal agent, 13 Grange loan 
Telford, Richard, Patent and Registration of 
Designs Office, 72 Princes street — house, 
Pentland lodge, Morningside 
Telford, Mr, Pentland lodge, Whitehouse 
Telegraph, Electric, Company, 68 Princes 

street — Arch. Hossack, clerk in charge. 
Telegraph, Electric, Co. 26 Bernard street 
Temperance Hotel, 24 Greenside street 
Temple, Dav. provision merchant, 319 High 

street, and I Arniston place 
Temple, John, grocer, 88 High street 
Temple, Wm. salesman, 42 Buccleuch street 
Tennent, Hugh B., Bonnington Chemical Co. 

— house, Stuartfield, Bonnington 
Tennent, John, 50 Rankeillor street 
Tennent, Patrick, W.S. 9 Lynedoch place 
Tennent, J. J. & P. R. wholesale stationers 

and lithographers, 4 Xorth Bank street 
Tennent, S. M. & Co., screw bolt manufact. 

74 Clerk street 
Tennent, W. G. com. agent. Wet docks — 

house, 4 Helen place 
Tennant, Wra. shoemaker, 9 Downie place 
Tennant, Mrs, tea, wine, and spirit mercht. 

1 London street 
Tennent, Miss, 13 Torpbichen street 
Terrot, Right Rev. Bishop, Scottish Episco- 
pal Church, 19 Northumberland street 

Teviotdale, W. provision dealer, 28 Bread st. 

Tewtrell, chemist and druggist, 321 High st. 

Thallon Brothers, merchants, 27 Mitchell st, 
— house, Primrose place 

Thallon, Lawrence, wholesale tea and coffee 
dealer, 30 Mitchell street 

Thatcher, Dr Lewis Hay, oM.D. 1 4 Picardy pi. 

Thick, JMrs John, broker, 169 Cowgate 

Thin, George, spirit dealer, 20 Lauriston st. 

Thin, James, bookseller, 14 Infirmary street — 
house, 118 Lauriston place 

Thorn, Alex, chemist and drug. 78 Queen st. 

Thom, Andrew, engraver, 6 Roxburgh pi. 

Thom, C. gardener, Croft-an-righ 

Thom, David {D. T.d:Co.), merchant, Russian 
consul, and agent for Lloyd's, 28 Constitu- 
tion St. — house, 18 Hope crescent 

Thom, Hamilton, merchant, 18 Hopecresct. 

Thorn, James, clerk, 2 Robb's court 

Thom, .James, dentist, 20 Queen street 

Thom, James, upholsterer, 186 High street 

Thom, John {Johnston ^- T.), 4 Grove street 

Thom, Rev. John, 29 Clarence street 

Thom, John, grocer and victual dealer, 37 
West Nicolson street 

Thomas and Fraser, Edin. Flint-glass works, 
Leith walk 

Thomas, Rev. Alfred C. 2 Athole place 

Thomas, Leut. F. W. L., R.N. Ivy lodge, 

Thomas, Mrs, 6 Athole place 

Thomas, Miss, 7 St Vincent street 

Thompson, D'Arcy Wentworth, 5 St Ber- 
nard crescent 

Thompson, James, tide surveyor, Custom- 
house, Leith 

Thompson, Capt. Tho., R.N. 3 George st. Leith 

Thompson, Wm. & Co., merchants, Spanish 
Consulate office, Leith 

Thompson, Mrs Alex. Philip, 4 Leopold pi. 

Thomson and Elder, W.S. 3 So. Charlotte st. 

Thomson & Hay, clothiers, shirtmakers, and 
outfitters, 30 North bridge 

Thomson, Lauder, and Co. wine merchants, 
18 So. St Andrew street, Edin., and vaults, 
27 St. Andrew street, Leith 

Thomson, Alexander, M.D. S Teviot row 

Thomson, Alexander, manager Land. S^ Leith 
Old Shipping Co. 31 Queen st. Leith 

Thomson, Alex, grocer and spirit dealer, 

Thomson, A. {R. T. &r Son), 6 Buccleuch pi. 

Thomson, Alex, accountant, 6 Newington pi. 

Thomson, Alex, grocer and spirit dealer, 93 
West bow — house, 21 Gilmore place 

Thomson, Alex, gunmaker, 16 Union place — 
house, 12 Union street 

Thomson, Alex, brassfounder, 22 Greenside pL 

Thomson,*Alex. of Whitrig, Canaan house 

Thomson, Alex, shipowner, 10 James' place. 

Thomson, Andw.,M.D. surgn. 24 Dundas st. 





Thomson, Rev. Dr Andrew, 28 Howard place 
Thomson, And. brewer, Lothian Vale, Abbey 
Thomson, Andrew ( Z'. d; Hay), 7 Fife place 
Thoinson, Aw. furniture dealer, 251 Cowgate 
Thomson, Arch, and Co. woollen drapers, 255 

High street 
Thomson, Arch. {A. T. and Cu.), 1 Ramsay 

Thomson, Arch, farrier, IG Charlotte place 
Thomson, Charles, commander, R. N. 9 

Cassells' place 
Thomson, Charles W., accountant, 20 India st. 
Thomson, D. (Brit. Linen Co.), Register place 
Thomson, D. J. mercht., 19 E. Claremont st. 
Thomson, D. & Son, mill-masters, Dairy mills, 

Thomson, D.J. «& Co. rectifiers and chemists, 

11 Giles' street 
Thomson, David J. 3 Lutton place 
Thomson, David, tobacconist, 3 Leith street 
Thomson, David, boot and shoe maker, 29 

Hanover street 
Thomson, Dr David, R.jST. surgeon in the 

>ravy, 7 Dick place. Grange 
Thomson, Don. spirit dealer, 1 Rutland place 
Thomson, Edward, baker, 34 Alva street — 

house, 1 6 Grove street 
Thomson, D. G. stock and share broker, 13 

Hanover street — house, 5 Kcir street 
Thomson, G. (G.P.-O.), 36 Gilmore place 
Thomson. Geo. boot and shoem. 65 Hanover st. 

— house, 63 
Thomson, Geo. hairdresser and perfumer, 7 

Waterloo pi. — ho. Lovers' lane, Ltith walk 
Thomson, Geo. tailor and clothier, 19 S. St. 

James' street 
Thomson, Geo. confectioner, 22 Leith street 
Thomson, Gideon, tailor and clothier, 429 

Thomson, Hen. pro. dealer, 25 Canongate 
Thomson, Hugh, spirit merchant, 2 Forres lane 
Thomson, Rev. Dr James, 6 St Bernards cres. 
Thomson, Captain James, of Glendouran, 37 

Moray place 
Thomson, J. furniture dealer, 57 Cowgate 
Thomson, Jas. auct. & appraiser, George IV. 

Thomson, J. G. & Co. agents for Royal Ex- 
change Assurance, 18 S. St Andrew st. 
Thomson, James, dairy, 239 High street 
Thomson, Jas. smith and farrier, 57 Constitu- 
tion street 
Thomson, James, 24 Buccleuch place 
Thomson, James, farmer, Coltbridge 
Thomson, James, family linen, hosiery, and 

ladies' outfitting warehouse, 8 North St 

Andrew street 
Thomson, James, news-agent, 69 George st. 
Thomson, James Gibson, 14 York place 
Thomson, James Steivart, H. M. customs, 

Laurel Bank, Bonnington 
Thomson, James, (R. T. and Son, 9 Royal 

ExchiDge), 30 Ujiper Gray st. Newington 

Thomson, James, grocer, 6 Fox lane. 
Thomson, John, printer, 4 St Patrick square 
Thomson, John, session clerk and registrar for 
parish of St Cuthbert's — office, 14 Lothian 
road — house, 6 Dewar place 
Thomson, John, of (iogar burn {Edinburyh d- 

Glangov) Bank), 29 George btreet 
Thomson, John, pawnbroker, 44 South bridge 
Thomson, John, printer, 1 Milne square — 

house, 7 Windmill street 
Thomson, John, grocer, wine and spirit mer- 
chant, 2 Duncan street, Drummond place — 
house, 4 Eellevue terrace 
Thomson, .J. daguerreotypisr, 72 Broughlon st. 
i Thomson, John, 21 Leopold place 
j Thomson, John, wright, 59 Thistle street 
'Thomson, John, 14 E. Adam street 
Thomson, John, gardener, 12 Leven street 
Thomson, John, writer, 20 Comely bank 
Thomson, John Brown, corn merchant, North 

British Railway — house, 1 Greenhill 
Thomson, John- S.S.C. 7 India street 
Thomson, John, shoemaker, 11 Davie stree't 
Thomson, J. and Hugh, innkeepers and stab- 

lers, 17 South back of Canongate 
Thomson, Rev. John, 13 Bonnington place 
Thomson, .John, messenger, Western Bank, 

3 North St James st. 
Thomson, John, grocer, 232 Cowgate 
Thomson, Lewis, 3 Montagu street 
Thomson, P. agent, 4 St Patrick square 
Thomson, Peter, gardener, 5 Gayfield place 
Thomson, Peter, clerk, 3 Kirkgate 
Thomson, Peter, baker, Hillhousefield 
Thomson, Robt. letter-carrier, Warriston ct. 
Thomson, Robert, cooper, 4 Greyfriars' place 
Thomson, Robert, cattle dealer, 1 1 Bread st. 
Thomson, Robert, baker, 8 W. Crosscausey 
Thomson, Robert, spirit dealer, 3 Melville pi. 
Thomson, R. advocate, sheriff' of Caithness, 

70 Great King street 
Thomson, R. & J., Dalkeith candle warehouse, 

52 George street 
Thomson, Robert, emigration and shipping 

agent, 25 North bridge 
Thomson, R. D. wine merchant and grocer, 
23 South St Andrew st. — ho. 10 Duncan st. 
Thomson, Robert, haircutter, 15 Catharine st. 
Thomson, Robert and Son, wholesale ware- 
housemen, 9 Royal Exchange 
Thomson, Dr Thos. 33 Gayfield square 
Thomson, Rev. Thos. 13 Montgomery st. 
Thomson, Thomas, silk-mercer and linen- 
draper, 135 Princes street — house, 3 Rut- 
land square 
Thomson, Thos., W.S. 6 Melville street 
Thomson, Thos., W.S. 1 Thistle court 
Thomson, Thomas, spirit merchant, 7 North 

back of Canongate 
Thomson, Thos, corn merch. 1 old Physic gar. 
Thomson, Thomas, tailor, 7 E. Register street 
Thomson, Thomas, draper, 1 Forbes st. Beau- 
mont place 





Thomson, Wm. furniture dealer and under- 
taker, 1 Queen st. and 7 North St David st. 
— house, 2 N. James street 
Thomson, William A., accountant, and agent 
for the Hope Mutual Life Assurance and 
Honesty Guarantee Society/, l6'0 High street 
— bo- Cherry hall, Causeyside 
Thomson, Wm. grocer and spirit dealer, 173 

Cowgate — ho. 8 Meadow place 
Thomson, W. A. jun.messenger-at-arms, 160 

High street 
Thomson, Vv^m, coal merchant, 24 Sheriffbrae 

— house, 9 
Thomson, Wm., grocer, 6 E. Richmond street 
Thomson, William and Co. com. agents, ship 

and insr. brokers, 129 Constitution street 
Thomson, Wm. grocer, 6 Johnstone street 
Thomson, Wm. & Co. merchants, Spanish 

consulate office, 2 Coatfield lane, Leith 
Thomson, Wm. H. advocate, 27 India street 
Thomson, William, 3 High Albany st. Leith 
Thomson, Wm. baker, 39 West Nicolson st. 

— house, 35 
Thomson, Win. (TF. T. tO Co.), 1 Wtllington 

Thomson, Wm. grain merchant, N. B. Rail- 
way station 
Thomson, Wm. {G. Hill d- Co.), 28 India st. 
Thomson, Wm. accountant and messenger-at- 

arms, S South St Andrew street 
Thomson, William, machine maker (Shotts), 

Leith walk 
Thomson, Wm. 3 Hermitage place, Leith 
Thomson, Will. Thos. actuary, manager of the 
Standard Life Assurance, and of the Colonial 
Life Assurance Co. 3 George street — house. 
Trinity grove 
Thomson, Wm. tobacconist, 64 Buccleuch st. 
Thomson, Wm. builder, 1 Lothian road 
Thomson, Wm. letter-carrier, 6 South St 

James' street 
Thomson, Wm. victual dealer, 14 Charlotte pi. 
Thomson, Mrs, 17 Alva street 
Thomson, Mrs, 3 Summer place 
Thomson, Mrs D. lodgings, 3 W. Register st. 
Thomson, Mrs G. S. grocer, 6 Jamaica st. 
Thomson, Mrs Euphemia, 2 Alva street 
Thomson, Mrs James, 2 Queen's pi. Leith 
Thomson, Mrs John, 22 Rutland street 
Thomson, Mrs John, 8 Mary place 
Thomson, Mrs Peter, baker, 34 Charlotte st. 

Leith — house, 49 
Thomson, Mrs Peter, French stay maker, 4 

St Patrick square 
Thomson, Mrs Professor, College 
Thomson, Mrs Thomas, 24 Ann street 
Thomson, Mrs William, 17 West Preston st. 
Thomson, Mrs Wm. 1 Rankeillor street 
Thomson, Mrs W. 23 London street 
Thomson, Mrs, dressm. &c. 17 Bristo street 
Thomson, Mrs, draper, 26 Clerk street 
Thomson, Mrs, spirit dealer, Maryfield inn 
Thomson, Mrs, lodgings, 127 George street 

Thomson, Mrs, midwife, 59 Broughton st. 
Thomson, Mrs, lodgings, 5 High terrace 
Thomson, Mrs, cook, 3 Saunders street 
Thomson, Mrs, 16 Carlton street 
Thomson, Mrs, 6 Haddington place 
Thomson, Mrs, Christian bank 
Thomson, Miss A. dressm. 7 E. Register st. 
Thom=,oii, Miss Barbara, rope and twine manu- 
facturer, 7 St Patrick square 
Thomson, Miss Barbary, 13 Elm row 
Tlumson, Miss II., 48 Minto street 
Thomson, Miss Marjory, 25 Gayfield square 
Thomson, Miss M. straw- hat ma. 175 Canong. 
Thomson, Miss, dressmaker, 64 Buccleucti 

Thomson, Miss, 23 Claremont crescent 
Thomson, Miss, 6 Pilrig street 
Thomson, Miss, 40 Queen street 
Thomson, Miss, 34 Howe street 
Thomson, Miss, 16 Fettes row 
Thomson, Miss, 39 Constitution street 
Thomson, Misses M. & J. silk and worsted 

shop, 23 Broughton street 
Thomson, Misses, 9 Cassells' place 
Thomson, Misses, 76 Constitution street 
Thomson, Misses, 8 Scotland street 
Thorburn, Rev. David, 51 Charlotte st. Leith 
Thorburn, D. J. S. 41 Moray place 
Thorburn, Francis, grocer, 8 Heriot buildings 
Thorburn, George, merchant, 12 Hermitage 

place, Leith 
Thorburn, J. confectioner and tea dealer to the 

Queen, 5 Waterloo place 
Thomson, James, turner, Warriston close 
Thorburn, Thomas, parochial agent, 31 Buc- 
cleuch place 
Thorburn, W. & Co. tea dealers, 51 Kirkgate 
Thorburn, Wm. baker, 24 Bernard street 
Thorburn, MrsE. sick-nurse, 19 Salisbury st. 
Thorburn, Mrs J. stoneware dealer, 16 North- 
west Circus place 
Thorburn, Miss, 30 Minto street 
Thornton, Geo. & Co. vulcanised India rub- 
ber depot, 48 Nicolson street and 78 Princes 
Thornton, Geo. (T. ^- Co.), 3 Rankeillor st. 
Thornton, R. practical & consulting engineer, 

60 New buildings. — See Adv. 
Thornton, Mrs, 1 Bellevue terrace 
Threepland, Mrs, 6 Hope street 
Threlkeld, Thos. grocer and spirit merchant, 

59 Low Calton 
Thurso Shipping Co. 2 Dockgates — D. Smith, 

Thwaites, Wm. Kelso, S.S.C. 2 Queen street, 
agent for the Great Britain, and India, and 
London Life Assurance Offices and the Pro- 
vincial Fire Insurance Company — house, 30 
Clarence street 
Thyne, Wm. & Son, fleshers, 4 Spring gar- 
dens — house, 6 
Thyne, James, draper, 62 Lauriston street 
Tibbetts, G. & H. G. hatters, 38 South bridge 





Tierney, D. causey-layer, 40 South back cf 

Times Fire, Life, Guarantee, and Plate Glass 

Asurance Office, 10 North St Andrew street 
Times Fire and Plate Glass Assurance Go. 

80 George street 
Tindal, James, writer, 10 Buccleuch place 
Tindal, Mrs, 22 Elm row 
Tingraan, John (of the Doch Co.), Madeira st. 
Tinsley, Mrs Helen, lodgings, 41 Lothian st. 
Tipper, Mrs, 30 Butland square 
Tods and Romanes, W.S. 7 Great Stuart st. 
Tod, Adam, Bridge place, Bonnington 
Tod, Alex, baker and confect. 133 Princes st. 
Tod, Alex, and Robert, corn merchants, 19 

Leopold place 
Tod, Alex, gardener, Easter road 
Tod, Henry, W.S., Atlas Assurance Office, 5 

York place — house, 39 
Tod, Hugh, W.S. 12 Queen street 
Tod, James, W.S. 55 Great King street 
Tod, James, victual dealer, 8 King's stables — 

house, 8 Heriot place 
Tod, James, flesher, 33 Queen street, Leith 
Tod, J. and Son, smiths, spring manufs., and 

engineers, 29 Leith walk 
Tod, Jas. tailor and clothier, -16 Nicolson st. 
Tod, Jas. B. merchant and agent, 72 Consti- 
tution street — ho. 32 Gayfield square 
Tod, Jas. {Jlould cV T.), 4 Brunton place 
Tod, James, farmer, Chancelot 
Tod, James, corn merchant, 15 Leopold place 
Tod, Jn. (/. Tod and Sons), Content cottage, 

Leith walk 
Tod, John (T. and Romanes), 14-Ainslie place 
Tod, John, engraver, 8 Thistle street 
Tod, Jn. Rt. (T. ^~ Romanes), 30 Moray place 
Tod, John, 9 Annfield, Newhaven 
Tod, John, clothier, 19 "Waterloo place — ho. 

14 Graham street 
Tod, Robert, painter, paper-hanger, & glazier, 

35 Dundas st. — ho. 4 Northumberland pi. I 
Tod, Robert, surgeon and druggist, 41 Earl | 

Grey street — house, 8 Gilmore place \ 

Tod, Lieut.-Gen. Sueto H., Moraingside pi. j 
Tod, William, 156 High street — house, 1 i 

Lauriston lane | 

Tod, WiUiam, lodgings, 3 West Arthur place 
Tod, Wm. provision merchant, 48 Canongate 
Tod, Wm. live-stock agent, 1 Castle terrace, 

Lothian road 
Tod, Mrs Andrew, 13 Arthur street 
Tod, Mrs Jas. staymaker, 60 Lauriston St. 
Tod, Mrs John, 39 Dublin street 
Tod, Mrs John, 6 Beaumont place 
Tod, Mrs Thos. baker, TDuncan st. 
Tod, Mrs, spirit dealer, 74 Northum. Bt. 
Tod, 3Irs, Grecian cottage. Trinity 
Tod, Mr8, 15 Coates crescent 
Tod, Miss, Viewville cottage. Ferry road 
Todd, A. bookseller & library, 1 St Patrick sq. ' 
Todd, George, secretary, Standard Life Assr, 

Co, — ho. 54 Inveileith row I 

Todd, Joseph & Thomas, manufac. Booth's 
I Green factory, Canonmills 
Todd, Robert, 85 Great King street 
Todd, William, 29 Montagu street 
ToUoth, John, fish merchant, 60 Queen st. 
Tonny, J. A. painter & decor. 100 George st. 
Towny, Mrs, 49 Brunswick street 
Topham, Mrs Frances, 5 Springfield 
Topp, Rev. Alex. 37 Lauriston place 
Torrance, G. M'M. of Threave, 28 George sq. 
Torrance, George, 18 Comely bank 
Torrance, John, baker, 4 Northumberland st. 
Torrance, John, coalmercht. 92 Crosscausey 
Torrance, Jos. spirit dealer, 5G Charlotte 

street, Leith 
Torrance, Mrs, 54 George square 
Torrance, Miss, 16 Upper Gray street 
Torrance, I\Iiss, dressmaker, 51 Earl Grey st. 
Torre, P. Delia, 15 Catharine street 
Torrie, T. Jameson, advocate, 44 Inverl. row 
Torrop, Cristopher, 30 Hanover street 
Torrop. James S. 1 Argyle place 
Torry, John, agent, 19 Commercial pi. Leith 
Torry, .John, writer, 4 Torpichen street 
Toshach, R. H. cabinetmker. 19 Salisbury st. 
Toshack, Rob. engineer, 69 Fountainbridge — 

house, 12 Downie place 
Toshack, Jas. spirit dealer, 106 Cowgate 
Tottenham, Mrs, 18 Blacket place 
Touch, Anthony M. 31 Scotland street 
Tough, David, 10 Mansfield place 
Touch, Mrs, Asbury villa, Grange 
Tower, Miss, 6 Randolph place 
Towert, John, shoemaker, 383 Lawnmarket 
Towx-Clerk's Office,- City Chambers 
TowN-Clerk's Office, 107 Constitution street 
Townsend, Wm. and Son, pianoforte makers 

and organ builders, 9 & 10 Greenside place 
Trades' Maiden Hospital, Argyle square 
Trail, Andrew, water officer, 23 Downie place 
Trail, Anthony, W.S. Commissioner for taking 

Affidavits in the Courts of Law and Equity 

in Ireland, 7 Melville street 
Trail, John, cabinetmaker, appraiser, and 

undertaker, 90 George street 
Traill, Dr Thos. Stewart, profes. of medical 

jurisprudence. University, 13 Gloucester pi. 
Traill, Mrs Dr, 38 Dublin street 
Transport Office, 42 Bernard street, Leith 
Traquair, George, 31 Warriston crescent 
Traquair, James, 30 Clarence street 
Traquair, W^illiam, W.S. 17 Young street 
Travers, Capt. John, R.A. W^illov.- bank ho. 
Tregerthin, Mrs Geo. 4 Portland terrace 
Tregilgas, W. C. tailor, 10 Duncan street 
Trench, Rev. James, 26 Royal crescent 
Trinity House, 99 Kirkgate — J. Smith, mas. 
Tripney, Miss, grocer, 10 Canongate 
Trotter, Alex, teacher, 63 X. Frederick st. , 
Trotter, James, spirit dealer, 15 St Andrew 

street, Leith 
Trotter, John, classical master, Edinburgh 

Academy — house, 30 Anne street 





Trotter, John, cabinetmaker, Young st. lane 
Trotter, Nicol, painter, 29 Richmond place ' 
Trotter, Robert, joiner, 11 South St James' st. 
Trotter, Thomas, flesher, 7 Middle market — 

ho. 13 St James' square 
Trotter, Thomas, coal merchant, Fife place — 

house, 8 Glover street 
Trotter, Mrs Margaret, 20 Cumberland street 
Trotter, INIrs S. spirit dealer, 170 Rose st. 
Troup, James, 15 East Claremont street 
Truefitt, W. hairdresser and perfumer, 57 

Princes street — house, 48 Cumberland st. 
Truman, Hanbury, Buxton, & Co.'s London 

porter store, 34 Timber bush 
Tuffnell, Rev. Fred. Episcopal clergyman, 

] 6 Inverleith row 
iTullis, R. & Co. papermakers and wholesale 

stationers, 14 St James' square 
TuUis, William, Home lodge, Viewforth 
'TuUis, Mrs, 3 James's place, Leith 
j TuUoch, Wm. spirit dealer, 18 Elbe street 
Tullob, Miss, 11 Warriston crescent 
jTulIy, David, stationer, 78 Queen street 
iTully, James, lodgings, 8 Mackenzie place 
TuUy, Mrs H. lodgings, 51 Clerk street 
i Tully, Mrs, 23 Buccleuch street 
Tunnock, Matthew, writer, 12 Darnaway st. 
Tunny, James G. photographer, 78 Clerk st. 
Turnbull, Salveston & Co. com. merchants 

and ship brokers. Wet docks 
Turnbull & Co. clothiers, 50 Xorth bridge 
Turnbull, Adam, letter-carrier, 5 Citadel 
Turnbull, Alex, manager E. and L. Glass Co. 

glassworks. Salamander street 
Turnbull, David & Patrick, W.S. 34 India st. 
Turnbull, David, W.S. (Z>. 4- P. T.), Dean of 

Guild clerk's office. Royal Exch. — house, 34 

India street 
Turnbull, Geo. and Jn., W.S. 16 Thistle st. 
Turnbull, Geo.,W.S {G.d)J. r.),49Georgesq. 
Turnbull, George, glass chandelier maker, 12 

James' court — house, 3 Crichton street 
Turnbull, Geo. V. (T. and Salveson), 1 Bon- 

nington place 
Turnbull, James T. com. mercht. and general 

agent, 3 Quality lane 
Turnbull, James, 17 Archibald place 
Turnbull, J. builder, 25 South Clerk street 
Turnbull, John, draper, 4 Hill square 
.Turnbull, John, aLCcoxmizni^ National Banh, 

Leith — house, 13 Montgomery street 
Turnbull, Pat., W.S. (I?. ^. P. r.),34India st. 
Turnbull, Peter, 19 Home street 
Turnbull, Robt. sess.-clerk, 3 Coatfield lane 
Turnbull, Robert, family linen warehouse, 

6 iSTicolson street — house, 1 1 Roxburgh st. 
Turnbull, Thomas, fishmonger, 22 Lothian st. 
Turnbull, Wm. accountant, R. B. of Scotland, 

4 Scotland street 
Turnbull, William B. superintendent of the 

British League, 19 N.-W. Circus place 
Turnbull, William, 2 Roxburgh street 
Turnbull, Mrs A. 15 Comely bank 

Turnbull, Mrs, 4 George place 

Turnbull, Mrs, 4 Hill place 

Turnbull, Mrs, lodgings, G Brunswick street 

Turnbull, Miss, 21 Union street 

Turnbull, Miss, 11 Broughton place 

Turnbull, Miss, teacher of music, 4 Great 

King street 
Turnbull, IVIisses, boarding school, 41 Drura- 

mond place 
Turnbull, iMisses, 25 Parkside street 
Turnbull, Misses, boarding-school, 4 Doune 

Turnbull, Misses, boarding-school, 4 Royal cir. 
Turnbull, Misses, dressmakers, 50 George st. 
Turcan, Mrs John, 2 Union street, Leith 
Turner, Capt. Dugald, Myrtle bank. Trinity 
Turner, David, draper, 31 South bridge 
Turner, Rev. George, 10 Nicolson square 
Turner, James, gardener, Royal ter. gardens 
Turner, Jas. & Co. lithographers, engravers, 

and letterpress printers, Lothian road — 

house, 5 St Cuthbert's glebe See Adv. 

Turner, James, mason, Hamilton's entry 
Turner, John, wire- worker, 2 Bath street 
Turner, John, coachman, 16 Calton hill 
Turner, Peter, victual and spirit merchant, 

18 Clerkstreet — house, 32 St Patrick square 
Turner, William, 11 Cheyne street 
Turner, William, coal merchant. Echo bank 
Turpie, Mrs, lodgings. Star bank place 
Turpy, George, stables, 6 Park place 
Tuting, Edw. B. 3 Gothic villa. Trinity 
Tweedale, John, 4 Leven street 
Tweeddale, Rob. jun. flesher, 42 Bridge st. 
Tweedie, CoL, W. Coates villa, Colt br. road 
Tweedie, Jas. cabinetmaker. Brown's court, 

Tweedie, John, Edinr. and Leith Brewery- 
house, 84 Crosscausey 
Tweedie, J. 27 Nelson street 
Tweedie, Thomas, 35 East Claremont street 
Tweedie, Rev.W. K., D.D. 15 George square 
Tweedie, Miss, confectioner, 3 N. St Andrew 

Tweedie, Miss Anne, 8 Keir street 
Tweedie, Miss Jane, grocer and victual dealer, 

131 High street 
Twyford, John H. P. Royal Marines, 18 

Duncan street, Drummond place 
Tyrie, Thos. C. and Co. grocers and provision 

merchants, 3 Nicolson square 
Tyrie, Mrs, ladies' nurse, 53 India place 
Tytler, James, W.S. — chambers, 19 Castle st. 

— house, Woodhouselee 
Tytler, James Stuart, W.S. 19 Castle street — 

house, 36 Melville street 
Tytler, Wm. Gillies, advocate, 37 Dublin st. 

Union Bank of Scotland, Parliament square 
Union Canal Co.'s Office, 1 Port-Hopetoun 
Union Loan Co. 12 Leith street terrace 
United Industrial School, South Gray's close, 
56 High street. — See Adv. 





United Kingdom Assurance Co. Bank Build- 
ings, 45 North Hanover st. — P. S. Fraser, 

United Guarantee and Life Assurance Co. 
13 Forth street — John Bowie, W.S. agent 

United Kingdom Temperance and General 
Provident Institution, 17 George street — J. 
G. Harrison, secretary. — See Adv. 

United Service and General Life Assurance 
and Guarantee Association, 16 Queen street 
— Frederick H. Carter, agent 

Unity Fire Insurance Association, 32 St 
Andrew square 

UNivERSALLife Assurance Society, 11 Young 
street — Wight and Livingston, agents 

University Printing-office, 32 Thistle street 

Urmston, Aug. H. 22 Atholl crescent 

Urquhart, Adam, advocate, sheriff of Wig- 
tonshire, .5 St Colme street 

Urquhart, Alexander, boot and shoemaker, 36 
Frederick street 

Urquhart, George, smith. North Circus lane 

Urquhart, James, missionary, 10 Nicolson st. 

Urquhart, J. W. 8 Raeburn place 

Urquhart, Mrs, sick-nurse, ICi Middle Arthur 

Urquhart, Miss, 6 Charlotte place 

Usher, Andw. & Co. spirit merchts. rectifiers, 
and makers of British wine, 20, 22, and 24 
West Nicolson street 

Usher, Andrew {A. Usher c£- Co.), Greenhill 

Usher, Hugh, Chamberlain's office. City 

Usher, James and Thomas, brewers, 101 Cow- 
gate and 12 i\Ierchant street 

Usher, James, 16 Lyneaoch place 

Usher, John, W.S 19 Pitt street 

Usher, John {A. Usher <£■ Co.), 2 Fingal pi. 

Usher, Thomas, 3 George square 

Utrecht, J. H. tailor & clothier, 72 George 
street — ho. 74 

Utterson, Mrs, French staymaker, IS Frede- 
rick street 

Vair, James, bookseller, 10 Bristo street 

Vallance, George, and Son, breeches-makers, 

and, by appointment, glovers to the Queen, 

1 1 West Register st. — house, I GaySeld sq. 

Vallance, George {G. Vallance ^" Son), 56 

Castle street 
Vallance, Jas. & Co. coal merchants, 15 Port- 
Vallance, John, jun. & Co. coal merchants, 3 

Vallance, Jn. jun. coal mer. 10 St Anthony 

Vallance, Wm. baker, 18 Dean street 
Vallance, Wm. confectioner, 5 Calton street 
Vallance, Mrs, 73 Northumberland street 
Vallance, Mrs, ladies' nurse, 6 W. Richmond st. 
Vannan, Wm. H. printseller, 46 Home street 
Vass, David Ross, surveyor of taxes, 6 AYater- 
loo place 

Veitch, Andrew, head teacher, Geo. Heriot's 

school — house, 3 Dewar place 
Veitch, Geo. missionary, 23 Lauriston street 
Veitch, Rev. James, St Cuthbert's manse 
Veitch, James, hotel, 125 (Jeorge street 
Veitch, James, innkeeper, 20 Cowgate 
Veitch, .John & Co. cork manufacturers, 137' 

Veitch. .John, accountant, 51 Hope park end 
Veitch, .John, spirit dealer, 50 Fountainbridge 
Veitch, Robert, grocer, 10 Shrub place 
Veitch, Thos. bookseller, stationer, and ac- 
count book manufacturer, 33 St Andrew 

square — house, 24 Gardner's crescent 
Veitch, William ( Courant office), 188 High st. 
Veitch, Wm. cabinetmaker, 80 George strf^et 
Veitch, Mrs John, of Woodside, 12 Cassells' 

Veitch, iVIrs Mary, 8 Ainslie place 
Veitch, Mrs, of Stewartfield, 7 Picardy place 
Veitch, Miss, milliner, 14 George street 
Veitch, Misses C. & R. milliners, Gibb's entry 
Veitch, Misses, 5 Buccleuch place 
Vernon, J. E. jeweller and watchmaker, 54 

Leith street — house, 11 Duncan st. Drum- 

mond place 
Vernon, Wm. F. surgeon- dentist, 80 Princes 

street. — See Adv. 
Vernon, Mrs A. E. 11 Duncan street 
Vertue, William, and Co. wine merchants, 

29 Quality street 
Vertue, William, wine merchant, 23 Forth st. 
Victoria Lodging-houses, 85 West port, 115 

Cowgate, and 3 Merchant street 
Vipond, Mrs, tavern-keeper, 1 1 Leith street 

Virtue, George, publisher and bookseller, 1 1 

Lothian street 
Vulcan Foundry Co., Admiralty st. Leitb 

Waddel, Jn. fruiterer, 87 South bridge 
Waddell, Jas. millwright, 2 Bowling-green st. 
Waddell, James, Claremont park, Leith 
Waddell, Peter, Claremont park, Leitb 
Waddell, Wm., W.S. 10 Carlton terrace 
Waddell, Mrs Sarah, grocer and spirit dealer, 

4 Johnstone place 
Waddie, James, tailor & clothier, 10 Hill place 
Waddington, Isa. (^Officer of Inland Revenue), 

16 Calton street 
Waldie, James, merchant, 9 Stead's place, 

Leith walk, Haymarket, Scotland street, 

Coal stations 
Waldie, James, smith, bell- hanger, and gas- 
fitter, Hamilton's entry, 36 Bristo street 
Waldie, James, goods agent, Edinburgh and 

Glasgow Railway Co.'s station, Leith 
Waldie, Miss A. dresstD. 38 Brunswick st. 
Wale, James, 20 Upper Gray st. Newington 
Walker & Melville, W.S. 110 George street 
Walker, A. B. Logic green \ 

Walker, Alex, portmanteau, trunk, avid brush ; 

manufacturer, 97 Priacas streef. 



Walker, Alex, printer, 6 James' court 
Walker, Alexander, writer, 3 Brandlield place 
Walker, Alex. Bridge place, Bonnington 
Walker, Andrew, late of the Ceylon Civil Ser- 
vice, 5 Atholl place 
Walker, Arch, draper, 4 N.-W. Circus place 
Walker, David & Son, auctioneers, appraisers, 

agents for R. Allen & Sons, pianoforte 

makers, 56 South br. — ho. 13 Salisbury road 
Walker, D. A. (D. W. and Son), Grange villa 
Walker, David, ironmonger & coppersmith, 51 

Shore, Leith — house, 4 High Albany street 
Walker, Edward, 70 St Leonard street 
Walker, Geo., M.D. surg. 4 Bonnin^ton pi. 
Walker, Geo. {G. .^ J. W.), 4 ^Vellington 

place, Leith 
Walker, Geo. 7 Rankeillor street 
Walker, G. water-oflBcer, 2 N. Newington pi. 
Walker, G. & J. linen and woollen drapers, 2 
I Kirkgate 

Walker, James, W.S. 21 Queen street 
[Walker, Jas. teacher, 13 John's place — house, 
j 76 Constitution street 
jWalker, James, janitor, 27 Albany street 
jWalker, Jas. draper and millinery warehouse, 
1 ]34. Kirkgate — house, 3 Morton street 
[Walker, James, printer, 59 Shore — house, 
I Corunna place 

iWalker, James, linen draper, 33 George street 
i — house, 1 7 Greenside street 
Walker, James, of Dairy, advoc. and P.C.S. 

Dairy house 
Walker, Jas. carver, gilder, & picture-cleaner. 

Assembly rooms, George st. — house, 74 
Walker, James, wright, upholsterer, and 

house agent, 166 Rose street — house, 180 
!Walker, James, haberdasher and hosier, 54 

High street 
Walker, Jas. coffee, tea, and wine merchant, 
i 54 Nicolson street — ho. 27 Montagu street 
Walker, James, spirit dealer, Newhavea 
rt^alker, James F. 50 Rankeillor street 
Walker, James, jun., advocate. 111 Princes 
i street 

IWalker, John M. ( G. and J. TF.), 52 Char- 
I lotte street, Leith 

Walker, John, mason, 31 Broughton street 
(Valker, John, grocer, 178 Fountainbridge 
Walker, John, coach-hirer, 7 Dublin street 
Walker, Jn., W.S. 2 Queen street — house, 20 

Rutland street 
iV'alker, John, 8 Roxburgh terrace 
Walker, John William, wine merchant, 4 

Picardy place 
Walker, John W. 14 West Preston street 
.Valker, M. and Co. publishers and printers, 

30 Hanover street 
kValker, Robt. {Beli i^- Bradfute), S Lauriston 

Walker, T. & Son, butchers and poulterers, 

1 Albert place 
Walker, Capt. W. 3 Gayfield place 
Walker, W. baker, 4 S. St James' st.— ho. 6 

Wal LS I 

Walker, William, 24 St Andrew square 
Walker, Wm. Stuart, of Rowland, advocate. 

7 St Colme street 
Walker, William, draper, 6 Kirkgate 
Walker, Wm. surgeon, 47 Northumbd. street 
Walker, William, writer, 1 W. Claremont st. 
Walker, William, grocer, 196 Rose Btreet 
Walker, Wm. collector of police assessment, 
110 Constitution st. — ho. 37 Couper street 
Walker, Mrs A. 7 Claremont street 
Walker, Mrs Alex. 42 Heriot row 
Walker, Mrs A. S. 21 Nelson street 
Walker, Mrs John, 2 West Lauriston place 
Walker, Mrs Margaret, staymaker, 9 Hamilton 

Walker, Mrs Wm. 47 Northumberland st. 
Walker, Mrs, lodgings, S2 George street 
Walker, Mrs, milliner, 6 Howe street 
Walker, Mrs, 28 Queen street 
Walker, Mrs, 19 North-west Circus place 
Walker, Miss Mary, 6 Leopold place 
Walker, Miss Robina, draper, 7 Home street 
AV'alker, Miss, of Mumrill, 10 Alva street 
Walker, Miss, 14 Lynedoch place 
Walker, Miss, 31 Raeburn place 
Walker, Miss, 3 Gloucester place 
Walker, Miss, 13 Union street 
Walker, IMiss, milliner & dressm. 6 Howe st. 
Walker, Miss, 3 Kirkgate 
Walker, Misses, Drumsheugh 
Walkinshaw, Wm. writer, 112 Canongate 
Wall, John, printer, 6 Ingliston street 
Wallace and Whyte, sculptors and marble- 
cutters. Shrub place, Leith walk 
Wallace, Alex, teacher of music, 138 Nicol- 
son street 
Wallace, Alexander, minister of the gospel, 

38 Gilmore place 
Wallace, A. ropemaker, 52 Bernard street 
Wallace, Alex. 9 Pilrig street 
Wallace, Alex, shoemaker, 57 Thistle street 
Wallace, And. ( W. S^- Whyte), 20 Haddineton 

Wallace, Dav. wright, house-factor, &c 179 

Wallace, Eben., W.S. {Grant ^ ]¥.), 13 Lon- 
don street 
Wallace, George {W. Young ^- Co.), 3 Wel- 
lington place 
Wallace, Geo. wright, Star bank pi. Trinity 
Wallace, James, agent for National Bank of 
Scotland, 16 Bernard street, Leith — house. 
24 Royal terrace, Edinburgh 
Wallace, James, S.S.C. 57 Hanover street 
Wallace, James, bootmaker, 10 South Char- 
lotte street 
Wallace, Jas. teacher of music, 13S Nicolson st. 
Wallace, James, wright and undertaker, fy 

Church lane 
Wallace, Rev. John, 12 Gardner's crescent 
Wallace, John & Son, coppersm. and patent 

hearth manufacturers, 11 Sandport street 
Wallace, J. jun. (J. a7id Son), 43 Bridge st. 





Wallace, Jn., boot and shoem. 28 Abbey hill 
Wallace, L. A. architect, 34 Regent terrace ! 
Wallace, P. teacher of music, 138 Nicolson st. 
Wallace, Richd. paper maker, 34 Regent ter. 
Wallace, Rob. & Co. printers, 3 Register pi. 
Wallace, Robert, librarian to solicitors-at-law, 

3 Royal exchange 
Wallace,' R. B. 16 Sandport street, Leith 
Wallace, T. boot & shoemak.69 Broughton st. 
Wallace, Thomas, 58 Nicolson street 
Wallace, William D., S.S.C 31 Alva street 
Wallace, William, City Fucal Office, City 

Chambers — ho. 47 Buccleuch street 
Wallace, Wm. JI.D. 7 Kewbattle terrace. 

Church lane, Morningside 
Wallace, Wm. gardener, 48 Broughton st. 
Wallace, W. of Busbie, Wester Dairy house 
Wallace, Wm. merchant, 45 Quality street — 

house, 9 Pilrig street 
Wallace, Wm. clerk, Craig's close 
Wallace, Young, & Co. merchts. 45 Quality st 
Wallace, Miss, silk and worsted shop, 76 

Princes street — house, 10 Charlotte street 
Wallace, ^Miss, 10 South Charlotte street 
Walls, John, S.S.C. 9 London street 
Walsh, Mrs, lodgings, 17 St Patrick square 
Walton, Miss, 33 London street 
Wands, Wm. W. painter and glazier, 17 Dun- 
das street 
Warburton, Seaton, engraver, copperplate 

and lithographic printer, 50 George street 
Warden, Wm. 10 Clarendon crescent 
Warden, Geo. C. (^Swinburne §• Co.), 7 Blen- 
heim place 
Warden, Mrs, 3 Randolph clifF 
Warden, Mrs, 3 Baxter's place 
Wardlaw, A. joiner, Low Broughton 
Wardlaw, Peter, smith, Low Broughton 
Wardlaw, Lieut.-Col., H.E.LC.S. 14 India st. 
Wardlaw, Miss E. Chessels' court 
Wardrop, Jas. house-painter, 38 Broughton 

Wardrop, Misses, grocers, 5 Duncan st. Leith 
Wardrop, Miss, 15 Nelson street 
Wares, Miss C. greengrocer, 24 Green market 
Warrack, John & Co. commission merchants 
and insurance brokers, 15 Bernard street — 
house, Catharine bank 
Warraker, AVilliam, brassfounder, 15 West 

Nicolson street — ho. 22 Salisbury street 
Warrick and Baillie, wine and spirit mer- 
chants, fi Foxe's lane 
Warrick, Alexander, Taaphall, Ferry road 
Warrick, Wm. ( W. ^- Baillie), Claremo. park 
Warricks, Mrs, lodgings, 73 Constitution st. 
Waterloo News'-rooms, John HarthiU, 23 

Waterloo place 
Waters, Mrs, 51 Clerk street 
Waters, ]Mrs, 8 Hope street 
Waterston & Johnston, booksellers, 20 Ber- 
nard street — house, 3 Hermitage hill 
Waterston, A. draper, shirt maker, and um- 
brella manuf. 261 and 263 High street 

Waterston, David (R. W. S^ Co.), 14 Dublin st. 
Waterston, Geo. wholesale stationer and seal- 
ing-wax maker, 29 Hanover street — house, 

6 St John's hill 
Waterston, John, teacher of drawing, 33- 

Dundas street 
Waterston, Richard & Co. ready-made linem 

outfitting warehouse, hosiers and glovers,, 

12 George street 
Waterston, Robert, spirit dealer, 133 Rose st, 
Waterston, Mrs Amelia, lodgings, 9 Albany st. 
Waterston, Misses, 22 London street. 
Wathereton, John, wright, 3 Randolph place 
Watkins, Lieut.-Col. James, H.E.LC.S., 41 

Melville street 
Watmore, Mrs, 41 Castle street 
Watson, Alex. S. dentist, 79 George street 
Watson, Arch, teller Bank ofS., 2 Danube st. 
Watson, Rev. Dr Charles, 13 Carlton terrace 
Watson, Charles, 48 Ann street 
Watson, David, wine and spirit merchant, 76 

Watson, David, ironmonger, 123 High street — 

house, 28 Buccleuch place 
Watson, Fran, brassfoander, 4 Physic gardens 
Watson, Geo. cabinetmaker, 7 S. St David st. 
Watson & Henry, smiths and coach-builders, 

6 Nottingham place 
Watson, H. G.,& T. G. Dickson, accountants, 

3 Xorth St David street 
Watson, Henry G. ( ^V. ct Dickson), account- 
ant, 123 George st. 
I Watson, Henry, draper, George IV. bridge 
I Watson, Jas. {Scot. Prov. Inst.), 45 Charlotte 

Watson, James, 4 Henderson row 
I Watson, James, slater, Canonmills 
I Watson, Jas. writing-master, teacher of arith- 
1 metic and book-keeping, 12 Queen street 
I Watson, James, cooper, 17 Salisbury street 
Watson, James, 10 Raeburn place 
! Watson, James, spirit dealer, Canonmills 
I Watson, Jas. writing-master and accountant, 

12 Fettes row 
! Watson, James, grocer and spirit dealer, 14 

Elbe street, Leith 
Watson, J. M. manager of Messrs C. D. 
1 Young's works, John's pi., St Leonard st. 
I Watson, John K. 28 Gayfield square 
Watson, John, wholesale and retail woollen 

and linen draper, 320 Lawnroarket 
Watson, Jn. manager and treas. Edinburgh Gat 
I Light Company, 19 Windsor street 
Watson, John, joiner, wright, and undertaker. 

16 Union street — house, Gayfield lane 
Watson, Rev. Jonathan, 41 Ann street 
Watson, Leybourne, corn factor and general 

merchant, 48 Constitution street — house, 5 

Hermitage place, Leitb 
Watson, Robert, coal merchant, Caledoniac 

depot — house, 10 Catharine street 
Watson, Robert Digby, Wester Duddingston 
Watson, Stewart, portrait-paint. 79 Princes st 





Watson, Thomas 0. (Z>. Sinclat 6f Sons), 7 

Annandale street 
Watson, Thos. tailor & clothier, 30 James' sq. 
Watson, Walter (^.o/Sco^/anii), 2 Danube st. 
Watson, W. F. bookseller and stationer, 52 

Princes street 
Watson, Wm. Smellie, R.S. A. portrait-painter, 

10 Forth street 
Watson, William, baker, 15 Calton street 
Watson, William, advocate, 37 Queen st. 
Watson, William Scott, Whitehouse 
Watson, Mrs Alex. 28 Ann street 
Watson, Mrs Captain, 48 Rankeillor street 
Watson, ^Irs David, 9 StalFord street 
Watson, Mrs Ebenezer, 10 Smith's place 
Watson, Mrs E. lodgings, 17 Melville st. 
Watson, Mrs George, 23 George square 
■ Watson, Mrs Geo. 2 South Blacket place 
Watson, Mrs Hamilton, 25 Cumberland street 
iWatson, Mrs James, grocer, 13 Citadel street 
IWatson, Mrs James, 3 Lothian street 
1 Watson, Mrs James, Canonmills 
iWatson, Mrs John, draper, 17 Keir street 
IWatson, Mrs Wm. 5 Roxburgh place 
IWatson, Mrs, midwife, 65 Cumberland street 
iWatson, Mrs, 10 West Preston street 
t Watson, Miss Ann, 48 Great King street 
Watson, Miss Elizabeth, 18 Leopold place 
Watson, Miss Margaret, 10 Torphichen st. 
Watson, Miss, 118 Princes street 
; Watson, Miss, 2 Dean street 
Watson, Miss, 6 Pitt street 
Watson, Miss, milln. and dressr. 42 Lothian st. 
Watson, Miss, dressmaker, 21 Nelson street 
iWatson, Misses, 11 Lutton place 
Watson's, George, Hospital, Jleadows — Jas. 

Young, 126 High street, treasurer 
iWatt Institution, School of Arts, and library 
! and model room, Adam square 
Watt, Yule, & Co. merchants, 4 Bernard st. 
Watt and Marwick, S.S.C. 9 York place 
Watt, Alex, veterinary surg. 6 St James' pi. 
Watt, Alex, merchant, 31 Bernard street 
Watt, Alexander H. coal merchant, 2 Railway 
! depot — house, 32 Rankeillor street 
Watt, Andrew, saddler, harness and port- 
manteau maker, 1 South St David st. — ho. 

21 James' square 
Watt, Arch, (of W. Y. &,^ Co.) 31 Bernard st. 
Watt, David, spirit dealer, 147 High street 
Watt, David, spirit-dealer, Seafield place 
Watt, Geo. ivory, bone, and cabinet turner, 

Chalmers' close 
Watt, Hugh, S.S.C. ( W. 6j Warwick), 9 York 

Watt, James, spirit dealer, 22 Dean street — 

ho. 3 Cheyne street 
Watt, James, bookseller, 9 Brighton street 
Watt, James (J. A. Bertram and Co.), 5 Wel- 
I lington place 

Watt, James, greengrocer, 5 N. Melville pi. 
iWatt, John, boot and shoemaker, 4 Maitland 
1 street, Newhaven 

Watt, M. J. surgeon-dentist, 13 So. Charlotte 

WattjNath. 8 Smith's place 
Watt, Peter, 5 Crown street 
Watt, Philip B. general engraver and litho- 
grapher, 3 East Register street — See Adv. 
Watt, Robt. & Wm. commercial agents, 3 and 

4 Haddington pi. — house, 28 Scotland et. 
Watt, Robert, coach hirer, 32 Northumber- 
land street 
Watt, Robt. merchant, 63 Constitution st. 
Watt, Mrs Janet, sick-nurse, 3 Legget's land 
Watt, Mrs M. baker, 3 Riddle's close, Leith 
Watt, Mrs Mary, 4 Torphichen street 
Watt, Mrs Thomas, of Allowbill, 11 E. Clare- 

mont street 
Watt, Mrs, sick-nurse, 4 Portland terrace 
AVatt, Miss C. dressmaker, 7 St Vincent st. 
Watters, Eben. (G.P.-O.), 5 Craigside place 
Walters, Jliss, 126 Lauriston place 
Watts, Henry, dressing-case maker, 46 ISTicol- 

son street 
Wauch, Robert, 6 Shrub place 
Waugh, George, ham shop, 110 Nicolson st. 
Waugh, R. wine and spirit merchant, 8 South 

St Andrew street 
Wauchope, Moodie, and Hope, wine mer- 
chants, 6 Constitution street 
Wauchope, JMrs G. 8 Moray place 
Wauchope, ]\Iiss J. 54 George square 
Weatherly, Mrs, dressm. 34, Hanover street 
Webb, Alex, shoemaker, 23 Dundas street 
Webb, Richard Townshend, 20 Royal Circus 
Webb, Mrs, 39 Thistle street 
Webster and Renny, W.S. 8 Gloucester place 
Webster, A. B., IM.D. 13 Warriston crescent 
Webster, Aw., S.S.C. & N.P. 3 Forth street 
Webster, And. mess.-at-arms, 18 James' sq. 
Webster, George, 56 Northumberland street 
Webster, Hugh, spirit dealer, 7 Giles' street 
Webster, Hugh, corn and meal dealer, 2 

Duke street, Leith 
Webster, Capt. James Carnegie, 1 1 Eastfield, 

Webster, James, S.S.C. 8 Gloucester place 
Webster, James, Cherry bank 
Webster, James, pavement merchant. Junc- 
tion bridge wharf 
Webster, James, 18 Dean terrace 
Webster, John, watchmaker, 107 West port 
Webster, John, teacher of military and calis- 

thenic exercises, 28 Torphichen street 
Webster, John, bootmaker, 9 Catharine street 

— house, Taaphall 
Webster, William, writer, 24 Queen street 
Webster, William, grocer, Lochend road 
Webster, Mrs, sick-nurse, 18 Mid. Arthur pi. 
Webster, Mrs General, Denham green.Trinity 
Webster, Miss, milliner, 30 Castle street 
Webster, Miss, lodgings, 3 W. Register street 
Websters, Misses E. & G. 29 Buccleuch pi. 
Weddel, James, and Co. wine merchants and 
grocers, 20 N.-W. Circus place — ho. 19 





Weddell, Jas. &: Co. hosiers and glovers, ] So. } Werayss, Chas. assistant commissary-general. 

St Andrew street — house, 9 Salisbury road 
Weddell, John, 'silk and merino dyer, 6 In- 
firmary street 
Weddell, Rt. house carpenter, 7 Broughton pi. 
AVeddell, Wm. Edinburgh Bible warehouse, 

48 South bridge 
We(]derburn, G., W.S. 18 India street 
AVedderburn, Mrs Jaraes^ 18 India street 
Weems, Alex. 8 St James' place 
Weir, James (G. P.-O.), Kyle place 
AVeir, James H. baker, 166 Pleasance^ 
AVeir, James, lodgings, 13 Union place 
AVeir, Jn. {Livingston ^' Co.), 40 George sq. 
AVeir, John and Son, plasterers, 56 High street 
AA^eir, Matthew, AA^S. 31 Albany street 
Weir, Robert, grocer, 204 Cowgate 
AA'^eir, R. AI. & Co., wine merchants, 5 York 

Newbattle terrace, Morningside 
AVemyss, J. linen draper, 31 Earl Grey at. — ho. 

125 Fountainbridge 
Wemyss, Robert ( Union Bank), 6 George pi. 
AVemyss, Robert, 18 Maitland street 
Wemyss, T. A., R.X. harb.-master, Granton 
Wemyss, AVilliam, deputy-commiss. -general, 

6 Salisbury road 
AVemyss, Wm. (Shotls Foimd/y), OrcharAfield 
AA'emyss, Mrs David, 13 Pitt street 
West of England Fire and Life Insurance 
Offices — F. Cameron, 123 Princes streer, 
and J. Lindsaj% 28 Dublin street, agents 
West Kirk Poor-rates' Office — Hart Ander- 
son, collector, 1 Rutland street 
AVest, John, engraver, 162 Pleasance 
West, Wm. 2 Mansfield place 

place — bouse, Pembroke Lodge, Moray- West, Miss Georgina, 2 Mansfield place 

AVeir, Samuel, silversmith, Chalmers' close 
AVeir, Dr T. Graham, F.R.C.P.E. and secy. 

Xew Toiva Dispensary, 25 Heriot Row 
AVeir, Thos. H. baker, 19 Frederick street — 

house, 140 Princes street 
AVeir, Mrs, 13 George street 
AVeir, Mrs, 24 Gilmore place 
AA^eir, Miss E. boardg.-sch. 23 Abercroraby pi. 
AA^eir, Miss, 5 Archibald place 
AA'eir, Aliss, 19 ilanor place 
AA'eire, Henry, classical master, Edinburgh 

Academy, 31 Ann street 
Weisse, Henrick, German master, 11 Howe 

Weisse, Jlrs, teacher of music, 1 1 Howe st. 
AVelch, Michael, officer of Inland Revenue, 

Bonnington bridge 
AVells and Russell, city auction rooms, 

auctioneers and commission agents, Adam 

AA'ells, Jas. tea merchant, 8 Shakspeare sq. 
AVells, L. (Sc Co. tea merchants and grocers, 

41 North bridge — house, 25 Gardner's crest. 
AA^elsh, Adam, grocer and wine merchant, 33 

Pitt street 
AVelsh, David, AV.S. 7 Northumberland st. 
AA''elsb, James, flesher, 2S Rose street 
AA^elsh, John, grocer, 3 Scotland street 
AVelsh, Wm. flesher, 102 Rose street — ho. 73 
AVelsh, Mrs Agnes, 2.Lauriston terrace 
AVelsh, Mrs Professor, 2 Gloucester place 
Welsh, Mrs, 17 Howe street 
AVelsh, Mrs, 67 Great King street 
Welsh, Mrs, ladies' nurse, 6 Park street 
Welsh, Miss Katharine, dressm. 17 Howe st. j 
AA^'elsh, Miss, 2 Park street 
AA^lsh, Miss, 63 Castle street 
AVelsh, Misses, 1] Bank street I 

AVelsh, Misses, 2 Darnawav street 
Wemyss, Right Hon. the Earl of, 64 Queen 

AVemyss, And. trunk, portmanteau, and brush — house, 6 Baltic street 

manuf. 77 Princes st. — ho. 26 St James' sq. AVhite, James, 19 Royal terrace 

West, Misses, dressmakers, 47 Cumberland st. 

Western Bank of Scotland, 8 St Andrew I 
square — Andrew Blackburn, cashier 

Westgarth, Mrs, 1 ^Melville street 

WESTMiNSTEa Life and Sun Fire Insurance 
Offices, 39 George street — D. Murray, agt. 

Weston, John, bookseller, 2 West College st. 

AVeston, Mrs Richard, fancy trimming ware- 
house, 14 Nicolson street — ho. 88 Nicolson 

Westren, Peter, working jeweller, 3 East 
Register street 

AA'estren, Mrs, lodgings, 33 Dublin street 

AVharton, Geo. stamp and beam maker, 23 
Leith wynd 

AVharton, Henry, cabinetmaker and uphols- 
terer, 6 South Hanover street 

AA^harton, Airs Jas. fish merchant, Gilmore St. 
Paul's work 

Whigham and Co. drapers and hosiers. 6 
Howe street 

AA^higham, Misses,French staym. 4 Clerk st. 

White, Richard & Co. wholesale tea & coffee 
merchants, 27 AVaterloo pi. — ho. 5 Brunton 

AA^hite, Adam {Union Blc), 14 AV. Duncan st. 

AVhite, Adam and Co. merchants, 14 Consti- 
tution street 

AVhite, Alex. 4 Summerfield, Leith 

AVhite, Alex, grocer & victual dealer, 22 North- 
west Circus place and 39 Dundas street — 
house, 10 Baker's place 

AA^hite, Alex, baker, 38 AA'est Crosseausey 

AVhite, Daniel, tavern keeper, 307 High street 

White, Geo. stamper (G.P.-O.), 56 Potterrow 

AVhite, George, dairy, 33 Leith walk 

White, Geo. Towrey, barrister-at-law, 17 Cla- 
rendon crescent 

AA^hite, George, brassfounder and gasfitter, j 
169 AA^est Rose street lane 

AVhite, Hugh, coal agent to Marquis of Lo- 
thian, St Leonard's depot and 22 Baltic st 




White, James, china, crystal, and stone- 
ware merchant, *9 West port 
White, James, stockbroker and marine in- 
surance agent, .51 Princes street — ho. 12 S. 
Frederick street 
White, J. plumber and gasfitter, 40 Leith st. 

— house, 24 Calton hill 
White, Rev. John A. 8 Quality street 
White, John, 32 Warriston crescent 
White, John, baker, 3 Duke street 
White, John, grocer, 10 Moray street 
White, John, victual dealer, 22 Heriot place 
White, John, •woollen draper, hatter, hosier, 

and glover, 34 George street 
White, John L. mourning, straw-bonnet, and 

millinery warehouse, 11 and 12 Kirkgate 
White, John, baker, 4 Howe street— house, 6 
White, Robert, fruiterer, 1 Albany street 
White, Rich. (W. S,^ Co.), 5 Brunton place 
White, Robt. 40 Gilmore place 
White, Robert, joiner, 29 Queen street, Leith 
AVhite, Stephen, cowfeeder, 217 Canongate 
White, Thos. dyer, 31 Tolbooth wynd, Leith— 

house, 45 
White, Thomas, 28 Gayfleld square 
'White, Thos. and Co. tobacco-pipe manufactu- 
rers, 225 Canongate 
White, Thos. cowfeeder, 8 St Anthony place 
White, Wm. woollen draper, man's niercer,and 

hatter, 12 Frederick street 
White, William, teacher, 19 Brunswick st. 
White, William, cowfeeder, Primrose street, 

White, Wm. officer Inland Revenue^ 35 W. 

Norton place 
White, Mrs, 6 Union street 
White, Mrs George, 5 Buccleuch place 
White, Mrs, tanner, skinner, and wool mer- 
chant, Bonnington 
White, Miss, 12 Vanburgh place, Leith 
Whitecross, Mrs, temperance coffeehouse and 

lodgings, 1 1 Calton street 
Whiteford, Robert, turner, 22 Greenside 
Whitehead, Alex, china merchant and agent, 

6 North Richmond street 
Whitehead, John, S.S.C. 1 1 Queen street — 

house, 9 Fettes row 
Whitehead, John, boot and shoe warehouse, 

6 Catharine street 
Whitehead, Laurence, boot& shoemaker, 144 
Kirkgate and 34 Tolbooth wynd — house, 
52 Kirkgate 
iWhitehead, Wm. boot & shoe warehouse, 62 

Princes street — house, 15 St Andrew sq. 
\Vhitehead, Wm. & Son, hosiers to the Queen, 
glovers, and shirt makers, 28 North bridge — 
manufactory. Old Assembly close — house, 
8 Warriston crescent 
Whitehead, Mrs, 19 Gayfield square 
Whitelaw, G. 35 Scotland street 
Whitelaw, Jas. clock and watchmaker, 28 
West Register street— house, 30 James' 

Whitelaw, M. and W. corn factors, 19 Bernard 

street, Leith 
Whitelaw, M. 8 James' place, Leith 
Whitelaw, Miss, 139 George street 
Whitson, Andrew, grocer, Echo bank 
Whitson, George, stabler, Young street lane 

—house, 3 Young street 
Whitson, Robert, brewer, 1 1 Yard beads 
Whitson, William, 29 Clarence street 
Whitson, Mrs James, 6 Leopold place 
Whitten, J. C. 13 London street 
Whittet, Jn. comm. traveller, 24 Nicolson st. 
Whittet, Wm. {Robb ^- W.\ 10 Buccleuch st. 
Whitworth Coal and Coke depot, 30 Coat- 
field lane 
Whyte, A. wholesale statr. 8 & 10 S. St David 

St. — house, 21 Buccleuch place 
Whyte, David, grain merchant, 30 Lothian st. 
Whyte, David, merchant, 21 Nelson street 
Whyte, George, letter-carrier, 2 Crichton st. 
Whyte, John, pattern-drawer, 8 Nicohon 

Whyte, Matthew, 19 St Bernard's crescent 
Whyte, Robt. & Son, hardware merchants,, 

235 High St. — house, 10 Arniston place 
Whyte, Thomas, Greenside house 
Whyte, W. & Co. late pubs. & books, ta 

Queen Adelaide, 13 George street 
Whyte, William, painter, glazier, and paper- 
I hanger, 243 Canongate and 6 Castle street 
I Whyte, Mrs David, 21 Nelson street 
j Whytock, Richd. & Co. carpet manufacturers 
I and furniture printers, 9 George street 
j Whytt, D. K. 10 Scotland street 
! Wicks, Miss Eliz. furrier, 58 Hanover strett 
Widows' Fund Office of W.S. 32 Abercromby 

Wielobycki, Dr, 55 Queen street 
Wigham, John & Son, silk-men, shasvl and 

tartan raanufrs. 32 Nicolson street — house. 

5 South Gray street 

Wigham, John, jun. 10 Salisbury road 
"Wight and Livingston, W.S. 11 Young st. 
Wight & Scott, wholesale provision merchts. 

6 Kirkgate 

"Wight, Alexander, Wight's place 

Wight, Andrew, spirit merchant, 50 Shore 

Wight, Charles, spirit dealer, 62 St Leonard 

Wight, George, flasher, 3 Albany street — 

house, 2 Barony street 
Wight, Rev. Henry, 24 Walker street 
Wight, John, postmaster and livery stables. 

King's stables 
Wight, Robt. {W. cJI- ScoW), Claremont Park, 

Wight, Robert, flesher, 31 Dundas street — 

house, 7 India place 
Wight, Mrs Alexander, 3 Graham street 
Wight, Mrs Colonel, 86 Great King street 
Wight, Miss, housekeeper Trarfes'l/airf. Hosp. 
Wight, Miss, 3 King's place 
Wigbtman,Ed. bootmaker, 10 N. St David st. 





Wightman, John, pianoforte merchant, 23 St 

James' square 
Wightman, John, flesher, 17 Calton street — 

house, 1 Physic gardens 
Wightman, John, provision mercht, 3 Drum- 

mond street 
Wightman, Wm. Rose cottage. Trinity 
Wightman, Wm.wright, glazier, and packing- 
box manufacturer, 44 Whitfield place 
Wighton and Son, working jewellers, 1 7 Queen 

street — house, IMurrayfield 
Wighton, Wm. watchmaker, 8 St Patrick st. 
Wigney, R. P. 28 London street 
Wilding, Wm. {M'Glashan and W.), 23 

Clyde street 
Wilkes, Mrs Margt. tobacconist, 33 George st. 
"Wilkes, Mrs G. 23 Dundas street 
Wilkie, Andrew, 9 Duncan street,Newington 
Wilkie, Alexander, draper, 3 Morton street 
Wilkle, Captain, 3 Forres street 
Wilkie, Horner, baker, 130 Kirkgate 
Wilkie, Jas. {H. M. Gazette Office), 9 Mon- 
tagu street 
Wilkie, James, accountant, 74 Queen street 
Wilkie, James F., S.S.C. 29 Dundas street 
Wilkie, James, builder, 47 Couper st. Leith 
Wilkie, John, silversmith, 8 E. Rose st. lane 
Wilkie, Thos. grocer and wine merchant, 35 

Northumb. st, — house, 67 Gt. King street 
Wilkie, T. 2 Portland ten-ace 
Wilkie, Thomas, bookbinder, 243 High street 
Wilkie, T. & A. drapers, 75 and 76 Tolbooth 

wynd, Leith 
Wilkie, Wm. P. advocate, 3 Forres street 
Wilkie, William, Parkside ho. St Leonard's 
Wilkie, Mrs Wm. 1 St James' square 
Wilkie, Mrs, 31 Windsor street 
Wilkie, Mrs, grocer & spirit dr. 28 Dean st. 
Wilkie, Miss M. 1 Morton street 
Wilkinson, James, baker, 103 Grassmarket 
Wilkinson, Dr William, 17 Archibald place 
Wilkinson, Wm., M.D. private lecturer on 

medicine, 39 South bridge 
Wilkinson, Mrs, 13 Rankeiilor street 
Wilkinson, Misses, dressmakers, 58 Hanover 

Wilks, John, 2 Dean street 
WiUiams, Edward, general merchant, 20 

Timber bush — house, 6 Baltic street 
Williams, John, pocket-book and jewel-case 

manufacturer, 8 No. bridge — ho. 13 Blair st. 
Williams, Rich, clothier and habit maker 

to the Queen (late Willis ^ Williams), 62 

George street 
Williams, Wm., Crown tavern, Jock's lodge 
Williams, Mrs C. 6 Elm row 
Williamson & Stark, corn factors, 19 Bernard 

Williamson, Adam, cattle agent, 11 Hailesst. 
Williamson, Adam, bookseller and stationer, 

1 Spittal street 
Williamson, Alex, shoem. 403 Lawnmarket 
Williamson, Alex, writer, 2 Hermitage place 

WilHamson, A. ( Witness office), 11 Henry st. 
Williamson, Andrew, 8 Heriot place 
Williamson, Charles {W. Sf Stark), 9 James' 

place, Leith 

Williamson, David, grocer and spirit dealer,! 

1 West Newington place ■' 

Williamson, Fr. & A. vellum and parchment jl 

makers, Bonnington rj 

Williamson, George, tinsmith and gasfitter, 

5 Canongate 
Williamson, Geo. bootmaker, 299 High street 
Williamson, George, tobacco and snuff manu- 
facturer, 22 Grassmarket 
Williamson, James, surgeon and druggist, 

30 St Andrew square 
Williamson, James, 16 Grove street 
Williamson, James, accountant, 5 Hailes st. 
Williamson, James {Albion Loan Co.), 23 Rose 

Williamson, James, tailor, 35 Kirkgate 
Williamson, James, 4 Morningside place 
Williamson, J. grocer, 54 West port 
Williamson, John, engineer, 4 Fingal place 
Williamson, John, veterinary surgeon, Lo- 
thian road I 
Williamson, Pat. metal dealer, 7 Queen street, 

Williamson, R, spirit mercht. 27 Abbey hill 
Williamson, Sinclair, 13 Blacket place 
Williamson, Thos. victual dealer, 37 Bristost. 
Williamson, Thomas, M.D. &c. 35 Charlotte 

street, Leith 
Williamson, Thomas, flesher, Morningside 
Williamson, Thomas, 102 Causey side 
Williamson, William, tinsmith and gasfitter, 

7 Giles' street 
Williamson, W. K., Lyon office, herald painter 

(Gen. Reg. House), 2 Parkside street 
Williamson, William, 13 No.-west Circus pi. 
Williamson, i\Irs Eliza, 25 Haddington place 
Williamson, Mrs, lodgings, Anchorfield, 

Williamson, Mrs, 10 Manor place 
Williamson, Mrs, confectioner, teacher of 

cookery and pastry, 35 Dundas street 
Williamson, RUss, French staymaker, 6 Park 

WiUiamson, JNliss Margt. milliner and dress- 
maker, 6 Park street 
Williamson, Miss Margt. 16 Grove street 
Willis, IVIrs, 13 India street 
WiUis, Misses, 3 Leopold place 
Willoughby, Thomas, 25 India street 
Wilshere, Michael, floor-cloth manufacturer 
and paper-hanging depot, and gutta percha 
warehouse, 14 South St David street 
Wilson & Martin, Her Majesty's clothiers, 

7 North St Andrew street 
Wilson, Jastrau, & Co, ship agents, 14 Com- 
mercial place 
Wilson, A. & G. fishing-tacklemakers to H.R.H. 
Prince Albert, bird stufifers,&c. 34 Princes st. 
— See Adv. 





Wilson & Co. dressing-case, desk, and pocket- 
book makers, 71 George street. — See Adv. 
Wilson, A. & W. R. printers, Chessels' court, 

Wilson, Rev. And. head master John Wat- 
son's Itistitution 
Wilson, Adam, surgeon and druggist, 10 Lo- 
thian street 
Wilson, Alexander, contractor, Granton pier 
Wilson, Alexander, flesher, 49 Nicolson street 
Wilson, Alex., corn merchant, 4 Albany st. 

Wilson, Andrew, S.S.C. 21 Bernard street 

— house, 8 Smith's place 
Wilson, Andrew, agent for Edinburgh and 

Glasgow Bank, 19 Charlotte st. Leith 
Wilson, Andrew, 17 Union place 
Wilson, Andrew, 35 Wright's houses 
Wilson, Andrew, house agent, Tolbooth wynd 
Wilson, A., lodgings, 9 Gardner's crescent 
Wilson, Andrew, dentist, 18 Young street 
Wilson, A. dealer in live birds, artificial eyes, 
cage-maker, &c., 34 Princes st. — See Adv. 
Wilson, Andrew, wright, 18 Leven street 
Wilson, Benj. D. (Excise), 2 Norton place 
Wilson, Charles, butcher, 298 Lawnmarket 
Wilson, David, teacher, Old Assembly close — 

house, 2 St John's hill 
Wilson, David, 17 William street 
Wilson, D. baker, 43 Candlemaker row 
Wilson, David, cowfeeder, 11 S. B. Canongate 
Wilson, David, cowfeeder, 138 Rose street 
Wilson, David, M.D. 12 Dean Terrace 
Wilson, David, spirit dealer, 3 Water lane 
Wilson, David & Son, slaters, 1 Portland 

Wilson, Francis W. agent Roi/al Bank, 30 

Bernard st — house, 10 Constitution st. 
Wilson, George, inspector of weights and 

measures. City Chambers 
Wilson, George, M.D. lecturer on chemistry — 
house. Elm cottage, East Whitehouse loan 
—lecture-room. Surgeon's Hall, Nicolson 
Wilson, George {Stamp Office), 15 Gardner's 

Wilson, George {Customs), Hillhousefield 
Wilson, George, flesher, 245 Canongate 
Wilson, George (W. Sr Martin), 22 Duke st. 
Wilson, Geo. tea dealer and grocer, 22 Drum- 

mond street 
Wilson, (Jeorge & Frederick, spirit dealers, 24 

Drummond street 
Wilson, Hutton, W.S. 2 Eyre place 
Wilson, Jas. & Co. silk-mercers and drapers, 

3 South bridge— house, 6 Gilmore place 
Wilson, James, W.S. 21 Maitland street 
Wilson, Jas. 29 St James' square 
Wilson, James, Guildford Arms hotel, 1 W. 

Register street 
Wilson, James, Boards of Manufactures and 

of Fisheries, 6 St Vincent street 
Wilson, James, cabinetmaker, 165 Rose st. 

Wilson, James, Woodville, Canaan 

Wilson, Jas. spirit merchant, 9 E. Adam st. 

Wilson, James, carter, 9 Assembly street 

Wilson, James, wright, 16 Home street 

Wilson, James, flesher, (the Royal Emporium) ^ 
106 George street — ho. 27 Castle street 

Wilson, Jas. wright and house agent, 8 Great 
Junction st — house, 13 Eastfield place 

Wilson, James, wine and spirit merchant, 
58 Lothian street 

Wilson, James, spirit dealer, 8 Canongate 

Wilson, James, sheep and cattle agent, 7 West 
Preston street , 

Wilson, Jas. commission agt. 25 Arthur st. 

Wilson, James, fruiterer, 14 Catharine street 

Wilson, J. M. (W. J. S^ Co.), Jessfield cot- 
tage, Bonnington road 

Wilson, James, spirit merchant, 7 Northum- 
berland place 

Wilson, Rev. John M. 31 Broughton place 

Wilson, John, fishmonger, 6 So. Melville pi. 

Wilson, J. P. advocate, 20 Abercromby place 

Wilson, J. plumber, 18 West Nicolson street 

Wilson, J. lodgings, 7 South-east Circus pi. 

Wilson, John, coalmaster, 2 Port-Hopetoun 

Wilson, John, grocer and spirit dealer, 20 
South Richmond street 

Wilson, John (H. M. Customs), Whitehouse, 
Duke street, Leith 

Wilson, J. ham and pie shop, 59 Nicolson st. 

Wilson, J. slater, 24 Earl Grey st. — house, 
173 Fountainbridge 

Wilson, John, gardener, Easter road 

Wilson, John, wine and spirit merchant, 12 
Catharine street — house, 10 

Wilson, John, boot and shoera. 79 Queen st. 

Wilson, John, bootmaker, 34 N. Pitt street- 
house. Dean bank cottage 

Wilson, John, wright, 6 Simpson's court, 

Wilson, John, commercial traveller, Canning 
house, Causeyside 

Wilson, John, grocer and spirit merchant, § 
Middle Arthur place 

Wilson, J. & C. fishing line manufacturers, 
3 Brand place 

Wilson, P., A.M. teacher of English and geo- 
graphy, Whitehouse, Duke street, Leith 

Wilson, Patrick, architect, 2 Queen street 

house, 27 Minto street 

AVilson, Peter, tea, wine, and spirit dealer, 
Regent arch— house, Elm cottage. White- 
house loan 

Wilson, Peter, tobacco-pipe manufacturer, 43 

Wilson, P. contractor, 169 Fountainbridge 

Wilson, Richard, tobacco manufacturer, John 
Knox's house, 41 High street 

Wilson, R. accountant, 32 St Andrew sq. 

Wilson, Robert & Son, linen manufacturers 
drapers, outfitters, & hosiers, 4 George st. ' 

Wilson, Robert Sym, cashier Royal Bank, 
Register place 




Wilson, Robert, writer, 10 St Ann's yard 
Wilson, Robert, butcher and poulterer, 29 

North Nelson street 
Wilson, Robert, plumber, 21 Earl Grey street 

— house, 1 Portland place 
Wilson, Robert, 59 York place 
AVileon, Robert, manager Edin. Loan Co. 39 

South bridge 
Wilson, R. & R. painters and glaziers, 66 

Clerk street 
Wilson, Robert, hatter, 19 Salisbury street 
Wilson, Robt. trimming merchant, 53 George 

Wilson, Robert, fishmonger, 1 Melville pi. 
^Vilson, Thomas, baker, Hillhousefield 
'Wilson, Thomas, 1 Great Wellington st. Leith 
AVilson, Thomas, spirit dealer, 32 Northum- 
berland street 
Wilson, Thomas, watchmaker and jeweller, 

11 Leith street — house, 7 
^^'ilson, Wm. corn merchant, Swanfield mills 

— house, 2 Wellington place 
Wilson, Wm. victual dealer, 38 No. Richmond 

Wilson, William, wright, 10 Lauriston street 
V\'ilson, Wm. wine and spirit merchant, 165 

Pleasance and 6 Rose street 
Wilson, Wm. house agent, 7 Dalrymple place 
Wilson, AVilliam, 70 Causeyside 
Wilson, Wm. (Crown Office), 8 Roxburgh ter. 
Wilson, Wm. 6 Johnston place 
Wilson, Wm. (Simpson ^- W.), 1 1 Brand pi. 
Wilson, Wm. grocer, 34. Water lane 
Wilson, Wm. gardener, Lixmount, Trinity 
Wilson, Abigal, victual and spirit dealer, 2 St 

Leonard street 
Wilson, Mrs A. 30 Haddington place 
Wilson, Mrs Alex, lodgings, 30 Royal circus 
AVilson, Mrs Alex. 1 Bellevue crescent 
Wilson, Mrs Christian, midwife, 13 Allan st. 
^Vilson, Mrs C. M. 65 Lauriston place 
AVilson, Mrs Francis, lodgings, 42 Lothian 

Wilson, Mrs Francis, 21 Montagu street 
Wilson, Mrs L 71 Clerk street 
Vrilson, Mrs John, 14 Brandon street 
Wilson, Mrs John, 31 Buccleuch place 
^ViIson, Mrs j\I. crape-dresser, 73 Rose street 
Vv'ilson, Mrs Sarah, trimming & worsted shop, 

23 Frederick street 
Wilson, Mrs, draper and hosier, 10 Union pi. 
Wilson, IMrs, 35 Leith street 
Wilson, Mrs, lodgings, 105 Princes street 
AVilson, Mrs, 33 Minto street 
AVilson, Mrs, lodgings, 129 Rose street 
A\'ilson, Mrs, 21 Maitland street 
Wilson, Mrs, nurse, 10 Catharine street 
Wilson, Mrs, lodgings, 21 Castle street 
Wilson, Mrs, 50 India street 
AVilson, Isabella, cowfeeder, 5 Saunders street 
AVilson, Miss, 51 Melville stre-et 
Wilson, Miss Catherine, 1 Summerhall place 
AVilson, Miss, lodgings, 3 Regent street 

Wilson, Miss Jane, 15 Maitland street 
Wilson, Miss, milliner, 16 Elm row 
AVilson, Miss, 2 Smith's place 
Wilson, Miss, 34 Castle street 
Wilson, Miss Mary, tobacconist and dry- 
salter, 1 S. Junction street 
AVilson, Misses, 1 Park street 
AA^ilsou, Misses, Grange brae 
Wilson's North British Hotel, 21 Princes st. 
AVinchester, IMrs Colonel, 19 London street 
AVinter, Robert, flesher, 1 Jamaica street 
AA'inter, Thomas, butcher, 1 Pitt street 
Winter, Ulrick, clockmaker, 25 Greenside st. 
AA^inter, ]Mrs, 15 St James' square 
AVinter, Mrs George, milliner, 13 Chapel st, 
Winterscale, John, 25 AAlndsor street 
Wintour, John C. artist, 1 St Cuthbert's 

Glebe, Lothian road 
Wintour, Wra,, painter, 22 ]\Iailland street ' 
Wise, Thos. A., M.D., H.E.I.C.S. 17 Aber^ 

cromby place 
Wishart and Clapperton, corn factors, 1 Baltic 
I street 
! Wishart, Alex, shoemaker, 384 High street 

Wishart, Edward ( W. and Clapperton)^ 8 
t Hermitage place, Leith 
Wishart, James and Sons, merchts. and agents, 

21 Queen street, Leith 
Wishart, James, jun. {J. W. §' Sons), 20 Al- 
bany street, Leith 
Wishart, James (J. W. 4" Sons), 8 Hermitage' 

place, Leith 
Wishart, John K. (J. JF. Sf Sons), Lochend 

road, Leith 
Wishart, John, baker and confectioner, 1 N. 

Bank street 
Wishart, AVm., S.S.C and S.L. 13 Bank st. 
Wishart, Mrs John, 4 North Fort street 
AVishart, Mrs J. H. 36 London street 
Wishart, Mrs, Raeburn place 
Wishart, Mrs Margt. broker, 1 4 Fox lane 
Witness Newspaper Office, 297 High street 

— printing-office, 11 Horse wynd 
Wood's Shakespeare Hotel, 2 Shakespeare sq. 
Wood & Co. London pianoforte and music 
saloons, 12, 14, 16, and 18 AVaterloo place 
AVood, Dr Alex., F.R.C.P. lecturer on medi- 
cine, 2 St Colme street 
Wood, Alexander, grocer, 4 Hamilton place 
Wood, Andw., M.D., F.R.C.S.E. 9 Darnaway 

Wood, Andrew, manager (J. G. 'y Co,), 36 

Bernard street 
Wood, Chris, senior. Hermitage park, Leith 
AVood, Chris, jun. merchant, Claremont park 
Wood, W. Edwards of Stankhill, Palace yard 
Wood, G. ( Wood and Co.), 30 Great King st. 
Wood, Gavin H., merchant, 71 Timber bush 

— house, 36 Bernard street 
AA'ood, Dr James, F.R.C.P. 19 Royal circus 
AA'ood, James & Co. importers of Swedish 
leeches and Turkey sponges, 27 Clyde st. 
— See Adv. 





Wood, James, bookseller, 88 Princes street — 

house, 90 
Wood, James, cabinetmaker, 8 Bristo place 
Wood, James, stationer, 49 N. Richmond st. 
Wood, James, baker, 17 Lothian street 
Wood, John A. advocate, 1 Royal circus 
Wood, John George (^Dalmahoy and fF.), 52 

Melville street 
Wood, John, stockbroker, 5 Hanover street 
Wood, John H. 6 James' place, Leith 
Wood, John, wholesale grocer and provision 

merchant, 17 and 18 Dock street — house, 

14 Bonnington place 
Wood, John, dairy, 1 Springfield 
Wood, Joseph, 1 Wharton lane 
Wood, Joshua, linen draper, 363 High st. — 

house, 34 Buccleuch place 
Wood, Hon. Lord, 1 Royal circus 
Wood, P. & C. merchants, 41 Bernard street 
Wood, Robert P. 24 India street 
Wood, Simon F. wine and spirit merchant, 

154 High street — house, 2 Salisbury street 
Wood, Thos. grocer and spirit merchant, 

9 Kerr street — house, 28 Brunswick street 
Wood, Thomas, wine and spirit merchant, 

30 Quality street — ho. 10 Wellington pi. 
Wood, W. flesher, 79 Nicolson street 
Wood, Wm., F.R.C.S.E. 9 Darnaway street 
Wood, WilHam, mason, 7 Shakspeare square 
Wood, Wm. accountant and actuary, 7 North 

St Andrew street — house, 10 Hope street 
Wood, William, 6 James' place, Leiih 
Wood, William, teacher, 3 Keir st. — house, 

Canaan villa, Morningside 
Wood, William {Anderson and Wood), 6 

Helen place 
Wood, Lady, 53 Melville street 
Wood, Marjory, matron, 6 Surgeon square 
Wood, Mrs A. 6 West Claremont street 
Wood, Mrs Capt. 9 Clarendon crescent 
Wood, Mrs, J., Wester Duddiugston 
Wood, Mrs Catharine, 23 Gayfield square 
Wood, Mrs John, Canaan grove 
Wood, Mrs P. 37 Queen street ' 
Wood, Mrs, 32 Cumberland street 
Wood, Mrs, 8 South Charlotte street 
Wood, Mrs, 2 Spring gardens, Stockbridge 
Wood, Miss, Hermitage park, Leith 
Wood, Miss^ teacher ot music, 61 Frederick st. 
Woodford, Edward, LL.D., H. M. Inspector 

of Schools, 39 Great King street 
Woodman, James Linning, W.S. 29 South 

Frederick street — house, 28 Northumber- 
land street 
Wordie, J. W., S.S.C. 10 Drummond place 
Wordsworth, S., W.S. Her Majesty's Horse 

Repository, Nottingham place — house, 

Work, Peter, 3 Summerhall place 
Working Men's Refreshment Rooms, 25 

Dovrnie place 
Works, City Public— ofBce, 10 Royal Exch. 
WoEKS, Office of H. M. Public, Exchequer 

buildings — R. Matheson, archictect 

Wortham, Hen. French cleaning and dyeing, 
1 Queen street — house, 50 London street. — 
See Adv. 

Wortham, Mrs, lace cleaner and clear star- 
cher, 50 London street and 1 Queen street. 
— See Adv. 

Wotherspoon and Mack, W. S. 18 Great 
Stuart street 

Wotherspoon, Jas. B. M., raercht. and general 
agent, office, 70 Timber bush — house, 35 
Cumberland street 

Wotherspoon, Jn, agent for Arniston colliery, 
St Leonard's 

Wotherspoon, Wm., S.S.C. 18 Gt. Stuart st. 

Worthington, Wm. assistant veterinary sur- 
geon. Veterinary college 

Wren, Geo. corn factor, 119 Constitution st. 

Wrench, Robt. Adelphi hotel, 3 Broughton st. 

Wright, Alexanders Son, nursery and seeds- 
men, 1 Greenside place 

Wright & Finlay, S.S.C, 21 Thistle street 

Wright & Braidwood, brush manufacturers, 
3 Grassmarket 

Wright, Alex. Balfour, seed merchant, Adam 
square — house, 5 Forth street 

Wright, Alex, of St Catherine's, 1 Greenside 

Wright, Charles Wm. (.4. W. and Son). 23 
Pilrig street 

Wright, George, merchant, Hillhousefield 

Wright, Geo. & Son, commission merchants, 
13 Bernard street 

Wright, Geo. grocer, 5 Northumberland pi. 

Wright, George, jun. ( G. W. & Son), Wood- 
ville, Murrayfield 

Wright, Henry, bookseller, 8 Salisbury pi. West 

Wright, J. & J., W.S. 28 Forth street 

Wright, James, 13 Ainslie place 

Wright, Rev. James, 12 Argyle square 

Wright, James, secretary Royal Bank, 15 In- 
verleith place 

Wright, James, W.S. (/. and J. W.), 28 
Forth street 

Wright, James, tea, coffee, and spice mercht. 
54 Tolbooth wynd, Leith — ho. Hillhouse- 
field cottage 

Wright, Jas. victual deal. 142 & 143 Kiikgate 

Wright, J. japanner, 104 High street 

Wright, John, W.S. (J. and J. Il\),28 Forth 

Wright, John, tailor, 32 West port 

Wright, P. and R. linen manufacturers and 
drapers, 16 and 20 George street 

Wright, P. (P. and R. Wright), 1 Dundas st. 

Wright, Peter, pro v. shop, 18 King st. Leith 

Wright, Robert, architect, 12 Pitt street 

Wright, Robert, baker, 22 Sandport street- 
house, 14 Commercial place 

Wright, T,, M.D,, F.R.C.E.SS Great King st. 

Wright, Thos. grocer and wine merchant, 
1 North Junction street 

Wright, Walter, CanonmiUs— house, 2 Huptly^ 






Wright, Walter, bookseller and stationer, 32 

Home street 
Wright, Wm. French satin bat manufacturer, 

65 North bridge — house, 18 Caltonhill 
Wright, Wm. shoe warehouse, 141 High st. 
Wright, Mrs Wm. Anchor Hotel and Tavern, 

227 High street 
Wright, jNIrs James, Pirniefield, Leith 
Wrigbt, Mrs Wm. B. 14 Manor place 
Wright, Mrs, 5 Pitt street 
Wright, Mrs, ladies' nurse, 47 William st. 
Wright, Mrs, milliner, French staymaker and 

embroiderer to her Majesty, 73 George st. 
Wright, Miss Frances, 1 Blenheim place 
Writers to the Signet Widows' Fund— col- 
lector's office, 32 Abercromby place 
Wunsch, Fred, tailor and clothier, 48 West 

Register street — house, 20 Elder street 
Wybber, Mi's, 2 Hope street 
Wyber, Misses, French staymakers, 76 Queen 

Wyld, Mrs, 50 George square 
Wylie, Alex, iron merchant, 9 Lauriston lane 
Wylie, David, circuit clerk of Justiciary, 5 

BeUevue terrace 
Wylie, Henry J. civil engineer and surveyor, 

5 Bellevue terrace 
Wylie, Rev. Jas. A. 12 Archibald place 
Wylie, John, 3 Carnegie street 
WyUie, Andw. vfine merchant, 33 St Andrew 

sq. — ho. 39 Montagu street 
WyUie, Lieut.- Colonel, 12 Howard place 
WyUie, John, manufac. 21 Broughton place 
Wyndham, Robt. Henry, lessee of the Royal 

and Adelphi Theatres, 19 Broughton place 
Wyse, George B. M. Grange road 
Wyse, Mrs Dr, 10 Salisbury place 

Yaniewicz, Mrs, 84 Great King street 
Yelland, Jn. (Excise), 5 Upper Gilmore place 
Yellowlees, Alex, wright, 28 Thistle street 
Yeoman, John, shoemaker, 9 Arthur street 
YoaKSHiRE Fire and Life Insurance Co. 68 

Great King st. and 1 Geo. street 
Yorstoun, A. G. Summer cottage. Trinity 
Yorstoun, John Ewart, of Chancery (Register 

House), master extraordinary in Chancery, 

21 Lynedoch place 
Yorrick, David, C. 5 M'Kenzie place 
Young & Mackay, horticulturists & florists, 

Newington gardens 
Young, Peddle, & Co. {late W. D. Y. ^ Co.), 

manufacturers of iron and wire fences, &c. 

54 Hanover st. — manufactory, 123 Fountain- 
Young, A. painter and glazier, 73 Clerk st. 
Young, Alexander, 22 Scotland street 
Young, Andrew, 7 Lynedoch place 
Young, Andrew, lodgings, 120 George street 
Young, Andrew (late of Madras College), 22 

Elm row 
Young, Arch. Queen's cutler, and surgeons' 

Instrument maker to the Royal Infirmary, 

79 Princes street — house, 2 Alva street 

Young, Archibald, advocate, 3 Moray place 

Young, Arch, merchant, 89 Constitution st. — 
house, 25 Pitt street 

Young, Charles D. & Co. iron founders, 
manufacturers, contractors, &c. 48 North 

Young, Charles D. {C. D. Y. and Co.), 5 
Bruutsfield place 

Young, David,'accountant, Union Bank, Par- 
liament square 

Young, David (late of Inland Revenue), 24 
Salisbury street 

Young, David, painter and glazier, 9 Spring 

Young, David, boot and shoe maker, 9 Toll- 

Young, Edward R. surveyor, 12 Royal Ex- 
change — house, 2 Smith's place 

Young, Edward, slater and chimney sweeper, 
4 Jamaica street 

Young, Gav. lapidary. Logic mill. — See Adv. . 

Young, George, advocate, 47 Moray place 

Young, George, bootmaker, 6 Dublin street 

Young, George and Co. merchants, 4 Con- 
stitution street 

Young, George, 2 Windsor street 

Young, Hume, bar-keeper Court of Session, 
12 Rosebank, Gardner's crescent 

Young, J. & D. coach lamp manufacturers, 
22 Greenside street 

Y oung, James, cooper, 7 Dock street — house, 
1 4 London row 

Young, James, tailor and clothier, 37 North 

Young, James, woollen draper and clothier, 
126 High street — house, 10 Elm row 

Young, James, victual dealer, 88 Grassmarket 

Young, James R. 118 Causey side 

Young, James, flesher, 34 W. Richmond st. 

Young, Js. boot and shoemaker, 18 WiUiara 

Young, Js. slater and glazier, 58 Broughton 

Young, John, S.S.C. and N.P. 31 Dundas st. 

Young, John, flesher, 8 Stockbridge market 
— house, 28 Brunswick street 

Young, John, officer of Customs, 17 Cannon st. 

Young, John, umbrella and parasol manufac- 
turer, 57 Broughton street 

Young, John, slater and glazier, 1 Gayfield pi. 

Young, John G. club-maeter, 91 George st.' 

Young, Jn. boot and shoemaker, 8 WiUiam st. 

Young, John, china shop, 23 Brunswick st. 

Young, John, 7 Nicolson square 

Young, Peter, flesher, 23 Stockbridge market 
— house, 8 Hamilton place 

Young, Robert, 25 East Claremont street 

Young, Robert, commercial traveller, 24 St 
Patrick square 

Young, Robert, merchant, 22 Scotland street 

Young, Robert, 8 Gardner's crescent 

Young, Robt. bookseller and printer, 5 North 
Bank street 

Young, Robert, 21 Salisbury street 





Young, Robert and Co. tailors and clothiers, 
67 St Mary's wynd 

Young, Thos. (G. Y.^ Co.), Bank ho. Leith 

Young, Thos. tailor and clothier, 54 North br. 

Young, Thos. spirit dealer, 24 Potterrow 

Young, Thos. watch-glass maker, 6 Milne sq. 

Young, Thos. 25 E. Claremont street 

Young, Thos, watch & clockmaker, 5-b St Pa- 
trick square 

Young, W. and D. merchants, 17 Cowgate- 
head — house, 37 Candlemaker row 

Young, Walter, grocer, 33 Abbey hill 

Young, Dr William, 60 George square 

Young, Wm., W.S. agent for the Church of 
Scotland, and solicitor to the North British 
Insurance Co. 3 Moray place 

Young, Wm. 3 London st. 

Young, Wm. colour merchant, Silverfield 

Young, Wm. D. ( W, D. Y. and Co.), 85 
Great King street 

Young, William M'Kenzie, bookseller, 3 Rox- 
burgh street 

Young, William, clerk 19 E. Druramond st. 

Young, Mrs Alex. 2 Lord Russell place 

Young, Mrs Ann, 5 Duke street 

Young, Mrs Charles, 20 Great King street 

Young, Mrs Christina, lodgings, 21 Leith st. 

Young, Mrs G. grocer, 1 East Sciennes street 

Young, Mrs George, 7 Crichton street 

Young, Mrs James, 19 Pitt street 

Young, Mrs Wm. embroiderer, 73 George st. 

Young, Mrs Walter, milliner, and register 
for servants, 11 South College street 

Young, Mrs, 9 West Nicolson street 

Young, Mrs, 7 Union street 

Young, Mrs, 18 Castle street 

Young, Mrs, 39 George square 

Young, Mrs, 24 Windsor street 

Young, Mrs, 9 Broughton place 

Young, Mrs, 41 Clerk street 

Young, Mrs, spirit dealer, 24 Simon square 

Young, Miss, 22 London street 

Young, Miss, lace cleaner, 26 India place 

Young, Miss, boarding school, 35 York place 

Young, Miss, dressmaker, 16 Charlotte pi. 

Young, Misses, l4 Henderson row 

Younger and Curie, pianoforte manufacturers. 

Circus lane 
Younger, John, shipmaster, 2 So. Fort street 
Younger, Ralph, bookbinder, 7 Ashley builds. 
Younger, Robert, brewer, St Ann's Brewery 

— ^house, 7 Norton place 
Younger, Thos. shipmaster, 3 High Albany st. 
Younger, T. stoneware mercht. 226 Cowgate 
Younger, William and Co. brewers, Horse 

wynd, Canongate 
Younger, ISIiss, teacher of pianoforte, 29 

Broughton place 
Yule, David, writer, 9 Gilmore place 
Yule, Geo., Broughton hall, Claremont cresc. 
Yule, James L. B. 6 Blenheim place 
Yule, John, W.S. 4 North St David street- 
house, Broughton hall 
Yule, Wm. jun. skinner and leather-finisher, 

furrier and fur-dyer. Water of Leith 
Yule, Mrs, 10 Baker's place 
Yule, Mrs, ladies' nurse, 59 Broughton street 
Yule, Misses, 26 Inverleith row 

Zetland New Shipping Co. — J. B. Lcask, 
agent, 10 Tolbooth wynd, Leith 

Ziegler, Dr Alexander, surgeon, 47 George 

Ziegler, Dr Wm. 47^George square 

Zuingle, Madame ApoUine, professor of danc- 
ing, 65 George street 







1 Cowan, James 

2 Abbey Court- Uoiise 
Hohjrood Church 

i> JIunro, AV. spirit clealcr 
-7 Johnston, Mrs, ladies' nurse 
11 Johnston, Fred, tavern keeper 
1 5 Naper, Sirs, spirit dealer 
;^1 yinlayson, E. gi-oeer, &c. 

Abbey Hill. 
^ o Wilson, J. & C. 
7 9 Bogle, Kev. William 
§ 11 AVilson, William 
5; 27 Williamson, R. spir. dealer 
^ 29 Young, Walter, grocer 
.T-ST Hogg, Robert 
■^. 43 Brunton, Alex, cooper 
?'49 Gilmour, Jas. cowfecder 
•~^ 59 Kinloch, A. iroufoundcr 
~j_G3 Mitchel, R. cabinetmaker 
^7 67 Anderson, Duncan 
5 67 Patersou, MLss, dressmaker 
-C 77 Lowrie, J. cartwright 
89 M'Pherson, Mrs 
101 Smith, J. smith 
107 Hay, James, postmaster 
100 Coxou, James, grocer 
98 Hunter, Robert, buOder 
98 Henderson, Halbert 
88 Copland, Mrs F. midwife 
76 Samuel James, flesher 
64: Davidson, J. hairdresser 
62 Simpson & Wilson, < coach- 
46 Mount, James, & Co. 

Croft -mi- High intersects. 
40 Nfcolson, David, baker 
38 Forrest, Mrs W. spirit dealer 
32 Scott, 6. gro. & spirit dealer 
28 Wallace, John, shoemaker 
f) Davidson, C. house agent 
2 Scott, W. (X. B. Railway) 

Abbey Mill House. 

Meuzies, the Hon. Lady 
Abbey lEoaiit. 

Arnot, Henry 
FuUertou, Alder, & Co. 
Fullertou, Andrew 

Abercrojnby Place. 

1 Burke & Grant, upholsterers 

2 Taylor, J., M.D., F.R.C.P. 

3 Neilson, James, S.S.C. 

4 Tait, George, advocate 
r-, Hill, Mrs Robert 

t? FuUarton, John A.(F.cV Co.) 
(I Balhntvne, John, F.R.S.A. 

7 Orrock, James, dentist 

7 Macdonald, Stodart, S.S.C. 

8 Taylor, Mrs 
8 Matheson, Robert 

8 Millan, Robert 

9 Greig, J., AV.S., of Eccles 
10 Millar, John, advocate 

10 Millar, Mrs J. 11. 

11 M'Kenzie, John 

12 Campbell, Mi's 

14 Ainslie, Robert, W.S. 

15 Fotheringham, F. 

15 Lindsay, Donald 

16 Stodart, G. T., W.S. 

17 Wise, Thos. Alex. 

18 Hunter, Adam, M.D. 

19 Elder, Mrs J. 

19 Struthers, John, surgeon 

20 Wilson, John P. advocate 

21 Scott, John, W.S. 

22 Grieve, I\Irs James 

22 Scott, Charles, advocate 
22 Bnice, Alex. v>-riter 

22 Sherritf, Charles J. advocate 

23 Weir, Miss E. boarding school 

24 Cheine, Patrick 

25 Mackenzie, Wm. lodgings 

26 Mansfield, T. accountant 

27 Leny, James Macalpine 

28 Stewart, John 

29 Mair, Major Arthur 

30 Inglis, John, advocate 

31 Slackenzie, Mrs Richard 

32 Cook, W. & John, W.S. 
34 Blackadder, James 

Academy ]%e^v. 

Pinkerton, Adam, janitor 

Adam Sqnare, 

See 75 South Bridge. 

Adami Streetf^ W. 

1 Middleton, John, M.D. 

5 Braid, Alexander 

7 M'Quilleu, James, dyer 
11 Johnston, Thomas, printer 
14 JLirshall, T. & Son, drapers 

10 Hendrie, Hugh, grocer 

6 Hutchison, D. spirit dealer 

8 Stewart, Alexander 

8 Spaven, Robert, saddler 
4 Muirhead, G. spirit dealer 
4 Alacdonald, AYilliam, tailor 
4 M'Kay, Miss 

Adant Street^ E. 

7 Glass, "William 
7 Hamilton, iliss 

7 51'Farlaue, D. lodgings 

7 Ramage, Mrs 

9 Wilson, James 
13 Reid, John, joiner 
13 Aitchison, Mrs 

13 Gibson, P. F., clerk 

15 Baxter, William, flesher 

16 Carphin, George 
16 Henderson, T. 

14 Thomson, John 
12 Bell, Walter 

10 Brittle, William 
10 Macfarlaue, B. 

6 M'Laren, D. corkcutter 

4 Balmain, James 

4 Linn, Mrs H. 

4 Hunter, Robert 

4 Inches, 3Irs Robert 

Adelphi Place. 

Sceales, Miss 
Spence, Andrew 

Admiralty Street. 

3 Smeal, John, grocer 

5 Cunningham, B.& E. milliiicis 

5 Dickson, J. shipmaster 

6 Mowat, Thomas, engineer 

9 Yulcan Foundry Company 

Advocates" Close. 

Crerai", P. shooting academy 

Ainslie S'lace. 

2 Smith, David, AV.S. 

3 Roberts, Mrs Margaret 

4 Cowan, Lord 

5 Fletcher, Angus, advocate 

6 Napier, Mark, advocate 

7 Dyce, Colonel A. B. 

8 Pitcairn, Miss 

8 A^eitch, Mrs 

9 IvorA', Lord 
9 Lawrie. Miss 

10 Hunter, Ricliard 
] 1 Millar, Miss 

12 Mure, David, advocate 

13 Wright. James 

14 Tod, John, W.S. 

15 Keith, Lady 

16 Bruce. Mrs 

17 Forbes, J. H. 

18 Stewart, John, W.S. 

18 Murray. John, W.S. n 

23 Ramsay, Verv Rev. E. B. I 

24 Burnley, Wm. F. " 

25 Robertson, Rev. Jas., D D. 

Albany Z>ane. 

Fraser, Alex, spirit dealer 
Hunter, Robert, wright 



Albany Street. 

1 Wliite, R. fruiterer 

1 Scott, J. cowfeeder 

3 Wright, George, flesher 

3 Clerihew, Peter, lodgings 

5 Milne, Mrs Janet 

5 Sliand, A. B. advocate 

7 Fvfe, Mrs H. E. 

9 Waterson, Mrs, lodgings 

U Inglis, Dr Arch., F.R.C.S. 

13 Inglis's lodgings 

13 Murray, W. H. advocate 

15 Maiden, James, lodgings 

ir. Simpson, Patrick B. 

1 7 Stewart, Mrs 

I a Purves, Thomas, lodgings 

19 Lorimer, J. advocate 

19 Bogle, Mrs Col. 

21 M'Lean, Fitzroy, J. G., W.S. 

23 Napier, A. J., AV.S. 

27 Hunter's School 

27 Walker, J. janitor 

29 Ferguson, Sir Adam 

31 Weir, Matthew, W.S. 

33 Easton, Mrs Thomas 

33 Mowbray, John T., W.S. 

33 Bald, Robt. mining engineer 

35 Hope, Lieut-Col. F. 

37 Johnston, Mrs 

39 Dugald, Robt. lodgings 

39 Henderson, Wm. S., W.S. 

41 Eraser, Wm. N., S.S.C. 

41 Indisputable Life Policy Co. 

43 Blair, Miss Charlotte 

45 Kerr, C. J. of Edinburgh and 

Glasgow Bank 

47 Lyon, John Stewart 

49 Dumbreck, W., M.D, 
51 Saunders, Wm., S.S.C. 

53 Ken-, Robert, of Com. Bank 

53 Ker, H. commision agent 
55 Pott, James 

57 Balleny, Miss 

59 Dick, John, plumber 
61 Rose, AV. wright 

58 Millar, Alexander 

54 Muuro, George, S.S.C. 

50 Berwick, MrsW. 
50 Benvick, John B. 

48 Lindsay, Mrs Patrick 

46 Blackwell, Thomas 
44 Milne, John 

42 Gow, Mrs, lodgings 

40 Armitage, A. B. accountant 

40 Armitage, Mrs Samuel 

40 Gillespie, William 

40 Bryce, Archibald H. 

38 Ferrier, Miss 

36 Peddie, James, W.S, 

34 Fleming, 'Mvs 

32 Patrick, M'Ewan, and Car 

ment. W.S. 
32 Patrick, William, W.S. 
30 Jopp and Johnston, W.S. 
28 Robertson, William, M.D. 
28 Robertson, George B., W.S. 
26 Hardie, Miss, lodgings 
24 Johnston, W. J. Hope 

22 Anderson, Mrs, lodgings 

20 Somerville, Hugh 

18 Marshall, Mrs 

16 Maiden, James, loilgings 

14 Rutherford, John, W.S. 

12 Brown, J. architect 

10 Ritchie, A. C. advocate 

8 Brown, Miss 

6 Cuthbertson, William, W.S. 

4 Hunter, R. cabinetmaker 

4 Simpson, Mrs, lodgings 

4 Simpson, G. B., cook 

4 Simpson, Mrs 

4 Leslie, Mrs 

2 Calder & Tait, ironmongers 

Albany Street, lieith. 

1 Methuen, James, fish-curer 
1 Johnston, Robert 
1 Glover, William, W.S. 
1 Huddleston, John 

1 Nicolson, Jas. shipmaster 

2 Saunders, P. R. appraiser 

3 Nisbet, Robert, boat-builder 

4 Gladstone, Mrs 

4 Wilson, Alexander 

4 Dickson, Miss 

5 Rose, John T. 

6 Hutchison, A. commer. trav, 

6 Nimmo, Mrs 

7 Robertson, Mrs Thomas 

8 Robertson, J. shipmaster 

8 Baxter, Mrs 

9 Morrison, Dan. dockmaster 
9 Laing, Wm. ship-pgent 

10 Reid, C. P. {R. 4" Son) 

1 1 Fenton, Edward 

15 Cunningham, Wm. agent 

15 Laing, James 

16 Robson, Jas. 

17 Mann, B. shipmaster 

18 Millar, Rieliard 

18 Simpson, Mrs 

19 Robertson, J. jiui. shipmaster 

20 Wishart, Jas. 

21 Flett, Wm. merchant 
14 Greig, John, shipmaster 
14 Jones, Alex, shipmaster 
17 Mitchell, R. B. 

17 Hosie, Mrs, lodgings 
17 Taylor, Mrs Alex. 
17 Bishop, Mrs 
17 Carse, Thomas 
17 Brown, William, shipmaster 
17 Johnston, Mrs Wm. 
Albany Street Cottage. 
Cook, Alex, carter 
Boyd, J. L. 
Albany Street (High), 

1 Revans, C. commer. traveller 

3 Brown, John 

3 Younger, Thos. 

3 Thomson, William 

3 Fleming, Alexander 

4 Walker, David 

5 Drummond, Charles 

6 Macdougal, Mrs A. 

Aiv 193 

Albert Plaee. 

1 Walker and Son, flcshers and 


2 Ramage, John 

4 Ramage, J. baker 

Albyn Place. 

I Stevenson, Mrs 

1 Angelica, Mademoiselle 

2 Campbell, John A., C.S. 

3 Stuart, Mrs C. 

3 Stuart, Charles, W.S. 

4 and 5 Swain's Private Hotel 
6 Highland 6f Agricult. Socielij 

6 Maxwell, John Hall 

7 M'Kay, T. G., W.S. 

8 Mure, Misses 

9 Ker, Mrs Wm. Herris 

10 Stev.-art, Mrs AVm. lodgings 

11 Robertson, Mrs 

Allan's Close. 

Hunter Robert 

Murray, Andrew, printer 

Allan Street. 

6 Johnston, James 
13 AAllson, Mrs, midwife 
16 Forsyth, Peter 

Allison Place. 

Peterson Brothers & Co. 
Ferrie, J. D. writer 
Petei'son, John, merchant 
Cameron, John, grocer 
Stewart, AVilliam, baker 

Allison Square. 

2 Milne, Janet, dressmaker 
5 Bruce, Donald 

5 M'Kenzie,Mrs, straw hat mk. 

Alva Street. 

1 Annan, James, plasterer 
1 Lauder, Mrs, lodgings 
1 Forbes, Charles 
1 Macpherson, Lieut. Evan 

3 Senebier, F. teacher 
7 Moir, Miss Jane 

7 Macqueen, John M. 

9 Moncrieif, Rev. Sir Henry 

AVellwood, Baronet 
11 Hardie, James, merchant, 
13 Erskine, Misses 
15 Robertson, George, W.S. 
17 Thomson, Mrs 
19 Hill, Mrs 

21 Begbie, J. Warburton, M.D. 
23 Lyall, David 
25 Marshall, Mrs Dr 
27 Lorimer, James, advocate 
29 Reeve, Burgess 
29 Cowper, AVilliam, writer 
29 Sluir, James, tailor 
29 Rogers, AVilliam 
29 Graham, Thomas 
29 Jaffray, Mrs 
31 Wallace, AY. D., S.S.C. 
33 Cameron, John 

194 Amp 



35 Stewart, Hope J. port, -painter 
38 Rodgers, Jlisses, milliners 

36 Robson, Thomas 
36 Begbie, Miss 

34 Thomson, Edward, baker 

32 Bain, David G. 

30 Horsburgh, Miss Margaret 

30 Rogers, John H. saddler 

30 Browu, Thomas, M'riter 

30 Smith, Mrs Margaret 

30 Pui-ves, Robert 

30 Stewart, Jlrs 

28 Butter, Miss 

26 Scott, Miss 

24 Pearce, Miss 

22 Stevenson, William 

20 Skelton, Misses 

16 Cockbnm, Alexander 

14 Fergusson, Miss 
12 Ramsay, George 

12 Ramsay, J. W. wine mercht. 

10 Walker, Miss 

8 Eaton, James 

6 Stirling, Mrs, of Home hill 
4 Campbell, John 

2 Crombie, Geo. D. 

2 Thomson, Mrs 

2 Handyside, JIrs 

2 Young, Archibald, cutler 

2 Reid, Mrs Adam F. 

2 Jlillai", David, coal merchant 

Aniphion Place. 

1 Cowan & Co. 

1 N. Ross 

1 Smith, J. cut glass manufac. 

4 Anderson, George, grocer 

Anchor Cloise. 

1 Elder, Alexander, printer 

1 Wilkie, Thos. bookbinder 


Di-yden, John, shirit dealer 
Cruickshanks, Mrs, lodgings 
Bones, Richard 
Falconer, Mrs, lodgings 
Williamson, JIrs, lodgings 

Anderson's Place. 

Bertram, J. millwright 

2 Ford, James, merchant 

3 Rennie, James 

Craig and Rose, diysalters 

Annandale Street. 

1 Lawson, Francis 

1 Peacock, Thomas, B. agent 

1 Sanderson, Miss 

1 Bogg, Miss 

7 Watson, Thomas 0. 
7 Brown, William 

9 Muir, Richard, G. 

11 Baird, Mrs Nicol 

13 Cleland, Mrs 
13 Carter, Mrs 
13 Logan, James 

13 Morton, William, accountant 

15 Campbell, Rev. James R. 

22 Dewar, Hugh B., S.S.C. 
20 Martin, John S. 

20 Johnston, Robt., accountant 

20 Blair, Charles 

20 Slate, Misses 

18 Lorimer, Wm. S.S.C. 

10 Dickson, Mrs Margaret 

8 Callender, Mrs 

8 Green, James M. 

8 Macalium, W. B, 

8 Gray, John, surgeon 

8 Ross, Alex, commerc. trav. 

8 Dalgetty, Charles 

6 Morton, Mrs 
Robertson, And. wood mercht. 


3 M'Donald, Angus, lodgings 

5 Dempster, Geo. spirit dealer 

6 Gibson, Mrs 

6 Mackersie, Mrs lodgings 
6 Paterson, Thomas {Customs) 

8 Candlish's lodgings 

9 Tod, John 
Craickshanks, William 

Ann Street. 

3 Dickie, Hemy D. 
9 Hillditch, Samuel 

13 Gardener, ]\Irs 

15 Bonar, Mrs 

17 Scott, Mrs M. 

23 Brown, Mrs Robert 

25 Burton, J. H., advocate 

29 Grahame, James, writer 

31 WeLre, Henry 

38 Robertson, Mrs Captain 

39 Kilgour, William 

41 Watson, Rev. Jonathan 
43 Laurie, James, town-clerk 

45 Stark, William, junior 

47 Imlach, George 

48 Watson, Charles 

46 Scott, Miss 

42 Campbell, DougIas.s 

40 Lockhart, liliss 
36 Mun-ay, A. E. 

36 JIurray, Hon. Mrs 
34 Brown, J. M'Kerrell 

32 Prmgle, Robt. W.S. 

30 Trotter, John 
28 Watson, Mrs 

26 Ker, Mrs 

24 Thomson, Mrs T. 
22 M'Nicol, Mrs 

22 Dudgeon, Alexander 
20 Cumine, Jliss 

18 M'Intyre, Mrs Isabella 

16 Lowe, John 

14 Davidson, Robert, E.LC.S. 
12 Henderson, Misses 

10 Blair, John, W.S. 
8 Dods, Mrs Colonel 
6 Graham, William 

4 Macdonald, Capt. Wm. 

Antigraa Street. 

1 Smith, John L. bookseller 

2 Marshall, Thomas 

3 Dixon, John 

3 Gilmour, Mrs 

5 Sutherland, Misses 

7 Currer & Dickson, grocers 

8 Macdonald, Alex, flesher 

9 M'Arthur, A. writer 
9 Leitcli, John, clothier 
9 Dickson, William 

9 M'Millan, Thomas, jun. 
9 Currer, Mrs 

10 M'Whirter, John, baker 

11 Hall, Mrs 

12 Begbie, Robert (B. Sc L.) 
12 Macara, Mrs, loagings 

12 Macphail, Mrs 
12 Smith, Alex. Wm. 

12 Graham, James 

13 Cameron, Hugh, teacher 

Archibald Place. 

1 Archibald, Charles, baker 

1 Fox, Michael 

5 Stewart, James, Union Bank 
5 Weir, Miss 

5 Anderson, Walter, agent 
5 Blackwood, Mrs Robert 

5 Ferguson, Alex. jun. 

7 Swan, John, sheep & cat. ag. 
9 Millar, James S. surgeon 

9 M'Leod, Miss 
11 Simpson, John 
11 Robertson, John 
11 Hope, Mrs 
11 Maxton, Mrs 
11 Milne, George 

11 Forbes, Miss 
17 Fon-est, Wm. engraver 
17 TumbuU, James 
17 Crawford, Misses 
17 Stevenson, John 
17 Wilkinson, Dr Wm. 
19 Flockhart&Calder, cattle dbrs. 
23 Marshall, Robert, merchant 
23 Gray, Misss 

23 Johnstone, Rev. WiUiam 

23 Cameron, Miss 

23 Harvey, James 

25 Cobbold, Thos. Spence, M.D. 

16 Gray, Misses 

14 Michie, Miss 
14 Stewart, Mrs 

14 Dimcan, Miss Ann 

12 Pei-ry, JIrs Dr 

12 Wylic, Rev. James A. 
10 Marshall, Wm. goldsmith 

8 Sawers, Thomas 

6 Morrison, Miss A. 

4 Macritchie, W.D., M.D. and 


2 Richardson, Francis, mercht. 

Argyle Square. 
Independent Chapel 
Minto House 
Trades^ Maiden Hospital 
— Miss Wight, housekeeper 

1 Graj', Robt. Avine merchant 

2 SibbaJfd, G. surgeon 

3 Croom, Jfrs 



Bal 195 

4 Auchie, Alex, upholsterer 

5 Skae, Ebenezer 

6 Scott, Dr James 

7 Henderson, George, writer 

8 M'Gregor, Mrs 

9 Gardener, Rev. James, M.D. 

11 Robb, Gordon 

12 Wright, Rev. James 

13 Lindsay, James 

15 Buchan, Mrs Dr 

16 Adams, Alexander M., M.D. 

16 Adams, W. D. surgeon 

17 Cochrane, John, M.D. 

Arg-yle l*ark. 

Lees, John, tobacco manufac. 

Argyle Place. 

Ton-op, James S. 

Ai'Biston Place. 

1 Lawson, George, baker 

1 Temple, David, provision mer. 

1 Peacock, A. tobacconist 

3 Dymock, James R. merchant 

4 Burns, Miss 

5 Nagle, Mrs 

6 Livingston, J. (i. ^. Weir) 

8 Newington Academy 

— Forrester, D. teacher 
Dove, David, S.S.C. 

9 Nichol, David, stationer 
10 White, William, merchant 
10 Bums, Miss Jane 

10 Gregor, William Alexander 

10 Noble, Mrs 

11 Miller, John 

Ai'thnr Place. 

Brown, Rev. John, D.D. 

Arthur Place, E^asi. 

3 M'Donald, David 

3 Short, James, clerk 
6 Fuller, John 

4 Henderson, Miss, dressmaker 

2 Jenkinson, James, grocer 

Arttiar Place, ^middle. 

3 Archer, William 

3 Smith, James 
11 Robertson, A. 

24 Allison, John, & Son 
24 Gilchrist, John 

18 Webster, Mrs, sick -nurse 
18 Murray, William 

16 Urquhart, Mrs, sick-nurse 
10 Moncrief, Wihiam, mason 
10 Craig, Mrs J. midwife 
10 Conochie, John 
6 Oliphant, Francis, baker 

4 Maconochie, James 

2 Wilson, John 

Arthur Place, West. 

3 Mack, Mrs 

3 Tod, William, lodgings 
3 M'Farlane, A. {^Sun Office) 

5 Dixon, John 

Arthur Street. 

1 Arthur street Academy 

7 Matheson, Jas. spirit dealer 
9 Yeoman, John, bootmaker 

13 Tod, Mrs Andrew 
17 Lawrie, Mrs 

17 Muggcrland, G. 

19 Ross, Miss, dressmaker 

21 Kidd, J. baker 
23 Laidlaw, Mrs 

25 Cockburn, Peter, cowfeeder 

25 Jamiesou, Mrs, nurse 

25 Stormouth, James, teacher 

25 Wilson, James, agent 

33 Mowatt, William 

33 Mowatt, Robert, teacher of 

37 Kerr, Thomas (&. P.-O.) 
32 Adamson, Henry 

22 Anderson, D. S. 

14 Scott, Mrs, nurse 
14 Feams, Mrs P. 

10 Sanson, Alexander, tailor 
10 Conochie, William 
6 Braid, W. victual dealer 

2 Mowat, Thomas 

Arthur Street. 

King^s Place. 
Pnrves, Thomas, gardener 
Brenton, William, perfumer 
Sandilauds, Wm Coalfitter 

Asseinhly liane^ East. 

1 Ballantyne and Allan 

2, 4 Maitland, R. livery stables 

3 Gray, John, bookbinder 

Assembly Street. 

1 Duncan, James, broker 
9 Wilson, James, carter 
14 Stevenson, Thomas, merchant 
16 Broadfoot and Sons, agents 

AthoU Crescent. 

1 Smail, William Archd., R.N. 

2 Oliphant, Mrs J. H. 

3 BaiUie, George, H.E.LC.S. 

4 S win ton, George 

5 Fergusson, George 

6 Swinton, Archd. C. advocate 
6 Davidson, Henry 

9 Coxe, James 

10 Home, Donald, W.S. 

11 Borthwick, Mrs 

12 Grainger, Mrs 

13 Hagart, Mrs Robert 

14 Graham, H., W.S. 

15 Cadell, Mrs 

16 Anderson, Miss, ladies' sem. 

17 Montgomeiy, R. 

17 Montgomery, J. F. advocate 

17 Montgomery, William, W.S. 

18 Meiklam, Mrs 

19 Forbes, William, W.S. 

20 Gordon, Gilbert Maitland 

21 Donald, Mrs Alexander 

22 Urmston, Aug. H. 

Athcll liaue. 

Henderson, John, builder 
1 Strachan, James, plasterer 

Atholl Place. 

1 Anderson, T. S., W.S. 

2 Cunningham, J. (Sig. Lib.) 
2 Scrymgeour, Daniel, teacher 
2 Thomas, Alfred C. 

2 Nicolson, George 

3 Eraser, Miss 

4 Bell, George, M.D. 

4 Bell, Mrs 

5 Ruddiman, Misses 

5 Walker, Andrew 

6 Thomas, Mrs 
8 Niven, Miss 
8 Gibson, Miss 
8 Burt, Miss 

8 Cameron, Miss 
8 M'Naughton, Miss 

8 Stevenson, Mrs James 

9 Macfarlane, James, W.S. 
10 Greig, WiOiam 

12 Ferguson, Rev. Robert 
12 Alston, George, clothier 
12 Dickson, Robert 
12 Taylor, Rev. WiUiam 
12 Haldon, George, builder 
12 Mill, Ebeneger, writer 

12 Newton, William 

13 Miller, Mrs, grocer 

Auburn Place. 

1 Stratton, Edward 

2 Dobson, George 


99 Fountainhridge. 
Smail, John 
Robertson, Charles 

Baker's Place. 

13 Cassie, James, dyer 
12 Scott, John, leather merchant 
10 Munro, Daniel 
10 Yule, Mrs 
10 White, Alexander 
9 Munro, James K. draper 

7 Hamilton, Robert, grocer 
6 Rodger, Sirs, greengrocer 

5 Simpson, Alex. & Co. grocers 
4 Gray, Arthur, & Co. 

2 Hendrie, James, tobacconist 
1 Hay, John 

Baltic Street. 

1 Cockburn, J. H. merchant 

1 Wish art & Clapper ton, corn 


2 Ross, Joseph, messenger 

3 Button, James 

6 Bruce, George, merchant 

6 Aitchison, James, merchant 
6 White, Hugh, agent 
6 Williams, Edward 
9 Duncan, J. and Co. brokers 
10 Edin. Sf-Leith Gas-LightCo. 

12 Lyon, Francis 

13 Nicol, J. Cooper 

21 Cooper, Alexander 

22 White, Hugh, coal agent 

196 Ban 



22 Marq. of LoihianCoal Depot 

23 Easson, James 

Bank House. 

Young, Thomas, merchant 

Bank Place. 

1 Smith, Thomas 

2 Dalziel, Mis John 

2 Paton, W. surv. for Lloyd's 

3 Mowat, Thomas, engineer 

•4 Darling, R. carter and farmer 

5 Sibbald, Mrs 

G Cameron, A.\(t^. (Customs) 

6 Scott, Robert {Excise) 
S Rose, Neilsou 

Bank $§tieet. 

1 Mackinlay and Macphail 
L' Girdwood, AV.&Sons 
o Stark, Adam, ironmonger 

4 Sinclair, James, draper 
4 Boyle, John, accountant 

Liddell & Sons, watchmakers 
G Kay, "William, stationer 

7 Ferguson, W. bookseller 

10 Greenhin, John, stationer 

11 Legal and Commercial Life 
11 Falkner, J. P. solicitor 

11 Welsh, Misses 

12 Bell & Bradfute, booksellers 

13 Burns, E. clothier 
13 Cockburn, Mrs C. 

13 Wishart, William, S.S.C. 

14 Gray, C. watchmaker 

15 Marshall, Robt. P. jeweller 

16 Milne, James, bootmaker 

17 Byrne, Mrs, staymaker 

18 Christie, Robert, L. 

19 Callender, D. shoemaker 

21 Boyle, Mrs, staymaker 

22 Reid, Miss, tobacconist 

23 M'Dougall, N. spirit dealer 

Bank Street^ IVortb. 

Bank of Scotland 
Armstrong, T. accountant 

1 Wishart, John, baker 

2 Glen, Thomas 

4 Temient, J. J. & P. R. 

") Young, Robert, bookseller 

5 Jack, John, slater 

5 Bain, Arthur, printer 

7 M'Intosh, James, bookseller 

8 Renton, J. & Sons, organ 

builders, &c. 
S-A Nimmo, P. & J. 

9 Nichol, James, bookseller 

9 Records, Home and Foreign 
Missionary and Children''s 
Missionary, of Free CJiur. 
of Scotland, Publication 
Office — James Nichol 
10 Russell, Thomas, brushmakcr 
13 Gazette Office 
13 Laurie, A.' W. & Co. printers 
13 Frame, Lockhart, bookbinder 
13 Littlejohn, David, writer 
13 Boyd & Co., G. W. printers 

14 Loewinthal, M. Chiropodist 
NationalSec. Savings'' Bank 

Bank i§<reet^ licith. 

3 Morrison, Wm. agent 

3 Smith & M'Laren, merchants 

4 Pickford & Co., carriers 

4 Flett, William, merchant 

5 Grieve, Robert, merchant 
5 Adam, Alexander, & Son 

5 Maxton, John, wine mercht. 

Barony Street. 

Davidson, Jonathan, & Co. 
22 Robb, John, builder 
20 Allan, James 
20 Cooper, Thomas 
20 Chalmers, Mrs 
20 Kay, Mrs T. 
IG Knox, Mrs 
14 Robertson, Donald 
14 Livingston, Alexander 
14 Cay, Mrs John 
14 M'Donald, Ter. surgeon 
12 Sanderson, James, builder 
12 Guthrie, David 
10 Learmouth, T. bell-hanger 

8 M'Donald, Mrs 

8 M'Donald, Gilb. bookbinder 

6 Bowack, Nicol, bookseller 
4 M'Pherson, Miss, dairy 

2 Wight, George, flesher 
2 Bell, Miss 

2 Chalmers, William, tailor 
1 Jack, S. shoemaker 

3 Stewart, Charles, tailor 

7 Couper, Miss 
Glassite Chapel 

2.5 M'Gregor, John 
25 Stoddart, James 
25 Lothian, John, painter 


Knox, James 
Grant, Miss Christina 
Lindsay, Mrs Alexander 
Monro, JIrs 

County Police Station 

Bath Street. 

1 M'Laren, Mrs, spirit mercht. 

2 Turner, John, wire -worker 
17 Lyle, Alexander, agent 

22 Cameron, T. and J. M., rope 

28 Edinburgh Ropery Compy. 

30 Hodge, Colin, rope and sail 


31 Gavin, P. & Son, ropemakers 

Baxter's dose. 

Kerr, Miss, dressmaker 
Baxter's Place. 

1 Child, W. K. 

2 Mortimer, Misses, dressmak. 
2 Paterson, Arch, merchant 

2 Shaw, John 

2 Bell, R. F. agent 

2 Callum, George 

2 M'Gregor, Jas. watchmaker 

3 AVarden, Mrs 

4 Bailie, Thomas, S.S.C. 

5 Taylor, Wm. & Son, grocers 

6 Coxson, James, spirit merciit.__ 

7 Mackaj^, Charles 

8 Jastrau, William 
8 Hastie, James, perfumer 

Beaumont I'laee. 

2 Nisbet, John 
6 Todd, Mrs 

8 Anderson, Jolin 

9 Moffat t, Robert 
9 Ritchie, Robert 
9 Mitchell, William 

10 Ross, Hugh, draper 

12 Bryden, James 

12 Rutherford, William 

12 Colvin, George 

12 Adamson, James, printer 

14 Corner, Jas., wood engraver 


M'Gregor, Thomas, gardener 
Conuell, Ber. gut. manufac. 

Bedford Street. 

1 Borland, Robert 

5 Johnston, T. victual dealer 
9 Dick, Thomas, cowfeeder 
20 Middlemas, Wm. wright 
18 Hutchison, Mrs, ladies' nurse 
14 Brown, Robert, painter 
14 Matson, Alexander 
14 Matson, Thomas, wright 

2 Gunn, Robert, shoemaker 

BellcTue Crescent. 

1 Leven, John, W.S. 
1 Wilson, Mi's Alexander 
1 Stewart, Mrs Chas. C. 
1 Stewart, Andrew W. 
1 Hagart, William 

1 Sandilands, AVilliam C. 

2 Balfour, J. H., M.D. 

3 Ferguson, R. D. G., of Isle 

4 Smith, R. M. I 

5 Crawfurd, AVilliam ■ 

6 Tait, Mrs J. H. 

7 Girdwood, William 

7 Girdwood, Robert 

8 M'DowaU, Mrs ^\'. 

9 Hamilton, Major 

10 Stoddart, Mrs 

11 Campbell, Mrs George 
Johnston, Hugh 
St Marfs Church 

Bellevue Terrace. , 

1 Thornton, Mrs 

2 Gavin, Wm. A. 
2 Scott, Mrs 
2 Crichtou, Alexander 
2 Munro, Hugh 

2 Roland, Geo. 

3 Pope, Mrs Mary 

4 Aikman, Rev. J. Logan 





4 Paterson, John 

4 Thomson, John 

5 Wylie, David 

5 Wylie, Henry 

6 Cornwall, James 

7 Greenoak, Robert 

Bell's Court. 

Nimmo, William 
Buchanan, Edward G. agent 

Bell's Hills. 

Sawers, John 

Middleton, Robt. millmaster 
Patrick, Robert 
Sibbald, Wm. 


Duncan, Mrs 

Beruai'd Street. 

2 Commercial List Office 

2 Ferguson, Mrs, spirit-dealer 

3 Stalker, William, sailmaker 

4 Watt, Yule, & Co. merchants 
4 Grindley, Cowan, & Co. 

8 Stewart, T. provision niercht. 

9 Caledonian Fire and Life 

Assurance Company. 
9 Kerr, C. M. wine merchant 
9 Paterson, A. merchant 
9 Duncan & Gordon, merchants 

10 Given, J. parcel van ofHce 

11 Hutchison & Co. merchants 
13 Bennet, James, corn factor 
13 Glen, John, agent 

13 Wright, George, & Son 

15 Warrack, John, & Co. 

15 Alliance Marine Assurance 

15 Macandrevv, D. M. merchant 
15 Reoch, George W. agent 

15 Savijigs'' Lank 

16 National Lanh of Scotland 
— James Wallace, agent 

18 Duncan, Flockhart, & Powell 

19 Dickson, George, senior 
19 Dickson, George 

19 Fulton, Francis, junior 
19 Williamson & Stark 

19 Whitelaw, M. & W. com 


20 Waterston & Johnston 

21 Archer & Slann, solicitors 
21 Wilson, Andrew, solicitor 
23 Cusine, James 

23 Eunson, Miss 

23 Grieve, WilHam, wright 

24 Thorburn, William, baker 

25 Hamilton, John, flesher 

26 Electric Telegraph Cowpy. 

27 French, John, grocer 

28 M'Bride, Mrs 

28 Currie, Peter {Customs} 

28 Cameron, Thos. jun. (T. &• 

J. M. C.) 
28 Wilkie, Horner, baker 
28 Cameron, J. M. 
28 Paterson, Lawrence, merelit. 

28 Sanders, John, wright 

29 Dickson, Miss 

30 Royal Bank of Scotland 

31 Watt, Archibald 

31 Watt, Alexander 

32 Rendall, AVm. agent 
32 Rendall, Mags, agent 

32 Macdonald, Rev. Archibald 
32 Buclian, Matthew & Co. recti- 
32 Mackie, N. M. 

32 Chapman, D. card manufac. 

33 Powell, F. W., druggist 

33 Dryden, Gavin, & Co. mercht. 

34 Inkster, John, agent 

34 Hull and Leith Steam Packet 


35 Scott, Henry, Ijroker 
35 Smith, T. & P. 

35 Hardie, J. merchant 

35 Smith, R. M. mercliant 

37 Scarth and Scott, AV.S. 

37 Scarth, Pillaus, W.S. 

33 Beveridge, S. & P. solicitors 

40 Hodge, Arch, corn factor 

41 Wood, P. and C. merchants 

42 Pitt, Ed. Wm., Lieut. R.N. 

43 Harvey, John, solicitor 

44 Laing, Wm. agent 

44 Leith and Newcastle Steam 

Packet Company 

45 Darling, Wm. spirit dealer 

46 Nimmo, Mrs F. J. 

46 Mackenzie, T. bank mes. 

46 Hardie and Co. merchants 

47 Refresh, and Reading Rooms 

48 British Linen Co's Bank 

49 Ballantyne, J. bookseller 

50 Bell, J. and Co. wine mers. 

52 Wallace, A. ropemaker 

53 Henderson, D. and Co., wine 


54 Glendinning, Robert 

56 Lawrence, Wm. spirit dealer 
58 M'Naughton, Allan 

Biunie's Close. 

Grandison, W. linen mannf. 

Bishop's Close. 

Burden, George, coftee-house 
Dods, Andrew, slater 

Blaeket S'lace. 

Cavage, Colonel, Belleville 
Nelson, Thomas, publisher 
Cotton, Wm. (G. C. ^^ Son) 
Grieve, Wm. {bines ^- Cr.) 
Grieve, R. S. {R. G. S,- Co.) 
1 Anderson, IMisses 

3 Lang, Mrs Margaret 

4 Duncan, Mrs Wm. 

5 Reid, William, agent 

6 Haig, Misses 

7 Murray, George 

8 Irvine, Captain Francis 

9 Ramsay, Mrs John 

10 Anderson, Mrs 

11 Craig, Arch. (C. Brothers) 

12 Sutherland, Lieut-Col. 

13 Williamson, Sinclair 

14 Mossman, A. jeweller 

15 Cooper, Thos. {C. Sf Co.) 

16 Christie, Wm. {J. C. ^- Son) 

17 Cuningham, Mrs 

18 Totteniiam, Mrs 
Watson, Mrs George 
M'Laren, Dn., Lord Piovosf. 

Newington house 
Grieve, Miss, Newington col . 

2 Stuart, Joim 

3 Bogie, W., M.D., H.E.l.C.S. 


Cassels, W. G. 
Glegg, James 

Blair Street. 

1 Smiths and Co. oilmen 
3 Currie, David, bookbinder 
3 Ferguson, John and Sou 

5 Dunn, D. merchant 
j 9 Isles, A. currier 

' 13 Williams, John 
13 Graham, James, hosier 
13 Gow, Jas. paper-ruler 
15 Chisholm, Wm, 
17, 19 Macniven, P. W. and Co. 
21 Hunter, Francis 
21 Griflfin, Joseph, clothes agent 
23 M'Niven & Cameron, stats. 
23 Cameron, Donald, stationer 
28 Legat, Robt. 
31 Eraser, Alex. 

35 Small, W. K. basketmakev 

36 Davis, E. H. 

38 Muir, Peter, & Son 

41 Mutrie, W. hairdresser 
40 Howden, Patrick, broker 

42 Stobie, R. consulting snvgcoi* 
44 Currie, John 

Blaudfield House. 

Murray, Thomas, LL.D. 

Blaudfield Row. 

Liddle, Thomas, gardener 

Blenheim Place. 

1 Galli, C. {Gallery (i/Mr/.v> 
1 AVright, Miss Frances 
1 Carr, Michael, tailor 

1 Syme, Miss 

2 Aitken, James, & Co. 

3 Rcid, Robert, house-painter 

4 Mackinly, Sirs James 

6 Yule, James L. B. 

7 Warden, George C. 

8 Philip, John 

9 Crewdson, I. com, traveller 
10 Affleck, Miss 


Hodson, Dr John 

Dewar, Ebenezer, clerk 
Lizars, Mrs William 
Hay, Alex, writer 

198 Bon 



Simpson, J. Bonninq. Lodge 
Munro, Alex, spirit dealer 
Tennent, H. B. Chem. Whs. 

Glover, IMiss, Elizafield 
Hardy, E. L. Elizafield 
Shearer, J. T. Elizafield 
■Williamson, F. & A. 
White, Mrs, skinner, &c. 
Halliday, AYilliam, skinner 
Smith, Wm. gardener 
Cunningham, Mrs 
Blair, Mrs 

Crawford, David, millmaster 
Lows, Thomas C. (P.O.)) 

Bridge Place 
Gillespie, P. Bridge Place 
Tod, Adam, Bridge Place 
Welsh, Michael, Bridge Place 
Walker, Alex. Bridge Place 
Miller, James, gardener 
Harvey, Watson, Boiining- 

ton House 
Beveridge, Mrs T. spirit dh-. 
Balfour, jas. junior, Bon- 

nington Brae House 
Scott, John, Coclburn Bank 
JBonning;ton flace. 

1 Tumbull, George Y. 

2 Dickson, James, merchant 

3 Adam, Stephen 

4 Walker, Geo., M.D. surgeon 

5 Eeoch, George, W. 

8 Henderson, J. shipmaster 

8 Scott, F. shipmaster 

9 Adam, Mrs 
11 Grieve, Mrs 

11 Braidwood, Jas. 

12 Dahl, Abram 

13 Thomson, Rev. John 

14 Wood, John, merchant 

15 Riddle, Robert 

16 Christie, Robert, junior 

Bonningfton Road. 

Raimes, R. {R ^- Co.) Bon- 

nington Park 
Balfour, A. teacher. North- 
Orkney, George, gardener, 

Gordon, J. Watson, R.S.A., 

Catharine Bank House 
Davidson, Rev. A., Cathai'ine 

Wan-ack, J., Catharine Bank 
Potts, G. Northfield Cottage 
Millar, John, junior, 1 Ram- 
say Place 
Carstairs, Mrs Dr, Rose Bank 
Nicolson, Wm. Williamfield 
Gavine, Wm. Williamfield 
Pattison, Wm. Williamfield 

Black, Wm. WiUiamfield Ho. 
Clapperton, J;:.'. Williamfield 
Clapperton, Mrs, Williamfield 
Gavin, W.S. Chen-y Bank 

Gavin, Peter Dryden (J. G, 

<fe Co.)., Jessfield 
Low, D. W. Cherry Bank 
Finlay, Wm., M.D. Cherry 

Robertson, David, Cherry Bk. 
Webster, Jas. Cherry Bank 
Forrest, Sirs, Cherry Bank 
Melville, Mrs, grocer, CheiTy 

Mofi"at, Alex, gardener 
Bnchan, Thos., Cherry Bank 
Crudelius, C. W. Jessfield 
Simpson, Edward, Jessfield 
Wilson, J. M. Jessfield Cott. 
Gray, Wm. Willow Bank 
Sceales, Adolphus M., Wil- 
low Bank 
Travcrs, Capt. J., E.A. 

WUlow Bank House 
Philip, Mrs F. P. WiUow 
Bank Cottage 


Melvin, Alexander, brewer 
Boroughloch House 

Phiu, J., Miss 

Porteous, John, overseer, 

Craig House 
Anderson, John, (JThos. A., 

Mathieson ^' Co.) 
Porteous, And., postmaster 
Chalmers, Charles, Castle Bk. 
Fiunie, Jolm, farmer 
BorthMTick's Close. 
186 Tliom, James, upholsterer 
Bakers' Operative Hoicse 
of Call 

Botanic Ciardens. 

M'Nab, J. superintendent 
Boirer's Hall. 

Lindsay, John, gardener 
Bowling'-g'reen Street. 

Malcolm, W. (Customs) 
Knight, Andrew, waggoner 
Bridges, Mrs Thomas 
Henry, Mrs William, gi'ocer 
Macfarlane, G. missionaiy 
Waddell, James, miUwiight 

Boyd*s Entry. 
Russell, Thomas 

Brandfield Place. 

Gardner, Misses 
1 Miller, James, engineer 
1 Stuart, Mrs 

1 Mitchell, J. surgeon R.X. 
5 Walker, Alexander, writer 
5 Brash, Mrs 

Brandon Street. 

1 Buist, Mrs 

2 Park, Robert 

3 Baxter, Edmond, W.S. 

4 Dickson, Wm. accoimtant 

5 Marr, Dr James, F.R.C.S.E- 

6 Howden, Peter, wine mercht- 

7 Brown, Mrs 

9 Adam, Patrick 
11 Allan, Miss Joanna 
11 Gordon, James, senior 

11 Sibbald, Miss 

12 M'Callum, Mrs 
12 Aitken, Miss 

12 Paton, William 

13 Anderson, James 

14 Wilson, Mrs John 
14 Inues, Sir David 
14 Melville, George 
14 Cochrane, Andrew 

14 Ritchie, Wm. bookseller 

15 Craig, D. 

16 Findlay, Jolm 
Howie, John 

Bread Street. 

1 Miller, Thomas, baker 

3 Preston, J. umbrella maker 
9 Angus, David R. 

11 M'Canl, James 

11 Thomson, Robert 

11 Forrest, William, plasterer 

13 Berry, James, saddler 

15 Dalgleish, David, flesher 

22 Shepherd, A. spirit dealer 

23 Ramage, Adam 

23 Beattie, W. & Sons, builders 

28 Teviotdale, AVilliam 

8 Annan, J. & Son, plasterers 
35 Cochrane, Rt. & Jn. 

40 Napier, Robert, builder 

Bridg;e Street^ I^eith. 

1 Grant, John 

4 Anderson, Wm. spirit mer. 

5 Brown, W. A. hairdresser 

8 Innes, Robert, shipbuilder 

9 Leslie, Thomas, tailor 

11 Tweedale, R. sen. flesher 
Old Church Street intersects. 
23 M'Ewan, Wm. spirit mer. 
25 Fackney, Mi-s James 

25 Duncanson, Walter, shipiii, 

26 Hill, M. spirit dealer 

27 Kerr, J. provision dealer 

29 Harvey, James 

30 Macait, James 

31 Stocks, Peter, baker 

32 Anderson, L. ironmonger 

33 Stocks, James, merchant 
33 Stevenson, Philip, R.N. 
33 Stocks, Peter, merchant 
33 Pourie, John, cooper 

33 Charters, Miss 

35 Adams, Alex, bootmaker 

Dock Street intersects. 

36 Blackie, John R. watchmaker 

37 LyaU, Richard, meal dealer 

38 Anderson, G. shipmaster 

39 Lawson, William 

40 Scotland, T. session-clerk 

42 Tweeddale, R. jnn. flesher 

43 Ferguson, Thomas, merchant 



Bro 199 

43 Wallace, Jolin, junior 
43 Christiansen, J. 

43 Murray, John, fish-curer 

44 Pom-ie, Adam 
Sandport Street intersects. 

45 Steven, William, grocer 

46 Scott, James, grocer 
48 M'Leod, Mrs, grocer 
48 M'Leod, Miss, teacher 
52 Guthrie, R. shoemaker 
56 Skeen, Mrs 

56 Drummond, Mrs, midwife 
56 Irvine, Mrs, ladies' nurse 

56 Aitken, William 

57 Milner, Robert, sm-geon 

58 MiUar, R. juu. watchmaker 

Bi'ig^hton Street. 

5 Robertson, John 

7 M'Kay, Mrs J. lodgings 
7 Fleming, Misses M. & J. 
7 Forsyth, D. & J. publishers 
7 Dewar, Mrs 

7 Money, Samuel, agent 

9 Dewar, Andrew, shoemaker 

9 Watt, J. bookseller 

9 Naesmith, Mrs 

9 Milne, George, tailor 

9 Scott, Mrs 

9 Stirtou, David 
Brighton Street Chapel, 
10 Hamilton, Wm. tea dealer 
10 Frier, Sirs 
10 Pringle, Thomas 
10 Dimcan, James 

8 Hamilton, W. L. tea-dealer 

6 Poison, Charles 

6 Maccarra, Charles, agent 
6 Smai-t, Misses, di-essmakers 
6 Lockie, Mrs, lodgings 

6 Stewart, John 
4 Hill, James 

Bristo Place. 

Baptist Chapel 
2 Cockburn, fniit-dealer 

4 Rougvie, David 

5 Shiels & Son, confectioners 

8 Wood, James, cabinetmaker 

9 Grant, George 
10 Quin & Donald 

Bristo Port. 

1 Mackinnon, John 

2 Gray, Thomas, baker 

3 Falkoner, T. tobacconist 
Herdman & Blair 

Bristo Street. 

7 Hogg, A. spirit merchant 
17 Gray, W., M.D. surgeon 
17 Ogilvie, Thomas 

17 Thomson, Mrs 
19 Doig, J. smith and gasfitter 
23 Nisbet, Joseph, shoemaker 
25 Anderson, John, grocer 

Charles Street intersects. 
29 Gibson, Mrs, lodgings 
33 Smellie, John, gTOcer 
35 Napier, Mrs, lodgmgs 

35 Henderson, David, clerk 

37 Williamson, T. ^'ictual dealer 
41 Forsyth, Robert, tailor 
41 Dewar, Archibald 
47 Connell, Wm. harness-maker 

51 Fraser, A. bootmaker 

53 Scott, Andrew, tailor 

61 Tait, Mrs Walter, druggist 
71 Cotton, George 

70 Graham, A., tea merchant 
68 Cotton, John, tobacconist 
66 Bain, D. grocer 

62 Macgill and Begbie 
64 Hunter, Robert, tailor 
58 GeneraVs Entry 

56 Lindsay, David, painter 

54 Stevenson, Mrs 

64 Learmonth, A. victual dealer 
54 Tait, Mrs, ladies' nurse 

52 Paterson, Mrs, lodgings 
52 Baxter, Mrs, lodgings 
46 Greig, James, bootmaker 
40 Robertson, Peter, draper 

40 Robertson, Mrs, dressmaker 

36 Hamilton''s Entri/ 
32 Gordon, J. druggist 

30 Rutherford, W. and Son, mer. 

26 Nisbet, Rev. William 

24 Davis, Mrs Ann, ladies' nurse 

22 M'Kean, Alexander 

18 Edinburgh Clothing Society 

16 Chamney, T. & Co. 

14 Clark, A. Wool-pack inn 

10 Vair, James, bookseller 
8 Muir, Mrs, grocer 
6 Balleny, Miss, corsetmaker 
6 Cameron, Mrs C. ladies' nurse 
4 Brown, Charles, watchmaker 

2 Bishop, WiUiam, flesher 

Broad W^ynd. 
10 Scott, George 
12 Macalpine, Wm. saddler 

Brodie's Close. 

304 Stewart, Johu, printer 
Brong^hton Mall. 

Yule, George 
Yule, John, W. S. 
Brong^hton (liow). 

Ireland, William, mason 
Wardlaw, Peter, smith 
Wardlaw, A. joiner 
Shennan, John, wright 
Dickson, J. and Son, nursery 
Brongrhton Park 


Gibson, Alexander, builder 

Brong^hton Harket. 

3 Carmichael, William, flesher 
Munro, W. coach-builder 
Grierson, John S. smith 
Scott, Stewart, wright 
Brongrhton (Old). 

1 GoodaU, Miss 
Sanderson and IMuirhead, 

Kirkwood, C. accountant 
Smith, Wm. mason 
Mitchell, Mrs, dressmaker 
Kennedy, John 

Broag^hton Park. 

Cobbold, Charles 

Broug;Iiton Place. 

1 Elder, A. agent 

1 Galloway, Mrs Janet 

1 Herd, Mjs, lodgings 

1 Sandilands, Mrs 

1 Dodds, Mrs, lodgings 

1 Butchard, C. T. (G. P. 0.) 

5 Bruce, G. G. {G. P. 0.) 
7 Hunter, Thomas M. 

7 Weddle, Robert 
9 Young, Mrs 

11 Dickson, R. & R. architects 

11 Tunibull, Miss 

13 Lawne, A. surgeon 

13 Castle, John 

15 Cosens, John, W.S. 

15 Cosens, Peter, advocate 

17 Miller, Miss 

19 Grant, Thomas, accountant 
19 Grant, Miss 

19 AYyndham, Robert Henry 
21 Hislop, Mrs 

21 Wyllie, John 

21 Shearer, Mrs 

23 Baird, Miss 

29 Mackenzie, Mrs 
29 Younger, Miss 
31 Steell, George 

31 Wilson, Rev. John 

33 Maclntyre, Alexander 
35 Grant, John 

37 Pratt, Miss 
37 Gordon, James 

32 Gray, William, accountant 
32 Spankie, Miss 

32 Carrick, Mrs 

34 Grant, John 

28 Condamine, R. de la 
26 Alves, Charles George 

24 Dundas, George, accountant 

22 Aitken, Alexander 

20 Kermack, J. & W. R., W.S. 

18 Clarkson, E., H.E.I.C.S. 

16 Boggie, Dr 
16 Nisbet, Miss 

16 Potts, William, agent 
16 Smith, Mrs 

14 Dymock, Mrs W. 

12 Storie, Andrew, W.S. 
10 M'Donnell, Mrs James 

8 Johnston, Robert, W.S. 

6 Aitchison, Francis 
4 Kerr, Andrew A. 

2 Gray, G. saddler 
2 Gray, Mrs 

2 St Jameses Chapel 

Broug^hton Place East. 
1^ Nico!, Alex, accountant 
2"Bain, D. accountant 
2 Donaldson, John 

200 Bro 



3 Baxter, Johii 

4 Graham, George S. 
4 Eobertson, Andrew 
4 Boj'd, Jolin 

4 Saiideman, Mrs 

C Bisset, Miss Margaret 

Marshall, T. and J. 

Bronyhlun Chapel. 

Blortimer, Anderson, and Co. 

Mortimer, Misses 

Broug^hton Road. 

Ireland, William 
Brou^hton Street. 

?. Wrench, R. 

9 Nelson, Miss 

1 7 Milne, AVilliam, spirit dealer 
:.'] Gulland, Andrew, corn dealer 
I'l M'Intyre, Wm. D. mail guard 
•2\ Croall, William 
21 Anderson, William 
23 Thomson, Misses M. I. 
29 Crawford, Wm., M.D. 
31 Walker, John, mason 
31 Thomson, D. lodgings 
31 Hay, Alexander 
31 Sawyers, Robert 
31 Paterson, JIanrice 
31 Finlayson, John 

Broughton Lane intersects. 
37 M'Leod, John, tailor 
39 M'Glashan, Donald, grocer 
43 Tait, Andrew, tailor 
43 Nimmo, Misses, dressmakers 
43 Feme, Mrs, ladies' nurse 
43 Henderson, G. victual dealer 
45 Robertson, Miss 
47 Lawrie, Andrew, surgeon 
Forth Street inter.iects. 
49 Murehead, Alexander, tavern